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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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V,-~ 6texop b Paper Presonted at the 6Z'-,vcuUi R Rand T-69 AstronDAy 11A) P011-t-k-Oll. A*HrdctlO O.T Spec* Tra"%, by Dr RtWQa asagr-olt 11 pp. MMWp Po;r,, Mittailussap Fob ISP38. CIA/MD XJoh WarMdo POI Sol - opme Res ow 6o /4~., 3 -:27 The Themodymmics of Rockatc, by Eugene 1.1j'anger, 11 pp. mwttp per, latfahrttocimik.) Vol 1~ so 11 1955, P A. SIA 59-1o474 Sci - Eng Sept ~iq Vol 2 ~ UO 2 6) /j '~-91 p Mechanism of the freealn of o4er-cooled water drops by dlopme 9vbsWweo,, by Prumchus H-1, sum) IR-0 GZFWN,, per, Z Aupw Math wd ftolk, 6t no 5, 1955) p 4o7*-16. CODOW.U,* Sei AM 3 3%2, Techrdeal Aspectst by E. Banpr,, 1. Supr, 25 p- GEMJ pm.0 40--ob iwtitut ft Phpik der W" mp stmhlautzioe.. mittellum-ani, 1937j# 1b 12j- PP 27-40- BIA %)-LOW sci ftb 60 Tol 9.0 No 9 / o 7. 044.2 Trajectories of Be=-Wing Rodhntg 'With Goo jet Control., by R. Sauprs S. Roths 22 pp. MOLAWVM translation. Fuer "MICE6 =Ws =MN4 go per, faltegbrift, AwenWIt Una ph"* V03. ma No 4,, Switzerland ITUI 19$2, 241-48* ATIC F-M-mo Pbrics; ban ridickg rocketo ? CIA 10234118 Feb 53 The Rolo of the Adiabatic Frpment in Chemically "'11W ~U-~jdes: by Ireas Swipr-Brod't. V"Z',hYAii, per, Dor Adiabstonexpment i6i Cbemiseb Vennderllt,,hen rtmAgminehen, Vol V14 10555~ r. 35-~t., 96618P-3. ATIC MM 7M.Vl-2 -Sci - Chem jun 61 OftmA Amal hoport of tb4p Dinctorate of the lutituts 00 the Work Of the hosearch zoatit%Yto for PVvics of Jdrt Pft"icwp ftvtt4utj, at th IMM ftPlAr Cofortacis of tbo Ike n ou 19%, Iky Nw sows, '"no owwamt.9 wi GEMS, rivt, Z"lter Johmbericht der Ustltvt- aleltung ubw dle Arbeitm do* p1notituts tw 1k Strehintriew it. yet sternu W&AMA'dor drIttes w4mtUdwn FAtgUedorvvr- emaumg as 2o ai M6. NACA :1-49W Scl - Aeraoutice 7 69 3 mw 57 The Formation of a Ccwplxz to Not the Cause of the AnUtubmursdide Wfaft at Omp Red In Vivo., by 6 4-. sanoozzi v ppe MUM.p pw., Avehivlo IftUfto &L klmse nM03051 .1 Val 3XII IMP I* !%"&o vu 7-18-a sci - Od /4,iv, 7, 5?,f 7 ft 61 (NY-4315). '~"hC M LICqtilomAll Revolution of the Minorities ir, in .~1111 D-Iccm, by Supe 5 P11. Juu-mia Jib-pao, 5 Apr 1960, p .11. JPRS 5436 .L A 6:?p oeeLr Bbift and B"i9wal I Ing BrAM Mechanism, by OWIn $Mpterp lx~ Bro:k) 14 ppo "M=O pat4mt No rmtgn. US Dept of Oxwerce fttmt Otficlo Sol Llb 3cl - BW ig jea 61 /ly;~" Sfz 63-11662 Sangst r, Ravillond SEMICONDU&OR AND -1-111-.11MOULECTRIC SCIENCE I Sdngstcr, R AND TECIINOLOGY~ SkIRVEY OF SOVIET LITERA- 11 - PAL 63-15 TURE. 29 May 63, 163p. 810 refs. PAl- 63-35 111 . 'I ex.1s Insir unient s, Inc Order from GrS $3. W 63-11662 Dallds DESCRIP'TORS: *SLmiconduclors, *Thermoelectricity, *Bibliop,aphics, #Silicon, *Germanium, Physical prop- enies, Electrical properties, Pressure, Heat, Radia- iion effects, Ultrasonic radiation, Surface properties, Impurities. Chemistry, Crystal structure, Thin films, Class, Liquids, 'MaterJals, *Crystals, Organic com- pounds, Halides, Clialcogenn, Group V elements, GromlV element s, Gro~T Tilnelfenients, Alkaline varih ali metals lc ti i rneta Alk, . C c jx~riionncl, *Sci- entific organizations, 'PeriMicils. The literature! of the jyvriod 1950-61 was reviewed in an effort to evaluate Soviet capabilities in semicOnductol and thermotlectric science. Papers are considered from the point.-of-view of physical phenonienon oriented oke at TKWW $&*Is (Mysics-Soild Slatc, J']', V. 10, 110. 9) (over) call for a Consiftent French Defense Policy, by Alexan4m & rRIMM, np, YA WIAGI 9 12l 13 60 1963. INA Omp w3mft-pR wxw "Mm-POLI. Feb 64 .24t F, 415- -- I ll- -- -.&IS 3m - " g o cc go arbaw 14,14 at Slum% WW **lox Jr.6 - - -- - = . I lam a F .A. liftim QW-09b a 36'4~~Z- Sp XR4W* - m4w-- L,r,r~ ft ISO" =o; 3030M Ts Isoar" of vistual %y wish 2, ~k~ is pp Ard" %*OAM 44 leall -piwj, I o1 Flo, lb *9 Aaw WO, W 2m-0941. ANIg &380 Apr np pp m :. i i! 1 . 404*40 AuMoft AdWhOft MWO"domm tor Mosswo- met ad 0 by A. It Wo Al. "baldwido 9 M46 ITAIJANS pKo Ao"~" D-"-" boom .Imdmd FbL. ab Vol V4 IV&% jo- 371-376. - - AEC-UCP,L-Tr-1034(L) set-pbys Aug 64 2650122 About High Energy Interactions Ja Nuclear Nwasions, b P. Mok, T. Cogberip J. Sanievska., J. Gleruls, 9 pp. POLM) rptp publ by Institute of Nuclear Research Warsaw and Institute for Pbpicti of Czechoslovakiii AcadezV of Sciences., Prague. CIA/FM X-2744 Sci - Nuclear Pbpics Apr a2 ftmrambk* meet am 9184M1 of SUIA ftxse-w4 Soluttmal by 1; M., WOUUp Di 0, p 4 pp. Rug""# pwo Zbw XkBper I TIW*t Me va an# 110 4 (104 IWO pp IM-M, Aar Zost of Mo av fts - am Vol Till (308 so Sol - Me Apr (NY li r j I , Progreas in Dnepr River Region, by A. Sanin, 6 ppf ImtI.I.P.-Il", I . HOSIAN, np, FYAvda Vostoks, 23 Sep 1960, JM 9334 usa Econ -6 4~ 7 jun 61 Ow 2m) In Plan Van Ow Are Tanbs Out MOL &Acbw DWIG" for Va watuma by At . so Alakwaftwo 5 pps =map 6 npo -10 1113 Hwkwav No 223s, (9663) ammi 20 sop Imp p I. mm SeA - Pbpi= Rem CIA/M/0-7* I/ no ft* of PXWM it EMAKIMM of Hlemw I P-1 --m-MMIMUMNAMM"MOROMMIn Cob= d 00 Robot^ by T, A. ftin* a dft~- wArr-wo - I fu A Adn& Nb 2p I litum NW,y Tr 3739/APL scl m EbKAr= Apt 66 - 1~ -~ 1 aw -- ~ -- - " ot hism In low . 17 ' - --' - Mpt W So to SUNWO A* $A4 et 40 3 w - uwftmml*Alw vwt 3r - 0 " I *a memo a 50 aftip i =a i I" I j4 (a WPM 100 Cbaml Pu3Ae Avq~UtWW Analper with a Low Resolatim Tlmp by A. A. Saidap Yw* Yenftnq Dljaog Dljlh-mwwo 4 pp RMOW, fwo Pribou I Tob 11316Pwo go 3; 1960P PP 63w*~fo. ISA / X/..2/ .347 Sol- pe'to 61 Use of Positive Feedback in StabiIised Power Supplies, by A. L Sa - S. L Storg"ev, 3 PP. gto OSMAN, per, Pribory i Tekh Hkoppr, No 2t 1960, pp 80-M. ISA Sci , 16~ / 401 I%b 61 10 -High Stability Nmoverloading Amj~dfter, by A. A. Sanint Chang Van-chu, Obu Cidame-ohihe 3 PP, IMSSIMg pert Priboz7 i TeM ftparg No 2t 1960, pp 76-7%, ISA sci /-30~, /,~ r j Feb 6.14 On -; J "" . Q~ i Oovict oil Electronics; by A 33 I.'USSjJI,Ijx pur, PrIbory i Tekhnika EKsper, No JPROS 2516 IJSSIR 33ci - Nor 60 OscIllo5rq*1c: Study of Msobap In Pulsed X-My is- Taboo by I. & aw4khroftip A. A. MUfto T. A, Titovap 0 pp. -N-. "MUNS VWI nw=Ll jUwj VbI map No 7p 101. Amw lbt*Mkl Wa AIP OINWdpi Be$ Omftr 301 - Physics sky 60 TP 298 SANIN A. A., TCRAN VAN WHIT, TSIU TSIU CHI Non-saturable amplifier with high stability Amplificateur non saturable A haute stabillO * Prib. i Tekhn. Eks ., 2, No. 3/4, 7649 (1960) CEA - French Euratom Appwatus for VAssuriag,lbo ftrmmvUrs of ftata- lklttplbsr*,, lby A. A. blAist AUSSIM Jor, ftilbory I TW6 **W$ go 2,9 1%70 pp C" Tr Bch Mir ~,q Use of' the Concept of Negatlvxi Equivalent Radlwi of the F~,~Ixtb for EBtimitincr the Stmul. HE-Fraction of Radlowairea. by S. YA. Braude, 1. E. Ostravoldy, F. B, Sanin Ih Tr2-. RM91fill. Txr; Iz VUZ) WOP Radi0fiz, .U .p 6,1-73. vo.i. cv, No nAp 17 ,nylls 10 ~hq TIOV (A at man" ORMWO at tir CIO As lmwqwt U Ve On the Umstructive Interpretation of Mathematical Aulpents, by N. A. Smin. RMSIANO Pa',~, Trudy Hatemat Inst Steklov, Vol L118 19$8# pp 226-311. JAmr Math S6c SCI.-Nath Map 63 3 4116 -2 1 Sanin. P I Wpeleva, E. S., and Klelmenov, B. V. I olaj&6~-Ic')~`FIORLIS COMPOUNDS CONUAINING THF, TRICHLOROMI-F-AIINT. GROUP AS ADDITIVES T:) LUBRICATING OILS. 119()2j 7p. Order from ATS S8. (.0 ATS-COP66P Tranto, ofmonro. Khiiiijiva)iPrimenenif-Fosturorgai, [IcheokiKh J Smidmienli I (Akad. Nauk SSSR, Kazansk, Filial, tr. KorJ. (no. 2) 1959) 1hioscoh] 1062, P. 389-394. A complete trani. of mono. lb fivallable from 111T~ m SLA $38.51, as )PRS-15432, B !Y,Pf1'-) [ i i 6o 1p. DESCRIF`IUU~ OLubrlcapts, Oils, 'Additives, 01hok phorun cornpuun(1,6, hielhvl radicals, Chlorides. 63-124NO 1. Sanin, P. 1. 11. Shcpeivva, 1. Ill. Kleirnenov, H, V. IV, A1`,-0()P66fk AR"tclated Technicil ~*-rvices, Inc.. 1-.as, Orange, q) (Materials-Lubricamb, TT, v. 9. no. 5) 31 smocas OWRVff=ON OF ACIDS FROM NATURAL I. kAK P. I. AMULTS. 119611 llp. 16 rets. Mar from OTS cc SLA $1.60 61-16193 Trans. ot Aka&cdys Nouk SSSR. Otdoloolo TOM - cbesUM Hauk. luestlys, 190, no. 5/6, p. 19-21. DESCRIMRS: *Ao;Mko, Conical sulyals, *Orpgc acids, Separatim Bitmms, Ohuvkwt6 Ow. metowowv. 209(.43 T" naval aspalts *we examinst Mr, a folowdifts mmirial ="Wvs am "s ar'k vmcb is rostr&d &I a WO&M ci waftrft Of OIL am Keir A"Mitits cm- whft 04 .41 go aw *m* so dw at bdw oft" to smut" cdodalt. To "Ste V"(m of ftst ftwalow Irv% swIff, an 02 " "Md. 6."%. Frm ft Wt, 64% &*b as 60 ortaxic WACM were Imbiod awl a analysis d ft as Wds (0WW8Wy-An&"C14 TT. 1. 7. so. 11) (CNW) Visooolty Propwtln of Sew C CycUc Hydrocutmo by P. 1. OpU Petrow.4. R. ftras*ol . .j Al. A. at al., 11 pp. Rumm.0 Pa. Zhur ft* aft.9 vol m=il.. No ho 1960l :PP 919-93D. cis SOL 11-4 -Q 6 q 0 my 61 \r ri v Jvi Adoorption of Surfoce-Active Substances (Depreasants) on PaWlin Waxp by P. I. Saclap 5f. V. MelentyMp Yu. M. zalemmal 4 pp. %.."4 RUSSIM., blao per,. Kollaw zhuy, Vol XVIII, so 6. 1956o pp 745-747. coosultants fumau Set - Cbse J-7 / ~2/ Jan 58 Cb%dqgl Structure of Durface-Active Substancea (Dopmaing Aputs) Which Inamse t -0* flow of Lubrlc&tLng OUs at Lm Tftperatureif~ by P. I. =SIAM mo per, Shis i Tekh Toplivas go 8p 1956; pp 5k-;A. Teab anA Com $25.00 Scl - Cbemiotry // 3.r/ P 7 Foa Point Depromcm fbr Lubricating oiU, by i. sanin, v. a. putoulo, 16 pp. RUSSIANS per,, Trudy Inotitutt Neffl, Mbsoovo I*= Vol V1.9 1955o pp 116-127P Ewl to IR-1549-56. IM 55"U AP IM7805 .501 - Fuels SOP 56 ails symals at 8.0m - calwads w Dn"Mak"m of lw wu on t1w propertles a WAKs3 Ollap by Po To 9=14 ad To V. ObWv 4 ppo nu tv NOW, ftla4m Pws Odt M &* M, Ta CIM no 001WIMMU Due= Sol modguy D" 56 m T.(,.w Tuipcraturc, Pruperties cf Di.esel Fuels, by P. 1. Sanin. RU331,11i, per, Trans Inst Petry1mvi Moscuv, Vol 11,, 1952j 3'~-i-.4b. Uat Res Council-C-2342 Sci Apr 59 g..,lej lavestiption of Puttlowo AjopMliLitat by P. I. sanins V. 0, Putoluo. MMIU, per, In Ak Ikuk ONM# Otdol Takh lauk, 1040 vp 734-Me ove 6:L--18343 Sol 1kr 62 ,)P.* S'4 If VOI VU.. Ila 2 11-48COUS Proportion of Alkylarowtic 4drocar- bons wid Their Hydropnated Analop, by P. 5 pp. BMW, w, Dok Ak ftuk 8138R, Vol MX, No 2.o 1*.q PP 338-340* mA 6o-15773 841 1 f ~ 6 0 Vol Ivi Ito 7 1-4 Apr 62 The Cbemical Structure of Alkyl Rwaols and Their Activity as Pour Point Depessaurtm, by P. I. ~ -a Y. V. SheTv 5 pp. RUBSTAN, per, Tirudy last Nefti A Nauk WSR, Vol VIIIf pp 180-184, 1956, Assoa Tech Serv 92jl5R Sci - Chem Aug 58 t~j I . t> I- ProparaLl" Atthod for ils(tricAloroalky)"ors of ~ Alkyl;ibosphmic Acids., by P. 1. Simin. RUSSIMO Pat"t 194644, *no trr-23-1290-674 p ~ JCz-y-"-A- Sep 67 D li'l IP-ro I, ertlo r;f Ti- ' rluh-~ I' Derivative-, b~. *7cnin~ pcr Zh*ar ObshcAk KUM Vc-I Gonaultants Buracu 8 ci - ~~hem r" 7 q UP 58 Direct Synthesis of ftphtbYltricbl=osll&wp by P. S. San% A. D. Petrov, 2 pp. RtWIMO per, Zhur Obgbeb Ibis, vol mml, No 4, 1957.. VP 99-M - COMILItau Bureau set - Ch" Avg 58 t 4 9.0 .2- -ZP 9 The So"boole I 012d FMIMPti" Of SM Tfiaryl Alkyl SLIetwas, by.P~S, &M10 Gild A,Do PVtftv# 3 yp. BMW#, No parg Zbw obftb Was Vol MIj go To Jul 1952p pp 1124-1U6. Dwwu ra Saftatific - Cbedstry Feb OT8 ~4 ? 14 Synthesis and Propertiesof Several Aryl Disilanesp by P. S. Sanin, 3 pp. RUSSIAN$ mo per., Zhur Obshch Khim_. Vol XXIII,0--- -- , -- " ., , ~, 9 No 6, Jun 1953, USSR# PP W)j, 977. - -, Consultants Bureau Scientific - Cbemistry CTS/DEX J P~ 7/ 3 %ft"I" wd =0 Ps !Ues at P*17IVdric rmokuly, L ftoln w& A, V, M4awml 4 py, WBVA9 thrfAs-w per IN& Ak N=k W=p Vd 0 lb 91 pp WA,216- bAr*~U ~f 17d set - awaixtry 4 ;j Jan 57 m L'y ato 1.2 lie a L44 0, InvimtIption of the W.ChNnism of Action of orpwW*phmybm%b OU Additives by wans of Radivactiv.- ?Mems bY Go V. yinogradqv, ' me me ma"b*l to L sanul I PP. IMIWI part ghla L Taldmol Topliva., so 6, IL956 x pp 14-209 Asso Tech Ber T%M JU 58 6 4? A 9 0"5- Ths tfuk*loa OC lifteopopmag by lb. p, SaLftao L- . wastat P*ro Tw-ftes Okol Imt abd~ pp UP-349 * A13 RJ-5419 ,-N I I A , //. .?d-, ~"-' .'. sel-am j"$ yj 7T-64-22101 sa" YU. P. TI IF TOXICOLOGY OF ~MOPRUPANE. [Apr (41 9p 1. Sanim. Yu. P. Order fmm ATS $9. 50 A7S-37(rnR R. A7S-37q73R IM. AamcialmdTochnioal Trow. ofmorom VoptiosylPromlyadommil su"cs& tw-. Eaw Tokalkolloo) [Problons of On Induorial Toxicoloi:%, Onw, g \loom*) 19M p. 239-249. Y5, A15C) (BIDWOW Sciwwft - -TadooLw, TT. v. 12. no, 2) StU4 Of auctueolwUWA 2mmitun CC SM lMwMq StnIal Itf A* Po Seal I IL IL "Nof"Wo --- Hawma Poo Nftl t abn Moll", No 8, M8, 0 57s Op bmWor 4324 44"0o 84L - MW *y 59 g~, bi-; Resevrch :)n S~mtbetic Additivoo, 'k,,y P. !. swil3c, - MUM,, per., Rerue die llInati-tut Fruwais & IN~trolo ct Araisles des CWL.,,m',,!bles No jq~'Jjo p1) MA ixt (DC-4313) Kurdistan Wants Factories., by Ko;~ Sanjak,2 pp. MMISH, np, Khehbat, 27 J,jl. 19W, P 3. JPRS U032 NE/A - Iraq Econ oct 6f) (DC-5302) Toe State of Party Work; by 0. Banjouren, 7 pp$ bOIGOLUN, par, Nawjn Am'dral, No 10,, 1960,, pe 47-54. JpBs 8040 Ps - Mongolia /S~O~j L4~ POI KAI%Q N 'arboxymetlVlcel- .m.t.r-ibution to the Study of Sodium G .01030 (CMCS) in the Teatment of Peptic Ulcer, by F. .i-.n Jaamj J, Rodrigues da Silva, 17 pp. ull translation. TANISH, per, 0. HoBjUlp Vol XLIV, Jul 1953, 21-32. 'l-Ilentifia - Mediolne O?z Aug 55 'llivimi(mic 1.1scuicity I-rot. -iloclour "lx6tistit-us, '-Y Intral'actory Planufzg emcl the T*cbri'l-ca-t; Wd Fimucim! Plm of an Inftotrial nitem- rise, by D, 1. FAakin., 61 pp MWXAN,p bk,, Youtrisavodskoye Plonlrovaniye i TW4 1 Predpriyatiya (%riyo III t 19560 pp. UWR ZMA NOV 59 Anc wL-e16/m AnguU.r DlstrftutUm at Mwm,,, Particlu in Start. Proft"d ty R104AMW PerUldn IW L. A. Bmthop Zh. S. TaldbqWo ft. 1. ShoMms and ".As, Ya. ftlatill 6 pp. smalms -j" mw mmw I ftw" nap, VOL -%-Lr~s 3o10 Amm! twt of phr off pbp , am Fab 60 /Jog. Oysio of Gosmic.-Ray Shcrwrara I'Yrda Ani P111.3"ra, ALrflic-IeB -XI A. ko I Zh, pur "liar asp-,,i, kJov lptvs Vol XIV. No 1 Analysis of abowers produced by onerFetic cosmic ray particles, according to the excited nucleon model, by L.A. SanIko, 7.h.S, Takibaevp 9pp. HIISSIA4j ?er,, Is Ak ~.Iauk &W Seriya '~'iz, Vol TWI, lo 5, lWq pp 60h12. CTT Sci Fay 63 of ths AaVlar Miti-lbution -A~ ib Showeris Prodaced by Up, by I,. A. aati'W, Zh. S. Tekilmyey., Tu. 'I Pr I .,. * MUZ.'I' i) Iriat -"Wr AbPQ.,., i 510orct 7101 ~Mcil No Vq)) IrAp ff 5Th-W). Awr Imat of Pbye soy fts - MP Vol V1110 (35)o No 3 cl Qll~! '. Bud preparation System for an bAtomatic Moulding Line , by I - I - 5 PP - RUSSIAN.. per., Lit Proiz, No 3., 1()62. BC1U Sci 214 Y C)69 Oct 62 Conve-vDr for an Automatic Moulding Line, lly I. I. Sankov, 3 pp. RUSSIAJT~ per) Lit Proiz, 110 q, BCIRA scl Kly ,;,2 1,~I;I1~ I I ., (NY-1830) THE NEGLECTED FOUM)RY INDUSTRY IN THE RiFSR, BY 1. SANKOVp M. LUKOVNIKOV, ET AL) 5 PP- RUSSIAN., Wp SOVETSKAYA ROSSIYA), 10 JUL 1962.. P 2. JPRS 15095 USSR ECON SEP 62 2 L 0., 208 0116 AM 4%06 ---Rpm, Smakow, Ye. A. lm DWU)ENCE OF MlICROORGANISMS ON IM IIINSUE STRENarH OF COrrON PIMS AND COMM OOWS (Vtlywp k4krowpd=OF no ftochmst' IMWpkDYM Vddm I bbkl Iz N11h). Fob 61 1101p. 3 rds. RTS 1625. OsderftmLC-arSLAnd$l.9D,0$'..I0 61-15917 Tram. of brestlys Vyombft Uchebeyth Zswededy. 61-15917 1. Cotton textiles- -Tensile Properties 2, Cotton texulms--smage 3. Microorpaluns-4hyalcal effects 1. Sankow, Ye. A. 11. RTS-1625 M. Deparamm d Scientific Tdhnkgtp TdxtU'mq Pramyshlemww i (USSR) md hdastrial Research MP 1w. 31 mo, OP), P. 37-45. (0t. Brit.) odmwbkb--Tmdbmk Tr. w. S. no. 9) ONes A T*AmhW SmrAm~ C! s epwutim du a galUump de ll:LxUmi et du Smaulum des autres notom par oelmigeo dlionaj, bY Ro )OAmAs H- Jummuo 13 PP,i, GEMWI to mom, pe;.Z Aml (2~=, Vol CXLV, 1955j, pp 325-334s Bmrse !Uvaslation CrA-A-IT.L2 scd Ilov 64 to i0 Jalt wNwNwrommmow Todoal*fyo by ii. Awmader., Ito SWA6 NIRMAN9 lor- Into toy a kft"Vmqw~ kbgstighftira vw X* UM pp 1604659 ACSI 462114 to sciff-Onk Sci Avg 6Y of FSM dMaim"Id. st taw awromer. ~s of a ma 51"t $"no 16Y 9. Somm. FIANOO bko am ciao lia IdAauh.~Ml& N - - do 'M ;Z swwwo FF 0"7o - I .~~Yl f I D , J, "-~ SCLONO Jul 44 sestal Oll trio llohavior of the 1.1edmical andt I-lectrical -~mosynsptic I'tflexex in jocts .;it)i Dru,,-induced :~uu Cv IlakAxisodim !;pidrome in the (;oursc ol ,kill-Lir4LssiO5 !:anciwcr,, Ly ( per, W11 !,c)c ILal ~401 '-purg i~u 23. 66 po 1733-07. (L v, t-L ci /,;I 61-20756 SMA Giuseppe. IWMRACMN OF POLYNALOGENATED DERIVA- 1. Sum. G. TIM WrM ORGANDUAGNESIN CDMFOUNDS. I ig6i) I 0)p, 4 res. Order from SLA $1.60 6 1 - 40 W"? Trans. of Go n Chimica ltsliasw4 1942. v. 72 1 no, 71 p. W 31 Z Pbrtions of this report will not produce well. DESCRWMRS:- Gripard reagents. Oftessium o)m- pounds. *Orgaulc compounds, *ChemWd reactimi6 *Haloputim tHaloSens. Sulfur, Sultooes, Sulfides. Sepratkx4 kwemsAlipbstic compounds, OH&WIwo CDMPDUWB. Condeneation reactions. (Chemistry- -Orpoic. TI, V. 7. W. 5) OM06 of 70A.1cel lw~lc*� Sam, MI.. '-MUff -OF NICOTINE ON OCULAR TOWS AND ANGIOSCOTOMA OP IME GLAUCOMATOUS EYE. 11962) 15p. Order from K-H $18.75 K-H 3252 a Trans. a( Bollfertino, d-10cullistical (Italy) 1954, v. 33, no. 1, p. 31- 39. DESCRIPTORS: *Njcodne~ *Eye, Pressure, Dimeases, Blood vessels, *Glaucoina, Toxicity. 62-22701 1. Title: Angioscotoma 1. Sanna. M. 11. K-H-3252-a Ill. Kresge-H(x*er Science Library Associates, Detroit, Mich. (BloLogical Sciences - -PUbolM. TT, v. 9, no. 1) Oftt of Tt&wji Serms Etiology and Frequency of Extrineic Ocular Paralysis, by M. 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