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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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on; Stxidi -t,C: C6;" i -ar m as ZI 0 ide Electrophotogriaphic.'Papo-il. rent Zi % DENSHIIS;HA H,IN~' Vol-10, No$2, pp.64-70, 19 71. PIR ;011 0" 4C' Elid:bt DENSIll S oi"Ao'$i~ 146"i t .4 ,..St.ud -p- nkigiaittl btid Siiidleg; 4.i Of Ma ri. t...;D; rush DevelopineMit, t'll,'Vol.10, N&A, pp..10SW12'-' A71. IA.T*So a s 0 1''Controi; of V61410) N 47'~ p -197 o ~ischa~ ~y t~e mwsslii, A-T.S nsu 6 a ~q .;d'D6vel'6pm6riit tjej:ht)d. RAs; i N 101.10,,'No.4;' PP. i)5 14.7 1 it 7AIII, 1r Orp, A hil ISO rop '0 11t La~~; Sh&r=, is Ic curvkhd 'DENSHI: $11A~~ ~!W Vol.10) No*4:, pp.136-4 61 1971. Elk "~4 K M."i R su~! Al n' i" nElec- 0. ye )sorp P -j ~trophol tyers'. atoll jLN311L I ki N 1.100 No, It pp. 147-55 1971. X.t.s Ox 3 'i , :. ~ 1; iEl ot teht pp*3-81:1972'. PMN 4'6 i1 4, 11 1 ! I " I 'i i ! ; . . ~ :! :7 . I : ~ , - , - vi w ~ , : i; ~:. , -, :. - . ;, : '. : : I z. i [ ~; 5~ 1 :. , ;, , . - . : ~ , . , . 1 i11. 11 1: A . - .1 : , ~ , - gas -S il ut6 'C Min urrents, an ~an VOI- 11, T'o S 3 ~t al p bii~ DENSil ,,A '!'Congtahts 76~1 Dfiai~ctric* 1145~ Volmll) Nool pp,,26-32) 197.2:. ~Vp 3 STI-I H P1.1 , as u I i), VJ s m f Elii'tr 1.0 Q Lc hiirg~ dn~ 'a Powde*r' DENS 11IN V6, 1. 1 SH 4 No . ppa~-385 X972. .. , 3- 3 3;9 . u ght (Densliy J~j noug in ahd :Ph t DE14S Vol.l.l., No.j., pp.46-62 1972. S 7jy-T A.T. -3 !2 H ild ar h'g el-t~6d" ~`f or Obtain g.,. axage' Cu r4~ 6iil he ~'S`urfAce' DENS11.11 1~SAA 'hiWi. 'N't'211 'pp'.SS-67~ 1972'. SHA -:G S~ 7 -14o 19 1'2 i,: AL-i J;, MINE fV POW& hclig~ Itarr firs DENISHIJS11AS i::N, tit'-CAMU"'- Ustribut-low',-o-ir'l rikpsi fbr Vol. 11, No. 2:, 19 7 2 . ure Mependiince;`. ~i6'f P~b~eitie6 of Ti , 0 0. pe yers, MalPiSHA RIN, Vol*ll, No,2, '0.82-~89, 1'9'72. Color Im age Holography System Developed by NHK DENSHI TSUSHIN GAKKAISHI, 'Vol. 54, No. 10, oct. 1971 FSTC-HT-23-2240-72 do ito 1,- el unc ii:'Oscill4toi f!qr':Dita,~ 14TO: .74 oa 4L, 1 COMETED SPECIA L COO: 16890 12 Doe 67 1Admini8trative department of Samaity (Doo to 1717 of '18 July 1960) .DEPARTAWTO AM.11'NM)?ATZvW DR SAGARXDAD (DEURNTO 2727 FONLHOW UF '11tL CjLLVLJ- LtiLHLEAR hUNDLE DURING 01:AKALTIONS TU AUU11fiRY STIMULI ALLARALO LAN6UAGL-.SP COUNTRY-MX DtPAiUMENTU OE'FISULUGIAt INSTITUTU UL ESTUUl US MEDICUS Y 61OLOGICOS9 PP FSlL-li]-~j-i65i-lJ A. Gravity Cliart 0'7 tile Southern Andes and Interpretrtion of Gravity Anomalies 01 Central Chile, by M. Dragicavic, 42 pp. DEPARTMIE-N'ro DE GEOFISICA Y DEODESIA (LINIVERSIDAD DE (IIII.E. No 93, ,WDMAAC --TC - 1115P' June 73 I way" VMWNMU & SOMWOMP fte Mae Oil A iT imm Waremsm Ds Now-low " Aw"M ctwnm mbp IM aw bole) top@ 4WASS opn* Ops & anodaft UNRINSOM On W1014 A* PUMU QWkrm WrAW, DIPM 1971 Ptah tanniag lb&mliry Omblout Low Ot Posrah 00tas t1oh ooar*Lty Lo Dopoobs, mublama, June 26,97s 1,3- In Pftmh. Tmel. by JM."A:g -46 in 66p. "Trafol. on P: 1971, pp. 1#3 ArrIn 110, 10 Is I prolsessod. A"Ll. HTIS as JM Trwol. W 5;771, or,** $3.00. Avail. 6n L"m - Nm, W&M., D.O. Original Ar3cl* Checko;!P'M~, ip. lp rr 711 bt I; T -L 1. L 77111 nbalo of 4i ~-Wltvhe study of a Oaae Mexico;,: V. ~ i6p n. 4p'iTap 41-6~ ' 1:' .'ai ~ 'kflJL'&"A L ,k DERMAMMICA ET UROLOGGICA, JAPAV SW ALSO RINSHO HIM HINYONIKA 77 77 1-17 Gric.-In TroMment of Domtoybytoolt EIMATO WOCHMMulm -60 V. 154) 1968, p. 78 WNY rppa Ta i 1.1 e t ~i; T)-,. ei; C13tation, o f a meLhod For noise -Iources 3n jots 1'. UT i, i-i I S"!" ;~Ilh (-)t,j I JU I!, D I tj I \I 1", VETI, Ib Di.j Di-', Cjll'~LACI'v.RP~ATION DE.S M-5-i-t 9 T T - MF i 'U X i -ELT L f - BAGN,~-, 26 6o-p- 19"' FAJ'A-TT-JP--lJo'-'51 ........... 61, YOTOW-M I ~wi t 31 T~ ~4~ Ac" -- 1U7 I; illibl~2h Pergent, J. The French Territorial Defense 12 pp DESTERREIGUBWE MILITARISC31E ZJSIT No 1 1972 =U 9 FSTC-iff-*23-2417-72 DISTRIBURON LIMITED TO U,S, GOVT AUNCIES 6!~ t I jztitpo in Ilrev:i-laml 2 ..-?0 r.#)Ly4D iir. 7 zw,! o: :;eo. or ';tatf. tir CaladIA Cov or Fi~ iron. - I 3 -1. .1':.q . 1tv, hl;~'v ir f (. I I no iqui,u I J'o. 2yT , 2,11). k ltes.'Irl -)t.. I've 1 1 . Oft 1: CAI. Tjr 4 'K, -'."J NO 41 pp. IfTel 7.4ilo$460" gcbnurer,, H. Licensiva procedure under atomic onergy log!.slation in the F*deral Republic of GermwW. DMnSCM ATOWPORM 1. V. (DAtF) Q-1 JUIY 1972p 32 IP. C. E. Tran; 92"11' 2-Jul-73 Unc, (ANL-Trons--942) Cree~ behiovior of oxide fuels und;r nsutr4' irradiation. BRUECKLACHER, D.: DIEMSTs U.: THUMMLER, Fe Translated by J.L. Routbort (Argonne National Lob., 111.) from Pap~.r No. 251 of Reactor Meetingt Deutsche* Atomforus, Karlsruhe, Germany, April 10-13, 2973. 9p. Dep. NTIS 43.D0. radiation effects; IOJ reactor fuels; translation@ MN-40 P NSA ML.,Zdt dismosse GDR foyvign poZiqVq V. N. taeke. 10 pp. DFUYSCa'AUSSESPOLITU East B*rZtno Jan/1-ch 73, pp' 3.27 ===i=:& #TPRS 58397 GDR Journal 'Ieviews U.S. Attitude Toward J_T European Security, by Ktir I'Arnst Plagemann, :17 pp. GERMAN. ner, Deutsche Ausaeripolitik, East ~.-' Jan-FeU 73.,- Berlin, pp jpRs 58536 AY)r 73 Kleftke, Dietriah GDR Views Uidtations of West Furipean Militan system* 14 pp Of%= a.c%,A Wee" IN=W, &at Borlin. Vol 18. Bo f, 3%*-Oot 19" v pp 33.41-3-135. ims 60699 Urbant Gumther GDR Viows U.S. Strategy Adjustawita to Inter- national BmIsmas of Pmer. 13 pp jig, ERst Barlint Vol Ide No 59 =2H9 MG0- Selpt-Out 19.no pp 2139-U74. ipm 60391 Jacobs, Paul Foreign Affairs Organ Surveys GDR-Yugoslav Cooperation, 12 pp, DE"SCHE kUSSENPOLITIKO East; No 6, I?0V--Dec 71, PP 1335-1349. JPRS 61032 Berlin, Vol 18, Feb 74 Lupin, Karl Foreign Affairs Organ EmpbaSizeS Impoiltance of Socialist Consolidation, 9 -p. P DEUTSCHE AUSSENPOLITIKO East Berlin, Vol 13,, No 6,-Nov-'Dec 73t PP 1350-1.360. JPRS 61243 Mar 74 Stoeckigto Rolf Views on Interparty Cooperation in GDR Given, 27 pp. DEU11-SCIIE AUSSEXPOLITIKo East Berlinp Vol 19, No I, 1971f, FP 73--69.- JPRS 61393 Apr 74 -290 loll pp "'Outdo German Deutscher Bundeswehr Kalender (Basic Guide to Mil Pay and Personnel 4ctions; Parts A-z) 1974 Part & Pages C 01-22,35-36; DO]-27-33, 49-53; D 02-23,34; D 06-1-3; D 09-1-6; D 10-145; E 01-7-12, 19-26, 43-45, 68-70a; E 02-13-22, 43-44; E 06 1-2; E 03-1-4; E 35-5-7 DIA LN 165-75 GERMAN Deutscher Bundeswehr-Kalendar 197A Regensburg, W.Germany Part D 07 Pages 3 - 22b DIA LN 509-74 GERMAN Deutscher Bundeswehr-Kalender 1974, Regensburn, 14. Germany Part D 07 Page 22c-84 DIA LN 448-74 GERMAN Deutscher Bundeswehr Kalender (Basic Guide to Mil Pay and PersZ-,nnel Actions in the Federal Armed Forces of West Germany 1974, Regensburg, W. Germany Part E 45 Pages 51-53 DIA LN 167-74 , GERMAN Deutscher Bundeswehr - Kalender 1974, Dept of Dz3fense Regensburg, W. Ger (pp 22c - 84 of scction E 07) DIA LN 448-74 (20 Jun 74) 20,9- f moloiular interaction on the. itift'a-red 40U" g"00 214142 ;NTC 74.20'05t.07M Gobrecht, H. The Silent Electric Discharge of Ozonizers. DEUTSCHE BUNSENGESELLSCHAFT FUER PHYSIKALISCHE CHMUE. vol, 68, pp55-63, 1964 NTC-72-14658-07D Jan 73 *~~U! &Paolo CPA& pop I R, ~m T, 77 v -tff . . . . . . . L Cf ~,,ojr S*o ."Pit p rl and 'Nature o i n a ro-, d U ce' .0. j r i il Pitting of Iron and Thoorbtical ~ Conn6ju incL~11~ in Ra-doeot of - Pitting ~Orrosion* IT LUP,,,JSl;NGES.ELLSCflAFT *FUER PHYS-IKALISC'-iE) iV.74~ ;pp-1 It 197U 1 ATC 72 1301~ 11F I 11-41,1, 111(7 9 3 3 '( I)EILCL; R . Wc.,;.acl .91 E'l.c.c,txic 110111 IEUTSCIM ELMaRUllAlWdMC Vol 211, IJO 1(-), oct '(l,. I)v ACSI-K-1(,103) Au, I 21 -Jan-74 Uncl (SLAC-Trano--158) Calculation of the current In an Ionitatfon chamber In a puls"d electromagnetic field and comparigon with measurements. Application to radlatioa monitoring in electron sterage rings. DIN.%R, H.; TESCH9 K. (jLq.T,6CHES . ELEKTRIIN EN -SYNCHROTRON. CDLLi.~f HAMBURG (F.R. GERMANY)), Oct 1913. Translation of DESY__?3:?4j, 46p. Dep. NTIS $4.50. IOD lnstrumentatlor~; 20G particle acceleratorc translations MN-28 P NSA O-Aug-74 Unel (L-Umb--180) Calculation ci' the tolerance for the main parameters of the dauplog iragnet at the Erevan synchrotron. KOVALENKE, V.I. (PjV.j~C"&,Q ELEMONEN- SYNCHRDTRON (DESY), HAMBURG (r.R. GEMO.ANY)). 1974. lC,P. (*In IRIS. 4 f1gs.; I tab. Translation of the Russian Erl-- 28(73). NSA revision C. Hickethier Ihe economy of new corrosion protective systems. DaMM FMBEN-ZEITSMIFr, Vol 22, hb 3$ pp 106-1099 1969 WC 72-15127-11C mar 73 STUOIFS OF PLASTIC HULKLING Uf; SLFNDL;k MkTAL CYtltql)f-kS UN IMPAL'r W111i METALLIC WVMRAUGH G JrS 1, ANGUAGE-GE (;iJUNTRY-GW THMNICAL KFPDkT ki I*i/7U DEUYSCH-FKANIUSISLii I-S FORSCHUNGS INS] I fUl SAINT FSKI-HI-2-3-0383-74 "Asid s10 0,14'' Pro- dUC64 ib'' Ei 16si,iI hi. in open ,Rook Tunhels, D Is u t s C'h! F ra'" -tos4ciies Forischuagginstitut Saint .711, Expl NO. 7 pp. PkOPAGATIUN AND ATTENUATION 0,~ SHOCKWAVES IN TUNNI~ L S 8081N L i"MMKI LANWAGE-C E LOUNTRY-GW liHJTSLfi-f9ANZ('JSlS(.HF-.% ~OkSCHHNGSINSTITL;r SAIN 1-1AMIS APRIL 1972 FSTC-HT-23-0376-74 7 7 NOW :11~11. ~, i . i~. I .. Z.: - . 6 * , . . 4WD "''!PLR4,FB 73i-406i' I i~i Lj:~~ t~~ jlj~ alm X- M= mil "'I it r1l Schwantes, E. The recirculation flow pattern of' a VTOL lift engine. Ph.D. Thesis Brunswick U. DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNG.' - UND VERSUCHSANSTALT FUER LUFT - U-NO RAURFAHRTe ' W)o UEFI-FU-77-Ma 19IZ9 179 S. A TT F 14j912 may 73 I V -U RAIWAM low- W--69- 1 voif!~ixs 40; 164-179- M9 pp 217-390 Z Tistrib*on limited .J0 U. S. 000t Caencien 0 0$6 Cop"r-iah,to infox7nation; Other requ",-t Por this document Are refti~re& ',0 I*VD. The contenta of tIdg. document are suR~dcteCto be aijbject to 0 OPYrIet Protect-ion, MP T N'l R ~Fu 11,1W To 19,70~_ P45-25&:j 267..282 Inp Dlstvj.~utj6h~ UmAtcd to U. S. Owlt agencion only; COI),Yl!i ~ht ~.~':rormatjor; Other request for thtir, docl**~t 111dat be mrorred to FTD. Tha contents of this, do'cimant are Euipect-ed to *,be subject to copy- right, ~~rot6,ction. it e# at on r vwanibl; BOA 33, J.Vf.Lp pp L--* JV* 01593-12 DistributionllWted to U.S. Gov"t agencies onlyt, Capvrig~t Informetion; Other request fo- thie document mist Vellrefer~red to FTD. The cohtents of -.his dociunept aro~lauapocted to be subject to copyrl&t Prot lion. Kotowski, G. CalcuJ.ation of Natural Vibrations of Single Cylindrically Curved open. DEUTSCHE FMgMGS-UND VERSUCHSANISTALT FUER LUFT-UND RAMWAHRTO Dec. 1971, 7 pp. * NASA TT F 149979 Nair or 'Proft'juloh. of priz MAWWA MUMARNAM FM I LIM. s2wzNsNuzRs at. IIXVrSCU JPOJWLSWGS- MID VIRYUMANSULF FUR LUIT- UND MWAYRr ZNSYZ2W JFVR AFRODYNAU11 -lO4ll9?4sV-ol--,o Calmzatim of t" offlodt of frloolom an As tif t of Ws aomfolt @@*"on VIA slofted ftiv.40 M. fisport; mlmm~fr MR.-M ?S-04,0 JWRO =-44sORXR KTON VZOOF #VFW :Arwllrsg r0 us. Goy'Or AW~ Offirs SMR mw=pr m swig DOMW r6 Mwo HOURWRio A, V, 11DIMSM JVRSCUWW- URD ITSMISAWMAIX FUR UW76 WD MWAIRY 118fl2W FVR jWIZVMIW GASMAKE11 ~-/03/19 74,v V-0 V-0 Who& for ths Oatmurblon of Oul wwommts of the sleatploat omdwtivitv and Av tot-at maation of p4mms 6% tm't' tUmodynawla sodtibrimp, PP.0 wo Mum ORM.T FM "woo I 'ji . i . !- ~ 1 1. - !- . . , , ; , . , :.,~ .,:;*,; ::, .'~, " ::: - ~ : --, -, , )--!~ i~ , i , J, ll-!~ . . % ,. ~. .. .:. . n *Wag&" Air #u 'IMD' 1140" IM., AIR Md to D. S. aceac'-~ es on" J~y Copy-,"I la-format. loll; Other request for docmieq% mup~t be xererred to FTDp The contents of 6 dotiaftid~t~~ are bUsPected to subject to C 0,I)Y'A71,a)t *btectlon. g&" rifost-,; MID - OXON turtrD !ro vs. GOVIf A==W QYU WI yo.. C*mv; OY Wig VOMIT AN B&MMO W DIP rumlli:!~1:00' 04,14=07 imencts SOHWEIGERj G. //DT,,'tJTSCTHS POR3CHUNGI-j- FUR LUFT- Ui,'D %IUIIPAiIRT The Use of Laser Light Density Measurements in Report No DLR-FB 7-5-83, ES11.0-TT-8-A available at UND VERSUOH'SANSTALT INSTITUT FUR Ah'u`E,'dANDmA 3cattering for Local Rarefied Gnses, 147 PP NTIS - 7MW TC 'Woe,' 30MARY -TAYE'll Z ej CT tP' t~`-D I T 1L. llu 7A -LAI IIXVWCU FOOCHOW- LWD ITNUMSANNAW FUR LUM UND RALWAMRT ZFSrZrt#Y PUR ANOWAYM WDYNAAffJf// ,-.So= invastigatione of ths limits of Me woj*ing row of WtaltiO OPPIng Matfr14ZO for wdnd- twmt balwo" with straln-gaugs iWatew,,61 ppl XBRO 27-672 ORWR FROM RUS01 KORNERO -w . //D.LOUTSOI-LE FO.RSCHURG6- UND VEHSUO11SkN6TALT FUR L"JFT- UND RAMIFAHRT INSTITUT FUR ARCYRWARDTE MATHBEATIK UIZ YIEClikNIK// ---- PN---- The Influence of Aerodynamic jlarameterF; on the Erosion Rate Uaused by he Impact of a Liquid Droplet at the Stagnation Point of a Body FlyinG at Supersonic Speed, 60 pp Report No DLR-FB 73-77 ESRO-TT-86 available at NTIS SCIIULM-JAIqDERp B. //DBUTSCHS FORSOHUNGS- ULD VER6UCHSANSTALT FUR LUFT- UND RAUMPAERT INSTITUT FUR ANGEWANI)TE MATHENIATIK UND MISPOHANIKII --/08/197`)pV---- IN---- I A Multi-Parameter Inte.,ral Method for the Calculation of Incompressible Laminar and Turbulent Velocity and Te&perature Boundary layerso 75 pp Repo-t DLR-FB 73-24 ES.110-TT-88 available at NTIS HUBA LWRj, R. F. IIXVYSCM POWCNZWGS- UND VIAMOSAAWALf FUR LUM LWD RAWAHR7 INSTIM FUR A87MWSYS2Tffll -/08/10?4,0 DatemCnatUm of Ow oam md bowdeapi" of hot jWs iota wirW high-spe4d photopop4a 84 pps fiepart owber =9-ya MOD, WRO ff-fts ORXR MW 127000 scouLrzj L J. 11DIMM FOAVCHUNW- UND MRSUCHOANSrUr PVR LfIF?- ORD RAWARR.? nIS71YW FUR ARMIMSYSMAR11 Investigation of the oo*ined heat: txd a=# ,tmwfbr'on a wvtted flat plate im., parallel flaw aid Wth turbw;,rost bowda* kirer, is pp, asport so. Dul~-'m 73-22S BORO 22608s, ORWR FMW N?ZS#f 1,011 I w o -It -11-" 7 f. sj~ ij0onion lototly dptd Pit ,to 0o14" at 090 pro"Ums SCFA(rvT.,N. 1IMPISON FORSOUNGS- EWD MMUCISANSYAW FUR LUF?- L41D RAWARfir Z.ISYZ2W FOR AORYUSSY82=11 -loallonov.-ON-S DatermNattm Of the *omvZaN-m botwom sha&-filmt grigto md heat ad&tim in obtique ooWmasim shog* 44 pp, It R"Ort itwtsr DrA.Fa 7&31* WRO rrr-28s ORWR FWN VrX$00 INTURpl, 1IMPrOM JVMCFVNCS- IWD YORMISAIMAU FUR r,UPr- UND RAV)ffAHRf BRIM FUR CRATUM PAXMANr=Bgll YovWoat perform=** of oiVZ~ apsd ampZox ut"IN ompoundo in Utfr4ouo system 'Part 2- SiWla Uthiuw oaVowulo, 65 pp, Jbport Sumbor MR-M Mal'o AWRO. 2T-32,9 ORLWR ?RON NITS## KONZGPM, 11DJUITSCHE PORSCB&WW- UND WASUCIISAMSMIZ PUR LUPAw- UND RAUAWAURY NNSYXTL#T FUR 1MArSCO MUMAIMMIll Pull.#*aZs *xperkuntat investigation of xmrlps takk indootion for UDWINSO& UDAIVINPRA Ma UAWIRFNA slotem,0101 pps jwwvl Ewbor MR-EB 73-860 SSM rJ6100 ORVSR FROM VJTSOO PAP zffRO i,,J Lj i At A. UO mal RX806