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December 31, 1983
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.e 7at-p-.-L- of' Foresl,. Soila. Chapter 7. _jjjj-~rON7 Chemir-try Leaehin&,Chapter 8. Stuwey oi' Factor : -n 'F brest Soils by T. Troedsson, KOrZl SkogahoGskolans Skrifter, Vu'~ 1955, pp 167-720; 173-187. CSIMO '~443 Sci A-?-r 59 M=131 btrdpi:ia and Leached Sand ao Formed by Oppovit,- by W. Baijerinck, 8 pp. DU*Vlllj -par. Kbainkl Akad Wet=st~~j? Amatarda" Vol )MV1 I [ITO 20 PP 93-! SUL Tr57-1244 Sci - Geopbysics Feb 56 Notit in q0umation Vith the Ilroposed Well Boring in ihe viclulty of Amterdsm, by J. 2 Drabbe,. W. t6aon4vten., 29 vp. DUMB pOir PP �-92,t;Ib89- MA Tr 2447 Set - Engin"ring Sep 57 Of 1! atrom by Alpha-AWUCIfti, by 11, ~40nv Jim A. lommom) A ppe Lumil per, i9oni nkl. Red Akad. Idetomah. Prw. Vol 19:10-- pp 972-SR*. ABC M Tr-~4 )5-29. 327P842 Scd - Thael"r SoUnae Jun 6i If Ahe. IIhtesdnol COUL of co6*i Analysis. Parts 1 19 lar= Aku mle Van , I)p 52 4-539. NIH 1-2-64 251.232 i"Onillkl 1.L~dUrl 1 - r-, v cl Gli d LL El Lrennan ',)'ith 1%'a'L'Uer 1--liDeLler, COITIlkittec for [date not inrlliz~~tedl I C b S A c W'' ILALM Ott Clots Goodigical Nat and Maps, =Rri 9 pp.l~ n aVi Tamm av -1968, pp -A 269,172 0-9/ -3 '/ 2, can moscow and Peiping Remain Pattners?/. GM-MU1, jituluscript, Konnen Moskau und PeldnE, Partner bleiben? *JPRS 3PECIAL 7!.Ei,,.r - Germany Pol 15 -kj)r Co (NY-644o) JftMmjo Watum of the Tarnorer Tax, by ICIrIl G. Zaaev" ba is pp. Per., --x=mdAbe&q. y1oul Vol VI" 9, 20'.. pp 8~-97- aw 134.toi Bulgaria A-Pr 6e ~L ?5 ~~YNE~: ECbW SEP~63 I TINS AND ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES IN lh. OST~Y, PP. I'Allj~ PER., KONNYLIPARI ERTESITOO NO 21, 963.,~ PP 195'.197. JPRS 2OB8L 34215132 The Crperational Regulations of the ministry of Lidht.Indu~stry and the organizational Structure of the Ministry) 61 pp. HUNGA,-jjAN, per, Konnyuipari Ertesito, No 23, 24, 1 jul 1963, pp .207-230. jPRs 21945 EEU-r - Hungary Econ Nov 63 242,280 RE 1UTIO W THE COLLEGIUM OF THE MINISTRY OF LIGHT INDUVRY11 ~~THE EVALUATION OF 'THE INDUSTRIAL REORGAN- I ~AT` 11 'N PP. KU I A111 ER.. -KAN"-1II?ARj. nZIESLIC~ VOL XVI,, NO 34,,, A- 19' PP 343 6 24 -~345. JPRS 21882 EE-~! GAR~I U E6014~ Ndvi!63 242,215 !L .............................. P.4 in su Fe XF EE Ec. jurr P~tlon on the 14 4 of Calasuffled MaterMs W~xy and IM No 6. 261,065 Dlacu~uaiallrawler-PlAjmfthg bir a Shme P~t, by Albert ~,krloff & A, S. Bergens hekardske Verksteder SMO, Konomisk TralertEK29 IAN'S per- _..tkteEjW For Et 103vi- &~~, pp 2iZ-225. Wpt bf tla*y NOO Contract Tr sciA4vi Apr 68 35L#2.51+ ,M Systems., Pmpe, Ventilators, atd pip, b~, M-11;cgln lbvelka, 30 PP, (M 128A87). mft bk~: kouervmmuske stroje,, pxagw,, 19520 13~ G-20 GSWIA G-3W Mur Oolovakla Cl= Ecoma6ic Industry W.60 Jun An Xweatigation of the PossiVilities of AutAxilaving FLeb Preserved Uudgr Rotation, by, TIO Nielaen. SWWIBH., per, KonxervVAj, Vol XVIrr., No 12, 1960j. vp L33-136-4---'--- 0=0 5433, 111 4140 Ol -21 Apr 62 Thermal M-asurewnts of Continuous Pea Cooling 7~(.;uipwnt., b 1. Kormendy. y ![=ARYAN, ".r, a Konserv es--ftrikalTa rp 17-19. CSIRO 5461; 62~ for Camdag v by Kouservent*cbniisches : .1963, pp 5753151). I D ll~-Ew\ ~~(t~ , 3 "-Q ~ ftt 66 ~ ~Y. 309,817 Conservdtion of Metal Antiquities (Col- lective'Vorks), 248 pp. POT,XSH,',bk, Konserwacla Zabytkow Metal- owyqh (Praca Zbiorowa), 1963 CFST:t_'!T-67 5611*6 --- ----- Sci/Materials May 70 . pes 12,11 Transforr r.--teur Constant Ty 11, 1~' ill, 19, 21, 23, ;'tw ET ?2, Doseur Magne-tique D'Oxcycene "Marignos I" GURD,Llffl, to FRENCH, mono, Konstant-Transsforr,'iatcr Typrin W 11, 13, 14, 15, 21) 23 2Y, an,21 111BtTi-:tischer Sauerstoffmesser Mar7nos I Fr-,~nkC,,irt a. n. CEA-t-.r-A552 Apr 60 Vol III, No 2 Const-itut'l.= cmd IUGk Taking ReadinczG) by 'rh. C.. Ealm, 45 PP. GM!M.p Vismals,, K=t:Ltutioa und cobuf tj .7.960., 5f rm.,Pj!.62-94 VeMax - Gar polip ma 2.3 *T 61? Energy Distribution in Three Rotor Blades of Different Width, by U. Dom. EUROPEAN, per, KSB Technische Berichte, No 6, 1963, pp 12-21. NTC-71-15554-20K Feb 72 bVeciml Steals ard Alloys f or 94;h Temperatures,, Zjlloba,, LudulS. UNCL pnr~ XOnev-,uktion,, Vol 1, go 1., lc~19, -pp BrI vj-'ah Iron and S-~oal IzJ- r 40 number given) Bev MiNktion Of the AvenW Life of TWIMU&I by W. ftaft, 17 Ggt~W# por, KomtruWon,, 15%. Vol JU,, No 2,, pp wA 6o.ioz3g SOL Api 60 -3 V03, I/ , TIl i No 3 Pro. , Ilf.tc, "t.; cp, Enciuv-D, He L D ~. "? ~ !,' !:,- rzi Vol 7:11, Konsatxukt Tx arm Labo the ROWAS Nol"o of iarjzpp tv 0. L4bmms 43 P. 1*100j. 15632 Val v# NO 28 IPP 3,8 83-90- SIA 60--Ue38 SO: A* 60 Vol III No f 7a Amdamental Concepts Underl4ing the Technology of M*%-Cahstruction and -their Application, by B 4' bahk,6, GNMJ per,, Konstruktion, Val V1, 1954, pp 81-96., IT~W -T1957 Aug .99 17 / C~ Survice Strength,, a Basis for tlh-- Denign of Components Exposed to Randomly Alternating Lcdadupl bW R. Getannere OPRwal'o Konstruk-tion Vol VIP TIO 3., 195h 1#1 iff pp 97., 0 R.A*E. Farusborou& 575 Sci - EAgineering ;z'r 4 7-0 Ide-r 5!r CM/dex Cantitruction of Linked Multiple-Unit Trains of Light:Netal, by J. Augenstein. GM". per., Konstruktion,, Vol VI, 1954, pp 105-108. INSDOO-Ti.956 Sai Aug.58 7z, Ileilliellckt. Motor Nowt1wpa tT R. Stoltes, 10 Pp. i ORRM., "rs Smtrumm, Val VII 19540 No 4p sel - sagingerm* may 19~6 61-20759 Lein, MECHANICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF OIL SEALS FOR I. Lein, J. ROTA711-41b SHAmrs. [14611[161p. Order froin SLA -~1.60 61-20759 Trans.'okonStTtiktion (Germany) 1954. v. 6, no. 10, p~ DESCRIPTORS: Snafts, Rotating structures, *Oil --eals. Friction, Seals. (Materials-Scalitnts. TT, v. 7, no. 3) I I In"stiewtion of the Influemp of ftlation an the Preifto Timsion and stmvtlag lownt of Sarew joirl-1.1 by Unerm"s so C. noln. OMAN, part Konstruktions No 2j, 1955. WU 2h2O Sol aw Her Ae Illut 229 62-187'~5 'ME GAS AS REPLECTED IN LATES-l' 1. '111onlas. 11. -J. 'LIBLICATIONS: API?Ll('A'ni)NS OF TI-1E GAS TUR- 11. Title: Appliuadorlzi... 11VE [nde Ckint-urbin6 iT-.i Spiegel ncurer Vorbffcnr- lichungen: A~wcndurr~Cn jer Casturbinel. [19621 [Z7]p. (figs. mfS. DniitEed)-i8 refs. Order from 51-A $2.60 62-13785 Tran-i. of Konsrrukal2a-Lcerniany) 1955, 41 p. 1-57-163. C16SCRIMDRS: 'Gan rurblm!s, Reporls, Design, In- dustrial pLarts, supplies, *Ntarlne! *Locomotfv6s, *Patiiienger vehicles, Prul)uls-fon. 'Nr- binaparti', Fuels (Machinery-r-riginei,, TT, v. t0, no. 1) Office of 7tcbarsd Stmicts q Derigo of ~Ptzming Digest by R. Hausenbl"s 12 pp. i amiAlis paw, KarAtruktion. voi vrn, 1956, pp 18-22. 1 - - ABC IGRL-TIICA-92 Sci - Pbymt Engr Jun 59 Y40" 7~0 0 ThrLmt 11--arlngs) by 0. Gersdorfer) 21 pp. GERK4Bs per,, Konstruktim, Vol VIII, 19 1 pp 87 -94, AW XG-lafcier-60 sel //0/ ~ 2 0 ;~ sep 61 1/ Ille, Desian of 2brust Bearinp With Z* Hydrodyaamic Lubr~tdcftjp by H. UMBcbwl 30 PP. G=4AIffjl pqr;, Kovatruktloao Vol vinj No 3., 1956, pp 94-104V AM IG-MW!-Ser-61 sci - ftvL, 9 I*w ta E,Xperj~Lielltcl V,,.Iucs, Gui6in~; Principles "ffici!~,ncy Sc~.Js for the Vibrc,tions 11-Lehinery, by K.. Fe,,~,crn. MUUAN, per Konstru::tion V~.l 1(-; liL GBj(12'1 i-al (:)7 3) J35, 013 Stresses in:Slirinkfits, by Peiter. GERMAN, per, Konstruction, Vol X,.- 71c) 10, 1S~58, pp 411-416. - .--- *BTC 125 Sci - ---',ngr Dec 60 PropeLlar, Adhesivesp by Mans Cristof KLein, 17 PP. Gll~,A",, p~,r, Nonstruktion, Vol VI,, pp 201-23-2. Vol! v3:1,!, 259-264., 1959. i 5 '/BU MIPS Tr ND lC04 *Dept! Of ZY UNCLAWEr=,p TM DOMUM MY BE FUn= DIM ',kim - )I Y , MLDER ONLY WnH SM33rM PRIM APPROMAL B OF TM Cq"N=,p NAVAL uYSTEM Commm.$ WASAINGM6k, D. C. 20_-J60 Fel" inn, H.iD. 62-10447 DESIGN '!PRINCIPLES FOR COLD PRESSED STEf-.L 1. Feldmann. H. D, COMFQ~CM. )uly 59 (181p. 10 refe. Orderfr'i SLA$1-60 62-1 C447 Pm Trans. (if Konou,uktion (Germany) 1959. v. 11, no. 3, P. 82-89. DESCRIftORS: ~-Steel, Mechanical properties, Nlanu- facru 7ingmethols, Machining. Cuttingtools. Meral fIrming1pres8en Baoed cii the pr+sr-nt povitJon of the cold pressing rech - nique'a attempi: is made to lay down general guicdng princlplLa of design for shaped components. By means ot ten pleme! or rules the designer and purchaser of cold preissed ccirnponents will be made acquainted with the rnogx imrx)rtiant principles which meet the paxilcu- lar reqiiremenlz of this method of production, The (Metidlurgy-PerTous Metals, T-r, v. 7, no. 9) (~Ner) off". Goeala for Vol X.L1, iqo - - - --------- - (t, '765n ABC. Tr-4953 qjp~ b Oil PLM'P;. VOI 'I- ABC Tr-497,0 3Fnr plif--*'C;L Calculation of 3t2.-actu-al Zle'-~'Ieli-'C-L; -tibias X ol* 'Bi:Li-,! Degree, 'o-, '..eizike. by;Ecjuat C2 Fa-.T.Alil KO-Isti-w-tion, VC! pp AD. Sc L -Allcl Sci lnuft& AxUa SlIp-Ring Seals f 0a, LjqUcjs,, by. 3- VAyor., 32 W. a GMIJMI PDBII~ FMJ3tr*t6.1 va mr, No 5, 1960, Xp 9o9.;;4 , j --- )210--22 1 Am TrAm sa - j pr i1w / 91" 2 9& - 69 A spaocl. Gil'allse plmlp, no, 1, TIC l7o Sci Sow New I Resultw an& NothMe In Pboftelwticity Using 'Aralftta By b' S. Mmuch. GMMv V*rp KaKmftukWmjp Val XnX., So 8,, 1961,9 Ra Tr No I= ', ~ s-y 63 q 62-20261 Riess, W. and FI,6cher, P. ANALOGY INVESTIGATIONS OF AIR COOLING OF 1. DISK ROTORS FOH GAS TURBINES. 1196211231p. 4 refs. [I. Fischer, P. Order fr:),ri SLA S1 62-20201 Trans. qf_Konstru.~ktlon (jAest Germany) 1962, v. 14, no. 6, P. DESCRIFTORS: GaH' turbines, Turbine parts, *Gas turbine rotors, Ali cooled, Temperature, Distributi an, Determination. *Analog systems. The temper 'ature dt stribution In an air-cooled disk rotor Is detertnt for ai larger number of cases as a function of the ess tial parametero by means of an electrical analogy meihod. Results are generalized such that they can be applied for a calculation of cooling of geomet- rically similar disks Independent of the exact shape of the blade. (Author) (Machinery,- -Engin ;irs, TT, Y. 10, no. 1) office of Techeital serficei inventigation cif an Angle -~Poothied S'Pul: Gc,.,ax:, by E. 1,Sonc:b.4 A. K.. Roy. M-1 CI-,k3SIFIZD 114AN,, per, J;2",UMktjpn im Masch~Af!n-j4-ppa ~ - und Gerpoitebau Vol DL,, 3o 957, p itari 6o Design Priaciples. for Cold Pressed Steel Compunects, by H. D. Felftaun. UJWL GEMS., per, KOUStruktion Lm Xwchinen- Apparate0u. Geratpk~tu,, 10.0 ~~ 1q%,0-"p*p' 82-89. British Irim and Steel Ind 1392 (L4 58.0d.) - Bun/jut /~ c-'7 -:~ Sep 59 Nonstruktioa und Arbeitswise voix Rubenerntem"chinen Do batiallt iom Uisplel der Rutefikoubine 3PG-1. 19567,0 Al Lp,y Qo lijo %moiFAw;*Ajmvv# vo Me Kmv.Lulle .15mlated krom the Russian edit:Lonj, 1950- DoR 631-358 Lending Lib Wit 0. 1 Dwigm and. Technology of High Fressu~m C11my- Xcaha-..--Gc Tutezt by W. %%oumt- WRIAN'..t bl-.p Xonstxuktiou und Teabnologie der -pp MML Pt Relvniz, T-1235 Sol, - KLOC! Jun 6`1 s in Mouidaimus Terrain, A I aphic Method, by P A. t6 the *Oogr n iron Frelluftisanomalen Ebenel'n; Geiawde Noch det Hypoographischen 6de. Alb T Earih Sci & A=on Sd s 't~64 265,197 Id.i!A ioradrj~ ILreaded Joints, by Hans Cristcf .0 1,0 im [Wshiuen-i~qpuratc- s.uie-. uur'Itobau-, Vol XI, !,.,o u, 1059, 1-1) 261-212; :,Io 7,1 p~j 1, 259-264, kk~pt oi NtIVy /Naviships Tr-1004 ~,JAN S '(P &4SAMLI i4 109W .11 L,7r Lie c 66 4AU Nordic !~Cmm~'nity, 6 pp. UNCLAMCMD IIORWWWP to per Koutak Sep 19154 Bncl ti) sts~e 1--so 170t"4 Oct 1;40 0810, Department of State Robw Ecoumic 1 labcw, tMdes COMMICaj, Poiltl6al Mi torelp Paley, p,-,r*rA)l 4~- CTA ti-*~i313' s ~t' !lid rn?) j 195 3 P I'T Mflitaa Requests for Pands for 1957-58 Fiscal by N&Jcw S. 0713A)v 7 pp. ..=O~ IS~r.1gookUup Doc 1956p EMI to R-7-57, QRMp Swam- ID 20YA96 Ile, W-Bjen Spy Av- 19592 pp Dec by BUD Ober nd J.c Air Co=a 1.1c nzi I-avy /C.TI-L on t1 power of Phoicqgaphic Fzulsioi~B 4. ,~eAsolVLM.. by esert lb PP- GIDIAN., perp KoatecbnIkl voi :Kmp 1935s, pp 30-172, S.L.A. 2000 sai - ptwuics Lt s 8 Juom 57 - . i i S-101-1// Chap J: Co4atilluous EX Culil'iwinLl~ of Pat_ho_-.c.ii,_- Bact,eria; Chapt-er 6: Suspensio-a aa~, Flow Malek. -, _+ of kninal Cells, by Ivar CUICH; -Ic, Kontinuahii lCultivac:E: PP Sc:L 8. 14 3~_.i Oc. (DC -4021) More E"ective Elimination of Shortcomings in th6- Preparation of Inveatmot Construction, by V. iJancar, C. Novotny, L. Pribyl, 10 pp. FOR OMCIAL USE ONLY per: Kontrola$ CUM No 3: 1960, P.P 13-20- JPRS 3757 F&ur Czechoslovakia Econ Aug 6o COPYRICRiT Kontro~le OLas Tochnologischen h.-ozesses in Getrelpemut4ien (Methoden und Germtechaften 1955m, tWft-Eisch, A. R. Demidoir. Tramilitted ifrom the Russian edition, 1953- DBIR 664-7 621 -Lei27 Lending Ub Unit G. u361 Pas~jvei.Air Difense Conventional Bolabs, by Ifritz 14eiiihardt. 4 GOVERNK, T USE ONLY GERIAANX~bk, Konventionelf Abwurfmittel, 251 pp.~ ARM~FSTC/HT-23-1092-68 Hur Mil, June 69 38S,228 SO nit'in the Prom, nt of Agricultural oble eme i~by:t6ris!hgade! 6pp. cu u ~M, ~ i Z=a"t 0 PB SALIFt, er, 11 9T i-;no Zemedelie, No 5, 0 4 ;~Ipp 5 - B. 25892 E Btilgaria E n A4~ 64 265,701 11 Jj~ mortft,mation Deductions in T-KZS, by Di:n!!-,-iy Kirov, pp. 5LF-GARIMI, per, Koaperativno Zemedel-Je, No 1, 7-10. JPR2 5S45 Bulgaria -zon - Agricuilture -it 60 17" e Resistant Yields of Corn, by D 7 VP- ZMAARM, per, Kooperativao Zemdelle., Vol XV, no 30 1 Oofla# pp 13-15. im 5851 Nor 6o tude, 'Powai,ci jie-ninera---~ (i T TO (NY-6430) Correct Planning and More Ittfective Use OT CNAt-al Xuvestmeut; by Slavi Ganev, 14. pp. BULaAFaMj, per,, Kooperat :L-Zmedr.I:Le vcA ixj reb 1962, pp 6, u. jpRs 134 25 =ur - *Llsarla i ROOU Apr !W, 62 Iq (MY-6430) Wew Strains of Brewers ' Barley, by Yaliko Eachevi 5 PP- BVIOARTAN, per, Koc"ratlvno Vemedelie Vol XYr-.Cl;, No 1, 19W,-M-727;;29. JPRS 13425 nur - bag%rla E000 Apt 62 "OntAtic Iitesewch in Rmnwdm AcEr4catUrej, by ft~ )*dnq 9 HMO^ p:rq jQ2cmmUvM _fAmidelle.. No 7 0 1962*~ a) 30,P 31. mm im z&tw - Rm"Is V rA= 0. , Z., 9 V- 21 0 at 611~ TH KEY THE~~SoLuim OF THE, CEREAL PROBLEM., BY Xt I L IiARKOV''j, 7PP; :BU 6RIAN PER IVNO z E I PP, PRS 18222 E,iL~ BP-IGARIA I~Av T DOR0 bu L6AR I 'A PO,,:~ 12.~ ULUM '6 : E C k Llu'C D: RELATED GONSTRUCTION BY IVAN WNYA~ .9 PP. PER, KOOPERATIVNO MIEDELIE, NO 4, il A JPRS 19873 235, 11 a as the Bases for c t! o In Agriculumal m Pk evii SL Knistamy. 11 pp. advno Zemedelie, No 4, 1964P 13-11. 1 4716 jEC6 I un, 161,307 ----------------- ------------ ~Eb IPRd' CTION, BY.DIMITUR SPASOV, 9 PP. BUL", G, R I kk t(06PEFiAT I VNb ZEMEDELIE; NO 19 0 PP! JPPs lc19l4 43 GAR EE-1 Eti JU 235,407 - --------- xax~ K t' T~ 0 ~:BULWIA A, t F N TRANSPLANTING MACHINE, BY AT ~i i I op Bul RIAI PER., KOOPERATIVN0 ZDIEDELlEx NO 5$ 1963, pp ~t 23!~- JPRS 19914 A~fl :EE~B LGAMA JULI;i .......... - ---------------- im In Specialization and Concentration iCulturftl Production in Bulgaria., by pp per., K92rratiwo Zw. HO 0 1964, IPP 1-3 - A~r 65, 2'( 5 G 9 CoOdindtion of Motor Transports~ by Stcfen Hejt, Rys' ard Llizevbkis, 6 pp7 (- I- POLIBIlp por., X02RWaCJ8 txwimportu simocbodovego No i1., flov 1956, pp 347, 34b., AWp 1, G-8298 HEur - Poland '4/4 Fkon CTS/~Dex Mar 57 E,01-6AA I All~ EE-l GAR I ECOM OCT ,I~ SHIP REGISTRYj BY NEW KHALACHEV~ 5 PP. ElRjp~ KORABOSTROENE) VOL 11, MAY 1~63., PP 1,, -7 JPRS 2120 045,'75 TASP S OF If SHIPBUILDING INIMSTRY 11-1 1;"-' P P, BU L6!A 'I A Ef KORABOSTROENE,~VOL 11., 1 pp JPR5 k2W, 0 H 13L1 0"ArR I A EEUI!! L E~Ol mAy:l.;6B:! 22-, IS75 -- -------------------- ------------- ------- s Bt. I PP RE -1 HE I Al~~! 0 HAYJ~Z` RCED CONCRETE HOUSIMOATS FOR RKEIRS) BY STEFAN ETIJR5K I I I C) PP. OE.R') KORABOSTROEHIE., VOL 11, 1(~i6 JPRS I ~~o iARIA 22w~, -T-UR :T~E'M, NUFiA OF '4 000--TON TANKERS., BY NIKOLAY p 1; P ER ~OVi 1~~. PR. WLL,IIAN'~ fER KORABOSTROENE., mAy ia63, PP 3-6. JPRS 2101'9 Et-b !GAR I UL ECOI, 116' stp 343,899 L