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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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41 1, 4(ORNL-tr-2613-B) 5PROGRESS IN MACROSPECTRAL ANALYSIS WITH LASER LIGHT SOURCES. oFelske.A;Hagenali, W. D,; Laqua, K. 10Translated by R. Gregg brdnsfield (Oak Ridge National Lab., Tenn.), from j7pp 637-40 of International Colloquium on Spectroscopy, 14th, Debrecen, Hungary, August 7-12, 1967. 205p. 2ADep. NTIS. 26cliemistry (analytical); translations yO7 20MN-4 29P NSA d, Spectrocholool Audysis Using a R*id Sequigme of Laser Pulem, tr A.. F"e, et al. GWW., per, Zeitggb" &er Amavtischg 9"1D Vol 216t 1966l pp 50-60, HTC 71-13837-07D ll~ -~ S & --3 , t - 'A -T--r F - I V,~ 1 Feb 72 Effed of ambiame m IttabdUm of Carbo- lwdratea Ln lba DMA-m Aebzs by ralt. 1,7EC-lij per$ M1.201. Zev V, 01228 10 no Iwo pP 1073-1070* 104 IT- I I M FELT '0v 363s4lal =1tation 01, no 1",&, ro lot am mporty M=v In pimutic M02 Aftor TbK=l TMOUMBto tY 'R-P- EdAVMUo lp A. VdtWp 441 U rr* MMM pw# 010 AN I MMCM I"MIS, Ra Vs- `03 %T :4j" Gi~~,nlle!i in ."frclitic C, 's rl G felt-fits (,E A,O .1-4 "iz. Ivk. Ji-I lc~-:~ I t~. i 1. 4 1--j-1 A, i ti Op !D6,Jf i-U J3 A ilydrodyijai.-de 64owitaiellary ",Odel for a ~Vtcrt)~LcWeous (tean. by A. 1. Fellzenbawz~. 1r;Urp Del. Ah Nattiz Vol 133, !to 3, 1968t lcj! SPO-583. AG I L t 69 04 "S Ocomic Circulation and 'Ifmxanlo Problm, by. A. 1. Folizonba-m, 7 pp~. MOWN, Der, mmmxai mg-sgr'-511~ YA 16tr No 41 1 Apr 1-166, pp~ D'97-'310. j am P/5 A USSR SCI-PIV.- Au- 66 L) 2 1 Full Flow Method of Slitokman, Sverdrup and Nank,, by A. 1. Felizenbum. RUSSIA, per, Dok Ak' Naul.~~ Vol 179, 114o. 5, 1968 a PP.1094-1097. AG I 4 . -t- . r- e- I ~ C- 1,-\ 1-3 L~.1.),\ Jzui 69 373-322 Owl-oltArs- In 1_-ww4flc Cah ala- ve 611 , ? A. w lo 52 ''by 19~1 Themaelastic StrOs$e$ to 4'~W1019Yvr slteviyl~cv G. A. Pon'. RUSSIAN, per, ~~io 2, V~6~, G. A. Fen' Ap r 6 5 T). 3 4 21 I \~ ,~ lu"Aance of ~Sm&U Tldngs' JA Troop Control Stressed# by Vo Fm- 19 5 pp. RUSSIAN* ppe LggLya gyg~& Moccows 28 Jan 19?2g P 20 im 5w9 Mar 72 Dpwisid bispectlan Frowdures Proposed* bY Ve Fen's 5 PP* RUSSMI'D npo KMEM 4vewlaj, M~f 3 Dm 1968s, r 2e JM 479216 //~ 11-~il USSR I I-= Jan 69 3?20Z A Theoretical Study of Air Intale3 witil 1 Dihedral Ramp, of Finite Span, in Super- sonic Conditions, by pe nalp. PRENCII, per, Office Mational dlr-tudeslet de Pecherches* .10 Ospa- Aws. fleiW ~Tte)Fnl'- que, No 117, 1967, Entire 69-12617-01A /V a Scl-Aero Aug 69 Solutton by AgMtOUD gaonsl=A of the Duved 1-b" sqwu=. Appucatum to the calcuntim Of stewv aw uwtww sq"Gordo RC)V# t7 Miturloo Fenedn. M=P Vts OMTA TP 123P 2968- *vvt 02 am &vim J-13r, DDC 69 Theoretical a4d Nathodological Buis of Con- tinuous Culture of Hicrooganimp by 1. Malok, Ze r"cle CZECIt Us M6, 655 ppe IN, LL (AcaderAcc Pr83Sp London) ,~. z - Sept 67 340,263 Rao d Conwasto in Aawkv of Soiencoss bv z&nslc Donal* 6 yp, "Er-al UPI aMt Strami hvgwt 20 Nov 1968s p Its JFRS 47.159 ,:;I_ cz e ~, e- R R?- PI '~~ I LE-C2ach Val ~C-, 6Y 3~:l D"ip hoblm in Czwl=lMak Madwtryt by JaUus Fendekp 8 pp. oovmwm vm MY C M H. per# P styls No 12o w kam Dee 1965, ypo M-880 JPR5 GUO 1039 EE-Czeah Icon Ma 66 296,,724 D&VID107,vnt of tae W-d 13 Q.T."w'45, =4 row, Plammm H=cAlarat-Ir -0 10 pi) jlr!e Mul M-Gmczi $CA -,q! M, Apr tZWlts at the Kalil ll~e,nctor, by 4. Ui,""' L Fob 70 41\Y f*imiw or ove WON 215 AM RUSSWO~ bk bbm~mg: 19A pp ?;W4 JM 56631:: plwaiolop~cal charaotmqatles of ce ~;ontollt vweaties 04' ~Iuanauv Daing "'AwmUms Period* ~bgml A, ilabot pp ,q Ct f Feng, Hao m 3xq a 41 - 314*W= las ad 314cuumi smom"rim &W 66 stwy cwom mots wom ma (;Mvp the Ueopm of ForAutiono by FeW Hai-chles (7453 31% W70s, 0 IV- is -- 4%",A IV us 0 so lot L M A Qjmm:~m 25 Doe iA# PP- 3-7- JM 345D3 a r 64 297:052 .~o -Chi iopments in slactrouica, by Pie 4'.0coat Dew* ~j , ." ~-O'p, !--or, No 12, 195.5, p p 4 . G otxssl %ov.,.3"109 ID G40410157 PEI SCUBULE Cep (Z~ S h Shatter Spiritual Mackles and Alvays FoUow xq Behind Chaimn Mw in Carrying on the Havolu- timi by Fmg CUe-plimo 6 pp, 19679 s, up$, R=-kaM Mms No- 31v 18 APr JPFG 41884 r" 1%/ 1-1 (L h I; p /I A' e, FE-Cblna Pol 333;,~ Aug 67 The 'lay to AmpUl~r the Smmti TTtmtdMr Recaver, by Feng CTIM, SIP" per$ w4 ndc": *fIrl-15-23-10"ca-l" 2611b sci.aeo Oct 6.8 C) Volmse of a Unglo. pco.pon, Vo 9v ,kV )..qA59 p 26, /t7 C Al Omlopmut of Uwtrmits,, by P14-MIuan pwo RIC Hsmh Ta Val i2a ACSt'J-3309 ID mwkIM7 A~A Now 67 31+3o997 laz '69