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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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_9=vrimental Study of the AbLition of OrthoatrasiZ T Composite Material in a Free-Flight Wind Twml, by J. Luneau, J. P. Hancy. 20 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION OTHER MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. THE ARE SUSPEMD TO BE SUBJECT ppe WVT AGENCIES ONLY REQUEST FOR THIS DOCUMENT CONTENTS OF THIS D0CVMEN.T TO COPYRZGHT PRMCTION. FRENCH, rpt, Institut Franco-Allema 7,969j, pp 1-28. A.rRIFTD-RT-23-11.2-71 T 64168 aug 71 w P,*V*Omo 1fdw of a BZ=t 1146~ by J. Cmd f r Lrmrbm-r&4 AGSWOZES ONLY; IUMIT FOR 2w rI)OOT w XFHRMW r0 OF 2W DWMKff ARN SLMC2WD TO BE owyRromr FjwscrzoN. ~L-lc L I` I- ~, ~, -1 H-,,') 13 -3 I X- I t~71-Tdd;7). 01,q 4 ~; I PG I -IN, IV S :'.,I I-) ~ 1~j -1 ~ (NviN.7-- I IV -1 knl 1 ISINI ~-'J -Ad I Nn-_ ~) d7;-Z-l ~Jvf)9NV -I 'C 1 4 pqv H A -1 '4,', '; ' A 74 ~f) r -) t I S f) 1 -1 ~,! () d W ~*, 1:1 1, 1 V S ') I d V -1 N I f V~ ~J I N I' I t V ~l I d H ') I V 0 N V ',' ( I I A 11' 11 1 1 1 f I V G E N I W h 1. i: F F k (, I () F r, HU C K ~, ) V '- S -j C, A L I V I N(; B Ew I N G -1 IGAND,P L .4 N - L; A G ' - P Q CCUNTRY-FR 17 r- I N S T I T UT F '~ A11(0--ALL~--VANn C,E 'F. SAI I A . - -1 - N T L (A) 4 AR, 1 7 ''-'Pi' I t I -X YX F STC--Fl T--,-:' .3- -1 7(-J- 7 3 AS".AjUjxl"UM Of ftt=a OW nOUS by ftlrto by 0 L. IMOV. 8"0m* gvti, a-n% FS me comb an= I" Baf: 1,965, PP 193-45. Sol/fto Ow 69 p & Awl. 380#252 Network of Gravimeter Observations in the Province of Gerona, GOVERNMENT USE ONLY SPANISH, per. Instituto Geografico y Catastral, Madrid, ACIC TC-1647 WE-Spain Geo Nov 70 Gravity Maps of the Provinces of Alava, Guil:)uzcoa and Vizcaya, GOVr-,RNMENT USE ONLY SPANISH, per. Illstituto Gsergrafico y CaLastral, bladri2l, 196�--,-p`p--S--7N. AMMY42 --T6 4 ( WE-Spain Geo Nov 70 av of tho.Pro*~inco of Ciudad Real, by p Rul~ 119'~Ippl p1misq, pot, Instituto Geoj;rafico y Catastral 0 tio~ql 176iopsysicst l970, pp 1-19. C-Tt-1822 U 72 0: o wc igue National A Working Mthod for Plasma Mechanical Statistics, by Rolf Dobbertin 46 pp. PRRYCH, per, Institut Henri I-Poincars, Paris ftysique 72 Vol 9., No 2. 2968., pp 45- COPYRIGHT INFORMATION MG GUO mar 72 Vol T7 The Corwentratlon of the Verbipsue3Am PopuUtiona, by Hawn A. T*vsrg 23 ppe SAMW%# bko SaiMmIg do i do VensinMlap (ameas, aMrslftd Central g 19689 pp 49-81. JPRS Y416 IA-Venommla POI *v 70 Wilt 338 i P.I .,lts Sig"hific, -i::. Bdnatz, ~5~-jp' de Wi&,' opogral tgrapl W. 2 -25 DITAi6E ONLY 660: v ~Gc tUSE ONLY. 9: "dermany r 4ti6h! f06 WSA Ith 9Gravity Field go Und Gravity meagm, pp tfur. KartQgrm hie und: ~~r~a Ali itu pp 82-93. 6 IUnLVersitsLtp;1970 p !T: st~.~,iorawxy- waa T Ib loitte 'Pp OPO Germmv,,, 1970, 63:"~~ 'IN 1;! 1 ~l fill Id eratiVe bet4irmination of Rotatiol a in ihe Tia~hsf 6mition of Point Aggra Wrobal, 13 pj). U6E ONLY Xletitut fur Kartagraphie und Topogra- -157. I Ide ill pniversitat Bonn,, 1970, pp 143 p 1, ~' -M fi-(,0TCe Y)W(," /C--" CSO 2616fro IODICAL PARTY OF CHILE DESCRIBED BY Heino Froehling: Snntiago de Chile, JA-11tituto TiltAlIngillprit'ang do Tnve 9 F, CIIDM), 1,riedrich-Ebert Foxui- ' (Ilation, 1969, PPI-50- Marketing of Edible Marino Fishes in 11cru, by W. F. Doucet. INSTITUTO DEL MAR DEL PERU INFORME, No 5, 1965, pp 1-69. *NAVY/NOO Mar 73 Ilie Accuracy und lielinbility of Roughness 'S pp. "leastimillents, by It. von Weingrubeir. 4. GE-14MAN, rptIInst Messtechnik Austausclib~lu# Technische iloahschule, 1969, 7M,7VEM, Ul 10398-69 Sci/1'.1'ethod 4 Equip Jan 70 411,180 EvaluatIon of Crudo Patrolerim of MoxIcan Production by Basic Gas Chromatography, by A. Manjarrez. MMCIUT, per, InstItuto Me3d.cano de Petroloo. Izaviatal Vol 1, No 4, 1969, pp 59-66. NTC-?1-12655-0?C Nov 71 Automatic Character Recogaition. 79 PP. FOR OFFIMAL USE ONLY FOR INTIMUML USE WIMIN THE DEPART OF DNFEASE ONLY. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT REARASULE TO DEFENSE DOCUMENCATION CENTER. OMAN., rpt, Institut fur Naclirichtenverarbeitung pp 1-84. AIR/FTD-IIC-23-161-70 ruhe nov 70 ~T 7" TT p! t7, r Oro We of Antimicrobia n M d ardiolo 4~-W r A-MI bi NAMOL.. Vol: W 1970 s PP 7 c 60 I ~ 7 2 rnie :,m(irove Oyster crmsortnaa 14AzoLliorda (,IAldincj, 1828, by 1,1. RikoUc, et aL 31 ~V. a:m1su, rpt, :Enstituto Mammal de la Pesca- iRAXI ;CI)Xe IR~ ~cmxleso i4oo _ga Pe9cluarm, 0opteriber 196U* 'IT 69-52052 UcdA.) ald sq..)t 69 Bullotin of tho Boris KUxic Institute of .~Wcwllr :~;Ciollclwle 250 J)'. W,UJV.ClX,4, LIM, lastitut z" Nukloanic Nuww. Bulletin & 1966, *Cl,*~;Tl AEG-tr-664U Lkw*-Yugoslavia Sci/Nuclear Scl iar 66 Instrumentation for Measurement and Analysis of Radio- activo Samplos. by S. Muzdeka, P. Frantlovic. 7 pp. YUGOSLAVIAN, per, Institut za Nuklearne Naukc Boris Kidric, Belgrade, 1969, pp 1-6. AIR/FTD-HC-23-541-70 may 71 otogmphio amutsiom UT a ppol Ith pliques, rotgue, at --cW COPYRZGU, XFORMT-TON ---------- Develc.z:i~:~mt of an Assay Tecbrdai:c on Drosophila of a Virus Adapted to this Insect, by P. F-rilitz. FFMCH, per, Institut Pasteur. Faris. Annalezz, -,0 -,- yol. 1.1.47 pp. 6C, -C air, RosiStance to AnLibiotiCS of 270 Shigella Strains, Subgroups A and C, by D, Piechaud. BRENCHp per, Institut de Pasteur Paris, Annales, Vol 116, 1969, pp 205-209. NTC-75--13282-06M Feb 72 Study on Techniques for Purification of Algal Cultures, Elaboration of Methods Applicable to Diatomsp Desmidiaceae and Filimentous Cyanophyceae,, by M. Tassigny. FRENCH, per, Institit Panteur Parist AnnalejL Vol 117- 1969 pp 64-75. NTC-70-12979-;6M Feb 72 Aeftcy: P.00yo. NWIO-19 3 Nov - 'U.9 Titles Schverel-lootope mus ROM Blei Erzen von Obereahl-aden Authors Nart V CohIm Scmrcet Zmdtltut f= ftUvIqgI*jp Gooebefte & Lmgw&tA%- ttonkuMe der adveraLtat Frankfurt, a. M. W.G. LMDUW 0 Gem= 3 vp Bp*4&1 Zmatmt4ow: Ploom Uwu"te & tnm one copy G"Y.. Pw"W"MV - Asmawws UNWAN e- /),~ q -~ -~-- IN 06 fto lmIL-W93-AMI-n 15 Ma- 70 2lues lb"1140d" P90dold LU f -*-r a- DOE ~kr wo " I D. *O%Mws GOINOMMMOM A. ilbefta "W*f: umfts fw him"Mai md &* advarat" uwowg LftWW4Pl OWWO - IPK FMSVRCH FzpoRT 68-1 Detection of Weak Signals in Noise, by W. Mainka. 36 pp. FOR OFFICIAL ULBE ONLY FOR WERNAL USE W.101IN UTE DEPART OF DEFENSE ONLY. '1711S DOCUEMT IS ONT RELFAS"LE TO DEFENSE DOCUNENTATION CENTER. GEMMI, RPT, Institut fuer Phonetik und Ko=iuni- kationsforschung Universitaet Bomi. IPK Forschung- 4i;e-richt 68-1 (Instutute for Phonetics and Communi'- cations Research, Universit-y-of Bonn) 1967, pp 1-50. AIR/1-VD-IIC-23-157-70 nov 70 Notindaptive and Adaptive Voice Signal Identification (NASI alld ABI) A Preliminary- investigation of DAWID Hy by K. Kotten. 25 Pp- FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY FOR INTENPUNAL USE 14ITHIN M DEPART OF DEFENSE ONLY. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT RESIASABIE TO DEFENSE DOCUMENTATION CENTER. GERMAN, rpt, Institut Rier Phonetik und Komnuni- 1-+4 TT-4 -~-V +a.t Bonn. IPK Forschung ---- abericht 68-1 INstitute for cations Research., University pp 1-28 IPK RESEARCH REPORT 68-1 AIR- = -HC-23-157-70 Phonetics and Communi- of Bonn) 1967, nov 70 Agent)' 1 Herw-"Public Health Barvicii H-9983-D C,(IA P.O.00. 16 December I;,- Title-. Twiiaian Research on Bovine Tuberculoois Author - ------- Source: Inatitut de PhUsiologie, I= Ariana Tunisia LanWilge: French Spaecial InstructIons: Please translate and type I copy jor riwoo 6T49 R-qo26-D 21 Doe 67 uk-tioxguO as= ad$ labMtwou &U losebodtt4l nit adwr vLvkung (VoxlaurUw Berlcht) Mrs i Zmmfttat for ptWoUmUmicbe chado der vnlvwsLtat mottimem A", Mr. V55 P-0 pp a6z"m - let for v"S Flow* trwuaato and tno I c=ans reftV eqW. Do=mt ow bo Mt. end I oexbon copy. 4(UCItI.-TrQwv-I0641) IIIIIEDICTION OF THE 11FDOX PROPERTIE.'-.3, OF THE SUPEPHEAVY Bit$ 7p, AND 6d ELEMENTS. gDa-,Id, F. I(IRM19 UnIvm Orpq (Frawye)]. Inatitut de phyt" Nwleaire). 10Trauslated fo-rliniv. of Callfoxi~~~-Lawrenoe LlVer- m6i6lub., Uvermore, from report ,R(,71-06. 1029p. uDep. NTIS. ,,chemistry (physical); translations 2yO7D XOMN-! 2j'P NSA 9 Agenay: Haval Shlp Rem. 6 Dev. Lab. li-12477-D P-0-110. tib:1533-71-*-2207 a Dm. 'to W-le.-Elektronanstruktur und StWralel t=6 Author: J.14uller, R-Flukl6er, 11-Heln:lj$er et al Source: Inatltut de Pbysique de- la MaAere Condensce, UnIverelte de Genave, (3-1211 Geneve Langum&~,: Garmmn Gpecial Instructions: Plmse tianslatli- & type me copy 0n4 - I " P JL of Zteotam I no - v -4 an In am - P2agwml* bly' W. NJ-Ao&NWLUwv 0 ;o WL In 2966. PgiL2103967 ABC 324o-222 iW - Mmelaw Solanco Apr 67 ~ff. I ITU WEST W-HMANY 196a Ipp-on 70--10118-240 U1101 (CTO-754) EDDY CURRENT LOSSES CAUSED BY RAPIDLY VARYING MAGNETIC FIELDS. Oawald, B, (Inatitut fuer Plasmaphymtk, GmbH Gari3hing (West Germany)). qrfiii~lit~*d b-y~-J,, n', -Syke-s, -(C-u--LIh-n* in -Lab., Abingdon, Eng.). 12p. cloctronles and electrical engineering; translattons ND-38 NP HC Unlimited is Ouvoloprialit oi an X-I,..Iy spectralctur and tito N)propriato DetaclUun I~cthods i~or -';o:Lt A-I~ays, by ;.j. Kornheri,,Lr Port histitut )I&Ysike 19M 2317.)l Jci - P43 :,or 6411 21)'6,S32 Adopeye AWJT*aa. !"11223-P P.o *mijers 1*-Tu-35 It, jon 7-1 TitlesPor.antLal ftscrtbuzlOn in a TUo-E-miCteg- altwe Aul~borl M- Troppman Softr,~t:ej lnstitur. fiaer PleAlmosphyeik- Gv'$:Cb:Lvtg UL Munchen. Leaguages Genwn Rpecial lavatrwUmas Trauslace Sp_IX Covei.- Palpt. Ta5le of Cancents, poge J4 -aLartivk6 %Ub 6. Ammum thra4b page -->6. air Pbma 7.60 67-ele R-9104-D 19 Jan 68 L4MbUWBtrOgerVarlustmeebAn:Lopas in achvaeblonlalertm toroldalen mgnetoplams +) Imlzed Toroldal 16%wetoplamm By i IP - KAIUM ,Frou: Institut eLw Plasmaphyalk; Rpt Ipp '9*!/56 (Peb. 1967 ( 45 PP Gerzowt - out for vda: Pleaft trmalate &W type 1 orifiAnal and I carbco copy. DD nott aztllate doeummt. Reproduce for paste-up. An MaotaoooUtlo Ana3ywr Aw Maourim the SnerMr or Ims and 32matraml From Ilot P3aAnus %r 11. taodernow. (MR11,14.0 wo mwutut fur Fa - - -- --A- Grkil,, Win I 7A, W Ps *TMSATT sci Do* 68 /1'. , - I ' 401INI-11-2-129) I)IS.1,1(1 11 ANIS (-'*"lioI)I(* DEUTERIUM PLASMAS F)tom SPI.''C-j'jjj%. NlLdlauser, J. 7(inStitUt fUCr Plasmaphvsik G.m.b.H., Gamliing (West Germany)). j,'fr; :itFsEtted for oak-jjj~g--c National Lab., Imn., from report ,11)1-1/109. , NTIS. 0471). 241)tq). 2cphysics (plasina); translations 1720J CARD "! A(C' 11 ) -7 -12 ) WITH A LINFAR I 111GII-beLt STELLARATOR ON ISAR 1. 6Kaufmajin, M.: Fuellfi~r, L., Junker, J.; Neuhauser, J. T(lllst'tut fuer Plasmaphysik, G.m.b.H., Garching (West Germany))-.10'T"rans- Sykes CuMmi Lah., AiAngdon, Eng.), from ro1wrt lifill)--1/111. ~.,j291). NTIS (U. S. Sales OnINI). ,jusion devices (thernionuelvark translations -,111SA ~:61NIN-20 ~,Nl) NSA Measurement of Shock Fronts in Argon-Filled Numbratic Shock Tubos Mado with a Differential Interforoneter, by ii, Zimmennan. 33 pp. GE-MAN, rpt, last. fur Plasmaphysik 3/57, Sept. 1967. P911276MS-V Sci/Phy Nov 68 369,923 Ageneyo ArnwAsdatone ~O MXPR No. 971-6010a-00-M6 Titles mawical Computation of the Production of a Dense Plawa by Imadlation of a Solid by a Laver Jfuthors P. Malser =4 S. Witimmki Souroot Institat fUr PIammq)hytoik,, Garching near Muntahs Oerm&tWI pp 1.8 (1960) Ap Lan~ s Germ= SPOCIal Instructiows Edited d1rart. oay Deterodnation of the Blastwwre Energy of a Loper- Irsducod Ciao Breakdown., by Ke Hohla, 59 pp, QRMAN, rpt. Institut fuer Plas ysikm IPP No 3/67. Jan IMS. pp 1-92. - Dept of Navy NIC Trans 5035 ~j ~-J\l / N~ t 0- Set/phys May 70 407,122 lUldiliti(Ill Lossos Of a lii~ll-Ofansity Z-11inch, by i'l. Kaufmann, 57 pp. Rpto lastitut iur lllasjiiaphysij~, 1%,pt No. 1111' 1/66, August 1968, AEC/6C-Tr-70-4044 ocl/llil), Bac 70 ExporlmenLal and TheorcLicul Investiltitiorl oC Ww-frequency Instability in a Modified PIG Discharge, by F. Klan. URMAN, ij)t, Inst ftu- Plasnaphysik, IPP 3/92, Apr ll-)6)k9,, '(1 pp- 4&'SA"Tq' F-12, (')46 Oct '09 4(UQl(J,-Tri%nw-10G21) 511"ODUCTION OV HOT I)LAS- MA~S OF!501,11.),-STATE DENSITY WITH ULT MSHORT LASE It PULSES. GSalzmann. H. y(Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasma- physik, Garching (West Germany)). 10'Irranslated for Univ. of Oillforni-i Law-ronce Livermore Lab,'Liverniore. froill report 2D42p- 24Dcp. NTIS. Uphysics (plasma); translatiorW V201 261VIN-34 VP NSA GRAPHS FI.At Till.: DETERMINAII(IN M. PLASMA PAliAMI.- TERS BY LIGHT S( ATTEAONG EXPERINILN'I'S. Kegul, W. H. (Institut fuer Plasinaphysik, G.m.b.H., Garching (West Ger- S),k(,,s tCultmni LA)., Abingci,)j,,, Eng.), ivoill ro-im-, 11 HIP 6/3-1. G21p. phyotrm (plaHni;%); NO-.',H N P Iw U11111nited 5111COSECOND NEODYMIUM- GLASS 1. -SER INTHE 'rERAWATT RANGE. Sulz T(Nim-plalick-Institut fuer Plasniaphysik, Garching (%Vest Cler- inany)). loTranslated for Univ. of California, Lawrence Liver- more Lab., lAyermore, from report. 111P11--lV4~- 20591). 24Dep. 26physics (plasina); translations 2y201 24MN-94 2UP NM lasmea)h2sik., 1,970. M91 ~72--~l 1130-201 A]l I ~72 Agonlrys Library of CWWWW R-1450A-4) PoOolle. L-072-1213 t6 F49be 72 Tittot FabricatIon of W*t Resistant Papers an Addition of Pidirmid-Pelyamin-2piddo0oftin Resin* Autbmi E;,Popptdg 1, Dieu S*mces Institut Politechniep Rimanton Vol 22 1%8 LanSuaget Coman tinstrwtional Plemm transle:te tWm single space. No Past"ipj, leave space, translate all "ptions, & key. 7F7 T988 Disease Similar to HodgIdn's Disease in the Mouse. Type B Reticulo(.,ellular Neoplasm, EUROPEAN, per# Instituto Portugese de Oncologia. Boletim, Vol 36, No 6, 1969, pp 1-6. NTC-70-13022-06E Feb 72 Mracol V4ntjay Danotin, dog lFpj"IEO port institut Pow L'Ame3loration- oonwrw-e-o Cie Imaumes AS#B*]'.. WeMSkgNL-2Wen_s iw? 0 - IPTP A= i U 2 2 OW4 MOM2I scifitiso Ape 68 351#i86 hi~e.hth IWport on Position Finding. The CurcfE Problum.- Cutablidni, Frco Flij,10. und Rutuni Flight; Uniform Angle for Installation of Clio Aucularoiitctors, by Th. zech" 9 pp. (IRAIM, rpt, hist Praktische !:jathj.TcclI Alucilsdiule, banastadt, Aprill 1 41. I)p 1-11). AIU-1/161C-994-70 scij.'iath Nov 70 Pedologla Cover of Western and Ncrthwestern Serb"v tar D, Tanaoljovlo# 0, Antonovic, SaRw-CA(ATIOS bko lns&',tojt A104jilk u lge2a&m 1966. CYSTI TT 67-5W25 Soi/Far Sci Now 68 370w283 -777 I Proge"s Report on Research Proj4w-ts Sponsomd by the Federal ULaLotry of SeLentLfLe Research and Applicable to the Reactor Safety Am"ct, by A* Tietwoo 51 ppo GMIHANq rpto IRS-F-2- ABC-ORML-tr-2244 ScL-Chau Oct 70 Inie Spherical Pile Roactor as a Thermal TT,ioritwi Brooder. Part 1'. Graphite as Moderator, by 3. Brades. CUP-WN, rpt, Institute fur Reaktorentwi, I= KornforsZ =unRianlR---- u cK des Z. me -- Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Tro-ITPT,- Julieh# January 1%7, 43 P. NIA.U TT F-11.,705 goi/'111101 Sol -W,972 Oct ~8 i'ltEPbRi-3NSTITU! FrUgot REAKTORSICHERHEIT'. TECHNWHER VEbERVAC"UNGS-VEACIN C. V. COLOGNE ''F~ ORNL-TP-2244 NS -4-2 I ,OCOIT:(, t7~ "" 3 .- - 0Y' 717(Cl0Ci,2- ")M~Cll 196.9 trans. ),()J, MlO IO:A - 1 ,,: /~'! I ;,)~ L~,- L-i e I 2U (Zi,' t0 2. C I t .,"C Detei. mination do la Conductibilite Thermique a J.lAide de la McOlode Acilorimctrique, by I!. D1111itriu-Vilcea. FRENCH, per, Institut de Recherches do Batiment et de LIEconomir-een Construction (INCE-RC), 196S, 14 pp. *CFST'-Tr 67-59031 Jun 67 Jealix-teltion of ally Dosirod of 'Itorago Unit with tho !AA of Co=-.ononts from a Illowly Devoloped Pneumatic Losic 3yoten, p by S. '-'ilz, 12 pp. RMP.17~ b1c, Institut Pur :,.orqlLuifs-Uncl Jtouerwigstochnih -TEr'-'-9out-sZh-o-.-l 0 Dor Wi3senschaften, Deul,-SC4, t Autamati si cwunp-, Und Moshau '--~,cinors 1.3 and 1.410 0 Session 1965, pp 1-10 metro/-,-'loctri L.Aigr 3iSl~, 207 Pneumatic rogic j,"lomento and Asoociatod Peripheral Dfivices, by TH. Topfor." 19 pp. 31 IAN ( Ill I a Institut 9, bk, und 3bouox%u-Arstochnik Diw Deutsch Pp Sol-I.T'joetro/ loctri LlagX, 364,206 to I-Acroolectro,lic -;tjuc4.jjjGG ~,olv ~~,rlrlciplom for LIAO of 30nuontial Inatalla-".iol-ls, by 1. bl~, _Ut; "')01" D011 Schell O~ enio Zt vit; T ct Ocj" ICO) 0 2 00 A Gamm-Quantum Spectrometer for ~%aourewoutz in the Atmospheze. by 0'. Kohn, ot al, GERMv rpto Inst tut fur Reins Una An "ewandte xern Mill Xor ZZ istlan AlbroghtS-WilversRut Kielo 17 P. FOV 1996 NASA Tr ~--10.641 Sci-Atwsopheric Sci Mar 67 32 0, &S 8 Lehm~n,' Johames 1970 The dtipendence or the onrymatic ticti.vitigs in t~~ trank MuS0100 Or W115 !JIM I- 01i the adaptation tomperature firber dto AtimW9,14--tit dor Enzynalt L. IV,,. Ls toil im Tlumprmuskei der ic)ldorfc (1-4us Idus I-) rnst. Revue g~-SHY=dm iol., J.~(3): 1; 13 -429. Tn !ermn. Tranal. by 1-1. 2ip. , typescl-ipt. Avail. 011 '-OU11 D.C. 0r!qInnI ArtIcle Cliecked., and ftalst*Ma 'Of 8 by JR. VoWnds6 soutmaus mmnp vw* l"t for _ p 2DO-215 - No Jr., 5 ame j9wp p Dept or am NMO 2Wr4 saimmmob SV%6q 394519 du dor ftiversitelt .71 If i~ Ettides Experimentales de la Dependance Entre los Proprictes Therniques ot 1.111undditc dans Ccrtains materiaux de Construction, by Ti.-l4iffitar. z), f, , /-,; --, )`-. 7) " /,) ! b? v ~ FRFNCHP per, Institut Sciontifique de Batil-.1clit, 1965, 8 pp. ACFSTI 17 (,7-S9030 Jun 67 USDA ii-li.661-ms-67 (4) R-8483-;) 20 July 67 PrSjd Hisultati Ed Richerche Sperimentali SuIll Idrologla Ded PIcco3I Bacini By: PelleVrino Grassi and Mario Pan-1cucci Fmm,. 10*1tuto Sperimentale per Lo Studio E LaL Difesa Del Suolo Firenze., Tip Bruno C ni & c . 1965 ppi-16 loppi 16 pp) ItaUun - eat for wds: Please translate and type 1 orlignal copy only. Do wt, nutilate document. RepmInce for pasteup. I' U1.), 1; 1, y ~6%, 3'j)'t. iiu 212, ci SA" it Diagnostic Works an Ion Sotw(ws by the 014.~ by A* Balir, S, Daumgartki,, ot al, Qld~IAN., rpt,, Institut ftw Strahlantriebo dot Doutsclion FmMunL,jsansu-lt fur Lurtund Mumfalwt a. V. ar-L 11-rounschwely, Mb 24, IW. mllAS'A TT P-109344 copyrdoill sci-illys 14ov 66 Profiles in Plane Shear Flow, by If. Sockel, IS pp. GERMAN;Cper, Institute for Stromungslefire of the Techni lie liocTi-s-c-Ti-ulc Vienna. ZAMM 47, No 7, 1967 pp 439-448. -+NAVY/NlVL-N,!ALB-Tr-4-72 Nov 71 "71;- 7 "TURBI i AIL RICHNICUT. WIOJSK::-`,~;:,~,~ T:,:Tl V L my IL 1" 51: 53 IP j~Rlli;10 K~ i:i." 2 The Control of Wood-Damaging Insect Pests Using a HiBh Frequency Electrical Field, by Z. Ratajczak. POLISH, perp Instytut Tedanoj2g~ii Drewnse Prace,_ Vol 15, No 3, 1968, pp 51-67. NTC-70-13004-11L Feb 72 Portable Apparatus for InvestIgatIng the Propenelty of Fabrics to Pill# by F. Maillard. FRENCHP rpt, Institut Textile de France, Bulletin No 132, 1967, Pp 741-749o NTC-71-10326-IIE No,# 71 The influence Of 9mms v 111rorture Variations Daring Beat Setting Upon the Dyeing Speed of Polyester Fibers, by R. Freytag, J. BIcraquin. 1200=i, Pori, Xnat TextIle do ftance. Bulletln.. Vol 22, No i3T,-T�VF,- -pp--585:,594. wc.6q,-165oB-i1z Sel4laterials Fob 70 403,131 Study of L-Ustic Cmstants in solid i4aterials. bor Wo Lmdvigo GWUW* Pare bet-L-Theor - ft- lk. tKy Gieppen M&d"l FaRaq pp 1.32. ONBS TT 70-57475 sci-Mat Aug 70 Tki mmil Jit fl kwllc~~ on Tot)jn, b", C. I'll! Ii.!,!; mild 'r. TruyClis, 51 WhIGI, rLit. inst. of Tool Teci Factury Toclkai,tuc, i A i h; /'A'k it J4 2 420 Nov L7 Agency: WWI. Hlgbway Traffic Safety R-15940-D P.O. 0 IDITMA-3-4639 2 rob. 1973 Titlit.* Wimmemachaf t1tebe Arbetcatalpmg "SCHIENERURMLLNERMIR" vm 4. bia 6. Oktober 1972. "ource; 1w titat Mr Varkehrammeng Hisenbahnbau und -Betrieb Authort Prof* Dr. -Ingo R. Kracke L.mmgu.qfje: German grecW Instructions: Please translate and type one (1) copy. New Glass Raster Screen, by T. Smits. GORMAN, per, IGT Hieuvs, Vol 21, No 1, 1968, pp 7-12. Ga 96 Vol 17, No 3, 1969 July 69 SOS-163 Mw Influems of High Intmisity Bound on the lbaman BDdyp by Le C, We POILO wmip rptj, lmtltuut Voor ELM ~ui ~iolmje RVO-TWO 17 Jan 1968 - Ach ;--W4 , pp 1- 17 - XD 2204019168 fti-mm Jan 69 369,,514 FL .:E . :; ~, 7,' i ~ 1, ii,7-71, 1 71~1 11, ~ 4W in ~7777 . I ! ~ o, I " , __, ":: ~. - ". - : J, I L. ~'.Ij J-1 $ ~ - -: - . .