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December 22, 2016
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July 12, 2010
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November 5, 1985
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T T~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/13 :CIA-RDP91-005878000201160019-4 ARTICLE A~ ON PAiOE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 5 November 1985 KGB agent back in the cold ~ws way seiw~ WASHINGT01~In a move straight out of a John le Came spy novel, a KGB agent who de- f ~~ ~ the United States earlier this year has decided to re-detect back to the Soviet Union, officials said last night. levli Soviet KGB o ficer w o ? detected to the West in Au. gust, has re?defected to the Soviet Union, a spokesman for the Senate Intelligence Comnuttee said The spokesman, Dave Ho1T 1~ said he was told by tna ~.en~i"1Tre_=__ enc abo c a e oviet called a news~conference amend said Yurchenko would appear there. No. S man at KGB CIA rnnrn.+nt~tiye Pa i V~12 refused to eenfirw; Or aeny >:ne report. -- - Yurchenko, 50, wu de? scribed as the No. 8 man in the KGB, the soviet lntelli- Bence service, at the time he defected in Rome in early August According to U.S. government sources, he served u first secretary of the Soviet embassy in WuhingWn from 197580 and oversaw KGB intelligence oDeratlona la the Unlted sates. The sources said Yur- chenko hsd been undergoing extensive interrogation by the CIA at an undisclosed location in the United Sates. Acting on information he provided, U.S. authorities said they learned that Ed- ward Howard, a former CIA employe, sold intelligence secrets to the Soviet Union. Howard, a 33?year-old econo- mic analyst for the New Mex- ico Legislature, vanished in early October while under FBI surveIIlance. Howard wu last reported to be in Helsinki, Finland ~1 ?Py ideatlfied U.S. government sources said Yurchenko identified another American who had been working for the KGB, but no arrests have yet re- aultedfrom that information. An arrest warrant issued on Sept 23 in Albuquerque charged Howard with con- spiracy to deliver national defense information to aid a foreign government. Howard worked for the CIA from January 1981 to June 1983, but left the agency after fail: sources saidlYgraph exam, The United States has oa- ly acknowledged the deiec- tion of Yerchenko offkially on one occasion. On Oct 11, following reports that Yur? chenko had defected, the de? Partment said: "We can now offkially confirm that Vilely Yurchenko, a seaior official of the KGB, has been in the United Sates for some time. He had previously asked that his presence here not be publicized." Yurchenko disappeared while on a mission to Rome in late June or early July. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/07/13 :CIA-RDP91-005878000201160019-4