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61-14785 Bartels, Martin. CONVERNING THE REGULATION OF THE OCULAR 1. Bartels, M. POSITION BY THE APPARATUS OF THE EAR (EX- 11. Ziba PERIMENTALLY, IN PART (CHAPT. 11) JOWLY WITH DR. Z113A OF TOKIO) (Ober Regulierung der Augenstellung durch den Obrapparat (Experimentell z, T. (Kap. 11) in Gemeinschaft init Dr. Ziba aus Tokio)). [1961111281p. 79 refs. Order from SLA $ 10. 10 61-14785 Trans, of [Albrecht von Graefe's I Arch[iv I f (tir I Ophtlialm(ologiel (Germany) 1910, v. 76, p~ 1-97, DESCRIPTORS: Ear, Eye, Motion, Head, Visual perception. (Unannounced) OMe. of ToAskol Somic-9 Albreoht v. Graefea Arohiv fuer OphthaLwlogie 1915 V 90 pp 426-432 ntc 70-24380 61-14609 Roelofs, C. Otto and Zeeman, W. P. C. VISUAL ACUITY IN SEMIDARKNESS, AND AT 1. Roelofs. C. 0. SAME TIME A CONIMBUTION TO TI~L n ,mS,CIEN.CE II - Zeerrin W. P. C. OF NIGHT-BLINDINESS (Die Schschdrfe b_ I dunkel, Zugleich ein Beftrag zur Kenrimis der Nachi- blincUicit). [1961] [391p. 14 refs. Order from SLA $3.60 61-14609 Trans. of [Albrecht] vion] G[raefe's] Arch[ivl f[(Irl, O[plithalmologic] (Germany) 1919, v. 99/100, p. 174-194. DESCIIII'TORS: *Vi5ual acuity, *Dark adaptadon. (Unannounced) Additional Experimental Studies on the Source and Course of the Intraocular Fluid Flow. Report No XII. Manometric Demonstration of the Physiological Pressure Gradient Between Anterior ChazCber and Schlemm's Canal$ by E. Seidel GMLO, per, Albrecht von Graefe's Archiv fuer Ophthalmol( 44, Vol 107, 1921, pp 101-104 NTC 71-16867-06E Feb 72 61-14618 Kestenbaurn, Alfred. 'nJE MECHANISM OF NYSTAGMUS (Der Mechanismul 1. KestLnbaum, A. des Nystagmus). [19611 [641p. 106 refs. Order from SLA $6.60 61-14618 1 'frans. of [Albrecht] v[onj Graefe's Archfiv) f furl Oltzlialnifologie] (Germany) 1921, Y. 1075p p. "(99-813. DESCRIFrORS: Eye, INlystagnius, Motion. (Unannounced) I Offic. F Toch.1c.1 $mIC.% 61-10946 Lhwenstein. A. ON THE INFLUENCE OF UNILATERAL UMITA- 1. I.bwenstein. A. TION OF THE LIGHT INCIDENCE ON THE VISUAL ACUITY (Uber den Einfluss EinflCiligCT BeschrUkung des LichicinfalIq auf die SchschH rfe). [ 19611 12p. (2 tables, 5 fip. omitted) 5 refs, Available on loan from SLA 61 - IM46 Trans. in manuscript of [Albrcch( von Gravfc'B Archiv fUr_Qp -h-thalmolo&f(dermaiiij 1921, v. 105, DESCRIPTORS: 'Light, Physiology, 'Eye. Tests. Wisual acuity, 'Optical Images, Visibility. OMn.IT W (Unannounced) KrJmer, TtjcK-prJ. '111F OPTICAL FOUNDAT-ioNs op 'nit: ,Psjixpo- APPARENT REFI,ECTION OF M PUPIL IN TIIE CORNEA- (TOGEMER Wl"i COMMENIS ON 0DN- I-rRUCTIVE OPTICS) (Die Optischen Crundlagen der "SclicinKircn Splegilung der Pupille in der Mirnhaut" (nch~n Ekmerkungen 013CT Kmstruktlvc Opilk)). 119611 14 1 ] p. 6 ru f,4. Mrallable a IrAn from SLA 61 - 1 407A Trans, in manumcript of (Albrecht von Gracre's Archiv fur Oplithalmolnglel (qerr9WjVf91L,- v. J05, OBSCRIPTORS: *Eye, Physiology, *Wce, Reflection, *Ophlbalmology, Vision. (Unarinminced) Cl -14078 1. KrIlmor, R. o 61-10934 ItOclois, C. Otto and Ifaan. L. Blerenade. ON THE INFLUENCE OP ILLUMINA71ON AND 1. Roelof", C, 0, CONTRAST ON VISUAL ACUITY (Ober den EinrluFqfi if. Haan, L. B. de von Belouchtung und Kontrast auf dic SchachIrfe). 119611 7p. Available on loan from SLA 61-10934 Partial trans in manuscript 0fJAjb=htyqq Graefe's Archivf0r-Ophibalmologie)(Gdriniiny)192lf22~--- ,v-1 1107, p. 152-15 6. DESCRIPTORS, Wisualaculty. illumination, Intenaity~ *Light. Physiology, Vielon. (Unannounced) 61-ID957 Gleichm, Alexan~Jcr. ON niE VISUAL POWER IN INDISTINCT FORMA- 1. Gletchen, A. TION OF IWGES (Ober cias Sehverm6gen bet Unscharfer AbbildlLng). [19611 5p. Available on 10an iTOM SLA bl-10957 Trans. in manuscript of jAibrecht yonj-01raefe's] Arch[iv) f Ur) Ofphthalen - ((Romany) 192Z DESCRIPTORS: *Optical. images, Theory, Tests, *Vision, *Visual perception, Measurement. *Visual acuity. I OF11o .1 Twwtj (Unannounced) KreikeT, Aladar. 61-10977 THE PSYCHIr COMPONENT IN VISUAL ACUITY 1. Krelker, A. (Die Psychische Kornponentc in der Sebschbrie). 1196111541p. (2 tables, 4 figs. omitted) 20 refs. Available on loan fTOM SLA 151 - 10977 Trans. in manuscript of JALbrecht von 9 'B ir-ajec A rchiv 1`11 logiel (Gernnany) 1922/23, 10JI I I. p. 128-152.- DESCRIPTORS: 'Visual acuity, Tests, *Eye, ',Visual perception, PsycWogy. Vision. i 6 C 5 (Unannounced) C16- *4 T-6," S-1- CONCrRNINC, PERCEPTION DURING MOVEMENTS I, jAri, F, OF THE EYE (b)er die Mhrnchmung Wahrond ALIgenbewegungen). [19611[13jp. 19 refs. Or d or f r om S L.% S 1. 60 61-14797 Trans. of [Albrecht] vIon] Graefc's Arch[iv] f[Url 0phthaImfoIVcj(Gvrmjnv) 1928, v. 119, p. 711-718. DI'SCRIPMRS: Yve, Modon, Visual prception, vurmo, P,!rc(:cxjorl. 61-14797 (Unannounced) 61-14999 Cords, Richard. MOTOR AFTER-IMAGE AND OPTOKINET[C JERKINC OF THE EYE (BeNvegungsnachbild und Optokinetisches Augenrucken). j][96114p. 11 refs. Order from SLA $ 1. t0 01-14999 Trans. of IA)brecht) vlon) Graefe's Archliv I fj'Jr) OtilithalmTologicl(Germany) 1928, v. 121, p~ 163-165, DESCRIFTORS: Eye, Nimion, Visual after -ivnag,!~ - L Cords, K~ (Unzinnounec,d) Office of TvAnIcal S.rvices 61-14095 Herzan, Werner. ON THE HORMER IN OBLIQUE POINTING OF 1. Title: Harcipterts THE EYE (Ober den Horopter bei Scblerer Hatrachlung 1. Herzain. W- [ 1961] [61 1p. 16 refs. Available an loan fTCM SLA 61-14085 Trans. in manuacript of IAIbuc hi -mn OrpeWs Archly MrOphzhaimo)ogle)(Germa~y)YO~~ii4, v. 12,. -p- 75&--7P0. 1 DESCRIPTOR& 'Visualaculty, Tests, Metina, Physiology. (UnannouncLd) 01 - l4b20 Schubert, G. ME INTRA-DCULAR FUSION MECHANISM QXr 1. '.~,,,hubtrrt, G. Iritraokularc Fusionsmechanismos). 11 Order from Si,A $1. 10 1 Trans. of [Albrecht von Graefe's] Archliv] f1tirl Oplidwilm[ologiel (Germany) 1937, %,. 137, p. %6- DESCRIVrORS: ViSion, EYL. (Unannounce~i) I offic. .1 T*6uirO S-k.. Tr-64-22011 llvikmm R. S. CLINICAL USE OF TME DETERMINA71ON OF 1. HylkWV6 B. S. FUSION FREQUENCY, COMMCATION L [19641 11. K-H-1324-a 2 Vp 111. Kreage-IfDoker Sdence C rder from K -H $16. 2D K-H-1234-a Libzary Auroodates. Detrd4 2%lich. T re n r. of [A lbrecht von G ruefe's Akchly-fUr fV- mologiel p. 110-127. (Biological Scinces - -Physiology, TT, Y. I I I n0- 11)1 Office of TeChnIcel Services Albreaht v. Graofes Archiv fuer Ophthalmlog-ie 1951 V 151 pp 249-2?4 ntc 70-25599 intraoc~:,Iai: Pressure Ih,2in.~ Changrin.- Pm-ircrL:~,.nttil. Pressuxe in Animal -0~, E. . G-mlyll, -.rer, Albrecht von Grae-Loe's A~rchiv fuer C-11thal- I mologie, vol. 166, 1964, pp. 462-4--,1114. iec -,o-lb'c,,841-o6E Experience and Results of Three 'YeavG with Bunble Dees, by S.N. Holm. H. ilaas. GERMAV, per Albrecht _Thaer Archi,!, j,p 2S2-104 ITROI/ G- -35 32 Sci - AU11- Statement of Principles und Program For Action of Netherlands Commmist Youth League, DUTUI, per, Aktie No 1, pp 1-4 and S14VIOwn't PP 1-5- MRS 39971 JPRS CSO: SF 4538 -- J-1382 WE-Netherlands Pol MaT 6 7 M,807 Experience and Results of Tlwee Years aurnble Bees, by S.N. Ifolp. H. Haas. GFWAN, per Albrecht 7tiaer Archiv. Vol, pp 232-304 NH C/ D- 5 ~ 3 2 Sc-i - Aii~- 6*( Statement of Principles and Program For Action of Netherlands Communist Youth League, MCII, per, Aktie No 1, pp 1-4 and Supplement PP 1-5. MRS 39971 'q 5F 0 JPRS CSO: SF 4538 .- J-1382 WE-Netherlands Pol Mar 67 320.807 S~~C~tu - ') ')~ 7 (~~ ALBREC"T V, GRALFES ARCHIV FUEN OPHIKALgoLooig 1907 V67 P149-161 'i - 70-22079 (s) 1 1924 V114 P340-379 , 70-21494 (o Po-tribution to tba Gcomtry of the Tonometer, by Gc. strablo UPY&N, per, Albracht vu. Graofas Archiv fur Ophthalmalogie, Vol CLYJV, 1962, rp 230-283. Navy Tr 3609/APL 2IR TOOS Sci - Phys J= 64 P? 7/10ri .5.,7 5 1, ~tt,) -)2 T (L -/~~ , e, ALBRECHT-THAER-ARC"IV 1964 V8 NI/3 037049. . 70-11623006H 1964 VO NI/3 P4?-bf,. 70-11630-08" J-3019 The Desertion of Sukarno. Spanish, per, Alerta, No 32Y1958, P 17. AZexanor, Paria 2964 V 3, No 8, pp 353-359 ntc 70-24195 Unimes is Creaed, 5 pp. FRENCH, M 6ILq Repolicain, No 656v 27 Aug JLYW, p 2. JPRS 26624 AFRICA-Algers EODn Nlov 64 269,~06 Pv~*,,tn,, Part. 111, 4 pp: ;tusi ~i-o4oo Algerie AgricoZe 1964 No 2,, pp 17-22 nta 70-24921 The Algerion Foilrwd WM P*m *-M It Posoible to Wolt tb& Ajebel Oak Fhwpbste Dapwits, One of the 0 m teet In the Norld) 11 pp. 1M=9 Very Alwie MadustrIelle et Coamerotale, No 91, 196P-s (Call Iro. MP46 A3 A36) Army ft Service Aftles - Algeria qA ~ Z= .1 71fY 32 ftr 63 In An Al;orinn Ueo-Epirkmic'll .(Ecinho3n Disease - C~mcbuckie lliruz.)s b~~ A. LacroLv., et a!., 9 PP. FRE&M per, ALI~.qrie Vol LIT Elo 9 1952: pp 559-574 ChrormtoZ-raphic Studies of Amiro Acids of the BIccul Plasm and Urine in Cetain Pathological 'natlan, by F. Lagrot, G. Antoine, G. Cessire, 2 pp. @RENCH., per, Algeria 14-Aicale, Vol LX, Aus 1956, pp 651-659,, j, VIM 9-26 Oct 57 62-17812 Berasmi, Paul. TABACISM AND ARTBRITIS OF THE LOWER LIMBS. 1. Bernasconl, P. 119621 3p, 11. K-11-8619-b QrCkr from K-H $3.00 K-H 8619-b 111. Kresge-Hooker Science Library Associates, Trans. of A%drte Midicale (Algeria) 1957, v. 61, Detrxitt, Mich. no. 12, p. 1297-1298. DMRIPTORS: wrobacco, Stiology, Inflammation, *Arteries, Mseases, Legs. (Biological Sciences- -Pathology, TT, v. 8, no. 5) Offic-1 T-61t.1 S-k.. A. Chapter VII The Niger Lake Region; B. Chapter V117 The tWer Niger; C. Chapter IXI The Senegal., 41 Pp, (ID 128260). MCUMIFIED FRENCHj, bk, DIAI -Bonega , Misr A Mi e _4u 1 Aon Augicrw-Dmper, 3-927-1928; publ by SocieU do Geographie, Parisp 1931, pp 67-11511; 117-12-5; 127-216. G-2. asum G-.4539 a/A - French West Arrica Geogmphic OTS 691J= 55 I )l p, 6tLA), Z" ')) 7 C- ALOORITHY I ALOWITNICHURM TAZYKIq VA)SCOV 1967 Nl P3-14 .~.t , AD-698 528 (o 1967 N3 P3-.13 .. -. C...1 AD-6" 634 (s> Some Observations of the Behavior of the F, Crosses Between Races of Maize Described in Mcxico, by Alanis, Lauro Bucio, i&vq25 PP- SPANISH, rpt, Alganas Observaciones del Co,,,qportuamincto do Las F de las Cruzas Entre Las Razas do Maiz Descritas en 1&-xic;. Dept of Modem Languages North Carolina State College S I ci Feb 64 1-84/63 Peoples Action-Christian Democrat Alliance -- ,~an. for Goverment (Preliminary Proncitles of the P Text) 3 .,7zo-v / SPANISH) bk, &J~an&a Accion Ropular-Democrata Cristiano -- Bases para ft el Plan de Gobierno T-Texto Freliminar) Lima, Alir 1963,PP 11-16-5. a---, 4~TPRSATY-7742 Let Amer - Peru Pol jui 63 ClId ' /7 -3 -C, (A/ I I -v 1-17 1 6-1 ALIMENTA21ONE ANIMALE 1969 V13 HI P31-35 70-13338-02C - Feaft Troops In SLUAti0fis Of ISOlatiOn and Emergendeso by C. Fedoya, S pp, FRENCH, -,M L'Alimentation aux Armfts &-m-M-mmHo-no cilloDlenicit ot dl'UyAen Yp I-V. A CSI 1-*6 10 2204013265 VVE-France Mil Jul 6,5 263,5~9 Alimentation des electrolaimants dans le montage de 111hite. .r R 'NCH rpt 1958. lZiF o FM 0 Reverse Translation CEA-A-1633 Sci Jan 6S City DrJlildng IvAtor 6upplies ill Tmisia6 14 PP* FREIX114 rpt, k!ajjE~~ta~Lpa Ii _ ~es IJU :~j .,Iq_i _~" Potable En Tmigz 1953. LvS TD319, T9ZT92 Sci-lb and 1,; sop 63 363,121 THE PROVINCE OF MEKNES, 6 PP. FRENCH,, PER.. AL ISTIQLAL, NO 302, 29 DEC 1962, -PP-Zl -9. - JPRS 17418 AFRICA - MORROCCO GEOG FEB 63 221,190 Fivnish Minister of Defense Orders Regarding use of Garrison Vniforms 4 pp. FINN=# Rwo Alluveewis Not. 6/T, 196Do pp 184P 183. WA wa Nogur - Flalood //, IP, .3 17 Mil s eT 61 (NY-4-466), 9te secona rive-year nan (1961-1965), by Arpad K"s, 46 pp. EMEM, per, A31m es lpzptaz) Vol X., Wo 5, .1960) pp "' -", JMS 7369 Now - MMSU7 X "~ J' ~ e ~'7 soon 95 Tau 61 W-5358) Mw OmmiUr PrMm in Locating Industry,, by Jozoef Orlios*k,, 15 pp. NUMOM, per, Allan es lpzptao, Vol Xj, No loo 1960, PP 783-791~- --- - - -- - -:- JM 90W mir - Hungary S/ / 9f Boon W 61 (DC-5023) TiMly Froble= of Developwnt in Dowatic Industry, by SaUdOr IgaZ., 12 PP. MMMIM, per, All= as TSaxotadi V01 X) 90 llj 1.960, PP "-,- JM 667 5 0tv - Hunpry Boot /.,~; ~/ /,,C ; Feb 61 0, t C. n i f T' r D IS 3 2 5 "T "r-a-y Eco-I 6i THE ROLE OF COUNCILS IN THE DIRECTION OF DOMESTIC TRADE, BY IMRE FOLDES) 18 pp. HUNGARIAN, PER ALLAM ES IGAZGATAS, VOL X111, NO 1563, PP 57o-~64. JPRS 21395 EE-HUNGARY LCON OCT 63 345)110 Prices of Special Feeds. HLWOIM) per, Allami Gazdasagok Ertesito4et r- Vol VII) No 20) 13 KV 19 'o P pi-fsf'~ FDD Sum 2829 Mur - ffmgary Econ - agriculttre oct 6o /,V?, ir, Biro, jeno. DATA ON THE BIOLOGIC PROPERTIES OF L~ACTERIA-FREE FILTRATES OF SWINE ERYSIPE- LAS BROTH CULTURES. fi96t) [lijp. Order from SLA $1. 60 61-20444 Trars. of Allatorvosi Koziony (Hungary) L933, v. A P. 7-10. DESCRIPTORS: *immunology, AntlbodleB, Antigens, *Culture media, *Swine erysipelas. Biro, J. 6 1 - 20444 (Biological Sciences- -Microbiology, TT, v. 7, no. t 1) I (c,,, ,I-/ ") -~7f-~-ow _77 7 ~'- 61 ALLATORVOSI LAPOK 1929 V52 H23 P304-306 63-10922 0> 0 1934 V57 N15 P215-217 63-10921 O> 0 62-18087 Breyer, H. POROSITY AND FROST RESESTANCE OF CON- 1. Breyer, H. CRETE. [196219p. 10refs. Order from SLA 11. 10 62-18067 Trans. of Allegemleinel Bau-Zeltung (Austria) 1960. v. 15, no. 623, p. 1-6. DESCRIPTORS: *Concrete. Porosity, Freezing, Re- statance, Particles, Microstructure, *Construction paterials Industry, Soils, Water, Absorption. Only the water sa=ation value method has proven out- standingly suitable for the prediction of frost rcsif~~- ancc. The (S-valucs) results obtained with it are In accord with the practical behavior (performance) of mineral structural materials (concrete). Front damagc ~an be prevented in superstructures, underground structures and In all solid mineral structural mate- rials and structural units (concrete) only when water is Offi-I T.A.1c.1 S-1- (Materials, TT, v. 8, no. 8) (over) VW Admiral R. R. L. Propper las"s t1w BMge. MMSUM DMM,, W# Ane Rmp Vol X111, $m Mgp Ipp,2-4. IVY 2M/ONI 552 WE - Utba.laoft Mil Jul 39 170?1 7 ~?6 Commander of the Netherlands laval,F4c--cew. UMIASsnrm DUMHO Verp Alle Reft, Vol XUO j= 1959p VP 5-6. --- - 167Y 2191/0E 552 WE - Netbzrlaads Nil Iyul 59 7 m71 ?f 5- New Type SubmArbe Deal&-W4 Ift. _~ the Hasuc, DUTCH, per, Alle Ilmens Vol XVI14 ING 8, 11;6 PF 2-3. DIA LNI-301 ScA-ang A ug 65 2'3 7, "1 S'; Z> An'-phykatoxin. Im Old vaeory of ~~r a~lhvlnxi u in Few Light. by F. Hahn, A. Lange, 31 pp" A. C-EF", P'zr, Allerg-IT, '101 V, Fo 3, 1c, hig 1c,;56, pp li-k2. --- RTH 2-25 Sci - ll~d var Course of Ailirgic Diseases of the Skin and Mums VAmbranes Under the Influence of the Nervol-w Systems, by 0. Stuttgen, 15 PP. A oEMM, per, &Uergie U Asthma, Vol I, YAY 1955P pp 31-401 siA rr 57-196o Sci 58 62- 17383 Hmziker, A. and BUlmann, A. ` ,,, TE SMOKING ON THE INFLUENCE OF CIGARET 1. Hunzike THE RESPIRATION RESISTANCES. Feb6t, 8p. 11. Bulilmann, A. Order from K-H $ W. 00 K-fll.0373-b Ill. K-11-10573-b ' ' ' ' W. Kresge-Hooker Science ttdr Trans. of Allergle und A a (FAB M. hy) I Library Auxialm v. 6, no. 3, p. L45-149, Detroit, Mich. DESCRIPTORS: 'Tobacco, 'Cigarettes, Respiration, *Respiratory Laystem. (Biologlcal Sciences- -Pathology, T-r, v. 8, no. 4) Office of Tachalcol Sorvices Kracht, 'ME ADRENAL CORTEX IN CHEMICAL ADRENO- STAMS (Die Nebemilerenrinde bet Chen-dscher Adrenostase). Jan 62, Hh. 9 refs. Order frOT11 SI-A $1. 10 62-14348 '17rans. of Allu'r, i --,Ipw 1!-,,a (17ast Germany) L961, v. 7, no. ~!/5, DUCK17MRS: 4Adrenalcortex, Secretion, IWAbition, Adrenal &lands, Horn=es, Arx1rogens, *Adreno- corticotropic !iormone, Drugs, Pharrmcology, Toxicity, Propanols, Butanones, Methyl radical, l1exaphenyledianus. Chlorides. 62-14348 1. 'nfle: AnVhemmell 2. Title: D D D 3. Tltle: hictopirom 1 K.-acht. '11le morlAiological changes obtained In die adrenal corta,c of rats and dop following administration of x1renostatic agents were smIled. 11iree various effects, iccording to Uie compound Liven were ob- (Biological Sciences-Marmacolofy, TT, v. 10, Ito. Ofte ad TedWcad Sawim (over) ACNON OF GUANIAIIIMNE ON TIff GENFRAL ANAPHYLACTIC KFACTIONS OF RABBITS (Action de la Guafi&hldint? sur les Mactions Amaphylactiques G~neralesdul,apin). [i962)lip. 8refs. Order fron, SL A $1. 60 67-18177 Tians. of Allergiv und Asthma (East Ger[113ny) 1961, v. 7, It. 271-278. DI SCRIIII-ORS: *Guanezhidine, Sensitivity, 'Drugs, Adrenal glands, *AnaphylaxL,~, Stimulation, Secredon, * klasontowr 62- 18 t'~ 1. Pirctreatirwiii of scasitizcd rabbits with guint-thidint- i (2 io 5 ing. ~Kg. ) increascs the reactivity of vessels to catt-cholamines. If modific, Oic immediatu gencral anaphylacdc reactions: a pressor response ap, pears (irsi, wkich is due to a direct stimulation of (Biological Sciences-Marmacology, Tf', v. 9, no. 5) Office of lrchniui Smices (over) I ~? 7(:~? ALLERGIE UND ASTHMA 196L V? N6 P3415-352 70-22439 PWUt:kms Datvm W A=mt of Pmelpitino in the CirmaAtUg Mc(A and the latenolty of Auap4laedc Sho& In Dops by IL Cirstea, 0. aibaclu. GEWARP part und AsUm, Vol VII, no 6, 1961,p pp 345AM"70-8- - -", - - - in 9.126-62 Sai - *a g I ?1 9210 Dee 62 izesults idth Inhalatim Tust iji 6usfected Bacterial LLad Viral Sensitatation in CusOs of i3ronchial Astlw,,a,, by I!, K, Uajos, Vol IX, NO 2, 19~3, pur, "I'llerg Asthu ki Jmi 67 316,909 I I I e:--ax -j-1--es--C-d'--l.,F--..,i 2 :;3 in "-.he Deve !,)j.- !ent FuLronal--.~,-; lby. G.B. Kovach. I CZEJ, -i; per, Allerge 'und Asthma, vol. 10, '), 1,064, I-,P. J-336-344 - I Al "' - / 6- ?0 ? - 0, 6 '!~- f ET, J~-922) Pozsibilities for In4asini Production,, by Istvan Kantor, 13 Pp. ELMD~Uj, perp Allettenyeswlear Vol IXI No 2t Budapest, Jun 1560; PP 097-103- JPRS 5965 Imur - Hungary Econ Nov 6o t'i~% T-ZO"ect'4-c',-. of ui yy Aug 56 General end Applied Colloid S'Cience' Part I Connections between Systems, by E. 111,-.aieguld- OR-M, per, Aligeineine und Ang-evand'ue pl) 201-1105, 1(,-58 Heidelb(~rr- LI E xe rp t A~' /)40i CSIR~/110 6626 Sci - Jul 67 3 314, 2 53) General Description, 30-m Quadruple-Gtm AA Battery. Ilispano Suize/Cmtraves, 82 pp. GEPAN, rpt, Allgemine BeschAbung-30M Vierlims4ftctlutz flabe-bttr Hi!Eaao Suizal Contraves pp 1-46s iffiff F92 ID 2204015566 Mur/MII/Germany Jul 66 304.2S6 63-16682 Fxvbrecht, L CONiumu,nom TO ME MOBLEM OF 7HE 1. rwe.. 1"Matin ACCUNIHAMON OF AMO AC3DS IN IX" CEIIS. 1. EngeDrechr. L- [1%2] log. 16 rdv. Order fmn SIA $1.60 7tans. of Flora foder, AaWadwjjg~ie Z~ef (Ew Germany) 1961, Y. M. m 1, p. 73-86. Another trans. is available from K-H $22. 50 as K-H 11095-e, 1962, 18p. DESCRU"MRS. *AmIm acidn, OPI&= Okwny), CeUv C81oloo, Tobacco. n1e, accwnulation of amino acids Is a characteristic of vftly and Juvenility of a legLf or a pm of a leaf. 11" capacity prlrn&rUy nianifesLs Itself If the accumulative tendency is different In two areas of the same leaf or in two organs which are correlated to one another. (Biological Sciences-Botany, Tr, v. 10. no. 8) (over) 0111ce DI Tute,31 Stnai A, 1'1~~ 13~. i: I ~j~, i1jo :i,:jckj, "roccir. i'llmyJaI.Inille, Ghlt.wlicaciLl, D- MKI .11-OPI",iVid tirll"~Qr ill tc, lu.i~ aE j ffe...; Gilt ilW" Ii. -lilload'!, , lard- ,~taoi-tv +,:j jj1a,1dWcp,., al.:,p I - I U L Autolysis of Yernt and Ainvcimted .9ntc-z-Icrr,-tI!.Cn of Flavor of Bearj by Go wilh&=p 6 pp~ UGMWAN, per', Allgem Brauer- u Hopfenntg, Vol XG111i No hB,, Rx-m-nieltq 1951, Pp 57-59, Assoc Tach 8erv 7 8 -q,-' 6d Sci Aug 58 ~71 -17 `.rOn 'L 'CT'b L4 RX R-A Ho Welth. per Allget! VO'! NO 176- 9 -P. rL-lr fuXI LT. 1930,0 l4a, 0--ide3 Gemal Intromction to mwte-csirlo Methods, by F. Humelraft GERMAN, rp4 Alimmm kwmmna in dAe Mom- cadv ~-k 19630 ppM-13, '0NASA TT P-9184 Sd-Phya Jan 65 U.S. GOVERMWNT ONLY 62-I&SA4 Scho .1 der, L. and Mauer, M A MMMOD OF INVEMMTM THE PRESWU 1. Tilk powd td" FUX-MATICHS DI PO"ET-VALVE GAS MBTRRS 1. Scbsdomnaln, L (Verfthm zur UotmucbM dw Druckwh 11. MaUer, G. an Ventil-Guzilbler4. 119621 9p, 5 retL Oran from SLA $1. 10 62.1&w Tntml of 4. Forschmp-l- L DWRIPrORS: *Fkmm4twit, Gn Flow, VaIM, Pressure, Tootmodwds, Tests. Osc0k*mpbL (Mochanics-HydrauBcs, TT, V. 10, nm 9) 0 Ifth-9 un.~3 TCA-6i-log Standortiwahl und Grosster Aiazuncliaender Umdl BE~i 'Reahtoeanlag n, by Dr. Erich Stauber, .,e GM4414, rp+,, kLlgemeine Elektricitatt-, GmellschaafL- f,',ernenerl,gieanla(,Yen-lioci~h--us, 20 Nov 190'0, 40 pp. *JPRS for ABC 1.4 Feb 61 Ma Iftup in Permv=t Hopeti'a circata,, by L Sii&Am,, V. Uhl . Mm,p pGry !~U M#WUltate- _,,M VICT-.2 Gen3.leoiqkft I n, 5 m _ M- 4SLIM v 5-6t 1952-p-p-p-2-D5;21,0; T.Wo--- *A]W Sei - SUatronies wA MActrical ftg. vay 6T as Imbp In ranamd ftout andUp 1w ma= sixt"* valhow Zddwt 18 pp. =MR DWP gam! O"allp im WbA4 pt lmm~ - - - I't 5 W:M# Am BC6%47.m 3349~6 Sal - Electronics ftp 6T Description of the,.InstaWity Loop of the AEG-Atomic Power Laboratory in Grossweltzheim, 14 pp. GERMAN, rpt, Allgemelne Electricitats-Gessellacbaft, Frankfurt, 25 Feb 1963, pp 1-12. 9225D91 AEC-ANL-Tr-52 Sd-Engr Nov 64 268,734 PMUMI upriems With Fming vith Slactricitys by 0. Robas 7 pp. -1 19 -- maw GEWAIS POTq - hn lqmi zt;g,, Vol ro=,p 1b 4p 15-ftbrpf, P 49.50. SIA 3105 Bel A% 56 & 90 7 76 1 Biological and Chemical Insect Control by W. Zwolfer. GERMI, per, AUgemeine Forstzeltschrift, No 50, 1953- - CSTRO oct. 62 (~--,DD- 24973) The National Forest Survey (Awtria)p by Eng Dr A. 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