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December 22, 2016
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February 24, 2012
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January 19, 1976
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;STAT V Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/24: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100090069-7 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR 19 JANUARY 1970 =: .. - .mss ^9 .. five proposals before Sen. Abraham Ribicoff's h midi - By Dana Adams Sc f Committee on Government Operations. He Stffespondent o a corr The Christian Science Monitor - .- will emphasize a need for an intelligence 1ashington committee with power to prevent the in- Congress wants a new oversight committee, volvement of the United States in dangerous 1to be given prior information of covert U.S. and possibly counterproductive covert foreign activities abroad - but President Ford thinks adventures. Congress is too leaky a vessel-to be trusted Senator Church is concerned about the with such information. ::. possibility that the administration will seek 't'his is the crux of the public debate that will something like an official secrets act, which begin anew this week in Washington as the would enable it at ..will to :make, secret search for resolving both the misuse of the whatever it saw fit.: CIA and abuses by the agency itself gains new' Although there has been extensive liaison momentum.. ". ; between the Senate and House inteligence. a through President Ford, who has been outraged by committees and the White. House differences disclosure of CIA plans to help the Christian Presidential aide John Marsh, Democrats of Italy and by: disclosure of the. between the two branches remain far-reach- names of CIA officers prior to the ascassina- ing.: _.~ '= tion of Richard S. Welch in Athens, will put the The differences are - summarized in the.-: emphasis on these aspects of the problem in White House contention that to give a congres- his State of the Union address Monday (Jan. sional oversight committee prior information-1 19). A special message on the CIA and the on covert operations would raise conintelligence problem generally will follow.' : stitut oval problems. It would, in the White .t Sen. Frank Church (D) of Idaho, chairman House view, make the committee a part of the of the Senate Select. Committee on executive branch, thereby violating the con--- telligence, will follow on Tuesday with legisla- stitutional separation of powers... , - = Senator Church's` reply is that the Con- stitution 'requires Congress to advise as well as consent, and that it cannot advise without prior information. At present the administration informs sub---I committees of no less than six committees of Congress - the Foreign Relations; Armed Services, and Appropriations Committees in each house - of the covert operations of thei CIA. But after the fact, and in secrecy. Sworn to secrecy about something that has already ? i happered, the congressmen have found them- "selves helpless to act until someone has leaked the secret information Senator. Church's 11-man committee will propose that, when it is phased out bn Feb.29, its functions betaken over- by a new com- mittee of five.Democrats and four Republi- cans. This committee, either jointly with a House committee or in parallel operations, would become the sole recipient of intelligence briefings from the administration. It would have the power of dissent. If it differed from an administration plan to engage in some covert project, like- the overthrow of the Government of Chile, it would first withdraw funds for that project. If the administration persisted, using other funds, the committee could refer the matter to a secret session of the entire Senate. Security would be easier to maintain be- cause fewer legislators would be involved. Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/24: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100090069-7