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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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r4botave a. P. Comwar*K" Amay4s of the "Okal OWWA Mo-v of Nmv4nUtbn Wbm Taqumkwt4.V T*U"tAc WOMRtim Ovws qrbvw=ttci Cb=nel. 6 pp Voluntary Activation of Individual mator UrAtm in IN% by- 3. Asp Rok & -6 ShWimip 9 pp, 0 ---P-- 6. ~ RMMUIP Pwo I In 1-0 N. -- -- -- - - LMINIMEXOda T~-n swil -5 3) Smow~ 2"30 im Hw 73 SOUSA* WUltato F&Vm" COMWZdMUXbB Mbdator Thurs IOMY TolepNino 0 1 jpp Qmw,6 M"nalp I Am Vie p 310 1 jwFTW6 ,Fulturat Discusses Problem of !TQrcwianYa in Polish Schoclm, by 5 pp. POU2.1f, np, ft.1tv-raj, Warama., 22 Apr 73., PP 7. Oftft-~ AIMOIZO JPRS 5qO88 7 , Is 1 ,r 71 t 71 7 77 1 M I t I "ho 'A "uw i i Id! R4 by R. V. a u dbles, Anstallit.,T,on arvull ipmrvloe 0) rob p pp 4 b Trans -54-voof Rollot, P. Agglomeration chain No. III REVUE DE METALLURGIE, v. 68, p. 693-699, 1971 TC- I 269Y-- Rolnik,, Amom Wounded Veteran of six-Day War Felps Wounded Today& 6 ppo BkMMN",, '0 Tel Aviv, 16 Jan 74, pp 12-U, JPRS 6M7 Apr 74 *I #it.-Ayi 'Plitt drimanic co up re!; - f sit. ST 1, UNI-opp,per lonc-113.11-1. t ~pp O~37 '-6409 s"DrLas 11, V. 275. 47. ID-0 FdMW4 V. 34. Anamps" of im'soll I wltabln Mw mpcmmd almmUtr " ft a banftlk aWm. 116 3.7# P. 22-k-3DP MITI we 7540591w2m =IF 73 Group Confors on Induotrial licononaics, by 6 p-o. IFJ-NGARI,IkN,v PlDro Hr Tudumany., Budapest-, N-'- 3., Mtkr '73,, Ppqw-lip., JPRS 59007 m7 73 RO)WENKO, lo flawopux S'ELISMOD Ja "'. AnTvjh// .o./n/1974,v.,sCMI, pp 0042.,0031D Adw=tarm of IDtmAfl*d TA'VmtOcllr RdMIUS StM"Sod 12 pp im 63850 MAP Kftw PIO N* oft of a Ivamoverm IBM PI(mcm Dat TroaudIm, MA gw of a TwApila* aft Mr Am In = O-Ymwtrae Idido a PUMOU VIKU f, 29 - W .. - IRL ~ 7.910 Rb. 2a 2970 T. N. Tbe PoWbIle A"lleatioam of fttezv Rroportles I* SelIntoulmo2egisal 1wrballatlamm ~l I irapp IV-23wMw73 rp ta ftoa pp PAMWM--koe To.? ve ImeWtiEmAing Genwation of Hal.mlocintion palseLI in 8 pp = , C-MUT UM-Ls MOSCOW9 iov:u.t, IN WIM 0 jpw 61353 * ROM&YENZOo V. N. IIIZVESYHA MADEMITA NAUK SSSR* INOROMICHIE'SKU, AMMRrALYII -1-11973, YOOOOpNO002,. Diatribution wofficiento =d solubility cz"3a of of aorw rdaw-earth elownto in Ga4ty pp 9=wGfi2UAkk,-, L. 1. ammilak), L. M. Romaniv, A. N. Small-cycle fatigue of 13t, chromium steel irIZTaseous hydrogen. FI KO-KIIINIINESKAYA 102-104, IIB- 33150 IMEKIIAMIKA MATr.,ZIALOV, 1972 may 73 DONAVO A. a. SlawUm of Imr-sple ftbAgo bwftvom atumaybwe ad umaw Va. 8j, -J~ W. I :W~P7 t ]a of atoeU " j vwmm. 3.1.9721p 4b, p mw 73 ROMANIVI A .* RU FRACTURE MICROAPPEARANCE AND FRACTURE TOUGHINE SS OF TEMPERED STEELS FIZIKO-KHIMICHkSKAYA MEKHANIKA MATERIALOV, I/ 173p 3-8. fSTC-HT-23-0713-74 "kips as .0 111 lalwadv and sib: 16 Romanov., A . M0149vian OffiCIR19 Dlocuss Industrial Parobologyp 6 ppo lzv.BsE,m4, MOSCOW2 5 Ain 7.1,., p 5o fis 59.51p Aug, 7.3 A. N. Romanov PrincipZeB of (=tomating oontrol oyst-cims. 351 pp. AV.TOMATXZATSZX SISTMU UPRAVLENIYA 1971, pp 1-248 AMM-Mr-23-1341-79 21L apr 73 Rmlanov 9 Go Stagsa of Rconoidc Growth* 20 pp , ?jovccw, I~o 1,, Jan 19741, pp 76-92v OR* imu I Rmamvt, Go v0 ftmuov Addnome LadaMd ftrtw Confaragica, 230 pp &J"RAMS ImdjW-,2d,, 23 Vlar R,9741, pp 1-30 JFW 62VA Fma ad* Raub -*ADD of adhool to UMAMIDVO V, '911~ on Ammon Infino mmmal vp 24-Aug-73 Uncl (ORNL-tr--2692) Specif.c characteristics of crack propagation during cyclic loading in liquid media. ROMANOV, O.N.; PETRINA, YU.D.; ZIMA., YU.V. Tranz,:ated froT Fiz.-Khlm. Mekh. Mater.; 8: No. 4. 35-38(*,.~172). 7p. Dep. Nr:S S3.03. 13 engineering; 11F metallurgy; tran.ations MN-25 P NSA 0 foristics of Croich Vivalpoig ut R citi Du rin IMAW Vol p'! NO '410 JR7;10 pp 35-38 AWORKL tv-2692-72 July 1:973 Swiltir LTr jjj"-~- V j*-'so V* ]iillcplllllklw ... Ve A& A Oteft of WO PrObIM of SOW C=aMEmatiOm tAMOrstwO Is asp" bon" udmmt onige SCIM =,D Himo vckl 22m kAB 1570s~ so 729IN-7-15 Am 3505 , ':'~l ~~ ! : I :~f ' : I I , c ~ i *' ;: i(~ 11 ': I I:. , ~A ~ , , i;~il ~' . I I I I . tillit wene *;pAticts 011114:03h, 'ImAj, gut FICIMANOV - v - I - / /SUDOSTROYENTY E/ / --/---/1973, 140012 r1exible couplings PP 19-21~ NAV/NISC/ONI/HT-30-42--7S#jP RUMANUVv Ve P, RU OPTIMIZATION OF THE GRAPHIC CATA INPUT-OUTPUT SUBSYSTEM IN AN AUTOMATED INFURnA NAUCHNO-TEKHNICH. INFURe SERu 2 1972 NO. 129, PP 34-42 AcAl F ~'fC-HT-23- 18 ?b- 73 Rmnovo Tus Ae Sam POnUaidties of Mv Wind Aold at the Divotor In OftwooUlon With Atmosplmdo IrIvesisure DL9trAbWUMm 8 pp MORM i giMwmio iomoccw$ mo 60 1974, pp 2u4mb im 628& Aocurmey of MeUorological Ob583-V&ti0n',V on Ships AW -the FosedbLUty of lismamt4mrologacal llcasure- ments in the Tropical Part oZ tbe Occan., by 2ov N. A, Rommma,, 7 pp. v~n3o rIDSCOll., BMWs Iml) i QLd FA ,;;.y. No 3,p 1973,p pp 99- im 5"52 Nhw 73 77 A~ kill '04 ;"1)- Ott Inc Rommovas 16 FO crwit coaOrm to EDm%wdc Lewis of -Sazlmu"Sm. 10 VP sma smirm, . M"eswo So 4v 3.974() pp JM 62705 -- - '[WIT PrIC 'jk 1-m-rAD-74KI2 go //LMAMM-M TARMA ZMYCM I MQMCWt=A// -4-AMOM10OW-1, NOW IUVW%ItZtlom of Mcticnc~L PaUllpa FArsagth or mplune G" abaft jaw%aso VP -15!~-1774. Do Trfts. M766 pen, Contirm ovwAb T"nd In iiin-, ir Taiums s, 7 Pm= Wo - p 730 v %* im 5Aft Cmttlo 1: orn, a- Tup t, - .. 1-3 IUA7 X" 71 I I . I! .I I .. 1. Ammum"I"'AI Romantsov, Yu. Vo The United States and Cubai The Start of a ?jew Dialoeue?v 6 pp. USA: ECOWOMICS-9--MLIMICII IDEOLOGY, MOSCOTOIX 40,6, am 733 pp -'AJ-b3. MS 5,9539 Aug 73 L, 1. Rommyuk Low fraquency osoillation in a panning diacharge pZasma under conditione of cyolotron ion cource. 13 pp. UY.R. FIZ. Za. (YJFV) voz 27 1 No 5& 1972, pp 828-824 NATA 27 F 24,649 apr 73 Romnyuk,, L. 1. Rotation of the on component of di.nchezrVe pZaarm. VKRA4MNa FIZIrRESXIY ZHVRYAL A. pp 2004-2020 INASA TT F 14P931 hot-cathode Penn-'-,zg Vo Z 17,, No 12, Dec 1972, t 77 Rmwhov,o A, 17t, D12vo"d exploa-krm -S"Ptenco at 1~~doo. 2s pip. MWDA,. So 8,0 19680 pp 61-67 AMITIM-APT-S&S26-74 T- 7 7 7 o,h 0 ~Semmticml oil tpi, S~T-T.44-5 0067010 ROMENETSt V.v S RU EFFECTIVE MEANS OF UTILIZING SYNTHETIC SLAGS IN 5TEEL MAKING SOVREMEN. PROB. KACHESTVA STAL19SB*0619170(TR UDY MEZHVUL. KONF.)252-258 FSTC-Ht-23-0040-75 Romenskly, As A, C.-i the SubSiaot of Methods and Results of SmiOkvgiwdc InvedAptions, 6 pp c Sag= ~~ Hosecorm NO )",?* 1973,# pp 27-A. im 61459 C*rara Torr*B Talka, Aboat Boliviata Problcm,, ty A*aW Of m"mm 6 pp. ,, _p SPANTSMS, np;o, Dn" santiagoo, Chile" 19 Apr 197:32 p 20" JPAS 59OL6 )by 73 WAWLJ,H. 11OW)WENERGIR11 .I-1l962svo,oo5A,N-# Borm daternt&nation by activatim anaZysiv acwraYng to ithe nuotoar maotim RII(p, n)C-T-l pp 850-880.*NYC 74-22638..07E## ftnm L. Ismooll Ifloutb ft"ttra and 30 jtDRRI[KR.9A ip= EVOIRM Empotbarborpd3, Not urgo lb IN no 5 pps I To Avive 25 RuiT 73%, Y,) l. Ilov 73 lionebay. Alberto 'I& Stamps' Writer IntervimTB Saklmrov Interrc,-,ator MLI,5r&rov. 6 yp IA BAWL, Turin, 5 Doe 1973, u 3- JPRS 60960 RowwT, PIERRE //DEPENSE NATIONALE// --/05/3-974#vrv --- I, X---- p Pp 0073-0084 Policy Differences Within PUI Alimlyllod'9 1)1.') JPRS 63540 Rondot, Pierre 'rbe Politfo&l Philosophy a1,Qadbdhafi, 6 pp RFVTTP ~-.I )~- , PRANGAISE DI I , r-:, Paris, NO Vb, Dec Y3, PP JPRS 61095 of Colonel Mluvamnar POL!9'lr'TTP,-S APRICArT13S Feb 74 101,oldinglathibito)m -ilind their, Con- SANUE"IISL~d I ILL AWH 9-t 1972, V13 lit. S, pp.---Xj6-400 RonnebeTger, D. Experimental investigations of the acoustic reflection coefficient of discontinuous chmiges of cross section in tubes with air flow. ACUSTICA v. 19, P. 222-235. 1961!. N 72-20614 M' 99-20A moo ""W"Ammmot Vast PAqim q, Germn (Urmm ForsdWp MbListow Dimwoms lftdiDo Uty ccmfczancet 7 pp Mki Umo 8 rob 1974s yp Ile :L3,, ~?v ),D,, ~9. WE 493" Acque " JAVI" Pa~~ aindat skd for F&U"aa Devalolmirt Cited. 6 pp gmuo afflams 5 F* 1974's p s:. ivas-RO3 TT7 177i 7~ 1;"- 1, ~v VA 1'4611,1" loft. 3m &n. D341:1, I PIN MrA, oid,22411dim v'Uhlutd, Am 0.91 J#Mo pp) 4ps,.,Irlpqf somaos I jo" Ilauvidw Jftdso and Its F&IRtiou Idth ths Haropam. CDmnou )ItrbmA, 3 pp Amm Maxi" CltYv 3 J47 1140 p 57. JJM 625?0 mliudmpj~ Wolin % I moboaft tip Tomy TIP V. St tu-,Oals in wa4ulhr GI 197-2, *61.24, Ho,12, ROSE. G. //UUNOWN// ---- #V---.,,N ----p IReview Comoforating the tW Plmack Institute Jor Aeronomy, .pp 125-1549 *NTlS-TT-74-5SlOO9~ no L a 6n ~A the t*vmi.64 11""IbImt. Z 11068'j Vol. 59 $10.4" pp.396-399. US losenmeh,o Y. The bobwUr og estavases In tbolum of do rat dwLas - a A -&L-42 - 0 Dis. AM ! i oved Imm -m r.41. 20MCA10 ve WW- 7 70;4" - the vagiml vo MID alld VrIth 1971. p. 13-21 Rosenberg, Klaus-juargon ms morldian-Type semul-ContainDr, LtmCber Froigbter Deacribod, 9 pp. SnVIRTSCH,AFTI, Bast Berling Aug 73.. Pre 5