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i'Tovxirwantal Research On 14-agnotic Rotatory by Homi bacquorel ~'MGHJ pore Am Ghim ot phyo~ 'Vol XTI, pp AN Tr 237/, Fbysics ?0b 56 M-/dex Contribution to the Study of Pyrocatechol and 14ohocatechol Derivatives: by M. H. Cousins 59PP FRENCH, per, Annales de Chimie et de Playsique, Vol 13) 18981 Ser 7, PP 480-555 TC-299 Sci - Chem june 67 328jjl-~- th, Langev ?a y A. b7 E. Vj,, McDaniel) pp PCT. Arn Chim et PbP J ITH Ic njo AEC Chem) Flw lio-,j 60 List 45 3 Annales de Chimie et de Physiqw 1907 S8, Vol 10, pp 130-144 ntc 70-23269 Reaea=hes on the Chlorinated Derivatives of Me"l Formate and Carbonate., by V. Grignard.. G. Rivat, S. Urbaln., 3 PP. FFMMp perp.Ausj%Rj&.Fwet,voi XIII) 1920, pp 229-- SIA Tr 2048 Sci - chm -~/ ~, Jul 57 ,gle Vellow Ilypextellsions of Spiedc Origin. Atterapt at Patohgenic lixteilmetation of PoMal ilyperteasim, 3rd part, by I,,. Pietri. HUSIGI, per 0 Ann Otir, Vol 15, ','c 21-22, 1961, pL) 1431-1444. !*W RIB 10-3-65 6ci/geT"A Iliar 66 296,267 Oral 'WACVXF-~Zi ii' ails '~v tav L Cde, %'~;A 17, Difection in Burn Cases: the Contribution of Coli=jcin, by S. Ba=l 18.pp FFff=H) per., Annales cle Chirurgle, voi 16, i962, No 25/26, pp C1027-clb34 LA TT-64-18695 . Sci - Biol ,Tune 67 326)802 TWO C-aft-j C6"! C41 -16 bl- Vol V L jqw-Itaii- Acid Concentrations cl Different Cytool-"tic Fmutirma of Uver (Houiccer-,ent-0, 7101-lc-uiag Exper-l-viti-tall. Darns, by Fr. Npyacn~ ,i. _~v_leo_,fjvat# YO) 1~~It FF,407., per, A4q pp ITavy Tr 30280TV 644 7Z'- 9e, - "!,Z reb 62 )14 , 71?1 Electratical Conductivity of Liquid Hydrocarbons, by L. Bruninghaus. FRENCH, per, Annalea Combustibles Liquides, Vol IV, 1929, pp 515-327. CEGB 2552 Scl - Electron Apr 64 255,117 Notes ca Sowe Isunamis of the ,aores, by Jose Agostinlko. porp Aimales do la Commissica Poiq Ll Ftude I)es Rlaz do ~Iarec, rnte-.mat Ulion Geod Geophyst No 5, pp 2lia;14. Dopt oi Navy Tr 4896/1"M Tr 314 sci-=Pilys NI-ov 66 312,266 Tuso Bin-diotative Bmr=cUnj~ by P 4 Dmmra - M=Hs Veto AANOAG DtA.W.AaStj VOI Up 1954P pp 149--152. - Usiversity of Melbourne Tft= - so - 99 sci ft 6o / /,~" 76~ / J. Alkiewicz Histological Investigations on the Transversal Furrows of Fingernails (BEAU). FRENCH, per, Annales cle De:matoloL~ie et de Syphiligraphie, Series 7, Vol 6, No 1, 1935, pp 36-45- iiTC 72-13552-o6E ITov 72 ANNALES UL VEKNATOLOGIE 1902 54 V3 V433-4ba 1949 58 V9 PhU9-622 1951 V?d hL Pb-2& 103 VOU N3 P2b3-Z?4 19bb V63 Nd P149-10 91 DE SYPHILIGRAP"IE 10-22400 (*> 70-22399 (S) ?o-12465-06E ' VOA V, 1959, po *AE C Scj- M.~~d Jail ',';-o A-gency: FDA I-Ilp'l NO. CPT 5067-69-42 A.1-de: ryesistance to Antibiotics. 11 Ollw3,~-,v-,"'UOTIS oil the be'llavior Of tll(~ T)~~ ror;'.Ia) S, 0. P. An. Elastielribers in the Famdentium, by A. Fuentes.. A. M. lbrio do Larlau, 28 ppo SPANISH, per, An he Odontol I: Part M. 1955, 139- 157 PP- HM Tr 4-27 Sai - Med may 58 Invastilatim cc the no DoW YA=rvution~ by J. M. S=4& A. P. Stalls& 17 pp. SPAMR,, par$--Aages. Fa* Odcatol., Vol 111, Put it No 51 19570 IV IR-159.-- -- -- ffm Sci , Mad Her 60 //a 11~.Ir Ralolulenation of Arouatic AM Cuimpotuids, 1,',y I;eimmi Pavez !a-riagada, SPIMIS11, pers P.11,qlcs Factilidad Omimica Par,~=ia, Universidad, Chile, Vol XiV, 11.)6Z, p,; 154-i6le U.1pt uf Navy 5059/U41 tr-2261 Srai-Qci.~, Doc 66 3B 5523 T:-acaro in RargarinG for Dz~tucctillo- it Ildditic"" b k Quantitho of Butter, p,,,cd:--,cts in Hargparinc~ by 1,, ROtO,11~ 4 1922n., Pp ua![C-4, per,, Am. Pals., Vol XKI~ 534. S.L,L Ti6 No Chemistry Jan 1957 Crls/dex Notes on the Sale of Organic Nitrogen Derived From CYanamide and Urea and an Account of One Method of Analysis, by P. Gonnet, 12 pp. GMN, per, Ann Fels at Fraud, Val XLIV, 1951, PP 103-110. ' - SIA Tr 57-1131 Sci - Chemistry -