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meo of Redwtion DaInG RolUng =d Mda Pasaing on tho Anisotropy of Ym~cell P-ropertlea of Stea Strip for Daep Dmina Pm-oweajv by ff. Borchere., Hoff. OMMO pw, Arehiv figer NisenbvUemmmo Vol =av, Pq rT---9-- PTBI 3161 Sol - mw :~ 3 C) 9 ~- Z) Hw 63 1 Imestigatima oa the trou - Pboophorue - Canm Systemp by 0. Trmalp Me Schnrdtfeger. GMMH) Arobiv fter Riambuttenveseno Vol Mot 1963, im-- Dist U(e Bel - Wm v,~L.9, ~73 Apr 63 M ntpl I og-mphic Studies of TeM, erature Rw,,,ge oj' Incipient m~elting of Austanitic OR41 Steels Stabilized With TI or CD, by III.J. Schitller, GEFMN, per, Archiv Viserluttenvesen, Vol -,r-KXIV. No 1, 1963) ~op HE 5860 sci - Wm mar 63 6 6 vmmemmt of the wwovity of )bit= Notals eu High TMwatwmas tq H. SOmmko a. Frohbarg. 0R=$ per, Amhiv.fktr lL"*ftwmsen) Vol =70 So 22 i963; pp-'91-i ** - BM 3248 sai - 14/m Aug 63 -~e/ aj lg.~ -'7 Equilibria BoWm jp=-pj2o9,phorus I*Itt) awl LjM-ft4M- MAS CWW~ Mosphorwo, by Ox To G. Tftwlr K. SchwerfttOger- nota pr Archiv MseWmtt=eswo Vol Xr-aVj Feb 19"h*, ;P" Ur-Mr- -- sai - M/M BISI 3221 ~/ 0 ,Tta 63 The newAtul(Moup setwM tbo But Treatment and the Corrosdon ftelotswe of StsWess SteoU owtsinin 17% CR In Wil Cmentrded F41 Aolds ty A. Swaol. GEMM.. p=# Aroblv Air JMsoWmttoqmwmp Vol =ato Noy.,-1-9610- -FP =I 326T Sol - H/H Aug 63 The Problem of Lattice Distortions Dmigng the Cold Deformtion of Metual s, by F. Wever, H. Botigher GEMAIT, per, Archiv Eis 'enhuttenwesen Vol =IV, 1963, PIj 147-149"'.*'-'-'- -- *BISI 3222 Sci - M'/M Apr 63 The Behaviour of Heat-Resisting Ferritic Steals in the Creep Test Uader Varying Temperatures,, by-W,, D. Ropke, GERMAN, per,, Archly fuer Elsonhuttenwason, Vol XXXIVO No .3j 19651- P.P_1591;M7- BISI 3261 Sci - M/M Nov 63 241)653 Decarburisation Free Annealing of Non-Alloy Steele Below Acl and AC3 in a Protective Gas Atmosphere, by P. H~ Ebrwr GERM, per, Arch4 Eisenh., Vol 34, Mar 1963, pp 167-171 BISI 5557 Vkur 341729 sci/IlImE Oct 67 Sonelt1w Ana3ple of Strutuvl Coadituanto in I=al lauosectima ILV I-Rq MTftwUcn,. by H. KudlelMo a. wonar. GNM,p per$ AraW~W_ astmwwmt so 30 19630 pp 181-1735. 1013262 soi - 14/M Y~1,2 1 Aug 63 / ),F (/ Contribution of the Detection of thev-Phase and on the Ydnetics of its Formation and Solution in Iron-Chromium and Iron Chromium-Nickel Alloys, by F. K. Naumann. GERMAN, per, Archiv fuer Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol )(=, No 3, 1963, ii-27-i94. Sci - Chem F ISI 3295 Sep 63 .koucamon ot the comter-Tabs G=iowter on tho ibemm-mun Prineige to ft"fis meamwmnto btv G4 M=et G. Wassermm. SE.~Lfffi,, per.. ATchlv far das - fol =mvj 0 to BISI 03 i?41 ~ z c sa; Rw I J69F Dac 3 DateratmUca of Texture by ft, fttUctIm astboap by F- Womp g. IdUdw. 03100j, pw# Arddv Bleanbut%camen, Va M=p Ibr IW, pp SD$~~. " - " - -- - =a 32& Sol - N&M. Aug 63 - .~q 3 ., qpS- Linear Programmes~ A Type Model in Operational Research,, by,,B. Wle rke~ GEP af , per, Archiv fuer Meenhuttenwesen, ,M, .Vol XXXIV No 3 1963,- pp 217-221. BISI 3695 c. RL T, 1-550, Sci - Engr Jun 64 261,126 Costing Systein~of,Energy Baluces in a Steelmvorks~ Part 1, by R. Graef. GERMAN,.per, ArclAv fuer EisenhuttenRwesen, Vol XXKIVO No 3, 19631 pp 223-226. BISI 3615 Sci "I M/M Jun 64 261R132 On Kimtles of Da=ifttion of ftmel With AlumWum, by L. vm BoSdandy, W. Uspr, amwIl perj Arft:g fur des lisenluttemmsemo voi xxuv, 1963 ., i~nv BIM 3997 sai - x/m ftt 63 ,3 YS-,'l 3 7 E -( - u )mericnc, sT)ectrojjatj-,c cf Stueelmahing Operations, b.,, P. P. 1"olij."I.- Der, L"ChiV EdGXelll Utt' 1T.TeS-111'. Vol ~,,o 4, 196-3, -ol, 243-240S. /. /IrD, Sci - Ml,/14 Jun Dapnerate& Stractm as a Wraneormation Forin of hatenite Close to the ftte of ftaUlbrium, by A, Rose,, IL P, Hmqprdy. GMMWj perp Arebtly far das Vol =MVP 196Y,-p-p BISI 320 Bei - aw %Pt 63 -1 $(S-, 13e ,=Eect of Oerim an the PrWrtles of a Chrme-Niekel AdnIess Steel, by R. J. Xtracbming et al. GMWjp perp AraUv Mae mtUmesen, Vol XMaV,, 1963~ IN% 4j, pp 269~fta ]m 59W j"ht & let oat 63 The Comm- ~'o Power supply to a Matrix f did Stedlworb~, - P b~ R., Graef. Ar 14 Gffikh"~ fuer Eisenhuttenwesen, T er, Archtiv Vol XXKTVO.INT 4 1963j. pp 3.07-316. Big 3615 Sci - Engr Jul 64 262.991 G-mvercins Carbon Iviaozide Evolution in Partially ifill~=d Steels Dta,-Sn,,r SoUdUlcation., by, H, lb.~Dqol: cmmllp per$ &-cchiv IAIr das Eisaill"ut"Cerwasm, Vol Llsurw.. PD BISIT 3,1.-;4 63 13 41 j I Iaws Governing Carbon Monoxide Evolution in Partially Ulled Steels During Solidification, by H. Y-nuppel. ?gn1=tteuwesen) Vol =) GERMAN, per, Archiv B~r Part II III 1~1~ ~5, i�~'3, PP 357-358. *BISI 3335 Sci - M/M Aug 63 Determination of Gases in Ferroalloys mid in Alloy-ino %=15# by A. Fucins, 9. Painhard, OMAN,, per, ArcU,., RisenhuttenvaSenj VVI XMIs No 5, 19630 - - -- . HB 6005 Stl-M/M ,e q 310 Yq I/ Nov 63 2w cr~~~ Pmpwues of ommute ftsdVitatIm In Awtwltiv, by V. Pl%wh. on=$ pw, ~~ " a ,-Rcnhu#Q=m= Vol = =avo aw ) pp Wsl 33W so', . WN Oct 63 J~Cqr- 46.3 , 11-1 Reduction Mechanism of Porous Iron Ores by Hydrogen, by L. Von Bogdandy, H.P. Schulz, B. Nuermer. GERMAN, per, Arch.fuer das Hisenhuttenwesen, 11o 6, 1963, pp 401-409. (NZDIA) Sci - Aug 67 339,945 On. the Theory of Dra g-RolUmg at Room Temperature, hylt Lippmann, a.':Mahrenh6ltz.. GERMAN, peii Archlv fuer Eis.enhutteftwesen, Vol XXXIV, No.6, 1963, pp.419-423. BMI 3628 Sci - Engr May 64 258,899 ceacatite Foruation in Stools Idth Lm; Carbon Content, by H. Borchers# 1-4 Konig, GENW-12 pur, Archiv fur das Usenhul- tonuesen, Vol 34, atme 1963, p.-ij 453463. BISI IM ~:ay 65 279,550 Importance of Heat Transfer Processes in Induced Draught Sintering, by M, Schenck, W, Wenzel. GERMAN, per, Archiv fuer Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXIV, 19 No 7, 1963, pp 493-496. BISI 3451 Sci - Engr Nov 63 Om Mact of Buou on tba Predpitation Pracesms ana C=ep Bebavicur of Mobium-C=tmining AustanItic ftels~ by K. ftWr(%tj Go Lcrm=tz. OMM, per,, Archir far das Bluenbi Sen., Vol M=; July 19638 0 532,05469, M81 3439 2-Y 3 I18C 63 AUMIYBIB ot [0. H. I StwJmkino Oto During the Heats j, Uolng = Amt=mtlo X-11my plouwence Spectmw4v~ by Po Dickms P. xanis. GUMt Pa., A=blv N' ~Vol X= UO 7) i963., RP 519-525- IM 6%7 Sol.m/m cAk ass Jim Y j mse soyamtiw wd precipitption Mrdeuiuzy 0" LUOYS ofcf Lrom 1,11tIl Be-v7aiump by U. &WO"Orm amuAg. "om;l , Dor~, ATphiv J-~r das BiserbM -Ben$ V,oi- =tavp - Biar 3437 s . I - UM Qq,3.1 ~~ ? u a a 6-., Further Developments An the Residue Analysis or Iron-Carbon Alloys# by. W, V. Gras, k. wirtmoser. GERMANi per, -&ddxh=MaW=tenwe=, Vol MCMN6.8, 1963, pp 571-M. BIS1.3505 Sci - M/M Apr 64 255,156 Migeibility Gap ih the. FeO-CaOP Systeni With Special: Rderenda to the ~=; araVty of the"eq, b~,M. Fro~bert, H. li.~Branda. GERMAN, per-, Archiv fuer Utwnhuttenwesen, Vol XK)U No 8,, 1963, pp, 591.594. BISI 3754: Sci- M/Ms Chem Sep 64 267,Wl Investigations',of, die Equilibria at 12 16500C in the. System CaO400ji-SiO2 In the Presence of Metallic Iron,, byd.~Txom&j,8-. Wrl. GERMAN,'per,, Archiv fua Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXIV, No -811968, pp 595..!599. BISI 3502 Sci - Chem May 64 257,011 A Suggestion for.the Numerical ClEWsifickdon. of the, Residt6"of Supersonic Tests on Fofgingi6, by, Invesstigation. omthe Formation of, Banded Structures i in Hypoeutect6id Steels Using Samples With AiMcial Segregations, by W4 Peter, Mo-Finklero , I XGERMAN, ]~ir, Archiv fuer Elsenhuttenwesen, Vol XX)aV,-N6 8,1963, pp, 605-616. BISI 32434 Scl - Engr may 64 257,018 Influence of Silicon Additions on the Properties of.Pure Iron by.K. Blankenstein.- GERMAN, per, ArchiV fuer Ris6nbuttenwesen, Vol XXXIV, No 8. 1963, pp 625-0L BISI U00 Sci - M/m Feb 64 250,046 U'r- crystallogrwhic pateln of cel'altiw Pmcipitaticki in md ill -mt?jdtc~, by '~il Pitscil. L12UNI.- irar, Arda. User~i Vol 34, ~-~o 8, 1963, pd 641-645. 1 1 746 %0j Sci/ -Jiatnriah- ei)t G9 3)31047 Derivatiorrof-Equidphs toliet6nnIne the Event of ChemlW Conviiblb.n's~.Bekween:.LJquld Phases in ~the Stati c&Reit- and in the Mobfle State, by, H-.2Sc enk'K-& etz.-- IARMAN, Ai .,fu'e'r' Elbenhuttenweso'n, ,Vol Wit 9, m8' pp 659-472. BISI. 3520 . . 250,731 Influence of Temperature oil the Mechanical Properties of Iron-Nickel Alloys, by F. Libl, J. Thony. GERMAN, per, Archiv Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXIV, No 9. 1963. pp 701-712. SIB~03588 Sci - M/M Feb 64- 0 The2emr d Ajciv4 of Carbon in thel.raDn- Van u TCarb=d ron-Chromium-Carbon Systems, by H Flendert R. *ver, 26 PP$ per, Axchiv fuer Eisenhuettenwesen, Vol XXMV,, 1963, pp M-732. ABC-NP-Tr-11.54 Sci-Mat & Met, Dec 64 269,956 Magnetic Measuring Method for the Exact Determination of Residual Aust6nite Contents in Steel, by So Muller R. Kohlbazas. GERMAN, per, Archiv fuer Eisenhuttenwesen,, V61 X=V, No. 10, 1963, pp 755-759. BISI 3705 Sci Engr Nov 64 268,673 Problem of Oxidation of Iron at High Temperatures, by K. Redden, G. Lehmann. GEPMN, -per, Arch. Eisenh, Vol. 35, 1964, PP 838-6 GB 41/4197 - 14o/- Sci Aug 67 335-657 Calculation of Ferro4fagnetic Material Properties with Electronis Analogue Computers, by 11. Frings, GEDWI, per, Arch Eisenh, Vol 54, Nov 1963, pp 853-8589 DISI 7003 S~1? Sci/Materials Jun 69 .383j061 On Thermodiffusion in Gama,-Fey by H. G. Feller. GEM, per,, Arch Eiseahuttenw., Vol 34., 1963) pp 859-865. *NTM/M TT 71-55135 Available NBS Only J=e 71 Analysis of the Creep Behaviour of Heat Resisting Ferritic Steels'at.Temperatures of 450 to 6000c, by, M. Wild. GERMAN,~per, Archiv fuer Else,nhuttenwesen, Vol XXXIV,'No 12,1963j pp 9,35-950. BISI 3621 Sci - M/M Jun 64 261,121 T.heoretical-, Significance of the Refndts of:Red4ctlon Ex 'k 0 ind Sinters Using . pexlements. on, on, res 4 Gas Mixwres Zbminlng Carbion M6npidde And Carbon Dibit" byt, Hleddkm - Us Sommer. GERMAN, perk Archiv,fur.ElZQttenwesens X V61 XXXV, No 1.: 19641 p P. 9-14. BISI 3769 Sd - M/M Sep 64 266j969 Syntheais-Aml-Cilcalating Processes Derivation, for a MatheniatiMia"'Al-lodel. of A Blast Furnacef Part Il. by & Wartmam GEIU~N, per,,',kkc&v'-tuer Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXV~ No I... 1964,pp 15-20. BLSI 3675 SC4 - Engr Aug-64 265,420 bivesti,vatim Into the Crystallizatim of Vitreous solidified nast vu=co Slag%s 1-30 Varbms Gmiulatimi Tojimperatume, by K. Karsch, it, schwiota' GE-PI.M419, per, Arch rlisenh, Vol XXXV; Jwi,t 19641 Pp 21-26, BISI 4462 Oct 65 299,216 F1 . Wilft-I-) Alaml "d HOMM"96 Aflftvd~ 1~ TT-64-IWI MYSICAL AND CHENCAL PROPERTIES OF CRYS- 1. pbcbw, W. A. TALLIZED CALCIUM OXIDE, [101p 20refs U. Hoffmmw A. Order from SLA $1. 10 TT-64-1665 Tram. of 0 (Was jg4d~ft~ dku Elm Gerrmuty) 1 4, Y. 35. aD. (MevslIvM--Penvm Memle, Tr, Y. 12, no. 6) OHI.. .1 T-W.0 scl - M/M . Jan 64 - I I . . I 260s269 The Aping Behaviour of Pure Iron Contaix~ O#OD1 - U,lw 0 and 0#001 - 048% 0 (With discussion), by A, HoMnamp We As Fischer* aMIAll., pers Arcav fur dan M3enhutteramswnp 1964j, Vol XUV, Janes pp 45#55. BLU 3989 278,637 sci-412-1 Apr 6 5 ecr "it9iii n In-Non-All' InvestigationsInto R y atio oy- Mild Steelo With ParticArlegard to the 'Effect of Aluminium NltjrId6,:by.H-.-~Borchers, Z. Q. KIM. GERMAN, per, ~Arcfii~ fu6r Exisenhuttenw6sen, Vol XXXV No I 19640-pp 571-64. BISI 3616 0. sci MN Nov 64 268,672 The "Up-WIf' Diffutdca of Carbon in Single and Poly-Phue Irw-GarbW AUOYB,, by H. Wmr, lie Flandor, MM, per,, Archiv fur das Bisenhuttmameno 19640 Val XWO Janos, pp 65Y3* BISI 3990 Z789639 sci-4-2-1 Apr 65 Fundsmental lavestigaticas into lExl)losive j Forming at Maximum Strain Rates, by H. Hansel. M"., per,, &-chiv Sisenh... Vol 35., No 2,* 1,964., pp 83-90. HB 6227 Sci-Materials oct 66 MAW Pressure Loss in Hi3ced S12o Charges of Spheroidal Particles, by it, Jeschar GUM.- Pori Archiv far do BiuenImttmwseen,, 1964v Vol MV9 Feb.. pp ()1-108. BISI 3 8!a 279,,631 sci-ni Apr 65 ComparlBon. Bemen Diff&efitmerhods of Estam3filng. the m*ogen. Content of Liquid Steel, b~HiMtter, Ww&hwarz.~ GE4Mj per,lkiaiH-uex Eisenhurtenwasen, 414. Vol XXXVI No2.j 1964 ~pp 109 3678 Sci - m/m Aug 64 2648259 X-ray Detord-nation of Intornal Strain in Steel After Plastic Tensile ationj, by G, Bielmlith" GEWA1,11, per, AWi. Usenh-L Vol 35, A Fob 1964, pp 133-140. BISI 4175 Jul 65 2840654 investigations'on the Predpitatian of. Carbon Fraoin Iron With Low Carbon'Content,'by W. Wepner, A. Kochenddifir...'- - gm GERMAN, peki Archiv fuer Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXV,,No 2,, 19640 pp 141-151. BISI 3729 sci - M/M Oct 64 2681040 Developmez4 DeAp and Caladadm of hWhamatical MoM of a Mm Furwe, Pam 11 & M,, by Ri, Wfttna= G"MAN I'll mwg-bmmm- Vol mxv, M . IC I.2&i # -167. e~lm $673 Sd - Ergr. Math & Liu Procem Apr 64 voveiopments Lwipi -mu, L;vaeuiatioa or a Mathematical I.-Wel of the Blast Furnace - III by R. WaTtmalul' GEN-4AN, per, Archiv fur das Eisei~iut"niwesen, 1964, 35, Fob., 159-107. *BISI 3675 SciPiet V, Mlat 1~ I zr 6S The Delgo-Free Control of the- Carbon Elimination in. the Pneuxmatic Processes, by fto,M Pantke, L.voaBogdindy-1, GERMAN. p6k,',Archiv fuer Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol NXWj N0-38~196-40~~p 193-2kOl, RB:,6275 Sci - Engr Oct 64 268,468 Gainful Uses of the Dust fron Drown Fums, by P., Moldau, GEN-M, per. Archiv Eisenimttenwasen, 'T-- Vol 550 INO 3. 9647 -pp 205-208. JIB 6274 Sci/M41 0 M Jun 65 280,955 Carbon Separation in Beat Treatment of Steels as a Funcdonoof primary Segregations, by Aa Rowe GERM, ArdAv fuer Eineabuttenwown. Vol n". NO 3, 1964, PP 209. OBISI 3771 Sci - Engr Jun 64 IlleorY of Notcli lq)act StTength of Plain Caebon Steel, by K, Wellinger, M. Progr,~r. 11 CERMI,, per,, Aztkt. r-iseM!.p Vol 35., var 1964, pp 221-240. BISI 4024 EE-Wr m-ny sci/MaN Jan 66 294,624 cflje System jho(-r-cO)-jIgO(-CaO) mid its Partition Equilibiia Wtith fbItall nmiganese vith Ftespect to r-e-,,Ii Alloys, by LI, Schenck,, 'VI. G. Froliberg, at al. GEIMNs, per,, Ardis gis~mh%x Vol 352 14)r 1964, pp 269-277* BISI 4019 sci/Mill Sep 65 289,266 The Kinetics of the Basic Oxygen Process With the Injectioi of Lipie Fine, W..K. Fischer, GERhULN, per, "kichii, fuer Risenhuttenwesen Vol XXXY,'No 4,~ 1964, pp 279-1285. HB 6276 .Sci - Engr Noy 64 Contribution to the Ev.Voration Problem in the Reftiting of Iron Alloys in a Vacuum Pt, I, Mieoretical Determination mid Study of Binary Alloys of Iron With Ass, Ai, Cu mid Sn, by W.A. Fischer. 1,1. Dorenbach. ",M, per, Arch, Usenh, Vol 35,, Apr 1964,, pp 307 16. BISI 3440 Aug 65 2889740 Comparative Investigations of Brittle Fracture Sensitivity of Conswxdonal steels by Impact Bend Testa With Various Types or Sanples, by 04 SixassberWj 1). Schauwfnhold. GLUMN, W, ATcMv fuer Etsenhuttemesenj Vol XXXVj No 4,,1964, pp 329-337. *BISI 3867 Sci - Engr Sep 64 Effect of ifie'.Cbmbi~,itiofi-s of Nitrogen With Aluminium and, Vanadim'on, the-,Mechaiitcal Propertie'9'of High'hkructlofial Steels, by H. A. Vogels, Ps Konigilet, all.. GERMM,'per , Archiv fuer das Eisenhuttenwesen, Vol XXXV, Apr 196.4. pp, 339-351. BISI 3865 01 Sei-Engr Feb 65 274,538 Motoractric Dotermination qf ;atuain= in Steel,, Using Chromazurol-S. by ii, Brockmann, If. Keller. GLUM, per, Arcliiv Usenbuttenwascu, 'Vol 35, No 40 1MO pp 367-369, M 6280 EE-Ger sci/!*;fl Jun 65 2800-0705 hm~ Develophient,,~Dqslgq and Calculation ProceBses of a blathematical'Model-of the.Blast Furnace, Part vs by It. Wartnia~ns., GERM^ per,'Archiv fuer Bisenhuttenwe-sen, Vol XXXV, No 4v 1964, pp 373-'3800 BISI 3755 scl - Engr Aug 64 265$,426 Sci-M/M Feb 65 1., 2731192 Sulphur and Manganese.Distribution Between Pig Iron and Blast-Furfiace Slap, and Carbon Monoxide Pressure in the Gas, by:W..''Odseno GERMAN; per, Archiv f~er das Eisenhurtenwesen, X Vol XXXV, May 1964, pp 389-39n0. BISI 3932 scli-m/m Feb 65 274,5IR79 Contribution to the Evaporation Problem in the Ite-iining of Iron Alloys in a Vacuum Pt,,II, Investigations on Binary Alloys of Iran with Cr, Coj, Ni, Al md Si as well a-, in the Iron-phosphorus-oxygmi SWem, by Vie i~* Fisdier, ~4 Darenbach. alreltm, per, Arch Eisonh~ Vol 35, Hay 1964, PP 391-599. BISI 3831 scip.'&w Au,-, 6 5 ?.1 283,741 AOO,'fDI Separatimi Procedure for the i'vialysis of sy.uall of Iron Alloys mid their isolated smetural constitutcnt. Part I, by i,;. Koch, i1, Keller, et al, GERLM, per, Axeldiv Esiciahuttenwesen., Vol 3.12, i"'0 59 1964, pp 407-411. I I B 61,11 8 s JW1 us 232,373