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December 22, 2016
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March 8, 2011
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April 3, 1985
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Approved For Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP91-00587R000100040051-3 ARTICLE APPEARED ON PACE ILE ONLY Experts debate covert CIA actions by Rabat Lothian Nasty covert actions are necessary to save dernnoc=acy, according to &k- - a former CIA offidal from % H*M. Gregor. But what the CIA is, doing in Nica ragua and a host of other countries around the world is a form of "state- sponsored terrorism" said P.S.U. politi- cal sdenoe professor Gordon Schloming. Stepha son and Schloming squared off at a World Affairs Council- sponsored debate on the ethics of U.S,. secret involvement in toppling gov- ernments, rigging elections and other undercover operations. Schloming cited a number of cases where, in his opinion, CIA activities went astray. Covert operations in what was once the Congo in the 1960s contrib- PORTLAND OBSFRVFR (OR 3 April 1985 uted to the defeat of a national liber- ation struggle there and the assassina- tion of African nationalist leader Pa- trice Lamumba, said Schloming. Zaire was wed in the Congo's place Now Mobutu, Zone's authori- tarian president, is "starving half the country's people," according to Schloming. In Angola, he said, 100,000 lives have been lost in the struggle by CIA- backed rightists'. to defeat the An- golian revolution. Guatemala, )ran and Chile have had popularly.,,ected governments. toppled as a result of CIA covert actions, said cS i omm~" g.mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, The Philippines and Australia have also,been victimized by the CIA, he said. In some cases, said Schloming, "the same result took place as if we had not done a thing." In Viet Nam, for example, he said, the national liberation movement led by HoChi Minh won anyway after nearly 20 years of covert actions and all-out war, billions of dollars wasted and over a million lives lost. "You cannot create a genuine na- tionalism as an outside power," he said. "Ho Chi Minh was destined to rule." Schloming said that on several oc- casions the CIA misled the American public in the interest of national se- curity. He cited two false stories plant- ed in the press by the CIA: the one about Libyan hit squads headed to- ward the U.S. and another about massacres in Angola carried out by Cuban solditPs. In Nicaragua, the so-called CIA *ret war there is "a weak substitute for foreign policy when the public will riot support U.S. intervention," he said. "It doeds not work to fight terror- ism with terrorism," said Schloming. But "not all the actors on the world I me are boy scouts," answered Ste- phenson. Democracy is under attack :fin all sides and faces defeat in a few ~*ort decades, according to Stephen- n. Covert actions are necessary to meat democracy's enemies, he said. " "We have to do things we find pugnant. If we stay pure and clean, Mn tdemocracy's fate will be decid- hds" "Without . secrecy the operations Almost certainly will fail." Stephenson alluded to democracy's "inherent weaknesses," like free speech, v hich allows enemies to or- ganize freely. He implied that it might be necessary to destroy democracy a little in order to save it. /'- Approved For Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP91-00587R000100040051-3