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December 31, 1983
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Castroism: The Loag Muth of Latin kaeaca., by Regis Debray,, 60 pp. SPANISH., per., Punto Final, No- A 1-15 Jime 1967,, Pp- 1-2T.- JP13S 42018 8(! Y,4 I/ LA-Cuba Pol Aug 67 333*318 Andriamam ~~,,,otAmxlltdng ~;Toject by i-,onry do iAlal, 6 per$ -IMOI July-AuU pp 20-24. ;'Op ~'elt 6~i l2s02 Frencii Forcip Affaira S.,ecratury Stresses Urgency br Afrieun Q,.,-m=ic R,,org&,dz&tian) by Joan D.- Brogliep 5 p*p# per, L:Ok;ej2Mgur j~ 144MRLOrient et de ItAftiow. Vol XI 3) 2.1-s 27 May 19U-P I)pq. JM 3W14 r !,Can jai 66 304 5 Incoastawy of tho Coll Composition of tho Intestine of !-Temtodoa, by 1. 1. T,'obrolahotova RUS51M porj, Dok HaWt 333ri, U01. Got.. Vol 1K,"0 77-10 3,-JTiW'-:f%-'T,pp 750-759- - CB J- - !- - ~) o 6 (P- c) W- k ct b ~,i P, Got -jo ,-~Oport On the SM9 1 4 ufiNu ~batbg Of Govasdo"I I of tho Inlemtioml Cartagaphic AssooUtlaao - i.~eatlng of E4wU on 1~~acatUm in caeoam,~Ayt IT Lb Lror=re kullcut rpt, I.Rounion DI-6~parto- ~ma joIll i-)os CartacmMat, Jun Ow, pi3 !tipt of -'navy iif;r) Tram-9 ,~;CiAar 11 Uot C-zk( %6 2132 -1ho of i-ost.1prAct 4Z,~y and frao jw,toz-.y mmUon V41nG iacatrawgiwtic lihor==A ivmlwad by LeWisti=o by 6 Jo lXDr&re* scOosmwi " IMA all XA 22-14 RVA 193 JJ*37 t:iar Ccatbruous I~aasmment of Wet Pidc-Up irt Gazses at the Lnt 1"r= tho mat catchm a i"P fismoh Thmvzl Fmw Alantat by Go DR"mo XF4 porp Rdint-lon hims-Ewieg llo A, 1967, pp &~-w -i-Zil 6409 Leading Problem find TWIMiW, ibthods ax" acaUution ot AM ftvgnn of 1,lood Control in PWAndp bY K* febeld, 32 pp. VOL138f per# GRaggaft 'W-(-K!nb jar, 19% n 3-12. ,~x ~ DU Vi i:ct 68 AIr Seadty by Aakw AMLUry, by LU do SUMIUMP wAn go Aipr Mop% part j 022-00 mx *.Ao ID 220%0340 343#9& 67 SCIUbility of Oxygen in Zv DUring the Oxidation Ss of Zr at High Touperatureag by J, Debuigna. FR=v Part Cmptes Readus Acad Lci, Vol 254, 1962,1 Vp 4168-4170, *Not Bur Stand Tr 70-57730 sci-cham Jul 70 -T, D C- B u I C- t-~ ,law VTOL 4w zrw at ~~m ~Msv"%" to ,knuftwo ~-tmalvft "tat * y N'-3~ to V9, 694'. crisia in arazille Intoriar as Fam . e&ft da cw=-sv 6 Dm,o,, by j. ti. Ibm 19 tob 1967. ipm-, 40!r,4 M. UE Emn I ~14v 6? 325,477 Statlies on African Science,, Ralij3i,~n, and' ntom,qj Ravievedo by 1%yviond, !~--carj and 6 .ji2p Renduo Mppms;~qlr, des per., Co!y Seances de llAcademie des Sciences d'Outv:-- val Mm, ',.:)r 1S~b, P:o- IM-176 n JP&- .36762 Af rica Sept 66 aw Raftn" In I= sva Stealmum Tub" :&&a I i =I ~ Mor ofto ft OSWBM 030MVtonp by If* do amu. nUW,p gop 31- Vol A W ],*it RD =-W* DZI F. de Carli W*O i -Roated HatlamUca flated In imag by Jaoquas Ltoomy. 6 pp. TRUX414 np* lig~-- 0 4dile 5 J* 1%8* p 2. i elrfz 4M lVt,.QIrjw,lQ .*I May 69 e~~ ~~ - 391t336 1 -1 7 The Batwift People of Rwmla aird buamilyU, L,~v FaLher Ant=lo de Carol4a., 6 pp. i2 'IM.*r 19G3t ItALM, per., JIVRS 45r, f'./ 8*0C Pouer Productiou Since 19S1 and Its FutUTO 115- Dovelopiaent, ljy A. do Carvalho. PORTUGUESE, rpt, 9 pp. Army Topographic Command TK4, E38 a ~ "-&- 6a~ Juo-- fiaur E-con Juno 69 3084,474 lawitro, 7 o to IVU&UtUm of UtAn Anwiew matuml Peammas ~) -..~ Amosedo tw Josm do QM=s 8 pp* SPANIms pw# aft 5 Dw 1967o pp 24. 27* 4Tm 43950 Lk EWA im 63 348,900 4,~ oa 1J.V -SuLARC- ew -2-.z? Torrorism in Latin Awrica Comarod, by Ptido do c"tro, 5 m). (MMINER ITSE q,,;TY OP -da 11570 i MME 7-E, np, o3prolo 14 P. 6. GUD 23f-.1 PCI-Jo Tlb-llrazil !be Jnn 67 325.772 MSUM In the TWUMI SU=tuM 0.? tba WaUrID Abon tho ft of the COUnental SbOLP aW to the UnUMM of Andso by ftilo do Centro Ybrelra dik SUvap fterto Fernando Rodrlgm. POMVMMP r9tp Tach IsPut No 35s V66., 17 pp. vqt of Neirl WD Coutruct TM= 24 sci-Ear Sal Oct 69 :'~';Onslpor ILUch leaves Cultiml Center iie it,~anq b,v flcbd da Corteaug 7 pp. ~ ~ '..P i 1-1100 ~ot v qBlz Ixr K,~ 19 # ~ gzi;to ""69. pp 03~495* J PS, W)2C4 . A-Lb 00- CVLA~ 7r4AIt, LA-~-,~Wdco am ilov 6(.) 1)39915 Problms of latin Awriam Priesthood Meaussedi tv Siabd do Carteaut 13 PP4 SPAM% pwi Sontlago do Chile# yar-Apr 1069-i JIM 47W IA-Inter-Am POI 69 Aff) 3848M Olne-a Letter to Sekou Toure in Defence of Houphouet-BolgV,# by Paul. Dechembenoit, 8 pp. FIMM.w np., Fmtemite fttino 32 May 1 6., pp & 1" 8. MRS 35791 Aftlea-Intm-Africa Hn Jun 66 302,862 AngdUn Lxile Dismses IndepaMowe Arugg()v ty iv, a. wchawso 6 pps dum, tll~i[VT M DAY mWill, pwo 22EW crusselso a? Aug 1969t pp P-6-32. iffis/L. 3138 4 C Af-Amgola pol Oct 69 390-0599 DECHANT, J. Interpretation of the IR spectrum of cellulose using CD-deuterated 'Samples. Faserforsch.Text. Tech. 19(11):491-9 (1968) (CSIRO/No. 10181) ~. 150-~N(-O-At IntArpretatIon or wt IR Speatnmi of Cellulose Using CD-Draterated Samples., by J. Dechant. G=U., pfirp fawrfors&iwo und TexUltechnlk, Vol. 19) no - U. 100 pp. 491-499. NTC Tl-UOT6.DX Cairo - Trand- 10181 August 71 Ccwrolg' Ally (-,i-l so vielft ot 00 P"4 1w PJAM letibArd a* 0=414* MW%Immk.wft bN ft nits 29 go ftstp W"o. sp *L 94 lb.17& 99 ApU 107 pt; , " / L, ~ - ~ ~, //o, 4 / o -/,c, ( ~,~ t, z 0,/;~ 336019 I &A% : AUg 6T V4w&uq in %li Vwrjap Codep by Fie= Da&AU) 9 PP!, ymm,* ws ftm Uwaw at WOM Vol* ma.. 1b, 1. Jav4ser l9bTt PPP 1.1 -3 lp JPIB 40933 71,e p r e- De ~- k-e- 'x A*Ica 8m i w 1 1637 ".,7-,6 6 *puma "t-AWOUM of li*w4u,placesaw (/~/ li tbo ONU* by G* MW aM A* Nook=* 6 rpo I- mmmi .1 , ME a = 0 R,72;'# 15 5 Fj ~ -r. -. .- -I-,Mn~ Vol JPM 31~ =111 ft.* Auz 6r.5 235#632 ,~. Zte~ Babesiosis: Electrophoretic Studies of the Sera of Bovine Animals Experi- mentally Infected With R. Bigeminap by C. Decia. SPANISH# per# Bolgtin Chijeno d2 PaZAaitologiap Vol 23* 1968, pp 26-29. NTC 72-10155-06H Apr 72 DECINA, M. and GIACOMELLI, L. Signal to noise iiiiodependence on quantization characteristics in PCM telephone systems. Note, Recensioni Notizie 17(2):321-67 (1968) (GB 54/2521) Vapour Omvento In AnWe Slwvw, of Wator Ccumbores by W. Do&-. Gw"p per., WM Eald BMW Vol 28j. 1941$ pp 97-108. ce Fl* Trms. 5476D J~", *~~,C-jl A -,,- sci feb 71 DECKER. A. and POOS, A. New results from an jiperimental blast furnace (at Ougree, Belgium). Stahl Eisen 88(25):1407-14 (1968) (CRL/T. 391 a'4 1 'k, . -11 a:;t fnt, MD7M-14. Ft vac,"a ~'tac=uc,4 AlL -tic a ga!" !Ij I v4 ,-60 iotu W25 lm6iatiel i-,!mlity ~t, 14,1, sc~~C~l 'I'. Fractionation of Rat Liver Microsomes Part, 1. Biochemical Properties and Enzymatic Effoct5 of Subfractions Prepared on a Den- sity Gradient, by F. Decloitre, J. Chauvaeu. FRENCH, per, Bulletin Societe do Chinic Bio~+iijuo, Vol SO, No 3, 1966, pp 491-504. .ffU-6~ -i-1922-O&A , - B & Sci July 69 586,968 7acctu-e ~s bec-I u s An Odstandi Wak of RovoluUomry Thm*btp. IV,J&OqUw Dwlollg 13,ppi. RUSSIMO plarp Aggg"# Itscow, Do 3s Fab 1973o pp V~-2~41. ims 38397 4r.73 ~~udy of the Fluoroscerit u4t+t a Fycitej Atozs In gesona"t Tnt4rattion viv~ a uver. Part 1. '12hearetical Analysis. 'by Vel N"o 2-3$ 1go-S IM-195. Sept 69 A Study of the of r!xclte4 Atom5 In lze.5timpa Interaction with a Laser. Vart IT, FXperiz-vAtal Tots, AI' zplicatian G!~ th'o 2p4 Levol of %rinn, by P, "Julgontj, po* lifx-m-q's, PUNCIN, per, Jourtial dv 1.1livskital Vol '29,, T~o 15;~f , 1068,'pip 34MI.:.~: ' ' " ' ' ~!N-69-13237-2M' ,~,,fkpt Radal Mmmimimuon aw Agwuxdd riamema, tj bY Fodaloo do Cordme 7 pp. SPANISHI Per* AW.Wga lkvmao a tkr 19690 PP 54-57. JvRs 48to4 IA-Wba Pol .1", 1.)Ckt r Absorptim af FlumUs Soluticna md Hicration of Fiumdne JA the Tmatoq tF L. doe Condo. FAMCHO pwj, balies dg Ph7sid-ogis stales Vol 10s No 3s Ws, pp 155-169. HTC Tl-137(43-02D Fab 7 2 L. De,Cormis Studies of the effects of pollutants on crops. REVUE DIHYGIEM ET DE MONE SOCLAM Vol 17 pp 307-312, 1969 -- - --- NTC 72-IS121-02D mar'73 C, ~'~ \-) aj~-" 0-1. 46tail, Camb%o Sviuation Examined In by Jaoques Decornoy, 12 pp, FRENCH., qp, Le Monde, Paris, 12/13 Nar 72., PP 1t 3; 14 Ri"F~. ~ 4; 15 Har 72., P 7. ,T?RS 55(48 Apr 72 iathet ~ao ?-lame Intentims Jacques Docomoys 5 pp* npo ket"! ttris, J:- fiS 47834 69 RwimWo Iv 6 July 19-63a p 5. ?Al-v337 Problem cd ZiviAsd Iwn VUwd ty a llvnohmn. by Jaoqwi AxwW$ 22 pp. jul 19680 pp it 61 4 Jul 192# P 4 5 Jaz t0t P 2 e, Jul V63, p 31 7 j1d 19,630 p JY,P.S 46a in t4l- Laos Aug rl 'Susp* vwmwt by J4(xpoa womoys go pp. '.Fw4wq p4w* 'IAA- - oil 196?9 pp 1-21 2 Doo 196'1# pp DO 196?, p 4t 5 Dw 196(t p 21 md 6 1*0 1967# p jaw 44085 Fob Ma Participation in Subversive Promu-a POmaled by "Chapoa do C f, 5 Pp GOVEMM USE any POFUUMM, np, Diario do Pernmrlucal 21 Feb 65., pp 1-7. RM GUO 665 IA-Bxazil Pol Apr 65 2 2 W., 3-W lwuvza of ant= M. of ft%m: cattl4o. G~ ft fa- Aa.%- UNK04 Of 11 (bool -1,141-09W - wpm' b7 Mtdwl Am" ft*=114, 43 W* locamo 0% = B 304 PJUWXT AM MM Tr 10 Jacques Decours 3*9(0 ad ~w Xetw*Ox OLT 161T fiE(2,4(0RNL-ft-2578) SCOMPARISONOFVARIOUSMETH- ODS OF STATISTICAL ANALYSIS OF THE RELATION BETWEEN ENVIRONMENT AND PRODUCTION OF THE SCOTCH PINE IN SOLOGNE. aDsoourt, N; Godron, M.; Romans, F.; Tomassone, R. 10Translated fft Oak Ridge National Lab, Tenn., from ,Ann. Sci. Eorest.; ,26: No.4,413-43(1969). 1034p. 24Dep. NTIS. 26eCO109Y; translations 2,06F 26MN-48 UP NSA e c. ru 'e-o C~ Rutu-Tatai Problem Contimwa; Strugglo for progress is s2aw,, by Philippe Dooraene, 8 pp. FRENCH, npp TA Mondep, Paris# 28 Feb 73p P 2; I Mar 73, JPRS 58494 Apr 73 1OL&A41-u problems of vniversities in Pronah-Spealcing Africa Discuseedt by Philippe Docraene, 5 pp. FIRRICTIO np,, Le Monde.. -Pariap .17 Ha7 72, pp Ii, 5. P,RS 56260 Sun 72 7 77, 7 Now Regime Faces Old Problewo by Fhilippe~ 'DeorOne 15 pp PRENCH, np, Le Mondev Paris., 23 Jan 73, pp ls 5;*,24 Jan 73~,p ~P,0~5 Jan 7331-P 150. JPRS 58377 mar 73 Fewaried Attitude Thward Guineen Plot Taken by Most Afriew Cqpitmls~ by P. De- crvAme,, 5 PP- 11 . nP, Le Mondep 23-29 Nov 1965.. P- 9,, JPRS 33391 Africa-Intra-Ardea POI jan 66 293P746 I I- ~ Hafteasur seeks to EnwA beds aUtAcneldpo J, ~ ,. by PblUpp DDommes 3 YPo UMM4 port le-ftft Parls* Feb 1969o p 96 JPRS 47o604 PI/ /L ;pp c f~ cc e lq EA) C. Af-,WAgagy Rep E= var 69 3780139 ftas,ma rhm wo patn ct awvi-,4~ vb.. '.,,v wulvo Damum 15 pp PjMM; Vol I.% So ~~T)p 4r 6% vp 43-54o VJI 7 Tho ivory Coast in 1905 - The PAe.,h of a !Iation, by '.~4UUppo 'Duamene. 17 i4~. %** u- ,,* a, 6 and 7 Am, 19-66, avid 6#49ORM.4to jit*,As 37914 PPE Africa Eton 66 311, 9V) 1 17 or 04mto Fordgm Y*Uw 'RITAmial's i"Vill, malt"Wo 5 AN tv uma i; FRMCA, ar" P*A m6 "Ing, 1-91636 p 6" XIL17 46wi Ooaoton pox T,F4t* (b %721145 -IYP-U The Pmbltria of 41~erslon tu,.d UndmrinvelaWlarit ,~ IS in Oiad, by ftlippo Dacraone, 10 PP. FR,LT!Cfl, per, Le lionda, 233 '.,Iar 196?, and 4-, 29 Nir 1967' t ~P- 5. iFR3 liodm' A.F.-Chad Pbl Jim ful Y-5.662 C2-- e, A Frencii Rdummn Loolw at Vie Ailitary, Rogi -me of West Africa: Dah4xmys Uprv- r Volta, Gima, and Nigeria; by PLAlin, >3 Dacraemp 21 pp. 10., i)p- I & 5; v=H, np, IA,- hbznd~e_t 30 Jum- 1 July .100 2 J 1966, p,, 6.; arw 5 Jul~" 1966, 11. u ins -j67,o5 Africa Ki 1 Atw, 66 130 jqf,,e,zlR ~.~ajor rroblacia See-,' NPr=:L't 1.1y Philippe Vacraeaev pp. 12 'Iarch ~!bmo 44,909 i'lrica-Q,liger Political April 63 1-Autay. Keeps sms Ccmtrd Onr New GonnnuAl by PhDARm De=wwo 5 ppe ka=Ho per& LS L4LA.9 Magaglueft POASI Oct 1969s p 15,p JMS 49338 pq At-GhaM POI We 69 396o,526 21 o?,3 k.had Governmmt !-aciM SeAms Scourity :~roblwwt by z tdUppo Docrameg 7 p1p, fit"lici-.9 per$ JA4i~~Wo Liplemt1a aAs I J."Ov .9-3 k'436 01 6~1 Ghivia-Guinca ConfUct PawAng Vore AarVznlol ILI Ite OAU fforts, by, 'PhlUppo ~ ",ra me, 5 PP* FIC.,10i, per, Le 1--ando D-b-lurrilatisLue. Vbl 3, 153, ')oc 1966, pp. 12. Jz,R" I )304 PH I ~ I PP F- '~E c R'J) E, ~"E POI ,~,eb 67 315.209 StAY Of a NO-W SUdMUM Steel Vith ()UtstaUd- 11 ID9 Omp Proportifts ty y. Decroft FR=jp rptt Ceatm dt Ptchordws Ugim fthUmm- LebmtoL7 PAVOrt 104690 1967. NM flaf t M04 (611361) -Tt, 1) 6- Q i-I t I " /11 etl-yAtmub July 63 361#005 ~ .%-t Awlyg" of am$ QM=Ue utun a HIAM or MrA oft Md Cob$ Dalva atAulbx PWNWP W C* ammly. Fm=jp pwt M. ~ VGX 5j, 5D 71 19654AS VP , & BM 5M3 C. Decrol-y 31%80 Bd - moterivis law 6T Car- ID ~vxs zl~li L e e, e, t; A, ammUn,c--# Tax Evasion* Irsud ixmdnod# by 320 jolal L10--uppe."10 55 ppe 14 U-CHp perp AZda Dftro No 479 1969e pp 215U64. j-i~s 48831 ~V-t dyk-c-~ Al;.,smeoal ,~t ,,opt 69 3!,'19923 C~ ~, a Aftq= Frivato Haterpri"s by Joel DmpW, 5 malt pets a pp 25! 27, ft J7?Rs 49191 inter-Mrican MT &on pp, klo 48# tg6go Dikw~ Y,,,6,zz