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sib go. 304 ft" Do WS Vdft& sho tug SWIP Cubillo, Antonio HPATAG Program Set Forth, 13 PP, REVOLUTION A.PRICAINE, klgierisq 10-14 MaY 73v Pp 30-55. JPRS 59383 Jul 73 J.-z,7 L I T, official Talks of His Organization, by 0. Sissani, FHENCH, per, 4-10 MaY 73) mis 59218 ( PP. Revolution Africaine. Al,"Iers, PP 16~lb- Man 73 Monteiro, Oscar Struggle to Advanee More Quiakly in the Future., 6 pp. REVOLUTION "RICA11TE, Algiera, 18-24 May 73, pp Z7-31- JPRS 59383 JU1 73 Silw.nouk Discusses His Plans for Cambodia, 8 pp. RWOLUTION AFRICAINEy Algiers.9 8-'-4 Zan 73., M, 20-22. JPRS 59672 SeP 73 Fanonp is Liberation Movement Leader Discuases 1 - Unification of Two Movementep 6 ppe REVOLUTION AFRICAINH,, Algiors,, 24 Jun 73, pp 24~26- jpRa 59489 Jul 73 Panon, Josie FLob official Interviewed by Josie Fanon, 6 pp, REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, Algiers, 22-28 Jhn 73, PP 33-35. JFRS .5974.7 gap 73 Fadel, Abdallah Interview With Minister of Youth and Sports, 5 PP. REVOLUTION AIMICAT-n, Algiers,, 6-12 Jul 73.o pp 17, 1137 35 JFR3 59747 Sep 73 Tho, NgvWen Huu National Liberation Front IAmader Disowees currmt Situation. .6 pp FWMMCN M&MMAt A34orst ?'/13 Sept 19739 pp 24-27, JM 60623 Arab Oil-Produaing Cwan*.j-ion lu;yrove Poidtion. 3 pp MOXMIGH AMCAINS, A3giers, 23 Soot-4 oat 1973 o PP -35m37- JIM 60609 IBU, MoMmed Aresid Unkod Raorgy-Dwiranmental Prcbxbu in Developing Countriese 7 PP EMMINJO AE&IQM- Algiers. 26 sept-4 Oct Im, PP :XI-w* JPRS 60609 e;jcpert Sees Oil as Source of' Strength, Weaknegs, 9 pp. REVOLUTION AFRICAINE, Algiers, 12-16 Oct 73, pp 26-32. JFRS 60545 Nov 73 Two Arab Oil Ministers Explain Embargo, 13 'op REVOL;TION AFRIGAINE, Algiera,, 7-13 Doe 73, np 19, 21-23,-25--3-1-9 33, 34. JPRS 60910 1 Jan 74 Sissani, 0. Elections Called Brilliant Success by Union Leader, 6 pp. REVOLUTION APRICAINE, Algiers, 1-7 Feb 74, pp 8712. jpRs 61501 Apr 74 A777) OT T C, 00 Pelatiol-1. He Ae Organization of Health 5 pp. REVOLUTION ET TRAVAILv 73s P 15 JPRS 597~7 Services Described, Algiers, 30 Jun-13 Sul sep 73 Meradji, Mahmoud General Union of Algerian Workers National Secretary Interviewed, REVOLUTION ET TRAVAIL.0 73.9 pp b J, 9. JPRS 60076 11 pp, Algi6rs, 28 Jul-10 Aug Oct 73 UGT-A Secretary Discusses Elections for WorKers' Assemblies, 10 pp. REVOLUTION ET TRAVAIL, Algiera, 26 Oct-P Nov 7 3, P=~ JPRS 60864 Jan 74 COAMM MCIAL WO: 834412020 Resourose for improving the mawry, by L. X. Ympriyamovioh 11 pp REURVY ULUCHShWNXYA PAWN -12?; 128-130 Tf?= ..j pp 123 apr 73 Gorodetskiy, A. K. Results of the Remote Ocear in the Infrared 13th Expedition of the demik-Kurchatov." Sounding of the Atmeophere and and Microwave Regions During the Scientific Research Ship, "Aka- 47 pp. #hASA TT F 14,972 RESULTS OF WURK ON THERMOEMISS..3N CONVERSION KARETNIKOV9 U. LANGUAGE-RU COUNTRY-UR RELULITATY RABUT PO TLRMUEMISSI*~ONNOMY PREUBRA ZUVANIYU V 1972 60DU IR 1 571 OC62 739 18 APRIL FSTL-HT-Z3-0147-74 -,r- 14 -.2 7 -r 197.3 . ~~e - I -~-- kog I V lg~g -gg. I _0 Short Report an the Dyawde C"non Test Stand Developed on Contract by 893.0tirst Wvelapwl t Stage: Impulse Sender 8 PP RHE!NNETALL~ AVIATEST, 12 Nov 1970 FSTC -HT-23-892-71 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO US. GOVT AGENCIES Leeker, J. Tranponic StaW 'lity for Spin-Stabilized Projectiles, Especially for the FH-70 8 pp RHEINMETALL GmbH FSTC-HT-23-841-73 Schmitt, J. On the Use of Liquid PROpeliants in Tube Weapons 8 Pp RHEINMETALL GmbH FSTC-HT-23-835-73 JD; -71 . . . . . . . FP%,STUC Dechow, H. Techniques in Fhotographic Recording of the Powder Gas Bubble 5 pp RHEM =-ALL GmbH FSTC-HT-P3-846-73 4W- Knoche, H.G. Digital Simulata'on of Ballistic Rockets 15 pT IECHNISCHE NIEDERSCHRIFTs RHEINIeTALL GmbH 22 NOV 197r- FSTC-HT-23-836-73 [card on film reads PSTC-HY-23-838-73J Von Franz Huber, Koln Nerophyiology Foundations of Communication in Insects. Rheinisch-Westfdliache Akademie der Wisserichaf ten Vortrage N. 205 Ew-istdeutscher VerTa Ap pp. 41-84. *NTIS TT 73-58063 H. Thoene Material flow, operating resalts and lining problems of a large iadwtion melting installation. FMINSUM-TEMIK, Vol 6, Nk) 2, pp 55-63, 1968 RrC 72-15387-11F mar 73 8~- 77 NOS W-111 ap ev ir.5, 14 POP,- J-U '77 'kL kA -"mtfl 1 if! -:4 XRV Zosel., A. The influence of molecular weight and molecular wei&t distribution upon viscoalastic properties of polysturene melts. RHEOLOGICA ACTA. Vol 10, p. 2115-224, 1-971 TC-IE60,1 may 73 h'TJER-T,32.VLT-,u,7;, 11. P. /i/lUEOLOGIC1,11 A(MIll The llelatfocns'.aip '11fatut.Teen the Extt~nSlfonal- Stress of Pl.ast-'-c IJelts in the Die Inlet and in the Ile-It n-actm-e, pp 2~2-'~0121NTC 74-10549-11T@ ~, Nihajlovia. Ida. mid V*ra ftj4m-akl 190 The mppllaazieft at "M)awrm" top tbP exon"tMUM of tkA incisorso nab at"* in water$ There LOSOMITS f1th faralms Is to be Ingreftead (PrImm "NotmW a Iskaronjivenjo r1blj$ fawma u V04M aft no 9"61 1nt*TA1vnO gagdovar4s) -spw 1. by TFR ror D3FW, Oct. 1973. 7P., qP"OPIPt- Avail. an Loan - NMM, Vash.e D.C. Cpriqltiol Article Checksd. --A al XV SAGOW1. lAdll, and ftw LuU1 Orloll 19ft Data an tbo struatove et N1, cu. co, re, sxA An *mvismo w1th a1pbe-bramolod salloyUldluirm R1002va S0i*ntjt1-9&&-,U# 645-"6. In ItAiLm. Tftwl- by AW Oak Rifts Pat. Lsb.. W: R169*, Tom., 3p., T typescript. AvoAll ff a " OM-tr-2542, Frio* $3.00. Ava V - an Loan - NM, V"h. . D.C. Original Article Chockedi.. Pilloni, G. Coulometric determination with ammetric indication of tetramethyllead and tetra- ethyllead with Dr2 and Hgl4,. RICERCA SCIENTIFICA.' PARTIE Il. RENDMONTI, SOMM A-, ABRMCA, V,, 49 no It p9 27-u39 1964 TC-12768 may 73 PICSUMY Aramma "nogn UG, 73-J23 b V is" " Smtftwdoml mmlAefUs so tran&A. (PtL2Cl2j ... By: orio, ARIK*19, at "o Vzow-- La Ritema 4mat-ific-, Azov 33 - Sarle 2. pp. 369 to 378. 1 Unip-SOS: ItaHAU. Please trmolato and trw I u*y only. type ~* 018016 raeft"olz DE -7,0770, -TC -1/1 a Neralto-, Illt(~ract-t o.-I Act-'lv:,t,- 4 - Q out, LD,,7TED TO ricatuv A"O"I %of"= a". 73-123 1 v is= Smssioul dl ooot1twrImm ou e, 11 losel del t1po.... By; Lo Rlcazva Sclmtlflca, 4=D 37, no. 7. pp. 632 to 640. Lmguapo: Italian Ploam traus"to owl e"o I espy saly. eftee "~* renew a Agency: HEW/FDA q'PO / 16 ~3 PLD #0259-74/Call No. 7 d( Ft~-IVY Author: Gustav Fischer Verlaq - Stuttgart Source: Richtlinien -fur die Prufunc, chemischer Desinfektionsni-ittel 4-t 41, -r, -fee y-(-~vo-, ctz~, &.-Lsc4-L,, Language: German hi Instructions: Please trans'!i~te, and paste up when necessbi,/ -i'Wi j".j. 4? -v li-q. Bouvier, G. .RIGERGHE DI ZOOLOGIA APPL. ALIA CACCIA,,Vol 4,*1962 Pp -M-103 *NTIS-TT44-~53131 I W-i vqnq 41. Cerroni, Umberto The Intellectual and the Problem of Transition to Sooiallamp 7 pp. RINASCITAp Romep 1 Jun 73, PP 19, 20- MIS 5m9 Jul 73 BerlinRuer, Enrico Imperialism and Coexistence in Light of Events in Chile, 7 PP. RINASCITA, Romeq 28 SOP 73, PP 39 4- 3PRS 60323 Nov 73 Berlinguer, Enrico Need for Union of All Democratic Forces Discussad, 15 PP. RINASCITA, Rcme, 5 Oct 73, pp 3.- 4. JPRS 50-543 Nov 73 D'Agostini, Fabrizio Defense, Reorganization of L:Lberav*-ed Zones in 3outh Vietnam, 5 pp. RINASCITA, Rome, 16 Nov 73v !)P 13, 14. JPRS 90876 Ja n 74 PeRp'.10, 332.1gento oil Crisis Weakens Europe, Italian CP Analyst Says, 5 PP. RINASCITAp Rome, 7 Dee 73, pp 6, 7. MMN -6D940 Jan 74 DIARostini, Fabrizio Italian CP Analyst Sees Rise of Labor Role in Murope, 5 pn. RINASCITAq Rome, 7 De(! 73, P .13, rP'RS 60940 Jan 74 Sef-,re, Serrric Cr !-Iril-er Assesses 10th Congress of League of t-n Comminisr.s of 'Y,3,1~oslavia, 51 pp. RPTASCY'A, "'lome, l7oll 31, NO 23, 7 -un 74, T~ I ti - 19. ,TPR~~ 62)-L0'7 s e T) 7 " I. Pajetta, Giancarlo CP Leader AaaeaBes Advantages of Detente for Communists, 6 pp. HINASCITA - Rome, JPRS 6P~b~ Vol 31, No 3#11 2 Aug 74, pp 7-8 Nov 74 Mussi, Pabio Manifesto-PDUP Party Seen as Possible Pressure Group, 5 pp. RINASCITA, Rome, 19 Jul 749 p 11. JPRS UM5 Nov 74 inuk j~00.S. 02" IWO . .V~ The Detente Policy and ItalLan Prospects, by Gian Carl .0 Pajetta Rome, Rinascit4, Vol 31, No 31, 2 Aug 1974 PP 7-9~ Please Publish in TWE T/D: 19 Aug 1974 Minucei, Adalberto Analysi's of Economic Crisis, PoUtical Prospects b pp. RINTASCITA, Rome, Vol 31, No 34, 30 Aug 74, JPRS 63094 T,Tov 74 Communist Leader Envisions Neocapitallst- Leftist Regime in Spain, 7 PP. RINASCITA, Rome, 6 SeP 741 PP 3, 4. JPRS 7-M9 Nov 74 Pajettq, Gian Carlo Italy Ripe for 'Democratic Chan[-,ey Communist Leader Says, 5 PP. RINASCITA, Rome, 13 Sep 74, PP 1-2. JPRS Z7M4 Nov 74 oo(,)"-Ooo)f 1 a,11 c,,,ens -ov., .Ilstas -for 7,urono, L: o .-on-2nal L'Jays T-n AT 0020 Coruul,jjj:~j- T,n!t(-jC,, -;,a-,rs TlortUgl:,C.-~,o TTnity Ts Tlil-al .7-7~ 71 RINSHO HIM HINYOY-TXA M ALSO DEMATOLOGICA ET UROLOGICA, JAPAN KMM., H. /'/RMHO HOSMSEN// --/--/1972.,VO017,NOOOI, PP 004~-0051 Treatment of meae breast cancer NTC 7lu-1366j-06E -;Z6 aft to" Title$ Patenamosion of Cbwreaw to 9mm AUthW I KIMMMV NOW" I Someesus is - Usome Vusto %*I* um ppag-n Langubms J--vmmm Iftetwwtt"mas rx~ two stoole none. me ftate-w Leave SINWOO trooda" atiewl-RM4 IV ISMIKAWA, Y. //RMHO TO EENM// _-/--/It)73.,V0050.,N0011., pp m4o-o147 Factors which can be expected in -the effects of mitomyc~n C (MMC) in combimbion with curative qk;eration of gastric cancer NTC y4-13664-oft Al-RISILI&h 1972 Kmalt mooko soit-saffialonoy in &VIloultwo Kuwait, Feb. 6: 6,7. in Ajml,,kio. #~!!~Aip Touul. by SM. Mr. 1972, pp. !8-21 Art 35p. "TIWMJ. m Mor Met Woo 728 "11P., P%ooessd. Avall. NTIA " JPU Tft=I- No. 551125: P"oo 43-00. Avail. an bmn - NNN, ftft., D.C. Original Articl* Ch*ck*;le- Konishi, Y. Simplified 12 GHz low noise converter with mounted planar ciruit in the waveguide. RITTAI HEDIEN KAIRO WO 10.OCHIITA MANIGATA 12 M TRIZZTEM KO.RBATX,, RM. IM-56 MSHI nUSH7K N=1 MAIEWO-RA MMKYW Oct. *NATA Tf F -14.lb5t' nISY 73 ~4g ~-g 4 ro, MA Suvorova, E.R. Electrical Model of a Delta Wing. 7 pp. vol. 1y6, no. 1, Iva, pp. AIR/~TD AT-23-0263-73 REQ.TR CliECK 27-06-(--) T924 THE MECHANICS OF PROCESSES OF AIR SPRAYING AND DISPERSING OP GRADTUAATED SUBSTANCES LOGACHEV, YU. G UR: RIZHSKIY INSTITUT INSHENERCV GRAZHDANSKOY AVIATSII VYPUSK, VOL. 219, NO. 3, 1971, 78 pages KOLOMYIETZ, N. G. //RIZNII SOS_)NOVYII PILIL7SHCHIK// pp 0001-0148 Fox-Coloured Sawfly (Distribution, Biology, Damage, Natural En-mies, Control, ' *.NTIS-TT-75-52005 jj 'T r 3 Review of the works Of Ivan-PatICTIch Lytkin (XharIkov, UkWR); Methods of oyntheals of complex dontrol systems and igethods of synthesis 6.f organl- zational structures* 0 robstakh ivana oetravicha lytklra (Ehartkov LMM): Spec type A Do not publish ~!r%lj spaced draft plus ane copy. 00 8 October 1974. Ubminian Offioial Labor Saf6ty. 3 pp 8-9 =--- A HLZSrAv JFRS 60?28 Desoribox Violations of XLev g 6 out 1!)73, p 2. IC -,Lj:TT:T ~jj -ro ROC* 777 MOM "67T*7;.S40SS:-, zi- L s PIETKIEWlCZ, TADEUSZ A. //ROCZNIKI NAUK ROLNICZYGi// --/--/1958,VO078,N----, pp Oi'.N-0218j, Contributions to Diseases of OleAgirous Plantsm, 19 pp NTIS-7T-73-54077 Hanna Zarzycka The fungus Flora of Opium Poppy Seeds. Rocz. Nauk Rolnicz Series A-- Roslinna, vol. 78, pp-369-342, 1958. *NTIS-TT-73-54078 may 73 Polish eso: 8341/n66 12 December 19T3 Fungus Flora of opium Poppy Seeds, by Hanna Varzycka Poland., Roczniki Nauk RolnicEVhp Vol. T8.. No. 2, 1958., Pp. 309 - 342 Speciel Type B and repro graphics but not photos Do not publi ab Translator's draft plus one copy "An, At t ~Growt M)bMl NA0i`R6,0ll- ~234 19q4. *NTIS TT .74 5,403-7 fml BRONISZ, H. //ROCZNIKI PAIISTWOWEGO ZAKLADY HIGIENY// --/--/1958, V0009) NOOOIL Activity of Lipoxidase and of lipase in oleaginous seeds and oil cakes pp 29-40 NILIS TT 73-5408400 K. Bogdanski Potassium content in black currants. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu fligiany. Vol. 14, pp.�1-95: 1953, 3pp. *NTIS-TT-7-354047 may 73 B. Legatowa Mercury content determination in grains not treated with mercuric fungicides. Roczniki Panstwowego Zakladu Higieny, vol. 14, gp-zzl-zz4, lubd. 4pp- NTIS-TT-73-54052 may 73