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-uluatum 9pulde POMP V&th_ swing w A. we_-- 0 Ims Ift &OV it 4p calLmlation of Trausioly4o in c(Agpley- cirouitu With Several Mm~-Idnzw Elements~~ by A, F. Berozovoldy. RMBIA-N.p jpper~ Blectriehestro" No ljp 1962", yp 73-75, Au m 5o46 Sci - Kimtrou 14W! 6- 61-28192 BMW STWWG, i l?IFFP L PROTECTION OF 1. Berezoviiilldi. A. F. RALLEL- C L tr EC " 10 ED TRANSFORMER& [1961) 'IDSIR LUJJ M4W7 11. CE Trans-1932 DSIR LLU M 4037 M . p. . ; . . der from S $1.10 61-29192 IV. Central Electricity Generating Board RnL of Hiek lirichas kiel Stantall (USSR) 1960, V. 31, (Gt. Brit.) p. 817'*1'93 . ;SCRIPITORS-.' an &Transformers, mectric M Nocc twm" III Mectric currents. ea rcuits, tI voltmeters, SwItching -cults, Load dl dl dt fferen ' ' protection of newly connected = , I W ' its often occur because theload ' the start6.f atiti is very small. These dtffi- a itles can be' v ~ ! in the case of two trans- jr.:!ro, bj cr A daikerl !m eatinj i l iption 11 nequansing current between given of a test of this kind at a o Office of Techalce, %WVices . igineering-~, -. Electri, " I, rr, v. 6, no. 12) (over) NtIC16,eiides~o RGARX COfOrments and Phosphoric Stars If S"thesis of Cocarboxylast, by B. M~ ~erezlovskiy, V, 1. KoltUnDVa,, 6 pp, RUSSMN, por, Zhur Obshchoi Mtn, Vol XXXIII, No 1, .1961, pp 49-S4, Cil Sci Dpc 6Z TT-63-24507 AN 6k1l. I& S. 'TO THE PROCEDURE FOR THE 1. Berezoveldi, B. S. COLOR PRHClPITAT1 ON REACTION IN URINE. 11. FASEB-S-329-3 119631 j3p) ~FiSEB rn~nuscript no. S 329-3. Ill. Federation of American Order from CTFS, SI..% or L-17C. $1. 10 TT-63-24507 Societies for Experi- mental Etiology, i Trans. of Lab~ratornt)e Delo (USSR) 1963, v. 8 Washington, D. C. Ii. e. 91 no. 1, p. 35. IV. Scripts Technics, Inc., Washington, D. C. PESCRIPTORS: OUrine, *Diagnosis, Colors, Chemical precipitation. ~(Biological Sciences -Pathology, TT, v. 11. no. 5) Office of T~hnfcal S-1- I . , ~ : .1 1 -'.. A awe is Acaft vadlatiol sicknose in Eftwo 5 m) ep Doe ~i Toll, 2n,512 ILI "U=-kblcido~e and ProVeects for Moir Uso,. br M. Ya. RW3jMt:perj Zashchits Restenly ot Vroditelei I 3016ineio Vol 111P so 2p 1958, PP 28-31, CIA 90164W scl - Bio~l USDA 'o the Effectiveness of Using Chemical In the Control of Weed, by M. Ya. vauk RQ&AU,~ W, Dostlzbe"I& ParedowSo v ! I i,6 - . -., 841 si Xhoz# 5p 1953j. ;.p 96-31. ........ ... Ac eut4ic - Biology Opyl CIA D 4323' Mar 56 Oll S U-8757 Use o~ BerbicldeO ln Agriculture,, by M. Ya. Berezov- skly RUSSIU,q lo,lw per, Agroblologits, So 2. 195kv pp 37-M CIA ~D', 43235.1 usaft lbr 56 Ontal Use of Cbmice3r. 1A the Control Of ~6d :i~ PlAMURP of Veptable Crops, by M. Yad nere*uft RMUS (Dq" xkm 3:. CTA'6' ft3 mar PI? UWA Sol 'Okom !to AgroamLcal RequiremDta from for Modcal Ve"Lag of CarealB,, by RL*AZUOI, peg Truft Ymen Ak Bell'skokh Smuk imul jo Vol sava-u-sm-ftas-ts, Vol M-jf9-5-3o--- fid"atiftc - 51910a UA* Ei6~~c: - Apricultwel Nachimwy cllcmic~'a licit a of N We*6 Contimilo by 1. 1. Guwr.. 2 ki 152 pp. L ltwiw~ bX PimicbeeklSe Br*do*tvo DO "by r. 5 , pp 2-142. cov" CIA/FM/U-5k26 u 'szz scl~ Chem FeLt 54 pr nic i~ed~l of Comalsp by 1. Gunar., M. JL-rezovs lum pftx Vol xx,, No 4,, Kom 195 ~45. o&.8 K83 USEA~Trsuo 261 2mic; Aq~cu-Lt=e. hwbicides ?UVVI~ - AX61ogy,, berbicides .'he~-Inf -f -tw, am "a 1 IpUker Aritution-or P in the Plant, by M. Ya. r. -.-Kuroahk4 ina, 4 pp. IRUSSIA$..~ thribe-ITIO per Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, V-01 Oxiiij !No 1. MW., -213. p 210 "Amr Inst of Biel ScrE~-' Sci - Biol Mar 58 Ef fe't of 12,4-1 biohlorophenoxyaoetio Acid on Transfor=- ii. of Thoaphbrus Compounds in the Plant, by N. Ya. ~erezovs!qr and 1! V. F. KurooWd nit. 3 PP ~IUSSIO, thrice-w per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CKIII, I B-461. ~o 2r 19r., pp 45 ...... Amer Tmet of Btol Sci poi Hiol Mar 1:4 -Iva r 7. l al ic e fiew 8ynthesis of 5,fk-DIwtbyIbeaziwiftzole,~ L- S. Twiltehinakayal N. G. by V.11 M. ppre fol-iii0va., V" . RUEISIM,t ?er Zhur Obahch Khbit., Vol XXK,, No 10; 1960' ' [~-3437. pp 343 CB 1'71 ;77~/ Oct 61 3-002 DPW. IV. Mowpyridim Am- lkw1vativess by V. N. Bere- i Russ=;: pqr~~,!gaffjxmkjmms~jw~ =0 No we m L"is pp al dl d DIMMAO USSR Studies in the Allo-and Isoalloicazine Series. V1. Studies of the Synthesis of Quinoxaline, a Potential Precusor oflIlloxazines, by V. M. Berezovskiy, A. M. ~urke"Ach, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, pet, Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 11, 1961, pp 3775-3780. CB Sci Aug 62 213,166 The 5yu"thests of 5,6*7-Trixaetborlisoulloy-izineoI V, M, Beresovs 1. P. RodyorLova 4 pp. RUMWp per., Zhur Obabob Xhimp Vol XXVIII,, ,36 kpi958f pp io46-1M. Cormltw*t. Bureau Jun 59 tNe7a met'hods for the syntbes4-- Of by- Berezovskiy.. K.V. Usrelch 11him, No 1 Rearrai~e~ni~sl of Triazens* 1. 9be R-earmigement of Unsyrrm~'~rica'~Ttiazens Into Aminoazo Compoundd, i~ by v. M.;' Beiezovskiy) L. S. Tullahirislmya, 5 PP- h Rm*q~; peril Zhur Obvch xhim~ Vol 140 11 1961,P., 277~-2778- p CB sci jul 62 205,300 ~arezovskiyy by V - 14. L tro Got)aar- isobolevr 5 PP- RU S A I Zhur Obshch Khilav Vol. XX-IY,.* CoDsultents -Uri 60 7) or An luv~c~i3~igat~on in the AUoxaz:Lne- and Isoalloxazine ~ Series,~~ III. ~4 Ifew Synthesis of Compounds of the 1, ii~6 Se~4es, A116 X6-z by V. M. Berezovskiy, ~ I chic ------ L. S. blw7a., 3 pp RUSSIAN.p pe37..,~~ Zhur X Obshch Ehimp Vol XXX No 8., 1�61 , -I IPP 27791 2781. CB Sci 205,301 jui,62: cbromai ic and Electrophoretic InvestigatiOn rapL~ of them rma~ion of Folic Acid and Some Simple Pteri es,, ~y V. M. Berezovskly, A. M. Yurkevichi, et al., 4j?p RUSSIA111 per Zhur Obahch Rhim.. Vol XXXI,, 140 1961, 2782-2785. CB Sci 205Y302 Jul 62 a j# Animl emoboolrys N4!'; obza~~ 22 Vo -1 'by Vo X* Be v 1 vm)dy . IYP tk--JLJMD330 USSR I sci 1 , 11 1 i 4Lpr;l j i . i 2772618 ~ilho: Reiidtloik V: For=]AelWde Wltb Avddes of the beregovelw. "C abobab Mda? Von, Vol XXv No 7,. 4 ~Perv! 150 0" J, comultanu BUMOU Synthesis of Substituted 3-Hetothiophanes by Dielckmarm. Cyclization, by V. M. ~ft~o 6 PP. RUSSVOT~' per, Zhur Obshch Ktijn, Vol =II, No 9$ 1963~ pp 2888-2893- Sci jui 64 CB 264,335 .0teduction of 284-Dimukino-5-1sonitroso- ~6-Hydrq*y-'pyj.~ipddin9,. by V. M. Beresovskiyo Yu. P. Odbole~! ~4 IUSSIM#jpar,p~ Zbur MAms, V03. Xfflnp No 1,, Consultants Bureau Sc L a Cbpm 4) c9 Apr 59 Trmns.voin-'I. 1 41 pia and Qyntbasia of Carba"hy Imveoti~,&.116ia In the.Field of Reducticit of Aidomelix., tonesp by V. 14. Berezavaky.. 4 Vp. RUSSIAV,, moper, Zhur Obobeh Xhim SSSR Vol YXJ., -7 -=0 Ho 48, Ajw 10~5159 pp 779'-79-2-CTA C 39500 Consurc-ants Bureau. Nov 55 CTt3/]D.-'!,x XIVO 3% N I go AMD Tau OK gmm it VbL 3mm 1b 3~ Astarbi AcL LwtonUmtJAm aud NuoUzation of C', -1-Gtal 2-Ket.~ icide Actd, and Ito Derivativespj~y V. M. 1. 6treItchums. Bere" i iV% R- WID ~*W, Zhiw Pr1k RhU4 Vol =I,, 19490 pp -------------------------------- ABC Tr 221 JU17 1950 CTS Scidntllf ic 14 cheautry Afr 9 7B ij i A] Dwo n_ms-ambdLjwnlp Vol M=- IV 1064-06 conaltallu lpalmu Amw~ CbsmUtu I&Tmm C;z 0 TOO ton kee at H ''! :~, I A ~ttc 0 dawomft, " Llic la= '.N. AO floo"sBaDODBUYS pp. MO pmp zbur awmh ibin, voi ma, xo 6# JM consultem" BMVM sclexftlrlc~~j- Cbealstry The! Met of fvmUm at Dlaaetem-2-Noto- "Id Into' 14sombic Aolds Ve Me Bm2ovr-'-:-;-v IkL 23 Air hk-- 1-1=1 so i95N I-, U 0 7 q, cammatwtv Bumu New methoda for the gVntheals of nualwtide eoanzymes by V9$. Beoexovskiys RvVo ArtmkLnap 14 ppa RUSSIAN$ Pori uspakh xhims No fig 1962o PP 724-751- as sci Mar 6S .-PY21~ 6,15 rrangements~ ,'of Triazenes. II. Synthesis of Aromatic hoaminolazolCompounds that Do Not Correspond in ; I I uctuiel.to the Components of the Initial Triazenes, V. M~ Berez,bivskiys L. S. Tul'chin5kaya, 6 pp. USSIAN " per, I,Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 11, 961, pp 5614,3620. CB 213Y248 62 8tudies,in the'' Allo-and Isoalloxazine Series. IV. i New Synihesisj~of 21-Desoxyriboflavin and Synthesis 6f its ~-,~hio ~IiAnalog, by V. M. Berezovskiy, T. V. tremenkq~',l 4 l~ - - pp! RUSSIAN., iper,,~!Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 11, 4961v p0 13831-"'~834. CB Sci Aug 62 213o176 udies inlthe:Allo-and Isoalloxazine Series. III. nthesis of 71doriboflavin and Thio Analogs of Allo- zine, byliV. M. Berezovskiy. L. M. Mellnikova, 4 pp. SSIAN,ppr Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 11, 61s pp 382~-$8300 CB g 62 211,175 vestioationsIn C. Cataly's~s inoazo rezovst pp I the Alloxazine and Isoalloxazine Series. qIr the Reaction of Secondary Aromatic Ortho- . 1~ Compounds with Trihydroxypyrimidines, by V. M. L.~ S. Tullchinskaya, 5 pp. Per, Zhur Obshch Khim, Vol XXXI, No 11, 3689-3694. CB ci 62 213.P-T.7 j I th". ir. of Pteroyi-L(+)-illutemic Acidi, by ..,pyskiy., L. 1. Strelchunes and 14. ecan., 5 PP- -,tj Siltdi' per,, Zhur Obghch Kh1m, 7701 ;=-L., V,, R b, 10,57, PP 1717-1721. ConsiLltants Bweau c J. - (0% ez scm- 53 Of Vitud-O B12o by V. M. so perp Uspokh )Wu,, Vol XXV,, No 8s L956* Op Tech and Clem 0.50 s6l - cbmw ju'l 57 -j/- ?, -e a- Y, 1 1 ~ ii I lf~,tirormsticn of Eaters of Aldoni-c e of by tlae V. r,. 8 pp- voi i;g:KV:E; uo 6a. 1951, pp 1339-342-0- $ci ttc Center Al-3339 4 linvestigitiowof the substructure of transformer steel ,~in oouji~onvith eUstic deformation 1y V - M.! Ftn6l' p V. N. Doi--psovskiyp 1p, 6e ps RUSSIAH#~ perg, Fix )btal i M*Ullcvp Vol XIII,, No 2,, 1962.. pp Aug 63 M. l~ WORMATIOWAND SYMMSIS OF CARDD- MS.' VIII. A truDy iN THE ARuA op TION 00 ALDOSES. (196016p. from ATS $9. 50, ATS-MM47R , y (pol Melchey nimfil I of ~~nik "p 11053, V. 2, p. 1,9"-949. e a- (Biological: Sciences- -BlocherMstry, TT, v. 5, no. 9) 61-127W I. Kefteft-Oddedon 2. Carbohydrates-Syndwals 1. Berewromy. V. M. U. Title: Study... M. ATS-11"71t IV. Assadmad Tacbzdcal services, Im. Kim OnwV, N. J. Once of Techm" 3MVICes M RURIL& TIONS IN THE 0 AND.TWE i DEPI IR LATION CIRCIJ (K peratui Tom y Kor) Me vid Re *wet j 31refs FASED mai Order 60'M' am, Trans. of ?1ziolej, TEMPERA71ME FLUMA- BRAL CORTEX OF THE DOG INCE ON REGIONAL BLOOD koftsid Mistsevi Kolywannya wncbo Moaku SobdW I YIcb ikroobo Kruvooblhu). 119631117p] ript no. S 772-3. . or ETC $1.60 17-64-13531 yl Zhurnal JUSSR) 1963. Y. 9, no. 1. 0. 90-95. I DESCRI!T,ORS: temperature. OCerebral x. Blood clicuUtion. Irate, Stfundstlas (610100c&1 scien"i 7T. v. It. so. 9) 77-64-13531 1. Bernwo'kyi, V. Ys. n . PASEB-S-272-3 M. Federation d American Societies for Experimental Bloloa, WasIdupon. D.C. IV. Scripta TedWca. Inc., Weeblopon, D. C. A p ,I Offs" of Teebefto 9~1~ Oy Poland s Mirlisiou into Eccmmic 'Regionx, bi ~t=l i I 'MIZI, 13 pp. POLIM per Ocapadarka Planova., No lltireaw, 1959:1 P~ 57:63 JM -1776 -n Ecca aeo - $arritarial Eco--=ic Uaitn Jul 5.9, ~73 3 a *1%0 Gmwaow of Tmwpm-tatioe OLbor Sagtarn Etwopean Comtries), by pp ~1' MIA' 13b-152- CXA/Ilm Tr 539 Our POIAM Apr ~77 I .... ....... 7 b ~4 A NewSyst6m of Pneumatic Comptting Devices., by G. T. Sprivisto e t a 1., 9 pp RMIM,, I*r, Avtomt Tolemekh,~ Do 1.9 1961p pp ACSI 3-9309 ID a7t*52 Mw: U. Se~ 61 --TILL I "M T7- At MONSOON MENNNNN- (11652-r) ~ermlystlow N the MoUntion ftetor of Short- i I ~11 ~ # Davoter Producta of Was to the Emu ~ 101rataky OrGUWV by 0, B. ZWesyukv V. V. *mp. i. I. Ropys u pp. N3uN,, ~pers, man ftaloloss, No 6'r 29W. ipm 5"9 sci Ned ftt '6o A;W/ Cf ~171c? W16931 Dwft6s~ RWW and me. ft & V. UNLUOP40; IPRBOXANM AND I= NURSDIG I. butomm-, IL rmm~ PORM OF VIRW ON A U. sulk & & V. cr icu.fit wer Mr. 1104 Up. 31 FJOwa.. ordw 6i6 0.160 Tzaw.~ of Nordlid~- Meffids Cgwofto IM, v. 6%. P6 Aawodftwwr hvmK-H SIL25 so K-H 9 A247741 Mn d VAtAftd bOm tz ii zi d-sch. Ing. j nginrcer' TPA3)1~0 TA340 Olt (IqY-650") 0'~~rn6tics and Tecbnical Progress, b~ A. Berz '" pp. XMIA17, np, Pravda, 10 Nov 1961, p 3. jm,7 u926 Sa - matb., Cybern6tics /'I 'f, 0 6 / .ja'n 62' i LTY 6 a Cyber 4-,JCa sInd Cheatata-Y. by A. Der 11 9 'Op. No 24.26. JPRS 11042 u M-! H A- 13C n -F, WNW "O" W, LI (my-6502) CYBERNETICS -- TO THE SERVICE OF COtNUNISM) BY A BERGX 10 PP. RUSSIAN, PER) TEKHNIKA MOLODEZtil,, w 14, 1962.: JPR3 14354 scl Misc CYBERNETICS ijuL L62 202;4o2 t, P. f7 Va; Ai ............. ------------- V. I...LEWINAND SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION OF LABOR BY A.; G PP. 7 RUSSIAN, NP,~:PRAVDA., 24 OCT 1962. JPRS 16871 USSR ECON JAN 63 218.,658 CYBERNET I CS~ TO THE SERV ICE 07 PP. BY A BERG I RUSSIAH., PER) TEKHNIKA MOLODEZHI; JPRS 14354 sci - HISC CYBERN& I CS JUL 62' (t,,,Y-6502) COI-VU1,41 Sill) NO 3) 1'"' ;;o2. 202)401 P4 3i lb~tl 9 ~Ivl In RSWLO 21oct4vacep by A. Benp NO ktov m-I%j;1107(IIL4t'b)v Nwmp 7 MY 1954m, PP 3# 4- 1,27-- /YP-3 8p rafto :. New Coriquests of Soviet Science., RUSSIU per., From Bkon Gazeta,, P i USSR ~ Econ sep6o JPRS 5W7 (NY-4796). by A. ~~;gj 9 pp. 22 Apr 1960. 1,2 ,'/- /Ys I Prdblems~andl~Trends in the Development of Radio- Electr~oa,ics.,i~by V. P. Moskovskiy, P. T. h: ov.,'jA, Ber 6 pp. Astas er~k 9) RUSSI~N,! bk,~~Sovremennaya Voyenraya Tekhnika, Moscow 119561~ Enci to IR-126o-57, AFOIN-1A1, '144. Pp 134 i AID/Mar 57 Sci - Electronics Aug 57 Imallisawoo bw A*-b-OC& 3 pp. ivarp aftomobw so lop IOU$ ~!j 4J.P / C""6 i i i p i i I t*qlv~ t 161 1. 1 275,971 I (Dc-4"i) Meaiauralof RelisbUlty., by A, Borg, 5 ppe I ~Ifj., up., Izventiyal 12 12 Jun 1960j, pp li 3, RUSS im f4ii fid. - Xwo .aLn 61 / Y~~ d 9// Anotr6pIc Tranamatirm of Selculum In Contact alth:i in Scaution, by A. Berg, at - al, ppi, PMW4,0 p=,t J. Mda Phys, Vol ILVII.. pp 382-3831, S.L.A. Tr 9Q/56 sci pbp4cs 3f, (EW-WT3) Iftonced Salem* and NsUwm&'t4c&N by , 9 A 1 Dwi6 5 pp. I I M-JL- Fmv*,p 4pp ARM oamtep No uj, 16 0aii 610 v 310 am U&36 . I I 1_~= AM, S-p4p is Raba ;-;;w A & ... 7- _- i i oat, ~-a its by A 3L2;"vp. UCLASSIFIM) BY ILI 1-J PiLu *km; Im. lat RMXAN, mol Or Raft to nj MMv BW 1951., pp vj~R SAoiit1fJL6 B3.*CtroWW9 joi, 5P. CTS DIX (SIP-1m) Mie ! Hole;,:~ of Prealsion SquUmmt In ftUiml Stie=ej, by A. ftrgt V. A=twunov, WMIM xw.. L"Ostiva, No uS (13664), 19 JM 13329 sd:t 1,07 jorl 62 Ha~io keotronics,, by A. Ikmg Berg, 67 pp. RuSsI&N, =D part Radiop May 1955- Navy Tr 1272/851 A-W ScieuLmo - Electronics 56 bTS/dex tio" Ipmagoom- in 1, rl-q~ vas wbw MAU IN I&VAIIIN 7zr Volum ftUA*dUtY SOM-.14, IV A" Lq-9"S$ Ile 00 jj~ V* OAWM"k*O vp* Thmast UfO6 by A. 1. BS& B- V. BtrYukOvs I Klban"*, buniye I Moscowt 10 r / j k 5 PP. ,~np,, by A. I. Berg, E. B, Babsky, Literaturnaya Gazeta., 29 Mar 1962. The Daily Review Vol VIII, No 39 (448) Friday., may 18., 1962 Pc i - Med 'Sep 62 s 16 Medicine,, i(Ny-6428/ Omaltim of Sclentifia Progress,, ~by Ali i. swg,, V. 0. Arutyumm, 6 pp. SUBSURO lor;, Ve" Ak ftuk SWRO Vol' =a.$ No 22 119611p pp U-15. SCI, sep ~ 61 (NY-7144) CYBER, NET I CS AT THE SERV I CE OF COWUNI I SM, BY A. 14 BER6, 434 pp. RUSSIAN, BK2 KIBERNETICS NA SLUZHBU KCIAMUNISMU, VOL i, 1961, PP 1-312. JPRS 0552 sci - miscp CYBERNET11CS r JUL 62 205., i, I ;. il Ir ji" I Tw C.Oww A96L ago of Reliabillt-j, by A. L 12 T"T 19