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flat A NW DWIGO tW tft Xm-ftft*tlv* ,ot Twap ad NOW)WUN by I.D. P%MM4 mmp wo NO IOJ 0 4MI 8a3 APV 70 ~,Ctwaan the t. i-.t ~)Oclety, by Gem. fe-lell, Rude per, 14- ~Ucnasco-,,)Y "'Ith t'ho id of fntorlonco Inycro p by wle. V'.I 7)0V'$ NO 3/41 967 1 667-C.72. SC /M t OAL The Dispersion of the Optical Absorptive P~ower of Soots frm Plazas, by W. Pepperht')ft. GiTMIAN, perp Optik, Vol. 6. 1951, pp 354-366. Trans 5M d zlf J-L L I - F hy s D a, c 7',' LAW and AlIvImn Assoclatess k&Wams RowimMe 4' luia PGWV 19 pp. GOVEMb"T Usb Cifly IMXH# pwq Los gaakgg Afti*tn paplat .IMO ,ipeow loswo- M-91 pp 1-179 J?m Guo 09 P4A,!1!z---L P-EPY InUr4.friem Aff Jul 69 386s293 The ljos)~italq' the Chronic Dis"ses aud the Ajadg by Hand Paquipot, 22p, ERLICH, per,, Cancours ~bdl, Vol 88, 1966, PP 65-78, Dept of May 5054/14S 1164 Ex0cripental Study of Ifigh Temperature Corrosion Gauded by Fuol Vil as on Aus- tentic Steel Superheater Elements, by J. Peralma. FRUNICAR, per, iiecanique Electricitc, No 201), 1967, .NLL Ref: 9022.4F (4744) Sci -Mat Aq)r 69 cowitims or the klat of a LIATInu aw W, -,Z~Crl aas JaLbl6s, ty A~w 'Zo ~'.)vanftt io. Lo Ponzl*h, 5 ppe f port Z# %Cfko 19-7-OW, 10 i f7r, TV- IF C PERCHE A FR SIMULATION OF NORMAL EXPLOSIONS AND COOL FL ES ON AN ANALOGICAL COMPUTER LILLE 0 OF SCI AND TECH - COM6 LAB BP 36 A Q 11 6 71 6 P BROCHURE FSTC-HT-23-1159-73 Li 1 'a T i i4;1(,# Vol (Ab~p The Oxid&Uon of a SgIld Petroleim Paraffin of the Volgogmd M (Refinery) to Fatty Acids~ by A.A. Perchenko. RUSSIM,, per., tka I NeftekhtudLra Re no.'. 1970,, pp. 34-37. = 7o-16942-o7c 4,11~ r The OAdation of FuuMn to ratty Acids - Effect of a X-Wn Catalpt on AcceleratIng the Comersion of L2bwwdLate Produets Daing (bddetlonj, by A.A. Perchenk o. MrAlp perp Mdmly&:L TeAmol2an Top3iva I Mml, vol. 15, no ,3o 1970, pp. 19-22. W 7-0-1648-07C fi jQ R'rel-,el2ko Ma=facture of Comnumial C -C Acids by Ilqidd-Phase Oxidation of i&& Pamfftn Fraction6p by A.A. Perchenko. MWW,, per., lblmlya i Rkbuologlya Zqllva i masel . vol. 15, no. 4,, 1970j, pp- 3D-33- = 7D-16944-07C 4.4. ~~rr)A~~46 -------- - - -------------------------- -------------------- J. C. Padmw Study- of the ft"twmt of Spbmtw Graphus Cast Irons. RV. 1ST. 1, Vol. 689 No. Ss 1971o 365-378. BI81 9717 Fait 73 , q) 0 tJ M -pe PC, ~ e DLUwmt Wave of Fondzig ftaly by M. Pwaham. FMCH, Per, mgrjCM2 ILOOtadgite Vol %, No 228., 1968s pp 11-12. NTO 71-i4341-13H Feb 72 7T by A* ~W-ndhl 6 :-V0 Origin of Eologite in the Kokchotav Mockg by Le Lo Perchuke RUSSW# parl DDk Ak b4& SSSR# Vol 186s flo Ze 196go pp 441~40. AGI July 70 The Staurolite-riarnat Tbermmtert by Le Le Perchuke RUSSIAII,, per, Dok Ak &a SSSH Vd 186, iio 6l 19691 pp R-M AGI J,A,y 7 0 ? I I i , /(-, ~/ ~kl~ /,~/ tO AaAs. by J. -I'VKU-ion. 0l NAVA I. ~6. "e1- at ct 61 17~ L L, 10,7 Rapid Mm-Deatmmt-ive Date=inatlcm of, Oxygen in Stools by RAdiowAahutims by J. Pardijon FMINCil, r-ts ~*.165-,SLrC.-v 19668 No II& pp 2537- 2546 91SI 5711 Yo Sci - Not July 67 Aut=*Uc AD94VIB tW F&UAWUvlty AppUod to om mmung r/jActso tw- lao Fuftjmo RUCH. per& t Vol 489 Apr lo" ppk ;99~.- ~~~ bDil 5421 ,;ah int ),I Y, il V :~op 6? 33891y) Dofeym CO=dttwo twOr POOPU f(v con-oils# by Utidavo kwdowe 6 ppe SWILSH9 "Ps 1969t livi~f 19 'w p 4. JI-AS W331 Jul 69 336o273 A in Tenth Wonal 7 ppo nn, j.~vm~o, istrwAt !A-~A" c, b 69 IAI,, Lonformoo, 19 ~oc 1963s 1) 3* 374*6q/ Que: Vmzuelan Left Divided ou Toctics., by, Toodulo ..I , 5 pp , OVEMM12 UM, ONLY .,, 6 Apr 65, p. 14t SPANIMI npy 3je JPRS GUO 720 LA-Venezuela P0.1 MaY 65 2791823 Orgudution of Work of Otorbindv~p#Aogittv in,Ovtp&tiw*,oPalyaUdes of' Cm*ral &yon BoxyltaUt by H. A. Pvmbatwai 8 ppe RMUM# per. Sovetsk Uravockbrambs, .Moscow& No it im-. pp -4L*),*. JPRS 58275 Feb 73 For, pp UD Loi W3-6G. I ', ;tw Loon A PT 6- EA 351*:r, Coastm-tion of minctrat Fert.1,11.vor 'elanit tit Lat-mbal, by B. Foreberin, 6 ?X581,411, neurqu1mr, L,ga Gale 29 fty 67 v p. &IS 43055 Jan W Chile= ~~)ciallBt ~'arty AgmeD Culmin Stani on F-Ml, by Cimmui Pereda, 'J, P'-,)* SMUICSil, np, 4 Nov I)Obj, pp. JPM 3j379 LA-Cadle 315 ghilain Socialists Criticized IV Sl Sol Cormapmrdant, by Gmtimi ForeCal, 5 pp, GMT.21= i6.11, Oily SPAIMH, npp El Bol (!he Son),p 2 jolt 1965l p 8* MRS GJO 828 IA - Chile Pol kg, 65 2869648 lt~po,rWco ol liAttcry-LD--jol by Uo erccccl'sld,~~q 5 P?. Lj,4snL'jL-41 4 Jay VA9s p 4W18 A% &I ComUt Tidning of Rocket Trwps# by G. PendelISUys 6 pp. RMIAMO par,, Kommmia VauuM Sils, No 3# 19668 pp 24-28* JPRS 355" 9 - &Pe-de:d'~~k' MSR I/ Nil Jun 66 3010646 m !oad for Irtmving, Porxvw Conatmetion, Polmdoramw and A. ",dfn*mt Sci- lelh Tiw4 Problem of fkkUing I'Ali Oatput Dia- cuawds kft-8*WOYW9 5 pp. -1 - ~i, pers hlr -add ck ba -7. 33. Aug OZ.. p ilIRS,46M Sai-:.bchg fixl, Civ ~z' 1,1WO UICT Sort C9 Mtal- IlAt"'try, Kcnn-m- ic a 5;5 M SUAY a Mu-lAiM DeWcmqv W Udbi&Ws Peredes, 16 pp. GOVERMT UBE au SPMIM,, per., Docummtoo Politicop, no 48., Apr 196.5) pp s M; - 56-72. JPFG GUO 756 IA-Colmbla poi jun 65 231,852 . Doo ?I ~ .. I 1 11 Urbmi Dlev~pnont In ~'Wazil, trj Rubam? 1, ~o ^'L f Poralra, 12 pps 7.100 jonial (b T'sib P. 1*514 M. FER1101 51 5 by ar, ito C(k Faum oi thD iMitt i4ptams A-ordilao (sa.'Afliog), by i~. I-, Pormlevo b1p. i i4*4 014. Cli:STI TT 63-50Y4 68 A~hldstrltlon of t1to of I by Claude Pereira, 10 up. r. Dime Juridivoet UtAnuo. 4, (jet-,t;oc 19M, 57!-940, 'id"; 1,30 US .rol Pob ('17 AmAcm View of AlUeme for -"gross; Attackled. by tilado ads z ordrap 8 ppe ntevidoo. 21 per. J~,_:~PPU34 4-r 1,)69. pp 14, 16. - 't 47, /z/x ,Z a I's lay latin Americus Urdty or Divadty?o by AwU-19mm Penin do Qtwimo OD pro M, flCH# perp Le 1 L3nt Ilon REW-n. I'Viss Jan4un 1968g pp 3-3D, aRs 46,934 M,, LA-Inter Am POI assic mmuled lmgjnwvg* tV A. MWAjon'o U. brejam. MWMp ba,.# I*v 3% sp, %ft A lkud* &Umc,, pt*. A. X. 1 -- fi). 1~1 SPA-MA* JhI 66 APW 69 :bllemltall loearialit by 4 " ~ t1d. ~ () ).-- A6~314'4# PaLmit :4os 223 531 18 Mar 11165, 19630, 1) 1-2/ =99=p ~ " ) s . cr--~r cj,t~4 U-al 70 406tlM Perelatov, V. D. Contribution to the Question of Epidemiology of Crimean hemorrhagic Fever (CHF) in Rostov Oblast. AKADRIIYA MITSINSKIIOLEAUK-aaR. INSTI M POLIMELITA I VILUJL9NM Wr~EF&LITOV MMY. no. 7, pp 279-2871-065 LL_ _ _ 11M--7 -14533-06E Jan 73 is Essential to Enow Nuout Fevers by V. D. Perelatov. i0SIX-11, rpt.,, i'vwtov Oblast ,:,.udt,~try Infor- matim aouse, D 65, pp 3-23. OLM ,dil 2-80-66 (Chi Loan) trSTI 6ci/ujj,~ Ap r W ixim PAWI" ce Amsm U6 lwn~oao" lit 1* Da"Idbo p4millmm" 12 pp. F4 3-1 1. 16 Uvt Of M-3133-T) an *a 1;v A. 3-'7_17 10 C -hcrAstrk, of '-A-,r.,niusi5, 'by Alcl-,s.Wr T. ,.Occ tiv-1sim", bLt ~oqp 1967 :er Gcod-Lep,istry of Ppillenusis, by i, 1, llcrellikin,, I'llis'Sitillp L-k,, Geokhimiya 1~13igejiaticlwskildh J; Prot-sessov: ZZE '6i~per-gre-nezal , 1965. * U~ , -, 0 -, 1. t 6, 1) k On DeturAvAtim of Um StftivrtaW4 23 Charaebarist1w of a Iftlimm Trwking by A. m. Peteltmmil 13 r4.,. grxSM* paro Iz A Nauk MR Otns. Tekh IWW~- natikar W 10 Ja~ 1%6* r-P. 154-160 JPRS 35o873 R. ~~. No~-eVMV) Blmt 303o463 "Tun 66 part im - Yk ou Of Ue llartl-~Ie "'U'vMtr-n by t~e Trawparecoji MetaW fbr a lanp Particlo cmtetitmtionj tq N. S. S!A,.Wn, A. YR. Petniltmt ami V. 0, rWd%tlyMw.. 6 vp. im-r-as pns Aks -WAsrer"? i CAleanav 11., IM) tic 0, P, o6t 66 7777xq AC; ;!~~i/ ~A 3'-~ 71 ~,Jatrix Mlswry Devico, by B. 1. Pamilmmi. IIIJSSljk,,', per, ItOreteni aPro 3~1111010 "1 '2 ro Tovarnyye i-.7U ~02 0.*'~6 7 to v ~pp4 S *Ff D-NT-2.;-1290-67 Sci/Benavorial 4 Suciul Sci Sep 67 'py k to par, ivirm~ao 7, Rubidim =d Caeldiml, ty P. M. Perel'Wn- MWWs bks iqOf pp 60/- 0 paromm= Pre=., London ML , Ili I I I I r~ - . I., "'. I., ;. 11 - -, ~~), ~ I sci-M may 66 300P393 I'Lles vltl~ ;-W.~-c~t to In t *.-. f c mm 0 0 ~mo -Lo, Alternative Properties Of ftsical Systme lu-si SMatml Mpmeutations in neld Memly~ Ivy IN,. Z. Pelelwn.. I AH* Der. D*t ,_4 Ak. 1kna ~Rg,, 1101 167J. i6i3 ?+j Aw, 1%9.. pq 761-7U3. " Imt- of invu-,, Vol 14~, NO 1% ftb 1970 Apr To "W ~- , ~ Z\I)T ,~(.,storjtivu zind i:ccuj)5tructjve " I Pull .;ortary -urj~(,ry, oy ~,o pi U.S611vt', :erl, Miirurriya Vul 43, DO, "S / 14 6 C c--- -) jr, 14-115, r 7o The Ibmamies of a CorAmate Droplet in the .Axial lbarance cf a TwtdLne Stapp tV R. G. Parellmone RUSSIAN, perp Igwestiya, Vuzov MSR - PhemoUL-ka No 11p Nor 1969s pp 119-121% CEM-5430 C" June 71 K` Sept CAVIS and ftam Ln thm Conquest ot Spaces kr 11- 0- Perelman. L42 PP. RUMMs W9 Tvali i Luti lftonmLLa KoggLat 1967, pp 1-210. KAU Tr P-395 Sci-Astron, Oct 70 by A-# -,Oro 1~0 Ila 0 ~14tll i~imi~salon an uxc ~cuvitto:; or t.~;,? -ilr-a In- 'lo by icarmaj !~ur.W-ln d All f , . ( .1, !,rercl autc 'A 11 y -To o DO. Al, !.IuL- Vol V14, i:0 2, 1969, !",,4 287-284.6 7ho Al"j liath ~'Ot Vol NO "'o1, 196-9 E June 01 3 8 5 -U S 7 "Hidden" Symetry in Uie Relativistic Kepler Problem, by A. M . Perelomov, V. S. Popov. RUSSIAN, per, Dok A Nauk fiSSR, Vol 181, INO 2, July, 1968, PF-3-20-323.- Ar Inst Phys Vol 13, No 7, Jwi, 1969 Feb 69 374-124 Casimir Opgrators for Clanioal Grmpsp bV As M, Perelomovt Ve So POjx?-vq RUSSIAN. perp Dak Ak )W* SSSRI-Vol 174p No 2l 1967l pp 287-2W. Am Math Soo Vol 89 No 39 1967 ,4, . M ~ P ('--- k G L o oi c Y'