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I ',I ";-Clu CiMical use of Iweneratio Pi,,?ilientosa Ilatinne wikth Catarin, by- TosIdo ),'ul)o. '.,o 6 1964 rpt, V(,l XI-11110 0 T)-S4. Masm4pectromoUle Anallsis of'Volatile Plant ~Aw,& Sdba%Uwss by 0. - p a a 9 -mv~ IMAM.. per,, MxftMbn Ak lbsk Om SMI, Vol =$ AD go 19%o PP IS3,486- C, a. 1. R. 0. Sol my 60 Effect of "Askmpl" AddIUMN (BentOnite CIV From AskAn, Georgia) On th$ PrOPAW On Oil well Cemen 9. by 1. A. 6 m d5s) 2 PP. RMAV, per', Tmmtp No 2j 1957) pq 24p 25- Commdtants Baran Sci - Ingineering Jul 58 6,~ 9S6 THE MECHANiSM OF THE SOLUBILITY OF THE PHASES IN THE SYSTEM AU-4)T) BY V. V. SAN.ADZE, 4 pp. RUSSIAN, PER, DOK AK NAUK c-SSR) VOL ~~-IXL) NO L~ ig6ij pp 133-136. C13 scl JUL 62 2o4,354 Decooosition of 60114 $"low In OW PlabO.-Gold sysusp Is 1w T, T, ftnow, Go V. oulp"wp 7 P. ............. WBI00 pwo Irol IT I Sol. 3.M, pp %S-533. AV am MY 60 Decomposition of Solid Solutions in the Gold 3yatem. II. p by V - V - Sanadze and G GulyaYevf 9 pp. RUSSIAH., per, Kristallogritfiyaj Vol IV, No 5) "I"O't .,694 pp Amer Inat of Phys 0 Sov Phys-Crytital 3c 1. -ph yo lur. fstl' Diffitsion Processes of CrystalLine Phues in Binary MetaUic Systems, by V.V. Saxedze,.-6 pp. RUNIM.. per,, KristaUatgrafiya., Vol VM., No 6, 1963,, PPIB65-a72. Amer lust of Pays sov Phys - Cryat%U Vol VIn., No 6, sci Jun 64 .261, 859 Phase Transition in the Gold-Platinum System, by V. V. Sanadze, N. 1. Labartkava, 8 PP. - 1 16.1. - I. " RUSSIAN, per, Zhur Strukt Khim, Vol 11, No 6, 1961, pp 703-711. CB Sci Aug 62 213,374 N Thm X-ray PuUs Dirfractofttar. A Now )btbod of Regilitorl.og btesaftles Using the Xray DIffraatmWMr. by T..V,,. Bamust 6 yp. RWBUI.. perp &iS+A!--'- 1^0 Vol V A No 3,0 19590 pp 365-3n& Awr bet of hp SO fts a Qrpw TO& Me So 3 set Apr 60 Spftis I Nwe of s Diroct XetWA of X-rq Strwturv AusVols,, by T. T. Sawdso and G o S a Zbdaacvp 4 yp a awsm,j Dak Ak ft* BMp Vol TIP pp M-112. Bel sum so .3vm%e SCIMUric - phrics 5LA 01,,,jcr,jaticw of Solar Radiation Conducted Duxln~, the Eclipse of 30 June 1954, in Byurakaa., by V. Sarar,;r,.i,, 0. A. Yerzhkanyan, 5 PP- W, -~ Z".: - RUSS.U.11p per, Dok Ak Nauk Amyonskay &,;R, Vol I'LIX, ,-.3 1055, PP 163 -).64. ATIC )CL-236/m Sci - Aztron Dee 60 Sanainyan, V. A. and Ycrznkanyan, G. A. OBSERVATIONS OF SOLAR It ~DIA 110N ( CIN DUCTED WRING SOLAR FCLIPSF ON JUNF 3JI'll, 1954, IN BYURAKAN CNabl%,.jdcniyc Radioizl jcheiii..-ii Solnisa %o Vreqa ScInmlincj,,o Zatmenip 3U ly.:nNa 1954 G. V. By..rakane). 13 Ckt w [61p. (2 fips. mittod) 3 refs. MCL-230/1. Order f rom LC or SLA ini$1.80, p1%$ 1. 60 fi I - 1934-, Rou&h draft trans. of Akadem.)-a Nauk Arinyansko .~, R f %', - P. 161-164. ( I -I 9,34ki I .S-1--ita,fiatioll 2. -'~,lart~chpsc--Anal sis I ~Saqanivan. V. A. 11 .Yerzilkarran, G. A. III MCL-2M/I IV Tocimwll lnlor;oati, :i Ccilter, 'Arioht-Pati-,isoi. AFB, Ohio 0mc..f Y~i..C.l 5--, (Astroii~)fi,,--Astrol)li~lsics, TT, v. 5. no. hi) IW-Lao Negotiations on Tnuit Agrement. by Oun Smodkons, 10 pp. LAOTIAN,p-r-p-tL-,Gc-l No I to A-400 Auo&assy vientia"'O DEPT OF STATE FE POI 311s430 Oct 66 OIL tim ALUA-w of in Dualstor osommillma 1w L. I. sivuovil I. ya. amtomp 0. 1. Poplxvsbpo 9 ]w. mum,o Pero D44.otw& I MA)CUM10 Vol 1xi, so 9,0 19590 pp iw-l%e. :17 Sal 1g,11 ;7~g I w 6D ---d OWN justumb-a4m *I I&* QqW &Wmd"d in m sted by SW Md as prudcal and$ Kq MAWWWA ,"A,MhArmo by M. iN= mar- bat" xlimo No 4 1961L m M.-G, Blir39% sd . fuw Ad 64 262g"4 Smelme, A:Ddri. ELECTRIC REDUCTION IN AQUEOUS ISASE OF SOLID INSOWBLE INORGANIC COMPOUNDS, tr. by Bertha P. Klenova. 9 Mar $5, 14p. 5 refs. [No.] 3420. Order fron) OTS or SLA $1.60 60-23426 Trans. of Antiales dal Chinitel (France) 1953 Iser. 121 v. 8, p. 826-840. DESCRIPTORS, *inorganic substances, Reduction, Electrolysis, Electrodeposition, Metals, Lead corn- pounds, *Phosphates, Chlorides, Oxides. 60-23426 1. Sancelme, A. It. 7YA-3420 111. Tennessee Valley Authority, Wilson Dam. Ala. L=malng Lob= PVIAWUTItY 9i -Wcftna th9 Beses cir the Now SooieVo by Aaawto mutinez sanchazi, 32 pp. spAnmi., vap ljoyp ummp 4 sop 6gq py 6.8. JMS 1~%7 La - Cuba &MI, Boo Oct 62 Amnon1fication, Nitrification and 11ita-0,rej; 0 Fixation In the SoUs of Z.-xcoco,, L,; i,- Wrroquin, A. Sanchez, V. 0..rreto, It. GurAn, 19 pp. SPANT131H, per, 30c Mex de Hist Nat Jcv.~ Vol. De-c 107, pp 2946. S.L.A. Trana 952 Sci .. Chemictry Up RADIO ANDTELEVISION AT THE UNIVERSITY, BY CARLOS SANCHEZ, 7 PP. SPANISH, NP, EL MUNDO, 2 DEC 1).2, PP ul '(. 1715~- JPRS LA - CUBA ECON SCI - ELECTRONICS JAN 63 J'~ - 21/-) .Of i I ImummmiAiaka." wd...AWAMibWL~ V LUM M .I ......... Va OILY *00* * wool* It am M& sp SOL ,. I to to I; Jh6slook -i 0 0 I r.6 j 4 The Nf--~.aatL6e,. Me1,)idcgyne Incuj-,nitu Tir. Acrita, A Parasite ~--)f the R(.,(..tt3 f T, mA 1:i t by Yi,larida L' "a lct,,~Z. "E ne"'kit, Jt2, Me I c)..,A)gyne tncL~'u' lag i'i'i~t a v~ a r. a crit a, pa r-t.3 ic I -,.s raices, del tcmate en Ljtaa". To p-p. R.-a-th C~Irulina State C'Illege jl~ln A Test Pligbt in a Thunftntorm Franto, by Ruben Icidro Saacbez) 8 PPO perp Wo S~WCIOG*j Vol lp No 7# 19539 Air Res at & Dev Cwmadp BeItImove 1 10. kner Meteorol Soc ~Icientific Astrocaw Aftomutic Geophynl-c!~ Res Dir, AST IA T-251'. 63-16SSB RvixAgW4" Pco, Ruiz Sewbez A. and odwm smarnvm OF SK PLBXWHRl TO COLMIN AM) 1. Ruiz Smhez, F. armit AwwmVs (QiRdi"do w pwmnd a u. RAz undor, A. h C*Hsdm y Otroo Andtiodcm), 1190) * 12 rds. Ordw hVm SLA $1. 10 63-165M Tram. d ki4idyal; Revilml MWicaul 1%1, v. v. 41. 10 Pok p6 0-52. DESCRWXDR& -..mddvity, 09dy", OAm"odes, OCAftych4 Dn%L owwcai Scleaces-rWrmscolM, 7T, v. A, Dm 9,1 Ofte d Toclukd Urdctl 01000ary of Genetic aa cytogeactic Tem.0 McrZ,I) 13 pp. SPS=IIj p4r, Ea-Uxdon ExperimmUl e.,u Wa -L)r-.1., kns,qei 8-in; 1~152, vol lip No 304j V) -1 4r- SLA cq.1,72,~:. Sai J 7 A~ IDL-MLM-Ab- 16 as A* ftl MA am 49F Carbw OamterUtlas at Alaimted Tomprature, bY Sw:bl Nldmwblmp 10 pp. JAPANB&p per, Tamop Val III# So 3p 1959, Pp 70-73. AM Tr-4135 Sol - cbm 14 wt 6o /x "1 917 qp"O Nab #4 to smamL MOW= Owe" la Q"L tj Benito Zjnchez v 0 iii- in 4w MWO I*$ ORMA As# ft "I. so as I*. Am a" M - (me ftl fts 6L Gmtributica to the ftAy of tJm) *tbod and ractors Affoctlj* the slectro-Photmetric De j r-ti om of Tmees of BDrm With auvdw in Ursuina Coqpunds, by R. P. vleniM2 L. 0. SPARM11j, p"r P/1123,, Proceaftip of Dzurnatiowl Cmferem on poseem go" of Atcuic Inargy Held at Omen 8-OD Aug 3,955,, Vol Vill. Sci - Nuelftr Phpics Mmunati Omf UN CU 1-669.9-162 17.41S Vul, Mk" L CL "Lux 13 COST ACCOUNTING IN CONSTRUCTION., BY WIESLAW SAND, 7 PP. POLISH, PER) PRZEGLAD BUDOWLANY I DUDGWJW0 MIESZKAtql(ME., NO 9) i962p PP 531-532. JPRS 105DI EEUR POLAND ECON DEc 62 2 1 u74 (Nyat7OO) FMMU NO RLALIZATION PATE Oil IWUTHWS FOR RM KMXMICAL CAMIM6 a 13 FP,o x MI! Maio mo PRIC" ROMAW I mcoolmos w 4/5; l9a, PP 119wm. JM 1%931 wo FOL" gin DIM oammicu ions end Trausportution in i-Ine Commircim, bY (unum 'Bundap 23 pp. ?RVICk per., Inftstries ot b*vRur. d'Outrpmmr,. Nn 74,- 1960, pp n-19. (= No HCM.142, Eng T.-,) ISMOM Africa ;WS - MUM E (,. on liov 60 AM I q N PoWer Cbl, amm t - -Ih- 0t madou, Derivativu), by Z. proohnsus, v. si~!A&,* Ka NR*eki, 14 pp. emp pus 0011-wWoo CoWmaor Cbm Oomm) VU UNP IMP 0 904939- AM WAM Sol - oku pbp Agr 61 /Yf, 5v.,5~ Ariolvtic DIethuAs for the Determination of Chemical Pr $.n Fruit ard VL%(...,,Ltnblc oductap by ~(Iucek,, and V!aGtiMil ;SrAnd*. 25 PPs 1951P C2,T).Z7., Tk:.r, Clitnie, FraGus-op Vol ~~Tj) 11T, h, YT4 (DC-5903) Increase in Lab= Pr*&wUvltZr AM bu~ft Bifzd Five-Yaar PUms bfy G, 1'kmdAgo T PP, ""man) nyj, u=s ]A NM :L9Up p 2. im Im Asis I - gmgoUa EM Pob 62 /"P-~ (DC-5302) Cbenging Frcm a Namdia to a WPM" TAfe,, by G. SaudagJO, 7 PP* MMMJU, pr, Nwqu Auldral, So 10, 1960.. pp mdamman M,1091 im-8039 FIR - Oxwol" 15-o, 64f Boon 7 X&Y (-)]. At hrranzeriont, for I'lectrical AVparatus, Comprising Fie3A Magnet Rembere and Arcature Parte Decigned to Roteite Relatively to ftch Otber and of Which Orle Iii, 'DIOPO"e6 Within t)" Otkv~r: b-~, A Ofande.ar .18 pp. IMCLLSS1717D SWED-,Uig; Jjat;mnt No 1292 404. ~L~ Dept of Cormrce Patent cd-.ei 'CO 1 .Cl Llb S 7T-U- ' 1730 11. V. * E ? ft N-- CFr0M9TRY OF M11THORS 1 T H 0 PotonmetrU 1. Saadskove, L V. Metoorov) A. Plagell. tr. 28 Jun 62. Sp 2 mb 13. NRL Trsu-9W N R L Trans. no, 904. M. Now It"Gank Lab. Order from MS $0. SD 7T-62-1173D WASWIPM, ID6 C. Trans. at tseledoranlys lonodery it Meteoror. SbwWk Stuall (LSSX) 1962. no. A. V. 72-7& 9': 4 0 0 (Abstract available) v 1) DWRWMRS: *Meteors, Br1&WSS, %mcneters, Tradting, Pbotographic analysis, Alt Onotnical obserowries. Astrosomy. The Astronomical Observatory Is Kin worked M whniquo of Ounnpl* pbotonutry d metacra. 710 valogtice of the mapituds Is made by fteparlaS t1a density d notw trail with do trail of as "artificial musorO. The calibradoo of napti"s in operated by (Astrooomy-Astrop4sics, Tr, Y. 11, so. 7) (9"w) *"Me of Teshe" 90"W" Ors the Pbotawtry of Nwbowsp by 1. T. SwAska"o 5 UP. MMW~ bkp losWovealp lomwfft7 (WteorAv go at Hemastaty IsgWovo po progn~ MesMundarod,, 000fiZ.. 00ftj, IZdStp AkM FAUk 88M; 196P.2 N&TY Tr 3219/*L 904 sep-62 .2-Af- 6 )- D"004sal" of tm WSW ad omiu*s of mobato "" by ft""kis -i-I-i w by We* Ve I 0t do i*m. F~wo I blum Ift"I .-i~ AV-.M- W- JL 16100067 Sol-Asitna JUX 67 LUOSSI The Al",trolytic Extraction of Kangauese,# by Bonlgt Sendberg,, 23 pp. UNCIASSIPTED . .1, INIII tx1mrAwbion. DMC3,, per.. Je-;:-n)=torets Agmaler Arr, 134 Hh, 1950. CIAfM)/1-916 selent'IfIC - ChW44 :Ulk 53 CIS/= a~6 7? Soviet Is Air Transport CW&city, by Bwn Bamberg, U pp. UNM swim, rpt, TV and JWmal of the Pxra Ovedish AcadwW at UMtaa ScUme, ft 6l 1961p p 36o; Swa to 163-Q to UNLostmEwlas 27 jul 1961. Dqt of Ihwy wr 512wi5 UOGR Mil Sep 61 ;14%w%Jm a,mporimsts Ulth Kist-wros w~ Ictlve and Cst-I in the I;olld State, by J. ArVid 3&JW&il armi 5 4 0. 3MWW4. 0-MMIA109 bko allsokcit for ~K"" AL Au"Wing OwA& Vol w0 l9ro W'.ts Is-W. I*pt 9 Say 1; Ir, 2406 1 3a1 - :Iwfi~i3t ry Wq-44 (DC-3 027) AFRICA: 8RIDGEHEAD FOR RED PENETRATION OF SOUTH AMERICA, BY PEDRO SANDE, 3 PP. SPANISH, If, CORREO DE LA TARDE, 7 AUG 1~-'62. JPRS l5o24 LA - CHILE POL SEP 62 2 J-1(M The Red Offensive Continues--Ecmomic Penetrati n of Chile., by '.:'(?Oro Sande. (DC - 11 02 7) SPANISH, np, C'orreo de la Torde, .) AuF, *JPRS I;k - r,11ile pol 22" Au;, 62 J-104k"' Arica: Bridi7eheal for Red Penetration of South America, by Pedro 3ande. (DC -8()2'() 5FANISH, np, Correo de la Torde, 7 AuG 101.32 *JPRS LA - C"llile 110i 22' Aui,,~ Development Model for India, by J. Sandee. Neerlandic~-'-V-01- U=Mnl, per, Statistica XV, No 21 1961~ pp 2.89-210. CSIRO/No 6623 FE-rndia Econ jun A Scee Mq*riwnU In the FUld of lsotnn~cityo - Ii 4 'Qrg~t Tord' mlor) ErIk 3wvIsII) 15 SMS,, ppir, Amm aata Ifelv) IM Vol NO 7p pp 1794-87. STA 59-2.0707 Bei Mar 60 Vol 3 j 110 1 13!v or qrr" ftr An voldift ftrt 10 5 P. by ., S4104fe Wr y O=Wj, par,, Msktro*ebml"wj,, 1931,j Val 11., ft 20 VP 29-~.W, siA 594o663 Sol 10760 /of 1q1 Vol 2 J, No 12 Sand~ rpon, C S, S IMIT, "I HYDRAULIC APPARATIN. iAl 1. f r(m) AC $3. 7 5 TranR. of NAglan patent no. 539,546 11955). W.SGRII'MRS: 'llydraulic systems, '11-drRidic fluids, Girrosion inhibition, Lubrication. #Iulkla. T16c objoct of tht, Invention to a hydraulic appisratus in- ti-lo, ing into a hydraulic device a fluid which digaolves in (tie pressure liquid contained In this oe- vice and Imparts to it certain 4ualitles, particulatly anti-rum anti -corrosive and/or lubricating qualities. (AC abstract) 61-25895 1. Sandeman. C. S. 11. Patent (Belgium) 539 548 Ifl. Capelo. A.. Hoflyvood. CAllf. Materials- -Hydraulic Fluids, TT, Y. 7, no. 1) offee of 79CM140 Saw,691 SuperoatumtIon In the Spontawoue Pormtion of Ruclei in Water Vapor,, by Adolf Sander., Gerha" Daskohler, 19 pp. GERVAP,, per Maturviessnubaftea) Vol xxxio NQ 35/4o, 24 Sep 1543: pp 460-465. NACA TH 1368 Scientific - Chemistry ~?-?/ Dec 53 CTS Quartz as an Example for the Analysis of Axial Distribution. Part 11: Grain Structure, by B. sander. ........... GERM,, per, Einfulirung in dic Cefugekunde der Goologi5chen KorpeT (Springer Verlag, Wien), 1950, pp 161-164. MU/T407 Sci Fab 63 t I TT-61-14609 .Aader. OWMUSILMON' ) TO 7M PSYCHOLOCY I V K 1, J1. Suder, F. S(XMC VIM04. 1. JCXMT REPORT WrM RYtXW )aim %IJMA. Kitk"A THIS LM7-, OF NNW.,'LAR III ntw. LAmts MON IN 719TAR D&MVI.WNCEI 'J" 7NE YHR*11- CAj, FORM 4 "HE MALE [WAGES (bknp nor vrlimk)gw am rmvwwomhm sobe1w. 1. Vattlog. Cevneown "t Rywo bmww. FormooL. ;M Grwam Ir- Mwtukzvm Vem:bm&=S Is nww -LbLUglost im do CluakNk der 0cppWkkIvr). i41 lotwil Order fMM N TT-61-1406 i Trus. of A mAl-pi flitr) 411s) Ow=wl "bolloool (Gwmmy) 1923. v 65. P. 191-20t. Moiq~ Scumm - -Pbyohgog. 1T. v. 12. no. 7) oi, ~~conaai7y 5-tructucalA. vcii A-A4., o,,6 'uy C!~~-rption Isoterm Series, by 11, Sander, 12 pp, GEM", par, Chemische Technik, Vol V-PI, NO 5, 1956, p- 2.74-279. 9 TVT8 ACSU-. Tr Wo 1214 Sc I - Chem A t I Structural and Crystalline Omdltioiw After CD16 Fwging and Alternating Stress,, by M. HmpIp H. R. SamAer,. R. M. NbUer. ORM,, btvk per, StoW md :91mj Val T.TrIII wo 18.. Aug lo7&io86. DoB.I.R./Mlh Bei - Engbooring, Chmistry OZ61 Apr 57 CW/dox Inf rared Mcht A:,-)!-)a-,,:atui3. by K. J,, Sezi ~olr ~i fT., pp 503-5": Arl'si H-6177 m 2, Sci Fbya Aug "0 Hou i4; Xntrwed U"d Witerily., by Captain Dootor ort Jo4koblu ow2ftr, 6 ppe GIMSO PWO T2 I gs IngrOW4 Is No 7, 19% 539-541- AMI 11-550 oumv Ajw 6D Power and DeRting in the. Friction Weld-ing uf Tia4~c~- Wall ed Steel PIDes. by A. S. r-e! 7 rp p18-20. 63-16031 IMMATION OF ETHYL SULFURIC ACID AND 1. Title: Ethyl rAftte DIETHYL SULFATE FROM ETHYLENE AND 2. Title: Ethyl ftYwic W&I SULFURIC ACID AND THE IPTLrrnM OF ETH)rL 1. Seeder, L. SULFURIC ACID AND DIETHYL SULFATE INTO 11. M70 24 ETHYLENE AND SULFURIC ACID. 12 July 48, 6p. Order from OTS or SLA $1. w 63-16031 Tma. from mcoo. (se" ) at 1. 0. Forbooludow1e A.G., Praubfurt a.M., n.d. (PO-70248). DEWRIPTORS: OEthyl radicats, O&iVwic acid, I MOstes. fEtbylow, OrpMe scift. Catalym. fteMatim, Chanted roudem. (Cberniwtry--Orpnic~ TT, v. i0. m 1) win d WOO bmw . ..... .... PreInntion and Peactlons of EBters of Pbosphowm aM Pawrinow AcIda., '.iq Mmffred Sander, 15 pp. (M*W.. per.. Cbm Beridat, Vol ICMp ig6o., vp 12ao-i23D. It BIA 60-16E69 sat W 7 Vol M. No 7 en Ajr ve- Meamement of the Fabo-Order Eara in Quam:b-cor4amd Ck St LAV Tmpuuuoo by Wintried Monch, WUbelm j moor 7 * G& 7 G 39 P"o z Val CLX4 1959, pp U9-158. ACE 1-1103-M ID IM439 Mar 64 29,373 -------- -- ------- Alb Owfftftnt Ot MMMMM lir Ae Kmv am K. -Mdft. OMM vwv Uaw --mmrMaifint Val MM9 1955v yo 90MA6 a Oft - 62 lallorAMMA AN N 11,110 mm___m Pin% * we OWWO VW4 jb..-- v 6" */*-6-03- act 0 July 1967 at Vkrlom ftftsm of Vd. 16, Jb- 3. W)P, W. 333o998 Photomatric and ChromatogropMc. Resoarch Into Wood Flows 7he Efftet of Piltenod Uitrij Lolet Ught -as VoWs Pa", Is by 1. S do GRWXp per, Holt AU bb- Md ftAStOffs No 70 19620 pp 245-262, =A July 63 00 --- r, -M Pogo*" Im"4404M ct tan FAt7 AtIft cc Tau 011,P IW W, modumm'o Ift, WWO, pro, I 1--l-b-11 im c,.%lg - 0 no P. SA&M. L--~ u, , Bel.-M ja 66 3ws,6u -)I, b--rel-te-F-Toof Wax; I SIX-1 Ole by ~.-. Sandlei-,lurm I H , Diet,, -i (,I in MiMAIT, -Ow-,r, Holi, Vol W, '297 ad.,.-~ Hoh- unri NO 195'r, pp ?33-- Cix,rjd.cal, St,udieii of Tto -- 4Leal P. Gheatc-61 Irweetiption ol X-Ak. I by 'I-1. Sandermpm, Dletrld)s. 'IMMA11j, par., llolzforschuag, Vc.~:. -KIZ"l, 1.959, :V:L'7-Ih3. !Aol, (Aillem i-al. wr'- C, -A- Oj~ laVWt"Vt'=6 = OIU Pr*Wvztiv'*ID JWAinft BlUS ftaft, bCr We Sandenomp R. ematenp U p. AWMAXp . --t-- Ili-Im I und v*ls"2v"t=gq 1958.. Vol X0 No 40 pp 57-65' MICC C-2992 sai lob 60 Vol 2 9 110 10 14T, P 7 Woods majurio" to lbalth, part of article,, by V o 8,00 - V, Bu*w=p 2 Pp- ~ .,OM=o A QLWX* pert Bda lbh-u VoztBWf r Vol XIVP No 3# -19%, pp 920 93- MA 57-16U set ft 58 4 g, 7 a?- / F,e!3ep-r,r-'L- JI.-,hr, industrial Recovery of Tall Oil Stercln-., by 14'r Sandememin, 15 PP. DTSII., 13-.Pf--npk Pappe~caltidn., 7o1 L13 1946, 0,!~T SL~ 3321 SCI AILY, 7/1 a M StudieG iat the Field of Wood-Preserving Chemistry. Part VnIO Paper Ohromtogmpby and Amlysis of Wood Preservatives, by Ibno Dietricbs,, Wilbelm Swdermmp 15 ppe OWN, I*r, Holz &U P4h- undl. Werkstof f I Vol v.Vl,, No % 1958, PP -*0-346. SLA 59-15361 Sci - ebalistry Nov 99 /0 3 z :,7-ield of an"! I-, v 'R r4 1) c.,) 71- rfrt; 11017, als Ruh- uliJA Werk-3toi:f', in 63-ilm -404smpul, F- r. =d Malanw, ILL A. REGEREXRTW CELUn-ME MM. [I Mar 63] 1. SlIndwoulm, FL G. 14p. 2 rds- B. wiskm7l K A. Ordw from 07S or SIA $1.60 63-I&W m 11331 IV. Pam rOL Btlit.; 32 07i Trans. of Gernun pment 1, 133,547, mppL 9 Now 56, pub. 19 Ady 62, by Bridmh CeUqpbaw LUL (primity claimed. 9 Now 55 (vA 32,078) Ot. kIL). DESCRWIM&- ~Pk8dC M0126 *Cdbdode prooessb*. *Amims, Salts, *Axdnopl WismIne-fornaldek"e re", Urn fm a lbelurendminvolvesa -1 qU(prO&wftg or aims Emal. rersemated cenulose with flop m mufte properdes by cremnam with man solubb ultB of all*dc ambm #ad admoomm dryby& d-rametized in dW the UvaanM Is cirried out prdes-ably wUk dm repnerated cdlulome Is RM to d Ifth*A1 S&*" (MaterimU-Medca, TT, T. 10, m 9) (war) The Wftat of Murt (latex an the MxW of OermmU Prodlucts In a Nblat Atmown;, by r. S~M",p 54 pp. SMMM pwr CbaUwo fek I Banaj, no 368P i9ut VP 1.4580. MA 57-2370 sci A" 56 6 17, .7 V/ I*tmaAgim at ftratum swildus to IUUG Ous bf tba vw-vw vittiman mg,"s, bw L. x4munw, !t. battAl. . 16, no. ., 1964, IV 11TALTAS, pw 1.16-14'. ilsleo/lb.lwe C - -~ /j A. 111"'i 401 - A-0-1-1 TVW iD VICIUM Of B0149"kft and ftwmwo by I Dj- TMWIJOVIO,p X- SOndics N- Pavicovios 53 PP* OW-MMUN per Azti-t M RajWivredW NWAO (Wmd$l Im' m No 6, 11951, PP 3-53. 9OM3 ow 6o-a6lT PL4w Bei - GOOM Jm 62