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December 9, 2016
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May 10, 2001
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August 25, 1954
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n x~ Approved For F~p,&ease 2001;, 8/0a?9 PTRDP91-006821 0200110056-0 Journal Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 25 August 1954 the text of a message ith Congressman Hillings and his Subcommittee on itc trip to that area. A 25X1A I have informed Cong. i ings, who indicates that he may now make the trip alone with a staff man. In connection with a briefing of Cong. Hillings (which has been approved by Mr. Kirkpatrick), he would like such a briefing to be largely restricted to the political situation in Central and South America, with particular emphasis on the Communist conspiracy and penetration of the various governments. The countries in which he expressed a particular interest outside of Guatemala were Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Brazil, British Guiana. The Congressman would like the briefing on Monday morning, 30 August. 25X1A 25X1A 2. and I called on Gong. Kersten in furtherance of MM instructions from Mr. Wisner to keep the Congressman informed of the situation in Guatemala. -acquainted him with 25X1A additional documentary material which we are getting, and promised to send him copies through this Office as the material becomes available. 3. I reviewed with the cur - rent status of arrangemen s for surfacing is set forth in para. 3 of the Journal of 24 August. It was the General's feeling that operationally considerable impact might be lost by surfacing as late as 20 September and that in his opinion Mr. Wisner might wish to turn to other media than the Jenner Committee if appropriate arrangements could not be made. It was agreed that I should explore the possibility of using another Senator with the Jenner Committee on a time schedule which would call for a release of the State Department noted to n 8 Sept. with Executive sessions to start on that date open sessions on 13 Sept. We explored the problem of press coverage if the hearin s were concur- rent with the McCarthy censure hearings, had asked me to re-explore the entire problem with Committee Counsel Carpenter at the earliest possible time. I urged to have the appropriate case officer start preparing material on the so that we might forward it to the Committee when desired. 25X1A 25X1X 25X1A 25X1X Approved For Release 2001/0$/Q9. ;.._CIA-RDP91-00682R000200110056-0