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December 31, 1983
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IlSht-ldalm Ond 14404oKM" L"Icoa - 2nd IWUIU%Mts bY As Eo Felber* ""14 per# So F~o 66 ivw IWO kn;~ 50S~-A,* A051 JOV8 ID cv 67 Y~.%016 -Mumt 'um at u30 Q*mwwn Ateorpum or T40 F44M TWO" Owtuodaroulso by S# fh*t ~* r- blur# 3w=,# Vero, 90-C&P %A 131# 1%5p 0 a3-230 ~,uzas,iow d T. -*,7# 342 Scl q. Mol I. W 41ha 67 V(d -, AwleW rAdem cap ol 336OZ9 Problera of laterriatteml lav In Sec=lnc, GDR Internatioml Boundaries, by fblf F.-,l- berp 23 PP * GEM.Wj, per., Deutocl-o, Ausso Mar 1966,9 pp- 272-2W- zVFS 35047 Econ A .7 r .. . ...... ov Or WNW 1 4 1iom Nitrikx!j liat'parauW haterii:ao by ii. fibl,-'. 9 WN amy T>~rr ~bd-4 Acm Vyl 20,, 74, 1969" #lox-Jil%,b tELI~- .q A37i TIT sciA-Zltariali 'i'al 70 The Uniqueness of Solutions of InteVal Equa- tions of the Second kUzd for Mfftactlon on Honclosed Screens., by Ya. N. KW.!A- RUSSIAN,, per., Dqk Ak Nauk SSSR Vol 17T, No 4, Dee 1967, pp 8"2'0'~-3 *~- - Am Inst Phys Vol 32j, No 220 Jim 1968 Aug 68 361.,o41 41-'IannW of k~wl and Pbuor Ralswe ~utlina~. by zi. lalld, 'v. .5imlloRt 19 pp, fa,swl Pere II-A&M-0.1i 00 ilosome eb 1969,, pp 6~?-7. 47-t2o t;cl-u-IGM; Cmv knonpmp) 69, 31190112 SUIew Ilitrl& - A Corrosian Resistant High 7,.5-' Tmp=bjn MMUI.. by Von H. FeM. GWWp perp WorkaUdYe und Korrwlonl Vol 2Q, so 7) *0) 1 M77T." OUSA TT P-12-,M I 'v,', W SC144bktarul ion 70 Ou Ula EeductSm of a Certain Clos 0 Ditegral zvzti= a the Firat Urd to Diwtiovs of the second -vand, t7 ya. 11. Futd., Russumit W. I~Ok. Ak. xm* ~~'a -101 IDTs -,uO 4., Aug 1969) PP TMPrO47 JMu Imt. of PAys.) Vol 14, no Ox Feb It)TO kr 70 \ ~ -kA ~ 405,,835 Gamin CowespooAmt, Reports col UfO b, FrOO Laos* by Gmtord Felftewro 8 PP. F OMIANs np. Nom RMIr.1jeop ES3t, Dw~v 18 Jan 1969o P 15. JPW 479659 SE-E Gopww Fol Apr 69 3?89297 or ideaftilQation Of "C-1-2-eh and 63 Ship, S-* PP 15-16. 46#1.514 F L *"tho":LO ct 100mem- From pronrIeL,,, **wodso&wwjew DiMrIzation., Iv V. sil. L. D. I~bm=jjmva. RUSSIAllp parp liefte 41MA.* ~k Vol 1965.. 49347- 97. AuC 66 309.,22~ .!..11 1 f. ~-* '" or ot ot U3 .47 "~Cvlzrmu' L~cht ftuev F 0 i)o 2 (7 Caicuiatino varia~)ility of tl-.;:~ C.'wfficieAt uuring XrvestijaLion of t;-ie 6tresscid Statc of ~.y RUSSIAN, per, Mlakhaiii'Ka 1967, 752-7~,,~5. re~ I 1q, 374,171 I I- ax Consumr Services and Retail Food Sales Increases by 1* Felfdmu, 8 pp, RUSSIANt per,, ov ---- zqmwat Moscow# No 3s Mar 19?24 pp JFVS 53838 114q 72 Lemomle mfom In Whoumae Tmft Citeds bg I* Folldmug (is Ve Flokharma, 13 PP,, HUSSINJI part Sm&"m Tomm"I Mosmis lio 10s Oct 1969* pp 15-19. JFRS 49460 Jan 70 3W,265 oa iaum~ Lvmtl=,~, L-s z, c. oobborzo, z, A; RaMam. MMIS 4 qWs tk* Vbl 163~ go 11 X% vp 23"Wo 20 An now too V61 91, U* Go vw I .,~ - FEL 'ci in q f0 tlbv 0) 0*433 Synthesis of 5-Fluorouracil, by 1. Kh. Fellftan, nUSSIAN, per, Had Prom MR, Vol 19, tio 3, 1965, pp 12-13, AU DJ-5468 Cql June 70 'On.-tylictime ~atwdal kV Is ilrdtak*w Le A. 01'1(~mtq I k PU r 0 ~ M- Ju4, !vlse '44 01 the Prmdure of Wtoraining Zinc in Matural hators,, by ~,L D, Faldmq 11-USSIANO per$ GLdrobialorioskiy buraol, Vol 1110 No 10 IVF370 pp BL-70 *Dept of Interior Fish and Wildlife Servico bureau of Coamdal Vishories ray 67 . ~- ~71a, ~Jxl-\jw -"-, Circultv For the Reliable Supplying af the Electric bower Needs of Atomic Power fimts, by Ms L. Felldmn. 14 pp. RMSIAN. per. jjg)&4ch xe.�!.%tqj. 1,103COW, NIO 29 Fab 19no pp p-13" JP115 558~7 W 72 A Clw,Acal CMbIM Shifts to the lkil Syntell,. I , ay~ Of I'IWMIOZI by T's, Ve rlel'~bMn and B, 1* W10, MOSIAN, par., amriml W (kohcbestva immd D. I* r'tnqplo zrra~, Moo 2,, !907., PP-- !S--133* JPFS 41343 W7. V, 1*74- >2 u 5.11) R E'Con July 67 329,,6,10 THE POLISH PACKAGINGlNDUSTRY-(CONTINUED) PAKKAUS NO-12 1971 PP;.20-24 FSTC-HT-23-1824-72 On a Una Fom In the lowltbm of Alc*bmic HWbo=v by U. 1. Aa*d=n. HWW,q pwv D* Ak U* Ma Vol 102.4 ib 6p 108.. pp za Am luta so* Vd 9s so 5p 1968 A), ~ 1:-E ~ ~d ni n 1~ liar 69 376p425 iv 20 ll~kvplwf TAO Folift-4 to 0. AUWIAJ# 19699 pp i1"43 Lam 69 3711-9555 A. 4L A~- A ~-Jd- A 7.7. -24 7.3 A;i Attempt of Usi.-,,,,, ti-je 'pctejorial Method in ~'Iapping, by Ye.S. Fel'dinan, 13 R'USSIA.'!, lc,,r. lieuclino-T-acli"!Iniclies)~ava Konfer- Ka r -tc-gr -ra f 151- - OTI-tsiya Do 1966. 'fe, Ii a t I c 11 c s ka~T~~ ~!Fi gr9firovanive v SSSIII ACSI-K-01,1,31 A-L.,r 7 2 An 73 DS~~ Of TW20 ftr CCU FMSIII& by H. De Fddt= W 0- Hanows GMW# Pr, AMM, V*l 27, M7,1966, VP 305-3]A- =I 500 ~-//, ~U . I'~~,~~-,~~-/~l-~,~a/)~-)~g/,-/, , L Sol-matedou Oct 67 343414 e'j i;~,4(LIB/Trans-441) 5MECHANICALDA1v1AGE1NNU- CLEAR AND CONVENTIONAL SIDES OF NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS. 6Feldmann J loTranslated by A. Bicevskis (Aus- tralian Atomic ne ~t'~mission)j from 19: No. 2, 207-19(1972). 2024P. 24Dep. NTIS (U. S. Sales Orly). areactor economics; reactor safety; reactors-power: translations 27181,18L 20MN-80 20NP NSA 0 . . .. ...... . 7 7 Inspettion of Nuatear Power Plants )'.s' -~ by ne maoinery Insurer, by J. Foldmann. CURIMIAIN, per, Atomwirschaft, No 7, 1968, pp. 367-70. ;-.~LL Ref. 9091.9F (Windscale 376) Sci-llucl Sci&Tec)i July 69 388,332 - ~2 ~'/ C/C//44/~ 7/1 -f ' . " -f, '-; ~ (?--S/11' 1 1 r-, 11, , It, Loss and Damage in Nuclear Power Plants-, An Initial Analysis by Insurance Underwriters, by J. Feldmann, 33 pp. GERMAN, rpt, Allianz Versicherungs, NP-18160 AEC/LIB-Tr-357 Aug 71 ,Mu Yom Mwe the &dtlatun or Dispatcher Cmtwl or the Natiaml mvw &Jstam, by Folibmp 9 Ive Zrlj46 r.' pd JPrs 33740 ,7an 66 294p93.7 'A The Ghemistry of Condensed Phosphatoo and Arsenatest Report go. 53. Tri- metaphosphate as Triphoophorylating Agent for Alcohols and Carbohydrates in Hydrous Solution; its Exceptional Position Among the Condenced Phosphates, by W. Feldmann. GERMAN, per, Qexischa aggichtev Vol 100, 1967, pp 3850-3860 NTO 72-11917-07B lUr)5,q 7 June 72 lli2-Palsatians, Aurora OVal aud Vlasi4A IA-t~t)ity ia VIC. t)Y Ya. ~.Ici AN 1101 Igo, iWui,4sry oj Trapped Electrons vM kev and t4sposition of Currout Viectro- jcts in the lanospheTo, ts~y R. G. Afouins. Ya. 1. Fellds4toya. por, KosziciavOiye Vol 7. :iv 2, Sci &- T4ch Info Facility -Astrou "Ci .v4ay 3C, 2, sit, IA"4sioa3 of the k1agnotosiphare 'fail's cr6ss Sloctien at various latensities of POW ViSturbanceso by A. D. Shevain, Ya. 1. Folldsbtcyu. RUSSIA"i, per, KOSMIch Isslej, Vol 4, NO --.'AS/GSPC/ST-PF-GM- IOT;2 -W~,! T r sci-Avuos Fci -%1v 6~1~ ." 0 i~agm.u* ~AAd am'! Ift Ulmdwaf by Ig. X". 'i~VVIahtmu. ll"~- - par, to ek bill wwl~ S' 3 ,--at Tooh SAlb jl4lodlitly TA- YOU-. f"Arisuo Md Xtitwoun Of Av :,,,I 6t ~3% tv MR I'l - VDA&MOMS; of tba VAgrAue Field at lagh 1--tJ. ,bides and Strmotm of the rva7mw~mUc nole. in the VIloguotoapbs"t b7 Y4. 1. RaIdshtl3r. and As Iflo Zqytuavqp RMIAN, lp~, WagmicIMMM4,501 Vol 6. % Il 1968. pp 1,35-1370 MOV-556u-v EA' Toch Info FadUt-j 6B 3,96 ricir, in tl.,~o L.'artlv, 4 7-1 nv toni,,~a~i arc Ya. 1. r, Vuz- eba ski -,ra C, 7 5 u n 1, A.~ E k ~ -S ~ F e- LL~+ ec-~~ L L e/e MaPetoStatic Coupling of Dwaine and of Walls in Ferrmapeic Double Films, by Erwt Feldtkener, Kkkehard Fuchs, 8 pp. GOVEISM ME ONLY GE40, per, Z. 90 PIXW., go 18~ 1965, PP 370-373. AT.-VMTC1HT-23-1m-,a- 5 L (~ 7-1 '4 ~, - i o -/ s, a- Jime 72 br- e t~ a--L- P e L a -L 1~ e. L L e- IZ, N&U Coercivitles in Rdtilayer MW, etic Filw, by Ernzt Feldtkeller~ 7 PP. GOVEROM USE ONLY OWN, per) ZeitBchrift fuer Anam=dte Physik Vol 18~ No 5/6p -IW5P PP 532-534- AR,VFSTC/IIT-23-lP-13-71 Nov 71 i'alitary Jue. to Africat I~r FLOUO Felcaul 5 ~t)p - PUIUMU , mr, Dofasa i1pr 1g,15as pi) 6~, 366,622 '1110 Ilutary MA 141 ~- tlAt 60" to 41'rical 17 by lit rItIgsal, 4 pp. -L)o9pon liaoicml. ,-o 405t 19681 pp 281411m, D"Vill IJ'l 697-6C, H. Fe-13o-s jua 66 %16,26~14 nle Terrorist Mwenonts of Anrpla., IllorUgil-aw Guiwa,, and lk~maAque (Foltien Influence)o by ifellu Felgaa$ 61 ppj PGP%"LIJGIJFM~ bk1t,, Havista Militc~r, 1~X;6, 1- Africa rol/scpc Jan 6,7 The Behavior of Inductive Diaplacement Tranodacerap ?I by Ke Felper, G04M. port VAsatechnische Briefet No 3s 1965, pp 2-4. GOG. Trans 5255 /~ Sci- June 70 Lignofol,, A IIatprial for the Constniction of Sliding Bearings, by A. Felicescu 14 pp. RUAMIAN, per. Industria Lenmululi, Vol 20, No 9, 1969, PP 335-340. AIR/F-TD.IIC-23-816-70 (~ , 4 -d~ i-my 71 Vacilitation of ~-cn~vTy Tr 115., issitu ill t1w "."pill-al Tvi-c'~Aual Nucle" oi' tl:c Cat llirow-b t?'Ic 'Tromidal Pntiluayr I'y 1), Felix, 'per, kely rhy5ial -I'llh.arnacol Acup ~,o !-C~s PT 342Z34')* Oct 69 now 240"Maw tb* Unstiptim or Va lm" Gum in flsslon"* MataUla by V. A"zo H. snug. 004% Pow P*= a"" OmbtIw SYMMIU4 Mwidbs 3-4 Oct 2W- winuo"a Tr 3* (Low) P. Felix 326jM9 scl, - lkwlmr Science Diffusion of Ar-37 in Neutron Irradiated CaO Cr7stalss, by F. W. Felix. GMLW) perp Meonikp No n2 19681 pp 1o6-1o7. *NTMS/I= TT T-1-5-51-17 Available M Only ~- - G . p e L ', X June 71 Now E2WrI=taI Tedbaiques for the Prodaction of RsdiosctiW RM Geses by Neutron IrTadlation$ by P. W. Felix. Omt per., Mleonik, Vol 9. 1967s pp 389-392. MOM TT 71-55172 Available MM Oy~ F.W. Fe-Lix ()Ct.71 Investigation of the Natural and Artificial Aiting of Gaucral StruCtUral Stools$, by W, rolix. GERM, AM, Eiseah, Vol 36, Mlo 1,, 1965, pp 35-40, BISI 5462 w Sel/watarials Jul 67 Bos&ls Advocacy of PqpAsr Dictstonlity ,Umalledj, by Mdo Fe2lap 5 iv- GOVESM USS CST EPAMBp P25 Vol 58p go 234j. 24 Sept 19670 I?p 24 JPSS GUO 2604 C, Ct a: [) (,, p F-- L T Uftem POI Dee 67 346j,241 Stevenson Process for Continuout; FWshing of Tops. by H. rell. GIRMI, pa~._~4alljand t extlkr. Vol. 47, VO - 1, 1966, L_ _ pp 64-66 CS SIRO/110- 6057 /-- t /- I- Sci - S&' AUG 671 339-1,49 Development of Electric Steelmaking with Special Reference to the Inauguration of the Operation of a High-efficiency 40-ton ARC Furnace. By K. Fellcht, et al GERIMT, per, Neue Hutte, 1969, Vol 14 Mar, pp. 133-137 BISI 7480 sci/mat Nov 69 396,085 in &w StAp ca&muixo an or the w1halm nMa ft~4 and RglUe UU,,o Orotlelt- \2 btas PUM4 IW SkWt FaUchts )JO LVO M-MNS pwo, fto Vol lit lao Ip Jon 1%6s pp. 33-W. aw Ile x, 12/ W-Bast Floon Ap r 6 6 209074 goal& Title UnkOMM, by R. Ralar. G=Ms pw,, MAq SoUd PIUp Vol 3; Do 6, 190S pp 0 *3= TT F-12186~ ?-' k_- Feb 70 Arm, alous Grain Growfit in Mrcmdun, and Arcaloy-2 In der llochtemperaftirphase, by 11. G. Fellers GERD.&W, per# nud -c( Vol 15, No 3, pp 233-340,1965. *AEc. ow&-M-809 Aug 65 RoadoBvilding Nahbory at the Leipzig Spring fair 196SO by M. h1lert 20 pps GBWW, por Die Stusse No 6# Jim 196S,. pp AM J-DIZs ID 2204031666 Jul 66 104s238 'fhe Effect of Light Radiation (m the Eye Caused by a Nuclear Detonation, by Yj.,jtD=v 51 Pp-POR OFFICIAL USE C61LY FOR INTEMNAL GERM, per, Zeitschrift fur USH W1110 MiH DEPT OF 1tilitanwaizill- No 2, 1965, pp 79-89. DE M-M UNLY P100063867 FTD-HT-66-121 NOr I\' CTS sci-bar-.j Mar 67 32092412 On the Equationd U Cx(tP + P g to UEx(l -0 in Function Space, by M. N. Fener. RUMMl per# Dok Ak Nauk 555h0 Vd 1720 iio 6l i967g jp 1282-f285.- Am Plath Sac Vol. 8# No 19 J967 M, &) , F& LL EP, Nov 68 3700359 The Penetration of BI Into Grain Bmmdaries of Cu, by M. Feller-Kniopmeier, GWWq per, Metall Vol 20,, 19662 pp n56-n58. "M TT 71-55279 Avedlable NW Wly M ' F e t L e- k - Ik//U I. e- /0 rl7,e- ; r_ Q_ June 71 East Germany and the Internatioml Latellectual Property Organization,, by Harry Fellhauer and Emet Winklbauers 16 ppe GLVMI per# Deutsche AiwpS221it 170 3., Mar 1967* PP- 343--351- JPRS 41573 ILI ele EE-GcrzwV Pol Aug 67 333p210 i.ride R mtrtW in f1mch Aid ITOcmit, to Afficat by CeMe, i-ex-louss 6 ppe per, ML',,A /Tunis. 21-23 trALUZO aria pp plo-W. J; j's W30 0 P-Ct /0 1/- K. 0. SMIAMIO !014W scvt 0 i 7walod by F. -A,,2aCh il .1VE7:--l!IT-U';'K' USE MOE-! GE,-11WIS pws vol rva 63 -X44',C-A A Nov Method for Calculating Turbulent Boundary Layers# by K, 0, Felech, GERMAN, per# Dresden, Techgiochg Universitast. jiojgqnschj&f -14ghm Wtacbriftv Vol 16v No 4. 19672 pp 1185-1190. UTC. 72-10657-01A Apr 72 70-13591-098 fdgc"; Neubucser, A IROGRAM 101 CALCULAIING VIE ALFIO'.= F~ illll GROUP OF A FfMTE GROUP. Numerischem-10 -i -,!tk, T. 11, p..277-292, 1968. Order from NTC as 70-13591-09a: HC 9.40, 6. 40.