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On tb* fgantm Tboary of Molewleso by MU B= ana R. oppoi-beimr, 26 pp. MAN.. per., Amlen der Pbysik. Eo Vis 1927o P 457- ac TT n96 Scientific ftsica Y-mrad RR)l-'aaar Pror"mr-a In IJT~S, 'i-,y 5 h'. Rwudiser~k, 0 2 VIM? I va r.. 11 = a 1e n da r n. Lo i k, ri 0 1 =% 1 U, I 19W~ pp 757421. - WA M-T F-We sat - maya 15 Ttm 62 1 ef /,, ;z,: 2- / US GIDVT UM OINLT Inveatiptiona Into Blectrodeleas Riag Current, by GG. Mierdel, 16 pp. GERMI, per I Annale d= I Vol L-mv, 1928, 0 pp pp 612-64o. C7,7 ra(-M& ACSIL Tr 890 sc i - Chemis try 13- 3 / 'Y' d -/, Oic t 5,11 Lattice Structure Trawformations in Mete.We Solid Solutioas, by G. Borelius.. C. Johmmison) J. LIndej 35 pp. GMW# perp_ k, Vol LWVIp No 10, !PQ4'-z z 15 Jun 1928P 'r 2911 9U Tr 57-346 sci - FILYCACO Jul 57 Exporimental Studies on the Theory of 1 "'. I --z on Transvorse Vibri-ition of R i U Saitare ?latos) by Lmeko. G-EQU:~11, pap, lmnp-len clor Physa-l-, Vol 86, 1926, 717-770. SA 1--'-llo576 3 9, 0' Oct 63-20354 Becker, A. ON THE PASSAGE OF SLOW CATHOIDE RAYS 1. Becker, A. THROUCH METALS, ff. 1196,31 (13pi 4rcf s Order from SLA $1. 60 63-20354 Tram. of Analen der Pbyslk (Cermany) 1929, set. 5, T. 2, DESCRUTORS: "a films, Netal films, *Nickel, PaTaeAbility. *Electron beams. Velocity. .(Physics- -Electronics, TT, v. 10, no. 11) Offics 0 TecMkjW Servi"i Uncl P '(LA-tr--71-17) THEORY OF THE RECRYSTAL- LIZATION OF PURE METALS. Dehlinger, Ulrich. Trans- lated for Los Alamos Scientific Lab., N. Mex., from Ann. Phys.; 2: 749-93(1929). 52p. metallurgy; physics (solid-state); translations MN-25 P RC Unlimited C; J5 G),73"W"W'. per., Anw-l'sn cter phys-ih, ~701 T2, 1929, 9-11 t AN'. Tr 277 0-4 J.1-ko 0 /1 fto fterpoeltion lav of x Pinitely Def*md mAstic CCAUM= Subjwt to RelamUork and Its SWfioam to the MM Dwintlcm of Oe ftmtlans for "Amm folqdds Ln the Eder Von,, by ]h BwWW U pp. am"# pap Am ftplk.. 1929# Vol IIp No 61 pp 617-630, AM-5512M Od - Pbye = 1-9 32 JU 59 Tem SPlitting in Criatals, by III, Bet'ho) 77 PP. UVICLAMallpmo GEMAIT, per, Am Physik, PP 133-203- -- - Scientific - Physics Voi 1.11, No ".. 1929, tv, Tr 1960 / F, 6, c~` () Study of tto Influence off the Curvature of Solids on Chndcal aW Electrolytic Pbenomeaa iu Which TUy Take Part, by L. R. Luce, 60 pp. t OMM., IKRE# per., Ann X19 1929., pp 167-251. ~~U-Yoi SIA Tr 2350 Sci - Pbysice .fA, ? ~ r &-p 57 On the Charging of Small I Suspended Particles in a Corona Dlscharjpl4Qgpv. -/-j V, Sdwld~~ 14pp., GHMM, perp Annalent der phyrikp Vol IV,, Ser. 5o 19300 pp SLA Tr 1567 py Sci - Nwlear pbysica 7 Apr 1957 Cn the Ionization of Alkali Atcm by Slrw Zlcct~.,ow, C by Hm Funk, 43 PP. GEMN., per, Am PhyBik, Vc). IV, 1930: pp 14.9-184. Am ucm-m-raw-634(i.,) Sci - ;I-Lys jan 61 /1~6 OP5 Pametric Condwtivity of HatmUic Wers Formad by Cs~~0-1.c Sputteringp by E. Feruacm~ 14 PR OEM; per, Anmaen der Pbysik,, 1.9100 Vol IV, No 2p pp 252-?M* SIA 59-20832 Bei Nar 60 ),f,/ / 1 :2 X Vol 3~ 110 1 Sounffield of the Circular Piston Membrane,, by Backhaus.* 26 ppe GM". per., Ana.der Pbplk, Vol. V., Serie&-5~ wo, 1j 1930Y pp ~ 3'~ -3TO S.L.A. No 152/1956 Sciaetif ic - Fbyalca InutISRUou Imto the ftsical Frooesses of the Soc&Ue& Meetrical On Pulfication Pmeess. Pmt 1. Ou Ue Mud= OmV of Mepended Particles, by R. Ladenbin, 31 RP- MMM, perp Ara. Ph". 1K Vol V, No 4, 1930, pp 863-897. ' 8,L.A, Tr 1933 Sai - R49mring 6-16 Apr 57 '1/ Z Acoustic Radiation by Membranes, by H. Stenzel. GEMAN, per, Annalen der Physik, Vol 7, No S, 19300 pp 94~--981r.~ Dept of Navy NRL 1095 Sci/Physics Jun 67 327,592 Crystal Btructumj M"trical Resistance,, Themo- electric Powerp fint Cmdwtivity, NaLmotic Susceptibility,, Hardness wA "Tavering" Pho MA of the Auft Brotom in Conne%lon vith the PImse Dlagram~ 15 p. j by C. 3. Johawson, J. 0. UwAs GMWN# uer,# Ammlen der Pbysik, 1930) 15 ser. Vol VP No 61 olft-v. SIA 59-20252 sci war 6o Vol 21 no U On 1"be ~dsovptim %lim Aal KLs .4-wivemnat by Flou lilucppazliaa~s.. by P. Clauzinan 68 ppo GM 1 1 ,; M.'M wr: Am ?~p% -Vo Tq No 7p lq-~Op pp it~~9-"520. A.Ek", Tr 36 Oct 59 'Yo The Quantized Loss of Velocity by Slow Electrons In Rarefied Gasses, by Helmut Lohner, 38 pp. GERMAN, per$ Annalen ... Series 5, Vol VI, No 10 19300 pp 50-36. 9695777 Amer Meteorol Soc T-G-203 Sci - NS Mar 65 275,038 "Ma Adsorption TIm and its Kmazurewmt by ~Imi &w.perimats (Conclusion, by P. MAwing., 71 pp. CFK;rj4AH;, Per2 Am PbYZA.9 go Vol Vni No 5j, 1930, pp 521-0- - AM HPJ&-G93 Sol 61 / ~"' -;-, -? cp Out 11 List 59 TwMrature He6surewnt With the Platinum Resintance Themometer Vp to 13D0 Cs by 1. Koser,, 26 pp. OMM, per,Ann-ft-Ok, V01 VIP 1930P PP 852-874- STA 57-2356 MY 58 SV Resoarch on the Diffraction of Electrons Sloctronic Analysis, by M. Ponte. FFMM,, per., Amiales de PlUsigue, Ser 10., Vol 13., 1930, pp 396-W.- AIWA TT F-120810 Sei-Pbys Jon 70 I Spectroscopic InvestiPtiOns On NIMIC Oxide Uld Ritrogen Peroxide, by I Yaurice Lambrey# 90 pp. MiCIASSIrim FRERCH,, per Aunales de Physique. Ser 10, I(o 14;, 184, 1930 tz!~9w' Air Res mod Dev Comand 7 Scientific - Phys~ca Acoustic Radiation by Vembranes, by H. Stenzel, GERMAN, per,, Annalen der E~aik, Vol VII0 19300 pp 947-982. 055010967 Dept of Navy/NRL Tr No 1095 COPYRIaITED sci-Mucl Sci Jul 67 IN 33IJ27 Annalen der Physik 1931, S5, Vol 8, pp 475-499 ntc 70-25206 ;'W The Effect of Secondary Tube . A Maraeterlatics.. by R. Bittwms 45 pp. CEI,IM,s pwp-Am- .. -- 1. , vol vm.. No 6., 23 mar 1931) pp 7 9 S.L.A. Tr 57-305 sci - meatricity 149 7?0 Mv 57 63-20M Gften-Mayer, Marla. ELEMENTARY ACMCNS Mni TWO Q(JANT(A4 1. Gdppert-hlayer, M. LEAPS. 7besiB GbtdTj&en U. (Germany). [1963115p D. Gat en U. (weu C (formulae figs ornitted) dug t krimly) Order fmm S LA $1.60 63-20480 Trans. of Amialen der] Physik (Germany) 1931, ser. 5, v. DESCRIPTORS: OQuantwn mechardes, Atoms, RKrAtation, Atomic energy kwels, LW' luactio. S. Raman BPCCMSC4)py. (Flzysics- -Theoretical, 7r, v. 10, = 12) 0M. Ce lrcbmkx~ se"Ice, On,the Electrical Conductivity and Structure of T Metallic Layers. T-11, -,K,; apeciric Resistance and So Structure aa a Nuctiork of Tcpaper.%turo, by L. lllamiburger, 30 PP - GMM,; per,, Am Physiks Vol X., Do 5., 1931; PP 905-926. SIA 58-358 Sci ?3 0 2 F Jul 59 Light it Inhomogewous Wdiaj, bY K. r-rnterlivg, 49 ppo allKU, per,, Annaleq dex No 1) 1931P 39. C 14 D Air Res am4 Dev Cmesind T - 17J 0 V scientific - Physics Jan 55 CIS 40~/, 4:?,a 0;~ 1 %00 Ou M&Deut=7 ACts VltA TWO RM=t= JMWBo bY MArla Goypert-Kepr- GIM., per,, Amr-lon der mysik. Vol 4,9 No 3., 1931,, vp 273-e9k- Dept of Navy/ AFL/JW TD 23O-W3 Sai-Physice N" 6T A., 016 Electicon DMeacdon and Bremetui& by A. Sommerfleld, 80 pp~ GERN'tANS per# Agpaten der Plftydk, 5 Sortes, Vol M, No 30 19310 pp M7-330. 9WO510 Amex Meteorol Soc T-G-217 lw,~ 777 6 do sci - phym Apr 65 2-478,2298 Electric Properties of Dilute Alloys of Mixed Crystals. Part I. Gold Alloys, by J. OX Linde, 18 pp. GERMAN. per, Annalen der Physik, Vol X, No 5, 1931, pp 52-70. Navy 4032/NRL 1004 Sci-Phys Feb 65 274,168 '.'assaf.e of i)Y II-Tcxmu 11--cen"-29 -pp. per, Amnalen der R V-31 11)31P pp 579-".- uA 6ooP.,,8 Air Reu & Dvvel Omd Lamer t~Aeoroi Snc for Geophye, R-cs, ASTIA 2ci - Electricity jul 57 The Determination of the Elastic Modulud of Ban with the Aid of Bending Oscillations) by R. Goens. GUM,, per, Any-' en der Pbys , Vol U, lio 6, 1931: pp 649ZT-U.- IU Ref: 9091.9F (CA tram 207) Sci-Pbys Oct 0 395:126 Annaten der Physik 1932, S5, Vol 12, No 5, pp 529-561 nto 70-25205 Resemvhes on Ultra-short Wave Tuber., by H. Conen- bluschp 29 p_D. GMM.. per# Ann Physikj Vol X111j, No 2, 8 Apr 1932, pp 191-211. - - SIA 57-2136 Sci my 58 6 S a ?J/ The Continuous and Continuously-Diecrate X-Ray Spectrum (According to Kramers' Theory and According to Wave Rechanice), by A. W. Maue, 35 pp. GNQW# per, Ann Phyalk, Vol XnI,, go 5, 1932, pp !61-190. Aze Tr 3245 SCI - Physics Jun 58 ~6 ~& 63-14688 Fredlund, Ernst. THE MEASURING RANGE OF KNUDSEN'S MANOM- 1. Title: Knudsen CTER. 11901 [141p. 13 refs. mawmatera Order from SLA $1.60 63-14688 1. Fredlund, H. Trans. ok Annalen der Physik (Germany) 1932, ser. 5, - -- - - - - 8 02 Y. 13, no. 77 Tff. p. DESCRIPTORS: *Vacuum apparatus, *Pressure gages, *Manometers, Gases, Pressure. Measuretnent. Measurements with a Knudsen manometer of a new type have shown that It Is possible to obviln a l1near relatio x between the manometer deflection and the gas pressure. until the mean free path is only approximately 10-12 times greater than the plate distance. Depending on the type of gas, Ehee manometer shows a deviatimi wtdch is (Engineering, TT, v. 10, incompatible with the simple theory, although this no. 5) deviatlon can be easily explained by means of the theory of thL, accommodation cwfficient. (ALLthor) 011ke d TechWW StMas Measurings by the Aid of Liquid leliumo Investi- gatoins of the AUoying Series Fb-Ti and Pb-Bi vith Reference to Smper-Concluctivity., by W. Meis- suer and H. F=z) et al, 22 p. GEM., per., Annalen der Rbysikp Vol UTI 30 5 8) 1932., PP 967-984. su TT 66-10713 Sci-Fb7s jul 66 304~497 Electrical Properties of Dilute Alloys of Mixed Crystals. Part U. Resistance of, Silver Alloys, byT. 0. Linde, 14 pp. GERMAN, per, Annalen der Physik, Vol )aV, No IF 4s 1932, pp 353-366. Navy 4033/NRL 1005 Sci-Phys Feb 65 274,169 Ausalw Distributim In the Diqxnion of Mm Elaitrom In. Gm Ybleculess by Von C. Fausuers R. Zousth) 22 pp. OW, per, Amwlm Der Pbpik.. No 5., 1932, pp ACBI &0983 33) 2i63980 sd - PbpIcs 5-x 7c) '5~ am 61. lAne Idesion sn4 Amp" of Chr(md%m Pbospbws# Pat 1; bry OtW MUdftbt 04 W GW-'Np prv AmW= do Pbplk# Vol XIVj lb 51 1932v VP 7U-rA- "OftO ' ftunm] cou Ron bw ctr ad - pbp Avg 63 9 q 3j 4--~ v Line Emission and Aboorption of Cbromiia Phospbors Part 11, by 0. Deutechbein., 34 pp. MAN, per, Vol XXV, No 5~ 1932, PP 729 7 9211918 Emanuel Coll Res Lang Ctr E-T-r,-63-i8 Sci - Pbys Sep 63 4 Electrical Properties of Dilute Alloys of Mixed CryaWs. Pan 11. Resiamnee of Silver Alloys, by J. 0, Unde. GEUIAN, per, 4augm der Pbydk. Vol MVS NO 5, 1932, pp 853-Mb. ONavy/NRL Sa - phys Jul 64 Fredlund, Ernst. MDY OF KNUDSEN'S NiANOMETFR. [1963](34]p 11 refs. Order from SLA $3.60 63-14687 Trans. of Annalen der Physik (Germany) 1932, ser. 5, v. 14, n6`:-"-.-617--643. b3-14687 1. Title: Knudsen imnoT110ters I . Fredlund, F. DFSCRIPTORS: *Vacuum apparatus, *Pressure gages, *Ntinometers, Gasm, Pressure, Measurement. B-4504~D File Grallcr-t of rositi"lc Lor..,.,.)c, 2. SciliGer. T !X!1', .-Imalcii der CojLa.-:.,_Ij- c c, Physjlt, ~7oj '-.0 17 Force oet- 6)4- Th L A W16 he P*,mdd;,'v ion'~;&,A Gaoe-,3 for Wavplr-,nr8;-h of bY P, GEMAN, Der, A.,in PhysiLt,,Scr 5. Irol. xv, tq-~2' pp 903-925' r) SIJA Tr 57-145(- Scl - BlectronicB J= 58 Quantum Theory of the Activation Transfer Between Molecules of the Same Type. The Caje olf Fluoreseett Solutioma, by F. Perrin, 23 pp. TWNCH, per, Annales d2e-L4Lq-iA-U-e', Vol XVIIJ pp -'~~3- ~*q~ 3.932'. 2 -314, c -olto ACSTJ, Tr 1.161 -Vci-- Phys D I ec 61 On the Stopping of Fast-Moving PaTticles in Passage Through Matter, by F. Bloc, 54 pp. GEMIAN, per, Ann Phy Vol 5, No 16, flMMW- AW pp 28S-320 P911176668-V AE-C-UCRL-Tr-1367 EE Sci/Phy Jul 68 3S71,267 2w Dlk~oo of the macw"i Residtance of Put metals ca TeqWMtu=,t by H. Gruenalson, .11 pp. OEM"* pert Am. der UX!jIjS voi 16,, i933p pp 53D-50. P9121549bT AEC ML Tr-1591 326,429 Sci - nectronics 140Y 67 The Madibility of Widing-up and Dying-out Transients With a Consideration of Rom Acoustici3., by G. Bekesy) 26 pp. GEMN, per,, Ann. Pbys, Vol XVI,- No 7t AT)r 1933t pp 6~4-86o. S.L.A. Tr 57-327 :M~ - Physics MAY 57 Sbort-Wave Propagatim Within the EarthunX Hapstio Fiddl by Karl Forstorlingp H. I= Lammng 44 pp. GEOM9 parp A=alen der Pbysik, Vol XV111, 1933, p 26. - 5- 1 -- -- Air Reseach and Dev Cmammd T-54 G T - 17 Z 0- 0 Scientific - awpbyoios Jan 56 M r.,merimenml and Theoretical Researches on 'Longitviln, Proper Vibrations of Rods aLd Tuads, by Z. Glebe, E. Yllechsehmidt, 6Q pp. GIMNI.Aro per2 Am physik., vQ'L Xvllll~ WO 4; -)th &n:l,~r.;, 1933, pp 417-456. STLA 58-153~ Sci T cul 59 6 19 swirling FIms in Tubes old Their APPUMUM in the SUbIlization of Electric Arcot bv Be Traub, 31 pp. GERMNO pmt Amalen Der PhELU Vol 18, No 5j, 1931 PP 1041~92- F100363267 FTD-hV-66-404 Sci/Fbys Jan 68 348016 Experimental and Theoretical Studies of RKtonsion Ilibrationa of Rob and Tubes IIt by E. von Gkbe,, BE. Blechschmiatj, 38 pp. GERM, per.. AnMIen ~2r EtUik, Vol XVITI,, No 5, . ..... NOV 1933. S.L.A. Tr 140 199/1955 Sci - PhyBics ff Y, Jan 1957 CTS/dex Formulation of the Laws of Nature In Terms of Five Homogeneous Coordinates, by W, Pauli, 57 pp, GERMAN, per, Annalen der Phys1k, Vol V, No 18, 1933, pp 305-372. 9226597-V AEC-UCRL-Tr-1156 (L) Sci-Phys Jan 65 271,805 Atou Factor f or -Rays as a -Frolu e,~ ol I the Dirl - OK-Sheu), L~ GITUAII, per, j*wnalen Fbyf:iL, 110", ,",,'T'rl, T',c) 1933, -os) -L5,~ - 9 Sci - Illyr A The iWiedwmn-Frons N=bers Thermal Cm&wtivity and Thermoelectric %wa of Tellurium) by C. Hmdq CartsIght., 26 pp. GERM, per, 48agA per ftyadk, Vol 18S NO 5) 11933s PP 656-678- AIWTD/I]T-23-254-70 Oct. U04 70 On the Theory of the Conversion of Metallic Mixitig Phases, by G. Borelius. - ~- GEE-Wi, pxer, Annalen cler Physi~, Vai=Z, No 2, 1934, Pi) 57-74. *--TD .v -TT-63-U59 Sci - Physics Dec 63 Me Zeemn ZTeat in the Absorption Lines of Ruby', by HM LSIMMS 28 pp. OffMt pwo AmW= Or F,~plk,, Vd =p Salea 1934j. pp 994ly---, awamal c6n Res LUC Cft Sol - PAP ft 63 AbvOlUtG VAlUOG Of the Absorptlon Constants Of AlkaLU NaUde CrystaU In the Roo of Their MtMV1010t GhUWUrlftlQv Fm(pencles,, by V. G. Bauer, 43 pp. CIRFM, per, Aim F*slkp Vol Vp -10 19i 1934s pp 434-464. STA 3198 W4 58 6.9 ~Rcz .10 Structural Growth of Thin-Surface Layers of Metal during Oxide and Oil, by A. Sternheil. GDM, perl Annalen -der Physuk, Val 19, No 5, 1934, pp 465-483a *NASA TT F-Ilt9b Setp 68 Free Oscillations In Condenser Circuits With Periodically Variable Capacity, by A. Erdelyi, A pp, GERMIN., per,, Ann Physik, Vol XIX,, Air 1934, Pp 585- 622. SLA Tr 57-915 Sc i - Electr Ic Ity A Y S Ir- 5 5 P- 1 1 Sep 57 Line Mssion and Absorption of Chromitm. Pho3phora Part TII, by Otto Daut8chbein, 22 pp. GMMN, per, Ann-alen der Pbsyik, Vol U, .50 5, 1934Y PP 328--Uri2- .0,1585233 &manuel Coll Pes La-ugr Ctr E-T-G-63-19 Sci - Phys Sep 6'1 g4 f Mbasuments in the RaUation Field of a ldwar Antenna Excited Inside of a HoUov C~Kliuder., by Le Berpam, L. Krugel., 64 pp. OMM., I)er Am PV!N,-Voi M; 110 2., mm S.L.A. Tr 57-422' Sai - Pkvsica XV 57 Ile,w priaciples for cmstruction of Electrcmagne tic Sejsmgaphs~ by J. CoUloMbi 0. arecat, 43 PP- FRWH, per) Annaes de Pbysiquep Vol III, No 11, 1935, PP 321-3%---9TMlt-,9MM9 AEC SM-T-365 sci e c ~ 6) / Aug 61 41 Resistance Variation of Metals ina Mag- netic Field, by Serban Titeica. GEDIAN, per, Ann Physik, Vol 22, Ser S. 1935, pp 129-161. NASA TT P-12,041 Sci-B&M Mar 69 377,555 Tba Yield Coefficient uf of the Mm-acteriatic X Fadistion and the Ralatica Between lm~mtlom of tho 11.4-r ad the Bmrg of X-ny, by Enno GUL"Allp por) Ann Me Vol 22,. 1935P pp 261-310 AJM 1233 Z4 - Lr n - 4V jjg~ Am p 1935~. w, 371i. Annaten der Physik 1935 S5j Vol 22j pp 484-494 RZI 8313.4 (5790) order from ntc Mobility of the Hydrogene - and Hydroxyl Ions in a Water Solution, (parts 1 Thru 6), by G. Wannier, 51 pp. GERM, per, Ann Physikj Vol XXIV; 1935) pp, 545-59c). ABC Tr-5124 Sci - Phys Aug 62 List 71 2o6'081 Mlculaticz of the Varim Mydca'l ~onstantn of Substances 1. Dielectric Conalants and of Mixturer; or lcotm.Ac Sub- itancea, by D.A.G. BrwMemu- G,lq&Ali)per, Am OapiLe., Vol rglf~ AT3 325 -W 8d ROV 59 719-752. A Tr - !51, F3, Irmaticm,"tom 1p" "ho ".11 03ptnamj w loy an& J. 0. Llr4o. Vall tram, latl cyn. per,, iq~61 -T--c 1453 SciontVic - 11W,3joa, X-rayj electrical Dee ~a CfMqju~a X-Ray interferenc,3s In Din-iond an a Ux~ve-I~echanical A7-1 ~,) -, ' T - L, - . , by 71. 11oenl. G-TRAL'I, per, rm len 6er Ph-si`- "-Pa - L-11 a~ P Vol 25, 1936, pp 291-~O,')~ ','~TC 7-9-100/86-20B ~'Isy 72 Reaction on the Vibrations of a Quartz Vate by a liquid Surrounding Atq by H. H. R. Beckerp 21 pp. OEM$ per A=mleu der PbpU,#. 5th wx..l Vol XXVp Jan 180 W, ~P 50-372. 8.]["A. Tr 28 mur - Gamemy 3-2, 7,Y1 Scientific - Pbysios The Dabye-Sears Diffraction Phenomnon and the Diatribution of Inera During Gewration, of Mtm. 80!AC Waves, by If.. 1. R. I%ebrp 19 pp. amme, per, Ann. der aoa~e~~ (5) .qo 4, -W Jan 3-9j6j--W37J-3&- " Vol xxv, SA,A, vo i5q/i956 3j/, 30 Scientific - Nuclear pbysIcs j On the Systemtology of X-Phy Reflection in a Space lattice, by W. MosaeI3 23 -0. GEP". por, ea do 701 =VP No 91 1936, DP 512 t 52 AEC-U M -Tr-926(L) sci - Pap 01 cl~ 3 LO jui 63 BtUdieS Oa th'D Thermal Expansion of Solid Substances at IM TeWeratWas (CUs II.. IM, Zineblende,, Lif.. Waite) Arapnitep M%CL), by Relarich Adenstedt, 13 PP. ORWRI pers A=Ll" der_PbWslk,, Vbj XM; ND 5j, *w 1936: PP "" 1. - -14~ 3 7A, S.L.A. No 143/1956 scleftffu - "Lee; Mimplaft- StrXtae of Wa Mwba MM EVWMted Gaft . Sdt,. by La &Qwkp 45 ppo 030 pal A=Alek der,,ftidki Va =j. MIS~o MQ57-co 130, 5'~ AW-MM!r-1032 - PIWO 63 .:5~1 3j :T'14~ Gr0neisen, E. and Gielessen, INVESTIGATIONS ON BISMUT[I CRYSTALS. 1. THERMAL AND ELECTRIC CONDUCTIVITY IN TRANSVERSAL MAGNETIC FIELDS. [1962] 18p. 17 refs. 63-10739 Order from SLA $1. 60 Trans. of Alinalen der.Physik (Germany) 1936 [ser. 5) v. 26, p. '440:i&4_. DESCRIPTORS: *Bismuth, *Crystals, Heat transfer, Electrical conductance, Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Crystal lattices, Conductivity, Resisvince, Rotation, Crystal grmth, *Metallic crystals, *Thermoelectricity, Thermal aud electrical conductivity of 4 Bi-crystal rods of diffuent orivillaLion Were measured at - 183 and -1950 C in transversal rna6mucic fields of (Physics--Solid State, TT, v. 9, no. 12) (over) 63-10739 1., E. 11. Giclessen, J. 111. Title: Tiermal -T16 S/ii7--30's, Me of X-Ray In'llerferencer in Diamolid as r i:ave-l,lechanica.1 Problem. FRrt !'-. Investigaluion of Linear Atomic Cl-nins, by H. Honl. GE'RAA'71, per, AaaZlen Ller_khy,-,ikj Vol 26, 1036~ pp 679-696. 14TC 72-100)9(/)-2()!,, 7 2 measuring tbLe output of Characteriatic X-Rays by Protons,- From Alumi-is Al~-R'a~ation, Rele"ed by Otto Peter, 20 pp. GERMM, per, Amalen der PhyO, Vol XXU, No 5$ 1906, pp 2"-311. 7 A,2- 2. 9 e 0 AEG-UCRL-Tr-1050(L) Sci-Phyff Aug 64 2658125 Contribution to the Theoretical and Experin.,lental Investigation of Vibration on bending in llectanL-,alar Plates With Free Edges, by B. Pavii'k. GERMAH, per Annln. PhYs. Vol. 27, 1936, 1)p 532-5112 G13 153/1322 Sci - ALg 67 339-14L2 The Sitape of the Compton Line, by Gord Wrrkhardt, 31 I)P* GEIWUN, per, Ann Pima,, Vol XXVI, "..'0 5, 193b, PP 567-5,34$ 303184 AEC BNI-tr-24 292#946 sci-P. hys bilov 65 I *$ 0-k-Al : ~ /) , t/7 c ANNALES VE PHYSIQUE 1937 56 V29 N29 Pb2?-bb5 70-20264 Vi62 S13 V7 P329-Sb? UCRL-TRANS-10422 ~3ciwtu.:!Ation~ by .0. H. FRMITH, 3zr, Anntloc dc 1937, pp 971-973. SLA 59-K&35 SIT 59, ~~Yol P- I No 2 17 Study of Barrier-Layer PhotoceUs With Soft X.Fayop by Em Folginger., 18 pp. mmssum GERM.. Amalen Der aolk, 5th Borles, Vol 29, publ 1~ff,'Gr'my. - SCIA-54 Scientific - Pbysica i= 0 am v On the Inf luenoe of the Teqprature Upon the Photo- electric Primry Current in Crystalsp by R. W. Pohlo 10 pp. GIMM, per, M _4Or,..PbWzA,, -5th Series, Vol MIX, 1937. B.L.A. Tr No 50011W., Sol - Physics * 4; 1/' t Jan 1957 CTS/dex