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..Mpo OWEMW~ LS)i Ind General Statement on the Functioning of the E 0 L E Project, by Roger Lehmann, 39 pp. FRENCH, Expose General sur le Fonctionne- ment du ProTect -EOLECNES &:rgh (No. 181/EOLE S). NASA Special NOT TO BE GIVEN OUT June 70 22 lip Inquires into.Topical Cartography, by S.. Lehmann GERIIIAI-I, per. Veroffentlichungen der Akademie fur Raumforschung UhdIandesplanung, 1971, pp 55-72. ACSI-K-2284 May 7 2 Development and Trial of an Oxy-Oll Burner in in Open-flearth Fu=ace, by h. Lch=mn, H. Schlicko. GEDW, per, Nsuc Ifutte Vol 110 MOV. 1966, pp 662-666. BISI 5526 9L,-, SLi lat Aug. 67 V~ Design aW Operation of High-Speed Cooling De- vices for Bell.TyM Furnaces and Tightly Coiled Strip, with Special Pieflerence to Cool- ing with Becimdated Flow# by We lehumn and Le Tiby GUMN,, per,, stau 'Risen, Vol Mar 10, pp 253-263- DIBI 6544 Sel-Materialt; Feb 69 369o6V3 'r cif '~:,Aluvtl anc" --,Yttl~otic 63 T . 111 C, T 0 C~ :~/4 I 9L" rp 170 180 12 (".~ I *3 4 S! Reaction Neutrons as an Aid for Plasma Analysis, by G. Lohner. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY GEMIAN, por, Zoit Physik, Vol 207, No 1, 1~67, pp 83-0-4.- NASA TT F-12,033 sci-phys Apr 69 379,506 ps, a Tod gor riarna 17,'f Po"t1j, 43 PP. fcr ilam.4 Lmul m - ~-I.Eplrtaolio& 361123 Present Situation Controlled imclear Re'ILDIS11, rpt, MA 1967, 1;p 1-14. *;4ASP, TT E-12r237 and Putuve Prox,-~ects oll" 17? r-usion, by -',a rL-Imert. Reports, Vol 1, July coci-Siucl Sci ~-~ar 69 ,iiienwShea Tolitillf, of Turbino vW166 With c,urfacu Protuction, by ".'t. Wittert. Imr, buftfabrttectinik wid Raurdahrt- tuclutil. Vol 12"- 110 V'* lilb6, p's NN . iA TI WVILIPI~Nld-114T WE UAY 68 346,67-.) "ol 12, 010tobor .9, pOro not,.t- np 609-01C., sci/lIntorivis Jan 69 LTmtimtlm Of Erfect or mmtorW in 0*14 Ugwttin,G,. by W. lmhwrt. MAN) pars Now MAW Vol 14: IW, 1.969p pp 970-M. *BIBI 7874 Jon 70 t lts~. Low~.~ivil 0-~ ""Te ~-Ihxls 'x:i I. ~o'7 CL5-1;'olliziz stniss umm)l;ion' uly Investigation of 11fect of b1zateritil in Cold Upsetting, by lel. Lchnort, G1.'.1d,TXN, per. Vol 14, Z41c; 5, 1969, " 70 p e- -275. p T31SI 7874 \,~ I ~- -&-," Z"'~ I-, :% a r 7 1 ",O;a at t' 121 OCLO -er 67"'9 3 L.2) 18 5 Q Stress Corrosion of St'cel Wires for Pre.- Stressed Concrete. 1. Intercrystalline Stress Corrosion, by W. Lehnert. GEFMN per Neue Hutte, Vol. 10, No. 2 1965. -1-02 W ~6 GB 95 scl - AuS 67 338-373 -~ba)I -a4w 40 ccintribution tu Coe Tecladque of' suaidit~, vit Oreration, by It. Lehr, rut al. CLIX64,v 11" per, Staill Liscil, Vol 36, .31 tictub-cr 1908, rp 1203-1208, A:-A 70C~C` ":ay 09 Lehr, J. J. Commercial Fertilisers. Chile Saltpetre IW4DBUCH DER FFLANZENERNAEHRUNG UND DUENGWIG, PART II. BODEN UND DUENMITTEL, pp 1004-1013, 1968. NTC-72-14800-02A Jan 1973 " - r~ The Iron-Ilydrogen-Ammmia Equilibrium, --Ic by B. Lehrer, GUOM, per. S. Electrochem, Vol 36, No 6, 1930t pp 383v392. BISI 8431 1 1., L' Xl"'W E , -,,- sci/vat Sep 70 Otva Idito '. Politic" "Ccmc t4m e. ramiul Lw D. llbmemnt pwmadft :a v Vm,~r,0=7 em-UtIou to a 'Feam'Oul I:,4*azs!tAOa to soelml- iw,.-p IV 01-va ,,'zum UA.Ikset~ "..'D 19.2,0 *,N) Jrul 7 Pal. 65 IIKj5jI9m Ruilway Forry-WaantalioStockbolip, by Hugo Lehto, 8 pp. r-limulsfi. liar, itautatic Liikenne4 Val XXIVR pp N s-1 - Sci-Mochanical Har 67 3220206 lid llilia" ,o;dcAliiu oi~1-2cular .;t.LuLt ur,-, iv uu 'ail 12.2"1 ",Ia7w Olul CIO-" :J;,,Ll ;;Uj. 1 Lin -~~il CA - ;711 la-,; Ukul Jur .4'o 20 J965v ;,-t; 3U-62. -ac 69, 376 05 3.", CA' oat- i2l wt i~!"LliliihiWa Liu.;riI14 6v Joan-Loui.5 tie Vraflco ~tj -Tr-42 'Jet Q,~ t- la. vv,; rrz-111-4r 120. 3811-.3,Q5. 6'r'j Hugoniot Elastic~Limit and Dynamic,Compression Strengths of.Brittle.Materials, by C, 0. Le iber, 25 pp. GEDIAN, per, Planseeber. Pulverinet, Vol 18, No.39 1970, pp 178-193 AEC/UCRL-Tr-10546 Oct 71 LEIBIGER, H. Stability of slopes, with special referenc to the dredger working faces and to the relationship betwe the factor of safety and the economics of brown coal open Bergbautechnik 19(2):72-6; (5):235-43; (8):402-7 (1969) (SEC) New Packaging Technology.for.PVC in Buna, by Leibrich, GERMN, per. Die V ackk~ung, Vol 5. 'Sep/Oct 1971, Vp 169.- *ACSI-X-1851 *FSTC-HT-23-1309,-72 Feb 72 Co!tccatratiou of iion-esterifted Fatty Acids Ja Blood Plasim of Cyclostomes and Fishes '7(o aad Its CAanges thider CIO lafluence Of AdTcnalim and Insulin, by L. G. Lei65oa, Yi~. -1-11. Plisetskaya. RUSSIAN, Z11 1~volut c"W".1du i Fiziol, Vol 4, "',"0 2, 1968, pp 121-127. Oept of lnt-orlor bureau of Cmmerciul Fisheries Office of Foreign Fisheries On Loan rialy July Nucleation of the Crystalline Phase of Superconduc Malts, by D. L. Leichkis. RUSSIAN, pars, Dok A Nauk SSSR, Vol 189, No 69 19699 pp 1222-1225. Am Inst Phys Vol 14, No 12, June 1970 Jul 70 D, L. LG I C H- K The Transport of Crystallites and its Effect in Refining the Structure of Alumimm SubJected to Low-Frequency Vibrationt by D. L.. Leichkiss H, V, VAkhailov.. Russia$ part D*k Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 179l No 6, 1968, ip-13-14:1317.. The Am List Pbys Vol 13, No 4, oat 1968 L L e I-C Y 0) .2 Y- Uncl/-I-i',-(CSIRO-Trans--11142) Isotopic analysis of nitrogen by optical spectrometry, for low 15N contents. Leicknam, J.P.; Middelboe, V.; Proksch, G.d Translated Sy 1~.- R.- Eddy from Anal. Chim. Acts. 40: 487-502(1968). llp. Dep. NTIS (U.S. Sales Only). 07 chemistry (analytical); translations MN-4 NP NSA 0 rl Aw go 351 Calcu)AtAon of LaU Warinsm Cp)mtim Under CombbW Loadog tV ki. A. TAlkarad No 3p 1966,- 1PP 2?3-Oo D--' T-24-3Y4-67 jan 68 Gas and Dual-fuel Engines Industry, by N. Leiker. GLUMAN, per, H.T.Z., Vol pp 467-491) 2, AL Ref: 3774.S (1748) 11) -M - sci-meci) -ay 69 in Today's Power V N 0 12 196 /Y s 0 '7, 560,762 L L I A M. NU I- K171 oTH MfE!-~,NIATIONIAL PLASTICS FAIR IN DUSSE LDUPF PLASTIC MATERIALS NEEDED IN TLK:JISK UeLBLiAD VUL 119 NO 9 24 Fi_-'i3 1372 PP I 9 -2 " F I) T ~ -1 i T-2 3 - jo 7 8- 73 Cl Lm-aaso in ftohieUm OatPut I&SMS504 by Ve Lant 8 ppe Russimis ups lalga# Eaps 16 Feb 1969o p 1. JERS 47819 1_111 . //~ USSR &con f-by 69 3780499 criticIzed 4_ f t IS t lb by Anda"S Imic)nP r o. I,- jpl;z P-A Y. Le,'p~i)Lz Relay-ation of Boundary Conditions for the Coordinate Functione in the Ritz and Galerkin Methods, by 11. Leipholz., 17 pp. GOVERWENT USE ONLY GEWM3, per, Ing Pirch., Vol 36, 1967. ARA/FSTC/HT-2-3--F7~:7-2 June 72 ca4l;arlXXE n zrdlailc~ APPIlamum or fion4ulma populplato I* Zara* Ant Bnoder Beset=% tir A. L LWWWI$Ws 0, D, as 8, mdums zm ff. T=mj, V. V. womors 15 pp. R=ws pwo Vol No 2s Own .M'- 19(4 pp 84m, F9LUM07 M OL Tr. A. I. Leipmokiy 32TP694 J= 67 An Investigation of the-'Poo bility'~i Uning Thorlun in HiCh-Enorgy Reactors,, by A. 1. Loiptmokii. RUSSIMIt per, Atomnavq %or Vol 18, 1965, PP 342- 350s Tri',~-71-10196-1811 Nov 7 1 V. 1. &00414 IL IL bowwrit IPPO RUM# M4 4pp=ia 00 "A2MU Nd&14dlwup coma" stoma waspta qwftUv6 AW OEM Fg;lw, A. 1. leipunskiy =1189 Jw 6T i;ucuwr Pow Pisa* M-350j, by A. r. WVwDMY4 0. D. NuatahkovWdyp H. S. FlnUas-U, X. V. ftsnapm,r 3299. BMINJ. *tip Iff9assaftulyu Atoms F402,91, =as Obniwk. ImUtd, 1965. AM 2r-6663 A. I. Leipunakly 326,1416 &d - Muclaer Sale as HW 6T T. 0,~L~elP.w- ~O ~%ss Spectrometric Maawrement:of tho .Rate Constants for the Reactions of Hydrogen.and Fluorine Atoms With Methyl Iodide and Trifluorolo.domethwe, by 1* 01. Leipunskiie -RUSSIAN$ peri Ook Ak Nauk SM., PDYS Chem$ Vol 198, No 61 June 19711 ppA367-1370. CB Mar 72 .-~e olti-ne, cn~* 'kdic wk, ciazt Irwi tn the- Z~Amction. IQ Gift at il- , i I , u"."Uto ~ O-nmtian In and ),ro!,)- carbon.-~,iuom iLuoys Aitm, 1"Iffomt ~ oltblo~ -'~rwiblass In ..roatnants In Fused Liza V 0 Atnosphores aml After Illigh-%aawn Cl-ulf-lM 0 by I:.,. As lischor and P., Lds, iol 19, 0 2 1%,7, pp ?3-54- 5W) c t t, 7 Ma* l6f two&m M, do a pp ma 24 .1970 2.47-U1, GOO COPYRrGp? MMRTAL '~C A Uow ftowdure for Awl*lug Ind=trla Water ~ / Eff,lwntss. by L. lolseaftna. 15 pp. 7d GMWI, per,, Ugswr Udt und Botriabi Vol 12, vp IIAV/RIC/Tln~2912-0 oct 69 395,,629 WU$ commnut Attaolto Comrpm Thomy as O=pcUl by Iftmm Laiser, 6 pp. GUIE&O npo La~mortql itwis 30 oot 1969,0 p 90 Jm~s 49433 Pca Lte 69 70-13576-22A kiss, F. i Wag, B.: Stopfkuchcn, K. AN ACTIVE MAGNETIC 'TECHNICAL POSSIBILITIES Or ATTITUDE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR SPIN-STABILISED SATELLITES. Paper presented al European Splcc Flf~qht SYMPOSIUM (no. 8), 27-29 May 196B, Vienna. -,,-Prder from NTC as 70-13576-22A: IIC 9.40, NIF $ 6.10. Technical Possibilities of an Active Pagnetic Attitude Control Sysmu for Spin-Stabilized Satellitles, by F. Loiss. r'llm-lal, rpt, 8th Furo2ean Spase-Flight Symposium, Venice 27-29 i-lay 1966. (1311) Sic-Space Tech Hay C-9 580,783 DOWNY F~quatO Vtth varkor,Partlaipation, b7 Mria 34 pplo do C-Imaj; Nnobarest., PONAMAII may pp IMS 5r(22m Aw7i 71 Long Time Corrosion Studies on Austenitic CrNi Steels and Nickel-Base Alloys in Superheated Steam (620/1 atm) with Special Attention to the Behavior of Cold-Worked Material Surfaces, by S. Leistikow, 1-1. Berg, 84 pp. GERM, rpt, KFK-1301 AEC/EURFNR-9ll Jan 72 H E-(I- 4(EURFNR-954) SINVESTIGATIONS OF THE COR- ROSION BEHAVIOR OF AUSTENITIC CrNi STEELS AND NICKEL ALLOYS IN SUPERHEATED STEAM. 6Leistiko%,v f, l(Kernforschungszentrum, Karlsruhe (West Germany). In- stitut fuer Material-und Festkoerperforschutig). j0TransIat,!,.t, of report jjKFK-1463. 2~32p. 24Dep. NTIS. 25%%Iork Performed under United States-Euratom Fast Reactor Exchange Program. 26corrosion; reactor materials 2711F, 18J 28TQN-25 29P NSA REVISED CARD U "lon of 0l acaatiom by The O=Ical Breaking Pot an MwImAml Over. lodd Saftty Davlee In B=Ina Stand Construction,, by P. zoutwr. GEMUj, per gem lbttes, Val Ap Apr 1969, pv ~~. I OBIBI 7317 I-/11,, '..~: sai-Nech Jan of.) The conical Breaker as a Hechanical Overload Safety Device in RoIlLng Mills, by F. LeLetner. GSMJ.Miv per, Neus Nutte Vol 141, Apr 1969, pp 223-223, BL31 7817 scl-mat June 7o Feb 73 -------------- RiA44besdoo study or cathopain C in the spleen St Mff*Mt . Staps'r 17 F. L rAdteo, MWW, I*r. DOL AL Nwk SM, Val 187o No lo Ja 1969" JV 193-M. 0 ~- 6~ MW TO 4o7,668 L~j Gw SYNCHkONULIS TRAVELLING-WAVE ENGINE VDI NACHRiCHTEN MAR 72 NO 12 VOL 22 P 11 F,~TC-Hl-,~3-4'_176-72 About the Detorutnation and the Appearance of Lower Concentrations of Dinitrogan Oxida in F.'xhnnst Gasoa, In tbo Air and in Watars,, by Vi, Leitho, OEMAN, per, Mgqnagin2, und Prajttia2.he Chorda, VOI 19* 110 3s 1968l PP 78-79. RTC -71-12303-W11 I Nov 71 + Le OrtoplasaLe Precursors-of Poly- ribosomes#1y V* Lj, Lsitint~- RUSSIAN par# D A Isamu- B10 Vol 201, No~.2# November 1971# pp 490-493 OB Brabiating the Flow Heasvements of Steam and Feed Water in 50# 110 add the ICT 1905 Computer, by R. Ldtla 00 Koneaq~ 10 ppo CZEMt per.. Autmatizaclo Vol 12p No PP 302-306. AIPAID/HT-43-730-70 7. Superheated 200 161 Units on V. Votava,, and 11, 1969j, April 71 - ----------------- ------------------------ Kp A, T,01twn Efficiency of nacphenones an Light Stabilizers forPolmrs. RUBSIAN, per# 6229miya Vol 13Bl, No It ~ 1971 v op 81-86 HE 72-12W5-11 I sept 72 C~ --I Sto--) WlAK" of the U-7, -200-130 'Al~im ' , % - cashig, IYJ Ii, ~Yas leim- rovidif i~e Re Plotkin. -116,.t. Stzntrii, Vol 39, 11o 4, 19G8, 29-32. A~f: 9022.09 (5116) 70 Um P04at Intbrdewd on N"aroctlem A=nr.p Youth, b7 Magda Lejap, it P, POT11311.11 M-rf s2tarAar. M~_ d2D-h TIT=l awt 4-5 SOP 711 514492 liov 71 LEJEUNE, J. and others. Caryotypical analysis of four cases of accidental irradiation. ' ' . . . I Annls.Ge'ne**t. 10:118-23 (1967) (AAEC LIB/TR M, . N I L CI. e- V~. I-' ~\ A Combined System Bor Automatically Regulating Voltage on Direct Current Bus Barn and Redbarging BatterieBq by M. N. Lekakh, 7 PP. RUSSTAN., per., Elektrichesklye Stantsiy Vol 4o,, no 8,, 196% PP 85-8f.- AR~/FSTC/BT-23-1089-71 Jan 72 ;,Wj -.-Ova Nivar posmig-Aw i~~Oat irwas iroMables bg Aadruivvskly* A. R. ;-oithtatyor, 6 rp. reps It "-opt W-90 -UP W-W), .40M 1 U&I 70 399,413 '6jsc)i I e i; i Canturs at L~Ai Tui+vr tur Certaill GII.L55L'S Ol ~Alllj)10 Ui~4')USititAi, by Dh Prik icl-.trosloj)y, V,.~j L;6uf S'Li-STU.- Aj ,:ar 71 M. Lekowski A study of AirpZww spin. 20 pp. pp 19-24 ,AIRIPTD-EC-23-1629-72 DISTRIBUTIOS L1741TED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENClES ONLY COPYRIGRT 1WFORK42'XON. OMER. REQUEST FOR THID DOCUONT MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD mar or tim 4,.-At0~4 AMvacho, by L*kt6Vos*# V*i A~ y5h*ws pp, July 71 -a a K. Lelttk ook Ion etching and 1 its appZication,6 ppp POLIM, . perp Przggtad oUktroniki VoZ 12, No SA, 1971, pp 190-191$ ArRIFTD-tw-n-goos-n UsSo GOVT USE ONLY, COMMUT IRFON-IATIOll aug 72 Sta(tr of the coefficient Of Friction in straight Free Cutting of Carb=-Graphits Materials Using Dimmsimud Andysiss by S. M. I411chuk. 17 PP- RU&9W,* perq D-410402"91 Institat. Sta--nk-i PA-71h-dah"U Inatmeu No 11, 1969s pp 70-79 AIWFTD/HC-23-732-71 Dee 71 On an Estimte of the Deficiency of a Spaceg by A. Lolek. RU=I# perl Dok Ak Hauk SSSR, Vol 176l No 6, 196?t jp--IZ9:-M46. Am thth. Soc Vol 80 110 50 1967 /11 - L e L c,~