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December 31, 1983
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(FDD 22326) Tasks of Mactric Pover as Rarlmated by the R solutions MA Directives of the IM nOMIM the Cant"a Mmitteft of'the P611ob United ors. ftrty.9 1)iy Ew B. 9&smmdko 2D pp. M ........................... POLIMs m wo magaas M I I Pt w I F t WALCaw, Vol No lp larDwp Sm an 304* W 1-4. MW - Pau" Econ. - 3200trIC Pam obt 54 (FM 24814) ~The Necensity ard Obligation or Conserving I [Electric Power in ALI Brancbes at Satioml Er--on=W (J~olaa) 0 by Bolft%Uw Ja*s*, 33 PP - p.=H no Pero nr"%Ia~ MAktr0`tQIdbn1cZZW, Vol xxxs so 110, umavo NOT 19548, p mA/Fm/ty-7o76 39ur - Poland Econ - Electric pover CTS 69/Jun 55 t" the 3bflubnft of Wram, 1440it on Lvalmmeenee of zus4k Pbasshorsp IV P. :11. jaswziyn.,- 3 pp. MSW,p Wrp 02tilm I SPeMwo., Vca VU., nD 5., XMI, yp &A-.696. OSA Sol Apr 63L /Yf, 5w v Frou My Memories: My Native land (Hunpry) . by rcmdmf& 16 pp-, MINGARLAW~ bim per# latabatar, Vol Vnl,, No 1/2, M=Icb,, Jan/,Apr 1957,9 pp 59-70, VS IFM/bC-L-131 Iftr-Runpry POI 61, z 3 Al Frow My Memories (HUnPry), by Ostimr Jaszi, 7 PP, UNCIASSUIED MMW3Ml,, blao per; Latobatar., Val VIII; No 3; Munich, lj%y/Jvn 1957p pp 135-1119- US JPRS/DC-L-117 Egur - H%uLprv POI (' / s ~ 5, TwLn-Lavor a a of to cc again LSP165 Ond Their womatim am pagmmtlafk Produests. by H. Jatgftldtn, N. MM. OVA". per yjM lean,,! Z, gbff"ol__ C_bM_ 7o1- 320, 1960- PP M-M CSZIRO/So- 7"0 Y . 7"ik e- -,, , r-z-- SOL . Aug 67 359-506 loopolft Of VA Cezabral WUo,, Ar arsomma Psaftaus by Romeo T Pp. QMMV ows low* MA-WI, RM IA"3 xw 63 3 A/ wriicuwy or a Pow mrmatcamou metbad Lt C34alclal IftbIt POMUIZ Dnia Mectlan Alth the Ald CC IWA) IM40tiapt4imm. XXIV by Us ZAMp no jatdwmluo 12 pp. 1~1- -1 ------ ll-~ Om"I = m 9W.0 Val a=s IBM* ymp Nu ft. no 12-10 Sel - cbmastr ~f.47 mirr4 y P*b MT ON/dw G. F. MIMMOD FOR ME FREPAR-ATION OF COMPRESSED SODRIM PEROXIDE ALONE OR COMMD WrM OTHER SAM. [196313p. Order frorn OTS at SLA $1. U',- 63-14825 Trans. of Austrian pate= 5, 1 -! 16. n. d. DESCRWrORS: *Sodlum compotwds, *Percoddes, Pressure, Hardness, Detwity, Powders, Bleaddng agent-8- 63-14825 I - laubert, G - F - 11. Patent (Austria) 5 196 (Chendstry-inorganic, TT. Y. 10. no. 6) -WQPR"aZkF ON 4wWXMWMW4Y 16~9 I&MMIJ ZIMM- prefts" t* Aw SIW $Dosma I& GAMM, S*r, Sal Mf HMO, 'Vol 87* me 70 1967 pp L., C, job 67 1)eI:r,-rmine-t,j.on of Tra-cess of Nitrogen ~n :E-rcn 2n.,-7, E. .7m);-n. Unimie AT',,--!Vtiqu-. Vol XLTT. .TEST 2)!'-'t5 ,lu Sp-ectropbotometric Deetemination of &-,all. Amounts of Niobium and Tantalum in Stainless Steels., by R. Rosotte,, E. Jaudon. GEMAJ-1, per, Abam Anal, No 6, RX 1959, pp 229-239. c BISI 1-794 Sci - Min/met /-2 9 oct 6o JAUDITY, E.. Comptes R6ndus, vol. 218, 194-4, Pr, I t,~'--le 760 words. -1 Secc;rld,'Ir:-~, react2ons in phosp~-ating bate'. S, Brutl~*-,I-r T' ,, I --ns. Order No. 2C)'-,(*,':, ",1.1c, /I 'y q -v 4,A:,",;Xxa)bQW~ - "th !-:espeft ot Data 'llole-c-tac -I esultse Ly jawarlicko ,;Ilq NJ* ri.t. c:ul, ,To L we. P. N't e- k- ,:.c- t GP .3b 5 0 u9 . ~:4 3 61-129615 jauff'ret. D. -1- MACHINES FOR THE FABRICATION OF SPRINGS 1. Springs- -Production FOR Cn-OTT! &-)PINS. 119H] 6p. 2. Title: Clothespins Order from ATS $11.50 ATS-3tN49F 1. jauffret. 1). -1.- 11. Patent (France) 64.5 877; T.-ans. of French patent nu. 645. 877, filed 17 Dec 27. 111 A'I'S-:l(N4()17 granted :3 JLJIY 28, pub. 3 Nov 28. IV. Associated Tvchnical services. In, East Orange. N Office of Tochmicol Sevvices Prevention of Hemorrhagic Shock by Hypothermis Associated With Feurovegetative Stabilization, bY C. Jaulms# 3 PP. . ...... I I FRENCH.. pers, CusWt rend Aced Sci,, Vol CCLN, -19-52j jDp 3-7*.~=n,4. '64 M Tr uo 122-4 Scientific - Medicine '~ &0j ?"6-1 jAgiump. P. DFFINITION AND MEASUREMENU OF THE COLF- FICIENT OF DIS'I'll.t.ATION AND OF THE VOLA- THATY OF VOLATILE SUBSTANCES AND DII.IrIl, SOLUTION (Wfinition et Musure du Coefficient de Distillation et de la Crinstante de Volatllitt~des Sub- stances Volatiles en Solution Dilu&-). 1196211261p. (foreign text included) 13 refs. Order from SLA S2.60 62-14414 rans. of jfournal del Chim[iquel Physliquel (France) !932, v. 29. p. 403-417. DESCRIPTORS: Solutions. Vaporization. MeasurLIMCrit (Unannounced) 62-14414 I,Title. V"lat!lc fluxes 1. jaulmer. P. I. A. 0 0. ad 0. COs- of T.A.Iow 5-40" Distillation of Jkqueous Solutions and Nutric Acid, by P. Jaulmes. ...... .. ..1--l- Hydrochloric Determination Of I*DiZEktion Constants of Slightly-Volatile Weak Acids by Fractional Distillation, by P. Jaulmes., 7 pp. PIUMM, per, J CMM ?tV% 0, Vol MM, 1933, pp 556-559. ELA 57-3270 Sci Avg 58 Increase of the VolatIlity of Vb~Uitjje Acids In Aqueous Solution by the Action of Electrolvtes Possessing an Ion Comon to Both., by P. Jaulms., 16 pp. FRMR.., Ver, J Chin MYS.- Vol M., 1933, PP 347-355. ~11-wil SLA 57-327-1 Sci Aug 58 is t- 10911 jaulmes, Paul and Gaftc, Emile. VOLATILITY OF BORIC ACID. 11. DRY BORIC 1. Boric acid- -Vaporization ACID AND SUPERHEA.TED SMK [19611 10p. 1. jaulmes. P. (tables, figs. refs. omitted). H- rvalbac, ri.. Order from SLA mi$l.$% ph$I.SD 61-10911 111. 711fle- Ek-y ... IYans. of Scc[i~t~j Chim[ique del France. Bulleqin) 1937 [ser. 51 v. 4, p. 149-157. 00- .1T.A." sw~k-. (Unannounced) TT-65-12NS Mad SH TIONH='E 6illffii 1. Jaulmen. P. G;7 VnNES CONCENTRATED Mr COLD WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF ALCOHOL. 19N 7WIL U. HmeUe, G. Order frorn SLA-- $L68 as TT-95-129M Trans. of bsUU4 N*Uoual de Is Rooberches AgraDovdcpe. Annales. Serle E. Anngles de Technoboo Agricole (France) Y3 p241-58 1954. MR 646 Cenzat SatO Moulding,, by J. Le Borgne., m - auvatu. PFAM., per,, Ymftrle,, Vol CIMT, JLm 1961 p pp 2,09-219. am 2fto sai - Chen an 63 av~ - - .. 1-C-2 Solubllity and Iouir-ability of Ugurities in Geramalum BiDAe Cryst%U, by W. Ik=., J. jennymn, K. Sailer, 23 pp. am= Per# Z BRturfOrachs Vol VEMB.9 1953., pp 39-JU SIA 57-951 Sci - Muerale/Hatals J-4,e Oet 57 ', 4Z ol'o ~4 41'6 cl~ Supervision of Steam Turbine Sterting-Casing 't in its Distortion and Movement of the Shef Bearings, by J& Godfroid rand Ao Jeumatte. FMCH: per., Union Exploit Elet Belgl(rae, Vol Mo MaY 1954., PP 19-36. ASLIB-M125 Sci Aug 513 Tuo MultiPle aw T~wblmv Aas=bUes id ror W-algian Xroworks,, by A. vol mvni., GMWMp per,# StaU u asen,./iso io, pp 654-663. orl .,Bri-i;Lsh sieo-n aw steel Lid W5 (L4.15-0) Sot - Engr 150V 5-5 T917 Thenal Cycles and. Their IfficUmey, by A. J. Jamotte. FMIMP perp Fieve Ee,, no 2p 1963p pp 4,[-6(, 7.-Wlidecale 61 lelcl'lr~-I-K Tr U4 4~7 Z~~ Sal Dee O~ 61-10656 purnotte, A. L_ CHECKING TURBINES DURING TRANSIENT OPER- 1. Turbines--Test methDds ATION. [1961] [121p. 6 refs. 1. jatvncwte. A- L_ Order from SLA mi$2. 40, ph$3. 30 61-106% Trans. of BuIlletin Scientifiquel A. L M. (Belghun) 1958, v. 71 [no. 11/121 p. 1161-1178. Office of Todmical Serlees (Machinery- -Engines. Tr. v. 5, no. 12) a,=, 4w AMPIMM Uposat" =t J-4& =6by IEI- 09624aft. H. Joni. jo. a PWO i on. No 5v 6a , 0 , 119( n 9(Ao pp qa-"& NASA Tr F-9205 scl.9/m Feb 65 U,S- GOVERNMMT CqQLY 27406W A Ww "or Sm&13 neotria Motors, by H. Jaw- 12 pp. GEW-AN,j per-, Bullotiu -Ies Scbveizeriseben Elettroteabnischen Von:,-%3 Vol XLVIII., UO p1j, 12 Oct 1957,0 pp go -9W - * ~! 1,..,4 q /,~ "?, 6 / AM MM-MiO/V Sci - ZrG Dec 6o /& 6" wam jumb, Roland and Gewmano, Amodo cHLA)PjaAmoN OF CYCLOREXAMEL A NEWLSOMM 1. Im-m R. OF HEXACHIMOGYMMEXANIL 11963) 6p-7 raft U. Gammo, A. Oi%Iw from SLA $1. 10 WISM 12. Tkft Nun, ... 7ftm of Helvetka CldmUm Acts (SwUzWIN4 190. v. 35, p. 392-396. DESMWrOR&- -Cyckhmanca. -Chlodnsdw, ChImideg, Sqyu~ (Chemistry). CbemIcW analy" *FMtDCheMlMy. fflavachbrocyclobemanes. 2- Oftl of Techikal Urvkzz (cbenascry-Orptdc. TT. V. 10, no. 11) "Itticy of Lne of Varicus R~~fractory lVat,--ri als in a Ti:,~nk %Ymace, tv M. jaup~An, 'iTerres et. RefractuirefF., IT 2,. 1959, Ir..P 65-81. c s 0 Sc'!. '-ov, 61- Psychic Disturbances :Ln Myxctl.-=r-,, Ir !M,-b J- Wavier ir. Jauregg, 9 pp. ... . ......... GUIMAN, monograph., Handbuch der Psych""atrie Tell, 2 Ab',,.., Nlyxodem und rm-tinismus, LeipzAfti~ igi5, pp io-16. SIA 59-1034; Sci j= 60 Vol 2, No 'I Pooble DisturNmom is Mpi ~Wummuw W L. Wopm v MMM,gbkl, JW A Mul-p NwWbnh Gar Paydile- i%" ftnt 2 Akto Ili LelpaskVIS 1915. Em 340 ftl - ma Apr (DC-3905/2) Appliastion of the Sn Tlwmy Jm lAusuisticso by Am& jkmrsAom xtmlav auruls 11 pp. FOR CRYI= ih bid CUM perp alwo a slumnas 31 no I# Preems 1960p pp A-41. JM 6140 Sol - mum Oct 6o ji.1,314-laation of the Set Tlwory in Amin jhur go) cm . ONLY CZECH, per, Blom a S-IrAreanos";, INIc PP 34-41- ,?F.Rs 614o C'u- 63 (N-045U) Ihsanorwtvition and Dt"ct SiMplyp by Gerbar6 Zaurseb, 9 pp. wl - (OMW,v prp DW 08nftls, VOIL XIj. No q.. 3.9611. Mr, 390-392- JM3 IM77 ARZ9, LTV, r, 6 e TR I ( DC- 5 89 -1 ) 3~:iventictii Birthday of Pavel Fel-Ixovich z,ca.roaov-,iay, bDr n. jovadovj. 4 pp. BUSSUN,, per,$ AzerbaydzbsnXCW W-d Zhur, No 5~, 1960p pp P-6-91. jpm 8697 USSR LI-I 06 At-if; 61 /C C? Y3 The by Cotatu Jgvaudlnj le ppe r 'D ~. / -6 F0,41 16 -.1 -... I .. I Immo PW.. Mroxom,, Oct 2M., W "'. A003: R-M vDir a yvauft ml Aw 60 .11-f , 0.0e 'IV of sotum Ju par lbtox Aa ond UO Stoolso of FirAAed ftoftOWo to, jwWalowuip anti=* Dn*wic. in onxm =a am lwmtAvw" vwf I wm!lmv Vol 11: so 36 4*1 33- - R.4d M LA L 4 tl)'D 63 366s". VIM MM MTN TO CAPPYINS IWO own, i411, Ym us ON in oftwavoll of V* mom a- rm w sm Amm LT Pr. o# &Abu NIMA MMM11"MCIA6 NO 10p ip" "1"s UM sk wm i I-la/63 Qdnlma Wurts' PromAnvap by Abd-la-%Wjab Java%& APAIRXCp bks Uml A14bbkvmt Al-jinallyy"p 1957j- pp 51-IMP lWoIRP 172478P 247-',Mp 267=M$ 287-311,p 342-3580 4T3-"p M-Wo 6U-666s 675-6no 6W-Oos. Ta6-735.p 8n-863. ~M/MWMjU-10107 Soc Doc 63 An Improved Method for Determination of Radioactive Iodine in RainVater and Urine, by 7.. Jaworowski, 5 PP. POIMH, per, Nukleonika, Vol 11, No 1-2, ig6o, . mc-Tr-41-56-4i57 Sci jan 63 220,563 Rac1ioactive Fall-out Studies at Hornsund Fiord in Z -zbergen, by Z. pit 0 pp POLISH, per, IITU_hleonika,, Vol TV, I-To 2j 1959, PP 195-1018. AEC-tr-4151 PL-4.8o sci ma,y 6:? -1.03;200 Stu -H as Sao POTS Vol 9(11)p MMG* Pp 1117617341 CPSTI lrr Gt-i!6387 Jul 67 ~) k rqy-b4ju) POLISH-SOVIET SCIENTIFIC-TECHNICAL COOPERA- TION IN TKHE FOOD INDUSTRY, BY PIOTR JAWORSKI) 5 PP. POLISH2 PER, PRZEMYSL SPOZYWCZY;. VOL XV, 1'.10 io, i)Gi, pp 1-4. JPRS 12250 RK EEUR - SOV XX BLOC ECON FEB 62 182, 1 ~~') I me Poznan bdwr%27s IVY ft1gr Witold J&vq _ ,pp .4;k$ 6 pp. POLUMP Ymi, PrseS1ALd Jj""3ftjcsw,' Vb1 =, so 19-Wo Out 19WA, PP GA4Rs9. apes 90" J11mr 40 pollaw &M /ff, ?If/ Alpr 61 7 (NY-61440) Crediting Incorrect Financial Needs of - A Form of Bank Influence Ove,7 Enterpr- Wladyslaw aoiMrski, 27 pp. POLISH,, per., Finanse.. 7o1 XII. flo 8. Pp 39-50- JFRS 12706 Mur-Poland E-con mar 62 (W-3am/a). FOr WM If Not For tbot POI*A' a by M"mw& Mikbdl al awtory, 3 pp. ARAMj, up, Ittgod wb-SW*, -95 am 1960., gq$dMt pp 9p 3. JM 3M M/A - Iraq smaoc AV 60 rtOy - Cwtoft Ppobbm adated to taw imse"mr at CFO amm"s Be pay A scauwm% tw PM-nH- Pwo, %A 7-~% A963s YL 3WA36 A Pj-W Fab 69 M36769 " 1% 7 -5621 Epidian 410 Resin an Auto BWy Fillir. by J. xftvvr~.m 10 PP. 1............ POLTSH.. per,, Techniks Matorysacyina, Vol X, No 5.0, 1960-, pp 329-333. JM 9178 3-0-ax Poland Econ 61 English Title U*nowA. by L, Jaworskit 5 po PGUSI.i,, par, GD!92~!~--a 1~~!at Vol XIV., -.10 It 196,20, pp 17-19. *CFSTI - T`f 66-S7038 FOR UFFICIAL USE 014LY sci-t-lisc r, d. 1) 6 6 ShTn (NY-3771). On Cooperation of the Food 1&4)istrl.ea of CIZIA Countries, by Wlodzim:ierz KaWmski, Piotr Jaworski, 0 pp. POLISH., per, P--zemyel Spozywczy., No 1, 1960, pp 1-5. MRS 2966 Soviet Bloc Econ - Food Industry jul. 6U 0 (SY-4337) Problem of Organization of IU Banking ApWatuss by WWys1w Js=%U., 19 pp. POLIO per,, Vol XI,, No l.. 1960, pp 31:~2. JM T07 s3= - Poland / '3,~4 Soon Den 60 m own= an ow -Aw&'&74=mLA aw 706=j U., p - "CzWMV Not"s 1933,, pp Alt- am now - Pol=A,. D e Study -! the Expansion of Zirimloy-2 Tubes., by J. Jay, et al. ppjmm,, aw., Revue do wtau J, val - Lvm.. no 4., 1961, Avall"le an loan only Bel - Hat & not m 63 9MAUMMO 39 agme 08"Mon9ir Dr, oTo Wa &air Mod=* 19b6 Box* I NAMemd bmtow st SwIth aw"Wofte OL jayle, G. E.. Berard. J., and Bonnal, J. n1t_F7= OPTICAL NEURITIS DUE TO ALCO140L AND NICOTINE POISONING. [196218p. Order fr(nn K - H $ 10. OD K-H.5131 Trans. of Societes d'Ophtalmologie de France. Bulk-tin, 1955, Sep/Oct. p. 569ft. DESCRIPTORS: "Optic nerve, Pathology, *Nicotine. *Alcohols, *Poisoning. 62-22469 1. jayle, G. F. H. Berard, 1. Ill. clonnal, f. W. K-li-5131-c V. K kiencc Llbrarv lisnociates, Detroit, Mich. (Biological %ciences--'roxicology, TT, v. 9, no. 1) Office of Irmical Services in Opmbdamlogla ftepticat (With OWAMW"7 imrarsom to: 196M T111001 Pious) 0. N. Jm4ey at sly 29 pp. n~v PWP mob a, Vbl 1vt IMP pp 1384mw XIOB Tr U-a ALI irsf moo 56 m lryj !xcretion of Sterioids in Women Presenting hairy Virilism Aasociated With Troubles in the Menstrual, Cycle., by M. 9 F. Jeglq,. R. Scholier, P. MauvaJz-Jarvio) S. I*tay) 12 pp) -11 Atch. FRMCH) per, Acte Mdocrinolofaca, Vol XXXVI, - T 375-392. NR 10-12-61 jan 62 The Physiological &ad Therapeutic Activity of &6-Alpba-Hydrozyostrome, by M. F. Jaylo, J. Pujol. FRENCH, per, Thor!plo, Vol 16, 1961, pp. 849-53. aTC 69-11568-060 July 69 397.S54 of Ovarian )-h.metioa-, by 1~'zaw o:F J)a=(Pthu3owF to oT Ovarian V:Lr.Uism,, by IN. P. R. 3uboUer- iMMU., per.. C.'L~ica ig CAfirtlea Acta, Vol Vl"-., Nza 111my mloWd-nct Awan of Synth&Uc CorUccias ma stwmwi ftersUan In lyperftiaMim.. by J. Decotart, If. F. ~Iwlq 5 pp. __,j, J. P. M.Chezdy 0. rantel, FMII., per., Ammass madoerl A*gLep Val M~ no 1., 1960., pp 75-78. Sci - Had Dee 6o N33i lo-21-6o / 3,!~ q-all ToChulqzc; aul-A' ViralwApplicationc pliaoregis on, Stareh Grglp by J. ECUssdar, F. Jaylej, 22 pp. rRENCH, pie:r, BmIl L9oc 0111m P-Tol, ~'oj 1957, pp 593-605. WM 7 -11 Sol. DlwA SerammcdA and fteir Be- IstIm to l= o Jr the Male Sabots e of Commtlve Tlsww, Sm~.Obln, and e smvwaeold of blood Benno by K. P. tU& "O"ie" sm"Im" 30 -,p. j, JIG=,, Wv Bxpm" Ammels de Dicch:Ude Nadi Val xUlt XWj, VP 172-10-, Em 64 sci - )wd Jim 59 AMILUMUCC GfBIAy3asc1vWm Glycur=ldatax ozd of Tmlr AC*Wxw-bwo2lb2e Fgfttim. OontainiM P"S- mnedia la N=NQ um and Owula C"" of TOMIGIM ibeGMS.Dwons 00 cnwlp a Ipp., a V02 Xv 110 g, IMA "-15540 Sol Doc m Propertlee and OuPtIcal CEMPMltion of 8er- G. Cme a 2e ggptoglobinp by N. 3P. i IROMS PV.- MPK 800 WE BI-ClIp Vol =aV IL952,r lyp (05 m a Em Sci - CM slols *A im 59 3,75 ExperimentO deta on the Rydroljmls of the Urinary 17-getosterold Conjuptes by Enzyms of the DIpstin Juice of Belix Pomtlas (L)j, by Max F. Jaylt, 19.16.Saulieu, 29 pp. FRUM, per., ball Soc Do Wale Biologlque, Val XUVI;p X lop 19542 pp I.;J91-1406. -- , - /f, -,~ , &-i - B103.0" NIS Tr 910 3d, 3 c22 T OU the W-OMW DBDSIty Of tbO C4%U W,-~UG JS DDCUWM Wooftp by 46 Jaymg T. Mm=e. OWN.P per, Z-OU Rob md Workwars voi a, No 1p 1963.0 Vp lAQL9, W/ftr: C*ko ftl - 6 5 14- y c AUS 467 33k,,904 AlkaUria Sdiftione of Iron-Tartaric Ac!id- Softim Coamlex (MM) end 12beir Use in Cell- ulose Chandstry., by $._Aquap W. Bar9mmm. MWj, Vwx IkSdwp Val XIS.. AD 9/10, 1958, vp 187-196. cam Scd - Mow ;2 0 7,, 6 7(o ft3. 6e Cauca to the TolystWrom M*pUce M=Z- 4m -to the I*pr &jr- fbmov tv 0. J-SM-Md BWams-5telabou"r, 2 VP. ftP 2,955s PP 437-439. IRA Tr YI-IL728 ja 58 A Contributi= to the KInetics an& the Nw.bmdm of the AlkLUm CwW mg of Dowth Wbodp by G. Japos W. Lt*tj, 27 pp. I................... . OMWJ pory RDlaftrscbmg., Vol IX.. So 2.. 1955., IV 3336- S.L*A* Tr 57-U3 &-i - -01~of 7, 7 315 U-0. 57 C'mabolfttsm fAD t" a Odb-'WArg CC SOMb ftIP ritmo ~ 2he vmrsmo ohmsow,ar g -- , rM-alibi, by 4 0. ~ Two S. aftomp 3 W. 14 vwlp %a PaptWo TA 3M* l1b 1940p lgffv p 6 =A "I ftl ft " 9,v. /9/ Contributim to the "owl aM ftsotlm of Rosin sizing or pow. M. qqp~ or luftatim or ac"= aLso a- apos. R. Arleftert pp, va Lvmo lb 21[a p MA Ara layine, G. 3nd KLAMitin, K. .1-ERMINATION OF ROSIN IN THE (;IRCU-- LA TING ANl') WASTL WATLKS OF A PAPER MA- Ant, 61, -101). (S figs. ornsitt,d) 22 w eis. Otdcr from 51-A 5 1. 60 01-19266 Tians. of Oat; PaPier Mcm Gcrrnany) IQ59, v. 13, no. Dl~tiCIUPFLAS: Organic materials, Inorganic sub. smr,:cs, Waivr, Chcrnical analysis. 'Paptr indus, r), l'i-copitation, Scparation, Produclion. Cellulost: clicniisiry, *Rcsins, Determination, Wood pulp machines. 01 - 18266 1. Titlt: Rosin 1. Jay-mt:. G. 11. Rcimann. K. 4 I .1 (Material-Pa1wr, T-r, v. 7. no. 5) Offi- .1 T-L.1.4 S-i- Mw I)llpwW an of Spnne Wcod vith X1 kn3l VjpDd:Lwu=tm 603Ublonv by G. J&yne and G. wormr, 21 pp. 6=0 pwv D" Paplers, I'CA Vlt No 5-6t PP 80:66. 0L0. 57-3244 Sol Aug 58 7A .4-/40 The Distributim at AucUUry Bdmftweo in the MmuUtlaa of a PaW Ambim wt A011catUm ad' -an AcJA Rich Sim (B"POW)o bw 0. jarm U. Demmigi, A GEMS r# fts AsIgms, VIA XVj so 7,9 29600, pp =0 MA Qwft6s SOL ftr 6e Val VIIp No 2 The arect of N=Imates on the Properties o: Sbmets Made From Cheadcal Wood Pubp.0 by G. J"wj E. Rechler., 22 pp. GERM,, per, Woch Papier Abr., Arol IXXXIV., No U-12j. j~zn iq~6, pp hn-237. SLA Tr 57-831 Sci - Chen ~-3, / F~lc Bep 57 j.jaxom G. apd Murty. V. 1. -ESTMISHM THE!FLOCCULA710N OF FIBRE suspMalms, ITS [OtAIM4CE ON SHEST STRUC- TURE, AND VARtATIOM CAUSED BY MANNO- GALACTAN. Aug 63,120p) 14reft - Order from SLA $1. W 7IT-63-2DB27 Trans. of das Pager (West Germany) 1942. %. 16, no. 11, p. 66#-670. (Abstract avaUsHo DESCRVTORS: "Wood p9p, Shoots, Vibers. Chemi,cal procipionon,. Macbeatcal properdes. Additives. ?Aateri-I saWatim Mcroobventre Labontory invesUp4oox wore cooducood to sudy &-I propmed hub fire differtnt t3rjP'w cg bleached pAp as ipM as fron ud=ums of spruce and straw pu3p. The rawks clearly Iridicated a Unear incresse of the deWe oC am-udformity (WZ) "tortdii-wood. 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