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Air Furnaces for Conducting Creep Testsp by P. BOllOnMth,p W- BtMg%rdi and H. COMIIUSs 22pp. OMMS per) Arch Val Xj, No U,v Jun 19379 05-r,62'.- SLA Tr 51-2033 Sei 1 JVI 58 63-16869 RLRMNG TEST WITH COMPLETE CHAIN SPEED GEAR SETS OF GEWAN AND FOREIGN HEAT TREATING STRELS. 119631 10p. Order from SLA $1. 10 63-16369 Trans. of Archiv flir das Elsephthenwesem (Germany) 1937, v. Ill. no. -1,p. 10-16. DESCRIFIMRS: '07'rawmission gears, *Steel, *Heat treatment, Frlctioc6 Lubrication. (Metallurgy- -Perrous Metals, IT, v. 10, no. 8) o: Pure 4'=m-P-mrbon Alloya and .,,Loy 9364~-Ir, by Hytrogpem., by W. BselclOing W. Von p?rp Archiv Etsenbutterivesenp Vol XIp 193T- Brutcber Tr ~21 l-'Ielelatiftc - MID/metals M.90 1296 CZA-tur-A-631 IRMASSIFIED DB3P.RB!1RAT!ON PAR L1HYDRME,.'1E DIALIaGES FERC&RROUE DURS ET DIACIERS RLIES. (Hydrogen Decarbidation of P~ire Iron-Carbon Alloys and Alloy Steels.) W. Baukloh and '5f. von Kronenfels~ Trans- lated from Arch. Tfuttenvies. Dtsch,, ~1, 3~ Vi5-156 (1937). h7p. Dep-(mc). W-25 ~,Jetallurgy; Translations Heat-Raoisting Steele under Attack by Hot Gasesj by E. Houdremont, 0. Bandel, 43 PP. GEM., W,, Archiv Risenbuttenvesen Vol X1,, 1937.9 pp '-(i6aiid c'O-p-Y-Oi'Aii sLA 57-2616 sci ~ 7 d, 7'~'J -'- Aug 58 Chown of Rest-logistics chrom-Aluminum QM4 Chrome-8111can Steola Due to Absorption of Nitropup by 0. Bandel. OMM,, per,, ArcbIv Elsenbuttamm"up Vol XI,, 193-1-19381 iv-1391~ Bmtcber Tr 553 Scientific - min/metals $6.20 14q .4 179-91 Aims and PocaMUties of Industrial Poychology In Iron and Steel Plants) by Engelbert Pechhold, 16 p. GEM, per Arch fur Sisenhuttenvesen, 1937, Vol xr, No , , pp 203- 3. SLA 59-Wk24 ,qCj /a f, Mar 60 Vol 21 No U Metbods for Dettrmiting Copper In Iron and Steel, by We Astrm. OMN, Archly Eleftuttemms", Vol Xlp 19380 Brutcber Tr 666 Scientific - Min/metals $1.50 / -?, " 4/ Vold Cracklug of Chromium4blybdemo Steels.. by Mer Pardeaheuerp Warner Bottedberap 26 PPO GMIM,, Report 396 Isatiod by Vaterials Cmmittee of the. Verain Dautacher gisaWmItenImMe. SIA-Tr NRL 180 Vol UP I* Bt 1935; PP 375-383- CIA W1209 A?, InfLuerce of the Dag"a of Forging and Qu=hing and Temerins Upon the Ahermtins brAins StrengVh of Differently Alloyed Constm-Uonaj Staels, by V= Scbmidt,, 11 p. G=Wp, por, L--chlv 1938 Vol X1, NO 82- 59-20574 'Y jl Vol 3P:Ho 1 62- 181 113 Rodi, NValthor A. and Richter, Helmuth. -111E HEAT OF FCII%ljVFION, OF IRON SLACS FROM 1. Poth, W. A. 11 IE ()XU)ES (D;e BiILlUngSW3rnlCt! V(la E`iseu.~chLwkvn 11. 11. aw, dell 01,~.LlCll). [11-162] 11211). (fOrCiLTIJ lL?X[ lilClUdLA) 4 refs, Order (rom Sl A 5 1, (10 62- W U 'Frans. of Archiv ffir duas (amnany) t938, v. 11, :ico. 1), 1). 417-419. DESCRIPFORS: *ThermiMictnistry, *lron, Smelting, *Slags, IlLat of formatioll, O\i&s, Silicic ocid" class. Report is made allout the heats of Solullon of folsr &ffer- cat slags of the iron smelting uperations, and tile IjC-ILI 'If formation frQtll dw midus i, calculatuo appyoximatvl~. Me Iluef decrvasc~; mith increasing Silicic acid om~L~Jlt, 'Mo same ohscrva~ivm is made on sWhim watuv~Ja.,sus. Mm)l~n, That dic -acid" process offers partkUhr thUrl 9, ll~-, vamogu, is douhtful accol-ding to dlis, 1111til vx"c' Mike es ItEWgal Smim I'DLICIVil: %'31M2.~ M'v ~LV;lilillllo, The Question of Weld Cracking in Chromium -Molybdenwin Steels, by 1-1alter Eilander, Robert Pr.Lb,,,,l, 23 pp. GEI'd,M, &r, Arch Eisenhutte nwesen, Vol XI, Mar 1038, pp 44~--M- IML 168 C Jl~ 99~1 237762 Pkmicml-C?=m-4.-n1 Fr~ciples Ltdorlying Docarburi%Man and Scaling of Iron end Steel, by Carl Wagnerp 14 po ' GERW.,, per, Ambivo hw du Hicembuttenvoson., 1938, vol n,, uo 9~ pp 449-454. BLA 59-2M3 sci Mar 60 Val 32 Eo I I; a Fgw7 63-16864 Kftnger, Paul and Yocb, Wakw. OONTRMLMONS ON BLECTROLYM DETERMI- 1. mbigar, P. NAMN OF MMWAUIC RIMMOM IN SIERL 0- KOd4 W- (A PROCESS FOR ME DRIMMIM" OF MMC M. Verda ... Befldft-124 AM. AUACM, FMOLYS OXME. MAMAMW OXIDE, FERRIC SULFIDE AND MANaAM MIXEM (19631421% 28 refs. Order from SLA $4.60 63-16864 Trm. ~lkjum Oft (GWMBM)- 1938, V. 1, P. 569m5 l=-, a. leute (Ger.. BmVbt~-124)j DESC~RS: *SvwL Wpurldes, Meartdpla, Elemlym, 1, 01 wMt amly" Mkk W14 *Alwnbmm ompowAs, OxWa% Ohm compoundo. Ohtmn~ corapmwa *SuMdes. 04etaUurgy-Ferrous Matab, TF, v. 10, no. 7) inks 01 IKWCII samm M-Wu,j~l, fos. re;QWxtric Nutrzfution Stciclj by CA GORTIN,, mr, Arctsiv gii3eggtturmcceng Vol alp Bmftc~er Tr 0!~Ier Ito 1634v 0-75- 7 - ".2. / / 0 ,~olubillty of Hydrogen In Iron-Tungsten Alloyo., by 141, Dam klohj, K. cohlem. pari, Archiv Meenhutteawmen, Vol X11, 110 1j, Drutcher T.- 1786 zlcientific - Min/matalA /,?, 7 Solubility of Hydrogen in Xron-Tumpten Alloyap by W. Bauhloho K. Gehlen. 1938. ,, Arebiv Elsenbuttenwesea, Vol XII, No 1, OMAN I _Mr Brutc-har Tr No IT66 Scieatific - minAktais sI.eO /I/ 16~5 Physical-Chemical Iffectis of Suyw-Sozdc Vmvos~ by E9cm Hied==, 17 P- OEM= I per, Ar,&iv fw dw - senj I-, Vo pp 1 1938,0 Vol nr*- F 85-1930 SLA 59-17669 sai Feb 60 lax w Vol 21 No 10 Thm Colcullstion of Brick Tem-enItUr". 'in, Ail' rve-heatuers, by H. Halasen. GI?RW, per Arahivtmem- V61 YZI Ho 10, 1938/ 11 .1 1 -460 ~ 9310, iv 473 BISI 2n5 Sal - Phye Jul 61 16 /10 76 E=ples of Radiographic E=mimtions in Zt5nl .7=&-y T 8 I;P, Te6hnique, by'H. Juretzak.,, W. Mantel., GEMAN, per, Arch Hisenhutmw, Vol )al, No U, !9381" pp 565-569. M-A 58-435 Sci 95 Aug 59 Y.QtL~-,i Alloy Tiavl nuid iltah 1.641r,*pj. by 'ark-Uhtr vi'narn Gr2er Fo f2 0 173 le I'Torerties and Weldabilit'y o-k SL,204t. of Stc0l, Colmeliun. F. Bollonratb parp Archiv Biaenhiattenvosen, 'qol 1.939. Br,j.tcber Tr No 8-5 by r. -Uca~enrath. r4- rp U,'5L Vol, I-I_T, Brutch-or Tr NO 8,35 Mirtt,14.. JS 14 Werner,Otto. ON TIIE CAUSES OF TRE TENDENCY TO FISSURE I . Werner, 0. FORMATION IN WELDS IN STEEL FOR AIRCRAFT, H. Title: Verein... tr. by W. B. Jones. Rept. no. 459 of the Materials III . MEI-174 Committee of the Vercin Dcutscher ElsenhUttenleute. [ 19611 I~p. (I fig. omitted) 23 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 61-18518 Trans. of Archiv fUr das ElsenhUttenwesen (Gc rmany) 1939, v. I ~,r, p~.49-455.-- DESCRIFrOlkS: *Steel, ure (Mechanics), *Welds Aircraft, *11eac resistant alloys, Chemical analysis. (Unannounced) omc, 0 S-Acel 61-18451 W)gatzki, Gerold. ~ RMINA- PROCMES FOR THE PIIOTOMETIUC DRTI I Bogatzki, G. 'nON OF VANADIUM IN TOOL AND FOGII-SPEED 91TELS. [May 441 10p. 9 refs, Order from SLA $ 1. 10 61-18451 Trans. of 6rchiv fbr da~~~escn (Germany) 1939. v. Ifl[_nF_11Fp-539-542. DESCRIPMRS: "Too] steel, OVanadiumi Determina- tion, *Steel, Colortmetric analysis. Chemical reagents, Garb,)n, Exchange reactions, Steel, Manganese steel, Chromium alloys, Molybdenum alloys, Cobalt alloys. 184043 (Unannounced) Offl- .1 T-1,0-4 $-i- Beh8vior fof Steel Under Cyzlic Creep Tellts at 500 , bY M2 RemPell Ma&lch ArdeltP 35 P. G&MM, per,, Archiv for das Hisenbuttemoson, 1939; a vol xn, no - sLA 6o-10173 fti Apr 60 )/-? Vol M ~ 50 3 Disintegrating Effect of Qarbon Monoxide Upon Iron Ore, by W. Baukloh, F. Jaeger. GERMAN, -% , Archiv Hisenbuttenweaen, Vol Xlrl, 1939- 1940, m 47% Brutcher Tr No 2250 Scientific - min/6talq s2.6o / s/- / 67~f The Iron-Cobalt-Tautolm Srot=p by w. xosterp a. Decker. Vol X111p 1939-1940s, -093 'S4 BMtCber Tr a 1633 Min/metals scientific - no== 0.80 7 iron-Cobalt -Tantalum ,system, by W. Koater,, Decker. -IRM . Archiv fur der. Eisenhutterieseap Vol XIII p '139-1940s, PP 93P 94. Bmtch,er Tr So 1633 -ientlfie - Min/l*tals $2.80 7 Infloonee ot Gabefts AdmiXtures Upoa DootloPwItica of CorM Moomddop by We bUklob, Fie SPOMM GMUMp per Arch4v Sisembuttemmeons Val X1119 so , , 1 DMcber Tr 1069 13,63~ --917MMM-gr Scientific - VAO/Notals $1.60 Xnfluence of Gaseous Admixtures Upon Decomposition of carbon monoxide, by W. Baukloh, I. Spetrier. 3 MAN, jLr,_Arehiv Eisenbuttenwesen, Vol XIII, No 5, 1939-190, PP 223-226. Brutcber Tr No 1069 .3cientific - Min/Metelf; $1.80 Vie iroa-Rckol-Cbrmim BqUilibrium Diagrm With special ftfemoe to +Ie Brittle stractural Conautuduts WMUT114; AfUr Proloupd HmUngo V P. schatmister,, R. Erpns, 14.Pp. GMM,. per, Arab SisaWnttenw, Vol X17) NO 93 ftr 1939j. S.L.A. Tr 57-168 sci - Minerau/ates "/ f/ V/ f % 57 for Determining the Carbon Content of Iron, Real atd. FerrasUoys by baryte Method, by H. Koumf Ke Abrasch. GERM, Archty Siftchuttemmu, Vol KIII., 1939. Bmftbor Tr No 790 $1.90 Ic - - 141wmU/vAt8lA Contribution to the lbtalluriw of Rariganese by ~bms of Aormo-cherical Measurownts mid Equilibrium Calcu- lations, by It. Ulidi, 11. Simonsen. Q%W, per, Arch, Eisenh., Vol 14, Jul 1940, PP 7"s BISI 4122 sci/?'$m I's I- Sep 65 289,342 Composition of Blass in Basic Open-Ilearth 1"COVO) by W, Disebaf. GMW, perp Archiv Ileenbuttaunseil, Vol XIII, 1940, pp 325-332. Drutcher Tr No 851 SCIO"IfIC - Minfimelo $5.90 Tho IiVoitmico Postalied by Vin-to Wsoascs, Radiatica =1 Preguzaicy vTu,-,s in the Etiology of' Congenital by CapaLlmi. Mil"GiLpers Apjio Vol 121, Ho lp 4G--,, pp 537-54t~, N111-12-20-64 s ci /a 'm Sep 65 28&,773 Attempt at an Explanatioll of tIe Fimcticulirgy uf tile Brain in J~Ccordouce viti, a Aasi&ml E-norkor Wtac%.d by ELe-c-trocncephalographic Timings, by 11. Rezai. FREMI, per, Ann IMqdiS2Lsychol Vol 121, 1963, 1)13 $76-580. .10i NN 8-34-60 We 6- PToblehis of 'Reproduction, by J. Dea7i-~r-a= ,e1,, Annales de 1.'iedccine Vo'erinnire lirl.100 1,11~EI.TC17, r I U --pp Ili-Ir-i-I INSDOC?Re2. T. 3003 Sci July 1~,"7 lAfecti= pZale3da in Sheep andaostsp by C, B. Tarlatzlo, A, Spaisp A4 Panfftsoaj, 23. pp. SPAM pff~ Am - Vni 195k, pp 432- 440. 17 - waloto Vol M 3173 Ja 58 7 do 10 ,e -11, The GrcAh of CoMensation Nuclei With RoUti*o HImIdity) by Cs junpi 16 pp. MUMT,, per., Ammlen der Mtoor2j2gie$ Vol Mj 'no 57 r.- Mj',"- - W 5 - Air Rea and Day Ccm=d T o ?- 6~ U Scientific AotronoW CTf3/= / -3,f 6 S9 Pmb,lms u:C '-PWftweteOXIDlqg'o by Zsarl Brocks. alw, per, Anma3en der Ybteorologiep No 1-60 1951p pp 78-86. .-'. -Cu,D.9010696. j.' AX.S.I.L. Tr 950 Od - Metronics Jal - 57 -1-1/ 1~ ;?"914 Investig&tiona of the Vertical Rxchwage in the 14vor Dommoters of the Atmapbere., by & hububerger, ,-16 p9. GMWI % per, kumlen ftr Woorojogie, Vol IV~ So 7) 9 1-951, --OP Awr Mateoml Soc AV Cmbridp Res Cmter 0 T Sci - Goop*Gies Feb 6o 7, er 3~~" z F-cating of tho 3'tratosphere by Solar Emp t 1 cm,; by Fordinand -Scekers. 15 pp. per.:, Imnalan dor IVcc= clozio, Vol nl'p =RIMY No 1.0-12., 1951p, P"L Air Rm and Dev Coa=,id T-kb G~f- CTM= 11~311 5-f The Wave Height of New Generated Wind Sea According to Observations of Atlantic 14--athershi-Ps and t-he Fishery -Protection Ship "Mecrha-4',-zd".,'\by Hans liall6en. GERMII, per, Amalen der MeteoroloL~ie, 'To! V!, No 9/-10, Hamburg 1953-1954, pp 296-3M *Navy Tr IN6/lio "144 Sci - Geophysics On Radiation ancl Evaporattion, by E. Frankenberger. GEMM) pery Annalen der Meteorologie, Vol VII, No 1/2, 1M~,~~- ` A Now Mpix for 3ea ForemstiR Fm Nhad conditiorso bV Um waiden QMMj perl A=&Um der Notwracoos, Vol VIIO No 3/4; RmWAMTIQ~ijj--i955A956j pp 213-216, Navy Tr 14UAM 401 Sol - Cloopiwai0s f q/~2 Doc 56 M '4' -5 Oa the Palaly'ais of Atnosy~erie Movements lfhrougb Variations in the Ozone, by Hano-Karl Netzold. GMW,, per, Anaalen der Vateorologle, Vol Vjjjp No 1, 21 1957s Pp ., 40-16.1 ATIc p-Ts-9478/M Sci - Geophysics J~m 58 ZImc Alteratlona and Activity of Sulfate Reducing Bactoorle in Dilute Salt Solutions, by C. hrnauOl and G. Bauf 1, 22 pp. MUM, per, Adu Hicrdbiol, Vol VI, IMN) 195h, C.A. 49, 47gig-,-1955-,p iGhO. Asso Tech Sor 63o6i 8cI ,Jul 56 by P-111-1. Mi- DMOW.; 12 p?. pp Dzc 59 7Y trol 2:~ Fo 5 "67 Micrd~ial Oxidation of Alipbatic Hydrocarbone. 11. CAlture and ftmmwtric Rasearch on the Oxidation Hetmbblism of Paraffins vith Odd atd Eyen Hmber of Cuton Atme by Action of Various Hicraeop by V. Treacanip L. Cawnic&,, M. D. do. GirbUmop 23 P- ITMM., parp Annali-4i-Microbiologlej, 1955p Vol VIP yp 183-19-90, SLA 59-15253 Ale Doe 59 tri "the sta.,dy ot b,~r V Rottam.,zi. nm ~ x "u Iperp Ann f-larobiol cd &tzlzoit Yol cjrc, Wo 5/6) 1957~ -- ----- *-"'-'-- -- Watl Res MmmCl, TT 2~t 772 .4,2r 6o 62-10332 Colls, C. and Traccant, V. OXIDATIVE METABOLISM OF THE SATURATED 1. Title: Decalin CYCUC HYDROCARBONS BY BACTERIA. 1. 1, Colia, C. IDENTILFICATION OF ADIFIC ACID AS AN INTER- It. TreccaA, V. MEDIATE IN THE OXIDAMON OF DECAL14. [1011 111, Tltle: Identiticarlon... 7p. 7 refs. Order from SL.A $1. 10 62-10332 Trans - d Anno It di Wcrobiologla ed Enzimologis (Italy) 1960, Y. 10, p. 77-81, DESCRUTORS; Oxidsticm, tMembollam, Hydro- carbcns, 'Cy, cl(MIXAnes, AdIpIc adds, Identification, ~,Bacteriz, Do_-ornpoaition, Investigatims ca the oxidative metabolism d dtcalin by a Plavobacterjum up. nad a schizomycets isolateZ - - - f rotu -co-i 55-ye-Fed to the id,, mit"i cm i w of a~i pi c t he ar.d pimelic stelds in the cultures. Cultureland have shown th-t ipile scid 1 (Blolo~,dca! Scip, nce a- -Microbiology, Tr, v, 7, no. 11P1 (Ovex) i A Mechanical Process for the Datermlvation of the Compoaition of Rocks, by M. Delesse. FMNCH, per, Annalm des Mines, Vol Y111; 18481 PP 379-3W----- ' Rm 867 Sai - EW )'a ~' ~j ju 6o TT-6-4-14240 Chgioney and Rivot GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS ON THE MATERIALS 1. Chatoney EMPLOYED IN SEA CONSTRUCTIONS. f1963) 36p 11. Rivot order from SLA $3.60 TT-64-14240 Trans. of Annfales) des Mines (France) 1856 faer. 5) v. 9, p. 505ff. DESCRIPTORS: Wortar, Materiala, Construction, *CementB, *Sea water, Chemical analysis. (Materials, TT, v. 11, no. 10) 0111- f T-b.k.l r-l- Si,.z4zh of Da-StG; by J. Wfmel. HM-Em"RE, p-art Lrcaml-lem der; Nlrpnp )"Ah SIOZAC-~ im, p kq4 of Literlor M Bur of Mine" Ce;evml &4pDrIment MAlon Pitta-burgh, Pa- '~~r 52 Cl -7 0 59 cenlxal 3hTnarimio~~,, Statica rItta,urda.; rz.. Sci - Migr !by 59 5~3 J~ voi. vi; Dopt G..? L'vx Of Kl=z C=I.Ir-r,' Static= Sci 59 U--M=aLl#==4ca 02, D=tu ~z the 01, tho D-lhr~ by %,. Audibeity L. 13 pv. PEOW.M., par. Amalea des Mucao 'As-ky 1926. D3pt of Intarlor M Bur of Kines Cmtral Sxparlmmt 8tation PIt-tsburgh:, Pa. Tr 57 ltjy 'ZO DeT,eradnution of the Aptitud-- to e`-~--JZXI M rm- , 4agation of Duty Di3,qorAAL,,^.;, by J,; Taffayl.,A, E, kadibeeve ai=M, par, Aumles Cin Mues, Juv, 1926. Wept Of lat US Bur of gines cee.'ral Exper sta .Jtt~-." Pa. Tr 1,~,* Sei Pn_cr 6 -un 59 e1 lMglish Researches on the D-asta., by 9. fludiboew, L. PCIMIzi 57 r?p. r- Anmal- das Mmim, Jul .1926. 14"9t of latcrio= 03- Bur of 11-11nos Zhv. Tr 56 Sai - Chem !jay 5cl. 63-14594 Ordodbeau. CWrRlILMOM 70 7M SIUDY OP 7ME HYGRO- 1. Ordonneau, smaTy OF SALT&- IM CASE OP POTASSUM Il. 71tle: Cosa ... CHWRIDE. JIMS) [65)p. 15 rob. Order fr= SIA $6.60 63-145W Tram. otAnnal des-Man (France) 1950, v. 139, 00. 1, P. 35-63. DLSCRIVIU&- *Pmssi= compounds, *CWorides, *Fertilizers. *Absorption ftystcal). *Wawr vapor, Mirmidity, Vapor pressure. Crystal structure, Surface properties. Temperature , PTOWave treamm , Saks (Engineertag-Chernicel, Tr, Y. 10, no. 4) BoOaviorai P.O. 'Lxi;ur S-2JG,003-672 Title A"Isulles dos ines ::arcA, 1956, 1~p. SS6..B I'm i ~, cm i S4;~:ciai L-,.-~tructioit Z.'aio Log-normEtl Theory of the Systemtic SamplIng of Ore Deposits by G. Matheron. FMNM, per, Annales des Idnes, 1957, PP 566-584 CSIRO Tr 3923 oat. 62 Quality Control ancl Statistical Analysis in ore Dressing Plants by R. Duval. FMNCH, per, Annales des Idnes, 1951, PP 726-747 CSIRO Tr 3924 oct. 62 6o OXIMM Qto in can Ove Dreaming Mritp by R9 DOgr,13 FjM-CHp Nra AmmUs des ILL~at NO Lo PP 53-61. 1959, CasoloRcOo 4434, sci VAY 60 OXYGEN REFINING OF STEEL UY THE KALDO PROCESS) BY R. COLMANT. FRENCH PER ANNALES DES MINES, VOL CLXVII, MAR lgt2, PA 121-132- 1, BISI 2980 SCI w ENGR OCT 62 LIST 154 214t813 - r Pip by Jacques 'Donvet, Ar-Clrc 1~hrbonne, Sol ava I a elimas et a!,. 2~ P.-D. PONCH, per, Amales, dep, riuers: Clot, lc~062; ;)E) U-3D. (can rio ? rz.-, -1.0 Arzy Ns; Serv~ce Africa lky 63 .J.- I.-A, ",~, pzrp i=zl-*a tlva W-~~46 do =-E4q"-o L, -k t* Rlttcl=e~i, Pla. 87 Bei - Eno! 59 Ignition of P12-vdamp by Lmps and kqxlosivefj. by 3. LdwAirej 18 pp. HOCH, perk Annales dvas A14,aa eta Balgqa5 vol M,-1924 M, Pf, ent st~eeuc~,j 12.3 scl - Chan .5 W-7 5 9 Notas About the professlawl Bducatlan of VAnftg 'Wmt"s and the hvpMtlon of VIM 848rVisOn In UWVS MA OUM OamtrIess by Re Anclaus "M9 pa, Armalm dw Mass do Beloqmp Vol IM, pp Dept Of int 19B DU Of HUMS cantmi Impr m pitteap A* Tr ho WS a Seleum Z= ion 59 Pathologic Action of aes Escaping From Taim r"Ontaini"w" pi-re -W=P, b~r Flury. 7=631%, peer. km-alLes des Mince de Baleft-10.9 VOI MM; 193 ) PP ftt of Literlor M Dar Of 110res Waal ZImrimmt Otation FV6tjBbUr&Ij Fat "4r Sei - Rhgr MaY 59 FlOt kfgains"14, Nat; by A. DIVYra. Port kmalrao (liac gtunoa de D"r". 40 n; f939: Pr- 15 ~ - "-., 0.0 4"-Wv ~. -V M DLw or 'Mues voatro~ Plittab,mgh) N.* Tr 6o Sci - G-caphys Pw 59 Recent Research on the Low Coat Production of Electrical bierwr F= Awls - , Chapter IV - The Authors' ova Worki bY L Bischoffi Z- Ju6ti) 5 PP- FR=j, VM~ per, Ann. Muee BeUs Vol IIIj MMY 1953) PP 387Y3,39---11-1 1.1--..". S.L.A. Tr 1848 Bei - Emplimax&n I~Z,117 F rg Apr 57 I)crotection oZ Buildirp Against Earth bbve- wnts. Lwtltute National de I'Induotriev Wwbonniere. FML-9, pr, Annalea &-a Hima do Da-logi-que, Vol Lxix~ 19,iw-~ CSMO cm 7o/4357 8 V, i - E k'-, Apr 6e /91:~I/ The Yewhing by CycIcLr-(--5 of Fi!h-- Co,-An. of L-,ms 'iacan 2 by E. Pire, 17 2~o- FFENCH, Pei-, Annelea des ~Miuz'a ... d-e un 1956) PP 33-37. pecial. Istme. ue-Pt of Irterior Bu of Mines Central !Ap-er S~a Pitt,sburgh, Pa. Tr 467 SU 58-2699 Sci - Nels a --? 0 Dec 59 1-1 Treatmnt of the Polluted liater in Coal washeries, by B. LeCleroo TRUCII., per.,'Anm1ea des VAnos da Ltejgque., am 1956, pp 102-108. Dept of Int VS Bur of Mina Central Exper Sta Pitts,,, Pa. Tr 455 Scl - Clt=., Er.V Jun 59 63-16868 Strebelle, 1. R. THE BAIANCE SfWET FOR TWO YEARS OF 1. Screbelle, J, R. EXPER[ENCE US1NG THE MAGNETIC APPARATUS A.C.M.I. FOR THE INSPECnON OF MINE CABLES. 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