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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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swomosso MMMIS Dsw4mmmwU 'a C"wta A4Ph4., DNW34bod. 3 pr Ali off"no 13 Jay 19n. ;p 16-a. W70M i, .-I Heritansson, C. 11. Hermansson Presents Views on Constitutional Reromm, 5 pp. Wt DhG,, Stool-cholms No 41, 8-14 Xun 73, p 3. 7M7�527 Aiijr 73 ~M HemkrAson, C. H. CP Divided an SolzbonitsTn 3:38UGS 5 pp. M-ROKENSPLAMN. Lulea, 23 Pob 7k, p 5. TP95 G1.5747-`-"* Apr 74 NMI top ~ skromm'm 1"140-0101" 84avau pjOluft C4*t6LJw 9 ~v A!LAt.-A"mmmft-. J; ]PP. smnlo api, XLam~ stoftou, OWN ~ q 9*110 ftW -1973* p Uo X06 4fte 73 .~'l Wk gin, WOOD w "ervion, !.'fralm 'law T',',!',' Planninfr. I-Mef lame-J; Called 111,71it Man for tf-e Job, 7 no. T')' !,U hASITAIPTIA, Tel Aviv, 9 '70v 73, -)-,) 12-13. I ,TnTq-,-, ~M`M9 ne c 7 1 cires,940 alo ,woJoliess ~Jwu W p 0 *01"M amed I%A -24 V%l 74, r 4A r. idD 9 of wkvox^ 0 v Uri w "LOB L- . I /I o ll'~ -4~- , ) U . i-l-oxPeatims ils" for Mon-ftUMV Ono. tv amorlo sommasse 6 ppe Sf-Anat per, AVbMLQ& Havamg 23 b~tr 197:3. pp 1Z- 1?~o im 510a k4w " heman~,'.ews, Gregorlo Histon, of OU brploration Reviared. 6 pp AM-M& Havam, 7 SePt 1973, PP 20-29- -- &W BmwWas 9 Grogerle Roport ce 3"ift maritl"o Pbrb 'LoGimums. 8 pp &MffA. Hgvana, 25 Jan 1.974, pp Zk-29. Jim %A749 BOVIMWOZ 6 Jemw St=Ues an Sule Savlage in Raw S%~jsr Wla. 16 pp 4ROLLO, HRVAM* MW-JUn "4, pp 94-M. �MM 1: DES I JFW 62M6 Hera"Aiez a.. Jose FMCtlons of Now Mlli" Rogistry Systen k~xp~ej-. 5 Ipp 12mus aavsmg 28 Jun 740 pp 6.5-650 JPRS 63CP54 HERODEKt RANTI cz OTAKAP JAROS LAND WARFARE HIGPER MILITARY SCH OOL ATOMt 19 1974 PP 20-21 As FSTC-HT-23-0966-74 2-ju 1 -73 Uncl (RFP-Trans--131) Preparation of practically carrier-free radio-copper G*Cu with high activit- 'rom Cu phtelocl-amine. 1HERI W.- GOETTE, H. Translated frzo Z. Naturforsch.9 a,. 5a: 629-630(195D). 5P. Dep. NTIS 83.00. 07D chemistry (inorganic); 07E chemistry (radic and radiation) MM-6 ? NSA is Herimmn, 'hilipre Prench.-Maghreb Relations hmp;mving, 6 pp. Lt;,' NONDF DIPLOMAT I(WT-F_t Tarts, Aug 73, pp 1, 13. TP R9 5 99tF Oct -'3 11 -0c t-74 Uncl (ANI--Trens--961) Contribution to tne separation of rare earth4 by cxtrac"On chromitography with ei(2- ethylbexyl) phosphoric acid. 11. Behavior of the matrix and it3 influence on the wi-:rocorpo,ents. HURMANN, c:. ; GRDSS7--RUYKEN, 14. ; C 4ALKIN, W. Transiated from J. Chromntogr.; 87: 351-363,:1973). 16-P. D,.p. NTIS $4.00. 07B chemistry (inorganic,; 07D cheristry. (physical); translations YIN-4 p IJSA iferrmnn, Gerhard 1,17oric Stoppag,,e as a Result of 3:11rions -ivne ~,**,-,rinE 1972, 6 pp. DIF WIRPSCHArwro ---,,ast Berlin, 27 Jun 73, n. 15- TPR9 51790 ~ ~ 7 ","~ IWO.. t O-La QLOIUCA., Vol .2 3 HvRkMANN J SL,AJt'-:C TI V E M6 - 80lit;M4 tr .40-16ft 4 4)"v-X-"j NE W Mk: I H OUS OF SE URIC ANALYSIS LEBENSMITTEL INUL)SIKIE VOL 19 NU 12 1912 PP 27-532 FSTC-HT-2-i-0019-14 vKmLwWxJMw" r // =-;;7w/ 0 ;;-/--/1973,,V-xl-s. lowtiption of the Possible AN31catten of C"Pseltan" Usbawr1mg glar Trawlent '7014- hiwtion *auwvnmt In a &ta&uvWat4w TwooPhmm now$, pp U*Avm-bo=rww Trans. 6"1 HKR710, HEINZ MIE WIATSCHAPT// --/10/1974*V-40C )NO040t ;p 0010-0011 Consentratibn of C*Mut*r Capacity on Bezirk Level Discussed 5 pp JrRs 63536 HER200o PTCHARD //STA'rISTISCPE PRAXIS// QDw/lO/1974vv ---- #N----, pp 0471-0473 Constant Plan Prices DIsousisad 6 pp JPRS 63599 ambo,p Owbumd Neu e, &FIWMWW yLl"a Iaft*M IS I AtMtldAa FAM60- owt ImagoAde 8 pp AWWCMML_f2"jL WWt DW1131# CA IM, pp ~ mm 3~~VO?Fx Hoss'O K. The tr"tmat of organically pollu.-c~ towage by Cow"tion proftseeme Vol.. 440 1972p To- O-EM-M 809 Ivfs. OwIttod. 325-332. 1r4p. . T=S gic 73-11465-138 Hess, K. Fornation of Explosive Clouds of Gas on Overhead Release ard Preventive Measures 1^0 pp CHEME-ING-TEM Vol 45, No S, I?Lr 1973 pp 323-329 SME No 6S28 CIA-X-7799 Ro"o Jew fts OW Ileatple FWw Ave ma SaboUtato for aft" OLIS 5 pp - WJ6. Dm""derf AM-Mm 9 Me 22Lo 15 ow 19?39 p 90 im 6mffo -H MS. R, ,11DEMSCHE FORSCIIUVaq- UND VEROMSANSTALT FUR LUM MID RAUWAMR.2" INSTrTIC PUR EVERGIEWANDUNG UND ELEKTRrSXE ANTRMBE~l -/0 4129 74, 1r a X-0 Ato,,?Ic Hydrogen,, 95 ppO Report Number DLR-PB 73-F4,0 9SRO 27.0,0RDER FROM NTIS## 4tVi-taniism Dioxide -*.n the Blest fut, t*vId slid, specific set.les it p ~Vvotdalo *Mt ut 46f e M .0c 2 pv- a io" UAW" Besslando P. SMS KOY ftOtOPS 10 th* COKWS SUgRP BGSt Compa4p Dotall*dv !; pp. rnwrRrSCHAPT Met Berlin,, Aug 73, pp .341- 393. "2:-~ Me 60280 Nov 73 HeGenyl, Istvan planning Offi-O Offioial Details 1974 Economic Task&, 12 pp. TARSADAL141 SZEMLF, BudARGSt, No 1, JG.:n 74, PP 12-20. .TPRS 61170 '-Pr '711, Astfowl 9 ilotvm RwWWV&&w4"10t SMOUGNIC RoUtAgnill, Dwwalop- Awat Trwd RmnloW, a pp 21,11111mit. &Ad&P6Ae So 109 Oet 19?3o pp 725m 730- il" 606-30 Dlefti .44A linkit ed to Uo S. Gov't aganciev U CAI ypight p Infomatl4o; Other request ~g for V,h~g 40CUMS-t MuSt b&~r4laftVd to FTD. Vie po~teats 'far this documat AM suilpected to be~faubjoct to Copyright protecrtion. HETHYp LAJOS //TAR3ADAr.91 37,MX// .a.W/AO/1974, V40.w--,NOOIO, Interplay of SoclolM 15 PP irRs 63433 P pp 0056-0068 a-d 7011tios E'mmined non "~11, Hettingg*r, J. Salient points of Ironic juukiysis in the Stool Indust7ry - STAHL EISEN. 1972, Nov., No 9, pp.116S-1169. 551ST IW-39 Hetzer, G. Pilot studies on the caries protective effects of various methods of supervised toothbrushing. DEUTSCHE STOMATOLOGIE, v. 20, p. 927-932, 1970. NTC 10329-06i 0. Observations on Combustion \"haml,...-r Lirdn7s in liot Blast Stoves, by A. Heuer. i~ 'PT:RG.-IUM-N;. MMTSII., 1967, !;LqT- 1. 'fa-&7. pp 176-204. M "*' ' " -- - .,~)ril 7i us=~.v H. MRMIMWMk:S VOMRM Im plandes savd UWIxg of mp"veso. ftauft PMW trumminift apbum., m m amom, April. 1972v PP 1-7 C. 2. mm" em HEUMANS, X. G. 11INTEANA.TIONAL TOVRJVAL OF AVS STECTROWTRY AND ION PHYSXC711 -1-1197.9, 70009,NO003, The forwtion -)f urmiwn nd thoritan ionir and Moir oxide ions a9 a fUnoe-on of the conditione dw-Ing thermal ionisatim pp 325-324,NYC 74-12592-07E## ~11i~ W, ~~ 11~ liffill"NAms Go arrect of the twa P" amwtsr = tug 00CROMAce of ae braeow With rea. um ~~ "l, I EMMIJO 26 Oct Ign NOW am 7-Mar-74 Uncl Analysis of hvpothetical ac,~iderlts for SNP-300. ~70~=E~F K--SSI~'R G.: LAUBEP, H. r K Er- UFO,- SC-iUN '5~ NT RUP L-RUH- GE~MANY Mar 1973. 142p. Dep. NT7' (U.S. Smies C-nlv) V-25. Work performed unler United Stat-?s----jrmtorr Fmst Peactor Proqr-4rr. IBI rctctor en?ineering: 161 reactcr sar~tv: !PL reactor5- power Nil F 11 momme W. jimodto or Saufts ALtw Goals )or Apdaatuma ALwqwaft Agamalmde 9 w wimip- B"t BIWU34 3W'. 1973* iPP 403- 408- am 190666 6.1 - I- W - Hf4eas T. m.-ToZuyloodianyine aarwfnogrnos~a !'n rat Zivar. Vv LAJT4 IGAKU USBRI Z 21P No 1, 1970, 7p 1-19 MM 74-102%Z-06F, HIDA&M. 11NUM XAGAKU WSHIII -1-11972,V~,ONOIO, Photodsterlorution of &jes. Part S. A kinstio inmLtigation of fading in fZmoroomynt whitanore pp 1906-1922,jVTC 74-22551-M## Vida*, Gycrff First Gociallst Symposium on *Psychotherapy convened, 7 pp. rDEGGYOGIMST,,ATI SZFXLF,, Budapest, No 27, 1974, PP 4:Lzw. JPRS 61773 JUn 74 11D43 ME6 40 Vol 3.0 Mt M-a k;-' 'I Fien, Minh Socialist,, Capitalist Markets Explored for Fxport of Agricultural Producits, 8 pp. ?IGHIPER CTIT KIV 'i-E. Hanel, Nr 76., Nov-Doc 73, PP 26-32, 75. jrRs 61371 Arr 711 Flen, Phan r."he Year Flas Ended, TIOC TA?p Hanoit No Tplig TT'(95 But Watergate Peraists., 6 j-p 12v Doc 73P pp 65-89. Ma r 74 Hien, Phan Centering on the Watergate Affai%6 pp. HOC TAP, Hanoi, 40 9t SOP 73, PP -89. 7ffM-Ml5 Nov 73 Flen,.Phan Thuong Econmla flosearah and Study, 'I'lecessary ane TIrgent Requirement to the Carl-ro an" Party Member., 7 pp. HOC TAPt Hanoi, Ito 8, Aug 74, pp 55-60. M 63P 1 Nov 74 ilea* Vu OW Miza Mob DLWIAA Is In the F~uw of qpgrading lAvm*Ack PmoduoUan to a CMefs IB pp BWL~ BkvwAo No 40, Oat 19", Pp 32-". ~Fm~~ Hi.eup Nguyen Van Despito 17.3,, Salgonv Vistniftess ImplwWnt Porte Pk,,vlvlons,, 12 pp., LS Wq"E__DTPLOMATTQVR,, rarlev JUn 74P PP 22-23. JFRS 6w3q-- ser 7h. RTEU 9 vty DUY //HOC TAP// ww/09/19T4tvft,-w4w.wrFOO09,, PP 00,24-0031 lpinanotal Afflotanus ror AgrllflultUral Cooporativas 7 pp JPR9 63*37 Pao 71t Hikifamus V. S. The offeot of alwelmm additims on tho oporational offootiven"s of th-9 oat:aZytio oombuotim agent F4203. 1972,p pp 70-73 74 4 ~ J4 / On a Balmonid Fish Know as Rlwanew In Lu-,. 1 Name Within Rolikeldop by a ?a Mitto JAM283jo Pon A n-l main Zz%&" Muku ftkujag Vol Its, 190P " .41-43. R0 72-6W60-060 Kay 72 HIIAL~ ATMAD //AL*WAIT// 24/10/1974,V ---- pp OCOB Suez Refinery Opens Fmational Distillation TITnit 5 pp .TPRS 63619 Tfilal, T~aahiv jrnion Leaders Complain About Economic Effects of 77~01:jtiQal CI.LS13j, 5 pp. AL-AimBAr- , -Reivut, 2 Xun 73, pp 18-19. JPAR 59669 Sep 73 Ritbort t MrIbel= seouluft 300"Ode robftmt:ims p"Defti - go a -- I -weep Uss" aft"W's Z* arIM40 7 pp. MMJWJF~sm- Pro R"t DOCOUno 29 Aug 73a 9p Aw"Mu YM 6OZ3 06t, 711