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i Uses 6f Seismoscoustic HetJwds in Mining., : : 1 11 :by Moj~S. Antsyferov. I I . RUSSIANv bk., Primeneale Beismoakustichesk i : 1-6tod~v v Gornxm Dele 196i.. 167 pp & oryod in MA yross JL it-of ST-2070 3a Tr Wouw Aj)V 63-12M ikharov, T. is., -.ATING AND DRYING TREES ON THE 51'UMP. I . 7akharov. P. S. 61, lv. H. Consuhants BLff-eau er from CB 12. 50 EMC.~. scR. Inc., I New York ns. of mon*. V~-Jmenejliv SOSWO'Clici Sily Kren dha On i Pro-pR4i.JSx' CRIIII'ORS: *,~-orestry. 01'rees. Oe-hydratlan. i i oterials-V("ll, 7T, v. 9. no. 3) Wre d T Semus ~ATHEIMAIIC %4ANUPACTUI iAENT, tr. by ~L-480 Comm brder from 111 4 runs. of nf~z Matemadcheol Proizvodstvii F DESCRIPTOAS ment, Dealin. *Probability, ' bution. Errt>rj DF I'lWiRABILITY ~MEORY AND M. E rAiNs-rics IN THE DESIGN AND E OF YJADIO-ELECTRONIC EQUIP- .. Ebnc~i% IDec 611 250n. 10 refs. S $2.50! W-51086 . Pr vi-t~jnvale Teorll Veroystnostei I A Staifil, lid pri Konstruirovanli I idloappitratury, Moscaw, 1958 1262)p. Electk6alf: equipment, ORadlo equip- Prohicilon. *Statistical processes, iatistial functions. Statistical distri- neNrry, Applied mathematics I . Mesystsev. P. F. 11. PL-480 Comm (60-5108f) 111. National "ence Poundation. Washington, D. C. Contents, ! ~ Fundamental propoaltioas of probability theory and (EIWneering-Lit'leartift. TT, v. 7. no. 4) (over) offic, of 7,4"i-t S~l... THE USE10F ZIRCONIUM AND ITS COWOUNDS IN INDUSTRY2 110 pp.1 RUSSIAN., BKLT,, 2BlaNWjYFT.5J,RKQNI-YA .1 YEGO KIEV,, 1902, PP 1-100i. i JPRS 15907 USSR ECON SCI NIIIN/MET NOV 2 216,265 63-12530 Nomdriv, V. F. AFFUCA71ON OF 6LTRA-ACOUSMCS TO MOLBC- 1. NMIM,. V. F. ULAR PHYSICS- 1062, approiL 5W. 11. Gordon and Breach Pub- Order fto6i GBI $2i. 50 lishers, Inc.. New York Ill. Scripts Technics, Inc., Trans. 6f nwoewe Ul'traakustiki v Wicku- Washington, D. C. Iyarnot Pi7iike. O~RIPT16RS: F* iecules, *Acoustic*, OUltramonica. (Phy81cs--WIecuJir, TT. v. 9, no. 6) Wke d TodmicW for sonie ir - Ru FTD.-a-621-1092 M. V. Bessonov Use of ultradoustic data for the calculation of the thermal~condtctivity of glassy substances at high temperatures. 7 pp. RUSSIANS per,-' Primeneni;T ul'traakustiki k issledovan veshche6tva,~Ko 13, 1961j, PP 165-170 UTFTJD+HC-23-2l08--7l Ju.IY 72 Ultrasbu6d Iri Industrial Processimg and Control Boviet!P,rogress in Applied Ultrasonics, V. F. Nosdre~m' (idiLtor),, 210 pp. IMSIM.,' mono. Primnenie Ulltravnika v Prom7sh- lennost''I. 3.95''9. Vol I Aug May 1965.' In d se of Ultrasotmdp 2D pp v RUSSTIVIj. bki Pr&Bgmwn jj.~t~nlka Propqr'lue=6ati, 1959,0 pp 2W-302- 9670561 ~Jcl Erfeebl' 6f PlOstic Deformation of the MAstic Properties of Rielmlebraft Alloysp by I i n T. Yp-~ 1% 7 pp. M s s IVMM; b Maneut." Ul'Tr=VvEqyy-z-h. Xblsbe~'Ay DCL lasleftrwMiya 1;;,Vwwv =+-4m- 4 Ob&Vbotki I&LOV i 1966, -pp 62-67-.--W=Y,, AM MM,1002/1 & v,, jai. :RE TVTT U ONIC 'DATk IN CALCULATING THE ~J D VITTV; OF: VITREOUS SUBSTANCES VA, m u TRKAKUSTIKI K ISSLEDOVANIYU L tir! 13 1961, pp 165-170 i ii A.1 'e4 AGENCY - - - ~ ---- k - Or 1) 1 1 ia ........ AGENOYi 'I Ft* if 25.4 13 3 P.O.W.:'! FO/64-1022-71(SO TITLE: VSE Or ULTRASONIC DATA IN OALOMATING THE V#EAT 00NOUr,TIVITY OF MTREOUS SUBSTANOVS AT HIGH ie"PrOkATURES. AUTHOR.* BE:s el~mov, M.v. SOUROE I 1PRII&WENIK ULTR^-^KUSTIK K ISSLBDOVANIU VESCHEST Scow, 1961. PAGES 165-170- (7 PAGES) VA. LPJ40UAO: C-' fhog I AN Sprai^L ONSTS00TIONS: PLEASE TRAhSLATE AND TYPC 1 COPV Please type single-space and do paste-tip. nai Perspectives for tho Use of the thod of Determining the Elastic ISO; 3t by L, M* MukhUp 6 pp. I u M~ per. Pr1"AM!x6 19traakustiki 249-=22. k Ss 19630 No 180 pp Isci -Phys 67'. 318.781 A Vacuwu ProPess for the Production of Dactile : I Vanadium, by,:A. Yu. Polyakov. RUSSIANp b Primenenie Vakuuma v Metallurgii, O'W".1 1958.' Mosc HB 4376 Sci - Aug 63 m I Discussion of the Preceding Five Papers, by 1, Vysotin,~ Zambtayev. RUSSIAN, bk,:,Primenenie Vakuuma v Metallurgii, Moscow? 11958-" HB 4374 Sci - Aug 63 I Vacuum ~rc Melting of Molybdenum., by A. S-*royev- RUSS10i bk, Primenc6nie Vakuuma v Metal-Lurgii, I Moscow,'1958 HB 4366 Sci - Aug 63 Vacuum 'Preatment of Liquid Steel and Ladle and i Pouringlin Controlled Atmosphere, by L. 14. Novik. RUSSIANS bk, Primenenie Vakuuma v Metallurgii, Moscolr,~1958, HB 4369 Sci - , Aug 63 General Dis~,ussion of the Preceding Paper, by i Gurevich. RUSSIAN? bk, Primenenie Vakuuma-v Metallurgii, MOSCOW) 1958-' HB 4363 Sci - Aug 63 Resultsi~of Researches Into Vacuun.Pouring of Alloy 9~eels,, by K. 1. Gostev. RUSSVu'I;I bk, Primenenie Vakuuma v Metallurgii, MOBCO"T, 1958. HB 4371 Sci - Aug 63 T'llol TTE13 lfD,f' Vmcuum iu i'Lotallul-mr; All UP. t FUSQYMol! bk4 ..PrIMMOA~" Veawma v Y.~ 58.1 167 mV! ,ell KIFIC F-TS-9571/y PTI-11A WIM of ~ the UGO of Va In Moulltr,-;-!r ,y., Ity A ~tfj, bli Prl"zwnie Vakumm v VWtaUurgli,, 150$k PS) 3-33- Henry Brrtchar 4361 $4.90 eel zw;r I j 1! Prodm,,%ion ~O'f Truaisformer Steel in '-Vacuzr% Fu rnlhc~ I ,y G~ A. Garnyk.. A, K: blip, Prftemeaie VelEumn V PP 8-rutchor 4362 Sal MnAfat Jun 5R by 13, S, BQ)LT,'hOv* r M n a n "U'a 1=1 7.-A V : 9.1 rz 1~, I 11.1! 11 $5.90 aci - 59 764 set lkmi 59 lology of Vaciuva Ift.Mr-IT r--P (NI thq, !Pq~,i r- Uso of `,,~Clzxz PkAolfi,, by A. V, WAynshgm. t Prlp""4* lak"*& v jui 4365 sei min/met Nov Cig CX- a a. Vdmim Zvo "atzri-Ija v! UP i~o 220 Tom, by V. M. rAmitsk-iy. ur iyj p5si ~PP 107-1-U- HC=y DTWOCLOT 4,3~r2 *3q90 Bel Ei.,oriT, &ur 59 i*tj.tx of ccu~pact Caeoca.F)'-4~-4 awl. J,u rim9orASO Vaor-im, Tr:TVtM-:' a v -122. wcvtr '59 J: 1: 7imiry VOMWVMIM by proftaiOlm D"Utlirtut Ilan 3. V. Bmbawww. F=101, bkP ortmMaii vwawm -v matanurgl*.. 195st 155-ii k3r set - t* Jan 59 VaCU)"Llsi tiel Alloy( r by~X. K. G%M~via., V. M. Amnuenk-,~, c jj 1 . a. 1501 K'av * 15 PP4 J pp 23-29, ~663 496 171 6p5yle~57 A 0A 61. va Cantins of Film-ForAing Alloys In a CO=C mospbare, by Yu. A. Neldaendzi, v9 P j TO 19 r9 - q..;0472 pp m HOL-691/1 Sat wr4/41,tal pj~ 63. 'Principles o-,O Maxmlk,c T4.1patit'llilut Of JIlchlwi,, Iy 1~ -9ba=uYj, 3.7 PP, T. 1P. Fea6 Val=ia v K--taa- 137-1~ 96ATL 0 sloi i. Chctt 24.oL,t 6a, ab~: Cory Instd%tion for Investigating the Physico- he6 ~l an'dbiii4l6w Processes In the Treatment of ron I' ra in a 06untaining Fluidized Bed, N. S. Vavilov, thao~ !ung"6~$. kUS' bk., Piltnenente Vakuuma v Metallurgii, Moscow, 190 4 0 14B hys Feb;~ 274,990 lec~ Carbon Cc n t p - on do RealstAu" of .90 to Straw c4nvmlon cracung, El-.',' LAucbovsM V. V. Romamv. adum- In Metal- Bagnov bedUM. psslt sci/M&M Z78,486 i lueh of Vamm Udl A lh 0 efikoi it" Bo Iss ELIE )SC IRS .7 .M 64 K on operties 17i ~td EI-437B, by ~vi 5! pp. irik6nua v MetaUurgi, X54, 386 ~ It. lVanov, A. 1. Smovo. i4ilma v Met&Uurgii, sel I (IM mix HB 6157 250,798 'rhe Dotencination of Laws Of Di!',tl-ihUL-i0,! 311 the Rta.sis cif a Small Number of Obscrva-:iwis, by V,, Ir, Chavchanifte, V, A. KwAsislivili, 17 nn, RUSSJ.A~14, U%, Primenaniye VychisAitellnoy va. Masli:zlz. 16~scowp 1961, pli 129-1:59~ 9ti68.3.113 FI*D-17-02-104135 Sci.-LE-sirth Sci & Astron 0 Apr 15,71 The ime of covatetv ror the Coatrol a Metal- j, by A. D. Mmlywtkin. RmImil I't tmftlalltia I noy Tekbnfti Ne"I'lursicheiklid Agr*~ptnwj, 6041, 1960. us !0: wij!)Uten, for the Autcuatim of jcA~~cx D P M62- ses by 11. It. lielckstotsIdy" YU& i~al"thrAx-mj# et al. 248 awsljl~ulw, Ut., Prirerimiya VvchislitelInyl-di 1-bSidn i9b4,ljjj; k~239. ~Ilivv4jl'-- ---I'~~24-379=67 Ci/e~-ctx :Lies ii~b 69 376,468 cwn of Computers in lllatoriccq Pbr Analysis of of 1. Pheta).p by V. A. U--tlncrrv and ~~ciml 317., I'M Comloshwh -A DOTIce fW 00%utUig tbo owrel.Aim Saotims bV VO ke Cc raw Pregancy Prooes"S" Babu~ft 9 =610v bkp Pzbw=Jp VyxaUablel snor ToMmi Id M~va Aibbmt6mto:U Pzbdxvodotmt 438-302. i 9e4or 11 ~ . 11 . I Solp E3.eut%M jan 63 vej: a k ~Bsstc Remlits of Studies on the Application of erlyi Concirete In I-Uwy Machine and Frew Construcdor, 1. ~ (1. LYU GkW. GOVERNMENT USE OCLY USSI fU~,, bk. PrImenedle &W embetolla v ma;Kino- d WJ MOIZW- ISHM, pp 10-42. r 0 !j%?.Lt~xq: of !,;a Bmt-tary worldnz Vith a Alrcv Xt, is,, b~~p Disd Llcms-aj~~ 1VF-I,-Ch gm --On cr. -rccziii,;i, A. TsyLoVicli, ct of rl~tcit! !i, I' cir~zi frost c (Ac!:V. VT Th!rmk~ ftO~Ical Principles of C.Amtraning the Inter"Um IBetween Stractw" and Frosoon So&U, by Go: pa eve Pt 2. &konm rim llaeooryoloff ampt., rv, 1959, PP 806- 8732 (1249) Hov 67, 345,210 The~i Maximum Principle in Control Processes, by V. R,. V. Gnmkrelidze, et al, the Theory of Optimal G. lloltyanskiy, 23 pp. RIJSS,IMlj bk, Tx-jjkt~Ljp Ma.Si.mtna v 'rovdiOptimal n)rkh Protsessov Upravleniya, Trudy, Vol 11, FTD-TT-62-1.746 Scia-phys A4ir 63 -Underdraimgotj~-Isigo in the Rl, SRR; by A. 1~ IVAsld.-, RUSSIAN~ bk.,. PrinLs~iy P~7o -jrpYwpjya.-Z-akrytogo rt~ nazliA v Belorusakuy 1954,. 99 pp am 6D.211220 (PL h,90-) S A,,4k 60 as of Segmentstion of the Speech by x. 31. b*milskiy., 154 pp. ;bkj, E!Istsiz iseawntatsiya Fleche- olso: - , 1962, pp TiSSR ar-l-mism i;~ 65 ~ 291p223 - -I.. q I ~ i- Us ~ bf Vo~Awcardiogmphy, by ~. Z. Dorafeyeva, JHlb ;Ptihmipy vefto:ekgwdiWafff, MOSCOW, p 3-4 ;212. of FIrlozersk., by V. T. (Ii-oi-w- ; L. P. 61pp. IIEBBLO,l bkj Prioterok, Lmodlagmd., 1960j, 14245. j,,ms i6oo5 0009 ROV 69, 16 se- bk,f lk~~z 1959.,~ im 35-56., ---7n U= J, i a 62 Mayer, 'E Preparatory Works for the Flora of' Slovenia. II. Odontiter', HEL11-, III. Fuphrasia L.--1 RUSSIANJ*1,,bk)Pi Pripravljalna dela za fluro Slovenije. II. Odc)4ites'! Hall., III Euphrasis, L.,, 1956j PP- 5-60. *11L 48o ces 61-.11;)42 Dec 61 i-ai Reef s, ~f High Latitudes, by N. I. Tarasov. RUSSUO., pOi, Priroda, No 4, 1934, pp 65) 66. *Navy Tr No 1435/Ho 438 Sci Biol~~ I Jan 1~,57 C'TF/dex 1: m p. chai of Sunken Vessels in the Black Sev.,, by, S Grinbaxt. IMf. mo per., Prir Vol MI., No 12., pp 100-102. U Navy Tr 1.179/110 254 Scientific - Lligineering 'T~ 73/~~t 55 c 1 q? ,rho Sea Otter and Stages in its Investigation., byj 1~: ash-Nikiforov,, R PAroda, No 2,, 19389 pp SI-61. p 1i Fishj and lftldlife Service BCIF,',, 6~rea~ of Foreign Fisheries Jul 16 =,920 Oh t~ a,, Grampus or Killer Whale., by Aeukovicho P*Iroftv ft ho 1938,, Loulwad.. savy nr 1474/X) 425 qcI ~ky =/dim 'i of the Sea-Otter on the Murman Coast, by T~~ A~ Mallb"c)L RUSSI~N, pei ~ Prigoda. No 7-8,1938, Ipp 194-197. ff I' 1: )) & 16ted Scl 64 1 OFI~hMes Research Board, Canada axtreLL F. iclences wid Construction of M-SR Deserts 6-, 'L T ~61 ut,, nzatica and cusairicatim, by B. H. 22 pp. FU31 tr RUEPTANO)I&, ftft PAroda, No 1, 19-V, pp 54.Q. ATIC IP-M-OSO/nI flci~ntlflc Geoftmics a In the Compositlon of Al-Wkoids Q9 Vegetative grafting of PlAntus by Ap*X. 1!, 3 7 pp. 1001M., per,, Prlroda, No 1. 1940., PP 79- Assoc Tech Serv Us Yicaution for the Pyridlinc by A. A. Sljmul~., p 59 Frixoda, No 2~ 1940~, -)p 65, AGsoc Tech Serv 41 Z'1 Obaer;Witioub of the Narvhal., by G. fP. Gorbunov. RLWLW., peirl..Priroda., ft 6p 1940p PP 1157 116. Nmy Tr 1502/BO 7 Sci , Biology, cetacean Jul 57~ .~o of the Origin of the Lake Baikal 7~8 ipro Dbp I ~Pssibjio by Ye. V. Pavlovski, 15 pp. WLSIAN 11 p'ersp Prjroda No 3, 19410 pp 19-31. P6A 94~1.66967 1 1 a T 474 R Sci Esil; Oceano Miylt 67 T j f I iTephrosia in the Humid Subtropics of the USSR, by L. A. Ra~dor~(kaya., 7 PP. ~i RUSSIAN,,! per : Prirodal No 1, 1943:, pp 67-70. 'I ~ IBTIS TT 70-57122 Apr 72 Cmal Reaft of the High Lutituhags, by X, 1. RUMAN perp FriT Vol XMI690 )"., 19439 pp -69. Dept of Interi= US Geclogical Burvey Denver, Brauch Library StAft. ; 04pophysics 61 CYEM,ws (SwEai) as a TriPle System, by A. N. 1~eychr RUSSIAN, per, Priroda, Vol XXXIII, 1944. qlll~ ;;~6toae--Araenal, Alabama L) Sci - XMXX Larth Sci & Ast May 63' I i Th. SunI.J~topo6phftv ft-oblm, by K- S- Itygenson, 10 pp. RUSSIAM.p iperp 'Tr1rodap Vol MMIII,# No 1p 19440, pp sci . Asiron Oct 6o ATIC WL-MB/In tb' a SurvivablIfty or WrUmes, by i. r. Prirods, voi iamr, no i; Tan 1944s, .pi ~7 xu UMA scient1he Biology PAY CTS/DIX in the Tumdrsa~ in Friamur*a by V* Bo~ohava. RUSSIA11.9 pfirj FrIxoda, rio 5-6.q 3.9447 PP 107-3-09. Dept of Interior qZ3 E57 Ho 11 sci - iiolx~kq Doe 60" 2 6 L o poisitiou of the -Ag4ut of Rabbit r 1. F. Loontlevs LUCLASSMIND RUSSIAilp m~~ poro I., Jm 3,94,5., 1: pp ~5~-~Odl 1 1 ,~AIO US&A / 0', ~/* 6 a c 9- - 62-148N Chebcxar6v, G A. NIOTIOI~ Or THF~IPFRTHFLION OF MFR(-URY AND 1. Chebotarev. G. A. THF~GFNFRAT. 1-,-HEORY OF RFLATIVITY. 119621 14p. Order ftion, crrs or SLA $1. 60 62-14804 ,rran.q. of Prirodal((MR) 1946 Iv. 351 no. 4. p. 54. DESCRIPTOR.", 1(j'clearial mechanIcs. Planets, *Mcr,c.-ury,Qlane-t),' *Relativity theory, Astronomy. (Astronon ii)---A.,4t['0phyBlC9. Tr, V. 10. no. 1) Offite of Tedn" Serwkzz I pill zi UP ZG=A~,mi j0 U,3W. TV -Ifo 74) IJOSR ~eologi,:ah St~ldies of the Sea B' tt)M of the Soviet 1~;Ctic jj~~ V. Takarev, 4 pp.02d2*tlie RUSSIA, ~er., l~riroaaj, No 5,, 1946. FDD/X-3230 Dee 58 UOI All "~'yjpmilie Ulth P ic-~tj Mill Vol "11I.Xxv! Ivy-D j-1 -QA~Tx 53 Naosau Street York 5., !V. Y. mo ~xvrj,. 'Vol 46 I-raeb tbnllscagcs of Wourm Glaciatioa Was At a 1-n ulict Daslz. ar the Upper Daieper,, by 14. T,, RUSSTAN~. mo ~er,, Pr1roda Vol XXrrlq No Is 1947, vp 47- .59. Sclentolo -Decmbysico IW 56 ~PTS/clax Res lao Se-rv R.642 ;4 940 10 Nev A~9310~tl= of DDT, by D. V. LaWev Rm z~N. phr,, Prt~od~, voi =v'r., No iv 1947,, pp 6o- PaseezrJl informtion Service 53 Numm Strectj Now Torik 50 N. Y. B.632 Scleft, Ific Diolm Apr 56 of Beat MA PeWmillin,, by 1. F. per, PrLroft,, Vol. XXXVI, No 1., 1947,P Research Wormtion Sery ce R.63o 53 Nassau Street,, New York 5., lie 'r. a 6 91 3 ScientIlic Biology, Apr vi.: fiesea-ch. Work in thq! Fielt of CD10rc,,I,. Gla'oveuj by M. A. Be2-borcdov, Rbo".ZJ:411, ". tle~r, Priroda, Vol XXXVI:~. No 1, Info 8v yi,631 ja n 1. b c i u 7 7 53 WILE16au SIL., Hew York 5., R-Y, Tba Of Fluld, bY I V -'Iadchenyko. !Ruwjo I # Prlrodas vol ,c[Wr, No ~PP 7-14 jL947 Piny 56 ats/ealc Rea Info s(mv Ind ii oil :014.~ilrla by pp S a the Clw~acterintlcs of SolubIlIty of Silicate er;alap by D, P, Gr4pr*ev. BIM, too per# Pri,roda,, Vol XXXVI,w No :2j, 1947s 44.945- Scientific: - Chamlotry gay 96 Rea Info &.vv E-622 eatjgi~ijca of the Structure o-A"', Natural and ormed' &,yntmd Surfaces by Mans of X-Ray Spectro- p,v,o b4t B. A4, Vainahteln. SIAN 66 per -Prirodal Vol XXXVTj, No 2. 1947, atificl - MWDICG 56 CITqdem, Rea rnfo lc~=v R.623 Op About Sh+Ift the Far Eut, by. V. V. Siasarvic]:), RUSSUNO imD pOt. Pri". Vol XMI,, No 2. 1947.9 p 1~8. Rm Inro Ov a. 635 53 Meow St mys, Nr '36"16 - Jun 56 M Actlacen6tric: Obsoxvatims of the SOlm- Zclirse On 9. i - = y "945 vy A. Russia, mo 0 2s, 1947P ,per, Priroda,,Vol W.-VIs, H ~9' 48$ 1 & I - ~ 11 Iteti Wo Serv R.633 SclentlTic Geopb;ysice May 56, MIdex