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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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Charbonneau'-,, J. Data on Bauxite Deposits Griven, 10 p-n. (IJOVERT1114FIT17, ITSE ONLY INDUSTRIES :ET TRAVAUX DYOUTRE-MER, Paris, Zun 74, p-p-565-570. JPRS/L Sep 71, . f, ~tyocarulia, DNFARKT RIOWDA 1971, 28-7 *NTIS-TT-73-53059 H 1 FRAN c E External iiow~b fi(fvid effoc'~ Orl c1 I i.. t Ie,: Ell ,M) -3A 77 F I pp 519 NI" tj :j7' N Ecternal Sound field effeci: layer, pp 103- NASA TT F 15841~~ Y MNRCS Manifesto Looks to Better Future, 21 DD. INFO TCHAD, Fort Lamy, 18 SeT) 73, pp 1-5; 19 Sen 737 pp 1-3; 20 SeD 73, pp 14-18; 21 Sep 73P pp 4-7; 22-23 Sep 73P pn 2-4- JPRS 60459 , Nov 73 Parliamentarian Talks of Tour, NGABA Affair, i7 pp ,I-NFO--TCHAD,9---N.-I-Djamena., 21 Jan 74., pp 9-16. 74 RI Unified Computer System (Ryad) Described, ppe INPORMACIO -- ELEKTRONIFA., Budapest., No 2, 19739 pp 123-125. JPRS 59625 Sep 73 Palfi., Adorjan Information, Statistics on Hungarian Computer Courses Presented, 11 pp. INFORMCIO -- ELEKTRONIYA., Budapest, No 2, 1973v P 135-136. JPRS 59925 Sep 73 J d ON D' T NTC 73-12238-07B. r-Frpm 1.4-Feb-74 Uncl (SLAC-Trans-160) Functioning and operations of the I.S.R. fast-valve control system. Rochat, Ph.; Delfo5se, J. (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva (Switzerland)). Translated from French Information Bulletin No. 12L. July 31, 1973 Oct 1973. 6P. Dep. NTI9_ TrIdO. particle accelerafors; translations 20G MN-28 P NSA F. (prof tTechnology,of-Inhibition of Sprouting of Potatoes by Means of RaxUation 82 Irp "Information et DDeumentation"., M! Leisotqp lqTl 68 pp ANC/TR-T436-T3 -14" 1 E.11111livIl I I ~r ;111111 U Fill :1111ill I 1114:1111 1:1111 F, IH ii 1 1 Prosectors to Protect Socialist Law and Property, 10 pp. INFORMATIONEN, Bonn, No 10, MaY 74, pp 10-12. rPRS-92436 Oct 74 .GDR Prosectors to Protect Sociali&t Law and Property, 10 pp. Bonng No 10t MaY 74, pp 10-12. JPRS-M30 Oct 74 Cv, 77,1T.) lini-o~F' Information on fort-heoming tenth world feBtival of --iVstud t-ntb,, Wiesb6deja) Viformationsdienst 13 March 19T3, pp 1-6. i 716 P 1 Qj Cl. ell, Lzi - m ll 1" 1 p, " l -wir-lln Cent re kit; Il ii -- , ~i li - I i ! ~ : I " 1 , - , -, -T ' ,,- lilmm-TT Llfskltm. T.Kh. 1971 on tko Inv"twililoft at currents Mn taw reservoirs of Firelim (0b IDS1060TI&AI t9ohoftil T Vodjwm&M Ka"111) (9)..Jrmt. bLelogli mutperaWeb vod, Akid. miki& sean: 5a-61. In RuseLim. Tranal. for NLL, 4p., PP606810641. Avall., WLL &S RTS 6960. AV&i1. oft LCM - NIUS, Vath., D.C. Original Article Checked* NoMkov, A.T. . =4 T. 1. Rkpahava 1971 Pft.11minery data an nutrition of gXg.1jU&Y CYCIOPOift) (PPedv2r1t*lrWy* danrwye o jv1fm._4Pe!! (OOPDP*ftl vxgj!ppj I AM (COPOPOda, CY010paids) f mrj4~'vkOAw byUklet", (10), Akad. Asuk WSR: 40-42. Traml. by Trwul. Bur., Fab. U114. Div., Dept. of See. of State of Carada, for Dept. of 1MViron., FRBG Great lakim Blolivmloay bab., Burlington, M., lgrf'3, 82 Tnftl. Series No. 2702v 79., tymorlpt. `44"T;w -NMYB-- W&Nh. --D.C. Original Article CheckedA INFORMTS16MY BULLETIN' -Opp 81-85 FS"t"C-HT-23-2368-72 I' Hl 1 1, WI 'I N FORMATS ININY41 3'Y,. i i,;-, ALSO SEE BYULLETENI SOVETSKOY ANTARKTICHESKOY EKSPEDITS11 ril-Ripal I I A,L III I, Podolyan, LA Certain Changes of the Function of the Adrenal Cortex in Polar Residents of the Antarctic T Expeditions-` INFORMATSIONNYI BYULLETENISOVETSKOY ANTARKTICHBSKOY -EKSPEDITSII , No 74, 1969.. lip IUO-103 OACSI-K-4857 IA I 121 Petrov, I. G. Investigations Conducted by the Sixteenth Soviet Antarctic Dcpadition. 12 pp ORMAT;SIONNYY BIULLBTIN' SOVETBOY ANTARK- ILF~ TICHESKOY EKSPEDITSII, Leningrad, No T7-, 1-9732 pp 5-13. iiw,-02019 ---- ---- Dubrovin, L. I. Scientific Stations in Antarctica (1972). 5. pp* INFORWSIONNYY BYULLETEN, SOVETSKOY ANT TICHESKOY USPIEDITS11, Leningrad No 87, 1973,. pp.21-24. JFRS 62019 Voskresenskiy, A. I. I- Investigation of the Southern Hemisphere Atmos- ... ph6re by Means of Constant-JAvel Baloons. 8 PP INFORiATSICNNYY ~YUIIBTFNI SOMSKOY ANTARK- II 'TICMSK(5Y EKSPOIT&I, Lerdngrad, No 87, 1973, : . pp 29-34. 1. jas 6zoig ~111; T11*111 fill, "1111"111 Fij RUSS LU -'so f1O~7 16 jTr1l !974 see 6tt adbed!4heet A-L Leningrad, Wormtsi22= etent Sovets!ay Antarktiche!ho T3 Z Ek!keditsii~ No 67) f! Feb 19 Flease publish and include reproductions. Suggested title - "Selecte,! translations from BLLLletin of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition" Please provide JPRC/Ad 11oc with copy of report 2L ~"e~ Operations with the 'Beta-*D-' and 'Pingvin' thermoelec- tric isotope generators in the Antarctic, by Ye. F. Rharin. Leningrad, laformatsionnyy byalleten' Sovetskoy antarkticheskoy eksaditsii, No 88, 1974, pp 6,2-67. Please publish - include reproductions. Do not cut up this Xerox copy piease. GOVMMENT USE ONLY Krustynysh, Ya. E. Information Bulletin. New Automatic Channel Switch- ing Telegraph Stations. l3 PP INFOMATSIONNY1 LISTOK, NOVIU AVTOM.TICHESKIYE TEMRAMM STANTSII KOMUTATBIJ K Moscow, 1971, pp 1-15. JIM/L 5o6o Aid 11 Ill W111JI 11 :11 :AI 1111 1 Ill ill EUSSIA14 fY6 Se; f Information bulletin. New automatic channel r switching telegraph stations, b, Ya. E. Krustynysh, M. Ya. Yeliseyeva, et al. Moscow, Informatsionnyy listok. NovUe avtomatich- eskiye telegrafn)rye stantsii kommutataii kanalp 1971, PP 1-15. Please publish as a GUO report. TR 4-03-7-ill TI94 PROSPECTS FOR THE. USE OF AIIiBg.W -DIGIT3A, L- CommRs :19-- CO*=Y AUTOMAhM ADAPTM SYSTEMS 0Y.AIRMAPT ONTRoms TERYAYEVS TE 1); ~,,SROMIKOV' E. m UR: INFORMATSIM~YE MATERIALY. AKADEMIYA HAUK SSSR. NAUCHNYY SOVR-,T PO KOMPLEKSNOY ItOBENM "KIBERNETIKA"- ADAPTIMYE SYSTEMY (MOSCOW), NO. 19T2j Pp. 19-29 7w MEL'NIKOV, V.G. //INFORMATSIONNOYE MODELIROVANIYEI V KLIN- I(3iESKOY* MEDITSINE// --/--/1973,.V ---- #N~--- -Formation Model-Building in Clinical Medicine, pp 1-1309 *ACSi-K-5116## U Aq 34i H! Pi 7111~174 ['s .UNKNOWN IONAL PRESENTADO A LA VIT REUNION //INFORME NAC DE LA COMISION GRAVILMETRICA INTERNACTIONAL11 1---/--/.19745 V---- I N---- Argentine national report presented to the VII ,'16eeting-of the international gravity comission .. Paris, 2,6 September 1974 '~S DMAAC## I ~pp '77 LT,;0T)T "Tsif-, KALAS.HNIKOAT, Tr" -TY T N,"' A T,:3 DIX r T4ylr` ZVE r)c 1,; ,,1 1 Uloy Problems in Development of Information Science Industry Analyzed, by R. Kulesza, 12 pp. POLISH, per, Informatyka, Warsaw, No 1, Jan 73, pp 4-8. JPRS 58939 r-In V, *7 1 Pawlak, Tomasz Development of Computer Design Outlined, 14 PP- INFORMTYKA, Warsaw, No 3. Mar 73m PP 11-18. Tpm 59671 sep 73 Fraczek, Krzyaztof Uniform System of Electronic Digital Computers,, 7 Pp. INPOMUTM, Warsaw, No 4.9 AP2, 73,, PP 1-4- M 59LP4 ',Sul 73 Kamburelis,, Thanasis I R-30 Computer Described, 10 pp. INFORATMw Warsaw., No 5P May 73., pp 1-4. 1 3TRS 59724- Sep 73 WiDiewski, Jerzy Automation of-Date Processing in Production ~Ystems Analyzed, 7 Pr-. DWOMAMks Warsaw, No 5, May 73, PP 5-7. 59709 SeP 73 Mera-Elwro Computer Service System Describedi 6 pp. INFORMILTYYA, Waranw, No 52 May 73, pp 29-30. JFRS 597W Sep 73 ,~ i . . I I'. ~ it , . I Kulesza, Roman Prospects of Computer Development Outlined, 6 pp. INFORMATYKA,, Warsaw, No 7, Jul 73, pp 5-7. -SPHT M047 ct 73 --Training-RequIrements fo;~ Uniform System Reported., 5 PPO INFORMTYKA, Warsaw, No 7, Jul 73, pp 10-31. jPH9 6007- .Oat ?3 gobanieeg Jacenty Hardware of Uniform System of Digital Computers Described, 32 pp. INFORMATYKA, Warsawq Aug 73, pp 2-16. JPRS 60361 Nov 73 Kle-pacz, Wladyslaw Software of Uniform System of Digital Compute . Described, 6 pp. INFORMTYKA, Warsaw# Aug 73, pp 16-19. TPRS 603M Nov 73 Targawski. Andr2ej :-Development-of Information Soience Outlined. 10 pp I imam, Warsaw, No 9, sept 15,73t PP6-9- MRS 60751 i '. .1 I i: 1.1-L~ 4-- Palo, Janusz I . . GGYMMM usE oNLY .Uhiforn Digital Computer System Hardmra Desoribede 36 pp P.Zmxu,, Warsswq Sept 19739 pp 15-28. 1 JFRB/L 4736 Chelstowski, Tadeusz Uniform Digital Computer System Hardware Described, 40 PP- INPORMATYKA,, Warsaw, No 10, Oct 73, pp 11-20. 7PTFs 61267 Mar 74 'i ~.! :: i . ~ . 11, ; 1. 111 U .1 1 j'ul-Aug 1971t, 7-e Vp J." T- -P - 0 S C Jill B Afr'C)T,'T,"'17 ` If r- T-T- T i -Ti pn 0 001 - 00 0 1 Of 1 f'o -r1 el'! 0 oil: J1 C)f !-.a T)e I J SPANISH COO: 02099/72 V 16 YArch l9T2 sp Unequalled source of energy (uil), by Ramlo Betancaut. ,pecial,, vol. 4oj, No. 4.. 26 Feb. carac!as., Informe Es 19T2- DDri"Tick, S. A. lntrw*d fUters. .2;.o . M112"2 i "ZWA 11 23,0811W pi= ~ 0 VP 225 Tff onu in An d ri an ov,, B. G. Angular Distribution of Earth's Infrared Radiation in Space near the Horizon 7 pp INFRAKRASNYE SPErfRY IZLUMENIIA ZE.ML1 V KOSMOS. 1973, p-1)70--76 CIA-X-7877 JMPkjkT.4N(.k7 0~ ljL AST S lt,,ULAT I LiN FuK MI LI TAKY H ~- t I F. R T I.- L HN f, L h G Y HkINTZFL H H LANGUAGE-GE COUNTkY-GW INFRASTRUKTUkSlAii KULN APRIL 1972 3RO INTERNA TIONAL SYMPOSIUM LIN MILITAR FSTC-HT-23-0375-74 Greco., G. ILValuation techniques of paeous diffusion in porous so- lids. ME2MA CMUCA ITALIA, Vol 8., lit) 10,1 Oct 1972,, pp 225-231. c. E. Trans 6232 Di Pa Z oj L. Leakage of gaseous fission products from fuel oZemants in a reaetor. INGEONERIA N Vol 12, No 516., 10 Sept 1970, pp 35-43 C. E. trans 6304 Ma'-a Alva, I N *tiTIS-TT-74-55064 WTA -TIT F - 1 Liz INGENIEUR-A.RCHIV, September 16, 1929, Pp. 72-83 NAVSHTPS TR 8 No. 1401 OFFICIAL USE ONLY IF Vie, Schach, W. Deflection of a free ftutd jet at a flat panel. 39 pp. ING.-ARCH. Vol 5,, 29340 pp 245-265 NASA TT F 25251 J. G. EdtervmWohZ I Vw.,bohavior of paralleZ air jets. 34 pp. I -ZTG-ARCH VoZ 12, 2940j pp 295-314 ,,j NASA W F 14.4653 apr 73 d L C Calculation of po.,-(.Irl 1: 1-1`1 !-,.1 Drof i1 es with suct-, 01-~ a'n.: I Nr- v. 32 no, 1, 1963 p. 31-6-1'1 NASA TT F 14962 Schoenauer, W. A differential method for layer equation for steady flow. INGENIEM-ARCHIV , Vol 33, NTC 73-11394-20D solving the boundary laminar incompressable 1964~ pp 173-189. VON. J. C. //INGENIEUR ARCHIV CESELLSCHAFT MER ANGEWANDT"L MATHEMATIK UND MECHANIK// --/--/19635 V0032, N---- unknown pp 187-190 NASA TT F 15989## ~)a -c::~ Jacques Dcnozecla ~Lie ajid I'--,; Gonoretors. Die Electric Ent INGENIEM IE LIAUTOMOBILE May 1971, pp 2081-,:'0u. FSTC-I!T-23-23bO-72 Aut~-73-- ill fill] If :l!lf!,;L, 11 lulli if! BEAUDkRUIN9 J LANGUAGE-FR COUNTkY-FR ..AIR CUSHIUN VEHICLE UEVELOPED BY FRENCH AIR C USHIUN VEHILLE LLUB INGENIEURS UE LIAUTOMOBILE9 JAN 1473, PP46-55 .FSTL-HT-23-0196-74 Crant v INGENIEUR AGE57 FSTC-HT- 23-2544-72 DlSTRIBUT10N LIMITED TO U.S. GOW AGF~CHS Lopez Alegret, P. Submwine difellings. 10 Pp IMERS1011 I CIENCIA,, No 3., 1971., Dec. pp 63-70 MM on loan i may 73 21-Jun-74 Unc I (BNWL-tr--118) Stability of the monorlinic modific-ation:-of the sesquioxide of ameriLium and europ~jiipi. BERNDT, U.: TANAMAS, R.; MAIER, KELLER, C Tri n5 laie'd bV B. G. Russell fro Chem. :p Incra. Nz!t 07B chemistry (1norgaa1c); translations MN-4 P NSA :7 p Roy-Noel, J. Note on Unusual Behavior by Coptotermes Intermedius Silvestri in Relation to Their Doad INSEMS SOCIAUX, Vol 14, No 4, 1968, pp 349! 350 *NTIS-TT-74-55036. 7~.._!Lh_ The Air'y C~ief of Staf! on the Current atibn DER:INSPEKTEUR DES REERES ZKTR LAGE, pp 6-9 FBTC-RT- 23-1051-72 ;.I fit All 1 UP, Distributiom li,,zitod Copyrie.t lnformation~ domamt mwt be refornod to Fo. Thm mulomp-0 of AiR dOmmnt (mv au"otod ~,o be, proteatic". gli i:1 Hetat wino J. n N S T"J, Z) A-L NT-'~T 7' Distribution limited to U. S. "ovIt agencies 0 only; Copyright p Information; Other requeBt for this document must 7-eferred to FTD. The contents for this document are suspected to be subject to copyright prot-,,action~ AA! U L-1-1 Voroblyeva, V.V. et al Complexing Trivalent Americium, Curium. Californium, Promethium and Yttrium Ions with Dioxymthyl- Phosphonic Acid 9 pp INSTIM ATOMNYKH REAKTOROV im LENIN, 1973 AEC-tr-7474-73 Uncl (AEC-tr--7406) Calculations of the lifetines of prompt neutrons in a reactor by the Monte Carlo method. rrank-Kamenet5kit, A.D.; Yudkevich, M.S. (INSTITUT ATOMNEI ENERGII, MOSCCW (USSFi)). Translation of report IAF--2155. 1971. 12p. Dep. NTIS. 18K reactor physics; translations HN-80 P NSA REVISED March 19, 1973 hgenvyi AKCITENN, 9320/2q34 T~.;R-75-7 Ift Feb. 1975 Titlei Nijkleare !J~chortstoffe In der S4ehvnfaJlat-osr-,bzre eireq LekebNa3ser-RQactor uIld laf)d der Fenntnis) Authors .1,F-Hossmann, H.Jordan, 4. -,chil(arskl, 11.i~ ild '~ourcei Institut fur Angewandto --,yststmtochnj~-, G loealttor- Physike Pr-i ject iiNukleare-- AcherMits-- June 1978---(1973) ~anguagev GermM pp. 1-102 Inatructionso Type single spaee. All paste-up, paf~lnato, camera ready integrated capy, 28-Nov-73 Uncl (UP-Trans-139) Individual means of protection during operation in "hot" laboratories. GOROGINSKI, S.M.; SCHERBAKOLv V.L. (I*NSTITUT-13113FIZIE1, HOSCOW (USSR)). Aug 1963. Translated from report SM--125/26- (CONF-691008--19; SM--125/26). 13P. Dep. NTIS $3.00. From Symposium on radiation safety problems In the design and operstion of "hot" facilities; Seeley, France (13 Oct 1969). 06R health and safety; 24 methods and equipment; ,translations MN-41 P NSA 0 IlIgmy"IT nIq rrjf-,D1lpV-, Static switching squ~pmsnt, EO p1p, pp CS-011-M-413,,AIRIFTD-RC-23-1777-7d, COPYRIGET INFOMTION, DISTRIBYTTOAl LrATTFl' AGVVCM ONEY. OTHER RFQVS" W,15- 3.- .,REQ TR, CHECK 12-02-74 TA83 PERFORATED TAPE'READER LB-20-2 UNKNOWN .RU: INSTITUTUL DE CER,43TARI SI PROIESTARI PENTRU TEHNICA DE iALCIL (ENDLOSURE 4 TO IR 6 883 0117 73) 11973, PP. 1-2 REQ TR CHECK 12-02-74 TH83 PERFORATED TAPE'READER LB-20-2 __u mon RU: INSTITUTUL DE CER93TARI Sl PROIESTARI PENTRU TEHNICA DE bALCjFL (ENDLOSURE 4 TO IR 6 883 =7 73) 11973, pp. 1-2 IN~>TITUTL ~UR -HtMISTKV i,F PKOVELLANTS ANO EA KuSIV~-S PAMPHLLT ItLhNL,LUGY AFPLI LANGUA6L-GE LUUNTRV-Gw 114S]ITUTE ~UR CHEMIE ULR TREIb- UNU EXPLOSIVc TOFEE DER FRAUNHUFER GLSk:LL PROBLEMS IN THE AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION & PROCES SING OF PRIMARY EXPLOSIVES El SENROTH- E------ LANGUAGE-GE COUNTRY-GW .INST I TUT,E,- FUEVCHEM-I-E----lDER--TR I EB-UND- EXPLOSIVS- -T,OFFE--KARL-SRUHEt WEST GER FSTC-HT-23-0117-75 Libr&rv 0`10 June 1 Titles Timvaux OmeorrAmt. 11Aflutmdriov ExtrMto du DOActivite lobontolm Author#---- .'I'oim-c-eiIrzUtuq dev 0"4t 'V88v .1973 PPI-6-5 lrotrwU", I Please tm Sinfle Space, Paginate. :.'v v I d lo Arorcyt HR--/~DA Hq. Libnxi px.No. SA-9"-?b 20 June I -atles T=vaux 00caMot IgAilatoxille LAZZIts du F4P- Wfttlvits Labuintolze Authors---- ,~'o 1 twee i lrtstltut4 deo Oorps 4 Cm, ppl-6 5 InstrwUonst Plmse trpe mingle sm)m, pagirate, Paste-up. Irtep-mted text. I-or pagte-up mg xerox 7-F 17 A HIGH VULIA6L PULSL UtNtRATUR IONT 1. LANGUAGE-RO COUNTRY-RO INS]. FIZICAe ATUM.9 VOL. 229 M-0- 39 BUCUREST 9 19701 PP. 347-9 P. VW4* sy Id 9*ftltyw pa*Usb,(4515 wilt"aloolpq : ~mm F , 1w '11~ ~ I w4ws P6 Ivia'?A1 - ~ It