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1-~&&A* ':;i?, Choak fri e of 'An Idlin-ftell-I -~wq:lutors' 1~y 'lit. 1. TDrmv. Aa slijAktau kslontr. CM EIL In, ,CI Ittohl !uC0j!,Idtiuu in Vic ~',vsciscv o. I.I'LCW;Sv by 1. Tur4 uvitsl~iY, 11 !,~v Na . uclilly), ",ki.NeL laual Cro )10:1,t Vo, ros Lu~sj:;,dn, ka kio 13t,7, ~j i,ov 69 39.39 7. 1-6a A. Report of tile Japanese 'Summer llarties, in my Villeys, Victoria Land,, 1963-1965. 1: On thc lv~iporites Yound in Hiers Valley., Victoria Land,, Vitarctica, by T. Yorii, pp 1-12. B. 1~111CTaologicml Composition of tild.te I'vaporites indl Yellow Salts Found Around Syowa Station,, Antarctica, by K. Kaneshima, pp 39-52. JAPANESE, rpt" A. Antarctic Record: Report of the JaRanese Antarctic Rcseari:T7Fx-p=eton, 270 1966. It. Antarctic Record: Report of tFe Japanese Antarctic Research Expedit"on,, 33, 1968., 1966/19680 24 pp. Jail 73 JAPAN'ESII... Ari-_-arctic I"ecord: Peport of Uie Jap 4. . -c-tic Pc3earcnl ane,se A-t-ii ExDedit6on, 27, 1_jH,. by a'. Tiorii, T:,-, 1-12. Arltarc-':_C! :~eccr(2: p-e-lort uf -tr,e Japanes-:~ tlmtar c-tic Expadlition, 33, D.-" K Kai te p 3 5 2 *rsTC_RlqW A-pr 7 T ctioprvasibility of Uquids ii: cauvressibility of UqV441 UfAW14* by A. KUk4A&io T. TOrlk9iV I JAPANUE', r,)t, IStIl dl,&bl-Pr**svr* Sysj~astumv T-lem 1.1-10C 15-200 C-IUCRL.:T'r- 10463- 410 --2 ~, Ae jol 70 Plawt VoKOU45 abd FOJLOMI DietAlyi.-UGE ul- ctit*,U*O~p 1'ry omalft?UA ftrA~ J PPO WNWIV44 I;m*.. vlats so MA6 vpo 3-4v *33o'k* ky Simultaneous Colorimetric Determina- tion of Serum Triglyaoridesp Phospholipids, *ad Cholesterol, by V. Torjescu, ITALIANv per# ligta MadiRAIAP Vol 15t 1968.j pp 1201-1207 3TG 72-12026-06A June 72 IM imaliceptor In istiosl*uNdal by FUst Terjosmy 4 ppe HMEGIM, or$, monk limon lid!.Sk t *0 97 fto L~lw.. =I WAR pp DIA LPI MM; Aug 66 3079469 Theraml Decomposition of Barium Azide Singlo Crystals. Part 1: The Formal Kinetics of the Decompo- sition of Ba(N3)2 Single Cl'ystslBv by K. Torker. GiMMAN, per* MgUAtgxghrjf% fuer ghgalev Vol 98v 1967.. pp 11,96-1711 14TC 72-11924-07D jivie 72 lqnvvimg the IMd"t by A. 17 pp. iMSMO Tier,, lpideadolftiml ~;vrvsy QueAlmi.- i., Tor-42%petpmo 6, U, leplyokov, ~Ilommo, No 2,, 19b9# pp 6Q-77* ancl I) Jul. 6-' 3839'i2l Form "t" in com bodumm bitruslom of Parts wilth Moped C"Itless by A, S. Torkhow. RUSSIAN'S pero~ tutu. sh! Proirwdstyu Vol so M* NO 3* 10"S pp 7-5. fib 7225 0 5 Sci - Iftch Aug. 67 3311g575 ijilv j lav"Umsuce or ,,AW* A*VM ~Vwwpowt tmbc~ a kalUCA"I .1mown at Lb%dra i-qmuons In 0 i lam 'I . :A*PAIVO tvjilv i~. m~ song ii~* Li. itorlize U 44 9.0 p-L list L im-a-m. xUrm iL apdrs Pa a$ i - or Naft-w lWafts"s k~ tw N. ~L owp Va Mp ND Wlt 1968o p X'SiL F s Ow/ft 9w. -). 2-11-, adAft empt 69 392s 8921 Seloction of tke c"Adow of chr"Altog- mikic Awlysix of Gas matlims cWtaislas CO ,2v Ca#jw#ftpil2# CDs Mjv md CA& by mim. Val 36 xkaislm~ IA 0 No 98, 3"S0 pp SAM Tr Paton A P4?v 66 296s&)3 Cotiollitions, for of t"io (-41's i4xUr"s Ic I ; t! ,A's .,At, rL 4 Ar rze'ahbolkove et Za Prikl Kblii tol XXXt'llis p fT V-98L lor i~!(- kO oi liistrut~.ciits Cor --?/ lAreCLitai, Uy V. 'I i~ lorocUov,, ~U.)S I A: J 111,0- IS$ It: A Trutly LA,-OiiftLr;iki. callc Institut 40 les 47-50. a r 70 4U2gOO V. Y L I i 1" Jc uu ~'O I: ~LAQIOVZ 7s i7l' V i !70 1114,77T - ~u 70 4 St W-- 15 BasUalmd Ansometer, 'by V. TU. Torodam. SWIM* ows ~ftub dLys No ITO *F9W411lU93-(*6-7D scion" Fab 7 0 ktaoT43 I.-and (ymomix-sr, cn libr-sional Anpensim , by V. Au ribrodikov. tiya VLG. P Ines riloorcr-trcenie, Vol 12,, Lto 2.r 1969g, pp 76-78. ITL) J2 13.,,~ecial 27-70 ii?b 70 40&F096 7ir 71. 7 771 F 17,; M~ IT- -77773 - -,to-, 17# TY F-j-l 0. ci I cn. IT, 1 Jhcuivttlew of U* Motml 1wearch Uwutute air u.-jo rtjw :bmuwu7.o tw ('iubor Sorftp or IXI91 UMAIIMAN,~ -perj V*!!~ Tiser. Vol 19j, ra so vvt RIM '20" M-111jou lkm i#, oav~ (I: 9 aa9oho i f, ia 4%)-d ri,xji~jt Lovcav Tcrti-~ I 9t,,? L 7 1 771, 3liva 4-md 1966. 1 3bib,r 34R.~-YjJ. 3w, 5 is 14-~ iL 1., 0 V '15P mall Whw Phase D.Isgrww of Silicate Refevmee Book., by 1. A. Toropov. RUSSIM, bk., ~ Pigramd Soatoiami:La Bilikatma sistm 92MV-2~dWks, Vol it lw9-.-- - *Nm TT 9&WFAM -7 1 0 4 0 :T-. A . --T-C) Q 4D P C~ \./ my 71 31.6 eQ - A - "71) a (" p 0, %J" HendbOOIL Of Hase DIW=s of Silleate Systems, Vol J~ Binarl Systems, by- N. A. Toropav, V. P. Barzakovtki-Yv 723 PP. RMSrANO b1c, Di S0810mi L Sil Sistem SZ&voaIui'k,, Second HWsed Editian, 1969. Vol I. NTIS TT 71---")40 MMY 72 1-.4at-i"intant, Coatings, ;yj oaxirv~cv, uzsv.z~.. lg()7,r 166 I UVt;CWultuAb Un-au CA; 3ffj*523 z-J T"Ghft 1"t"n son In audow tr Ao lt~ Re Ilardpwo AUM"it pwo MOM SOIPCIOA 41~ Jon &9 M)Oen dt jo 7 Li VC-Gle of -T~tmn- grih-ric Scatti~rinx- V. VO?)rOsil 0--rozn. noy ,:PSI --V -1, 9 7 ,Ian 72 1 .3 4- 1 19 4 Ible af SIM44104 in A,nalaratlm mP PmWralt~an )f l1bl-i"Fad *rLalgil, Ilyho Polld Metal-am OF to. 1. Q*vw"htjy,~ 1. 3. TDrlpm*lmra, pp. ma LID Ow let) -1. -,,, - 7c ec,,p� ~; e \j Morphological Characteristics ~)f the Biological Action Produced by ftpatic Fields, by 1. jr. Tcraptsev, 16 pp. RMSrM. W., Arkhiv P&tpIWZ, Vol 30, No 33, 1968~ PP 3-12. AW/PM/M-23-349-r- J,me 7? Li y N C H k N L. i K I 1.:,! 2, V L T . V Y S zf Iv 7~1 ~696T W 0 sspwftip swimp 69 IrAf oap~ 99" 11994? CH on V" *ad I pramm-m-mi K., odd 9C SA04ft MY Aq 60 Elp"Ch g~ Cubm Presidwt Dortloos to r C%mmist Party of the Lmdustries m"wo" .ro by Dr. O&vuW Dorilcos Torrs&Y fttlstr 15 Imp. htvmd~rv i reb 1966m, P. 5- LIP, 3 Alir Ck o04 I - i DW20" T- - IV ; Laww" "rAd% Mw t ipwp MiRat sot 177-310- ms xro tA.0109 M., Jima 65 at ndm3s- :"f- --~ , I P IVIP 29 ior "%# m"7 lbe Agelm of .1,1kww tv !;t ..I. Tarftlbik* CWOU41, pirre a.. loftlawall ouw 'a 7()057493 $4,01.4st Avg 70 -2 4 -1 --~, Auve SAWW Qmmhuwo 100 590 I!at pp 184-Me /'~ -) ,) Cubs antaittals Bvalmtion of In poncly lu .I. Lat:Lu ATWnlimk~o by Pelegria Torriolp 21 ppe aw Cuft sociali JU 1965j, pp. SPMMH 9-32- MRS Guo 8W IA-04ba Pol Aug 65 2B4j,139 Qf, ve ftucy Uk TAtin Tones 99 ppq -LAOII-,~ 110 I.Nip A,;" Cuka* thO :Datted St43tftj, 90d IbN ioul - ML!tco at latta AtWicat TV magdo ftrram, 9 we kX401"Wil, Ufa mw MWOK.0 "%-,p C,.be Swy"ftp Oat 1965P PD. 1-170 - jPFA OW c ~j Nil im (6 293v627 C%SJW #JA*)PM Ot tbg fto=t jhttVMCjpMA=ry r.q 0 1 a mom* of to aws IW "Wft Torromp 16 1966# im w0 oft pa Asber"Stswo LOW* Gamut LAUM4 Tanowme 5 PP* Ala*@ JF,RS 47o2.13 Mao Jan iAwats- vat= aritiAdswo ty TOMM94 5 we r4p* kii mad amom mbmft ow 10 AM ;ti?690 40 I. M. -rc> R- P, e t~~ S Configuration and Migration of Point Defects In Alkali Metals, by I. M. Torrens. fu=) rpt's Nr 1969. wk&2v W,-. TT 7P-5,1170 Aug 72 App3des-tion of a Potential Derived Irm Pasuftotential Ti~ to the MigmtIon of Vavancles in Al mid M. by I. M. Torrem II p Ws no Letters, Vol 2BA9, IWP PY W)-47- /~= TT 71-55331 I able Im Only "T- . m . -T-0 e- Q 9- f~ s July 71 Lazat'i'l M. wail R41gration of a 'fisrummj -11-n A7 !:&P. m-a3st tQr 1, m. Torrow. per, Solid State qM. _0 rk) 7v 1W9 *=/MS TT '10-57,21-6 AW .1 ahl a F r or. I rM ~:c m . -r0 R- ,e c tj s Bel Itut. ca es 4# V, A i rvits !:#vlsta ;,N*7"vpqt i, Ake 0,7 I Ive"'vo I-lit (15 Swl*k Ststatifteatlan In BmIls by Joao C"lw 60 Ouvetra lbrres, 49 pp. GMROM USK MY SPAVUH, Up Notmtottl9ow Sciegal no Brazil,, ion 1965# IPPO ITO-M- 90C K*r 66 297 oo4 Interview ~,-dth k,'uovitas Planning Arect:~r, by 7":Marita Torres, 5 pp* SPANISH,, np, Gramm, 3 jun 1967, P. 3. JRKS 41674 L&Cuba Pbl Aup 67 Xr, . 52 6 inriquo .41st 'TaUs of buts Torretso 6 pp. n*o '%-A! j , 17 v,*c 1963v Itp ti 47).318 !A-ChUe kol I e b and AtIag by Lantlago do Chile$ 3?49643 PnOdot 9"AMLAAo w B*Arlma D--- Ll tv rml If*Ves owgm* 5 Wo SPAIM4 opy a--Ampim I& Pai4 26 mW 19699 p 3o t" 4IB379 69 3%9260 J-1991 Dramatic Economic Situation of Fidel Castro's Cuba., by Adriano T2M-s Garcia., (NY-gWg). SPANISH., np,, I& Republica., Bogota., 17 Feb 65. /Aj 01 IA - Cuba Econ NMr 65 Sluid fY,;-,u Loi,,it: -i.-IeiWlltSj uy Luriu Tormswi, 190v i, Mil-7217 9112SU066-V ci/tolily JSI:I*V. i:ieNOlUt&=&n *?6W8 In AM beimset b,,, Iowa tomdalorreo a4las* ? ppo ANIL-(~# Pero Lr-'NUAO- Aw- y 'U40at ~;'Usnos Airess, 610v iyp 15-17s, ct et. LAo-Argaftna 70 `7 cbfieraUtue-6 Plasticity liv. ory for Plaie Defor- I:atial " by III riorrst, ~~IZINN. ,:er, Yxcii, lls-anh, Vol 40,, ..,,io 2,, 1969, -j-) 109-1D, *13LIA 7764 Sci/ lraturiixl~; aec. 69 PulseC -.'.'.arvtiut llo%ar Source V'or Ifel4inig" 1~.v Lie to Gusdra, J. Torrul-ilwhe. per, 'llovista -40 -ietalur O.A. VOLTAGE VARIATIONS (DISMMANCES) Trans. 462 CAUSED BY ARC FMACES, ETC. E. Torseke Svenska Elverkaf8reiningens Handlingarg No. 27, (1968) 17 pp. (Digest, Vol. 23, abstract 203) J Influence of the Mass Deformation on the glizination of Aluaina. Inclusions Coning From the Doozidation of Liquid Iron by Alminuall by go Tormsell. FRZNCHp per# Rong daii"lugus Val 66p 1969v pp $13-822 NTC 72-12172-IIF July 72 Effects of the Formation of Clusters on the Elimination of Alumina InclusiDns Produced During the Deoxidation of the Liquid Iron by Aluminium, by X. Torsell and M. Olette, FRENCU.. per. Rev. Met., Dec., 1969, pp 813- 822. BISI 8347 'no latlamme AlusLuilm, OXOM ENCIUSLOW Dam to Maltaft Im DOOK- Wation bW Also"ims by 2. Tft*Nillo Tot "# Doe 1969g pp 313-822. faucas l4ro ft! *Dist 83015 Sci4ut is" 70 txcupau,02 Arv.1 air 4CUOU 64 14D Ww 7 Veil. r .15" p le- L35 LI/ th liAl 34 CL Sodaulot wwwow 8w the iatioul Quaguout bw Aid* twtaftuao 9 Fps IULMio pare: 9LI pp 8-9* Mo&b - floot 3 Uot 196go im 49113 I-- ~,) I 6,(6tc W&-I~Aay Pol Oct 69 :VA99DI r."Sti" ;A;*rdlot Thasht Fftftoss carwntyl tw Also Twtwaml 5 PP. IULU.U0 ti-is 9LIRAR"s 7.7 SvPt w 13~ 14, "'IFF4 46023 o At -toR 't 65 Yi I L 4.~. 4-5 Observatioue ou tho Growth Frocoss of Alkali 11sli,do I.Single Crystals* by Toru th[atsushita. JAPAIJBISH, per, Yogya KXO el-shi, Val 76, io 974, 1968, pp '199-203. OAFCRL Julke C09 Dwkkiloks A Awlem tiat4at in Sm*hom Th-al. IaWs, by Tom Ymoo 9 pp. GowpMew Uu OHLY JAPAMM.,pers, Tomes WiLa Xmkyu. Vol Us Wo 4. 196510 pp 106-110* SWONOW, MRS CUO 2426 Far 11mutrimiland Jun 67 327slOl A SWRO-Ant~~~~ vj=Wj, by TWU YSWo 5 on ONLY ftrM "Ln BOW"b" Pr'*- IV* JAPAWXj. Wo IM AjAn ftim Vol Inp 1100 J'v Jumo IWO 2AD-U39 Pro wo 24; M-MmdloOd sd-fte jay 6T 330poap Tretid of Ma&vAs4tIw in Dan Ollakv by TOCU Ulm* 7 pp. MWWROWC Wil ("LT J]"OF411", L$ per* UM 61LIA bakm Kyoto* Tot. 1L1111 go. 29 "Pt. 19"q pp. 169-192. J01M ~W 2663 FIL(ThaUNW) social., Doe 67 347t664 "0 - Thosiss Df "~.eoondlavsm Deeuratim c-tin ~aiid. by Gonwaot Tosca, 5 PP* SPAIaSlip Per. V- a 0. Havana, 6 Feb 19?20 pp 19430 J.VR5 55504 kAr 72 jj~ low" ~14111 f WA, AV k it A~ d al "lit A4 ')OCUI rIANdMg WA ilkM PIWO In NMOIne Ak IAW- claUst So4ekyp bW lbe Te Toobftmnko. 31 pp, RWSJA,Nq bk Immul t 1900 I.V ~Lr?ovmmv je.~b 43708 w4A lift 3wow ~Awies m 9teamil oi Iludiuioditic by Activuted r-urbon (1). Adsor;Aiun of Iodine ancl ivthyl lodi~a on. Activave-J Carbon,, by TosmiWid :,unitat K'ursio Ka.:iyav 1.2 1,,P. &;"On 6ewsidariku k,,Ukkais, at 601 lit 1.1699 1 3. At-ChAVNl.-Tr-2ibS-G,;) 10 Xffftt of S mo&a porewt an the Sim Distribution of Fog Droplertsq by Toddichi MdtQq 12 pp. W9 Ow LIAII[Mv Imrs Im ecivioe, No U9 19539 VP 29-38. JMWPS"/HT-23-IOe-71 Avg 71 IiSl?i, Uic V f 0 -.,Ut 5u ri 1 'i 22-3-~:3.