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Constitution and Effect of Sympathomimtic Amim. Nw Considerations Fo32oving, aqwiments on the Namal and Dej~ted NictitatIng Membraw of the Cat, by A. Fleckwteinj 2 pp. .Zcb ER Path narmaki Vol emmi" mm, per, A 19530 pq 117-119. Nn 3.76-62 Sol -W J= 62 lr,~traceUulor LocaUzotAon of lApIds in Experimental Tatty I*tmorphosis of the Liver,, by Diet Nr Feubor~,, Thge Rofftsistar,, 25 pp. per, Archlod oi una -,rc.,l cr,=n., 10 qoq pp 519--537 TT-T-) Pm Tr-46k.L Mad y Lo 194d1 PZ I The Culturing of XbMid d1and Celle in Vitroj, by F. Demuth) 59 PP- GERM, mo per,, Arch. ar. Zelif ama-M ,�rach, vol xin, 19~2; pp 399-369r- - NM Tr No 12-8 Sci - Medicizo 4(,g, .6- 9*0~ Feb 1957 CM/dez v ftwv of T,~msfarmaldon ae DiVerent n-., ithelid TlEsue,- Wms:43-o the OrWaism wd INts lw_owtmce 2w tbe METH., "ll-m-blen e tb2 Rlimtolocrr~qml VCtm-mir-ation" by 11: . 0. Mlqpin., 23 pp. Or"NA17U., rm, Ant 6=w 74 .6 , Ux, m- Ch Vol xv: 19 P-0 vo.JAA. DWTr Sci - Med Dn;c 57 D-mrolapnmtal Ileftch=Ics =d TLo=c CiAtm-ing) by W. Vogt) 22 ppo omwlu-l ; ;erf expors zelli,522*9-0~,huw Y-VI 19A; w. 26~cl f, - MwTr n-A Sci - Med Dee 57 7 Y'/ Culwre of the Fo=l Bz,.,x-u Bom N=wv in VIA-0 by A, Pieuchl., G. Astmldip 17 Pn- GW.A*tl.T per, tmhLy tqb%T~ not IM, j= 60 ITOI Inp 5D A Method For the Cultivation of Tiosues In Vivo# by Dr Francesco Downico, Rezzesi# 35 PP- GEMp per$ Archty fuer !~=. zellforecLuMp Vol =0 5WWO PP 255.01. NZ Scientitic - Biology Dw 54 OW A o1 3 SW lihe Actloa of ur=ium m the Plant Cellj by C~ Acquay 6 pp~ p;-,rj Famacol Sper i Cmi A-f-fin-A, Vol W TV_A,TY.A? 1. lio 2, 1.912, -pp F-I:M7` RIH V' J-17 L Sol. - Biology -'j A-or 58 1,2 ) L4 q,;r 4-~ cv 4 0 I "Lely, 1124 V31 1~16b~,210 '11"219U 1~'> 1927 V43 p2ab-xl? 10-20616 (*> 1929 V47 P13b-142 70-20617 40> 1938 Vbb P153Wb 70-22213 1938 Vbb P210-234 7002217? il An Investigation of the Diuretic Effect of Dehydrocholic Acia, by Carlo Braga, l4pp ITALLUT, per, Arch Farmacol S22r Sci Aff I 'Vol 751 1945?1 PP 129-141 siA TT-64-20015 Sci - Biol june 67 328)833 Tests of the Practicability of Combined Speed and Thrust Indicators in Combined Speed and Thrust Indicators in High-Seas Fishery, by Hans Hoppe, 9 pp. GER;-M, per, Arch Fischereiwissenscliaft, Vol III, No 10 2, pp 21-42. Scottish Home Dept Sci Dec 6-3 Fish KDvenents in the GTeat Plocner Lake Ourinq i Oric-Day RMI Period as Shown on Echograms, 1)), .7. Scharfe, 7 pp. SINFEDISH, pt"r, A.-r-cl4iscilereiwi.,;selisclitft, Vol 3, No 3, 4, 1951, pp 135-146. MCK Siff) Sci J an 64 Nam, Hans 1952-1953 kIrnaeopera brachialis (QoRVRgd4 parasltioa) and its damaging effect upon some gadide (Lernasooerg, bMnohislis (Cowoda Parasitica) und saint Schadwirkung bei einisen Gadiden) Archiv fdr FisehereiWasenschaft, -4- 133-144. in German. Transl. by Tranal. Bur. Fgn. Iang. Div., Dept. of Sea. of State of Canada for FRBC Biol. Station, St. JohnIs, Nfld., 1970, aa FRBC Transl. Series Pa. 1553, 26P., typescript. Avail. on Loan - BOF, Wash., D.C. Original Article Checked-W Thl- Extent Sucope, and Beconoi-iiift 1--ortance of the GERIGez!n2an "Cil Herr-inG Fisshei-yl~ iri. the 11--lorth &aa, by P. F. 14eyer-Waarden,, 18 -)rj. GER.-DUT, per,~: Arch Fischexel-wissenschaft, Vol V, -. T '10 3/4, !Q~54) "' 8c. pp 9-113. SM Sci Jar., 64 The Elect rote chnical Basis of Electrical Fishing in the Sea, by Ulrich flaier. MUM, per, Arch Fischereiivissenschaft, Vol V, No 3, 4, 1954, pp 1321-144. Scottish Home Dept Sci Dec 63 Investigation of a New Hot Deep Drawing Process, by Dieter Lenz., 26pp GEM., per) Archiv fur das Eisenhuttenw-esen, f Vol 22, 1951) No 7/8, pp 215-294 SIA TT-64-i8893 Sci - Meta May 67 346)691 R--garding the Technique for 1,L-aril1kring, Size of Mesh, by A. V. Brandt. GFR40, rer, Archiv fuer 1.6'-scll*%..,i~,i.;i~noc-tir-ift, Vol Vl:, No 1/2, 1955, -0 54-64~ - CURO ML- - German Econ lldlq, Mv 6 2 2 Present State of Research rnto the North Sea Herrinrr Witb Particular Reference to the question of Over-Fishing, by G, Krefift, et al. GTWUN, per, Archiv fuer Fisch- 555, pp 141-~*rm . ............ .;SIRO rexvany /go. Econ ;7, mar 62 Qusllty Detandnation of Mosels (WtUuo Edulia) and Clyaters, by P. lorrinp, 7 P. ow", per, 1955) Vol Vlo No 3/4j,-V-'P 1%-193, SLA 59,2a79 8 CA Kar 60 Vol 20 NO 11 Col.-Ca 0v tho Aocitea in cea-P ~-&l the D~Imio Qf Erlclc--Qta a,-,d '9=4 "I Bloodo by M. Url"muci, OMAN, Der, 4n~.gwr Ylachoreiv! *o zmms chr-t: tw- n'o 5/6., F."t a laterloy. RoothbtW Eubor) Stc US 4;~~ 6 Uldlifo Sswv J Bur Ca=arciml lpichorica Mestic gorrip-S fzw3= tieation, 1953 81-01 - Blol The Relation Between Intensity and DLxration of the Stum-aus With Electrical Perfusion of Fish, by E. Halsband. GMWM, per, Archiv fuer Fischereivissenschaft, vol vii, iTo 1, 1956, PP 74-81. Translation Program (Loan only) Sci jui 64 Krofft, Gerhard 1956 A oontribution to the knowledge of the GrasnlazA ray FAN BRinionds Jensen 1914 (Nin Baitrag xUr Xennbnis do$ GrUnIandroohens, .41a spini*445 Jensen 1914) Archiv Mr Rimohereiwis5enschaft, J~2)t 139-145. in German. Tranol. by Tranal. Bur. Fgn. Lang. Div., Dept. of See. of State of Canada for FFW0 Biological Station, St. John's, NfId, 1970, as PRBC Tranal. Series Va. 1544, 1TP., typosoript. Avail. on Loan - BCF, Wash., D.C. Original Article Checked Sebweiger, Gertmud 1957 The t=locloglegl effect of havy metal Mts on finhes and their prey (Die toidkologisehe RimirkuV von Schwemetallselten out Flachr und Fisahmhrtlere) Arohiv fuer Ploohe"eiVlaBensobfift, gi 54-78, in Oenm. Trawl. by Tranal. Bur., Fsn. Lang. Dl,.,. , Dept. of' See. of State of Cwmda, for Dept. of the Environ., MC Halifax Lab., 1121ifax, N.B., 1972, as Trwial. Series No. 2246, 56p., type- oript, : vail. on Loan - h'MVS, Wash., D. 0. Original Article Checkedo..' Subatmes Respmlble for Taste wA 6=11 in T"hi, by F, brmstedtg 16 IMS, porp-ATvbiv- fur- Piw2mrsiviesomochea 1957o Val VMt pp 94-103. ' SiA 59,W= mir 60 vol Investigation of tho Cooking Process an Board of shdmp cattereg by So Jaeckels GEMI, perg Arch, Fischwissjp No 119 190, pp 167-178 - NLL Reft 9D23-175 (477) Sol-ml Jan 69 372p645 Investigation Of Liquor Concentrations On tY.-e KeePiri., Quality Of Marinaded Tirmed Goodo, by V. 1,110yer. GEM-111, per, Arch.FischWiss., Vol 1-1 ic~62, p 55 CL' 71,52/250 Sci - Sep 67 ~--, 11, 0. . 0 5 ~, Results of Recent Investigations on the Fat of Marine and Freshwater Animals, by T. H. Khoe. GERM, per, Archiv fuer Fischerciwissenschaft, Vol XII12 No 1/2) 1963: PP 9-21. Fisheries Res Bd of Canada (Loan Only) Sci jul 64 Pe:616tence of PoStulml and %Dtor Asymmetrioa ce Cerebellar Origin in the Spinal Atimal, by A. M. di Girogio, 32 PP- VMIM, per,.Archivio di Fisiologia, Vol XXVIII, Ao 4~ 1929, pp 519'542.' Em 4-32-61 "CI .3 - IW ja 61 5T, .3 V2- ~w Persisteace of Postural and Motor Asymmetries of Cerebellar OrIgin in the Spima Animal, by A. M. di Giorgio, 17 pp, rIALM) per, = '54 '1-0-giftf Vol xxvir, 5 3- - I - S. -p 5 3-557. Nia 4-39-61 Bei - Med Jul 61 3 ~T Vj. cuA" vuj,,U~ ..... "I,:, Cembellar Origin in the Spima Animal. Mpo.-t Ill. The Pozz1bility of Evoking ftse Asymustries During Spinal Shock by I-bmw of Stryebtines, Adrenslin Emd Hyperventilattiout by A. M. di Giorgio, P-7 pp. perj, Ar~Fjfijo4 Vol MIT,, 170 4, 1929, PP 556-580, 171H 5-3-61 Sol - Y-ad 'Tul 61 The Effect of Sodium Dehydrocholate on Alcoholemia Produced in Normal Subjects. II. by A. Sebastianelli. 6 pp. ITALIAN, per, Archivio di Fisiologia Vol XXXVIII, 1938, pp 26-35. SLA TT-64-20014 Sci Sept 66 309,A748 1he Dodble Actimi of Acety1dioline an the Isolated Guinea-pig 11oart (Rouarks on Cellular 'Receptivity in the Orgmis of tho Vegetative Life),, by L Spadolini. iudm, per. ATch. nsiol. Vol 40, 1940,, pp 148-170. 11MV INLI 8-2-66 Aa c 6 6 -0140737 Res~arch an PolMthda Fm ftalt.- Acitimof Choling aqd Variatsion of the Liquids of the Liver and of Done Karrow,, by H. Savisno, V. Baccarl. 17iA I/ A V, (Archivio di Fintologiap Vol =12p 1943 AM Tr 1031 CTS Oct 194911/49) Scientific- Kedidne Functional Modifications of the SpinKI Cord as a Resilt of Aepmtrical Carebral or Cerebellar Thpuln-es, by Anaa Maria di Giorgio, 18 pp. 3TALIM, per, Areldvio dl Fieldlogia, Vol XLvn, No 4, .1947) pp 254-261.-- N3x h-.25-61 Sci - Med Jul 61 / 5-1~ 3 3 5- ele-ts p by --illood Aratibcdics and Plat Q D Dec., IFI CiS Vol 2, b Raular-mitals Conditions that Regulate in the Heart Vie Dirphasi c Action of tho Acotylcholine as Local Momone and as I,Wiator of~ lite Vagal Impulses, by I, Spadolird, 1TALLE, per, Arch Fisiol, 'Vol LII, Nh 4, 19S2j PP 329-353. IIE'4-1-4111-7-21-66 sci-B&M Jan qV 67 3160M0 The Basic Conditions which, Regulate the Diphasic Action in the Heart of Acetylcholine as a Local Hormue and Mediator of the Vagal Impulses., by I.Spadolini and A.Giachetti. MALIAN, per, Archivio di Fisiologi Vol-52~ pp-329-553)1952. *oTs vol.16, NO-3- Aug 66 Origin mA SipUicam of the lbehanical PjvpsrUA8 of the lAmSp by L Setaikeir. IMUN, pert Ar& di lisibli Vol Lls No 3y 1955# pp 349_3,,,a. -~-. ~-4 vm 6.9-63 sa; - uinai:za 50i Aug 63 f#. ~ -T 4 ~ // Investigating the Coast of Fehmarn-Nordwagrien, by C. Magens. GERMAN, per, Ar-chiv fuer Forshung und Technik, Vol VI, No 1, 1957, pp 4-39. Navy/110'kTr 17 Sci - Earth Sci & Astron Mar 64 Voropanov Method for Ascertaining Increment Percentages by Means of the Interrelationships Between Trees and Their Sociological ltviromnent, 11. Meyer. GE511N, per, Arch Forstw. Vol. 9, No-1, lq6o pp 19-27 ITZDIA Sci - Aug 67 337-171 Me Temperature Climate of Stands and Clearings Compared With That of Open Fields, by R. Lutzke. GEPMAIT, per, Archiv fur Forstwesen, Vol X, no 1, 1961, PP 17-83. TITZDIA Sci Dee 62 Problem of Tree Classifications and Recommendations for their FVrtiier Devc1opuiento. by H. Wyer. GEMM, per Arch. Forstyw, Vol. 10, No. 2, 1961, PP 136-149 NZDIA Sci - Aug 67 337-433 Yield Study in Connection with a New Tree Classification with Particular Attention to its Possibilities for Increment Forccastiiig. by H. Meyer. GERMN, per, Arch. Forst, Vol. 12, No. 4, 1963 pp 391-413. 11ZDIA Sci - Aug 67 337-1:(2 5arcojm of the Vulva in a 4 mnCis Infant, by R. Sacrez Ot als 5p, per, Vch. Franc,, Pe ~d. 0 pp 2U2-204. ~ Vol 6, 1951, Devt of "lavy 51211NL~B 1174 Sci-bij,11 Feb 6 7 3170790 Five Casen of Buious llmwologgica2 Affections In =, dreus One or Them a GWIL-Ain-Baxre Byw3wome; Dw=t=tion of tba :. Coxsackie Virus, by G. Meaat# 17 Ppe Full taTmalaticrao # per, Vol IX., 1952p P.P 978-983-* RE Tr 631 Scientific - Mccucine Oct 55 CM/DEX malignant Whooping Cough in an Eleven-manth OIA Child With Diffuse Necroale of the B-rozzichtal Im.mirment of the Bilmonary Pmadwmar by H. aplau., R. Grmbxhp P. Straus, J. Guillard.. 15 PP- FROMp per$ Arch F-ranc de_Ped..,,Vol X13.1p go 8, 4 1956; 0 MwM NM tr Sci - Med Aug 57 Viral Pneumonia of the A,P.C. Group in the Infant. Isolation of the Virus. Anatow-Ristologica lesions,, by M. lelongj, P. Lepinep W. *tWAlison, Le Tan Vinh, P. Sataep Ch. Chanys 7 PP-*:P-n. #.W,i FMCH, per, AEqA~c-j 10, 1956. , _0,. Vol XIII, No IM NIH Tr 8-10 set - waicine 2 ~') ). - 7 1157 il;l 9 Aug 57 1. ll~~-4 u ARCHIVLS FRANCAISES DE PEWATRIE ..,I 1958 V15.P775-7991, -1 : ., 710.-120.669 p I'd Ifln" Contribution to the Study of the Pathogenic Power of Escherichla Coli 0 LU B4~ by R. Sacrez) J. M. Levy, U pp. RMCH, per,, Archives Francaises de Pediatrie) 1958, v 15,, no 9, pp 12o4-1mP. srA TT 64-1874o jul 66 305.,416 A New Antibiotic For the Treatment of Infantile Diarrhea: Colinycin., by Jean Weill, J. Baruch, M. Costin, 6pp FMICH, per) Archives Francaises de Pediatrie, Vol 15., 1958., No 9, pp 1227-1230 siA TT-64-186i6 Sci - Bio may 67 326~643 1soludon of a Vimis Producirir, Zlyncytir- in Cellular Ctature. (Myxovirus Parainfluenzac I 141.10 31. On the Occasion of 0. ISr-0, 1, -CM-1c S pid Amotg Lifantc With Beniga Acuto Reopiraory X..snifegtations, "by 14. Ulong, J. VbIatte~ M. Cotlonko: C. Many.. A. Nodot) 15 yp. NRUCR~ pery Archives Francairie de Pediatrie) Vol ,.V~ No 2., rax 3.6-6o ,z--y 6o IV Pleural Forms of LeWcemla, by hWadowidd, Vladimir. FMCII,, pa,, Axch Franc Pedfat, Vol. 17,, pp. 199-2D4. 196D. HEW 2-10-65 WEur-France Sd-fj/m Mar 65 275.773 61-25390 Schneepng, E. and Francfort, Cl. ADVANTAGES OF TRIAMCINOLONE IN THE 1. Title: I.Apdd nephroais TREATMENT OF UPOID NEPHROSIS. [196114 6 1. Schneegana, E. F Order from ATS $7.35 ATS-51 11. Frandort, C. M. ATS-SIN54F Trans. of Arch(ives] Franq[afse del P69at(rial 1960, IV. Associated Technical v. 17, p. 413-416. ServIces, Inc., East Or&W, N. J. DESCRIPrORS: OTrisincinolone, *Kidneys, *Metabolism. Patbology, Therapy. Children. (Biological Sciences - - Pathology, TT, v. 6. no. 8) DfRce of Te6Wcd Swv4c" Chronic Yqeloid Leukemla in ChIldreup by Je Bernard FEW . perp Arch Franc Pediat, Vol 19j 1962p pp 88i~894 HEW NZ u-16-W soi-mm Feb 69 369P553 Leukemia aild Toxoplasmsis, by C., Hooft. FRUNCI, per, iVch Franc Pediat, Vol 19, 1962, pp 1201-1212. HEW N111 9-15-66 6ci/B&II, Nov 66 314,271 Carbon Dioxide Absorption Measurements in a Fagus Silvatica-Quercus Rubor Mlxed Forest -,4ith Consideration of Some MichroclLuatic Ract-ors. by K. Bernhard. GERIM, per. Arch. der Freunde der Naturgeschich in Mecklenburp". voi. 6, 1960, pp 174-219. CSIRO/No. O~60 Sci - Aug 67 336-o49 Gemination Tests as a Rapid Mlethod of Assessing Horticultural Substrates with Respect to PiVtotoy-ic Susbstaaices, by F. Gcbler,. M. Drevs. GMWI, per Arch. Gartcnbj_Vol. 110, No. 3/4 1962; PP 333-34.6 CSIRO/ No. 766c Sci - Aug 067 J1 Further Investigations Concerning the Assimilatory and Respiratory Behaviour of Fruit Trees, by G. Friedrich, G. Schmidt. GERMJUJ, per, Arch. Gartenbau, Vol 11, No 3, 1964;, pp 209-245. (11RC/Ref.- C-5005) Sci - Aug 67 339,875 Research on the Assimilatory Behaviour of Apple, Pear, Cherry and Kum Using a Newly Developed Apparatus, by G. Friedrich, G. Schmidt. GMMN, per, Arch. Gartenbau, Vol 7, 1959, PP 321-326. (NRC/Ref: c-4967) Sci - Aug 67 339,876 The Amount of Nutrient Wash-out from Peat and Peat Culture Substrates, by B. Baumann. GERMAN, per, Archiv fur Gartenbhu, Vol 12, No S, 1964, pp 345-554. NTC 69-10996-02A Sci-Agri May 69 392,368 Influence of Gravity on the Blood Circulation; Diagnostics of Syncope and Apoplexy, by N, Piorry. GEDIAN,, pert Arch. Gen, Mods Vol 11, 1826j pp 292-294. NASA Tr F-9844 U. S. GOVERNMENT USE ONLY Sd-B&M Apr 66 2980754 Sill-Uldic-S Peculiav Lenicn oi ~;Lc Ten6ori Sh~--,itlqs of -'the Chavacil-erized by Dc~-,pt~jopjjen-I, raf I'lodosilty o-a the Flexor Tetidons of ttm TnUlbitioD of Their "'an On Cerebral Softening and its Curability, by j. A. ftuchoux) 37 1v - FFMM.. per., ArIl4vag, Gwars&es de Wdecimp Vol IXVI, IMo pp 26j-~~j -ha-4 *'-' . - MM 2-37-61 ,qA 61-166'1? Sci - Med Apr 61 / J~ V/ 0 () S~ A. Wt Dissolution Originally Homogenized, by C. Soret. FRENCH., per, Arch de Geneve, Ser 3, No 2, 1879, pp 48-61. *M TT 71-53023 Available NBS Only June 71 Warm Mineral Springs of Central Vietnam, by Henri Fontaine, Nguyen An Cu. 5 pp. FRENGHp per$ Archives Geologigues du Vietnam, No 6, 1964. ACSI J-8527 ID 2204012870 Sci-Rar Sci Jul 70 Microscopic Floeculation Mwtion an Slides by the Double Diffusion Wthod in Agar Betwen Policei3relitic Antibodies and Arxtingew~ by M. F. Paccaud, E. Pongrutz, J. Scblwger,, 2(Y -pp. MORS perj,_A=UV-AMr-A%*-CL%9=te_ T~204e~3~3chung, Vol Xt No 3s 1960, PP 335-350. Nm 4-2-61 acl - yAd hi 61 ,,y 3/5' 5 ", Me Werweopic Flocculation Ructim an Blida by the Double DIMA(m MuLbod in Apr Betvm Pd1ia*vIItIo AvUbodles and Anbigm. n. cavamuve StU4 or the -.- 2 OcW1==t nxWg wd RoMdRUM hwKb*U9sj. by M. P. Pacemadv R. powsh), j" schleavftr, 3B pp. FJ=Mj per, _AjVAxj5jw,,diq Coombe Virusfoxedumg, va 1~ No 3) 1960., pp 351-0" EM 3-51-U %w 61 1. Enterovital Infections. The Coxaaclde Virus, by J. Couvreur.1 ZO pp?. FRENCH., per, Arch Ges Virusforsebit, Vol Mil, 1963, pp 105-1270 Navy/NMS 933- Scl-B/M Feb 65 274,190 Pathology of the Metabolism in the Presence of Lead Poisoning of the Organism. I. Nitrogen Metabolism of Carnivora in Chronic Lead Poisoning., by A. M. Tscharay, 9 pp.- GMW., per, Archiv fur Gewerbepathologie und Gewerbehygiene, 1931, vol 2. pp 11-41. su TT 64-1624o Jul 66 305,424 The Pathology of the Metabolism in the Prenence of lead Poisioning of the Organism, IV. The Influence of HydrocUoric Acid Won the Alteration of the Phosphonous and Calcium Metabolism In Egerimental Lead Poisoning, by A. M. Tscharny, E. Israilweitsch,, 17 pp. GERMAN, per, Arch fur Gewerbepath uad Gewerbehygieneo 1931, v 21, pp 56-70. su TT 64-16241 Jul 66 305)426 Pathology of the Metabolism in the Presence of Lea& Poisoning of the Organism. 3:1. Al 1e-1 i Reserves of the Blood in Chronic Saturnism, by A. m. Ts cham., 5 pp - GEM., per,, Arch fur Gewerbepath und Gewer- behygiene, 1931, v 2 pp 42-46. sLA TT Q-16239 jul 66 305)425 70-13565-06J Almgren, S. 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Acustica, aebst Ertlertrg der Bedeutung der Semicirculliren CarAle Mr das Kbrperglelchgewlchr). 11961149p 29refs. Order from SLA $4.60 TT-61-146-44 Trat.s. of PiMger's Ar Mr a-r~l Phystolloyle des Menechon mad-dex-litrel(Germany) 1883, Y. 30, p. 312-347. (BIGIVcal Sciences- -PhystolM. TT, v. 12, w. 3) s-'-. Collection of Articles on Respiratory Physiology~ by W. Einthoven. GEPMN~ perk Arch Ges Physiol., No 51, 1892) p 367. *NTIS/HEW TT 71-50149 Sept 71 i r, Ck-,)i 1. -""0 urry or Ptapidly Chwcj~ag !A! pOtlc=ti-l: by W. Mat: :~.rchjv faer die Gem,,A-c VO-L ITM 3-53-60 Sol - Mod illa GO 11 7j 3S- 7 7T-61-14W7 Bnick, Alfred. CONCERNING TIPE RELATIONSMPS OF DRAF- 1. Bruck, A. MIMSM TO THE SO-CALLED STATIC SENSE Wber the Beitehungen der Taubstummbeit zum Sogenanmen Statischen Sinn). Jul 53, 32p 4refs. Order from SLA $3.60 77-61-14607 Trans. of PflUgers 4=4ix"l14Ja_LLG,-~_ ai,:LteL L_ _ 'I '()' N "' " Physiolfwie des Men chen uiidikr Tierel (Germmy) iL895, ~v.~p.6942. 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NIH Tr 5-38 Sci - Ked MaY 57 The 31c"Actarxe to rlc-j in t-he !h=m)2 ReDpilstory 114- 1=evilar .6 0:,agoo =12 tho Wlu=c Of Ram-Ificatiou o." th-P B-1,crachial Syutcm ou the Couree 0-.~ Respii-atka. in DlMzrant '1110-monarv Pegicaz., by F. Rchrer, 29 pp. GM-M$ perk Ax-ch gau Fpyui,Ul; Vol CIZ11) 1915s V p :-:; 0' -- -. '--- --' IITM TV ITO 2-2.0 Ppr 1957 COM-. The r4oiAance to Flow In the Humn Reopiratony POSOMPS zd aid the lanuenes of tho nToculAr Ramdfi of W Bron0hial $Yatos an tjm Cource of Pacp1ratlon in Diftawt PmlmraTy %gious, by 7. lobmp 27 pp. amu,v pwi, Arch ftGm.,WW4()l, Vol MMI 1915s pp 2M-2920 20kO-o' . N3H Tr n-26 S.L.A. Tr IA04 Sol - -lbdicl= Doo 56 M ,Ll Yel r-1