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Journal for Scientific.Agricultural Research, by D. Filipovie 1~7 pp. CROATIAN, per, ~rhiv :a Poljoprivredne Nauke ri Tehniku]., Vol 16, No 540 1963, pp 3-158. CFSTI TT-63-11453/4 Sci/Agri Jul 66 303,795 ~Qft v 572 sa '7 AL 67 ~~,19 x9munaft .Journal for Agricultural Research~ by Branko Pesic. 5 Issues a Year. POLISH, per, Arhiv ta Poljoprivredno Wuke., 1965; 1,000 *oTs 65-5o4o4 PL-48o /7 Sai Oct 64 Journal Ibr Scio-titific A?ricultural Pesearch, 114 pp. CRONFIAN, pdr, Arhiv za PoIj22xivrcdne Natzko i Tehi,dku Vol 18, No 61, 1965, pp 3-158. CFSTI I-r-65-50404/5 Sci/Bv(,.! Ap r 6 7 322,464 Observations on Reactions Induced in Lung by Distoweeous Eartbjp by A. Policard,, 6 pp. FMCllj per# Arcbivles.,,PorW&aiPcz die fti, , U, --"- 11~0-1094ws.#.~Vol Vp 1936# pp "A7. RK Tr 930 Sci - MOO -30~, 33Y ft-z- ., W,.rc, The DM109MAt of Via German Submaiine Cable system iprw 1934 to 1956 with OPecial Refereace to WarUw R44wts, by Gerd Nebelg[Tair"99c'ken, 34 PP- llma+- t~A OEM) pus FeMi4emen. Vol Up No 3# JUMe 1957.- Yp Sol - Mmtvw w" - Gumaxw Ma Sep 61 uwyA: sc-138/6o 14 Determination of the Relv~ive Merits of Wooden Poles for Use on Telegraph and TejCPhOL-% Lines, 30 PR. GERMM, per, Arch. Post. u. Telegraphie, No 8j Apr 1913. STA 57-1475 Scientific - 6g ol aole ot the Douuche raichoport In the 4th QlMic Winter Owms , 2- pp., OMM, per, Arch Post u TeUgrepUep VdL MVp m .rp aka - -, %, - - BIA 57-93a Sci AM 58 ev ?/ 7 5- d (NY-6779) The Origin and Developwnt of Public Self-Management Tnatitutions., by Aleksandnr T. Hristvv~ 36 pp. CROATW, per, Arhly__o-j~rwwl-, Drugtvene,lqauk Vol XLvllrx so I/p-j pp im 11898 EBur - Yugoslavia Econ jan 62 79 The Local Co=ittee and the Loca Community, by losip Olobevrlkp 54 pp. CRQATIAN, per, Arbiv za Ih-avrie i Drustwene 1,96r) im 11899 EEO - Yugoolavia Boa Jan 62 WAV sVte, From 193~ U 1956 With ~- "..-4-Awip R4mts. by GCrIL 0 F=ds fOr GQ=u=G, by 11. OWner. CIMM, ix,.r. Ar-hiv .,oL Pit= i Drar;tmne&f),/Iwu,, 110 3-4., Jul-Dec'Zat PP 350-3%, FM Sum 3489 M-ur - Yugoslavia Boon Mar (52 A Note on Ideol.ogy. by nad. D. Lukic. 15 pp. SERBO-CROATIAN, per, Arhiv za ra No 3 Jul-S Mg pp 174-184. naukof f 'W~7,770 J F:Eur-Yugoslavia Soc Feb 6S 272t646 The Concept of State Administration in Yugoslav - Theory,$ by Slavoljub Popovic, 9 pp, SERBD-CROATIM. per, Ajjjv_za._pzan&_i_dnatu= I nLqjLk2O No 3, Jul-Sept 1964, pp 228-234e1 . jPIZS 27.770 ,. mur*yUgoslavia . goe : Feb 65 2720847 A Classification of Yug'oslav Organizations and Associatious of Citizefts, by bdodrag Zecovic, 17 op, QU MMU 1--RUWMQ IT JP%-) ZTs770 'Bur 1 . -Yugoslavia Feb 65 2720V48 On the Whizling Disease, DrebkraWwlt, of SalmonMep Lentoepo= CorebraUs, 'by Nuum ?]elm# 13 pp. aMO, perp Arehiv far PpyUstealmufty Vol Vp NO not cc m2torlor MU I& No 433, Od - Mo &IM Bd w f9 Btudles on IntraceUtlar,8yalonta, by P. - Buchner,, UNMMSIP33D QMWoper. Arahivfuer ProtioUnhmdes Vol XXVIp 19120 77# Ubf W Tr 459 The Synchytria2 by Gertrud Toblerp 167pp GEPAN, per) Archiv fur Protistenkmde, Vol. 28, 1913, P.P 14142M sjA TT-64-io3o5 Sci - Biol - June 67 3P-8.,795 1. Developzental Nistory e Hemococcidip. of Llvtrds, ~.S Karyolyouzo 'by Eduard Pleidhenow, !h2pp CEPIMMI NIZ Arch fuer Protistenkde Vol. " 10 1921s 179-29L NIH Biolo&v IMPV 54 7 7 (ID I %a) 6 2-D 1-6 N2 0' v 6 5 Richerche sul alclo ewlutivo di Uplo"AdiUs lbuodfiu vtota -I%rt Lwpldo Groasta ."W"8 AMIV FM M=IXUSV* Ve 35 pp4t679 (36 pp ) ItaUu - oat for wdso T7p# an origiaRl cW ody, The GlycopplinTelmyza Palustrb Greeff With Contributions to the Knowledge of the Anima.1, by Michael Leiner, GERM, per, Arddv hr Protisteakund Vol 47, No Is, 1924, PP 33:36-t.: AZC ANL-tr.289 Sci/B&M Jun 66 Contribution to tbe Stv4 of TrIetama. 1. Trawatasion of Waytoza by Ticks and Asaoclated Problem of rawmi ty 110 by F. Rosenbusch., R. 0owan. WMM, per,, Archiv to ProtletenkwAa.. Vol Ls No 3., 300-320. CSIRO 46hg set - jbd A% 62 The Developrownt of Babesia Cwhis In Darmsientor Reticulatusp by P. Regendanz and He Relchenow, CMKkff;, per.. Arch Protiatenkunde, Vol MMj, No . ".., ...... 1, 1933P pp 50-71. 'COBIRO-3183 Sci Aug 58 '711 29f Investie"atials oil DOV0101-mat mid Reproduction of idie Genus ritumliclia,, by ~Ilitta Lerche. GEWM, per, Arch Protisteak, Vol LXXXVIII, 19311 pp 236-268, NASA 17 F-100429 10 sci-D&i.1 Jan 67 The Life # Cycle of the East Coast Fever Parasite in Cattle and in the Transmitting TicItp by E. Reicbenov. r.r=Mp 1perp ~r~ Pratlstenkun4a,, Vol XCTV, go 1, 1940p pp 1-50. , , '-' " C-DIRO-3162 Sci ~7/, ~ 57? Aug 58 Children's Bureau.(TD 30 Aug.) B-9678-D 12 iog 60 identMosdone al Padre in Aooem 41 ltdeUo Patemo By: ANOMO L., et al FTm: ArcUvio di PidwlogU6 Nm=logia e Pacbiatria ~ Vo 24A, 1963P :uW,.--Auojst DD 339-361 ( 23 PP) italUn - est for wdoi rima trmvu%W vz4 type I com douW--w.4scod- Myxed4ma and Payebosisp by ErIch Jacobi# 3 PP- ABSMCT OMAN., per, Archiv fur Psychiatrie, Vol LXXXVI, 1921n) -pp 4264~1- NIT! 3-37 Sci - Med Apr 59 The Ltmn Llectroancephalogmm, Part TIxet., by 11, Wrgers GEM4. per, Arch Pmuat' Vol !~~' 1931. PP 16- 6o. BEV HIH 10-34-68 Soi-B and L! Jan 69 371.755 Iwam=1 nmaawatalo of Exchop of ~Ltarlzla Betvam the Catml Ifervw System md the Rcat of tho by X. Ualtjcx. M"I per., AIALV ~,& J~MCAW4:44-1a) Vol LI,# L034P pp 195-2230. YM 3-h4,.63 set - moi/Mad aci "? 3,v /. 3 7 Jta 63 Development of Focal Lesions of the Brain by Trausudation, by H. Jacob, 2 pp. GERMN# per, Arebiv fuer Psychiatric, Vol CLXMI, 1951s PP 327-j WO Tr 9-25 SCI - Modicille -5- 7 - /-N2 j1W, -0K96 Oct 57 glectrophoretic lavel3tigatious on Brain Tissuep RapeciaUy F= the Vicinity a Nwrs - Alw a Coutr:Vbutlou to the fathogenesis of Cerebral Tum,factioa and Corebml Ede=, by G. Kaps 23 ppo =4w) po; Arch FD*M21147 No 192, 19~41 pp 115-127. WIH 10-27 Scientific - )bdicine NOV 56 MS THE ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY OF THE CAUDATUS OF THE CAT: ELECTRICAL STIMULATION AND CONTRACTION DIS- CHARGE [NO DIFFERENT STRUCTURES OF THE CEREBRUM A14D THEIR CONNECTION WITH THE CAUDATUS,BY W. UMBACH, L7 PP- GERMAN: PER, ARCHIV FUER PSYCHIATRIE, VOL CIC, 1959, PP 553-~_72. NIH Oo-6-62 SCI - HED OCT 62 213,717 The Nervous System of the Dog in Ex- perimental Lead Poisoning, by E, Ks Ewserowa. GERMAN, per, Lrchiv fuer Psvchiatrie und Nervenkrankhei en, Vol 88, 1929, pp 752-775. NTC 72-10177-06r Apr 72 Tr-61-14303 Brunner, Hans. CONCERNING THE CONISNATION OF 'ME 1. Brunner, 11. DISFASES OF THE LA9YRDMIAL NERVE AND TTIF RrCURR-,NT (L%RYNCEAL) NERVE WMCH ARE CAIXEl) CENTRALLY (Uber dle KomUaadon von Zenrral BedLngton Erkrankurigen des Nervas Labyrinthicus und des Nv1 VU1 RL-1-111 1901 122pi 15refs. Order fron, SLA $2.60 Tr-61-143051 'rrans. of krankhe1!2qjjGer ni any) 1932, v. 97, p. 644-659. (Biological Sciences- -Pathology, TT, Y. 12, no. 3) 61 -14319 Lowenbach, Hans. COMPARATIVE INVESTIGATIONS CONCERNING 1. Lowenhach, 14. THE STINIULABILITY OF THF CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM OF PATIENTS MENTALLY AFFECTED, ABOVE ALI, OF PER IODS CATATONICS, WITH 11-M AID OF QUANTITATIVE VESTIBULAR SMU- LATION (Messende Untcrsuchungen ulx-r die Erreg- barkeit des Zenlralnervensystems von Ceisteskranken, vorallem von Periodisch Katatonen, mit Pilfo Quanti- tativer Vestibularisreizong). 11961115p. (S figs. omitted) 8 refs. Order from SLA $1.60 61-14319 Trans, ofArch L krailkhaiwall.Germany) 19,36, v. 105, p. 313-323, DESCRIVI'ORS: Shinuhnion, Nervous system, Rar, Psvchoses, Vestibular nerve (unannounecd) I Oa tho Pmence of Aftbrmt fibers iu the AWv).oaoul Items, loy A, At TaeAmip 6 ppe ou".. per$ AVOW L Una memn. V936., Rp M 1-6-63 Sol - Bla-ma. Sd 6t-14325 Brunner, Hans. NYSTAGMUS OF THE EYELID AFTER BILATERAL 1. Brunner, H. COLD !RRICATION OF THE EARS (Lidnystagmus mich Doppelseiriger Kaftspfflung der Ohren). [19611 9p. 13 refs. Order from SLA $1. 10 61-14325 Trans. of Arcb[jvl 411r) Psyclilatr[jo und Nerven - krankheiten) (Germany) 1938, v. 107, p. 711-716. DESCRIPTORS: Nystagmus, Eye, Ear, Water, Tem- perature, Tlierapy (Unannounced) 0mce of Tocvk.1 Swvicsg improved ApV,,ratuil for Alewur=g Wr,%tsug i-Aeraurd-; Fa Steimmchs, 14 pp. GMWp perp.Arch Psychiat u servepk"P44 Voi CM=s 1952,p 'PP .1. 521-.5'-3"6. 1 1.1---,-I.-, SLA 57-3036 Sel Aug 58 71, P-4 q 62-20438 Balthaner, Karl. MORPHOLOGY OF THE SPINtAL TIBIAL AND 1. Bakhaser, K. PERONEAL YUCLEI IN THE CAT! TOPOGRAPHY, R. Title: TopDgraphy ARCHITECTURE, COURSE OF AXONS AND DRN- DRUES OF MOTOR AND INTERMEDIARY NEURONS IN THE SCGMENTS. 1.6-S2 (MorphologLe der SpWm Tiblalls und Peronaeus Kerne bet der Kau). [IVI&51 33p. (figs. tables refs. omitted). Order from SLA $3.60 62-2DVS Trana. of Arc9LVLTd_r1_P"SAlA Witen) (dir-many) 1952, Y, 158, p. NO-378. DESCRIPTORS: *Morphology, Histology, Nerves, Lep, *Spinal cord, *Nerve cells. *Nuclei (Biology), Motor reactions. (Biological Sciences --Anatomy, TT. Y. 9, w. 11) affka d 7KW2.1 unk" PDA 1288-67-24 Clinical and pathomorphological findiWr addiction to antlautbmatic drags By: Unterharnscheiat, F. From: Arch. Psychiat. Hervenkr. Vol. 205, PP306-320 German - est for wds: R-7988-D 17 Feb 67 in cbrontc june -L 1964 15 pp) Plewe translate and type 1 orip,,V Domment can be cut. About Zf feds of Apbuic MwAn In the Jop. a=" Um~j Put n. J" Rea&bg- MabUltial by fro PAMO. T* 114-lImpme ammo PW# Arabiv lUw .10 MA NWV vuelnw nit Zld% faW dle Gn Wxaml Und NAIIW& Vol 1931 At W IW-145. Mr.-69-IMT-05G sai-Bah & Sao Sept 69 391.0107 The RmwoMa AUAlold 96sap1m (SerPM11). iD pl;ycblatry, by 19 Iftalkes 39 pp. NO SLA Tr Mg ms'17 Scl - Yled Apr 1957 Neuronal Mibltlou the Notor Cortex Follawring MActrinal Stimil loa of the Cauaate lacleus., by R. IN 4WMNW 0. D. Creutsfeldtj R. JuAg,* 15 pp, awjwj peri, fuer P83mblatria uIld - Arebly Z fus Vol CaL Z66~- 54- NDI 3-6-62 Sci - Med 11~7 Jan 62 "W-v . 0 R. Berger* GWMO per# Arch Lambat V=VOPIT. VC1 Loili i933/19Y4* iVT5y-W9-s law Nill 4-9-68 Sci/B e: 1% june 6B 358,,3~0 Blectroeneephalotg= in Man, Report AIM, irr H. Eerger. GERMN9 port Arch Psyebia-t 2-lorml-Acr, 1937, pp 577-584. ml 111M 4-8-68 Soi/B A", I~i june 68 3588.312 Neurovirulence Tests for Live Polioviras Vaccines Pt.11 Basisp W-thod and Evaluation of the Test for Measuring Neuroviralence in the Monkey, by O.Bonin and FoUnterharnacheidto GMM,, per, Archiv fuOr Psy24;,~,trie und Herven.., Vol*206$ No.2, pp.260-P-71, 1964. SU TT-66-11696 B/H Aug 66 308,930 Neurovirulence Tests for Live Poliovirus Vaccines. Ptell, Pathomorphology of Polomyelities in Monkeys Induced by Attenuated Polil Virus on Intralumbar Injection; with Special References to Mfferences Betveen the Virus Types) by F#Unterbarnscheidt and O.Ponin. GMW . per., Archiv Fuer Psychiatrie und Nerven) VOL2061 NoAp PP-454-4773~ 1965. su-m66-117oi B/M Aug 66 308:931 stitued on the aftt of nublUm potlAws In t1w HAM fttexo lo Me cfftgt of maghteal Muftucin Of V4G*dft* SWISNU Nw),Al 9x pp. A"UT rw ll*P TA5-63 W - Idol 0v 63 IT-61-14149 Dahlmann, Reinhold. CONCERNING CROSS DISPARrrY AND THE INTER- 1 1. Dahlmann, R. PRETATION OF GESTALT, IATM SPECIAL CONSIDERATION OF THE PANUM PHENOMENON (Ober Querdisparation und Gesta Itauffas sung mit Besonderer Ber6cksichti ung des Panumuchen Ph9nornens). [1961)[76pi. Order from SLA $7.60 Tr-61-14149 Trans. of Arch tv d ie P-chn][ogtel jGermany) 193-4, v. 90, p. 504-56D. (Behavioral Sciences --Psychology. TT, Y. 12. no. 3)1 Offic, .1 T.0.1c.1 5-ke. The Problem of Fatigae as It I Affects the Comandar. yoi ain GIMMp per ~'j)qcholo i 24 Dw MW Tr 14571= i3y~ Sol - NedialM Alp 1957 CS/dox 11. VUU&I Cosprison of Heighto at Vhrylog Distances in the Vrmft-FaraUel Plane, by Je= PiWt. Phre Lamberclorp 9 pp. FREM, per, Arah1vu-s do Psychologio, Geneva, Vol -"- . 113H 8-33 Sci - yea Ser, 59 '47~; 51 a v0 'fT-64-10023. Litwinsid. Leon. 7WE DEVELOMW AND DECLINE OF INTELLEM 1. Litwinald. L. AS A RJNGMON OF AGE (L'Amension et 1e D6&n MAnW en Fonctim de I'Age). 119631 [31p] 39refs Order ftm SLA $3. 60 Tr-64-10023 Trans. of A rcblves. de Psychologle (Sivitzdriand) 1950. V. A no. DESCR7Miusz: *btelligence tests, *Aging (Physiology), Personalityj Psychmnetrice. 03ebavioral Sciences- -Psychology, Tr, v. 11, no. 4) HIM 01 Todalce scrvfm A&C"t, by ly. :Pt~,,Jal Tr do f1cycl-lolf)g1c), Vol 2195L 1304 4 - Sci Observations on Medical Therapy of Photogenic L~Djlepsyj by A. Gulda, 44 pp. WALIAN, -per, NeurQloglaj raichtatria e Psip~qtjprapis,, Vol XX, fd/Au,g' 10,58, pp 3~5-355'- ' sLA 6o-i454i sci OTS) Vol IV, No 3 Sep 60 I A6pects of Mineral YAtabolism in the Skeleton Analyzed by Absorption of Roentgen Rays, by R. Amprino., 27 PP, ITAUM.. per, Arch. 'Putul Ir, 2, pp 173-183. AEC Tr 2812 Sci - Pbysice Al.~; 0 17 f mar 57/C7S '51 ~- ~;'/ - ~ AV/ 7 Sep 67 Transtations Smral Proparties of Solutiong of the Pco&,Wtt Bm=dMbltpr Lbliffertatial ls~qjatlws FMA9 A-Mhs RatIOMI M00b4nICS WW A"tysl*,, Val 2% Op 1.31 (31pp) leisl ays 'nickel OursAA - Uttsaw foresp WT431 lramlate mW trpe im artSinst pl". one carbon copy, O~FT VM.. FASTC4~ ATTACIEVO StablUty of Mw in a Curved Chiamel by G. Hmwrllu. omm,v pari Arch Rational MA Anal Vol 1$ 1958s pp 212~224* N&GA TT F-10i705 UDVERMM USE OULY sci-php Mar 67 32DO04 Af9p Lu"Whaltm Vm LawwW. tw pr#mt4dm ghfthw4*4 L-1 rid MCL& CF. MVili# p0rg Attbbt AW VAUMd MOCIP04cs arA'47.i VAWIV~ W4,44% or--.Al.W sla-tw itly 63 Wftemidodaftgoo by riad I&W. pro and Mo 14 or, A N, V Sci-Ew National Chebyshov Approximation, Eigen- Value 7hoory and Calcultwa of Difforonces,, by 11101nut Wernor, GEIDW,, per, Arch Ration Mcch Anal,, Vol XIIIs 1963o pp 330-grl. 923087 AEC-ANL-Tr-238 Sci - Math Mar 66 29,U",488 Review an Studies of Lysozym., by L. Wsxvbft=p 0.' Nooppel.. 25 P! IWIP Part 1938t Vol X1, Vp MA 60-W499 Nq 60 fol 3a 110 7"ac, tIbchanisas of Acquired hiammity in Infectial with P. Vivax. Ilia Pluorescent Antibody Vothod b the CYU-Sero-Chemical Reaction Corplex of the Blood System in the Course of limaunogenesis, by Mo Ciuca, Ot al. FIT'.110-1. mr. Awall Roma Path E.'al 1-atrob-101$ Vol 230 No 3, 1964, pp 749-7Q. NIH 6-8-65 sci/BETIII Jul 65 283t699 Relapses in Uperimautal Trypanosomiazies Report 11, Dr Eqns Ritz,, 23 Vp* UNMMVM Full translation. MMAN, per, Archiv fuer Bcbi.Lffi-tmd TrcpeRA&%Lene~ Vol XX8, no 301MIT Scientific - Mediclue, ble/e,"j, mias