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~j The ist bong ,onerator . ZI - -' R,'7,C,"lERQ, &S DE -SAINT TNSTITUT F.WiNCO-ALLEMAND Dth I LOUIS,,.re~Drt ISL-15-71, 1971 7",-ti o9 .N, T C -, - 14r, Note on the "boom" generator of the French- German research institute at Saint Louis (HT-RHIN). 7 pp. INSTITUT FPANC0-Ala&VM DE PLECIERCHES DE MINT-LOUIS, pp. 1-7 AIR/FTD/HC-23-0044-73 Dietz-1bution linrited to U. S. Gov't agencies onty Copyright information. Any other request must be referred to FTD may 73 Peter, A. Interaction of the Sonic Boom and a Water Surface. Cinteraction du bang et d1une nappe d I eau). fore 15,1 f I 44e I== FRANCO-ALT MA DE REPRFRQUAll. ST.-, LOUIS'v (FRANCE),A, REPORT 31/71, October "71, 52 pages. NASA TT F 14s917 may 73 QU14 'v nuffl, Aerial analytic trl,'Lanffulaoic~r ot -7, ml~~ A 79 pp 1-41 A1RTFTD./H.;-,2,3-1b23-JjL, DISTRIBUTIOW! LIMITED TO U.S. 43OWT AGENCIES VNLY:- ZOP RIGHT I9'F61U43T1011 9THER REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT 14UST BE REFIEIRRED TO FTD## uiva C, J'.s, J, benallilIP, e lr,~r DMAAC-TC-1915 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED To U.S.GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY OTHER REQUESTS FOR THIS DOEUMEN-F MUST RE F~EFEIRRID TO DMAAC/RDLL St. Louis AFS, Mo 63118 July 1973 SUKYEY 0~ METHUDS U~ LULATING PEUPLE WHL ARE BURIED ALIVL - UEVLLUPMENT UF A IR KICHTSCHEID ANT LANGUAGE-GE COUNTRY-GW p INSTITUT FUR HOLHFKEQUENLTELHNIX ENCLOSURE 3 Tb USDACJ GERMANY LT U-018U FSX-HT-23-1616-73 J. Pokorny Non-Enzymatic Browning INSTITUT FUR LEBENSMITTELCHEldlE PRAG PSTC-HT-23-283-72- ----- ----- Agency: N-MFS '~P.O. No.; NA-838-73 ii309 1itle: Food products. Processed and refrigerated ~i fruiL aml vcgetables. AuLhor: National Institute for Technological and Standardization Research Soucce: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Technologicas y Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 67, Feb. 12, 1970, 10p. Language: Spanish. ,Ty)jv, Agency; NMFS V( Z/1 7 P.O. No.: NA-838-73 #307 7 ~e- ~.- / ~ 7 ~ Title: Chilean langostinos. Ceneral requirements. Author: National Institute for Technological and Standardization Research Sourve: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Technologicas y Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 97, Feb. 28, 1969, 7p. Language: Spanish lyre J4 tL 'I Agency: N-MFS civy ,7 P.O. No.: NA-838-73 #308 7 Title: Shrimp. General requirements. Author: National Institute for Techaological and Standardization Research Source: InstiLuto Nacional de lnvestigaciones Technologicas y Normalizacion, Santiago, Chile, Decree No. 97, Feb. 28, 1969, 7p. Language: Spanish -L-!,TS D 1~ X7. USL' Of SLUC~,, uy the an,,-T Normal Cokes by a Th no :,I - er"',Gf.-cav~jnetrl r -1 , I I P10-b- .Kozikowaki, H. Me problem of Zooating a series of orude oil source rooka in the outer Carpathian momtedne and their foothills. INST. NAFT, Vol 22, No 5, 1972,9 pp V-29 ATS RT-6000 A INS-TIT..tffE,,I(ATIONPJI-POLY-Tsow!guE -D]!- GRENOB-Lu., Report of Laboratory of Fluid NiachanM. of Janl,~axy 1973, Dp 61U *NTIS-77-74-55011 Os-l-e=ieth 14. ,virus Xeiitiraliza'ion RISTIM PASTM--- PAM. BULIETM, V. 70, 14TC 73-13-836-061.1 71111 David, F. Redox Potentials and Electronic Structure I - 3D. Q and 5D Transition Elements. INSTITUT BE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE. DIVISION DE RADIOCHIMIE. Mr NTC 73-10727-07E may 73 7-Jan-74 Uncl (ANL-Trans--947) Fission of medium and heavy nuclei induced by heavy ions, Ar and Kr. HANAPPE, F.; NGO, C.; PETER9 J.; TAMAIN, B. (PARIS-11 UNIV., 91 - ORSAY (FRANCE). INST. DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE). Nov 1973. Translation of SM--174/41. (CONF-730823--20). 27p. Dep. NTIS $3.50. From 3. 5YMPOSiUM on physics and chemistry of fisilon; Rochester Now York, USA (13 Aug 19?3). physi:s (nuclear); translations 20H MR-34c P NSA revision 20-Sep-74 Uncl (UCRL-Trans--1517) Study of the conditions required for the axial extraction of multi-charged tons from a confined electr*n beam source. TUAN TON-THAT. (PARIS-11 UNIV.0 91 - QRSAY (FRANCE). INST. DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE). 1972. Translation by M. Martin of FRNC--TH- -388* 113p. Dep. NTIS $8.75. Thesis. 20G particle accelerators; tran3lation3 MN-28 P NSA 0 !j [L-L , BuRFAu oF wimba:MAL HUM! P.0, 110. BPA-PLI)-94-73 952010394 'S Hay -1973 r TITISs ]DIMM0.1,11 COM AS D:MrTORS FAST 1-11MH I.... MIMOR3 KoppaimUM3, V4 .SOURCE$ EISTMIT Fm Pummysig(MUICITMI) I NOV. 1961 147,"MAGEt pp 1-24 1,13TRUCTIUNS: TYPIS. SPAGE~ i NO PASTE UPS, TRA11,3,LATS CAMONS & Y-SY Title% Induction Coils as Detector for Fast High Current Gas Discharges Uncl (SLA--73-143) Calculation bases for crowbar- and pover-croubar discharges. Oswald, B. (INSTITUT--FUER PLASMAPHYSIK, G.M.B.H. GARCHING (14EST GERMANY)). f-r-a-n-flWe-d-Tor Sandia Labs., Albuquerque, N. Mex.9 from report MP1--? 30p. Dep. NTIS. 20H physics (particle); translaticna "N-34 P NSA REVISED March 19, 1973 molecullax Atmospheriz MTI= P=-,!LMFn'v AERoomm 7-, 77-1- A3--R7 D-jiT- 35-791-73 I I Danilov, A.D. Empirical Model of inert Composition of the At- mosphere at Altitudes of 130-200 KM. INSTITUT PRIKLADNOY GEOFIZIKI. NEKOTORYYE PRO- BLEMY AERONOMII, No. 16, 1971, pp.57-66. FTD-HT-23-800-73 a, ~,7 i~- 1: ,jk~ . SOL17) r-AR71CLE zi,"ll-VINT, A ITTIf P Fli 0 1 I ' MAX A Xd N tu l -t I T KT A RUSSIAS 2 15 ',i T Unsigned //IN,QTITUT VYSOKIKH TEMPERATUR AKADEMIT NAUK SSSR// --/--/1974; v ---- S N ---- 3 pp 0003-0079 Moscow Most Important Results of 1973 Scientific Research Please publish and ir--lude all repros. Properties of the Soils of the Inundation Area of the Lower Course of the Velika Morava River, by V. Nikodijevic. INSTIM ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEKWISTA, 1962t PP 315-328. nUIS TT 73-5bol4 Ifeb 73 The Effect of Superphosphate on the Elimination of the Hamful Influence of Mobile Aluminum, by .V. Nikodiljevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEKLJISTA, 1963, pp 620-627. *NTIS TT 73-56O-r9- .~Mar 73 I lfl,j!-. MINI ~111'] l il ~ The Effect of Liming on the Elimination of the Harmful .Influence of Mobile Aluminiumj by V. Nikodijevic. IOTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMIJISTA~ 1963~ pp 704-799. *NTIS TT 73-5bOlT- 73 Hydromorphic Soils of Serbia, by N. Pavicevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMLJISTA, ig6g., PP 3-43. *WTIS TT 73-56013 73 Ai--' I Soil Erosion on the Slopes of the .by N. Pavicevic. INSTITUT ZA PROUCAVANJE ZEMWISTA, *NTIS TT 73-56012 Mountain of Kopaonik, 196% pp 145-171. "Feb 73 Pedologic Cover of Porecka Reka Basin, by D. M. Tanasijevic. INTITUT ZA PWJCAVANJE ZEMLJISTAl 1,?71, pp 1-66. *RTIB TT 73-56020 i ,~~r 73 1 . I i I ., ~. 1. 14-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2765) Prof. Alfven on nuclear fusion: comments on an open letter. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). Apr 1?72. Translation by M. Gerrard of IRS-S--6. 4p. Dep. NTIS $3.OD. IBA fusion devices (thermonuclear): 201' physics (plasma); translations MN-20 P NSA 21-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2779) Undeveloped energy reserves for production of electrical power. Attempt at a realistic method of consideration. FRANZEN, L.F.; MERTON, A. (INSTI U-1-f UER-REAKTORUCHERHEIT _DER -JECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. rERMANY)). T'ranslatlon by R.G. Mbnsield of IRS-5-7. 23p. Dep. NTIS $3.25. 10B energy sources; IBA fusion devices (thermonuclear); translations MN-2 P NSR 26-Nov-73 Uncl (AEC-tr--7480) Brookhaven report (WASH--740): contents and significance. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBFRWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (r.R. GERMANY)). 1973. Translation of IRS-S--9. Up. Dep. NTIS 13.00. 18E nuclear power plants; 181 reactor engineering; 181 reactor safety; translations MN-80 P NSA 26-Nov-73 Uncl (AEC-tr--7480) Brookhaven report (WASH--740)- contents and significance. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEDFRWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). 1973. Translation of IRS-S--9- Up. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18E nuclear power plants; 181 reactor engineering; 181 reactor safety; translations MN-80 P NSA 14-Jan-74 Unc I (ORNL-tr--2765) Prof. Alfven on nuclear fusion: comments on an open letter. MER70N, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTDRSICHERHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.V., COLOGNE (F.R. GERMANY)). Apr V72. Translation by M. Gerrard of IRS-S--6. 4p. Dep, NTIS $3.OD. "'A-fus.Pon-devl ces-C-the r-mon u a-l-e-a r-) :--2 0C-S I a -sma-);-- an 31wt, ons a -20 IV NSV 1~1 -N jl- 21-Jan-74 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2779) Undeveluped energy reserves for production of electrical power. Attempt at a realistic method of consideration. FRANZEN, L.F.; MERTON, A. ( LUSIMI-FUER-REAKTORUCHERHEIT DER. TECHNISCfJEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREIgU V., COLOGNE (P.R. GERMANY)). Tia-fis-1-ition by R.G. Mansfield of IRS-9-7. 23p. Dep. NTIS $3.25. 10B energy sources: 18A fusion devices (thermonuclear); translations MN-2 P NSA 25-Apr-73 Uncl (AEC-tr-7423) Systematic rt!cordfng and evalustion of fallure3. rERNDRICH, V.; FELDWM, J.: FRANZEN, L.F.; STOLL, A. (TECHNISCHER UEDERVACHLINGS VEREIN E. V., COLOGNE (WEST GERMANY)- IUSTITUT FUER REAKTORSICHERHEIT). 1973. Translation or . 4). 50P. -We-P. MIS $4.50. ISI reactor engineering; 181 reactor safety; ISL reactors power; translations MN-80 P NSA 3C-May-74 ljncl (AEC-tr--7539) Scientific rer)orts: siting of nuclear technical instal 12 tions to prevent external influenceF. Aircraft ii~,pact intermediate report. PFITTLER, r-; GRUNERt P.; SUETTERLIN, L. (INSTITUT FUER DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE 7 Translatlo~ of I.V., KuCELN (F.R. GERMANY);. Dec 1973. ,r!S-W--7. 24p. 1 Dep. NTIS $4.25. IBE nuclear power plants; 1ET reactor hazards; 181 reactor safety; translations !41111-80P NSA Uncl (AEC-tr--7564) Failure rate Scientific reports. BALFANZ, H.P. REAKTURSICHEkHEIT DER TECHNISCHEN UEBERWACHUNGS-VEREINE E.Y., KOELS (F.R. GERMANY)). [nd]. W--8. 92p. Dep. NTIS $7.75. 23 engineering; translations MN-38 P NSA 4-Sep-74 compilation. (INSTITUT FUER Translation of IRS- is oil I Men ft" am"* A&& 10 - OIVAM w u n my Im ntles owwoo 1- io"M do -"Omaha d" rnnow" Seems InotitioW de A &0D Inblonu tMoolowl ftefth qfff lutmOmot Type @We "me WO IASUAW# Loon dk~ l 0 late" On as"loof .... ... .... - uths hub 2T W&M 4b *MkNWS ftNqPMM /I 7Y imp - am unsblft&- i P V L I c o H A LN L I L,, H Y L) ~. ii i I I N, ;, P It U ) 'Y Li i_ I ,, L ~, ~ ~ r, I h c N, T A L I N S I A L L A T I UN A il 6 A S Z G-JA"AWAISCH T KOM LANGUA6L-GE CUUNTVY-GW INSTITUTE FUEk TECHNI-SCHE PHYSIK SEP 1~i72 85 RAGL5 I tSTC-HT-23-0701-74 Two Particle Electrodisintegration of the fie3 Nucleus by I. V. Koziovskiy. PREPRINT ITF-72-24R, Inst Teoret Fiz Akad Nauk UkrSSR, 1972. NAVY/NRL-T-1266 June 73 i i Study of Heat Exc),~,!lxige on a, 33MTI=--mm&,l-MAbAOQBM= A 9 U38B Vol. 1, 1.972, lipp. 3 of eLa PP. AIR;M-M-2~--iW,74 INSTITLIT' TEPLO.- I AIRIFTD-HT-23-033-74 Dj -V b it. Flow and Heat Transfer dwrLng the ~n,jecticn I' Coolants into a Supersonic Flow ~ P.P 32ET-LTUT TErW- I IWSOOBMM7A AN BfSSI , vc!' rp - 296-300 AIR/,FTD-HT-23-35-74 Significant Research Results for 1971, High Temperature Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences 97 pp INSTITUT VYSOKIKII TEMPERATURI AKADE.41I NAUK SSSR VAMEYS ME REZYLITATY - - - - 1972 80 pp FSTC-H'r-23-1016-73 also MRS 57658 113 pp ShtuWatsklyj B. Ya. Magnetohydrodynamic generator for it combined magnetohydrodynamic electric power plant vith a first-generation open cycle. Pl pgs. IWSTITUT VYSOKM TEMPERATUR, Marcl, 3073, pp 'AIR-FTD-YT-2 -71.3-73 Oil Dimov, G. 1 0 An investigation of a Pulsed Charge-Exchange Source of Negative Hydrogen Ions 25 pp AKADBMIIA NAUK SSSR. NOvosibirsk, Institute ladernoi FiRki IIF-35-73 AEC/LA/tr-73-47 Micheli, Humberto et al instituto Forestal Chile Informs Teenico, -, May 1966. *NTIS TT 74-55072 11; Ii- I ~ 1 ; I ~ ~ I reliu, Alejandro Reig INSTITUTO-NACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIONES AGRO- NORM -CENTRO--IM - DMTE V61. 19 . No. 4 bpain, Iv7u, pp.qzb-443. *NTIS TT 74-63020 AG'~-=Y: NatImul Science FoundnCten NU/0335 P.O. ft. 73-qF-m9l 3 Kay 1913 TITLE: Imeltuto AntartLee - ChIlano. WRGUAGEi Spanish (into Reglish) qpecial jgltngtl~. ?lease translate paSom 23-31 MD4 type one (1) copy. MW=9 SIX W 18 M2Y 19730 F, _Ndte_;s__ Oil Ar oibiidae. Instituto de Biologi Dec. pp.49-57, 1970. *NTIS-TT-73-55060 Apr 73 Fransisco Espanol plicada. Publicaciones pp rransi.sco Espanol 11 Notes on Anobiidae. Instituto de Biologia Aplicada. Publicaciones, I vol. 47, Dec. pp.97-11T,=T-. l4pp. *NTIS-TT-73-55059 1 Apr 7 3 ~ - i imn/6%4 Iw;rj CA 60agil.;6b is on. ,%r(AiLue 0 "744,'It a LA VJ~JLJ,ul, PAW I.Ab 'L.,t4hQMkIAS Aulluu;" ANU 11 j ~A4A, am nease type single opos. At, for i.111C It0mvi:- '4 zpl~-~Oll ;IflS(,.arch vooa pro,111"UL rM00300o zkniil ~xjv i,.uf,O!. iiio llrutna vclcu~ lea proce-sr. toe r(!f a ,is a Unom too* 11040powaft ""As" 1 Jody 1974 Iftla ftnift"Aft do Avmw Cm Timalm is en C=tn Anwift v pawn Sommel lostiefte do Notrial" do Cswtro Anwism r ftswo sell 19%9 v-9;8 vp tommimme nom nowtue fta amm to awas, tm al"A6 op 0-0 M mll UFO leave ~Pmmh ammoute S bw SELECTiVE EFFtLIS OF M(JNUAURILULAk STIMULATLU N ONEXTRAFUVEAL VISUAL ACUITY GIROTTIt G LANGUAGE-IT COUNTRY-IT .INSTITUTO 01 PSICULDGIA DELLOUNIVERSITA CATTO LICADI MILANO t PP255-286 FSTC-HT-23-0181-74 UpLmtian of Haterials for D(Dterzlrdng &onamie Efficiency of Inveatment, 9 pp Instrument Methods in the Diagnosis of Car- diac & Vascular Defects, by A. B. Zorin, et al. INSTRUMENTALINYYE METODY DIAGNOSTIKI FOROKOV UERDTSA I SOSUDOV, L972, 224pp. JACS1 X-3806 PC- may 73 Evolution and Improvement of Too! Steals. 154 PP INSTRUONTALI NYYE I PODSHIM40yM STALI, Moscow, 1, 19739 13? PP. JRS 62925 12 July 1974 Tool and Bearing Steels; Thematic Branch Collection No. 1, Edited by A.K. Petrov Moscow, Instrumentallnvye i Podshipnikovyy!~_ Stali; Tematicheskiv Otrasleirov Sbornik No. 1, 1973, pp 1-136 Please publish and provide JPRC/Ad Hoc with 12 copies of the report. RUSSIAI,' C'.:,!O: 3344/21T8 w I A) 2'3 April 1973 SF /7' F Devices and machines for solvin6; celestial navigation problems, by B. I. Krasartsev. Moscow) Instrume2~x i metody morekhodnay astronomii, 1972~ PP=l-d5, dT-bb. AIM= Special type B Do not publi sh original plus one DRIJET, CZESLAWP //INSTY7UT BODOWNIC7WA WODNEGO-POLSKIEJ AKADEMII NAUK W GDANSKU-ROZPRAIVY HYDROTECHNICZNE ZESZYT 30// --/--/1972oV----,N ----0 Army Engineer Military Construction-Hydro-Technology, Art. #30, 76 pp, OACSI-5073@@ 6044/0733 IS 1974 Integral.t Mikroskhen"V PoluProvOdnikovyyL, -d Semiconduc to, -Ui te TYPE B F PUAISH G ' SPACED DRArr PLUS ONF. IE* j V)'E' DO NOT CUT Nofz ~JUTJWC X COPY T Resov, 0. V. et al. Integral Representetions oP Functions Eu,d Embedding Theorens, 'ICTS r I14MGRAVITO PREDSTAVLENIYA ME I I TEOREMY "TWZHE- IUYA J-974 *IPST 20 Aug 1.973 BONDING OF GLASS LAMINATES TO METALS KOBESv JAN LANGUAGE-CZ COUNTRY-GZ r I jNTERMETALBOND 172, CONFe ON THE BONDING OF M E,TALSt5TH* PP 62-75. A FSTC-HT-23-0655-74 Villain, J. measurement of wind and temperature in the ugper atmosphere 33 I TERNAL NOTES OF LIELBLISSFMENT DIETUDES ET Dh RhLH, No 30U, 1973, 23pp F 14921 6-May-74 Unc I (UCRL-Trans--10701) Translations of papers presented at the third panel on the peaceful uses of nuclear explosions organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency held In Vienna, Austriag 27--30 November 197Z. (INTERNATIONAL ATOhIC ENERGY AGENCY, VIENNA (AUSTRIA))$ [nd]. Translation of French, Russian, and Spanish papers. 241p. Dep. NTIS $7.60. meetings; 18C nuclear explosions; 16C plowshare; translations STD-35 P NSA May, L. E. M. RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON METAL CORROSION// --/--/19665 V---- 9 N---- Comparativetests on stainless steels-for corrosion in atmosphere of air and water vapour pp 384-391 C.E. TRAN 6529#0 14-Feb-74 Uncl (BNWL-tr-103) Handling apparatus for sodium- cooled reactor Installations. Kirchner, G.; Jansing, W. _ AA.ionale Atomre:iktorbau G m.b.P (INTERATOM), e rp Bensberg;Coio4ne---(F.R-.-~'ermany))-. Translated by E.R. Appleby from paper presented at Reactor meeting, Deutsches Atomforum, Bonn, Germany, April 1, 1971 27 Nov 1973. 19P. (CONF-710346-1). Dep. NTIS $3.00. methods and equipment; reactor engineering; reactors-power; translations 14, 181, 18L MN-79k P NSA WIENDT~ H. //IFj-LE,P0TATI01UIJE E-I-EIM011-1-MC~M- RTYTDSCITAUI,l v---- NOOO.I., ipterframe Coding for V-*Ldeo Sign&Ls, pp 2-7,1VITC 74--,LobBQ-i7Bx,,. D qlTj) B '/D7.pj EIL. ~,TJ~07i-JJS (IT --/--/1n7" ~ V,-)0271 WO007. An AdRptive Tntrafrai-,ie Coder for Television Siinals, l~--l-p"gNTIC 74-1077-17B2,Ca, o I t SAKWA. W - //35 TH INTERNATIONAL FOUNDARY CONGRESS// --/10/1968, V---- I N---- Production of granular chromium layers on iron castings pp not given *BISI 12599## SCHONESHOFER. M. //INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY --/--/1973~ V005s N ----- 3- Pulse radilytic investigation of S 06 radica as intermediate product of thiesup1hate oxydation and tetrathionate reduction pp 375-386 C. E. TRANS 65220# Eill,05 7,XN Vi 7iei-A VI 1,TF 311 Rl-A CT,-' ~,,T~, Fil-tKOS'j,". ZI-A R 3 y1. V tj pla"ll,wWaw 441 ii 11 Ti, 1, ISE 44Z ~4 k4 'L.P T A; UiAPII M, RiAM-44 1Y Q30 VAC~P;!A ONE', o< T'nrimca LARD N i~x ltv. i c t~ v ii-I 1__1 A2 Tt i. 'Art UN -a In the uwop.~pik-.j aortunt, aro m )ie ---eli -o e i)lanl:ton al_.!ne, brou,J)t nt)o-l~ -., a, 11fe ~on,-. ztio-z Ir Ihlunl~lh:, -~ 1;-701A I L -U'(, I.- Ae. .nt- 7"Ovrap dmW 0 1 4,,(4),. "7. "M1151. l-', -MnDl. 'Am, ?gn. larlj~. 11i", Dept. of See. of State of ;ana~~a, for -pt. or Zin-tron., r~relkt 7-aktso Ao.l. 4h., -,trllrlgrOx:, Or.t., 19'13, as '."mnal. "'CrIke :0. 2'sl;q, B4:3.. t.,pe*cript. Avt,)LI.. L) r i, Vi '-'.I X pp Forwr4 li4togf a HAVY N09 Im IkH1,14' A Decade of Austrian Cooperation Ath the MSR, 3 PP. Rumma-Mm hm " viumat No 30,27 JU4 19?3, P 5. JM 6Q30 Polish-Austrian Exchange of Groods, Effective I January 1974, 5 pp. INTERNATIONALE WIRTSCHAFT, Vienna, 3 Aug 73, pp T. lu. jpRs 60028 Oct 73 .13 Austrian-Romanian Connodity Exchange Lists Published, 13 PP. INTERNATIONALE WIRTSCHAFT, Vienna, 17 Au,9 73, . pp 3., 4. i JPRs 60314 ~~ Nov 73 .1 1