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December 22, 2016
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February 24, 2012
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June 18, 1975
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STAT q Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/02/24: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100090104-7 STAT set by Leaks on CU 1\1 i n C. li s .Sensitivity of Material and Possible Damage to Reputations Cited Til : T ,OS 'Ti 1i': JUTE 197 V. h?n as' e(1 'I :.. da? it ti:?' V- idcni. was upset \v h Fig''=tellli^r. \e:. en replied. about that ~c;terclav Bu' hi: ( F orci'61 feeling aboui. leak ... he fee's really !Strongly that this i not ready the orderly and proi:er v. to ham-lie this." \'e son refused also to comer an Rep.:Iici:ael J. Ilarruigton (D -!ia s.). who was bar:'eel -Monday by his foe- r.:e: pall ag :. ; on the House Armed Ser', .:a Coni-nittce from access io class :: ~d information beca'. se he had leaked clas.ifi-_! information about CIA operations in Chile. "I don't think I ought to comment on the workings of Congress," said WASHL\GTO\---Presi:.ient Ford i lessen. who has frequently done just "displeased" by continuing leaks of that. As laughter welled up. he added: In that particular area." "alleged partial information" about i?Ieantime, presidential cot;-"el the purported role of the Central In- Roderick M. Fills told the \~'a"shing- telligence Agency in plots to assas- ton Star that the -'hits F?oa; v;as sinate foreign learners, tine White combing records of the National Sc- House said Tuesday. curitv Council for clues to U.S. Policy Press secretary Ron Nessen said hck'.een 1959 and 1963. that Mr. Ford was concerned because Published allegations have linked classified data dealing with the al the CIA with the assassination in leged plots. now under renew ii? 1961 of Rafael L. Trujillo, dictator of Congress and within the Administra the Dominican Republic, and with tion. were difficult to appraise. and plots to kill Cuban Premier Fidel Cas- were of "great sensitivity." tro. ''People's reputation= are at stake. Hills said he could not say whether and the President feels it's not in the the councils minutes contained any naticnal interest to spew out inconm- reference to assassination plots. But plete, unclear portion and bits and he said the search could determine pieces day after day.' Hessen said "who is reponsible for what" in the during a long exchur.go with repor- area of Caribbean policy during the Last Sunday. Rockefeller said dur=ing a television interview that former President John F. Kennedy and his brother. former Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, might have played roles in alleged assa sination plots by thc. CI?. On - _Mocd i . '.% ii,;,; \it sa_sinations. Ness r a fe :. - ~~ ~C ccrrespon dent and United Press international reporter, denied that he was issuing "a warning or a caution or a criti- cism" to the ncxs media. ;m justo;;e_:.;yr.:t. Pres- ident's views or, he.v h chinks this ought' to r,, sal handled in, the into es's of _. d t e inter ests of ;vatic tai _ _.: in the .i - tional `oreig.^: p^op!c's rep.