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December 31, 1983
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Pre"nt situation " Pro"otivest tv Conflm~o Nsaicnal D& Inftetria. ? pp. ]POMUFUSSE, per# Demenvolvimnto & EgajagjMv Ao 2* Wo 1968, pp ?9-85. DIA IA 949-68 gon Oct 68 :366g824 Joao'. mmvwoi MOM* lmueop* a*2ft 319 am *Otion of 'Awwas") movemit d PP P. Swttiapo, Chiles 8 40"~~ PP Dotando PDO Econooda *fix*,, sanblago" Chile, VO.O. g9o 0 "7* PO 6.0 I tomm. r *"W=I.8mvpum,, 22 N" 6 APO: awaftoo muo 19 mw Igns mommAi. A048 Nb SMO At =ON-j:jjjjjjj=# Caracas, 29 Jan 0:.P :110 ,-*meow Adi.e-,;ive ~-rogicrtio~; u1: '.1widulch i'xwls t:or 'Otor '03, 'E 1 -14, .1'1)t, )AA .-,UrSIC '~U;dt. 1u, . ; U -~ 1, ~ L P1160j, 7 U :AVAL CJ-"'_AA~ ":Y~Sr',;! lialust, Civil Doe 66 3 ftt-.,.-rit U17-r:kcc P.U.A'iu. WJAIV j, rn. I AvtiiG:-: dukLli ~,jorj.Z . jck!icsj .j ~.; U s~, C 0 1. LAUIL"46L'. ~JPC-'Clal -onli,, =1 Loave jaimev paott:-ull'. Concerning the Balance Between EAst FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY FOR INTERNAL 111E DEPARDIENT 01; DE11.-NS11' ONLY GLIUMN, per, Deutschcr Aerok-urier, pp 409-411. AIR/FrD/fIT-23-1031-67 Sci/Aeronautics Dec 68 and West. 7 pp. USE WITUIN No 8, 1905, 372,082 DOOCOnt VGIOcitY, Lift Drag Ratio and Wing looad* An Approximation Formula. for the Computation of Dencent Velocity and Lift Drag Ratio, by N. Illorth. GERMAN, per, Deutscher Aerokurier, Vol 13, No 11 1969, PP 29. NTC-71-12136-01B Nov 71 Donownt VelooW, Lift Drag Hatio and Wing Imad: an Approximotlon Pbrollm for the Couputation of Dencout Veloolty and Lift Drag Aktloj, by Nne mLoru. 6 pp. WVEIUDRW USE OHM GUMN, per, Dout Aemkurlorp Vol 18, jan -i969, pp 1-29. HAM TT F-12,637 Sci-Aero ob 7D 401 F .T59 0. Pribilla tagal, Aja4jjc,l, and Ethical problams bi death DEUTSCHES AEI?-'TEBLATT, Vol 65P No 42P 1968P pp 2256-2259 REW NIII 1.1-1-od NTC 70-12049-o6E 0. PribMa bagal, Madi.(Yal and Ethical problomn in antablinhing da a th DEUTSCHES AERZTEBrATT,, Vol 65, No 42, 1968, pp 3-24a-S"9- -:? _,~ / ~, -- ---~ :3 , "~ --; ffEW N-TH 17-2-679 NTC 70-12049-0e;h* (,. Pribi Ila Legal, Medical and Ethical problems in establishing death DEUTSCHE.'.3 AERZTEBLATT VOZ 65, No 43, 19681 pp 2396-2398 HEW NIH 11-1-69 NTC 70-12049-06E 'Experioncen and LessOns f"M t~'O 1,464 Grain 11oxvest, by S. Mortins and ',?# Feiffer, 9 pp. CWJVW, per,, Deuteciia krartecbnlk No 1, Jtkn 1965, pp 10-12. JPHS 2901,3 W-Gennany Econ liar 05 276,2,25 WIsslam, Area,* =d Orgmizational stract-m-c or Liatitlite fbr the Machmizatim of Agricultuiv :ui Potsams-ibraim., by z. Ttxr*k, 6 pp. GRWARi.. per, Deutsche Agrarbechnili, Vol 15, Wo 4,, Apr 65, pp. 149-152. JPBB 3M95 E&-Germ=W Neon BkW 65 "j,093 ftvblftW Of the -. or the molobwma" Ou album for BWU- m p UP fjo Im W Dr. R. 0. Didn and R. J. Krm*o 9 pp. QK~.. per,, Emu Agmrtachnlk No 9,p ftvt 1 vp-o"3%-395- Jim Z ME-Mast GarznwaV AM oct 65 1190;1995 I uliediate Goals of tilts kocialril.zation S tat-10 Rild 11, 1 ,)i, S,igill- jlt~t-t I-Ii-Waction w:Ltii Lic GDR i"JichIne Syatem, by Dr. GerdeB, '( yip. Vol LL), GERMN, per, Deutsche k,;rartechnijc No ~'-ip kiq-~, 3h3-345 - Pp. - MRS BE-East Gerranny Econ N Dv 66 312, c)4,3 'Zoonranization of 3paro llart.-4 ~hipply in 6001millst Agriculturo, by 9. (menzol. 5 pp. Gl,;~'Llk!, per, Deutsche ArrartaChnik, !%-?o 9, Sept 196"S. pp. 721o7 JPRS, 1,13200 Loon lov 66 3' 13.742 Tam1r. and Direction of 14eclanination of Af,,ri- cultural Production In We Priment Btat~e of Social 1>,-velopment, by R. Zienchang, 10 pp. GERMAN, per, Dg-utsehe AfrartAqelmik Vol. XVII., No. 1. Jan 19C7, pp. 1-4. JPRB 39366 RE.-Geranny Sci-AC,ric Mar 67 317j.296 Uokv ot Agricultuml E4uipnen'-, Industry, IV E. Thum# 7 pp, GM.W. Imw WUM02 r~eclmu, Vol 17, NO So, Avg 1967: PP- 341-344- JM 42531 EE-a~ G;fqrqwUw sci-Ap-i li'mr I SeP 67 VLn. r'ao Cowdderations In the Devolopment of an knorgy Wads for Agricatwm up to 1980, tW A. Uischoff. R. Adam &M K. DrwWdere n pp. UlUfAlvl, per, Ralgew AmrtmclsAk, ~ o1 17, No 8, Aug 1967, pp. 367-3?0. JM, 42531 iX-f-- Gormny Sai-Agri lmgr Sop 67 340.600 Supply of Agricultural Spare Parts linproves, by H. Engelhardt, 6 pp. GERMW, monthly, Deutsche ~Urar- technik Vol is , No. 2o East Berlin, rob 6g,p~. ;9_50 JPRS 44,573 .L;Ci/,kgrIculture March 68 351,934 ' 06 ,t,l orn Agricultva-al Machinery lexYdbitec) at Iair. 6 pp. GILMAN, pare L)eutache AgrAftechmik. I!ast Berlin, Sept 1969, pp 40-1:~40,3--- - - - -- ---- -- J;,Rs 4951? bei-Agri Jan 70 3Q'io9'(-3 lannors .oviow Agricultiuml AcIdevemcnto. Go loimcm, iio -Go iiolfur, 1.1 lips WUi-AR, par, ~loutvclio A&mAqcfw.Ak, Last Berlin. %-at 1969, pp 4,55--W.- J~ iis :5ci-Agri Jan 7" 3,, 025 Devolopmant. ].*chanizatlon of :.tato Forms !-raised, by Am Spemlerp S ppm GERM4. por. Deutsche Agm~~(tchpkk,, Mtst i orlin. ot 1,W) o pp 1760~~j. ill iis 494-0 U!..-v, Gerr. boon Jan '?0 3A. 024 Urgent Measures to I rervent Tractor Accidenta NeW&:'* by G. MlAch. 6 pp. Gmw, per, k~Ai!che AAMrjei~!Ip~k, hhat Elerlin. Nov 1969. pp 530-531. j,, Rs. 4968B S,A-I-Sech Peb 70 400.691 -"AMU mom Bad&, IPP . I I ~;. -~; .1; 1 ;' i. - f i - ~~, ~~: , ! , -- -1 .7, -, ;' do Status, Goals of Agrochemical Centers Detailed, by B. i-ieier, X. Boehl, 8 pp. GUU,lk~, per, Deutsch6 Agrartechnik, hast Jerlin, JEJI I-R*'2, pp 4-6. 1 J -viis .55361 i-ar 72 'Prorlds In I-loclialliziltion of 11ni-vo-SL, -oescribocl, by '-i. Thurm, 6 rT). 'I"'HIAT-U, ner, Doiitschc A.f-.,:-ar~-ecllni'-, ,..'ast vr) ,T!) I y 7 2 Mechardzntion of Agriculture: Some 1966- 1970 Data, Prospects, by G. Fornacon, 7 pn. GERMAN, per, Deutsche Auartechnik East t.L Berlin, Apr 72, PP 145-147, 1-50. jpRs 5632h. Ail 72 '16-6 4iupr Boot Harvester ~.bv* x no a" #hod Is koli, 9 pp. d Agrilftoahnik., East he VA MW 02%tto of ArUrIcial Muth IB&t"Utm As a ftMtl4m at OrwIty AnowsLUep bgr X. ArnmIA. ==a, perv Basaaft AIAM-ws ton an lkvwlflfto -~6rmmmmft dGr In potaftm No 27, 1965* AcW TC-U7.5 ftl4tar Sol Sept 67 339#263 The DetermIjistion of the Potsdam-Buch &rest Azimuth From Observations of the Satellito Itcho 1. by K. Aruold, Do Sdloapso ORWIANO pa , Doutsdie Akadenic der Wisseuschaf- ten u Berlin.- verotwRITMagen der Geodatis- EM Inst igk PatN-B-11P No 29, 1%fi, 28 pp. ACIC TC-1174 Sci- Aug 67 335 - in Studies ol the Neciianism of Noutron Captum the Resusiance ke~.,ion, by Ilans-11rich Gersch, 30 pp. rpt, Dout ikkad Ilissen Zu i)'crliji. Zentral fur Kern, zfj,-13o, 1968, lip 37-58. MC/A."IL-Tr-911-70 Sci/lIlly Jun 70 travity Mm4suremeats;wlth Reversing P*ndul T 1966-196.9s, by Rudi Schuler, 193 pp. ST. I I PIR AS ;-Ppi. boutache Aiad 4e2- Wissonschaften ZU Berlin zq t inst'i4t I%yslk Or Erdto Wo" 16, 1971. 3=912 A Contribution to the IntroJuction of Low-Nickel Nitrogen-Cantaining Chromium- Nickel Steels* by H. Schultz. GERMAN, pef, Deutsche Akad. Wis3. Stickstoff in matallen (MIGWO. Vol 13. 199Z, 1965. ;p 291-305. *BISI 5059 Sci-Materials Sept 66 100/70 11 -July 69 HOW DO '."hing.'; 1,00k ill the Red Armv? GERMAN, ill), Deutsche Allgeincille Z ' 5 July 1938, pp 1-2. 1 Aerosols, a Problem for IAgielators., Bottlers and Consi=ers, by H. Thier. GRIWAN, per., Deutsche Apotheker 7-eituna, no. 6, P. 169" 1962.- W= 71-32T58-13L JULY 71 Pbruga,Required in Case ol' a Catastrophe: 1~ Selection of 100 TMportsnt rind 30 Ijidisparisetble Drugs,, UIMMAR, per., D2utache Anclheker-Zeitung, VlA 1119 1971., PP 15-18. NTC 72-10745-060 72i Conditions of GM Private Industry Assessed. bV Hannsjoorg Dtwk, 6 pp. OMAji Daut ArcUy, Cologne, 0 polro AWLIM-4 Jul 1969v pp 718-722. ins 488t.5 I-S-E Germwor Boon Arti,ole ii9vie" Progmall of GlR TV Technology, bjy Hadalf Koehlere 9 PP- GEMNO Pero, Ko cologriat Jul 1969, pp M-782. JMS 48815 soi-limr4 Cam# Dot & CM Sept 69 34A r 3.64 1~)69 AatisUcal Yearbook Gives 14ow Breakdown of Dnta, by , lfrwi Rsinholc], 5 pp, GIJUAM. per. 4utschland _Arq!4,L, Cologne. Dec 196(). pp IjO--1534~--- i 1 1?5 49671 Gcrm stat ~Gb *70 4oo,675 wemlt~ Oerions Assess GDR Agricultural *v's'.xqpM4 t~p by Konrad Merkel, 17 PP. GO NM~T G. N, perp Deutschland-Archiv, Cologne, _IZ59. 124T JPRS/L 0~6o Feb 7Z DE[JTS(:'IfkZ7 ARCHIT Fjij~'Ij, g[.jjvj--t.7jA,( pp 133-162 ~l iv V)l ~14, 19t;ll NTO 70-119090-060 ')'Lurcographic Wave Survey, by Arnold Schumache GERMAN, per. Deutschen Atlantischen Exped- it(hon "Mc-teor"-,-1925-19-27, 1939. NAV/NOO Txans M-77-r, 4 June 72 Report on Applications of llaryllitu, III i~uclotir Todmology, by J. ,;tockur, J;, Roatlur,, 9 131), rl)t,, Ninutes of the 44th ol Jorldn~: Group 111/2 of the boutsdic: Aton- ;4 5 1--lay 1965. Dupt of Wavy Tr 4472/uNU Tr 2052 ,Sci an(' Teell Fe 1)6 296,jM Conerate Hinges, by F. Leonhardt, S8 pp. GERIWI, per. Dout. Ausschuss Stahlbuton. No 175, Critical States of Stress of Concrete Under Multiaxial Stutis Short-Term Loadin~;, by i1orst Reininjunn, 41 pp. GIAM4, pur. Deut. Ausschuss StWilbeton, No 175, 1965, pp 62-105 P'311356167-V AEC OILML-Tx-1729 Nov 67 342,422 DWP - Beemp by F. lAwnbardtj,- R. Walther,, 291 pp (711mr.l. perp Owtuctmw "UMADIS Qm or on wilbalm sdi)210 711.0 :LTIJO 19660-yo-j'au- - PIMZ2005k~.v )4[T-67-W3-0.5 SCIAut coat 68 363s383 (MIC-TT-1-1112) BUILDING I)ANIA(.-,I-- CAUSED BY M' REINF(MCED BUILDING I'(,,NYNTS. Mayor. II.; lim-sch, IL Translatod bY J. H. Hatner (National Research Couneil of Canada, (Ittaiwa, ()nt.), from Deut, Ausschuss Stalilbeton; No. 19.1, 1967. 115p. ongineorIng: translations ND--:IH NI, IW Unlimited lrd'wmtian an the B3mvs DammationalL L-W* for Economic Cooperatior4 to* Ho2mxth Dietriah# 16 ppe r,mwjo pwp glatests im, 2WLtik No 2. Febmaxy 1965v pp 3B7-195* .Tpjts 29190 Mir%-C,Wrww BOM ILar 05 E liclentifio- ~edhnlcal 00cparstlan of the Countriesi, by 'I:Lkalai BcCom!itslqr,, 14 pp. I Lautacbe Aasmnnoll-~~:Ullq JO Sep 1565p pp 12,07-2324s JiJi'al-3, 32778 EL - ~.~eruany Econ Dac 65 2-939058 Problems of Intermational Law In SecurinF GDR Internatioml Boundariesv by Rolf Fel- 'ber,, 2 3 pp * GKFOM., per, Deutsche Aussenpolitik. Mar 1966.t PPV 272-290. JPW 35047 XE-GermwW Neon Apr 66 299,288 R*mLlts of i~he Coordination cif scientifio.. TOO)mical 110-learch in the CEMA Countries, bY N. Bocoroclitzkiy. 11 pp. GEMW, per, Deutsche Aussenpolitik. b 7. Ja 19(4, PP. 366-872. JPRS 332-59 Or-Ilany Econ mov 66 313,630 Proble.me of the Nov Swiet Five-Year Plan, by Alexander Batechurin, 3 lip. GEMWW, per, Deutsche Auseempol4tik, No. 9, Sept 1-966, 671-99-1054. ins 3B946 ViZE Econ aw 66 315x745 aASOian General Reviews Defense ana Retalia- Soviet Anned F.:)rces, by Pavel tory Nble of - Karotskikin, () pp- QMM, per, Deutsche Aussej2221itik, No. 10, oct 19660 PP- 1179-1183- JPRS 39079 rO:-GdrjYzmy Mil Dee U) 31513T2 Emat Ckmm-.may and Um Intervaulaml lawlloctual T-1vaiarty Orgunl2stion, by .;Lwry bollimmier ma I Esmwt 6laULwmwr,, pp. clull'i"tly" 91 ~~4 I J. Vq 4V oul ~rbrfaffn fAWWAO Aotiviliy fnmcasivw;~, 1w rianfrod ,;'qt)t 67 Problmw of Saanowic Cooporatlon among ftelallat Cumtrios,, by TUdUdr &=Ijvanskly# 13 PP* 021"y wo galog Ausow-wou-tU no 108 R Oct 1967P PP U84-IM- MRS 43696 IN-Awt Gerxnny Neon Jan 63 347,,3" AdiAral m-nor -~Ktols 03-oc Arotl orlhood-Iri-Arms, by ;,-or. i,,eutscho Ai,,si~~ Jltil:, a--- .1., _ p P ~ , " f-'. j t FIJI 10) r"'.V+ Perommlp Agfi3A&tiwx of Subv%mrsive RK' 14vnd, by JuUus Hader, 13 pp. GERMI* part I?mxtooho :!2gg2pM&Ltlk ARY 1968t pp 561-568. JM 45.920 a/1" Gomsx)y POI Au,g 68 362,664 CPR 42mwged idth Role in U.S. fliorld Rulo PIALnst, t(7 Pet4w Eknvohlk, 17 PP- OE"Afif, Per# RmtmgM I Zo pp 569-R7. - Akl, May 196o& ijpRs 46t = aA; t~erwly Fol Sept 68 36.500W komoide ~Atuatlon in UAR, ;,yria, Jordan , iewtxl" by Gumter liarthol. I? -up. G.L~W4. r1pto Rgut,~che AuvsM2QMjS, Last Darling Auff 1966, nP 953-962. jpic; W.,1344 D! AD K. 1 Al " t.cQn i,.,-,c 6e. 353,S21 GIR Stresses lupm-tanoo Of Tr8dG with thO Moot by Gerlard Wyochkav 11 pp. GHRWv per* AM&NaLm Auxlewu-MLk. Last 13orlin, Oat 1968, pp 1185-1193. JPRS 47,049 WE Gemww EoGn Jan 69 3?29196 Catural. Saientific Ties with Xvia. Afrion Outlixwdl, try Herbert Gee--hu-dt, 11 pp, GWIN* per, Ra Eafft Berling ~S~che 9 Doe 19689 pp 1432-14W. JPRS 47m,551 XK-E GermarW Pca liar 69 376*(M lioff*am k~ctols GDR, Soviet Armad I,orcss Toam, by 11sins HoffmAm, 32 pp, GIWMN* per. Lj*irkf!q e A o#~)aU k _k__WA L__2~L_q awt Berlin, 1969. pp 41-49. JI'R5 49593 zE-IL Germ 1401 Jon 70 4GOv546 Jourml Assesses V194 Berlin Loogal btatus. by J, , otrankow, 13 pp. GI-AiAN, par, Lputocho Auesqnpo .ast J*r1in. bob 1,?09v pp 1~i-i620 ' ' - - . _ _I j i ns 48623 1:14k, -~ - / A I"-~ 1,T.-P. Germ ! 0l Aug 69 390,607 co fy). p -S FCC, NbftA Aovlew an booksTultay Gw Orimtpoutlk by Jo$wxmw per# Doutodw Ausempolltik,, vc IM/70 60W 15 Oct MUL Araboautgo- in switm weltirieg" GUsaeck,MW nrcb&lgm, 00.9. j~6-)Jppjjojt_3Lj04, ftweW Type'W:Tnmlo araft pi= one T%D* 30 Oet 0- 60c/yv. -retum SocUlist Savereigntyg Proletartm Inter- nationalimn. by Herbert Kroeger. 13 pp. GFAM4, per Deutsche ~Luggan ItAk 19- Nast Berlin L)oc 1969, pp 14 221 VOW: JIIRS 49W8 FS-E GormwW POI Mar 70 402 g 1~)q wo.x; o"m Fa jw 70 **0375 IW bli6s aim . P4 ; ~ i I ! Aps 70 ~ t i i I Moab i i XM go* , .: I ~I *A I i i i I i ~~L- ~ -_i- -L, ~i - - mult soma* ifty, tZ I ~& -a -- """MmWomso Aw AAldmLml6uQUAkv I*WAW UA*AW &*bwe 19 pp, Not BMUS, ~~,olicy Journal *-:arns Against Devistions 1,.'ithin Communist; 1~,ovement, by Gerhq.rd 1?owil~'. 12 pp. ner, Deut3chc Aussenpolitik, --,,ast nn miar 72 Probloms of lonctwit'alist Dovolopmont, !Ascunsod, by Nitirindou Lamine 'labe, 9 T)T). ner, Deutsche Aussonpolitil,-., j",asu Porlin, Jnn-F ---- JPRS mar 72 c), I , hy 0 -1 f )OUtscli'le