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platms, by 9. vl~ 0- 2961 vka. =wm Tz ir4W sci h j:7 p 012t:6i List vo ~heAt6nstruction of a 1heory of Elasticity, D! Ivlev, 3 Pp - ;w per, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C)DD[VM, r~O SIX WO 61, pp 13'21-1124- AIP Sov Phys, - Dok Vol VIP No 6; S-'77 C. ~162 Trazworiti6al Derormatio" of C3rlindric&l aiei"I' Wi:de:r E~ternal Pressure;, by A. V, P~g,6~610v' pp. RUS& N er, Dak Ak Nauk SSSR,, Vol CM-N-111, AIP Sov Phys - Dak Vol V1, no o" l~2 r stribution of Electrons in Di 1loto zatiou of Aromatic: Amines in Ojol- ni .8. G&, bous Fhaaep by F. L Vilesov, ikiirbatov,. A. N. Terenin, 4 pp. Mr, Dak Ak Nauk SSSR~ Vol CWVIII, 1.46 6~ 32- PP AIP SOV Phys - Dok voi vi, No 6 e7c 6ci 111 idy Line' optical ProperUes of lvu~~jja~en't OaZ Wder Moi Pressure, by YxxP YaQ Zoli'dovich, S. B. Kormr, M. V. Sinitsyn, 3 RUSSI-A% 1per, Dok-Ak-NOAA Vol CXXXVITI, IQ 1, PP 1333-1336, Sov-Phys Dok voi vi, no 6 62 IYU. 's-1, 1961oli set Oct LIO i2 us 06r,, 10 SAM 2.2 r4off ~i 31', iandiT~hernml Circulation in the Ocean, S.J~ineykin, JO pp. SSTAN~ per Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, 1-9d, ;P 1341.-. 'AGI Fe ~63 Trana. a v. 1381, DESCR;IM Cbemleil (Cheinisti 62-12120 azid any, A. A. POLYMYLENE wrm SULPUR. 1. DDpdkin, B. A. 11. Dmtsov, A. A. ATS-93NMR 131. ATS-93W56R IV. Associated Technical jew SSSR. Idady. 1961; Services. Inc.. p. -1352. EaatOrange, N. ~*Ethy area, Pblymers, *Sulfur. l a., Dffic* of Tockolcol Savices Ddi; 6f the M()leou2ALr Wedght of bly A. P. Terentflev. RU6~3i D&I Akad Nook SSSRO, v 86ipp 3362ma3r34, AT A i i -62- 2S752 A.A. i t d IM h Tid i in, A.A. 1101' R I F'T I ) TA UN ]QUIS DES TERRES IlAims 1. Tolstol-A-alova. A.A. 0 Za It,, lip in ~' .r i i)~;t vi&I %,'Kati lit iclic.,;Ukh Svolstvakh [I. flilandin, A.A. todkil:h 7ci l ei *cJ101 t IIr Ill. CNRS-%Il 684 21). (fortt-ig incit I(M) 17refs. CNRS-Vl 684. 1161. Centre National de ]a RMier fni m F'lti:' of ("NIC13 51.60 TT-62-28752 che Scicntjfiquo.P;iri.,; , I i1i T " M ~ ;t -~A 'S 1 116 1. 1~ ! i,. )I fill 1-6 "I*rth clem."Ilts. em of I~o 111, io~ Ficil ti"IM4, W1,1w~tt:y-I oi I t 1),:, 1. no. 8) Of on R)wbm*e Resins for the ~lon of Cyaulde Prcm CaMlex Baltuq by Los A. 1. Sinelloikm,, A. Yu. Bailin. BTA~ pm.. Dj*-Ak-Nauk SS13Rp Vol uxXxV 1l.. No 61 1399-2hOl-4 q7 - A!m-96mhR 0,0T No 2 ~he" ate 11kolasses of the. E rly Caledonian Gebs c1 le inthe Interior of the Baikal by V. G. Belichenko, g an P. M. Khrenov, 4 pp. R~" JIAN, per., Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXMIII, NQI~ 19 ~j pp 1405-i4o8. AGI F ~b 03 -------------- ~hq i~si Features of the Geology of the 'nb Pre c'a'rm r,h of Southern and For Eastern ~sMjiand~ k6ighboring Ter ;ul~ ; ritories, by G~ mov, V. K. Y Ya 0 Putinsev, 4 pp. RUSS~Mj' r Dolt Ak Nauk, Vol. CMVIII, Ho 61, -196~~.pp 14og-1412. AGI sci Feb W6 ~,~Lre of a Reverse Fault in the t ult in the Western End of the zhiguli e'll, by V. A. Dolitsky, L.I~Be an, 4 pp. r. Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIIIJ 90 ~106 -PP 1 1 -1416. AGI SCLI Fe b3 Disc v'eryllof the Marine Upper Triassic in the t~~,si,.'-Berezan Region of Soutberwestern Cislc'~ulcaAa~, I by V. L. Yegoy&n, 4. k'.I~Ye.~8akov, 3 PP. RUEISIAN,~per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXWIII, go 9 6 pp 141-1420. AGI Sci lle~, i D3 I It Pliocene Deposits 'Near the F~, ra of the ~31 illpge ~d ~Padgornye Baylyary in .-Tataria, by I~A!,I.~ Ku e'tsova., 3 PP. Dok Ak Nauk,, Vol. CXXXVIII, 19~2, pp 1.421-1423. AGI SCIJ FJbJ63 Th, b~ No F61 ef F. N' ctures.of the Birsk Saddle, bink., 0. M. Nk-rtchyan, 3 pp. Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, )ieT, Dok Ak 6 , pp 1424-1427. AGI ~Ib +ge ;b ~Itbe Ore-Containing Stratim of t~:~ nud46 (Kizylkol) Cbalcor-yrite ~J~ 6 t.1! rM. M. Rubinshteyn, V. I. Buadze, p l~~ ' RU$S ~AN, I~er , Dok Ak Nauk, Vol, CXXXVIII, e AGI :sdi 1, T~4bj 63 Ne'v batd n' the Ze of tbe.Tiraspol Gravel, lAi ~e L . paly by ga) 2 pp. ok A 0 im Nol 1.96 1431-1 q I pp AGI' sct Fe I;obd J'rcd~s of the Deep-Water Fauna, Speed of De 0 11POO tl. oil of Dead Ptcropoda, by '4. Ye. v nog Jov, 41:13P. Russ 1, 1 Dok A Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXVIII, lNo 6, 1961, 14, -1442. AGU cl; Pr6c i~:Loama or a MItidimensional Wiener D. Venteel',, pl? - zauk smR., vol c==, 1963-., jp6ri ftk Ak Amer Math Soc ;2 61 A - -- ~p M-mr ,5v W... " ! I " i ~remj by V.- Yu.,Kryl(Dv, 3 pp. i I bok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol cxx)ax, 1Q,61, i Amer Math Soc ! 1 6`1 p1=, The ;d Ion of Functions by Generalized Linear ; . i I Lan I xiors, by R. ovp 4 p-p. RUSS ri Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXMp 1961, ~2 p p Wth Soo AMW 476 Jun '7- D~tbr t i ~0, 11) of the Region of CpLpture for a System Approx,z itil-k 4"'oa iltonian, by V. Yel'nikcrv, 2 pp. HIM Russ:~F, zAlt Nauk SSSR, Vol C.-CCUX, No 1-6, lq6i ~LILP~- 4 Amer Math Soc 71 7,11 Some St s on the Theory of Homogeneous Marhov sonol,~ e rl~ Prb~e ~Wit Discrete Time, by S. V. Nagayev, 3 PP. 7 Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, vol c=x, 1961, RUSSIO; pd PP 4 `6. 7 Amer Math Soc qci~ Junk' J1 06 boary and Sufficie tiona fc~r ~Ste~v Is of lafference F4mtlons, by V. Ia. Um,, DA Ak Nauk s=,, Vol 0==.v 1961, PP. AMW math &M a u .A ~~d Cbtlqt~ffe: J~m DaterminIng the Ccmst.-nts in the Schuarz. Magral., by P. F. I?illcbakov,. 4 pp. rok Ak Nauk BMR., Vol C=aX: 1g&., . .......................... .......................... Amer With Soc os it Imegi Gry Parts -of an Mibpun4ed operab danovelay, 5 pp. r., DDk Ak Nauk MR., Vol ==X,, 1961y - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I On ii..~'t'~nsli ori r b'f an Indexial of a' Finite g Group, by S. A. ih 2 pp. RUSSW Ter ''[Doh 10, Nault SSSR'. Vol C=X" m:) Amer Math Soc sci: Mar~ 62 ---------------- Ldture of the Functiact Spwe of Conplex coil Equations With Periodic Coefficients# by A chi 5 pp. Dok Ak an* sa3R,. va exxnx, 196ij, :lor 1154-~; Amer NMh Boo 162 .......... lid r irculation Conservation in Magnetc- vor L 'd,,~7 by I.I. fl. Kogan, 2 j?.p. hyaro RUSS 17 r Ak Nxj-lc SSSR' Vol C-'I-P':I):' N-C) 112 lars". 53 AIr Sov Ph,- s Dck Vol VI, No 7 sci j,-m' 621'~ i 61 of Polymeric Plastics to Cavitation by K. K. Shal,'aev,, 4 pp. per, Dak Ak Nlaizk SSSR, Vol CIMI X, P, p AIP Sov Phys Dok Vol V!, No 7 -1,;.Llnear Boundary "ialue Frclbltc~-Ils in tk'-ti !at etry of a Maxwellian Body, by B. W. 3 S~ I A N j'l !per, Dck Ak Hauk SMR, Vol. CXXXJ.,-,.j A j-Y Sov Plny-, Dok Vol V1, No 7 62 Thei' i'gn of Long and,UItra-Long Radio pag waves 41?out t ,he Earth in the Lover (C,D, and E'j 3~16f tHe ionosphere in the Ught of 119n, 'LID T, Inf. r ion 1heory, by P. B. Krmmushkizi, RUSS Pe, Dok A Nauk SSSR, 'Vol ','XU,TX, .0 1961,' pp 67-,;76>, AIJP Sov Phys Dok Vol VII, No 7 J>6 Sci ;9, Fel~ 2 Y t1it Problem of the. State of a Gas Moving f oar t so face, by S. P. Bakanov, V: Deryagin, 4 pp. 7D i. iAI 1 (rss* N, per, Dok Ak Nsuk,33SR, Vol CXXX-[X, 19611 PP 71-T4. AIP Sov Fh:fs - Dok- Vol V!, No 7 6b 62 Th 1e Absorption CoeffIcient and the f ~retime o the Ground 3tate of Ex6i 0116 in a Crystal of CU20, by F. F. Gross, i; A.. Kaplyanskiy, 3 pp. k RUS J r, Dck Ak Nauk SSSH, Vol CMIX, 19 pp 75 -7 Alp Sov Fhys Dok Vol VI, No 7 Scl Feb 2 j I Ms~t ix Element of the Reaction IT*H4r* 7F+IJ, LOW'' rier es,, y 0. 1. ZavIyalov, V. P. flov., 3 pp- I-AI iper, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C)C(v-IX, A V PP AIP Sov Phya - Dok Vol VI, No 7 j62 ' " ~~in ~ the ~ ,c "S, Relatively ~ns*Laztuneous, L WO1, I~h of Polymers 16 the Elasti,-- pat V. Ivanova, V. F. Chuvayev, 3 YP- ROIS: N, Ak Nauk SS3 R, Vol CMIX, ' i196 Ipp No A2P Sov Phys - Dok Vol VI, No 7 feb 2 .GP Ell RU ~o ic Moi IIAN, Ook 4; 196 a of Brittle -Fracture Cracks as Lues on the Surface of a Boc~f, by wvj, Ya, B. Fridman, 3 PP. Ak Mauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX. pp' 7.~ A-1p Sov F'4ys Dok Vol V1. No 7 ;7 )KLAbY ~OF~ 7 113 USSRi "1 X. 139, NO6j derfrb AbI i cd Ais" I"!1;L .4317459.1 4�1, 943-965.1 97,1~ 6, p.~ 1419E1 ESCROPMRS' jBics, OFIY6,01 leftc~lojy',' %C OF SCIENCES OP 1961, 'jn'663, Iv. f,4~. 00/year Na ~SSSR.' DoMadv-;1961, MR* 3-2D7; no. Z 3 2", 66J] 3. p. 673-712; no. 4, '3 P. 6~7 3" S 1 Ito 5, p. 10"-1100, 1173-122D; 14 11466. 1A p & ~I *Geo- stry, OGedo"D ~S6figraphy. ONneralo".. !at Petrology. 61-1249t-139 1. American Geological InSL, Washington, D. C. rth Scleiclei.! rr. T. 0, M 3) coke d TKkukli Ufftis Ardiee~. i A. Trains no. : 1. Othir $1.110 frorb Msr. vestigs laostai tl6n: p0 the bbi (Earff ES A ND LSMASY (Grayltatsio- toltsilya)~D. SWIM"% tr. 1C TC-690. I 1 or ETC $1. 10 TT-64-13353 A_~b Y~'i%l. ~ V. 1.39, Kract: avi lable) ~ available f. M or SLA 1, JFII~S-10688. 23 Oct 61 17p] and *Geophysics. Gravity. *Gravi.ty ji~%.!, Distribution. ~Periilence of Agr-Agl on h was in- XkP Is Pay's anomaly. agl Is the 1,jInd h Is the altimile of the observa- 6.91tinent or the depth of the ocean undei itt L 1 The original figures were taken e 41 . .'Iv.'Il, no. 9) (over) TT-64-13363 1. Andreev, B. A. U. ACIC-TC-690 111. Aeronautical Chart and linformation Center, St. Louis. Mo. Office of Tevitnical 6-ic- COVA~tlou o'r Dickaorosileae WW2 lit X. AL. Audrlyamm., yer,,, Dak Ak IMA SEM.9 Vol C)wmr CD 02- 49 0,1 4 r 4iim 62 IIJ -- - - - - - - - - Gas Phou, eaIi I cLiquid Phase Oxidat.ion of n-butane, by Ba E A- G. E. Zaikov, Y I)p - 7Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C=X, No 1, RUSS per., 1961~ 199-~' 01. 77'.( 3 CB Sci Jun ~2~ Lill emlw lateraction.of Tetrahydro- 6ai ith Hydrogen Chloride.. 'ko,, Ta. K. Syrkluplz PPO 13SURI! ipar, Dok Ak Sauk SSSR), Vol C)=Ix, i�6i. pp CB ;2el-O'r Kv ~,M,l 1 111' 6tlou of FOrml&ftydo With .6fim-T4traflummethylenes by Ila&., B. L. DystAdn., 3 pp - pp DD* Ak Sauk 863R., Val CXXXIX. pp i-O CB 7 741 tri oxot Oftwi dm Cation As a Analog or ftraruchaimp by p To. Plo Tolettaym, 3 pp* perp D* Ak Neuk S8SHj, Vol OX)CM, CB 62 The Leid!,Sel ~i-tl-le - Lead Oxide System, by B. A. Popovkin,~ A.: Novoselova, 2 pp. RUSS T., per;, ~bk A Nauk SSSR, Vol CMIXI No 1, 1961j P 1117 - ug. X CB i~6 u~s~ ~r Spectrovh0tometnr for fte Study and St=ctuxv of CUorlde da4lc&16 of Cobat, by 1. V. Unaaayev, ausk~~, ~.pw, Dok ft Renk MR., Val OXMIX,, CD ~7 *7 1~62~ or Lou of Armatle E4pdrmgkrbons. Alkyl"Jou em by Propylime on *a Alimino- i Catalyut at Moderwto ToTamtwvs,, by muv&irvp 4 pp. _pars Ak AwA MISRj, Vol C==,? Iminatibn of Substituted Indandiones-1,3, by Ya. F- lYa. Vanag, 2 pp. Frei S, RUSS I.' per,... Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C =X, No 1J*rm 1961; 128 60. I: p CB Sci jun 62 Ail~yll ion of Tetrahydrofuran:b"r Ethylene, by 1. 1. Lebedev, 2 pp.' V Rm~s pc Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CX=X, No 11 1961 pp~l -'133. CB Jun ---------- -------- rl Tuss IA .,Zi-:n Adsc)r ed ~)-n a i S. j. Ak Nai-~::- `333SR, Vol C:--;,LJ:~-1, !Ic.)I CB 711 u !"n 7 1 IX US1 CB Sci AprU I 1I !A !I iytic ction of in Reaction -3,nd Ti02 Th~~ Ph ca~ ZnO Involv 1 jr tb jj~volution of oxygen) by A. A. IG. P. lh-i KrEish 8, iy? n, 2 pp.. S 7 p No 1, USS er, IDok Ak Nauk SSSR, Yol C R 19611, 114~ i45. CB sci ~i Apt 6 -------------- or, njaryI Oramoun camwomft s rat the: Ott* of the Products or the an umuwtrlml Diar.0odonium Wte WIth Mo# by o. A. Reutov# 0. A. Pblt") 4 BM*. SSSRt Vol CM=p No 1., CB iAim by 31 ftl Apr ting~o Aluminum Oxide by Be=ene, CycidbMme Dissolved in n-Reptene, A. ~A. Rabsews, X. V. TqPchiyemj, Ak Am* BBWp Vol CX=j so is 'N dw t aq the Precambrian Formations of the L is, 1.11 ~a lovskava, pp. Ri~ PI, ttforra, by 1. M. Vese Rus 14.4 per, Dok Ak. Naul, SSSR, EarthLl~'-Scicnccs ct on No 1, 190'iS, pp 163-165. 6 0l CXXXIX, s AC31 Sci! Auplil (13 R S e 1) less: IF!s I AN, C~,i i o I i of Permian Deposits in the brn Part of Belorussia (Brest by V. K. Golubtsov, 3 pp. per, Dok A kNauk SSSR, Earth Sciences Vol cxxxix, 140 10 1969, pp 166-169. AG I 'I'll, 111asi s~ for a Threefold. Division of the ;A c P c, v IDeposits of the Sarntov Trans- \T(I)I a.' B. K. Gortstjycv, 2.,pp. jl~ per, Doh Ak Nauk SSSR, Harth Sciences RW) ~j I AN Salic! ~ioTi, Vol XXXIX, No. 1, IS)(4, 1)T) 17n-173. A G I .S.i Ali ~63 I'llclCilian!queristics of Mineral Formation in the ~Ivpatli Irod Crust of the Basic and llit~,I~,'asicI itocks of the Ukrainian Crystalline Mds.'i I ,1))~! Ye. G. Kukovsky, 3 rpp. RIUS 1 NO r, Doh Ah Nauk SSSR, Earth Sciences Sec n, V 'I CXXXIX, No 1, 1961r, vp 173-176. A(-, I Sci Aug! 6 Sediment Mickness of the Arabian Sea Basin by YU Mep pchnov, 2 pp* RVISS IV, Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, (Earth Sciences 177-17'-9- k ri)., jo cmix) iio 1, 1961, AGI sci The~ P~Trogr j~hic-Mineralogical Characteristics of tll,,e Pale ' ne Deposits of the Kushka Region Ge nu ~f ia 01 i by Ye. A. Shabayeva, 1; )'D. Ru8SI,A,I pp Dok Ak Nauk SMSR, (Earth ScienceG (,I CX=., No 1, 1961, pp l8o-4.,Y. AGI Set Aug Oj The C'F'3 13~tal Ptrac-taum of the Silica of 0,,.:a'L., and j Lussa~ ,,e,, a e in, pp. RUSS"i I Do I c JUZ Naulz Sssr, (Bar~h 33 ctiol v CMDUIX; No 1, 1961, AGI IIE V V. A E -)~r Dok jlk Rauk SSSII ~--h n) olcaxlx~ r"o 1, AGI oc Aug The i of t: RUSS. Se c t Sci Aug v Miderals of the Akchagylian Deposits Prib Ildlah Region, by A. L. Yerevich, 4 pp. 11, pex,~ Dok Ah Vauk SSSR (:Earth Sciences V41cxxxix, No 11 1961, pp igi-i94. 'AGI bution of Elements Durina the Tlje lal,elpesls, of Middle Jurassic Argillaccous po''s s '10,f~ hhe' Northwestern'Margins of the D6nbas.s ~I)II, V. C Kosmachev, 4 pp. SS~ Ar'~ R U I 6r.. Dok Ak Nauk-SSSR, Harthe i Scie'' C''es Selction, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, 196f, J AGI s c i U~q 63 A -------------- A f an, ~S IN iitin Moat Mountain in the Indian oce:ai,, 1)), ~L. Bezrukov, L. K. kZatonskiy, 3 pp. RUSS IAMI, per, Dok Nauk SSS.R, Vol CXXXIX, No 1, -!202. l L.) 61 j) 1~ AGU scii Dec, 6 ---------- Orl t IleliBral K ikJli se c; t ~O Sci Aug 113 pod Genus NeogypVUla, by '2 pp. Dok Ak Nault SSSR (Earth Scici,ccs -X -205 ICX)Ml- No Ij 1061) pp 203 AGI ~Fir's Isco ~ry of Trochiliscus of the Cbbgenus K~pidsizya~ -roft in the Devonian Deposits of the Russian! Plaitform, by R. B.. SwnoYlo-%,a, 3 -111). Tauk SSSR Narth Sciences RUSS DoIc Alt P Sec~t~b' Pe~ icmcxixj lio 1) V~ pp 206-~6'7 AGI A,ug; 63 n s of'a-,Uiv Die '1111, en cr coarl-:Ltio U S1. of Cellular Nuclei in 'A=Ldayer UPO I. al Sint by Ya. E. Khesin, -Lt U1 suk SSSIA, Vol CXXX..v: j~ pe Dolk Ak IT 1661 3 c, eb ~C-:, the ir. 3ie of Photosynthetic! Aeration J.n Wi~- 2. ~iovd.r 6f Organic MaterialE; ia Lake ltb~ K. Ilotintsev., 3 pp - R 8 10,, per, Dok Ak Nauk SSISR) Vol C"XfX, pp AIBS 162: R Seri e5 tt~ e - b 3 PP L 214- - 1" 19 pp 62 A,New -on of the Metabolism of Actiam-ces S-B-16* by V. G. Plakunova. Dak Ak N&i* SSSRV Vol 1399 No 1, 1012 ip betwe6n the Effect of Ccubined t. and X-Ray Treatment of StreptomycefA r% ELCI.Vs -rind the Character of the !Teat- by G!, Yu. Gol'dat, 4 pp. NN,~ per, DA Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX) 1561~ pp AIP Sov Phys-Ook Vol VI, No 7 - - --------- - ------- - N,ew:'R P'es6ntatives of Genera of Gall Midges,, Known in N th 6 "1 N Region, Among the~Fauna of the European h r t , ea ct:~ p 11, art 6ff,the USSR (Itonidiadae, Diptera), by B. M. PUt Mmm mam6y "T 2 lip,. RIUS8~ pearls Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol C>=X, No 1, 196' 22 AIBS Sci Feb 62 tho, 'y f kJR io'l Peb 21 7A 4 i-yonic Grawth of the Ganglia of Nervous System in the House Cricket L., C.O.-hopte-ra, Insecta), 'Ov per, rjok Ak lqauk SESR, Vol. CUX-*~,X, pp AIBS ~Dfluencc of Certain Munovaleat li~ e iu 2ntestina- Receptori3. The Nature ur ~uitd&-fel~~ts and the -.>f thc. by L. A. raraz, pp. RMISsi "M per. Dol Alt Naule. SGES-R, 1101 C-xY,;7Tx. ~--7-35F-2 7~ - PP ?3 11 3 AP13S sc: 1. i 11 p ttfec~,of Potassium and:Calcium on the Th .,b -.-rc'cep~6rs of tAie Small intestine, by uri. and V. A. Le T.IDI Dzi~zip bedeva, 4 pp, ~6r, Dok Ak Hank SSSR, Vol C.VCK--L-X, 7-9 'AM Feb 2 by Nnxclewa of' tne 4nl,d~ryerllin the Procbiaticia of Touic Lacv-l jilocic', Ma'L,ch- CorqLtitioned Reflexes in Dogs, --t- by 3 iv- - TAN per, Ak--%wk- DQ~ 242-244. ~gln of the Mythmie ReaCtiOn of the Ce~ebb Caex.to a Flashing L-Lghtp by r2 R.4.~*esht4~erskly., G. D. Smirnavy 3 PP. US,, p~r, Dak Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX, Epp 245-248. No 196x!~ AIBS the Host's Hormones i on Tt.le pujoarum L. (hymenc-ptera, by A. Masimlinkova, 3 1m. Iper, Pok ME Nauk SSSR, Vol C)D'1X:0,., pp A:033 0 f1daptat"cin w7jor, L,-L - (,, p,- r c L,,; 4 ~; ~ ,; from Grazz FTOgs 4nd 3 pp, Ak 'A-,,Triul,-- 133S-R, ilTil PIS Pi d.- lic. ;:i. OlD Oot .Jc:c; 0,~ellng of Linenr .. :)f _V~ej'tty schevl.E~S; -Dy. V, 6 Pp - VI '70 aulT SSSR, Vol C'Dol RUSSL III ...... I t (SF-1830) NO the if, the Gyroscope in Cardan's peh --,I Maill -s a I-Imment About thu !,xi a ri here x or To; tati ri, by S. A. Kharlawir., 7 pp. Vol C' "!o jol JPRS 10520 6i 77-1 mailBljof 6riation for Systems of Coefficients of ops R 'resentable as a Sum of Stieltjes Integrals b' liE. dnicyn, 3 PP. ~y 'Rif !3 Dok Ak:]Nauk SSSR, vol cxxxix, 1961., pp '1266i Amer Math Sot., 07T Scil Jun! LvabiUty of a Tne of NbaLlnear Botmd=7 Fcaue bly 0. v., Ardianors Ij pp. ug ixw.. zbk A)E awk mm, voi mm=.. 1961.p Amw )kth Boa Al theox~ of:rbvaSwn-Llude3-of for a YAnear EU:13; !t ! ! ' - I em-~ X. S. Arehon.0 p1). Dok Ak Naut MR. Vol. CXU=, lg&,, Amr Math Sm ;2 of opti=a Unew agb-Elpeed oWatioas by of Relay Circuitsj,: by V. (S. Boltyanakiy, 4 pp. Dok Ak awk waR., vol cm=,, 1961s ippli Awr Math Boa 2, i3c'i ~62 0 lee of a-Dimen3ional BlxWLlw Integrals in the 8 3.6e., 1W T. G. Geaeliet., 4 p r,, Dak Ak Nm& SM., Vol C=aX.. 1961, J Amer Math Boo Sci '9 -5- j,in6 u ations, by A. E. Gel 'man, 3 ]PP. q RUS8 i pe Dok Ak Nauk SSSR, Vol CXMX, la,61,, l~3 235.1 Amer Mth Soc sci, ........ .... ------- W, I I Dimensional. Spaces, by B. Levshenko, 3 PP. e; Dok Ak Nauk SSSR., Vol C.=X, 1o61, Ainer Math Soc baibift OweralIzIng Carlanon' a Bmadary Value C61 !by G. S. Idtvinabaik., "i; pm., Dok Ak Sauk SEHR.. Vol CXXXIXO 1961., D~293- Amer Hath Soc ~i 6211 :2 a/,