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December 22, 2016
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February 7, 2012
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May 31, 1986
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/02/08: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100100006-4 UTICA OBSERVER-DISPATCH (NY) FILE ONLY 31 May 1986 The press and the CIA ~huld act responsibly In the Soviet Union there is no debate Casey can decide whether or not it about how much information to make endangers national security. public about its intelligence network. At the trial itself, much of the testimony Everything is secret and no one is allowed so far has involved references to "Pro- to object. jects A, B, C, D and E," that the govern- But in our country it works differently. ment has failed to describe. Prosecutors Since we, the citizens and taxpayers, have said it did not matter what the projects a say in what our government does, we were, only that they had been disclosed to have a right to have at least some the Soviets. information about how the CIA and the One of the problems here is that Casey National Security Agency are spending seems to be very concerned about locking our money. the barn door after the horse has already We depend on the press to report about run away. If these projects have already these agencies on matters that do not been disclosed to the Soviets, why are endanger nationatsecurity.' they still secret? Is national security But there is a fine line there. Who really involved here, or does the CIA just decides what endangers national securi- want to keep us from knowing about a ty? It would certainly be irresponsible for controversial operation that might in- reporters to print the names of secret volve violations of the Soviets' territorial agents working abroad where their lives waters? Wouldn't we be upset 'if we found could be endangered. It would have been a Soviet submarine in the Potomac? irresponsible to disclose in advance the It's only natural that the CIA and the plans for the raid on Libya. press are adversaries on these kinds of On the other hand, leaders of the U.S. issues. The CIA's job is to keep secrets, intelligence communities screamed "na- the press's job is to protect the public's tional security" after disclosure of the right to know. Pentagon papers, Watergate and at- There are documented cases where the tempts to overthrow the government of press has withheld information because it Chile. History has shown that in those felt disclosure would, harm national secu- cases the intelligence agencies were at= rity. During the Kennedy administration, tempting to hide information from the The New York Times and other newspa- American public, not protect national pers uncovered plans for the Bay of Pigs security. invasion of Cuba but chose not to print the This problem has surfaced again over story. CIA chief William J. Casey's threat to Reason should prevail on both sides. prosecute NBC news for disclosing infor- The news media are Americans who mation about the secrets that Ronald W. would not purposely act against the best Pelton is charged with selling to the interests of their country. The press can Soviets. The network reported that Pelt- however, without knowing it, disclose on told the Soviets about the use of U.S. information that would cause damage submarines in Soviet harbors to listen in somewhere in the world. It needs to be on secret radio transmissions. careful. Casey has also asked the reporters On the other hand, the CIA needs to covering Pelton's trial to refrain from realize that not every piece of informa- "reporting details beyond the informa- tion that is disclosed threatens national tion actually released at the trial." He has security. It needs to understand the asked reporters to check with him first difference betweeh damaging leaks and before disclosing any new information so embarrassing leaks. Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/02/08: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100100006-4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/02/08: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100100006-4 r1 R APPJ IT 4.01 lr'~ ARREST IT! ARREST THE C LITTLE PERVERT! L WASHINGTON POST 31 May 1986 Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/02/08: CIA-RDP91-00561 R000100100006-4