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December 31, 1983
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Peaceful Way to Socialism Defended,, by Hilding ragbarg, 7 pp. SVITEDISHt np, iTorralteneflamman, Luloa3, 21 Apr 72, pp '-T-AP-P-7, pp 4; 5. Rns 56264 Ju-n 72 (;I., Loaclopddp Assessed at ll,~ostmy Conforenca. I lyy t"Idirc, Ragborgo 7 PI)a d-JIMS41, np I- t nn laloam 15 Jul f LIM WERE-2=M& 1969a p 4; 16 Jul 1969,1 1) 110 jk,a6 466-5c) L/a 0 e- i.risis in rimish cax=Ast Party Anarmodt by lMdiw, flagbwgo 15 pp- ,-'!I -." ,,BDIsill npo - 3p 5s 6 Ity 4# 11; JPAS 48193 Jul C-9 lkmmnnon DDf=W a CP Activities 'Rebuttods by lillding tlagbme 7 pp, m m-n.9 Mwm 1 11 I;ob 19,590 rip --50 Ho 378.466 69 orwr (Imir= Griticizon ;~MoAah i ~'Ivavr by ~~Udlirxg Ibgbomgg 5 p.-,). nP, iulomv 25 Jan l(,?6q, m 49 IN 476p- i ol krlr 69- 373-vW~ med I-brty ~Oliclcsv --iticia by Aldmg iteber-C. .12 preq, 0 npl, Woes, 119 112 anc, t ixw", 5. jan .Agenda for Swffah uk Congress flror*sods by IlUding liagbargp 8 ppe S~ZDWR, nD* 160 19 ip; 196% pp 4# 51 4# 7. E-Six-don 11,01 inn 69 382vJ29 critlaw-s Il.oun k.cainto 'vai~cn .--bon r ', 6 upe ..Uune; ; P4,bc m-n-sn loa, I 1,~&), po 'j; 21 Jta~, 196~'), -pp 4-5. ,-3ac on i.ol ..iont 60 735 lliotlm to cwgrm Disonfl.-Al, 30 IV Mftg HarbMv rps -sliEDIsill pore i'm I~rma Ldeas 6 sopt 1969c vp 4-5a MIS, 49012 l-%-Smdon(j Pd lfohSbei.Z anaSe=der Stand On Social Doi.-,Ocrulvic Goverarmt Disputed By 6 pp. MEDIM Q irp, Norrakens Flem-ma 7~-and ) Apr 65~ lip. 41 11 wA 41 5 maper,-tiveaq. JPRS 30076 IM-Sueden Pol may 65 2'(9;943 Paport on tho induAive nelting of cast imn, by F~ Rage. MAN, per, Mrsverei Vol 48. No P2. 1961, m ~-676 ACI '~1.70 /~- 14 /Y (7 (--' Sai - OcP 67 A101 --103 , ~ I HAGEP K. New method for sinking circular shafts.' GlUckauf 106(l):27-8 (1970) (NRC/C-8669) Av,jj C~ r Inversion 0 Lagrange-Dirichlet and Routh stability Theorems It by P. Hagedorn, GERMAN, per. Archivesfor Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Vol 42, No 4, 1971, pp 281-316. TFLTJ~flu- T-2579 Mar 72 togAamnt B-No~ o2 Rofraemrj klx~uctz e. by L. ot aim GERM, qqr. Mach. Vol 45, 0- Uions for f)-milizor USO in 1972 %Madps o. 'r-agamann, 9 pp. F)MA":~, por, Poloh, Irt-nehalpt .ia'n 7'2. 111;:770 4-~ MMr 72 a(AEC-tl--7345) 5ABSOLUTE MEASUREMENT OF THE ISOTOPIC RATIO OF A WATER SAMPLE WITH A VERY LOW DEUTERIUM CONTENT. SUMerquipji.; Nief, G.; Roth, E. 10Translated for Savannah River Lab., Aiken, S. C., from report liCEA-R-3633. 152025p. 24Dep. NTIS. 2cisotopes; translations 2118D 21MN-22 ,P NSA CD West GOMM marlm Fight% in 1970.4 by 9. Rage==. .GMD*y perv Allaeusine FlsclndrtzqjuWtszeLtv Vol 230 NO I.* J= ni 1971j, pp lb-IT. nob Of commm-ce Sept 71 IeE~:;uvorlt~at of 0,", Isvitunic R;:tio o~-' wit!'. -ery Lc"v.' )Icutcri.url Content, :'!~ZNCA, CEA-R-3633, 1969. *AEC Juax 72 -t~ viel, [~C'I ts Ol. tile and 'I'oxiccolwy c In I - I of Fluorides, by A. ','. I ci i N'011-7EGIXII, --cr. Orske 77, ill'li iidi. f~~ 70 On the Com-po3ition of tho Pyrolycis Gases of PI&Sticap by E, Haj;cn. GTEMI-VIdT. per, Plaste und Itautschuic. Vol J-, 11o 10, 1963t PP 711-713~ N",C-71-11374-111 Nov 71 i 1-.-, 3G 1 Fal,- 2CA.-yo; W. HAGEN Experiments With Changes in Channel Cross Section of Various 'Melting Channels in Channel Induction Furnaces for Melting Aluminum Alloys. INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COLLOQUIUM. SECTION ELECTRO-HEAT(No 13). PROCEEDINGS-, Vol 2, pp 67-74, 1968. NTC72-15392-1 3A Mar 73 i~eten-lmtum Of the Nam of wairow.1 cluatero in Cmdeawd r,4amUw Zmis by an F.Ucti-l"I Fic'm mcuwt by J. vuxhortF ua perv -Fate P-P wamimum or the Uftouve u*eaa Crua DOOM= In O=dMulod 1-blwcdar De=j~ by 0. F. Bap=jl 11. Sanbeal U W. CM,Ms mi!uMubet 1963, AW,, UP Tr 1334 0. F. &,Sena 324918 Sol - I'ludw stlem Jun 67 f4 F (- 4(ORNL-tr-2613-A) 5LINJITS OF DETECTION IN LOCALIZED SPECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS WITH LASERS, jjag,~nah,-~~'-P.; Klocke, K.; Laqua, K. joTranslated for O,Ll[ Ridge National Lab., Tenn. from j1pp 634-5 of 14. International Colloquium of Spectroscopy, Debrecen, Hungary, August 7-12, 1~67. 05p- 24Dap. NTIS. 26chemistry (analytical); translations 707 2aNIN-4 29P NSA fi,r-- 0- - 0 4 /,) /. - 7 1e- ~? 6 o1. ~ I . Lo . b . W" et) I ~ t~ .72 , jv_v Lxperi-naunts to boternine tho i'leltbil, POiJIL 01 Caiijoa, by A. Hagenbach, 13 pi). (LI-MIM, per, Natunlissenschaf ten, Jo 12, 1924, rip 1133-1186. 71 The Intravascular Cas Vcrnaticm FCC- orryession Exrcritivbts after Previous 5imisoleil Vi6ation, by J. Lai;enlukon. r"N'LY PRICT, AVPI~OVAL Or. CG"W',I)IT, N"AWL S-TIP SYST,"T'S CO'~*Xll) IV' F PIT rrt* Dcutschtc Luft und Ilimotilirt. 67-N, 1967, 1-32. bert of Nlavy t-lavShirs Trans ,o W82 Nov (I"') limot the L-4-40 coqmitiw Of tho cwotli Pmlmo- moo tba Bar, I=U.N bi G. &-)awp 10. lbtA"i'lia. 194TV a4-M2. tlixia Transport tind vhiototropivm. 11. Tze !'echaidsfa of labibition of ilux-in 'Frisasyort Ly vt 11,910tc"Oxidativil Product oil,-' MA. by A. !"Iager. 1'. IfIchr.Adt. JT All-trans 7-54 ew Aug C9 liieth",` for S 7 c Ju TY t. ,~,Uxjv Transport and 11110totropist). 1. TI.,e Lig!it Induced 1-matiort of an h1J.14tor of tite Trausi,ort oi Cmith Substsuces in Colco,dtiles. Ly A. Eager, Tl~ 0 -371. -per,, Planta. Vol 83 N,6', 347 ."EC if v- ~Av?" A.,lallY;,,,es noie,or tr rpmra Clrrjuv Its flay of A111MICIO, by ',K'vzt lla,,~or, ZnL 7roues. Mut.scilland.. EtLot TOvlt~%, --,~wfj -71 Doc 71 Haser 19slisses qCloological Problms et, social Sciences Conference, by iawt Hager, 23 pp GEITIAH, por, Einheits, East Berlin,, ITOV 71, 1201-1242. OYMS 55107 I~xr 72 ihger I'veUvers Report on Lmm'sity !~efom, ITY "haor. 11 pp, last Bulln, 5 Arl. P25 3-4. 3.1 1;60 . o''- I ,101-0 of t1lo Podit-tries, lwy Bouapa- 11,ap 5 p.,r, !,~droqlo 7~-ab2lczne, %,arsaw, PUISH ~ c Vab 71s pp T6,.r-wFl TPIS 530.52 ~3 0 .oxe-toiq 9,9 ee-M#~cc/ee ilincral Chemistry. An Alkaline blorldc: the Hexaboride by Paul 11agermullor. Nok - FREI CII, per, Comptes Rendus, V 257, 1963, pl, 1294-1296 *AEC Jwie 72 154 DlestatAc MUUZZ K=Uft,-.t=d VI filloo Qaalml Coqpm a tba MA* by t#- Ragip Uk" Vol 34 i9~5: Mw Trm sv 31101 I.I. Hagi M.,976 B10=081 Wd MUMI SCUMB "br 6T r ty J A P A.N! F ~~i4islltc, -,yorl~ VA 14, -r/ao-~"I tfz/ 3 7 auzzian Engineariliq investigation in t1to Cockpit of P--104J by Clues tionnai re, Ly H. 11agillara. JAPANfLSL, r9t, Japwi Air Self Defense Force, AerowediUgi- Laborato Reports, va-97 It 1967, pp 1-12. 1 *'%'AGA TT F-l',137 Feb 69 ond Ibrx-*Lo3 and D~Us a Jlz,, 46sl:mt 25 pyN, por, bwo ~qnnotv~j ~ieTt Xnr ftloblm In &wits AaWAtlan of lktUo 3.), Aids* tw Tist= amionmi 13 pp. MPAIM# per* lb 8v 1.15-65j, pp 4~10. - Jac o= W.IU9 Tetsu HAGINOMNI 333649W FE4jqD&--, Z= Aus 67 "roblc;~j`- "I J4'f'all#s ~~c~iuisitica of Nucloar 1-~ueis b), T. iia,iijilaya. ~1- .Wtu%iik-,~L', ?or, chosa, 4110 i~io 3. 19(js, 'y 4-10. "'Con 1, Ar 67 Analytical Study of Solidification and, Nicrose- ~)reqatiori "Lor Columnar Crystal, by I. Ilagriwarcl, and, ~1. T)cr. Hir)-Oon J.nzcku, Vol MDo 2, 249-25~. r Jun 71 On the Formation of String Ghost in a xilled Steel Ingot, by 1. Hagiwara and T. Takahashi, JAPANESE, per. Tetsu-to-Hagane, Vol 53, Jan., 1967, pp 27-37. BISI 0592 jul 71 fk -~-T 7J--53 ~~l 7,j A04 of 40MUMCOtIm 4-41 casmipum Anoys$ %,y T. Taft =,t L ILISLWM. XM~ABP veq,$ lllrm np,--.r va 2F)$ ki 301"14%9 I. Ha,,Tiwors 67 sept 72 P. UGLUND Portable Apparatus forDetermination of Mercury in Air. SVE-NSK PAPPEUTIDINING, Vol 74, pp 241-244, 1971. NTC 7-1-15268-13B Mar 73 tv the 1 0."'. rotp 6m, iaxitol'Ote. j,;i~":T USi. ~)AY 1u an I~qwLlmutal �AX-It !0AUg,-. - (;TfiWo T 19 Pressing Unit for the Phnufacture of Fibre Boarcl--, by E-E - B. Ilegstrom. S1, MSH, per RLe~~~. 88697/1937 CSR Aq Sci - Atle 67 337-362 ultrastructural study of mm=ry tunors and Ladmic Organs of Nice of a Newly Isolated Strain (the PS stmiu),* by F. 118guonau, MWI, perg J Hicra-mygiv, Vol lVg No 2# 1965g, pp 253-264. NIH 40 309." set - DIM '113Y 66 300,620 Future Prospects for the Swedish Shipbuilding Industry, 1966-1970, by Jan G. liagvall, 5 pl). DIA IVE/Sivedeii/Econ Mar 67 322,229 Arictuml ftramto= oi, MW sheir Sloa=Ca= Eor AX)LUd T*Cb-nolWgp bi J. Ma4midt 0. agxmw. '10 V=ll I- cwdk ~v Monle-l-ki-h- Vol 33~1 1;* 100 1906$ 0-10-5WIii. Zbb TO ljusci~ptibility Moasurmwnts on Very Dilutei.) Palladium Alloys for Study of the Ingurity Influence ort the Electronic State I)ensity, by Artur iiahn. !jER14AN, Prepriat. C 15) -610` -S07 -CELL ~AT/Lin Lal; Available from NTC A P_ H C, t-, NJ F I P. t tL jwle 69 383,205 The ESH laignal g=1.9S6 of Zinc oxide, by 4. Haim$ R, Nink, P. ~';Cvorin. GIMLIIIAN, per, Physik der Koadensterten 41"atorio, Val 5, 1966, pp. 371-9. N 19636 1 -20L /V Sci-Phys July 69 386,579 Optical Properties of Very Thin Films, by E. Hahn 6 pp, HUNGARIAN, rpt, Proceedings of the Second Colloquium on Thin Films, Z-dapes~, 1967, pp 283-286. MR/FrD-HT-23-843-70 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. 'FOR INTERNAL USE WITHIN THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT RELEASABLE TO DEFENSE DOCUMENTATION CENTER july 71 -~- "1d"0 Treatment.of waste Vater From Film 1 1. Developing Plants, by F, Hahn. GHRMANj perg 0231k2940111M. Vol 95t 197.1-j, pp 467-471 9 RTC 72-11078-07A I May 72 Evaluation oe mential cams in TLOL" mtlre CmaVe2 by F. Y. fiabn. GM,W?.q yw# Zolt ruer A=a Chaple, voi 244, Do 4p 10P 6 929og-3le 7. Sol-cb= Feb 70 403POM , rl A Gas-Chromatographic motilo(I for Rapid Charactoiization of the Organic Matter of Core Samples and Other Sediment Samples, by J. Halm. GMIMMIP rpt, Douts",he G22.elleohnft fuor I-11neralool. wir'senechaft =1 E2u2chemlej 8 Oct 19.,q. ITTC-71-10137-07C 4 NOV 711 t.u x-iiay Study of the Systems TI/S, TI/Se and Tt/fa, by lit Hahn.