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luonfluCtilon an~ 2i'L~1ralilialiel- C-rystFW,,, by 1'7 !w ler dr a a y7 PP 394-W67-773m,5TRa'~- On- t 6 2 On the Theory of the Conversions of Metallic Rixing Phases. IV. The Exmdation of Disordered I-lixinG Phases, by G. Borelius. " e! ; GMIAli, per, Annalen der Physik, No 26, 1937, pp 507-519. *KD-TT-63-ii.61 Sci - Physics Dec 0/3 Oil the Theol-f of the Gauze Tones, by K. U. Lehiumm, 37 pp. GEMIAN, per, Ann Phys, Vol 29, 1937, pp 527-555. AE-C/LA/Tr-67-68 Sci/Phy Sept 69 392,204 iulisotropy ill the jlim-al (:andluctivity and Ther.i.ot,lectric Force of "Clf,ulai, totals. in a Transverse llmaaetic Field ~it 2,00,:f i;y F.. Anuicisen, limalen de illiysik. I"cl 29, 1937, 597-604. tov 67 On the c Afterel-rect Tron. !.-- nn,-I-cn der 1-1 jl~, Vol ro jr j.,!-1 (2 On the Talidity FaW. of the Becona=e Frimiple of CNarge Transfer) by Ivranz' Wql;~j 23 pp.- UNGIA03710, QMW,, per, A=len !~gr Physik. Series 5., Vol W-) NO 4~ 1937? pp 313-332, 1 Air Rea and Dev Com=d T -.~2~ q 0 0 Scientific - Physics /7, ~6) On the Influme of the Wmperature Upoa the Excita- tion of Color Centers., by H. Pick,, 17 pp. GERM,, per,, Auaalen der Physik., 5th Series, Vol M=m 1938. ~'_- B.L.A. Tr No 492/1955 sci - Physics Jan 1957 CTS/dex 6fs; Y-6-7 Researches on Electron Opticap by M. Cotte, 87 pp. FMCH,, per, Am Pbp,, Vol Xo Ser Up 1936.. PP 333- 405- SIA 57-3155 Sci Aug 58 117c~21 d e~ 6 63-076 Pick, H. ON THE EFFECT OF TENIPERATURE ON THE 1. pick, 11, EXCUATION OF COLOR MTERS. 119621 IBp. 10 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 63-10676 Trans. of Annilen der Physik (Germany) 1938 [ser. 51 DESCRIPTORS: Crystals, *Potasslum compounds, *Sodium compounds. Bromides, CMorides, *Color centers, Excitation, Absorption spectrum, Temperature. The variation of the absorption spectrum of the color centers In KCI, KBr, and NaCl crystals beween 400 arid 1000mAL caused by the excitation process Is de- monstrated. The quatum yield for the optical trans- formation of F-centers to F'-centers exhIbIts a con- (Physics--Solid State, IT, v. 10, no. 2) (over) ema al Tock*ji 2"VIM Nucleation During Precipitation in Metallic Mixed Crystals, by R. von BeckerI /~.rt~' GE%,iAN, per, Annalen der Physik, Vol XXXII, 1938, pp 128-140-."-' 1/ 2- / q 3 7.,~ 11 /" ~ ~' *AEC - 14 ,r Sci - Phys jan 64 R-896-x Thermal Conductivity of Liduid 02 and N2 and Their Mixtures, by R. Hamond GERM, Per, Annal byalko Vol XXXIII W 5th Series.19. , pp %3-A-07 *JPRS/US Arm* Ord Missile Comnand Redstone Arsenal,, Alabams, Sci - Phys may 62 Measurements in the Lon~ klave Infrared Spectrum of the Quartz Mercury Lamp, by B. Koch. GEINAN, per, Annalen der Physik, Vol XXXIII, 1938, pp 3351-358. TIL T5375 May 64 Contribution to the Theory of Ecai,~j Atmuic Nuclei. I!. Lvua-rin- of the Gamml Pcnl, in --'xcitiftion of Atomic Ruclei) by Erich Bagge, 22 pp. M-1 IIM~ pel-, Ann Phyeik,. Vol MIII, 1938, PP 3339 -403. ,E;hy '40 IJ-7 ~ q~ P=0191taUan Studift On 003&PlXtU= ALUPt by C. 0. Victuda. Gowl pero A""*"" dor 4ROBs Vol 33o No 5, 1938s, Pp 509-9b. AABC OBNL Tr XT44 sd - Natari&U Aug 6T On the Theory of the Conversions of Metallic Mixing Flows. V. Fluctuations and Nucleation in Under-Colled Phases~ by G. Borelius. GEMIAli, per, Annalen der Physil.; Vvifrq~ No 33~ 11)38) PP 517r-531- *FTD-'iT-U"3-1 i 6L) Sci - Physics Dee 63 " "V4 N-V-stWW and use of Ught scurge of great brillAWS, by 0 - TaUM, 82 pp. 0 =W,v W., _A= pbp 9p p 645-7n; 2938; *..'. MA 0-600 sci Aug 59 py f tzw if The Diffraction of X-Raya at Very SmOl A-glee, Application to the Study of Ultra-Microscopic Phenomena., 83 PP. FMCH, per, Ana, Physp Vol X11.9fo 16i9 10,39. Sci 3LA 57-3073 AuS 56 -icy: 7fi-3 -ie e ii e i I t id T 1: Z rid U I P P; 3 5 tot o c, n e On the Theory Of the Cluslum 6"ratioa Proceas, by r - Debye $ 18 p. OMM., per.,_A.mm09z der Pbya:Lk. jq~qt 5 folgap VQI XXM, pp M*-s BLA 59-2m64 Bel mar 60 /a ~7 Vol kt-NO 11 Approach to ISagnetic Saturation In Nickel Between /1350 and -2530C. Dependence of Crystal Energy on Temperature, by H, Folleyj J2 ppa GEMM) Wrs Ann Maikv Vol XXXVI) 1939;, pp Q5-65o. - - - - SIA 57-1372 MaY 58 pertles of Solutions of' fta-1., Photoelectric Pro L ia Liquid fi-mmonia, by J. Hasing, 54 pp~ GIMI.M. per, Am Physik, Vol XXXVJI~ 1940, PP 509-533. m Tr-4247 Sal - Phys Jun 61 The Thermal Contact Resistance of Metals and the Re- sultant Tmperature Jump In the Contact: Dow Thermo- Electric Forces in Unimetallic Circuits., and Their Relation to the Benedicks Effect,, by 14. Kohler. Mw# per. Ann Phys, b2z, Vol XXXVIII# 1940., PP 542-554.' Asoociated EU,,atriwd Industtied Ltd Tr No T/454 01/204 Scientitic - Phayics, thermls wtalop temperatures tbermo-electrici circuits, unimetallic Inde.-, Aeronauticuo Photo Clomistry of Paassim Hydrite and Pota6ulum Brw~iae M-Ixed Crmptalsi by Raw Tominao 9 PP. GERM, per, Annalen deF.'MAikk 1940, p 6oi. &L,A. Tr 731/1-955 sci - mmiotry APr 1957 C-18/dex Annaten der Physik 1941,l S5. Vol 39,, pp 59-80 ntc 70-25207 couiled ftuatim riauw' iu..40 riouov oonboting G1411inder of Cira4m Omse-Seoftm, by H, Bacbhol 8 91 pyl . WMp pas AM. Mp.f Vol 0 No 2.. 194.,L,t pp , -4- - SoL.A. Tr No 57-U sd - apies kor 57 134" 57/5 The Variation of Thermoelectric Phenonema in Metal Single Crystls with Crystallographic Orientation, by M. Kohler. GEDIAN, per,, Annalen do Physik, Ser 5. Vol 40, 1941, pp 196-206. NASA TT P-110049 GOVEIMENT USE ONLY Sci-Phys Aug 67 338.730 The Thw=tnodes of Thmmodiffusiono by J6 maimer, Mwo pert Anx4 Phypiko 4310 1941t pp 333-356. *IIBS TT 70-57336 Sci-Pbys Aug 70 61-12042 Geyer, Karl 11cluz. 0f;SI-.RVArT0NS nr 'nit-, SUC0kjT)Ajky EIJICI'RON 1. SecorAm" emlovion- RAl'AA'T10N FROM W)N-CONOUCT'ORS. 11960112P. Arudysis 20 refs. 1. Geyer. K. H. Order froin RIS $6.00 RIS E-&56 11. RIS E-&% 111. Fteprorch Informstion Trans, of Annalen der Phyalk (95r~~) 1942, off - 5. - ' Se"Joe, New York 241-253. V. 42, w. i. P. ~13 /9,9 (Physics- -EkctroWcs. Tr, v. S. no. 1) Diglerctric Constan-ta of, ljjght~r Alcolic2-ci nat the fyIng Po~Pollt., by lu?. lerosch., 'pp. i GIMIRMN, per, ft%i'~"Jk; Vol 71d1., 1S42, pp 25i,4~2- SLA 58-299 Aug C~a 14apetia Separation of D'ampetic or Para- magnetic Substances# and GOneratiOn Of High' GratUent Magnetic Fields., by A. Cottoa and B. Teal; 32) pp, FM(2i) peril Am Phys (n)j, Vol )AIIp Sep-Dee 7 SIA Tr 57-2649 Sai Jul 58 Rrdi-tion Fzergy -nd Ground Abraor ticn of Dipole Anterans, by A SOM-merfeld, F. Renner, 36 n-LF. MIEWN, per, Ann Fhyaik, Vol XLI, Ho 2, 142- SIA 57-33PI Jul 59 on the mm-up or Ra" cases in gollov Catbodes and the Associated Pbecommt by V. BartholWAyezyk. omM. I*rp Ann Fbp Llral Vol XLIIp No 51 IW-1943P pp 53 -5w. TPA3/tD T 3809 P 2176n scientific ftsics /A k Mama Ptienowns Aesooimted With Sudden inises, by W. 0. Schumann, 13 pp. UNCL OMPAN, par,? Akn-Aer-ft sik, Vol XLUI; No 5s 1943~ pq 369-.3a2. 9M9281 ACBn I(M sci - Avg Sep 59 'me saddle Point method In the Vicinity of a Pole, with Applications to Wave optics and Acouttics, by 11. Ott. GERMAN, per, AVan. Physik Vol 45,, No 617, 1943, pp 393=-40 .- m ATS 1223-W Sci - Phys Aug. 67 338,294 -i the Sour,4_ Field of -Mmped aound SO=Ca in ,j a Point A-vorm Trawlatory-Hoticuj by H. Ranl. IMAM, per,, Ann Phv 437-464. --- ,s Vol XLIU., 170 5t 1943: !RIPZ:~jo BACA Tr 1362 fLentiTIC - Physics Aug- 54 am. /&,o 61-2OD37 Severin, Hans. CONCERNING THE ABSORPTION SECTRA OF I. Severin, H. SEVERAL WATER-CONTARM4G SALTS OF ER8[UM. (1961123p. 22refa. Order from SLA $2.60 61-20037 Trans. of Annalen der Phyalk (East Germany) 1947, ser. 6, Y-~11 ~- ~- DESCRUTORS: *Erbium, $Salts, SpectrogrAphic analysis, Infrared spectroscopy, Electron transitions. (Chelfll~i,n--Inorganic, Tr, v. 7, no. 1) 61-18765 Schulz, P. ELECTRIC DISCHARGES IN RARE GASES AT HIGH PRESSURES. [1961) 39p. 25 refs. Order from SLA $3.60 61-18765 Tram. of Ann ILI I- en der Ph s Y) 1947, ser. 6~ v. DIWFIPTORS; *Rare gases, Neon, Argon, Krypton, xenon, OEIactrlc discharges, Infrared spectroscopy, Ultraviolet spectrosropy, 1. Schulz, P. Stranski, L N. and %hrinann, R, I ON ME ELECTRON EN'U"ION Oil CRYSTAt I INE 1~ Nngic rrYS(nlR(VcfalfiITj'y)-- N11-7AL ;VRPACI-'F AND MEIR RM-A-I'TONS %kt'n( cvr1nce prnMrtivs 'n(F IWAS OF (,~Y~~'rAL STRUCIPRE. ;. VI 1~1 7. Tingife" cryNtntz - - MOW)GRYSTAL '.SURFACES. 11176(i] f.fijp. Q+!, Crystal stnictuTe arnitted).52 rtl~. A. Field cinission- -7veory Order from SLA rT7152,70. phS4. 90 M-10127 1, Firan0l, L N. it I'' 11. Trams. o( Annalen der nt~slk (17-st rwrmany) 1947. in. Title: Rirc... 'i- v . CIO (Pfivilcl-R)l(d 9inte, TL v, 5 no, 4) 63-14465 Rauqch, Konrad. MOM ON ANnMNY SINGLE CRYSTALS WIMN 1. Rsuqch, K. TWSVERSAL MAGRMC FIELDS (ELECTRICAL- AND MERMAL REStSTANCE. IMMIOELECTEIC POWER) [Untersuchm&lcmanAndmon-EinLri=Uen im Tramersalan Magnedeld Widersm-mi; Thez~)]. 7hesis pw'. Marburg, 1944.!, [19631 24p. 30 refs. Order from SU $2.60 6J- 144OZ) IYaw. of Anntlen g~Ph oermany) i947 TT-j 206rik (East C Iser. 6, v. p. DESCRIMRS: *ShiZlc crystAB, *Thern=vqlea, *Andmmy, Mckel alloys. Copper alloye, *Magnctic fields, Crystal lattices, 07bermal conductivity, Rcsiritance, (Electrical), Merm-electric genermors. The relative change of elw4xical and ~wriwl rm& in uvmersal maDictic fleWa up to 12 kOe is nwae-T"C'cl~ Offkc cd leckmal senve, (Physics-SoUdStme, TT, v. 10, no. 6) (over) 4(CERN-Trans-72-3) NEW AND I'MiDAMENTAL EX- PERIAIENT ON TOTAL REFLECTION. cGooss F.; Haenchen, H. 10Translated by J. Nicholls (CERN, Geneva, %vitzerland), from 11 Ann. Phys. (Leipzig); 1: 333-46(1947). 2025p. 24Dep. NTIS (U. S. gae-s Un-ly). 20Physics, trmsiations 2120 jaMN-34 29NP NSA 0 lutermDlecular Ewerp7 Tr=fermce and Fluoreseencep Part Ill. The Moch-aim of Energy Transitionj by Th. Foroter, 22 pp. m 111 1;4 Am Dolko voi n* uo 6, 19w* PP M-75. AM Tr 1875 Scientific - Fbpics r Various Types of Changes Suffered 'b, PLLve Substances, by J. Jaffray. FRENICH, per, Annales de Physigue~ Vol. 3, 1948, PP 128 CSIRO/No. 7001 Sci - Aug 67 3) 3 5 - 7 30 Mapetic Properties of Ferrites, Ferromag- netism and Antiferromgnetism, by L. Neel, 46 pp. FROCH) perp Am RVe, Vol III, Ser 12, 1948, pp 137-198. SLA 57-34.72 Sci Aug 58 i air of Ceri=-magnesium Alloys, by Francoise llabn, 4 .L07 TTO r-MCH, per, Am. -do fti;4 Vc)j III, Ser. 12$ 1948,, rip 393-457. Tv No 3711/1955 Jan 1957 dox Electronic Energy Levels and Radiation of Atoms in Crystals, (Parts 1 Thru V), by K. H. Hellvege, 119 pp. 't~' ~- GERMAN, per, 1. Ann Physik, Vol VI,,fl948, PP 95-16-Qj. AEC UCM Tr-399(L) I? "I 1~ / 17 -/ ~' Sci - Phys Aug 62 List 71 2o6jo95 S-:~ F. GIA!r A IS $H. 20 A I'S-S7N: OIG 111. A !:i of AlInjillco "Cri Nipik- Gci:wia~) N I~t, IV .A~.--, F- f Cf. V. lz,- OU- i T. 1 -,; -1 5, (Physics-5011d5rare, rr, v. 5, ro. io) (1-1,1991 Mollwo. E. DATA ON ME HIOTC)CONDUCT'lViTY 017 ZINC 1. ztl(: nxtdc"3-- OXIDE. 119(i1 9p. Order from ATS $13-75 ATS -58N 19"; 1. ;Mollno, L. fl. ATS-58,1449G Tram of Anniallen der) Physik (Fast Gnmilny) MIR, Ill. A~oi,:,Aat-vrcci,~icat ser. 6. Y. 3. p. 230-239. S~,rvjcc.-3, Inc., Eaet Orange, (Chemistry- - Mysical, Yr, V. 5, r10. 10) E. rr.1 `rc--~~inarm, F. CUAMITAIIVI: 01' ITI:CTI- CAL. G0NL~JCIIVj-f AND 2. C" ZINC 0XIDE C.%S!--'D ON ME L~Iw Oil !,!A~s AC110N. [19611 17p, C,der irom An 1:2 1. 60 A'IS- 5,T." p. Trans. cf A:vq'jIcn,-I-,rJ lljy~ik, (East Gerv,.,my) 13-0, IV. I Te Ic I I ser. 6. Y. 3, p. 2,10-254. F f TT, Y. 5, pa. 11) Pain GanuNman ot umm" "4pfto riel"s %Y owto F&Qdt. N WMo pwo A=" Aw RWdko Vbl ITs 19k9o s9 30-kd* NAU T? YAM Bel . aw Jon 63 us OMIT = a= .2/~, 95g on thQ ~'eflcction of Spherical, Waves,, by H. Ott~ 13 PP. GFM,YdIj pero Annalen deL_Da4k,, 6th Sering k vol iv, iq)48;.19457,-pp 432-44o. S.L.A. Trans 958 Sci - Physics = 2 (~ F'~ ' / 7 Path of Detendued Fropents of Uranium Fission, in Various Material , by Praneis gimr., 44 ppq MKW-,Vry Ann ftsi VOI IVP 19491 PP 269-3w. ABC Tr-Y346 scl - Pho 14 oat 60 'p- 9) ~oe Pulse Generation of Iml-ense 1,1agnetic Ficids. Applications to Phenoniena of 1-1,otational Polarization and I-la(gictic Bircfring-Inc-., 'by G. Raoult. FRIMICII; -per, Amiales do PhysiTae, Vol D, No 12, lo,4r,, pr,369-4 -XIII-SA Sci -- Phys a Mal r 6 2 63-12767 F39abender, 1. THE PHOTOELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF SINGLE 1. Fasabendeer, CRYSTALS OF CADMIUM SULFIDE. [Feb 63117p. 11. ATS-28P&% Order from ATS $ 23. SO ATS-26P66G 111 . A a eoci at ed Technica i Services, Inc., Trans. of Annalen der Physik (Eart Germany) 1949, East Orange, N. ser. 6, DESCRIPTORS- *Single cryrtals, *Cadmium corn- pounds, Sulfides, *Photoelectric effect. (Physics--Solld State. IT, v. 9, no. 7) Ofte d Tecknicil StYkes ilew 1.1'easuruients of the Radia-'Clion Dislocation Effect j)uring Tbtal Reflection, by -!-'. Mg G-oos, E. hanchen, '1'-e. MRIdl, Der, air-alen der Physik, Vol V, 1110 3-~, 1949) pp RX 251~ 252. C -* se .7-~ Sci Sep 61, .New 1.1easurements of the 'Iqzliation Uslocati. n I.ffect During Total Ptflectimi,, by 1'. Gcios, Hilda Lindberg-! laondion, 4 I's iM-111CM, per, Ann._ AiLsik, Vol S, No 6, 1949, pp 251-252, .AEC SC-T-64-2000 Sr-i/Electronics 66 300,475 lcmlc Cmductim and Dteor&r d Silver B&-Wda 'With Addit6m oC Bivalent Cations. 1. Can ducti'elty VUQaunwata end Pbace Dlr4raw, by J. Taltovo 19 pp. OMM mt ~~Iko Vol Ti: -vTo 6~~,.54qp pp 63:48D 141C Tr 8c! - may 59 -41 63-10741 GrUncisen, E., Rausch, K., and Weiss, K. TUDIES ON ELECTRIC AND THERMAL CON- 1. GrIlneisen, E. UMVITY OF BISMLrFH SINGLE CRYSTALS WITHIN 11. Rausch, K. TRANSVERSAL MAGNETIC FIELD. 119621 24p. Ill. Weiss, K. D refs. from SUA $2~60 63-10741 of Annalen der Physik (East Germany) 1950, V.' 7, no. 1/21~, 1-17. SCR[P'rCRS: *Bismuth, *Single crystals, *Electrical [ducrance, *Thermal conductivity, Magnetic fields, Vstal lattiecs, Metallic crystals. e influence of transversal magnetic fields on the ~ctric- and thermal conductivity of Bi-S-crystals iain axis L rod axis) is studied particularly w ith re- (Physics- -Solid State, rd to the so called reversal effects (resistance TT, v. 9, no. It) anges on field reversal). Lattice and electronic con- ibutiorts to the thermal conductivity are separated. ON of letwell Services uthor) Sm Oboorystions ca Notbods of Cumut - Voltap ct, Mossurmut Using Slectroult Val" Amplifiers, by W. M= # Am. MWo. v LVz. Val VII,, Uoa 3 1950 vp 193-308. 11/3/5/93 P 22005T !y actoutifte MM= - Ptqvics 61-20209 Gobrecht, H. THE OPTICAL ABSORPTION SPECTRUM OF T1]U- 1. Gobrechr. Ii. LIUM SULFATE. 119611 f7b. 9 refs. Order from SL k $1. 10 61-20209 Trans. of Ann[alm] der Physik (Last Germany) 1950, ser. 6. DESCRIPTORS: nbullurn compounds, *Sulfates, Rare earth compounds, *Ultraviolet spectroscopy, Absorption spectrum. (Physics ---Spectroscopy, IT. v. 10. no. 5) 00k. d T.hocs, Serdw ',~igprouo Theory of the Retraction of Plaw Blectro- ~11-aMtlc Uayes at a Pully CeWuctlog Cirucloi Platt and at a Circular Opening in a Fully Cmducting t!iare Screen,, by ft'vChm" J. Noixner,, Ms Vol VIIi. 1950P P 157. D.G-I-R-/l0h39/CT i5lr- c r a I L, I r M ONLY 1411~3 On ROflectim in Au MbmComom Nedi=, bv K. Forsterling, H. 0. Waster, GWMK, POr., A= PbPlkp Vol UUj No 6, 1950, IV X9-133- -- USA TT IF-WV Bel 14; 1- -1.3,P' sap 61 Reflection of a Ughtwave Bounded on the Side at the Less Dense Medium at Some Distance From the Critical Angle of Total Reflection, by Kurt Artmann. GOVERN14NT USE CULY GMIAN, per, Annalen der Phr~ik, Vol 8, No 6, 1951, pp 265-290, P 0262767 RSIC-682 Sci-Phys Sept 67 341,353 I 6k-25899 CONI'RIBUTION TO 17HE STUDY OF THL KERR EF- 1. F[( JL: Ker!_ Cffl'('t Fl:,CT EhhIBITED BY DILUTE SOLUTIONS OF RIGID I. lk-rwa. H. MOLECULES. 119611. 1 1. ('_ip'lo' A.. Order from AC ;37. 50 Cald. Trans. of,4aaa & Physhlue (France) 19,')l 16er. 12) , ~g _ , _ v. 6, p. 561-609. DESCRIPTORS: *Molecules, Solutions, Refraction, Re- la-%ation time, Nloli!cular rotation, *Electric fields, Optics. This SLUJ'y furnishes the follwAing results: (1) The bire- frigence disappeared exponentially with a time of re- laxation 1/6 D (D being the constant of diffosioit of ro- taiion of molecules) Independently of the Initial condl- tions. (2) The law of establishment of the field depends on th~.- nature of the couple of orientation and there can 016-f S."i-, (Physics- -Niolec ular, TT, v. 7, no. 1) (over) TT-65-12337 FleLd 201 Seeliger. B.; Wichmann, A. INVESTIGATIONS ON THE POSITIVE COLUMN OF THE 1. Seellger, R. GLOW DISCHARGE IN OXYGEN, 1, 15p, 61 U. Wichmann, A. Order from SLA: $1.60 as TT-65-12337 Trans. of Annalen der Physik (East Germany) v9(s6) n5 p235-44 1951. MR 630 Refraction and Reflection of a (Light-) Wavo Hounded m the Sida at the Pime Interface of TWo Media Near thte Critical Angle of Total Reflection, by K. Artmann. GOVEMIENT USE UNLY GERMAN, per, Annalen der Physik, Vol 8, No 6, 1951, pp 270-284. P2 0249867 RSIC-6851 sci-phys Sept 67 3410351 mectruia =a apti=i achomlw of Coner Sul- 1)bldu# by 16 sloargEM Oman= u2z mm MM.. per# Aim Vol 10,# No 5p 1952P pp 129-152. NM TT P-12,225 Sol-phys Aug 69 3900 Harry Dia . Bab WM39-68PO943 R-8866-D 7 Nov 67 I=ere Feldesission mw lokalisierten FehisteUen isollereDdex Kristalle By; Walter Franz From; pp 2-24 Annalen der Phyalk 6. Folge Band ii., I~Rr 21 PP) German - est for vds,- Please translate and type origtnal copy only. Do not mutilate document. Reproduce for paste-up. Spccular Systems with Grazing Incidence as a Ira-alage optics for X-Rays, by H, 4olter, 22 p1p, GEWIAN,, Aanalen der Physik, Vol 10, No 0, 19520 pjf694-114. Ald-I/ISIC/Tr-831-68 GOVEILMENT USE UNLY sci/phy L) c c 6 8 ~64,954 Contribution to the Study of the '16~1.n9tlc of Solids, by A &rpin, AMWAIt)-p-,r, Alan Faye) Vol Vilp No 22p 1-,Q52~ 91-1.39. al-f-AMP, GV13 ~D~, J. "'C"'i 1"or t'no t- i7 L I k: I Anra os ric Pri -q5 Internal Conversion; Study of Some Excited States of 3eavy Nuclei Through Their Conversion Radiation, by Joan Teillacj, b 51 pp. URCLAMIF= Full translation. FMCB, per., Ann Me, Vol V11p Do 12, 1952, pp 396-450. ABC Tr 2042 Scientific - Nuclear Physics Jun 53 CTS/DEX Also Avail 0 UCRL Trane 151 Semiconductor Prcperties of Cuprous Oxide. 1. MetbDd of Preparation With Consideration of Stability Conditions, by G. Mmmbenburg, K. usselp 10 pp. C2=# wo Ann Fqs k., Vol X,, M2., pl? 201-21-0. 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