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%at of 4 1 to Is& I=jpnwWmw 06 the Wo"tl* ~ owmaty 1w PoideAmmoof me DqJP 14 pp- br A:Atlas, . q qvv-m AD Im ju so as -Experimental PulMmons y Anthraox of 1,1ice: Initial Bacteriernia or Septigemia, by H. Velu, P. Soulie, 2 pp. FKRENCF, per, Comptes Rendus d2 la Societe de vol C)OC 5b~tI, 1943, PP 159, 160. US Army -Biological Lab Tr 545 sci Oc t 6 2 Pulmonary Anthrax and Chlorine Poisoning: Minimum Infectious Dose of Sp:)res, by 'i. Velu, P. Soulie, 1 p. FRENCIT, per, Gomptes-Rendus de la Soc -de- Biol.ogie, Vol CXyXNrTI, 1943, pp 160, fi, 161. US Army Biological Lab TIR 547 Sci Oct 62 Duration and Risks of Latent Enfection of the Lun,cgr by -lecillus Anthracis, b*,,r H. Velu, P. Soulie, 2 pp. MNICH, per, Conlptegj?endus de la SQQiel-e de Diologie, vol cx-xxvii, i943*,-"p'p 224, 2225- US Army Biological Lab TR 546 Sci oct 62 Actic-i :-f insulhi on the (-oj1sun-,)tio-,i of Differelit (Aucides in the '!Ouse$ I)v Andre Soulairac, 3 pp. -s SeanCCS LiC C; I Iwr, Comptes Pendus d. Societe de Biologie, Vol C,I,XXvJIl 19,14 NlH 11-2-63 Sci Bic.11 ~11 Hed i Cirowl, Paul and Giroud, NJ. L. LOCAL INMUNI-1), REACTIONS IN EXAMMENIATAC TYPHUS (keactiona Locales d'Immunite dans iu -fyphi~ Dmmthernatique). [19451 2p Order fxwn SLA $ 1. 10 TT-64-108:0 Trans. of Soc-fiete del Biol[ogie et de ses Filiales]. C(omptes] Rjendus des Seances] (France 1944, v. 1W, p. Z15-Z77. TT-64-10620 1. Giroud. P. n. Giroud, M. L. 031ological Sciences --PhysiWagyr Tr, Y. 11, no. 12) otfit. -t -r-hm-t s--w- 1 , Alk-aliac jOviosphatase Of Nuclei mid itate ol' iu-,- placeCelit uf Phuslillorus ill 1hy'Laiucluic 2icid, J. BTRchot, FIENO'L., jeer, Coj~pt lWnd Soc Uol, Val 42, IJ4-6, 'wy Ij. 1-ull"Glu'p :) lip- Rer"in't; jlrr, Nov 54 CT3 Biology Attempts' at Imunleation of the Rat by Injection of a Formolwted Tumor Pulp# by 0. Roussyp M. Gaerin, 7 PP. FF&NM., per., Comptes Randus Sociek-de -Biol2als, lot 02 Vol CXL-#--W-5*--Z# 1946,9 pp 210-220, NIB Scientific - bOedicine Jan 54 CTS Cul~.,~yt Rend ilo Zlol- -Vol Subgtalace "A" of Momn gryti2rocytes and Diphtheria Tozoidp by Mounbcs J. v 9 P. FMCH.. per., Compt Rend Soc Biol., Vol 3.41,, 1947,, pp 20-22. ... ... BLA Tr 3265 SOL Jun 58 Measuxemeat of Circulation Rate by the Fluorescein Test la the Course of Experimental TZ Intoxicationj by P. Goquet~, A. Delaunayp J. Lebrun) Y. 4 pp. FMCH.j per.. qcm Soc :Bir-'. _ptei3 Rendus, ro 141j, 1947~ pp.272-273. UM Scimtiflc - BioloMr CTS/DEK Displacemeint of Temperature of the Rquilibrium of Isohemgglutination, by S. Fil",tti-Wurmer.. Y. Jacquot-Armand.. 4 pp. PREME omptes ,, per,, C t - Bendus Soc do Biol, Vol CXLI, 1947.9 Pp 575-5TT-.- MM 12-40 '-7 Sci - FAd J= 58 Wchanism oT the Effect of Temperature on Isehmmaggii tination, by S. rilitti-Wurmser, Y. Jacquot-Armand.,, 4 pp. MM MR, parv Camtes Rendus Soc de Bi(Il, Vol CXLTI, 1947, 'PP '' BIB 124.1 J-/-/ rlo~, Sci - bL-d Jan 58 JTFj i rr, ,,at Activity of Vie uu,'L :Un C, -;,o the Trichownas in k -Gh~- Trichomani-aGis in Gwbtle, bZr A. Floren-t. 3 pp. M*24CHI, Y,,--rj Comptes Rendus do's Satinces de I& Suciete de Biologieo Vol CMI, No 5-62 Harch ic,48, pp ho6-4o ;JR OnSWAtaneoUaness in the Ebwcution of i~l M6*em'omts~~ by:A. F-eimud. , F-pimt ptetRwkdux'desSeRnceffdel& r w '', e 'B 6 bglig ~V s le ltiocl *I CXUI, 1948. pp 933-935. 64 di -!BI61 Med 265,460 Aij: 'on 'Ch Sim Ultaneausness in the Execution ve'Movements by J. Pailla d~ et al. verb qo~apt;; Rendum do Seances de ia d o 81010gle-, Vol CXLtl,, 1948, pp 935-2937. %Ali W6 26K .462 Streptomyres TrAnaforming Emtrwliol to Estrcne, by M. Welach, C. Heusgbem, 3 IT. MMM,per, Campt Rend See Be-Aga Biol, Vol CXIII, -10T ATS-7NT17F Sci Jul 59 IMM Resorption or Calciuat SUta by Normal and W- Taboraular IndivUuaU. FaVorable ACtion of Nkpwlm Phoopbates by A. Wtatainst 4 pp. no W. P qcm CIMI, I%St pp ICS9-2092. -AkA ~ , SA.A. Tr 486/56 Sol - Biology 191~ ?711$-o Aug 1956 The YAgnesim and Zind Content of Alkaline Phosphatase Prelpsiions, by Amu Rcwhe, 4 vp. I "- MR 42 Im"'AwLIM Boo Diol,, vol c=i,, 1948, pp UWAII a S.L.A. Tr 518/56 861 - Chemistry 7 Aug 1956 Study f the Vascular Reactions in the Course of tlw4 abartmen HemnvWoc Phenwenon,, by F. boquets No Laboultp 6 pp. PREWH,, per,, Comptem R*;Cqp# Soc Diol, Vol C=I., Oct 1948, pp l233--4e,-tW%r--. Sciettific - Medicine crs/bgx lourdan, F. and Collet, A. bN 'ME TOXIC AMON Or 11,MLED ToaACCO SMOKE. [196415p t-dt-r from K-11 K--H-1962-b 10 Trans. of Soc[idti del Blogogie et de see Fillales). es Roe us d aces France) 1949, v. 143, P, Tr-6-1-12901 1. jourdan, F. IT. Collet. A. M. ~~-H-1962-b TV. Kresge-HooLer Science Library Associateii, Detroit. Mllch. (Nologkal Sciences- -Tmdoology, IT. v. 12, rmo. 1) Offl.. f T-h.i-l Se-i- ObaCefttioro cc, tba Oirv% Stan Applied to Grsa Positive UoUrts After %he 64ti(m of Ribeme'leasej by J. 0. Marlmi, R. ricoty 4 P. FREWRJ, Pat Pp'l-1190919490 Vol No 17Mo'pp 1366-1. stA lbio689 Bei /A 00, U4y 60 701 No 4 :Rcn!B'Tkis~ Oft the Hutritive Needs oi, L,i-muo cultmr- ol, -yet CSlj',rPa, by R. J. Gaathe 4 p. YIMENMI, Ter, qpxiptes Rendus, sac Bic!, VC1 CT-LIV, V's,b 1950, '_)i) CIA/r-DI)ft-1019 !"iedIcine Aug 53CTS,,-U-z^- Structure of rragmuts of TLeaercies cf Artinbo~e Cultivated in the Prevence of Comnut 'ret 112.1k, by L. Dubwnet,. R. J. Gaiutbe 4 pp. perj Camptes Penaus., Soc Biol, Vol MIUXV, Feb 1950.v VO *17T--"91-.-- C.TA/MD/X-IM3 64ieutlglc - ye"cine Aug 53 ars/=. ll~ rtal queou c th anrA or cu-itures of Cam~Olal Gautherety trill.- h-A 626-62'0" Vol ;> P9 C LA /.FDD /3T. - 53 ILI A Influend e ofX and Ca Jorm on the Automatism of the Doi,-~igl Ve ssel of tho Lurva of Galleria Mellonella by Ph. Dreaxp 5 PP. ?ep Co tes Rei,.ftc Soc DIol,, Vol C)=V,, CHO u No 11- un pp &,::ieutific - Bioloa NIB Nov 53 CTS 7/53 Actioh bf the Tbtal Concentration of Solationi Upon the Autbmatlsm of the Doraal Veaml of thu lArva of Gallerla Mellonella L.,, by Ph. Dreux, 5 pp. C L I v FPXNCH,j;er,,,,.Compzeo randu Soc 11tol., Vol-'RYX e%XA*# 1 1955, pp Scientific -- Dioloor Mov 53 CTS tism of the i 2-ation of the Mg ton Upon the AutA m, Vessel of Grylius Domesticuz L.p by J. Fiszer, pp. Soc Biol Vol CXLIV ,-"I~F,NCHj Compteo a*ndus 11-1~,# Jun 1950,, pp 810014. NID Nov 53 C~ 71 ~z5 ,Antagonistic Act.ion of Nagieslum and of the Alkaline !Ions-on the Automatism of the DomaL Ve3--el of ,Gr7lius Domesticud L., -by 4. 71--mar, 6 pp. I F?d M- H., perp,C2atca Rendus Soc Biol Vol CXEZVp No 11-12,0 Jai 1950j, pp 315-817. NIB Sclentif Ic - Bloloey Nov 53 CTS Action of Darimm on the Cardiac Automalliem. of t'j-c lcrva of Mellonell-a 1-1. Lud Oil "I;at Of G-rZrIlus Dom-sticus L.j, by Ph. Dreux., J. F-lszer,, 4 pp. cz,,.,.Cqr,-;ptc-z3 Rendus Soc "dol, Vol CXLIVp 1,TTWB,t .,~? L ....... No 11-1.2,, Jen TUR Scientific Biolou r--.,Ov 53 CT,, -071~1- 7 jourdan, F. stbd Collet, A. COMPARATIVE EFFECTS OF INHALED TOBACCO SMOKE IN THE UPPER RESPIRATORY PASSAGES AND IN THE I LUNGS OF THE DOG. 119641 Sp Order from K-H $3. 010 K-H- 1984 Trans. of Soc[liti del Blogogle at do sea Filiales). ~Compt[exj RM4 en (Franoe) 1950, v. 144, P!eul ~!~um ~dq~' M. P. - - (Biological Sciences--- Pathology, TT. v. 12, no. 1) 'rT-64-12902 I . jmwdan, F. 11. Collet. A. III - K-H-1984 IV. Kresge-Hooker Science Library Associates, Detroit, Mich. Offi- " T-h~lc.l S--- Acticia of Varlous YAta.U4 a lom on Thiaminases j~ by U. Deodata do Azewdos 3 pp. FROM., Wj Comp rend soa biolj Vol CXLrV,, 1950 P!P 1579-15&1. S.L.A. Tr 3.32 WEur - Framm ScientIfic - Biology Ptoftwtion of Llvw 1 1 1, IrMa On Im *K~ft V I., - of OoLdbm ftftuobl=lA*p by a* NA-14. ,. I p". C=wuo a=&= gbe Dial,, Vol 1440 2.9 50, vp l6bCW. Mmm 6-19-0 Sci-B&M Sept 69 390.P135 A leutatiba Soar- in the Culturea of Ca.-. ot Tiszuees,, by 1,1. E. Eicheuberger, 2 pp. Full tremol-ation. FM C If,, pc!r,., Comptes Rendus, Soc Biol, Vol CXLIV, >39-2 Peb 195', pp t"PT. Scientific -Ac~.cine Aug 53 C-Is,/DEZ e-1e5 ~F7 Votr.,,z? em, the 15tructure of Neoforzatima Produced Uader tht Act ion of Indol-Acet'ic Acid on Vie Tiazvie Cultuiva of Art.-IchokeP by C. rances, R. T. Gdatheret,, 5 pp. Full trtme-latiou. F."MM, per., Soc Blois, Vol CXLV, Feb 1953., pp 24-d-244. CTA/nD/X-101:3 Scient-ific - vzrlicima Aug 53 1:avest-tgetlow~, on the Action of Xyxiunmine on the 11116asued at Artichoke Cultivated la Vitro, by Zoja Rulescl.m. Boger Gauthere-'U., I r"p. .-tall timnaletion. -F s, Sm Elol., Vol C%LV, Feb 195, CIA /r-.TD J~r. -10 14 hedicine Aurr 53 CTS/pr-x ZV~ Marchol, J. G. and Mittwer, T. MODIFICATION OF THE PAPER CHROMATOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE: CHROMATOGRAPHY IN CIRCULAR ARCS (Modification Appottee a Is Technique de Chromatographle our Paper: Cbromatogr~phie en Arco do Cercle). 11%31 lap) 2refs Order from SLA $1. 10 TT-64-10296 Trans. of Socihti de Biologie let de ses Fillales). Comptes Rendus idea Stances] (France) 1951, v. 145, p. 417-421. (Abstract available) DESCRIPTORS: "Paper chromatography, "Amino acids By using the -method at chromatography In circular arcs which is described, it is possible to separate amino acids with neighboring Rf values, which the classical one-dimensional method does not permit. (Author) TT-64-10296 1. Marchol, ). G. 13. Mittwer, T. M. Title: Chromatography... IV. Title: Chromatographle... (C2iemIxtry--An&brtlc&l, TT, v. 11. no. 9) Office of Technic.1 r~-J-. i f the of UIS? F lz~r., 3 VP - per., Sj; d~L-) Vol Ca-V,, 2, ELA 6o.iD641 6o V-03. xxx,' L-0 5~ ICA ial ViScerral Affe -eG, by P. D911, V Pp. Vol r "M X! pe-z" CmPte'? 1-ftc -89c I!Zl W; ha -CH i. xr1i imn- .5 NM 5-27-6-1. Mee. Y~ul 61 9bW ftdi7 ;W2 rxo;pA-40w% i P32 33 ; : 469 P103-416? bQ, PiO3-16b blo pegs iivla b1 p3la-uo b4 plbalo;lt44 b4 we P1474man b3 NR P09-200 13,3 NIJ/9 01411-141b 54 P17-21. 54 P14PUI--1"3 54 plb94-6jtoV* 64 54 Pi3lJi-~9441 . 65 ouW-44bo ~b piblfi"~~19 ~bi #'lbZd Abig 10-10839-ObO 40), ?0-23522