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Dc Doe Q) BY Nvaseters fim Tberml PaND mdadam bythe "Bbows-243" WAfteuA ftM ftteWte b*.Y*-BNAAWVIW'W.- 1"VP ft&1&4.Y Cot jjjWWSq!L.OmOqby"cj,.Pubjj~a ad ace 21WO ~4e*# per- 40 not clits" top Relationship Between Absolute Atthnuation of Laser Be= Intensity and the Concentration of Droplets in Mistsj by M. A, Kolosov. RUSSUN, per# Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 1889 No 6, 1969t pp 1277-:1-280- AGI July 70 (:rystal Structure Of Calcium Chondrodite Ca5~SO04/2 (011) 2=Ca((1W2'2Ca2S'04, by R. M. Ganiyav, I~U. A. Kharitonov. - FJJSSIAN, per, Dok ilk Nauk SSSR, Vol ISS, No 6, -~ 1969, pp 1281-1283. linerican Institute of Physics Vol 141 1\10 10, 1970 ~-Iay 70 Electron Influence of the XYZF--14- Groups, bi.- G. K. Genkina. DORLADY AN SSSR, Vol 18B, No 6, lq6(), pp FSTC-ET-?'-~-86 7--70 Fel 73 Structural Modification of the Surface of Blocks of Kaprolon, by V. A. Kargin RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Naub- SSSR, Chem Tech., Vol 188, No 6, Oct 1969, P5 -1343-1345. CB Nov 70 Criterion of Ideal Mixing for Apparatus Described by Cellular ModDls, by V. V. Kafarov RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR' Chem Tech., Vol 188, No 6, Oct 1969, PP 1346-1348- CB Nov 70 A Possible Mechanism for Formation of Magma Chambers in the Crust and the Upper Mantlep by Vo V. Velinskiy. RUSSILN, perl Dok Ak Nauk SM.g Vol 1889 No 6t 1969, pp 1349--i3-5T.- AGI JulY 70 Zoning in the Distribution of laeistocene Mollusks of the Ukraine, by N. A. Kunitsa. RUSSWI, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 188, No 6, 1969# pp 1352-054. AGI JU1Y 70 Age of Gold Mineralization in Northern Kazakhstang by G. N. HazImava, RUSSIANg, per Dok Ak Nauk SSSR,, Vol 188, No 6, 1969t PP 135;-13561 AGI July 70 idneralized Explosion Breacias of Cryptovolcanic Systems, by N. A. Fogellman. RUSSW4# perl Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 188, No 6p 1969# pp 135?-1359. AGI July 70 Potassisodic Feldspar in Phenocrysts of Porphyritic Rocks from Eastern Transbaikal, by K. V. Prokhorov. RUSSILN, perg, Dok Ak Nauk SSSRj Vol 188p No 6. 19699 PP 1360-15F~3-- AGI JUILY 70 E-x_peerimental Study of the System C&OwSiO2-cO2 2 Between 800 - 11000 and at PC02=50 - 500 kg/cm by V. A. Zharikov. RUSSI&N, perp Dok Ak Nauk SSSRp Vol 1889 No 6, 1969p pp 1364--177-. AGI July 70 Temperature FaLcies of Metasomatites in Carbonatite Intrusions in Eastern Siberia, by V. S. Samoylov. RUSSIAN, per, DDk Ak Nauk SSSR., Vol 188, No 6, 1969, pp 1A-1371. AGI JulY 70 Isotopic Composition of Carbon in Ankerite Carbonatite and the Source of :,arbonatite Material Present in Sedimentary Rocksy by Yu* A. Bagdasarov. RUSSIJLN, perg Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 188p No 6, 1969t PP 1372-1375- AGI JUlY 70 Aneuploidy in Polyploid Sugar Beet Populations, by N. V. Turbtn, V. Ye. Bormotov. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 188, No 6, ~1)4.~ ' '-- 1969, pp 1381-. CB NM ay 7 0 Iffeet of Mue aid lbd Ught on FaveroLble 02dfttlom of Bki6"lodLlarc*yll and Ch2Drqj**vll tor Cadmoms; Phoboac%vation of OxIdLzed fftms of Plvmtat by A. A. MMDW"kils N. N. Drmdova RISSUN,, perp Dak. Ak. ftuk SSBR ftr. MEACO., Vol IM), no 62. M. 1-9-6�jp pp XW23U6.0 commatmate BUXUM August 70 Beftotlon ta calc4us Content cd, Crystmaune LIM"S b4urod by Lamar RadLoW.cup by Yu. 0. Mmitavo M. L. POINAUvas, RWMN, pars Bak. Ak. Muk MM ftr Fhzrltcs., Vol. 288, Nb 6., fttober,, 19b99 P-PFIMTFI~~- Dam= August 70 Isolation and Fractionation of the Leghwiioglob~n of Yellow Lupin Root Nodules, by S. S. MelLk-SarlLs- yan. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol ISS, No 6, 1969, pp 1390-1393. CB Jul 70 Pathways of Deamination of AMP in Ileart-Muscle Microsomes, by D. L. Fredman. RUSSIAN, per, DDk Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol 188, No 6, 1969, pp 1394-1395. ~,B Jul 70 Use of KaryolOgical, Physiological and ogical Data to Separate a New Species by M. N. Meier, V. N. Orlov. 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Problem, Vol 1b,,), No 1, May 70 On the Problem of Optimization of AI.Gorithms or Approximate Integration of li)miations of Several Variables, by V. D. Carusnikov, RUSSIA1,111 PEM. I)ok. Ak. NaWc SSSA, Vol 1C~-), -'o 1, ig6o, 7p 49-52. .1 -P AMS Vol 10~ !I'D 190~" May -j 0 On the Incomplete Factorization Method, by Ju. I. Cerskiyj RUSSUCi., per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSS- , Vol 109, 140 1, 19619, PP 53-56. rs IV,, Vol 10, No 6., 1969 141 W 70 ;3ome Results on Sequential Estimation of a Translation Parameter, by A. I.. Sal.Zrb,, ..RJSSL4N, per. DDk. Ak. Nauk SSSRI Vol 169., No 1., 19691 PP 57-58- .vIIs 'Vol 10) iio 6., 190'-,q May 70 On a new Type of Bifurcation of Multidimensional Dynamical O~ystems., by L. P. Sil I nikov., ..WSIAN., per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSR, Vol 189, 1~o 1., .1969, pp 5-S-62. M4S Vol 10~ No 0 0,, 19 9 MaY 70 Nemorckiyls Operator in Spaces Generated by Gen- Functions, by I. V. Sraginy RUSSIAN., per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSM., Vol 180, No 1, .1 1: b. 1969, PP "3-6'- 1) AMS Vol 10, 110 6, 1909 May T 0 C'-.-ui~e ,.') the '.atalysst Activity of ZeolP.,.~-; in 'DeT~enrlen7~o -n the Valence of tno Ir.tro,*'-,, 1:---tal :on' by 73. V. .2sit'sioilvil.i. R'jZ5IA:,, , per, Akadeindya SSSID._ Do!--1~i v(A. 12111 o v Effect of Interphase Energy on the Rate of Pall of Drops of Lead in Liquid Aluminum, by A. A. Vertman RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Chem Tech., Vol 189, No 1, Nov 1969, pp 127-129. CB Nov 70 Investigation of - andlf-Solid Solu- tions in the Ni-11-Nb-M(:) System, by R. S. Mints RUSSIAN, port Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Chem Tech., Vol 1891 Wo 1, YO-7-1-979, FP-130-133- CB Nov 70 Age of the Kilikeya Suite,Yenisei Ridge, by Ve P. Belov. RUSSIAN, per, Dolt Ak Nauk SSSR, Ear Sci, Vol 189, No 1, 1969, pp 135-138. AGI Jan 71 Precambrian of the Northern Pamirs, by N. G. Vlasov. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Ear Sci Vol 1,99, No 1, 1969, pp 139-142. 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Nauk SSSR., Vol '2~) 1969, pp 234-230- AMS Vol 10, Eo 61 1969 MaY TD Compact Solution RWSIPJI,, 1969, pp PNS Vol 10., Approximation o.-C Operators of Operator Ecjuationsj, by per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSR, 237-240. 140 b, 1969 and Approx~.iate G. L. Vayinildco,, Vol lb-~), 1;o 2, may -(G Consistency of a Fragment of 4uine' a liF System, by V. N. Grisin, HUSSIAR, per. Dok. Ak. Nau-k SSSR, Vol 169, 1-,'o 2, 1969) pp 241-273--- AMS i , 190,9 Vol 10, No b Ma,Y 70 On Imbedaing of Stone-Ceah Compactifications of Discrete Speces in Bicompacta, by B. Efimov, RUSSIAN, per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSR, Vol lu~-Q" No 2 i969,, pp ~44-246. I AMS Vol 10, i1o 6, 1969 may '(0 On a Method of Solving Nonlinear 17'tmctional Equations,. by V. A. Kurcatov, RUSSU,N, per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSR, Vol 1&)-, No 2p 1969, pp 247-2V9-. AMS Vol 10" 110 b, 19L,)9 May 70 Approximately Optimal Rroperties of Wald Tests and the Rroblem of Testing Statistical Hypotheses, by I& Hoan[~ Tu, Vol lbc), 111b 2, RUSSIAN, per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSSR 19059, pp 250-253- AYZ, ., EQ " 10,9 Vol 11) 0 'o 10ay 70 On L-Aductive Dimensions, 'by B. A. RUSSMI., per. Dok. Ak. Naulc SSSR., 19691 PP 254-Z5-7- - mo - Vol 10, No ' U., 1969 Pasynhov, Vol lb~), lio 2., MaY 70 On a Sobolev-Type Projection Ooerator, by V. R. Portnov, RUSSIAN, per. Dok. Ak. Nauk- S&M. Vol No 2; 1969, pp 256-260. A14S Vol 10, No 6" 1969 MaY 70 Necessax,y Conditions for a Ildni=a for a Type of lionsmooth Froblem, by A. Is Sotskov) RUSSIO, per. Dok. Ak. Nauk SSS.R., Vol 169, No 2, 1969., pp 261-277.-- .AMS Vol 10, No 6, 1969 Ma,Y 70 Thm Problem of IargO System ElTectiveness, by G- K. stolyarwo ? pp. RUSSIAN, per, Doklady AkademU, liauk SSH, Mosew, Val 1890 No 2g 1969, Fp 26-5-268. JFR5 49888 Sal-Cybernetlas mar 70 4029137 Ptaxed. lasers as Light Sources in Shadow and Tnte!rferejace Devices, by I. V., Yershov. RMIM, pert Ddk Ak Nauk 88816 Vol 189, No 2, 1969.. PP 277-21TU.- Dept of Iqwry APL/JHU T-2436 Sci./phys JuIY 70 Photoelectramotive Force and Electr:Ical Con- ductlv�ty of Complexes of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Tetracyanquinone Dimethane, by Oe V, Koln-inov, RUSSUN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR# Vol 189p No 29 Nov ig6g, pp 353-356. CB JulY 70 Connection Between Temperature of Polymorphic Transformation and Heat Resistance of Titanium Systemsg by T. T. Nartava. RUSSIAN,, perp Do1c Ak Nauk SSSRI Vol 189# No 2, Nov 1969s PP 357-360. CB July 70 Structure Pormation of Bentonites, by RUSSIAN, per, Dok Tech Vol 189 ' No 1-362. CB in Aqueous Dispersions G. K. 6"ihishkovskli Ak Naulc SSSR, Chem 2, Nov 1969, Nov 70 New Data on Caledonian Grani.toids of the Northern Caucasus, by G. D. Afanas'yev. RUSSIAN, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Ear Sci, Vol. L89, No 2, 1969, pp 363-365. AGI jan 71 Distribution of the Products of Wendian Volcanism in the Southwest of the RussLan Platform, by A. Ye. Biryulev. 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