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06', god IT 7777~7 , - . - - . ." 11 . I .- I 71 man" few lot, vi sea (lot Wp; Ha8t Borlln IT it 11 ll 21 M M. PJ 00 1. Jay or Lire -.4 Alu* lip Ad* East i 001 -'ii ~Pfsctlon or pp i'hl*Ud Ea t B s erlin 71 ir 4 1p mUnd FMSt 4: ""tor ppo :tAthlAbdo FAist Ber3ln,, GDR Statistical Acbainistration Rei.)ort on 1971, Plan Fulfillment, 1LL pp. GERMAIN,, np, Neues Deutschland, East Berlin, 11~ Jan 72, pp j-ews 55o7o Feb 72 1. 11 "? I I --/ ~ GIM" cso: o2o66/72 W 15 March 1972 SF 1. avt,,husiast,~c Approval of Tenth World. Youth Pestival in East Berlin. 2. The Confidence of the World Youth. 3. What World Youth is Say-Ing at Sofia World Youth Festival Preparatory Committee Conference. FAst Berlin) Neues EUetschland 21 & 22 Jan. 1972. pp 1-2. Adloc Sp6cial t. B ule DD'not p ish NOT MULTnAM THE SOLMCE original plus one Ile-Dort oi*.i 1.DI-'D Party Conp:rois, ")' pi). Gle"MAN, m), Ncuos 1)c-utschinnd, ;,"ust Beviin, 17 Peb 72, p 1. J-PRS 554.57 Mar 72 SF,D Sends Mosqaple to DEID ConFross, " ~) P 0 . I GB,RMAI~t tip, Noues Deutschland, i,"ast Berlin, 3 May 72, pp 1-2. JPRS 56090 Jun 72 0- 11th Pe'as- ant l : ~li !~i i, 949 O ;: lan6 East Berli ~u O 1561 J It ,irt, At", m pd -16 Rep 23. ~jj -A~ ast I MU d ves; or Ag PrOductl O it W, 'Pue L"ds* East Berlin on ~TPII.1111!: East Berlin - 6*1 common, Un rlJh, nC' gas Be It 41 ir T J,- , Admb'al Vol'T,01' Speaks at', .3oviot Array Anni- versary Celebration, by Waldemar Verner, 5 -op. GERMAN, nn, Neues Deutschland, East Berlin, 23-Feb 73, p 3. J'PRS 58411.7 Mar 73 Allftlance to ajilaso by k1h6114 odballovo a P$O 0 Gaid,"v par& Neu" POPM 19" No ISQ/2510 pp 333-3360; Evel No I to A-4S; Amabotits ~ I y DCPT OF STATE, Be 3Wv4l0 pol 2mg Ott 66 CSO: 02294/72 W 5 -April 1972 SP Is there need for second revolution in Socialist countries, by Lucio Lombardo-Radice. Vienna., Neues Form, 1972, pp 23-30. Ad Hoc Special t3r pe B Do not publish original plus one T. D. C. 0. B - T April 1972 Kicrofossils from Gotlmdls S:Llur:Lan - Hystrichesp hares, PorxLlng Pi-oblems., by A. XLsena& o GERMAN., per., Nques Jabrbuch faGv Geologie und Pageontologle. Abhandl=gen Vol 122, 1965, pp'257-274. NTC 71-14640-08G F eb 7-2 The Microfauna of the Baltic Idmestones. Part I. Ch:ltj.liozoae., Ybmtrichospharwjs by A. Eissnack. GERMAN., per., Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Palaeontologie. Athandlungerl, Vol. 123, 1965, pp 115 46. NTC 71-14641-08G Feb 72 Vww!OUZ*OWw Ml=ufO88LU WILLCh Rod Been fto"rvwk I 1n an Ormuda SubstiUMO, by P. moraern!nth- pp Ba-Ear sa Feb 7b 403072 Attachment Points of Flagella in Wetzeliella (Dinoflagollata, Deflandreaceae), by H. Gocht. GERMAN, per,, NejAam jLahrbuch f u 1! Gag1gy1e.-Palaeutologieg bbhILndlUag~M, Vol 128p 1967p PP 195-200 XTC 72-12154-08G July 72 Romduction Of Pal .. MI. by J1100nock. poir, mems iahxbucb fkm und No:, Vol 231P VP T5 OW Sclrjbr std Feb 403.,07.1 :4 FOEV OEOLOGIFE UM PALACONTOL0819- A R"'Mit-1 '.2,41.1-41,66 70-10470-086 CO)o 24111VT* ::TIM Remarks Concerning the Chuaria Wimani brotzaa, by A. Siaenack. GMIJdAN,, per, Naues J&hZ:bu&",U= Ge2jogjg und Fglaeontologia. Mongtabefte, No 1. 1966p PP 52-56 NTC 72-12156-08G July~72 kA6 Ct 6: i46'selis~l -Roo G*v ~NSP., A Mult:L- 'the Geii U, 'Pal,, Pm I Lowdr lKeuper of Luxemburg i-M fUOt'Gedlogie Palaeontologj O.n~l itc!d 970~ pj~`283,-3100 NTO 8G The Ries CoUoqtdum an 25 w-td 26) June 196.5 at Tublr4mo, by B. Prouse. GMAN' , per, N4m" Jahrbuoh far L4mqr-a-lojdo' Y.0 9-no ;L965* pp 237-MO, ACIC TC-1230 soi-jame Nov 67 345.180 Romrks anthe He"Urfawnts of tho INLrthOx I*g- nwU* MoM In the RLso and Its ViodUdty (1902 to 1963, 0 t7 (;. 0 GERMNel per, Neum Jahrbuch furArjMMgcMft*. No 9-3.1, 1965, pp 260-M7.. ACIC TC-1233. Sol-Bkrth Sol Bar 67i 34-3 M Tho iftgnetAxation of the Flm*o Suevitt tW J, Pahl. CEMWO por, otdp Kee &bdg!h gor aLumal . No 9-11 v 1965. pp 268-276. ACIC TC-123Z isci-411se Nov 6.7 343.182 GOOPIWO&Oaa momewmamto in the stqd~~ Basin, by A, Jouch. - GERwi per, N�M j%b!�!Lwh fur EttgER12"o, no 96-n0 19659~ pp 279-2EW. ACIC TC-3233 Sol-Eartb Sol Nov 67 A3 0183 Acrodyn4tmic Aspects of the by E. A~ajas. F' OR or-rimm, u.,;v o!.,,Ly FOR TIL DI!VT OF M;Fl'~NSF. ONLY (IRIM414, per,: Neuer, Jahrbuc,~i 11, 1965,. pli 332-541). ---77 T"ll)-i IT-~3-1519-67 Formation of Tektilt-es, 1IMPHAL 051: ONLY 1. fur ~M'ineraliroe, "'~ 0 -1) =(u) 768-V IXUI'UF I : - t (:) 13 364,583 The Combined X-Ray and Microspectrographic Determination of Very Small Gra--ns of Ore Minerals, by T. N. Schadlun. 03RMAN, per, a_eua_s JahEkIlch fuer ldiiieralo~'Iie. Abhandlungenp Vol 102, 197-5-,Pp 115-122. NTC 72-10141-00"G Apr 72 G" NI :1 !Isotope Ratios in Sulphides !W'Zifel Deposits in the ltolberg and Maubach- Areasp by H. Bayer. pera Mines Zakj:bL2L-LwM Akhm4lumms Vol. 1139 v T 71~0j~ pp~ 9.51-273 72''' W-080 ~721~ Quantitative Investigations of the Wdro- Tlwrmal Solubility of Fluorite Car,2. i P by G. Struebel. GERMAW, per., Neues Jabrbuch fuer MineraloEie blonatahefte No 3.0 1965, PP-93-95- siA TT~66-10303- Sci-Chem Aug 66 309,,200 A "P"Wblan Toohni4m for Ramftway QKnw PbVdAk SNODUS *f MAW MlnwaID, ZwVw"3.1., 1)ovwwvea, for x-aw I)tLTjmlwtAmrtwy vjLth 11 . Goniambm Vith IferUcal Ro- tatim by R* lonAp V. Into= 04 EE~~ A.~,I-~ MAW JLYbb., pp 5 C). sci On the 1-brmtion of DaubreeUth In Meteoric Imn ~ by R. Vogel. p 1 =MAN, per, Nome Jahrbuch fur Hineralwe i mo=ishelu.- 1W., pp 453-463- I NU lWf---.-5U28.4F (M TOW) Sai-Astman Oct 6~ 395,119 Douldt:- Sidebaud Measuring Demodulator Type AZF and its Application for 'MIcasure!iient of Amplitude and Phuse oit 1'. V. Transmitters, Part 1, by 11. ~,. Schulz. Part 11 by 11. Fasilmuer. GERMAN, pcr, liCLICS Voll R.011dC L' Schwarz, No 29, 1968, :54-3 S. "LL Ref: (1%l 7739) Sci/l;lect Dec 61) 398,295 Electrolytes in Encephalocranial bmi Laboratory Sttidios, by A. Hatusp 19 PPO SNUIsil, per, Neurocirugia, pp 153-161. NNS/142~i Sci/Bli.'-! Feb 70 Tratima. Clinical 1. Vallittlares, Vul 24, No 3114, 196(), 400,238 Skiing mnd Craniocarebral TAjurlesp by M, A. Werner, FMMK,, puro pp 774-780. AMI J-8313 n 220400817C 10 pp. Nearochirurgiep Vol 13., Nov 1967,, set/Am JUIY 70 Anterior Sacrra Eenin-ocole. R:)vleit of the u Litcratw~a zuid Roport on0lic Ca.:;e, by A. Thierry EITROPLAI;, per, A~'OurDchlrur,212- Vol 151 1969, PP 339-412 "TO 7-1 0 - ~' -164'07-0 ":"; I Flar 72 Neurodermatitis - Asthma - Rhinitis, 1)), H.W. Sclinyder, 10f) lip. G, 13 It,% I.AN, hk. Neurodernatitis - Astlima - Phinitis index Foreword, pp 1-106, eine Genetisch-Allergol- ogische Studio, ACSI-K-2915 Oct 72 FkylogwW aW CAtogwW of SubdUntlA Nigrat by D. Asul t FRENCH9 pore mami Nwarooir F*lmdA-tq Vol 89 No is 1967v pp 33.-5.5. HEW-NIH (Chly an I"n) 11-38-67 sal-B and III "A 68 346s9P Vy-usthenic Reactions in Certabi ANIcuromiscular 1A*61ases,p by 4. Everyk, POIJ1314, lwr, Nourel AeuruclUr PSYCIli-It 1101ska, Vol 46, NO Zip 1966, jpj) 299-505. ia-W I-41H 2.-11-67 Sci/B&'.,' ~,'ar 6 7 S2(W~27 lu V: A P ~, NLUM 6 2 PI THUROIA I PSYCHIATRIA POLSKA: ~l I kf# 70-121459-46p ICO> .I"i r:tl Papers Presci'mod at a Scientific 11-Jeeting Devotcd to the Problems of the Clinical Cour!3c of Chronic Epilepsy, by A. Dowzonko, et al, POLISH, per, 1,4curol Neurochir Psycidut Pol. Vol 18, i No 3, 194, pp 253-260. 11,14 NIN A-6-69 Jun 69 383,118 EffocI!t of Morprowasine on t1mo Convulsion Thmahold ~of Ratsq by N. &-okol, 8 pp. SWU)6,-CROATIAMI, per# Z=bt Val 150 No* 1-4, 1967v pp 65-72. J ,47,259 fti-DO Jan 69 .77)t681 "Dweselve Shift Phanomnon" Im the Trost- MMt, of Schizophrenic PoWeboveli with Certain Phemothiazinex, bor N. Bobaoski, 8 Fps per$ Nam Zagreb. Vol 15, Nos 1-4. 1967, pp 97-104. JPM 47j,259 soi-B&M G'I Bffw~t of'Reowpim on the PI&I Arterlos of the 60robna Cwtox of cRt9v IV M. nupoljt s - DpPno 15 PPe SKRBO-CROATIAN# per, Zagreb, Vol. 15o Non 1-4,-1967v pp 123-1,3b. irm 470259 Sol-am Jan 69 373o,683 Influence of Fordm3pharmoologloal Agents an B*6vi*ir in T*&Mo,, bly N. Katicio, 5 pp. SRRIX)~~OATIAN. per* m2m,jatri-ja, Zagrebp Vol 1.5, Nos 1-4,r 1967, pp 201-M6. JFRS 47#239 Sci-BWI Jan 69 373v684 She CAon Owment Industry, 5 pp - EWARXSH., per, Noustra lndta Ltri&, Oct 19G5, pp - 6-26. JPBS 33790 LA-Cuba go= Jan 66 294J,940 Workars !,,hwt Change Intermion Rubepa Isoarot 7 PP-, SPANISkle port Apr 19699 p 3% JPRS 48395 LAF-Argent fol July 69 TielationsUps, b7 Bumos Aires, 22 388.049 388,050 CoordimUng Center Fights Uctatorshipg 5 pp. SFANiSHO per@, 19oustre P&Ubr*, ljuonoo Aires, NO 98i. 22 Apr-1~69'*'- p- 60 -- J141.1; 48395 Lk-Argentl= ita Ju3,v 69 388,041) ( , ~ ;( ) :I ) I? 1 1, / I ) "I I() Pec 7 (1 Ca].CLl1a`tC,I VallICS, Of thC Charactcri.~,-Hc-F; of I -is - V ( -1 - Po~,7i~*r Pe~ictor:, ~ T I I I I (- t i c) I-, ~-, -.-~ r-I r "It i oil s of 'tile Constants, Used in the Calculatjoi-,, and i.eauirejn;-n-ts for Accuracv o-f These Constants. .1,-'-cutran S-,-)cctrof-,co2.-K, off Plar 73 CSO: 01.215/71 W M. 14, Nikolayev, ct al 10 Dec 70 Sf Metiliod ofCalculating Group Cross Sections in the-Area of Unresolved 'Resonances. '~Jeut n Spectroscopy JPRS 2 2 9'.0 Mar YeAii.mov et al A Changb ln~Reactivity of the ~n S Ioctrosoopy, Neut, p CSO: 0`215/71 W A. 10 Dec 70 SF BR-5 Reactor. CSO: 01215/71 W A. ~AV Van'.kov, et al 10 Dec 70 SF Structure of the Cross Sections of Uranium- 238;:Ln the Area of Unresolved Resonances as a Funct on'pf Temperature. r4etx~~,Xlon Spectroscopy, CSO: 0121S/71 W ner 10 Dec 70 Sr -iod of the Experimental Determi- Int &,al jMetl na~tilo~i ffi~ the Quantitty 4n '.eactors with e. Hai,d ~ "eut" on Spectrum. NeUAV~t;n M~~,ectroscorw CSO: 01215/71 W L' ~V.~ Aj")1.6nova, at al 10 Dec 70 sr R6~-'6L'lua~:~ion of the Fission Cross Sections of bi~anl.iim--235 and,Capture Cross Sections of ura~lum~,;!38 on the Basis of an Amalvsis of the ril leall'Parameters of the ZPR-III tritical C math-, acillty. Ne~iir'pn Slp~bctroscopy J-TRS 6229~O Mar T3~ CSO: 01215/71 W r~b,'~Ltov, et al 10 Dec 70 SF IS of"~jthe Efficiency of Various Materials in .e BtiiS 16 Fast REactor. "on j,ectroscopy j P RS,.' ~221?0 ma r -17777--17777~- CSO: 01215/71 W N.; Ailcitarkliov et al 10 Dec 70 Sr S tU a YJ of he Power and Thermal Effects of the Bl~-~, ~~R'eaolj 'or. N ' t n S'~6ctroscopy u7r" I 115 2 2 99 M r M J~ a. Fagst NetaTons-Ropmt W -Second Trimester, 19 (1 ~$, A c t lvdi tdl FAINCII. rp4 kfttr w IWM Compte- Randu LUctivito Ou 2- Trimestre 1965 w7u.ij scl-lqs&. 117 Ocr,65 Way's to %*Ain Investment for Tourism SurweyWj, IV Krozo Car, 8 pp. Swlb6~RUTXAN , per,, How Trgolqap,, Apr 1.968, pp 170-174. JPRS 46#01~6 L"E -yugo Econ Aug 68 "62,793 FedftI~a Hoonado Chamber OUtIlims Plans for 1968, a Fp*' SRAW-CROATLOv per, Nam dm. Apr 1968. pp 20&204. JPM 43 . Cq?.6 a Yugo Econ Aug 68, *;&9792 i I - : Now litingar-Itui Clyroucoptc 'I%rodoJ.,,tcs, by F. lWmon, 16 pp. GERMAX3, bk, Neve Ungarische Kreiseltheodolite, I Tune 1969, pp 213-223. ACSI J-9851 FSTC-HT-23-740-71 JulY 7~ Bulgarian Psychiatric Services, by 0. Uzunov, 17 pp. PULG*%RIX4, per, Nevro.'12gi ..ya, Psikblatrlya L Nevroldiiruraiya, Sofia, I Sept-Oct 67, pp. 381-393. jPRS 44,754 Sci-Bio. and Med,Sci. Ilarch 68 352,868