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Of llx"~ in a Viamum,. by 0. Germain, RM confersimm Internationale our lea -Phen menes daims lea GELz-P&rU, 1%& 4222.677 iAEC~34 !Scd- Jul .262083t5 Dynamic D--cisions on Sales and A. Ducamp. 11ROICE, per Coiaf - Ins-L i tut dc So,:%-*Lc)lo,,,-j c Libre dc Bri-x-elics, PP CSR Auft 67 Nickel Resistance of Aluminum-Iron-NUM. Alloys to Corrosion by Watet at Elevated Temperature. Bases of Their Properties -- Their Amelioration) by H. Coriou, R. Fourniert L. Grall, J. Hure. FRENCH, bk, Conference sur la Corrosion dans les Reacteurs Nuc 1.eaires., Bruxelles, 1959, pp 14-10'. *AEC Sci Min/Met Apr 6o Corrosion of Al-Fe-Ni Alloy by Witter at High Tempera- ture After Long Heatings. Influence of Additions of Ti and Zr, by P. Lelong, J. moison., J. Herenquel. FRTi,NCH, bkj C'onference sur la Corrosion dans les Reacteurs Nucleaires Eurat-om, Bruxelles, 1959, pp 14-i6. *AEC Sci Apr &D'' Fl-mterrlbion of C-Lildrea Aaalust lWaa-rcaloctic by BW Vacotiatica by El. B=t]-lat, 7 T,2. !MMH,, Gmee ce Na&ico-Sociales do 19.93L., 92. sm rer e769 ffov 57 . I Remorch On HAM 8006OU14 by A. MoMm . i Froick rm codbnme promet" mm joum dlfti&i aw M ~ ~ -1 LMUUQ^ 19641, pp i v .33 IV ~!Mviww.Ad* scl - Did Jun 65 279,615 Smant, H. Harry, Olavarria, Euseblo P., and Valliant, YoIaDda- PARTIAL ESTERIFICATION OF CARBOHYDRATES (EKerlflc.acion Partial de loi Carbchldratos) tr. by D. A. Sinclair. 1963, Sp 30refs NRCCTechnlcal Trans. 1090. Order from NRCC $0. 50 NRCC C-4538 I Trans. at ffmo. Ca4erencial A uall AaS~cjtacioq de) Tec[nicos I A zucarleftf)-ded Ciffia' %tMn A= 1*?';;;i .. . ..... Of 41136- M, -' "!rl. P*.'.&mole Amsmiagonl (Do. is) I Mem orla p. 19-154. DESCRIPTORS: *Carbohydrates, Esterification, *Carboxylic acids, Eaters, Chlorides. (Chernistry-Organic. TT, v. 11, no. 5) TT-64-12005 1. Smant, H. H. 11. Olevarria, E. P. Ill. Valliant. Y. TV - NRCC TT-ID90 Y . NRCC C-4538 V1. National Research Council ot Canada V11 Title: Annual.. cfr~ of le:bkjj 3c"i"I Hydraulic Tmusport of Coal., by P. Alubathier. NME,, r9to 00tCorenola ANAISA 44 la Soorglas Paper - if- f * In 3. J Dial 2228 sci - EW /.Pd /go/ ftp 61 J-1736/66 The Habana Tri-continental Conrerence -- Data and Considerations. PORTUGUESE, mono,, A Conferencim Tricontinental de Havana -- Dados e Consideracoem., pp 1-26. RS/NY-13239/Special L Amer - Cuba Pol Apt 66 A Text of the Cougo (Brazwkville)-MR Tedmical and leamcmic Alpvement Si&ued 14 r*oumber 1964j, 6 pp FfC=j, np,, Congo Brs=wrllle Infoximtion,, 15 bee 1964p PP 1-7- JPRS 28457 Africa-Congo Boo mar Z75P533 !. L --.. - - - - ~ --Orm in stagomm. cm aamam 1-t&- Diekilloulle" , in At at -5 m F RE 4M qh OMW- Idbrw & 22 Aug 1964, 1 pp X~U. . JPRS126553 AFkUCA mu Nov 64 268,245 Arems,Affected by FArthquabes in Venzuela, by 0. Mdler. I SPMM,.l rpt, conowo R!9,1 ,_~co.Venewlaw, YAmoris. 1963., PP .1791-1610. DIA W-68640 Sci/icar sel Feb 71 Honking., ~Hm 1929 Invottigatiom of salmonidae, with particular attention to specific and racial MwBtima (Part 1) (Untersuahmon an Salzonideb nit 'mbesonderer B*rUcJmichtiknm-z der Art-und RoaWraSim. Tail 1) Conseil ~6,rmanint Internatlonal pour ItExploration do Is Mer, Rappiwts at Proces-Verbaux dad Revnione, 99p. In German. Tranal. by Tranal. fur., Fgn. Lang. Div., Dept. of See. of State of Canada, for FRBC Biological Station, St. johnis Nfld., 19~1'1. as Tranal. Series No. laig, 140p., tvpesoript. Avail. on Loan - NMFS, W"h,, D.C. Ferking,iL- 193 1 Inve6tigmtion of salmon.1dae with 1xirticular attention to speaiflc4nd racial questions (Part 11) (Untersuchungen an Salnonidon mif besonderer TerUokaichti,4uiq~ der Art-und Rassefragen Tell TI) Conseil Pemierient International pour I'Exploration do la Mer, Rapports ot Proces-Verbaux des Re-anions, 122p. "n ;ernmri. Trar-sl. Tranal. Pur., Fgn. Lang. Div., Dept. or s*c. of State of CanadA, for --R!JC biological Station, St. John's fif1d., 1971, as Tranal. Series No. 1~21~, 19p., typescript. Avail. on 1.0an - NTMPS, Wash., D.C. Original Article Checked ...... Contributions to the Study of the Plasma Jet, by D. Popovici. - RU-MIAN., per,Constructia df! Masini, vol. !I-)Y no. 2, 1964, pp. 81-B4. YX 70 - 1 -10 4 4- - 2 01 ."ad-intion (Im-timl Aroand -~Le J. lzmberivr:, 43. rr", by E. Jeffre le deS J~a- Sci Pw?:~. Dec THE PRODUCT 1014 OF CANCER I N TH 17 CELL. THE FORINATIO1,101 OF CANCER AS A RESULT OF TIHE CHANGE IN THE PHOF ORGANIC TISSUES AND SUBSEQUENT DISFUNCTIONOF THE MITOCHONDRIA AND CHROMOSWES., BY -0. DE SZILVAY, 9 PP. ITALIAN., PER, VII CONVEGNO DELLA SALUTE$ FERM~A,_ MARCH 20-21, I-)ol, RMKX PP 201-210. NiH (')-24-62 SC I - MDE OCT 62 213,7_33 61-12699 Gasadjo, M MECHANICAL DATA7RECORDING AS AN AID TO 1. Ouality control QUALITY CONTROL. [1960). 2. Data storage systems-- Order from BISI I I 159 BISI-1864 Applications I .Casadio, M. Trans. of mono. [Paper Presented at] Convegno sul 11. Title: Conference... Controlla Quallta, A.I.t_7_TC5nWr- 111. BISI-1864 Quality don'trol) Mi Ion, 22-23 Oct 59. IV - British Iron and Steel Industry Translation 102 Service (Mathematics- -Computing Devices, TT, Y. 5, no. 7) Agreement BeLween the Governme-,A of the lic-public of Chile and I,-he Goverrment of the United of Pin, c' ~' i ca 13PP _~e 1e. -NDSH rpl-, Conivenio Entre e1 C~obie-no Republica d.c- Chile y e1 Gobie-rrio C;,--- los Unidos de P:nerica pp 1-10, Encl to SantiaL:o's A-108' J. *ACSI I-2-j~"_j ID 22--37`95/ Pol Air TransportatIm MUM &Ftwom tbAk luftoolovskla md Idw RaVALU ftublic of C Of Cuta WrIVIAL Van MY ., T,Vp. SPAMMs*&*=mftt,o OWWSAU do WOMMOrM Aereo --ILL out.M,La Himp-g"Ok" "' " ,U. Mlobmayo .......... sae"p D6 Dws Irz Za. n=& at am" LA - ftba ftm 1110 Problem 0i Friction i;etwew Ijbtallic I-4aterials at High J.emper- ature in Special Atmosphere-s. by X. :,bntevecchi. IIALUM, rpt, Conv* su Mat. I-latallici I jdauti Tejjac~i DOC 1963 ;833 65 244,716 Sone Notes on Biology of the Root Fomes, by 1-1. Orlos, T. Dominik, 13 T)p. POLISH, per, Cooke Sylwan, Vol CIV, IN'o 1, 1960, pp 1-13. *OTS 65-50331 SFCSI Sci Apr 65 Disease-, F,. VO_L IM; 6, -10, lill! 1-28-62 Tlic Problem of iapileptical Pathogericsis oi Lie Paroxysijal Tachycardia in CAdldhood, i)y .1. 1UmJ'Ql*. 9 pp. U,1'jt6)Ap per,, Cor Vasa,, Vol 111,, 19610 pp De,,n oi AN-,avy T'r--4-ZWk:-1S No 1019 21;,-G,437 sci-Biol & ided Sci T-949 Dc-4384). Report on Firrit Item of the Agenda by Delegation of Union of Teacher" of China, 6 pl). FREM., rpt , corav ort ?o a 4" d L'Ordre,du JOkiF j*i Is Delegatiat da Syndicat de .llftsei6~smnt do Cb4n&, pp 1-7. ms 6o25 FE - chim Soc Ilia Nkidbel cLua Ar of the Linze in lyzrel 'Perreir, end in Accidarited Tc~=-Ia, by Luir.:! V--,,,ictta (~E'ee 0 59,IG 1-3). Urcusp,mm" Full tmralution. KrAMIXIT, mxrml., COT ct,--ad-, Le (I ~.E,1*,;'t~,*t-I..ca 'Iff, vp-rL lmrl,-Larati, 52 WMur - Italy INCOMMIAC - Railul~ly MAY C13 C.'s ch 0 ~Cut Embankments, rjupN.,AtIur, wall, Draina, culve" $3, 10; Clanp XIX. Brief lticirO-ma of the P-v~~b- ims Q~ th-4:11vot 0 --tu ton of des F-elmairs zf Wt-,~;ur a , tbe C-ed,. Ein-a A,m:x)..%cLc of by Dijgi Ittgietta. (S-ee. G-Ir-qS-Q galle o! staimioni fabbricate rt frapivati, 'i?. 1D GSUSA 0-59,1-G (121) ,Zur ',Xtn'.Ijr r,r!!~n,aMia - M,MA_-LT. ~ay 5 3 (n S yr, rail 10 xW.cA wW PdAdcA Um an Bra2fflft Ugletamrs, 117 pp~~ G.OVERNhaW USE ONLY u !PORT, qh VMUM BnWOsurv 3D SfW 1964g %- Ii 19640 p 3,- 2 Oct 1964, p 6 Oct 1964, p 3; 6m Oct p a. t%4* ium .TPRS 485 LA-,Utazil ,Ipnl yal7d --- 271t319 i :, Inw Oax Minimiry Shifts Cmunands Idthin tbe CoWwr~ 7 m PORT E99jnp,,CM=2d4ZvWda. 1.5 Sep 1964,p 11. malGw: = LA-DrRZU Mil Jan 65 271,777 59-14633 FUTURE WAR STRATEGY AND ASTRONAUTICS 1. Title: Nautilus WILL BE "FECTED BY THE NAUTILUS' CROSS- 1. Tr~m-'~;2 ING UNDER tHE POLE, tr. by Jane Alexander. 4Sep58, Sp. Trans.' no. 342. Order from OTS or SLA V. 10 59-14633 Trans. from Corriere d'Informnione (Italy) 1956, 11/12 Aug. p. I and 11 Messaggero [dl Romal(lEaly) 1958, 11 AU& P. I (similar text, headlines only dif- fer). DESCRIPTORS: *Submarines, Nuclear propulsion, Propulsion, OAstronainics. *Warfare, Naval vessels, Naval operations. 5-11-62 (Engiaverlng--Ordnarce, '17, v. 8, no. 2) S- I peech Dle" iverecl lb, JVb ass aclor Rol.,el-to d'-- C~ Cal,,Ipos o~i "election as "Visao's !.'cr, of the Y-ear U- C. PORI 77J~; Mi- E, ~n e r, C o rre i o cl a 1! aj-L, -. a, Jlu 0 JL~, T Emcl 1 t-a Desn Pinanbassy, a~ e i i7o,. Dept of State Sci I c PMUI*l AnNots of Amy 2ralnbM4 by L"Mro Desel., 2092. i MLUSO Wo C4wrlwO KlUts".1 15 Jan 1957o Em' to R-Ao.vp CAINC-1 a 33) 2ObO.;5 WNW - Italy -37 /., -T mmtmm Avr 7Ljjj Cft/am With the Itallac Sbips at the M&lf lex Fort, by Guido 14inchUli, UNMASSIFIED IMALaAs. per, Czrriere Hilitare, 15 Jun 195b, PP 51 6-1 Wavy Tr 1830/ONI 304 WK - Italy Nil 7 Sep 58 A,. Oader 0WOMUS of an , mW balsa& -uw AVIAtivio Jkcbm3de AtM~3M& W4UV PI&W9p TAY MID" relleldol; 816 AntloWboulio br I I. lkp" 15 pp. rfALVJp part Carism Milital"j, 1 Jal 1"0, vp 6# 7s lot Uo AC91v 1.9233 Nil ift 59 .B.C. Deazmp by Antooft NUVId., el PP- MM /~ (x v /,, ~_10 cwl/ mogtom 4 jWmabo, 1960 - MU.TMI . 3pr., Owrjmo 46 9 215~ 2T. %m ja Da 34p" ID 226110 Wbite Nigbt at Falzarego Pass, ITALL~N, per, Cc~rrieve Militare, N-- 3, 15 Feb 1963, P 7. ACSI !-2]qC)-.-'1 "/*TD 22294--~q J- 7,igth MI En WEEur - Italy Mil 15 may 63 An Interesting Novelty for the Well-Being of the Soldier zV ,.e2..i) .2 17- ITALD-N, peT, Corriere Militare, No 3, 15 Feb 190'3~ P 8- ACSI I-2390-B D 222943--- 519th MI En VFE-ar - Italy Mil 15 may 63 TT-64-14578 Ravicini, S. CONTRIBUTION TO 'ME STUDY OF THE TOXIC 11. Ravicini. S. AND BACTERICIDAL ACTION OF TOBACCO. [Oct 601 29p 13refs Av"lihalli.-- ."-. ic-an TT-64-14578 Trans. of Corriere-Sant-va.liputaly) 1903, v. 14, p. 78-80. Another trans. is available from K-H $15. 00 as K-H-10324-b. Oct 60, 12p. (Biological Sciencen-Toxicology, TT, v. it, no, 11) Italian Conservative Daily Calls Longo 'Stalinist'. by Domenico Bartoli, 5 pp. ITALIMI,np, ~-arrip_rcDolla-.Sura, 9 Oct 64, p-,) 1, 2. JPYIIS 27143 "EUT ,~ . -It'aly Pol Jan 6.3 271,221 (EC-3801116). Ninth Congress of the Italian Communist Party, by Antonio d'A-tbrosio, 18 pp. 13 .;L4 t Vol 1, No 1, ITALLM, per, Cai~j ~sn!j!~42 a 1960, pp 11-19. jpRs 3934 Wlur - Italy Pol sep 60 (DC-3801/16). Relations Between the Italian ComunisIC, Party and Italian Socialist Party. and Bet-men the CPSU and CCP; by Antonio d'Ambrosio,, 15 P.'?- - ITALIM-1., per, Corrisina!!!!!~~a,,,,Soa,:Lalista, Vol 1, ,io 5, ig6o, pp"Ti--V. JPRS 39554 WEur - Italy Pol Sep 60 (Dr'-3&.)V20) Reviotmigim and the Class Problem in the CcwmuWL&',; Countrias., by Frwwoin Fojto,, 19 pp. MUM,$ part Corrifivoudenza SocIalizte., Ito 6/7., - ----------- AugjjI*p 1960.9 pp 2-12. JM- 6553 nor - ItMiT Jan 61 (DC-3,901/20f) Revisionist Khrusbabew, bV Boris Savarint 7 Pp. ITALIMp perj CcwrLqpqW*wm Socialista, No 6/7, Aug/S&P 1960,0 tio-15--mv 7; 0 MRS 6553 WE= - Italy FOX zal, 61 / - Z7"1/ 7 6 f-D-3801/20i SWO-Boviat Policy, by Pier"? Herva.. 4 Pp. MLIAN# per, CorTimpondamm Socialista, .No 6/7j. Avg/Sep 1960.. pp-47:49.' JM 6553 WEur - IUIY pol Jan 6 1 (DC-3601/22'1 State ftqUALllsmf by Plarre Hervej 9 pp. rMW, perp CorrispoWenza Socialiata., No 91 Nov 196ir, pp 20-~25~ -im 8018 WE= - ItAL4 /yi~ fp- 3 Pol ~j may 61 (DC-3801/22) A Stop Backwardso by Repr Nagumar,, I=Al# verp Corrimpooftuss Soclaiieta?' so 9" Nov 3.960, pp 25-28. ipm 803,8 wItur Pol Jhy 61. (DC-3801/22.) The Y4fth of Russian "Bocialtsm"s by Gauton 5 pp. ITAMAK., per., Corrispoo4enza Swislista, Wo 9, Nov 1960t OP 28-30. JPAS 8Cr.,LB Um Iva may 61 (DC-3801/23) Retrogresvion of CommutLat Party in SoUthern ItalY, OY Micbele NOTUllis 7 RP. MMZU, perp Corri ,ApmAean BooisligU., No 10, Dee ig6o,, IV 3146. JM (063 WBur- Italy 1-3 POI may 63. ...,daUaa Writer Dii;cusses th!~ Recrudeq~,eDne of Agexecsivemess, by Bruno Germani, 14 --p. T-IIIA1,4ZAN, per, Corriap9ndcp;~4 No It, 15611 Pp 5-11~ JTRS e276 VqE:tLf V ss r~ 7 Pol. ,luti 61 (LX--3~-01/26D) % PC! Central COMittee SPlit IntO 'IN'O Fact'Ons by Ouc.U'o 7 PP* G. ll~ -dzr,- L vo '-Ox,ri: 1.963-) pp 76-79~ jplr AUG (A. 126 Z Fox~y Yearri of the PCI; It& Origin Laid Orgnnizaa- ticra; by Aj:iton�o DfAmbrocioj, 16 pp. IMU-M!, pmr) Corrisp=dcnza Sociallstp, Vol 1Y, No ipBs 8603 WE'Lm - It[3:ky Pol C2 Aug GL Italian Socialiat Points Out Cmtradictiona in 14-nifesto of the 81A by Bezilio Cieldec, pp - ZTALMM, per; Corrispondenut Socialiste Vol 11 --W No 2., jpm 86t-7 WEur -- Its4 Y Pol Aug 61 (DC-3LOI/2610' Chimp. ',a Poaltioa in the EEwtern Bloc -- An Italimi a0cialist Iriew, by Bruno Gexmm4"'j 3-1 pp ist"'i ITALIA-11.~ nza Social Vol 11. iio 2" l!)J!", yp JM W~7 FI; - Clirul (DC-3NOI.126R) PSI Autonamista Accuse Left Wing of ExcesGive Pm-Ca=unism., by Antonio D*Ambro-,Ic>,14 p- IMIAR., IW per CorrI2pmjenz,-- So-cial-Ista, .pp 3-39-11~5'-- Vol lip roo 3., 1591-, JFM 86D3 wtur - Ita3ly POI /~C Aug 61 ~ ilk'. .11 ..~ ~, ~ - i - - , - Italian Socialist View of Moacov Dee' nrction vzd Newly Independent Hationa) by Claude Hurmli. 7 pp. =WIAN4 per) Corrlskmdenza oocialista; VOL il,mo P~pl "TM WRUr - Italy Aug 61 Cqh,rioponden-,L). Sociallsta Criticizes 'Ibc;lial.-It-I on socialjr;-m and Der=racy; by AM Autoniu D'Pmbroc,io) 14 pp. ITAMPII.. por., Col-rispondenza SociUista~ 14-o 196.1, pp 200-0~b- JPW-l itals 71,-5-cyl POI Oct 6,1 (DC-3801) The Macaw-Tiram Conflict., 4 pp. TMLW,, parp Corr cia.Usta, Vol Il~ No 11,# 32- JM 12492 wNur-luly POI Feb 62 184j,58P- (M-3801) The Two FtLces of Italian Camlmismp by Italo De Feop 32 pp* IMIAN,, per# C 1520wistai, Vol.II., No 11-129 0 58,331-585 0- MS 12492 Wzur-Ita4 1g(0, q6,6 Pol Feb 62 184#579 (I)C-_IWI) The Heads of the PCI from Drem To Farace., 10 pp - TEAI.TANj. per,. Cnrrignnnlk-~Socialista., Vol I]:,, No 11-12, 1~6-is PP ATO 12492 Wgur-Italy Pol Fieb 62 164,,580 (DC-31301) The New CPSU Progmm: Tyramical Regim and east Privilelps.. by Antmlo D'Aaftrosio.. 23 PP- ZMLIO,. perp c awl'Llistas. Vol IIV IWO 11-12p .9 589-5945 a- MRS .12492 waw-Italy /,F 7~, too 7 Pol-Feb 62 The QXdclt and the Mad, by Mcbel Gorae-y., 21 -op. Imlaimp 13er, corrIsponapnza 1,3ociaUtsta, Vol LUp no 34 1c)(e. JM 32~5-55 WOMT - M-v POI ~/;7 N= 62 IYVI 22d CrSU Caagress and the W-eatern C=- mzftf~ztz.. by Pierre rAvMap 5 ppo xlluaw per., Go sta- p.4mpggganza ITW, Illp No 3... 1962,1 pp 9- JFM 29M IIA3.7 I'Ifql 141AIK Mar 62 230 J-b3r.Wf-JAejdV& Crjajo, by BnMo 22 pp. . 7 IMM.* Inrp gg!nIgpondenza soclaaastEL. Vol 13:1;, M Is 2062s Pp -M. JPPB U,95r- 10 WE= - ltaly POIL mar 6e 'Rae Dictz i J-o-~a" Involut-lon 21 pp. I'C;-'.L IA "IT I ispondeil~,a So:!.* a' 1962, pp 23-2-3. JPIRS/DC -6) 66,:~ Idi aib a Pol Comm-Illism ,272 Nar 62 W- Tho Rev Pamx1ar Frmt of the Sixties, by Ijeoae Mrac-4 Fede3l., 28 pp4 Ma,'..'.A.H., per# 0=1spondenze We 1,aXUtao 140 3.9 1962., pp 125-=.-- im i36oe W.gar - Italy /,:/;,v -?- ~~? pa 14 q (-e i Policy Twists of the Trieste Cczm=dzt.-,; by oloxgio oeasm), 10 pp. p perj corrispmdenva Smdaliata., No 3.9 ig6e,, pp 155 TAtur -a Trleste mw 6e The Truth About the Peng Teh-hial Caeev by Bz,Lmo Uermmi,, 20 pp& ITAWM., per"._ za SaclaLUta,, 4al ill, n 4 V o # 19621 Irg ,P JPM 14035 Asia - Ch-lim POI ivn 62 (DC-3801 ) CASTRO AND THE CUBAN STALINISTS - AN ITALIAN ANTICOMMUNIST ViEW,, BY LEONE IPJ%CI FEDELI, 24 pp. XX ITALIAN, PER, CORRLSEQN)EN7A 50CIALISTA, NO 71 1962, PP 316Z3-82. JPRS 14912 LA - CUBA POL. WEUR - ITALY ON THE THESES OF THE ITALIAN CP3 BY ANTONIO DIAMBROSIO, 22 PP. ITALIAN, PER, C0RR15PONQENZA--$-OctkL-15TAj VOL III, NO 8/9, 1962, PP 418-423. JPRS 16020 WEUR- ITALY POL i NOV 62 EWTY PROPAGANDA AT HELSINKI FESTIVAL., 13 PP. ITALIANj PERt CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTAy VOL 111, NO 8/9, i962'j JPRS 16020 WEUR FINLAND POL Nov 62 210")617 SOVIET - YUGOSLAV RELATIONS -- ITALIk" SOCIALIST AiNALYSIS, BY BASILIO "--IALDEA, 13 PP. ITALIAN, PER, CORR I SPONDENZA SOCIALISTA, .';0 10, OCT 150-2. JPRS 16510 WEUR - ITALY POL USSR POL DEC 62 21 12 LATIN AMERICAN POLICY OF THE KREMLIN, BY JACINTO ALMEIDA, 16 pp. ITALIAN, PER, WERISPONDEN-ZA SOCIAUSTA, NO iol 1962p PP 537-541. JPRS 1635D LA - LATIN AMERICA POL DEC 62 217,11~ UNUPECTED TOPICS RAISED AT 10TH PCI CONGRESS., BY ANTONIO DIAMBROSIO: 11 PP. ITALIANj PER., CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA, NO 11, NOV 1,:-462 PP ~65-567-.--- PRS 16 W - I NTERNAT I ONL POL., JAN 03 21 672 THE RIGHTO CENTER, AND LEFT FAC71ONS OF THE ITALIAN CMiUNIST YOUTH FEDERATIONAY GUELFO ZACCHARIAO 21 PP. ITALIAN -IALISTA, VOL III, 0 PERO CORRISPONDENZA SOC NO 11., NOV 19QO JPRS 171514 WEUR - ITALY OPOL - JAN 63 219,423 ~ TOE THESIS OF THE PRO-CHINESE AT PAOUA., 44 PP. ITALINA, PER., CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA, No 11, NOV 1962, PP 573-584. 1 JPRS 16530 WEUR - ITALY POL JAN 63 21DY673 THE LIBERAL C%iMUNISTS OF EAST GERMV,, 15 PP. ITALIAN, PER~ CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTAj N,ov 1962, PP'585-5M- JPRS 168c,8 EEUR - GER14ANY POL JAN 63 ANTONIO DIAMBROSIO: THE PCI WITHOUT IDEAS, BY ANTONIO DIAMBROSIO.. 20 PP. ITALIAN., PERp CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA, VOL I I I p No 12~p T~6-~~-,pp -6~2ZP. J PRS 17374- WAXAXXKKKRNAIXN)4 WEUR - TTALY POL JAN 63 221,122 THE D 1 -5 by: 1JALiI ~Wp Prik 11110 1" i196' i ;) 1 : Iii I WEUR I TALY POL MAR IAI COMMUNI$T ROLE IN THE SI W-SOVIET " N, ITALI'A''N.SOCIALIST ANALYSIS) 10 AMMS I O)~ 18 pp. CORRI.SMIDENZA --�QGIALISTA) VOL IV, JPRS 18o63 225,o62 TACTICS OFISPUTH AMERICAN COMMUNISM, BY ROBERTP VA$10 10 PP. GOVERIVENT USE 014LY ITALI~Ajl, PER; CCGRRISPONDEZA SOCIALISTA, 44icd 1~96~,~;. PP i,76-18o JPRS KNR GUO: 002 LA -ATALY POL, MAY. 63 230,0/17 ------------- tsThl~ I C ROLMADO I.TALIA.N., VOL IV., ACCORDING IN TO THE KREMLIN, BY Gl-lo~ 8 pp. ER, CORR(SPONDENZA SOCIALISTSA,, 4, ROME ITALY, APR 1963, P 237 JPRS 19588 CULTURAL DEBATE) 234, 1 j6 STUDN. ~T, REEiLLLION WITHIN THE FRENCH C.014olUjIlIST PAR-i~. P,Y,HENkl GAZALS, 9 PIP. I TAL (AJ4, Ptk, CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA., MAY lc)6-' pp 2u-, 2 PRS 1 ~-~42 WEUR FRAN~E POL JUL i3k 235,215 i~RUSHC~~H:EV AND IDEOLOGICAL COEXISTENCE., BY ITALO FEO,! :5 PP - 7 gA,LIAN',,~ PER, CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA., No 60 3p P'f' 313-314- JPRS ).o4l8 O�SR L AU.G 63: 237.,667 ~IL --- I'LL -------- . ............... ------------ --I.- - bbbLkidid" TH:E'$,NO-SOVIET DISPUTE, BY BORIS SUVARINo 5 PP. j! ITALIAN ER. CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA., .. P JUN 1963.p PP ~'3~1.- 336-1 JPRS 20347 FE 4! 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