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December 31, 1983
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The ent Status ()f Cryata:Llographi c Data bodes^ of Manswisses bY J. L Bxme mra. 4~t CrIat, Vol n 11MIto pp 797 A20 5W-FJ Sci Aug Lr1J CSO: 012,27171 w 10 Dec '(0 "F Ball. Spec alus to the Structural LjtjIdy of I,,-- a d Par V. Collet 2-anc. Miner. Crirt., 'vol LXXV11, 1 do I-lot ~%Jremvi,t of the Heats of Tr~,nzforrmA'o,,-,. by G. !I, pir, Bulletin de la 6ociete Frrinc,~iEcz ue I lilogie et de (Irist-allographie, Vol LXXVII, pp -1 -968. tJPRY f4w Briny Rock~--t & Guided Mi,;sil.2 ',gcncy I A~I*w J~uc for Dlffcrentlm~L Thermal Analycis, 41W. 11 pp. Re FUloup M. Per, BOU tin de Is Bociete Francaise Ifto -t-uFUNM6&aphIcp Vol now 9690M9 4c w ', b 'T'Lluat4A, da la S,.~ci ei~* Ge do 195t,", 9 975 Mnmanuel Coll On Lcng Ctx r c r sci Aug UFO abo w %Sri ~u -wvw A a Cryad Mineralogto d"o F 461-474. 248,929 'Fri 4 IF 17 1, R . .!- . . . . TIR og l b M T ayn I y A*lr-AAJ'Tr-7 0: I I i I T Ossformation of Alkaline Fold- spa 1: production of Hicroline and of 14~bii by J. Wyart, G.. Sabatier. . U_L PRE!$ Bulletin Sociato Francalse do lo tris-t-&-notroohis, Vol PP NTd ~9-1082S-OBG SO_~ar~scl Ma~ 9 382,538 SENSId i 1. 1: 4d SABA-t-MR, G. Differential thermal nalysi,~, f S.. e 944~iae and arsenide minerals of iron, ickei a'til icIt. lulL ir. 'ner.Cristallogr. 81:12-15 (1958) CRL/6. 644 266-2n. Ali 2480931 JIL A 1W Inv mo 1814 the I UCTILIN L MORPWLWY OF QUARTZ. i. 7 vr~f . SLA L60 61-14761 s -_I"m&j41qp III all W. v. 62. p. 333-340, iv~ cryouls. Quartz, "Crystai i e4. of dw apmevrao crystail- nam bokw cc mmiax, *Mnz. TU c 0." cm be 44%k"d boy assomift dw 0 ca" 6 %moms iS102 WSt. WAIMMI". T11L W1 Sol W SW Ic we at do F a 0 x (Nin), ~tqzrmw we at do 3 tyle. d tw (3161) we nwly ponit- 7 A*br*W . ka WMch do haweedn isimmmi old to (AVMW) 10. , ~ .S.04 TT. v. 6. 1) 1. P. 76 down of TGAGA0111111 63-16244 ~01 OD 4 3. wn"Ui diii, Fbomphues, Cmb*e Balww4m. A deotd I I to I con of am appu*mo for die simul- p Ir I : - ,ri ii cwvos cc 1graviinetric therim I . b * d J fereol: F 1 diermd =m3yam. will temVe . *mm ~t O k =*ill Oil a fiaction be amr, frm a Very *Maui 1 6 (3 . UP to 60 tamperanwe 4 it MO 4.~ C Gibe a can be carrW ow In a . dafted * mixtil si lf J itw upbeirt x"-, i u in a cmucum POMM StremiL 6maiaw. Tr. v. in, nm 7) (over) "Lag IftOb*i=$ JA CAICOPYTItA (MMON)a by Fo permiag"to f PkIrs Sta WDA ' ~MA0 Fa- ASA F-9919 SI.IlliOOVBWbWT USE ONLY 29897S2 63-16UI NEW ME' OP DWPRltmmn(3N BNIVIIIIN 1. Gold C. widn Db,AWM 11901 * (rds. cxMw OL*wkr!l $1.16 63-16241 n"L;nl w 0 04 ocalelm Idlowicatim pum~w Uri tim convousolo. Sake. Anunadom A miml dazits oc It 610okloo cok4ft mod I bomb, of do fect d" dati 11 ll-~- - TAM it is c ~M& aduid "Lq"Fw%A=L% oximmimn wo. aftr boving Wei 190h 6 141 ankinI um , , I tIL 7mu"* is d~m 6mDRred idlb do silver chmmite Tr, Y. 10. m 1% Ilke at Tttb*ji Sentri I-Ti -43 4-3110 7 C. Levy New D ata t ni Iridium-Osmiurn Compounds Eydstence of V ivell osimiuln. IRMI 1, pe r, Societe Francaise de I-lineraiDk;ie et de Cr lfstrwl 0 Bulletin Vc, i~4, l graphie. 317 NOV IVSJA of Z~d Csssit*rites are at ai MILP PP UIL-3220 USB ONLY 2980729 Of Wavotits-42wadto-PentimAte Ln 0 D"Ilts in Gromm, DJL~ oll mmgw~l Po3ro , 1"10 i i WMINI"T Usil (MLY bmace I~ ~V4 il 299,727 Ana bmwMiosical maturo of "ft Fr" mwawcar "Os Uad*w the HUctmu Hicroprobs, U Oita ot'tu DWI ~i pore b1h, am Franc. MLRor&l, Cbrist X~Asol"~ "10696110 vp 4uowwk. W. 169923 ~i Sj, QDVRMMT USE ONU 298,731 #&d Owmdod CaVositiou of idea so by 96 #fttaLsO J. Ravler. go so 'Saco Franc. wbwr". pt:7 -cr]Lst,, W-Ift2a I-Mae Tr P-9924 USH CHLY 2930750 es FL31tt mbwral rom of ladiums mate Ro Moneu Pets -19L..Soc. Fxmr.0 mine3mL CdSt 19630-p-P-7--,, S. I GOVENINM Um CNIX 298o7S3 at 20*0* JA 00610"m I 1111slu 1 1,14 o iblamIft (2mm Timm) a .7 i I i , i i 1~ go-ol lum =am ; ~16 Bio ui wl 0 316v432 on Li 1A (it J10 Occur cc of Sam [UL= Mawrals in a Wad-Bearinp, Ization of the Tinids Laigim 44LAtUbso by P. Picot,, Soc Prame IUAur vol amv 1963 0 vp 87-68 rf F-9762 U 6. Ile MMMEENT LISE UILY 611 2980576 w- -- ~- t ~ i ft"A"t zMass st&.Imo* P. awplao i~' rittzi, * P. i t I a* ~Immwuo (=X 33.10#S*6 I I f ; ~esenoeli~of a Morosoopic ~sickel wd Cobalt 19 '(Av ~ , rnlw, eyrm)., by J. 196~., po 201-203. WO'71-i4616-08G Aneralization -Ath in the Kaymar Geffroy and Vol 72 ShOy cifl. the Chanrgas Affectir,,; N'u.,-icovite I.U(.6 Whci,n it is floated at Trin1perriturer, 0 3 ttlltcen 1700 and 1200 CS by J. P. Ebe,-hart. FMCK p", Sociote Francaifie de Mineraic,:-ie e de Orlistallograplie BuIletin Vol IL V) IM-71 1434-20B O,;r 7 Disco,ver lof Germanite in Fram,ce, by P. Picot. il I nliw~H. per, Societe Francaine de Mneralogie et Crisi. allokraphie, Bulletin, Vol 86, 1963, pp 299- .fw, ~f 01 ~ lma-~1-12555-08G Nov 71 Ac d*tional Ofta cm the 14neralizations W thixeuil (Same-Et-Wirs),,by 11, ilicot. PEENCIS per 01~1 soc Pranc Ancr C2 t" Vol Lxxxvlp M.", pp 373-375. IT r-976S HIM' LP;L UILY S. GOVEM Al: 66 2)9,5745 Co Lwtn to the Stmly of 10 at Limousatp C 'L"' bF1 ~y ~ L., urand, 11 ppq p - ~3 n r$ Bull Soc Franc ML=wr Crist, Vol 86, 39 19 *IN 7T '~O-S7641 7T 0 1170 Oz~the -Presence of Maldonite (A u2B' ) at si I a 9~1% AUDE), by F, Boyer,, ICH#4per, Societe Prancaif3e do Mineralogie et C, t.~ 2t oimaip)40. Bunetin. Vol 86 1963, pp 429. 11T0-71-12556-080 r Umit&tlons in the Design of IArge Trans farmers, . M.1-1.~ Hochart. b~ Flummi'l: Per, Bull. Soo. Franc. Alect - t I ?~- 3, -; - LI;10-1-331i i'i OiZDIA) ~ sl~i - 1 i Atig 6-1,1 339,9ZI, o8ch74 )gIa art (boahemical s Latite with Diatite 't I whe4ackial LOVY0 8 per,, IkIl,, So@* Fran L"I society ftudy of a and Plagioclase., P. Mineral. Crist. TlielSelaiiiferous Digenite of Nusonoi (Katanga), by, k. Oo,terbosch. FTO'~H, er, Soc:Lgto Frgacai a do M-neralogie et CA tan6graphie, Baustin, Vol 87, 1964, pp 613- IITC-~71-IM554-08G Is il"J .,~y Ilov 7 1 aeherai ctaracteristics and F~I,ssibilft-fes :)f D--I~elopment of High Tension d.--. ','ran3:Assion, by 14, II.G. L2urent, P-MiCII, per, Bull. So. F:'2:1~-. Ele V--I 6 21 - 63 6 '2 6'r I 0t, i #ad lw &* ctn"s 0 se~ 1 Mmcw 316,p423 ~Ikaraloglcal Paculiarities oi~ th She4l iltu Tactites Frcu 14urthLast tr Li ii,, i y, J. cAna,, P. Picot. 1 aro Ojull Sac Frmc .1 Ineral Gris t L tut jaxN6 xilo 1965 0 pp 11-16. Idi l a TT I -~10g335 Oilil ~ I:IkNl Orr WL. MLY $C .0" ilato"f ials i* - Oo 312 v3231 on tide Ele~trophoresis of Tears:, by F. Rouher, 8 pp. pet, Bull Sac Franc gph,.al, Vol 74, 1a,61, pp 6~ -~659 I; - Dept:~f 11~ ~" NIC Tr 3175 3 ~ A pri .) 71 11 MW*Utlm t0 GrOGnUCA- =ww*y and )J, -by Dwssortio ~w 34w. ft4ou Foompol" jo 310 30 04 rr AV Trans~ C niono =I, F DES= AHMFXr OF HALAnom. 1. Mauge 63-10691 63-10891 jAngalse de, Rotudra0de ef de 4iit6l ~J*Aoll Aumt.: ~tl er. w. 14 i~730 . Ph c Allons. *Pboto- Ixgo'nraic, OH&Won, Light. 3 Protective aDverings X. I Diffuslon~ ti (Materials V 77. v, 1.0, no. 4) k H ef 1, 11, llnwAl, 'Ind \14"Isovelo, ~rt 171: Ji Ik,,r v. I,,\ m v mn.m ixa) *n i i 11 1 ATIA1.) !A:, 1.;;: '11,11 ~ 014k~ 01- 11 n-- Ill if~ %hrl 1H)'o; 'J'AA,01foaren Our -t ik- In 1,tr,h~iurt- i; tw- lut i in 11 upq c TI 00, 4"JiTations, *Slx-r(!s, V, i, t, Dffrl '17. Y. 10, no. 1) rilfem or oonui, atji pisantes., b,.; Lo Dsa ddxd.6 19301 172`11'*~ AT13 25snar ATS 87-IJ SOL My 59, Hew P Ded Of fhjb*cul&rla at Cr;Lcovo licar Kiohlnicv (RY.C.Orpt, C.. study) :3~ 131noti, H - Dervinon. 7228-73t~' ATS 90 -,7j :Sic. 2- oqlll syli, G~ tha'Algao in Nubeculurian Limsstcrm--, by If. orvill-04 IT=Ri J~orj.~-ALU So;: Gool~,Ymuces. Vot Vip pp AM 3M22F A" ag - ri sci May 59 som Ms4rvod Dotallg Comerning Uie Reef Forme of NlUbec4a r-'a* bly HEqriru.*Le FRMH~, rt PuU See Gool rmnce., Val frl., -1937j, MS 3LX22 AT13 88-71 Sal Ifty 59 a "hvnt" of Regamal-Pbtawrphisa, by lit ~ 10"t um-im $*L.A. Tr 52Q 4 Avg "~6~ 4P ~qpg , ( ]-l ., A 0- t 0A th"t ot-c:rln~, DW-1 soc VU."L w11., ATS 8:5J16F AW 103 -FJ trib tim. to the Study of Clypeins 49rnt v :. Favre (Calcareoum Slphme- Based cm the Remrkable Speci- or ~~~he Alprien JU=solc,, by J. No- "r, Bull Soc Oeol Y'rmcp Vol XX,, Miumm-Tihn 58~ 711601 ~ho 14-n9rals of Parlat Sediments, by ~ an 1 L. Visse, 12 pp. 1 I I., I B~~'l fta~ ' S5n'A#-Pf3-Pce' ifol vle' ; ~4.r P - i MA 3390 1 . i i i I i 58 i i r, qy J, I I 4s" I .Of '%a-,ACCUrftCY of ROOk Analyses., by P. W.. 11 pp. ran" j, Ddletlu do I& Boo do Lvfflmry -or Geological Oku Vey or Canaft of Q"tormtry Sod Imato azfi 81, FIrst ResultA.., by U. Allmlz;; 17 e.r,, sou am Geoi France,, 6 84rico, 0 19"', P'' 094ft!v;~ SIA 3389 $CIL 'ha / I- /- j u 7: 174.;,., -to -ze Study of tho lxc-' 11 rc"T b7 U, ("'curt". ~,,_Thlliotin do Ift AnQ _gique de iate aeQ g Series 7, No 5, 1959, PP 5,~,^ r,,10. BY-51 AT2 11.1aUwd of Deternining NipaSI~I~- Diffarcritiatiunz, P~, Xil, Dial Soc (;4~oj Fr. tic 1 sci Sell AnA2,"Is of Cosla, by R. Thevenin, 3 pp Tot Apr S.L.A. Tr 1899 "O1 T03SIMa late=a Ailyotn)jpkdc by P. LOGWUp A. ftpj, R. Leroy. D" ap as Pkris, Vol ump URVY em/~s rA "elm jj~ 1 on the i t Thickeninp in the Cells of Sam Gramineae 1 akenst by B. , .ichicoff . "61A ORRUM, r. DUUstin do la Societm Imeriale don ~e OJL W3, no 1.9 luwq pp 53115 61 Jme 71 V 63-16218 Urbala. E xd. HE INDUS;Rf OF ~Pl IOSPHORIC ACID IN rM RELA- 1. Urbstn. F. ION TO;T1 E MANUI AMRE OF ACTIVE CAR- ONS. Pape ~ p r6senze% it the conference In Mtdhouw. 8 Nov 28, 1953120P.11 Irder from ISL k'$ 1. 60 1 63-16218 rans. of Sckll t6 Indualtrielle de Mulbouee. \!!#lVtIp )ESCRII?Miist~ *'Chetn psl Industry, OPhosplioric acids. Pbtassium #Phospluttes, *Activated carbon. Unufactur T,,rAL rs (Owmistry), Furflac lesip, Engineerinp- hernichl, TT. v. i0, no. 12) coke d tocmkxl Serwkft BUSOM 0=6 ~Iuftort for Vain MUM., by J. MIMI% A. W tles a. alobwao 4 pp .. PRM p Coi n fis -3&-Bm._Iutermt d* Ti, No % 3.9 -339. I ftvy Tr wvAw 6w so& ~. 4ba 1 in .11,7 q., ,P-2=0. F=r, tACU Wd ISMI CIZU4Latlon In iLj, by C. 1. FOOMP t et al. r,, pp, P'ni.n 31, 4*1 act agil, so Nba lrojl~ ""POO *W Scant . A. MVIA071-101~ 'N A RAL HMHPHALOPA7M OP L-ON AJI" E CAT (0146a vazi lau m'aacetakVstia Vlrale Gatto). 1106,113p. 11 Wr froni Sl if. 10 63-16428 ags".IV. p. 1233. IsErmi SLA on SO-SS7. SCRIVMP~: ~Pncep Ude, Encepbaltdo viruwt, kta, Zwoo~ei. AOgICAI Sdlft~CC9--P*l1hDk)", rr, v. 1% no. 6) 63-16428 1. Mikgmssl, P. 11. Lmmrdi. G. IM. Scauu. A. coke w Tftwkjl sffvtm VW C&UGW ChW*" in Done IOU tar P a in G17otrol at -'190C. Observatioas ors tho O',Cf Prote0tiVe MUM of the 01yeerol so 06 :be Itiple cbsops In the Done NUTM calls Wuo ~by sod the Zxpo, lbo tbo I4V by U. Twenop W. iBoldKti 2. Artusi, V. S41. VAW~O Vol I=, pt MMfr 31ho/W 693 SaL ~od Jun 62 JIr, I-e rnitd laxiea MLtr,lx)-2-i3m of Some Straim (W by G. -XXXVI 11C 1.0 -:.13e, Cyptica! lsomrc O~ ( Cy~za.aserin ) x~ ",- c ' ~1. -" -. li.1, ba med. itirie oza 2 11 d Mctaoo 'Lism of o"oroc Eberthella, by G, Societr- ! :a., T-Ty-xvr-,-T,6- -10 .10 ol't Alkaline Ph cular'Fluid ITALIN~, pe So 2, 1961s 1011 NIk 6-8 Sci/B&N Jan 67 phatase Activity in the Human Arti- by U. Quatrini, et al. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sper, Vol 37, p 41-43. 66 318,013 .~ UMpbodytl* PokymcCftwlde and ~91 0012twt in patisom %Aft-soing wwqv,o by L. Verip., 6 pp. lm della socdew ftmolnOt"j, Vol xnvnr SWY Tr WT/Me 816 Sol ~- Mat & Vad Oct 0i ~ I i~ Studies (~Il L,4rlq)llocytic Polysaccharide und Scr,,,un Glycopit~v~ein;11!6n Guine Pigs Under Subletlia-01 Total lrradD,~,,t~on, [63r L. Verga per,~! BQII Socleta Italiaria ~U Ziolo6ia 1~ '-'' - n ale, liol XXXVII, 1961, pp 104 *NavZr/NNS 313 Sci - Biol &A-led Oct 6-~ flistok"Otie Processes of sues Oith the Method of t tine Mu*iug Ja Rodents and 116 1110 R.Opeft"Sions of iins Tvo*t*mt on Uamel of Caidta Cobaya, by, A. tiiani. per, W Soc lltgl DiOl SPeT ~.--O 20 19630 pp 1211-1215. 2113,550 ~t use of Tetruyelizo and of 6~ Red S in the Tim .3tudy of Fesitims by A. Mmi:k, et al, al Por. 0011 Sop Ital Biol SPOIO 'No 20, IM, j)p IZ6D-1262. .-615 S 1 If 1 2830644 A Oant:octs of the llisto In Dop Treated T limycline mmd Antarin Rod Ss PI joli, at al. am ),)STO Doll Soc Ital Biol sper, 400 iio 200 fun',' j;) 1262-1264. 5"2 1*65 6jS 21130645 In 940sbom mosorim e ft 30 IAIW Anat(mdcal Section of the Spinal ture at the Corld. Burvival for fts by Saari Claude, Jew 4 14 IV. I .port ga -000 mod gLopj Vol xuIv Oat vy Aw7&'AAP71- xxg - YbdicLas (,-M /M 13, e c;)-- 111u~dl'datitj'p~,, Gas Polsonine FollowW By Dry Gangr-,-a ~sio Alba Dolens. by ~(ntgnml- lAvastinc: arxi ~*eMx4 are Mlajowknlne. 7 opq Bull. Soc. ~W. lep. ITS, 3 series, 1,:,-' STA 57-1537 In t4" ftlowlaft- 0 "m 0.- pbtommdal, by M. fabbe. 13 pp. ~ Dau _ft_o ma lbi 559 1931P I ---- M 1 4~ VP * mlkt am 15w lbws" 395#TF2 11 7 I TT-61-16498 Md1likl4me. Heim de. )*D=Tftkgw 0c OP WMTAL ANMA PECTORM 1. lAubry. C. am 0. Wow. H. de rl'-61-16499 ftris. BAN' Sol P. r 1 r pwwns, -Hum DISM"s. s:wsm hftfty, Tr. w. i i. w. 3) O"We .0 T.C%~ksl TT-61-14492 riia I 1. Villaret. M. ~-;Lk )PA d y (v TAL ACCIMWrS CON- It. junda-bevancon. L. IVE. Oyll ENWUSM& 496115P M. Bardin. P. 04 from S" $1. to I , Tr-61-14492 Oes- OLAmga. Arteries, Bkod Tr. v. 11. am 3) O"k* f T*cb.i..l S-k" 61-16470 RicWt. Gabriel. C01 H A Ito op 69BRAinom OP ENDDG- 1. Hambwswr. UN(XJ$ lOA- ER 0 ilmin r-sPr-(IAI.I.V IN 711F 13. ItIcbst. COtYR4;r- fol CHWJ" IN AMMASISuruni'lien'onienedf! k UbEvdtl;~p' TAm It 'brw Oboarti Haamn" au : I COOVS, alroo An os)~ 119611 IV. Ord" SLA 14) 61-16471) ftrmdal Icale 1 2 3: fields, *Voter, OKMM". .-T Sdo4c4- -PatbaloV, TT, v. 6, ft. 6) oo , W WaW TWU Vith, cLgquiFiwrww- ter R. lasount IRL. 22 pp. Val OlpmU fte Jbd Hops hrist sw IT S.L4. W 2298 miss 0770-~T-- olwftww w"Ift-Aw tbb --- I - a. a ot as 19 ppe 0 fta ow a& sops morls# To' 1 0 0 yp OZ40i", , , S.LA- TV 2M 0 %a- In-AM.& 0/40 g$7 i~ I I I" i *: I ~ 62-10748 7VO C niv: P. and others- S OP THE 1. E*rot, m p RTICAL NECROU 11. Prunter, P. KMNEV N cao Nkrost Corneate du Ikein). (1961111 fig. Med). Order Ir 62-10746 01 Wale den] Haplitaux del Parisi. Trans. ISMI(red ~(Frarom) 1960. Y. 76. DRSCR AS: OKI~eyss, Pathol"y. Diseases. lenct,01--ftichology. TT. v. 7. no. 10) Of ldvhogmmphy jin tim cases .61 C~yjurjaq by J. Turiafl, .m. ~ "W I Pari ,i p wl(4, - part I W Mod Elm ~ ;!P VjI 13~.m NO IT#-M2-o, PP AT-11 6.113-65 IL 11 2,135,70". CoaqAlcatious in ted with Colistin R.Arda=Ume Soo Bull Had des Chronic Uremic Methanesulfonate., by do ig! 66 1 307a Th-4 Molmi~r. it., "Ot~ a.. and Pluvw. J. N13W JUVIR.O. POR MEASMDQ THE RLSC- TJUL N OMUSPAAR UWASILM, APPLICt.- TON lb $1 Y or FAMOUR. 11962112p. (6 figs. iml ltmn. 1 Order Op. SLA41-60 62-14574 Tram. 11' do bAlidlecint) bullifalle) Pr&*Kl to IJOL -10t In MINIFU ~Ij t955 (v. 49121 May, P. t19-1 . oil DESCR V RS: kedical equ%ment. Messwoment, ONeuroCculLar anomloolm Illooloctroolco. banitita**' M10 ~ma, Nerves. OPatigue(Phystolog,f). 62-14574 1. 'nile: Rjwwcame 1, Moynlor. R. 11. Gulot. G. 111. Pluven. -Phy*iology,TT.v. S. no. 6) Thibb 61T -ME PA-nGm op spoRr.;- Al MEN' AM) DONE AT T14E tTS RAPY! WORK RATALEAC 0 ~SNVIILLE. 11962117P. (7 tip. omirted), I i order fro SIA $.60 62-t4546 J616'& M6daanej Militsire Fran;jaise MOM RS: Or4,aIjvw (Pheylology), *Recreation, RMICati. *Physical fitness. 62-14596 1. Title: ElectrLmic rheotogne 1. Thicimult V. 9. no. I'- i I ja, by Irrike-tion Md W&t9r povfw in klpr age pp. AID 3A 9"M - pp 1-7. fal LT Pt I Im 140 1946 S.L.A. Enginser1mg Alag 55 , ; ] ~ i i I 1 1 ~ I ~- 1 PJL% s i4 !:~ ; , 0*0 'I ~' 1: 14 W I I I i , I lleriOeL )., and BMW, THE VALO OPTIC . NFLIRMS DUE TO ALCOHOL I ANn NicOrlINE P ING. 11962) 8p- o6i ~-H $.~( K-Ii Order Ir i'Mo. . 5131 r M 1V 'Trans. of~t~- 1,229,Cc de France. V Serill0n, P. 5,.91t. DIISCRIP't`OJUS: -(*I,! wrye, I~jtholWy. *Nicolinc. *AlcohoW, 4Poisotdilg. rK). 1) 62-22469 )avIv. G. 1. j N,nna~ F, lv-i~l ~ Vr,sz, fv-!r,w,. Mi,- i i On the Iiiectrophoresis of Tears, by F. Rouher, I: 8 pp. i FRENG1, ;per,j;OSAII S2c Franc Wht 1, Vol 74, 1961, pp 652w659. .1 I NO/NIct-Tr-3,175-71 1 1 Mar 71 of jActi4sat-tal Mmubm PhoUmngulation by *Oro, by P. SUackmg, U. Sa=te, ot al. 1~. malls Ophtalinot. Prmcej, Vol 64. ~pp POLIM4065 AV i CRL- 10025 306,365 SUspleal, by Aorriwm- I..L t. vow# ~01 4 4jo Lit 19"t 7110-794. 2&007i,4 P I IVY latopteira from ',Iacucus Cynoflologus L., by lieur~o 4 pp. r PIE tv petp Bull de la Soc do Pathol Exotique. Vol 191if lip 390-391. NMS 521 sci~,B WRY 377.438 A~ )A0 to or Aho&dus I'vouxw, Trypammoia (bi tbJI Rangdll ppg by E. Tejem -SOO.-Vath. Rwt.,p Vol Xms, RM SCIO~Iflc Blology MARK y IM do Pathologle i l ~ dl 2ft*465 ............................. I nf I U~ncc lof the Blood of the 11,ird on the Fecunditv of iho~ Fea6dity of the Comnon Mosquito, Clucx Pipici)s L, by E. 11ouband, 3 pp. FREW L, p6r, Oullet,in de la Socicte do Pathologic Exotti Lu,.,, ;Vol XXVII, 19340 pp 006-068. 1-8-04 Sci Biol & Mad Ap r. 614 amt Tianltn -;,h, Pr,.-m 4*~;=-Vas to V!xit 't,z !,~t!,- P, -W44 =.al. ~atmnln owlets a* F~vtt~a!--t vp 63