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December 31, 1983
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Viseonitys ActivIty and Ocuposit r) 0 icial ActcWosiiD Mixtureaj, by F. jalfroWae GERNO., per,, Blochem Z,, Wil CCCXXI,, 1954 PP h5l-46i. Nn Tr :1-6 - : . " I ~ Scl - ked may 58 ~ Itz 0 3 zv- ToWd Took Mock for the Dorbection of Tack Haterta to OU&sa by W. JAbU. omms pert he spriobtep Vol XXXX , IND Ss "no W 203-U*- AMAM91. s0& ow (e Vbl Vila IID 2 Czy6iccoic ~iea&ulumeutf-' 'With I-C-a-lUtO3 and Ice-NaNG3 1,41tecticsY by K. F. Jahr.. UZZ et al., 28 pp. GT"-4v-a., per., '.7t Auwg./ Vol CCLXX., 1952~ Vj, 240-256. S.L.P.- 1015 Scicntific- -- Chenistry Method of Me"uring the Propaption Velocity of Shock Wwws, by 1. Akab. A, Isharesku, ot al, 16 pp. 4~-~ RUMMIMO per,, I Aes"Le do la Itapublique papulaire RVMRUWO Reque do WdIanique Appliqwss, Vol VITO He 1, 1962, pp 173-193~ 9683150 M-TT-6S-313 sci-phys Jtm 63 F 109ttblYtit APPOMAM f0l 1116ML01a,' FUSMA saws Amw Lke"I"Is mat*ri&Jo is Awls-Pt*Ssaft Cas jossef hambe app iwwlrAxtAxv, port Jolt 2648 MA Ww6la210432 .ia OVOID :Act J4140 Pngram for the Development of hall A ary Agents /Z'~ for t1w TextUe lukatry, by Igrkacy Jakobson, 9 pp. FOLISR, per, Chaft so 1, jan 1.967, pp* 4-6. JPRS 1a912 -T (I- /V x c y ~S '19 k- a bscr,4,11 &E-Polow Fown Aug 67 332,R02 OMMLOIC&CUM IVA*MrtA CM t at T-NOWN to. I=, MostAw;, AUNW.p app 18 Aw 1965, p. 2. 4orgm! am 66 mmk---& --- 06-dbdk- Mm ew vmdfts MWO , 7 I ... ~ : ~-- :=,~ " 40 m 9 1 MW %= ~ 0116 VdLN% We of ~~ am ANS6 0401 THE FIRST HUNGARIAN TURNPIKE., BY SA14DOR JAKAB.. 20 PP. HUNGARIAN.. PER., MELYEPITESTUDMkNYl SZEMLEJ, VOL Xll,, NO 10), OCT 1962, PP 425-44o. JPRS 17138 EEUR -HUNGARY ECa,' ~ JAN' 63 21 4 5101 j:NY4i(M)- on mampg~uft mAAbm sell-noor.. by SmaGor Jakab, 14 W NANO= 9". Ka"OkeftstakwWri szonim, Ta no ;4 t-,ig*o vp 160-30- am-AW4 ow - NMWY 94~ ..? 5 4;r mom - 1b owt ucas blOSS7 Aas " T2 J;A SCI EIJI FIC-TECHNI CAL --OOPERATlOk BETWEE~',' THE USSR SHIP REGISTRY AND THE C.ERI-lk! SHIP CONTROL AND CLASSIFICATION OFFI~-.El -Y A. JAKEL, 5 PP. GERMAN I,?, NE TECHNIK, NO 1, pp 44-4u-. jPf?s EEUR-SOV SLOL ECON FEG t's- 22'~, ~~>r I~cm-jjastructiva ut Lgsu 1-iAsiiw ol Studies ofL a M~pr Tube Cold -Rolllng Kill,, by W. H. memam., W. 1wrann'. GEWM,, perp Zone M3ttep Val Vl,, Feb IS61. pp 87 -91. zrBi 2671 I Scl - Ingr Rwy 62 / ~141 1&~, 7 3 Unt- 13~ was aw ftowe"OF of now Ralmr ft%wtAu IMMIVAIM Awl sumeaw" Freems, 1-5 JWIY 2963p bW A, JDMOv 9 PP- CSW4 pwp fthm *wade,, Vbl 90 1b 90 1196, w 3"-30T9 ==3,-WA-67 j 8"4prapaolm a Fwas Feb 69 3690676 Some Priscipl" Gmnlag the C=ipactim of Urmaims Diadds Pmdmv by L. NJ&Msova, et &I. CZECH* per* HuWcke Ustys Vol, XVIII, No 3,, 19630 pp 193-196. MR 5921 scl-wx Aug 63 .4 14, ~ e -?, I/ , PP "Mrs II:iit, A' 4L J,4! ,.Lk i,, I !,!, ; , L. - Phannacological Properties of Saae Arouatic Boron Compounxds) by K. jakimovsha, !j POLISH, per, Acta PhyUiologica Polm,1*ca, Vol XIV, ho 3, 1906 3 - On 63-u4o7/3 PL-480 Sci jun 64 2 60, "1 1-1 ~?barAacologica Pxvpcrtics rAf Sam Borm-w, by pp. Ix-r Actu PbYslolqkW-i 'Poloilica, Vo-l 7ai, i4o i., 1961A pp im *Bob Chem 61 px9emmn-u-I Stwftsm on ChlarJjle kdon GalmittmUm Lu the Ombrospiml VIWA Aft= Deatko b7 A* JaUft"p 6 ive PMJM,o per, PaIdd TMDWX Lakol3djo Vol XVnj. No 3Dl 1*1# pp 104-M. go; 6!1-11409 Doe 63 wrqm~ - - memo$ by - ? The SO= &L O&Sdm ol cAmtram aft" p A. Sdm!%LIK -- ambWMMWMmO Vol L)Lxvlu GERJBA!=,. 1947v go mm t= - _f SO Owl 9L Mod S" T kob RCItigiATION MMAMI IN OCUN TRAMMT OF LJQUBFMD OASU. 11%6) IDP OnUT h A7S $14.25 ATS-6=740 Tram. d Kahateckift (Won Omn on" 1963. v. 13. no. 2. p. 39-44. TT-64-126" I - Jakob, P - U. ATS-62R740 M. Assoctmed Tectmical Services, Inc., Rapt Orselp, N. J. TT. P. 11. no. 12) WNW of TeAmbew Aw~s" i A~ MMb M loommeftm - bdbWbl- 16 3060bim ow. ~tmll ad-ON ~ p sopm I /,,II/'Y -- -- -1 11 j") fibudaidal6d IV WIN. ~ obsoft Va 3% ft 116 0 ;---- 244,41M alp" The First Prodacts of the Acrtion of Alkali Metals Butadimwv by K. Ziegler, L. Jakob, U. Wolthan, A. 30 pp. translation. per., Anuallat M Vol DII, Scientific - ChendAry syntbeses With ftdft1wrlftmm Bali&* - Ind, : dactlam or About~ Amilao Growas Maito the 44caltiam or the ft "dim Naelawp b7 MakrIah Aftbav ZwftU!j4Nq'b. ~~ pw Obatodw SaIdA*j,'Vbl Mn.. 3.910, ~6 B&CM?3. gwy It 3PO!VAM 3M fti - Cbm .4! 3-P, ?-.0 16 Mg 63 f loldne ammm tm a V*"WSA o"a a at. pw,o Vol J6 49 Imi 1932 63-17412 )at&-N- cbwARA'hvE LwAgawwrs ON VACLRJM FLASKS. [May 631. Order from DGIRA IGILA-&% froll Trwu. of Glas u(nd) Appmrat (Get** y) 1924. v. 21. p. 164-165. DF-ISCRIMURS: Measurement, *~ocuumbcttlw, *Vacuugn appenwus. Containers. 1. P". M. U. W3RA-556 111. British Glass lookatry Rneorch AssocWdon 061acerlsas. TT, v. 10. no. 2) d hok*W brom NOV voll tric ",-Pic, hbtli*d (1-1c~;Lva b y U. .71aach)ai., F. j.!,& J,ikobl GERNO per,, Itidez lRunduchau, Ilo D,, 15,54., PP 83:6,6. Bmtchar Tr NO 34113 $1.90 Sclontif1c - VIn/Metals Fab 55 CM ;z~/ The---Rna,~itic Botulina AratitO:-CiIi? 'by J. Jakc---kllc-wic7, FRENCH USDA i)e -- NC stat.--~ coll,~.,.- J-un 551) MWO to Uhft SommUft Allft me 4m" cup W and Cam 67 (xr-&~4o) Sam Rmuft on the L*vul at PzofitabctUty ot Oamtrmtim and AsmdAy Noterprisesp by Low aftobodbep U pp. mm,p Poro nmmy Val nip no U, lwp n hsjq- iPA3 :L3067 low - IMMA 9P, o9f zbm /,P abr 6e r~Y-645o) ECONOMIC ISYSTFN FOR EXECUTION OF CONSTRUCTIC-': AND ASSEME,LY WORK IN POLANDIl,' BY ZB I GN I EV JAKOBSCHE) 25 PP. POLISH, PER) ItA4ESTYCJE I BUDDW~TW, VOL X I , fH) 1~)61, PP 35-43. JPRS 121 L)U EEUR PCLAND ECON FEB 62 1 3 o' ic 1wmatigatLou of Poly"rized Marine Animal Oile In 1940, by F,. JabDbeen, R. Kargaard, E. MaUiesen, 19 pp. ft~U trausLatdon.. awmem, per, luwwm "Almstik-m1wUstri, Vol XXVI, L9=, pp 255-266. S.L.A. Seientifte - Chmifftr7 A/' ~ 04 A&I 5 5 immetigatian or Pol7awlsed %wim Oils for t&e Norweglm NuMIM Industry. I. Pbysiml amd checdcal identiflasiAou valueal bly F. Tdmbmml, R,, Norga"d, 30 pp. Pull trme Lation. por, Tide, Maj, LerSngp )top Vol V, gn MF 1943 p pp 1-8. S ~ L.A. 6cientific - Chemi sti-3, Jul 5 5 Invostiption of Pblymerized Marine Oiles~ 11. Datlec- tion, CavAitution and Strueture, by F. Jakabsen, .16 pp, Full trazalation. f,r- - / ~ A-) T pwp Wn- Vol VI, 19", pp 52-55. S.L~A. Scientific - Chmiatry Y Jul 55 D&b*nd=tUu of the 104 lhmbw of PolZmrized 3dws ailso by R. XwWwds P. Jabdbom wanow 0 pwa SAU Luld bmmms malp To' x 191as IV :t774w* lkttl FWaVourall Canaft IT 294 lesuft, - abomistry X on/mix Price om FinlwUls Poreign information Activilt-1--.- Jakobqon, ~ pp. =ICIAL USE C~F--f FMNMR, q), Nauppalebti, 2,-) Dcc ~L-ssage flu 37,/9 Jan 1962. LETS, Belsink-I., U~ NE - Finluld P61 t M Fpb 6~~ A-i-tificial Sponges and Porow Mterials frai. CullvilusF Derivatives, by T. J*obwnl~ 1.5 pp- SWOMR, per, Ovensk PrOer6tidn, Vel L-^ No 15 Oct 1.948v vv 447-453. set Aug 58 Assoc Tech 5*v 74F:*,~~ Herring Fishing Trials With tkw "Neptunus" by Jakob Jakobsson,, 5 PP- N oK w ~k,:r i*..j, " L" MMM, per, Aggir. Vol x!Ix, No 22, !"56; PP 343-347. Fisheries Researeb Boarm of Can.-;da Biological Stations, St, Aridrevi, N_ Uniated Kiagdom Sci - B101 jun 61 Herrin-T Fishing Trials Jakob JukiNosson, 6 pp. ('V A,' -a) A4ir With tho Pert . V0.1 L11, No Lg!59 pp Pleberies Biolcgiaal Stations , B"Sarch Board of clema-w St. AUdrew.. M,B. gel jun 611 zr6 o,criL i;t usic ~jr-,aoiziutk"sb rt ~~Oft igilkCIOAU, :,er, arodma Pmj c I i 4', IX. 4. 9M Uj pill. (sr-cm). SOMMode AMS34918 An as Fe" :b&wtry, by J. TA&W.- M. afte'OB16 16 W. a~p Vw, Mis, %1 1, lb 4, 2M, " IV-141. An-A&B Almr - cambp mom - rim", POM ftp 99 ?V/ .171 w--- a Ti'l Cl-i P ::6 to thQ Ce-l-ebru-.41-,j,,~.,. f tuhu ut, unell. Ju Aslim P,:: jar. (DC - 5~',O? ) Speech by Tunin JELkova, XIV Coagress c,f the MPRP., 7 PP. MOI;GOLIAN, np, Unen, 5/6 Jua ~)6~.. JPRS Onaumaks in KLning and ln ftre-Fight-In,2, v8saws, pw,, ommy zbor,, Yca cm:,, no 6,, 1926, PP 543-5~4- Dept Of Int V8 Bar ot 01=a, cm"uvl Ran fu pitues pas ?a' 38 Sal - rnw /7 Am 59 4UMUStIve prteragoatSon of bopitrItles In Mqp2rities in M&-parity H&WA 1hrono Foubactivation Amlyntop by J. T. abb"Iev. ,,liver P1632p Wo I of or-I an Foaaaftl Uses of Abode Mmewww a" at omwmo 8-20 Ana 19"P Vol xv. fti. - 1holear physics Apr 57 mm tol -atl amf to 44.; 1? 42 P, cu ) -669.9.162 n'. U, A` U L; " .13:1 '1; ",2 lwy z L- ~, Z ') 1L ~L I -,~ I sLadioatAiva Isotopcs la thei 3tudy of Ll"-,t DyuamiCsp of Mach Se-diMnIzAcn, by 11'. 1% Afan"Im7j, V. N. Svondovv 0. X. T,~corVav, uncl. FPS-93.111-R, rprt, 1957. Dsir%/3&*"),,a/m,, Set - ueopbys Ilov 59 by A. Jakayleva, V. r 11 Ao-n llf-I WTT, 14 n U.7 !,U an me IW&olysls of Cklorisiltv by A. A. Jak*vUn. GE". POra Zeit Aw - rsik,olftchm 'L* cbms" lbi lu !ELL,- ~ml A ~ lw:w. SIA Fe6i:;O;% "C ~~ . ) a - ~ - 9 I?lk-l set MW 67 327o,2' . 2 Airamft or PAcAmt.9 by A.. Jlkawlet., 7 PP. CRMW.. perp Deutsche rbWtatbalk, Vol Y,, No U,, 19611, pp 418.. 419. 967T200 P7D-iT-62-4o4 Sci - ftaft/pas 18 Jun 62 (K-%U) wommic TuBtift of sku"Id Drww" in polana' by : Amba J~"U* j DWOU glowbai, ', Y Ipp. EMM16 Vero PrNWM K"Ojmyl Vol XII, Ift 12a IWO vp VOR VA. am goo Bmw - Poland 15-11 gs-~ JkH= MW 61 tv % I DD 2OZn) rnavrai Principum rar the Urmlopowa ckr wareav as " 23 pp. .kLjw~ MUM so VVJ Gampodwift P.'LOWMMp VOI VM# No 7:p fip Var"V, Jd/Aug 3.953, pp 56-63. C,U/MD/0-5639 Polana Econ; Soc - Axm p1maina Geog smw The Geometrical Relations Betvee-n Grids of Krovsks Projection of the CSR and tb* Tbr** Degree Gauss Zonesp by ftg Zvo Jakubko, 6 pp. UNCLAMFM CZWB, Zeaffloorletvi, voi rit, No T'8, PP 1953, pp rr J UM - G"Vupby 1958a, 1214-126. I=.u:r cf--oh Soon TranaVartatlon Jan 58 of Amdmmyt- md F"tIdV3-9ol*&cph*so&x 77 MA U"r am for the Fnpanum of Uomw md Cyclit ftpU*so by JU 16 Jokubko, (amm a per& ftagap Vol 970 No 100 1%4& pp 2-93G~IM. *ABC 23" stuftelear Sid fty " Dosa'-e du Soufre Elementaire par Chrouato;~raphi---- Sur Papier, by A. Jukubovic, Z. Prochuzlui, p. CZECH to FRENCH, per, Chem. Listy, Vol L, Fo 1.2, pp 2029-2030- Sci Feb 60 Vol 2, 1,;o 10 OscUlaftry PxwpntJLoo of the! colutiorw of OUMOOMI Spatlamp IW T. A. Jakdbuylelt 41 P. RWSM,p pwv M!�Eft Sb i~ -vcLl LW98)v 1964 VP 34~- pad, An bhu ~~bc Vbl X61:6 ser 2 -~/ 2- Va~,- ::~Ci-bbtjl I r _,- .T-t-I jp~~) mle Solution of Certain Matrix Inequalitles in Autcmtic control 2beory.. by V. A. Jakuba7ic., 3 pp. RUSSIM, perj, Dok Ak Nm1k SSM$ Vol CXLIII, No 6.. 19620 vp l-V4-13M. Amr Haft Soc BOV Math - Dak Vol In, Ab 2 So62 Sci - Noth Pl F,.n for the Machint. Tool liOus try, bj, ii:tkubow0af 9 pp. Machanik, Vol XXKIVI No -0, 1-961, JM, -3509 JAKUBOWSKI, J. Studies on the Irinetics (f the diffusion of salt in cheese. Milchwissenschaft 23(5):282-8 (1968) (CSIRO/No. 10 '?It .,- 4,.-triu ?ower Hugimering jfawc-i~k& of thc; With thi- AwAociation W PoliGh A.Inctrkeai 19-22,17-1958p by J, L; 4 pp. Vol xv~jN, Pu 2/3, Warsaw, ZI ',iiie 1.956, mtric Pcver BD.cLqh (2708-D) Aebleveowto of the glmctrote,~bnlcal ImUtute in Warsev in the Past Tm Tammip ijy Juuwu lach &tubovskl,, .17 pp. POLIBE, 3Mr. ProbloW. ND 10s Wwiavv 11955j, pp 681- 694. JM 6-1668-D P0123A V soc -7 0 Scl - am 59 -Lip- 9~-e, pp 426-430. M13 156TF raft no NOWSdAl. x1mbft of ubw db- mat Doe 66 The Pormout cc supom" atom in Juvers in ftww~-y arA practicep 1w Pda a*wdwa. omms Die 901no UL 95m Sm 506,,7,pB.,Ilp 19N. USA Corp CC NWo "j 8t& jr 4a.8 Sol - OUR bw&r*dLfts#' now - f2mmootsums rhwo wobw ,4 Available an Iwo at annoweb ooLtw Mrw7 The Problem of Establishing the Convergence of Difference Scthemae~ by L. I. Jskut.. 5 pp. RUSSIAN., per,, Dok Ak Nauk SSM, Val CLI, Jo 1, 1963; rp 76-79. Amer Mut2i Scc sci 6),j ( S F-22l'-')6') %ATUREI mAtI, AIND TECHNOLOUY A - G , 3Y T. J- KLITI-ao P. XXXX PP. POL I SH., 1,.'P,, CZERWONY SUANDAR, 1110 oi-,, I "'D2 p ipp's 144o,~, Sci t,.iisc JUL 0' 2 Lu2l 14 It)-, M. mid K w:m I. I, A. HlF FITH-T OF o-14COMI 11()I. ON 1111: A('IIV- 1. JAN. ki. Il'Y OF Y-)MV ~,'AIVRAI. I-Al MIX111RES IN Dl-- It Kt,ranyl. N. CREASING SERUM LIPIDS IN CASFS 01: ART11110- SCLEROSIS. 111*01 7p. 3 rct~. thdl,'t frmii MA $t. tO b 3- 14395 f r.ins. (if I:L:ttc- Suif,-n An.,Hic11LPiIr!-I (Wci Gwrinany) 1961, v. 6.!~ 1 WSCRIVTOW,~ *Vii mun 1:1, Di ugn, M(it)d scrUln, I .][)I tj~, " At tit I, J,ck I 'I, I,. DIL-1 apy. 1V auThm , vvfx)i t, -' in IN ir 1*~ CrIlt citix:ritint-nial rt. - -,tift~ in iih,io,ch r(,rw pim, rit, 1I d a fat dicl. 'Picy ti-wd dit I,, pi-lucmi~ a ciiim lipid-&( rta~-tng Mho cimlailiin~ I mixtur,' 'If hill ~MJ SLlnfl0WV I Idf- ll,,Acr oil- in(] ;jt;c-!1.wi,d that tlk' C~St'nttal fatly acuk l NI. 1`11-d In I -jIlM)A tit C1 ~hl 11 QIL 1-:1110 tit VsWnlial ([I I,,[. ~!w. I I "-1. 11, Pi Ill I TI. it ~ 1, 17, V. 10. no. 6) moks of In sl Bar.", (ov, -I ) (Dr.-w3/9) mw am"Aft cc so VW2& F~ anuxas tw Anm&k--Amwb a. W~ - JIPO m===# was umm4 23 APU IMN6 v h. am "a / % f a I(J- IF " - momfous Pol Investigation of Rosin - n. The CMtaUlzatlou of TaU Oil In DwoW Sizing,, by P. 0o :alavaj, 9 pp. VIUM per,, Paperi & Paux Val XUMO So 2l pp 23-4. 1955. MA 57-2693 Sal Jul 58 e~', 71 6 uppis, joi" tar neabia, Nomov, by J"n-Buwy !~!!rtj-.3 pp. nowis "twt so maw US Dept or Comierce Movit Office Bel 1.1b (01ft) Bel - saguiewing m2 6 0 A fto2oqPd Acuou -- Irad in me b M- t ~ t of 95 C~ of lqpuo ftykb - tr It .2 -1 -0 btr J. jaul. sp=m.p pwo pnls%a mW" b Chile supp. 19%j, pp. 8-29. 3m 71-29&B460 National Income and Product Accoimte of Iraq - by Smd pp. UffCL ,;?o : -a AR43= 1 t6-Sev 53.p An%bassy., Bughdad., 19 Jul L 3,961 D Do" of at@" ---7 =/A - Inq / e:,~ 5~, 5~ .6/ am AM 61 5903/J Pledges of UBS Aymk Wocking People for 1961, Socialist Caq?etitlons by JmbLl,, Kbumetbok, Tsedeabkolr, balwal 3 pp. MMOLTANj, so.. Usms 24 Iftr 1961,, ]p 2. JPRB am sap 61 The Different Percentages of Survival Am(.-)ng. Eybrid of Genus Finusp by A. th. de -jamblim-ne. FRENCH. SLA per NC State College Jun 59 7115-- 9o Mme or ~ - - I a ftly. PS68M "=SUM *1 aw wvooum or wo lmbw= %W U. Suboldho L allND06 yet IN N. Jembrich 30*3% aft 40 MMONVA"s mw (4