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December 31, 1983
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- ----------- Lhe:~ iow of aRarifie4 GaB -into aVa--uum r Intsourcei by A. Ya. Pressnm, TA per, Dok Ak Nauk S.SSR, Vol C.MMU11, pp AIP Sov Phys Dok voi vi, xo 6 ro cil i! aas, i t:: F44t a ions f or Qie Coupled Dn8 of Ma ,ter mmA and Vessel in ~res$61 goist and-Sluice by 0.~ P. Vasillyevs 3 pp. per.,.,Dok'Ak Nauk BSSR) Vol CM111."I. pp AI;P So~ Phys - Dok vol vi, No 6 of amil, Pxiplitude Vlbrations~ by urevich,~ 3 i~pp., j, Dok; Ak NsUk SSSR, Vol cxXxvill, e r p 96'1 A2 Sov Phys - Dok Vol Vl*, No 6 go , i I Constructiol'a of a 'Ifieory of Elasticity, rvlev,. 3 IPP - a -per ,:Ddk Ak NsWc SSSR, Vol CUMM, 1061 j PI) 13-24'1 ~.11 -24-.--" cri teal Def ormiLtIou of Cylindrical I& i~ der Extemai Pr.essure, by A. V~ PP. RjS IM ~er A4!_W Vol CX)DMII, IMI PP 1325-*. AI? ~Sov Phys Dak Vol VII Tfo 6? 62 tribution of"Electrons in pBae,,, ~Dis shot ionization of Aromatic Amines in ~he~~ I aouls 16a e~p by P. .:I. Vilesov, iYwAatov, ~k. 11. Terenin, 4 pp ;RUS3. Dak Nauk. SSSR Vol oxxvi 11, per, Ak '110 j 19bij ~O 532, AIIP Sov Phyu Dok Vol v1,. No 6 lsc la~ 62 14'-ad Of the Opt#'al Prpp6rUes o-," Tr!; ~-arent 'eri s Under Ifigh Pressure, by XxY.A _.i B.,i Wdovi6h) S. B. Koriner, 14. V. Sinitsyn, p. R 3YA per D*--A 3SR, Vol mmfl, J 6 ~61 pp i333;-1336, Air 3ov Phys Dok voi vi, No 6 a IN W Yli. ~s 62-12120 r B. 4 'OF SULFUR. 1. DDpdkin, B.'& NE H. Dontmov. A. A. br~et f AIS44 ATS-9&4%R U1. ATS-91WR lady, IV. AseDcLated Technical Tiran~. filLoy' Mi, Services. Inc., -,.#.1 .1 352:~~ EastOrange, N. J. P41 bEiSCR ~S. ~'Ie pol mj mifur, h nes yfiler alinit I actloi, n V, t6e~nik~F-or` 7, no. 13) offim OUNC61cal S"Cos -02-28752 ],!)I sh 01 i A I. awl Palandfit, A "LA PROTF I-I CAT f INTIQUES DOS TEMIUS RARES: 1. Tolstopynima, A.A. ft . o'Zi k, 41 1 i!rnoH ak-liv K~taliflcheskikh Svoistvakh 11. Ralandin, A.A. Reft-flil Ic rel')(O; (.IIYII(- 111. CNIRS-VI 684 12[i. (m -~ i, lTv\V:. ' M IkS-VI 684. IV, Centre Natiomil de In Ro cl cludeki) 17refs. C N. 01-1h, ~r fl.M P'Is"' FC, ol. C:NRS $1.60 chesci ntifiquv.P;iris -,Ivc 11 cw'. Be Anion *60*w Resins for the U on i~i "ide Fram CcMUx Saltsw by A L. Sinel Inikofts A. Yu. Bailin. war vol =mrin., No C.,6 ri 01 1 ib 2 I' I ---' f" - -~ ~ ' " ~!:` ~If~ f I i i! ~ I 'i I' I 'IL: eI e, Lit', Molass sof the E rly Caledonian ,SII N i'6, Rb 63 i:c Features.'of the Geology of the an~of Souihern and roar Eastern rd d Neighboring Territories, by i. jK ~Gromov., V. Putimev, 4. pp. per, Dok Ak Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, 062) pp 14ocj'-1412. AGI 1! 1Expo'sure of, ~a Reverse Fault in the ~bult in *e Western End of the zugull Swell, by V. A. Dolitsky, e~man 4 [pp.~ L SIAI,!per, Dok 4 Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, )-62, pp -L,41 6 1416. AGI $)~b 63,, !J d. Di co'v of the, Wrine Upper Triassic in the ie sk., tez~n Region of Southerwestern r ai cau bia I by V. L. Yegoyan, rmakov, 3 iv - k Ak Vauk, Vol CXXXVIII, ~~J' ~SLM per , Do ic 5~.162.. pp 141t~-1420. AGI 63 .1~ R6 f, stiuctiz~e~' of the Birsk Saddle, M. F.: Mitchink) ~'O. M. 14b,tchyan, 3 pp. ]U SIAI,,PeV, Dok AkI Nauk, Vol CXXXVIII, 16, 1)02, pp 1424.-1427. AGI 6jI 4:1i'd ~i D on! the Age: of the Tiraspol Gravel, 4 IA. J.1 Ch6pal~ga~ 2 pp. I SIAD Per, E~qk ilik Nauk, Vol CXXMII, 621'pp i431-I i~ 1611': ~I AGI 41 :)d 6'~ ii Jim 1.0 ..es 01 tile D~cp-liater Fauna, Speed 01-,C 0 Ml ~itibn of Dead Pteropoda, by Ye. V.:IL I ad,... . 4 j)p. RU'S li ok :Ak Nauk SSSR Vol CXXXVIII No 6, 19--1 t)p , , 439-1442. AM ,De 6 2 , 7 .I i 1 3 ..q I.~ t I S< j ~ i1;; ;2 0// a 411,q tbq'4Rdg~ o- rapt-are for a System on Mel'nikov, 2 pp. r n' r, toa114miltonian, by V ft NgWc SSS4~ Vol CX~Eax' "~o T.-I Am6r Math Soc ;Lor khod 0 Dateratillng the Owstants In the Ek ItotRal, Ilitegim'' 1,11 by P. F, Flllchakov.0 4 pp. DDk Ak ftl* switp voa- cmm~, 1961,, --------------------- *Ner4hth soc jili 2 Me I tilll~ 1 1. .-A, ~~~'of the Fw2tvilon Opme of Conplex ~a tloas Sque with r . Perlofte Coeffteleats, by 6h. ~5 PP. p per., :Dok 1 Ak Nm* WeRp Vol CXMX 19& AmerAwth Boo by~qrp,, Scl. naii iirculation:Consorvation in Magneto- by M. IT.,]C(-)gan, :2 pj~. D:ih Alt.Nault SSER, VCJ C.C;IIX, 70 AIT- Sov Fhys - Dok Vc I VI, No 7 ta 9 yv~eric Plastics to Cairit tion Osi~ b.-,r K. ~K. Shal,'aev,'4 pp. IIR Sst per, Del- k1k Nauk SSSR Vol CXXX- M pp A2 Sov PhyB Dak Vol VT, No 7 4F, 14b ihear''Bodn'dary 'alue F-rc-blems in e a ry o f aMA~xweUian Body,. by B. M, 3 pp - "SS'' TO, per, Dok Ak Nyauk ERSSR, Vol. CXXX..,."% #P AIF Sov Phyu - Dolt. Vol Vl:, 110 7 ~!,eb At .rh~~ 01 .T al Li~~' a c mat k 41 ~eb 62~ Itign or~u~g and Ultra-Long Radio thel %rthlin the Lover (C,D, and E) ~,he Ionosphere in the Light of i Theory, b! P. B. Krasnushkin, Y (IV, ~r, Dc?~_P~_Nawc. 88SR, Vol "TX, P94mm, No I pp 61- A IP Sov Phys - Dok Vol V'&") WC, 7 7 io P~dblem 6f the State of a Gas 14oviAig K(4 Uie~i Solid surface, by S. P. Bakanov, Dery0e PP. RUIN 4'M, per, D6k A NsxikjS3SR) Vol CXXTIX, No, :L961, :pp 11:;74. AIP Sov Ehyr, Dolk Vol, VI,. No 7 Feb 62 j dmp6le AbsoIrption Coefficient and the tic Uf6time of the Gr6md State of it nia cr~sial or CU20, by E. F. Gross, i A" iA. ~&,Pl~~ 3 P.P DIL -r Dok A Wauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX) f1i is.i 0611 Pap SOV PhYS DA Vol VI.- Ito 7 ~;S The Arik Ele~eht or the Reaction 7T+H-),Irt W of i at v Energies., bw o. i Zmv yalov, V. P. 644 3 TP. ~TM' 0, ber) DA Ak Wauk SSSH, Vol C)C(X"L'X, Ito 1~ py AIP Sov Phys Dok Vol TEP No 7 feb,:~I: 2 ti6 i of' the RelAtivaly 6x- ion of holy iers in the Elastic 6't eld! L-~ 11. lvmhova, V. P. Chuvayev, ~binder, 3 Pok Ak Na~k SSSR, Vol C)MIXy 61 pp AIF Sov, Phyp Dok Vol VI, NO 7 F 6 b R I r '.[!,r jed; CIEs' of:'Brittle-Fracture Cracks ar, e ded UAes o' the Surface of a Body, by a i-ozov, Td. Fridmeta, 3 PP. WISIAP Dok A Mauk SSSR, Arol CXXXIX, PP AIP S ov Phys Dok Vol V1. No 7 -7 2 if b DOKI-, A3 ' 61-12491-139 F, THEI AdWEMN 60, ~klwc Es OP U TH SS ~ ~ 4cal RAR dlES SWn6k, 1961o 1. American Geolo& VOI~l i 309 ~ t InsL, Wasbingwn, D. C. Ordir fro /yppr. 1 ,i - Trans. 1 of u ~i k SSSK. PAL&,,) 196t, 139 i ;, I -9 9~1-163-198,1 M - no. 2, M-46 no. 3,~ W 7 4 no. 4, p. W-465, , 06-0,~, o6.'~ 5, lbij-'Ilb 73-122D. 0. 11 ix 14- . 1 9-1459, 11 6144ft 4 ipl, 16 DESCR I stey, *Goo- M cl~x P14sici; l Ikolog ~-Mlneralogy, Val of i 0 ve rag (Eait6 SS~Cdl Tr v. io, 006 3) OMOI d TlCh*M SCMICIS Tr-64-13363 re !, i ~ v, 0.1 R &I~s ANJJ)Lib~rASY (Grayltatelo- 1 1. ADdreev. EL A. i , aw lx6star D,Ahillimshvilil~ tr. , H. ACIC-TC-690 p , I IACI I f id Tc~,600. ~ 1 P1 I ; Ill. Aeronautical Chart &W Or& r om SLA.~ or Ift $Ii io TT-641ISM3 Information Center, Tim 6 No 961 v. 139, . St. UNts, Mo. . 111 ii 91- (Abstract 06e 1 insla ~ ire ivaili iiii 04ixi M or SLA $f. 1~ A jTr-K l!3~62,jM�r4OMk 23 Oct 61 j7p] and !from-, 1$8. DES R R AIrth, i6Geo' b Gravity, *Gravity p yisiqs ati,o ~l N~ r stribid n.' e 1~ 0 7.belpr elatiO d6pendence'd AgF 'Agl on h was in- ' ' I " , Vewl i ' AgF ta Fs 1y, Agi Is the ~ W6 ys ~~" 196 ti anon~6 ind h is ifii~ althode of the observa- il6n neit or' 'the' d4kh of the ocemn urAe *ilii 0 (EiLrt 7be oiiginal figures were'taken v! 11,"~6 OY (over) Ottles of T~hnl-l S.-It.. '' '!11 11 , ~. ;! I ~ 1 : t 1 11 I ; 1 11 I : ~il,i !~av i . . i T. I i i ;1 1 i I I : i ; 11 am~ ! i AW 4 -an Ga i~s hase d Liquid Mase Oxidation of n-Butane by iberg~G E 1 Zaikov, pp - 'Al Y#1 JU5 J) it) DA A lfo~ uk SSSR Vol CXXXIX, No 1, p -ilol: 19~ 0 7-t TT- CB'~ Sci juh rate kuW Utematim of Tetrabyaro- Cum, -ids With ~,ar,, Dokj A Nauk 8881tj, Vol CXXXZX,, CB 76 ~1J ll*Tanpzqt of HY&SZO. .0 by L. G. rrollko 0 abwdch, 4 pp. 01, ~lpv =Jlp", Vol c=ax* Nd 1 1961. ~pp !UO-U3- CB 7-71 I I i I . I 1 1 i , I : i I 2h6 ~ l#d 8 P.6~o4li~n, ~ I I I ! 1 1 Sci Jun i i PIE I i I e 6 of 9,000traybotametry for the Study Osition MA Structure of Chloride p%, JOB Of 6bmit by I. V. UnanaM, Mss per,, Dok Ak NwA MR., Val OXXXtXt ca ~2 0 nl" I~Idll n 10 -S~ubstit~ied Indandiones-1.,3, by Ya. F. Fi~,e. mi6isi G, Ya. Vanag, 2 pp.' RU5S Dok Ak. NaiAk SSSR, Vol CNMIX, No 1, 10M b 123113 CIB sci~ Da a G~.~nnanf- 0_:'. On 'MincTft-,, i" j Sf 3 aDk :~k Na:11-1 "O"SR Vol C:'~ , C .2 .a7 i~, D,. I It L73 VOT NO ~mB Sci I I ~ii~6 , I .:I p I i spi Apr I i bylI. f A~~,Ao at Ak N~W Aj* t Umdomb Oxide by Benzf me Mimolved In n-Rel mftomro K. V. Topold3evsp sm,'Vol C=, No CB nev tane, 1, on the Preciunbrian Formations of the at p q'i s ilian. latform, by'M. N1. Vesclovskava, 3 p'). :111 S UANI ner, Dok Atli Nauk SSSR, E.irthCSciences c lions ~Foj CXXXJX,~ -N 0 1, 1961, lip 163-16S. AGI A!; 63 UI -1 cov ry oi pd~lai4n Deposits in the tim" S terh~ Part 6f Belorussia (Brest 4, I I by!, V p ion ~ K. Golubtsov, 3 pi RI I. S I i ~~ I icr, Dok ~k Nauk SSSR, Farth Sciences S t1t i 6 Vol cXXXIX8 No, Is, 19(4, pp 166-169. Ar, I 61 'TI i4eefold Division of the Tie 13asis for 1 a. I N, ha~,41'. De, osits o;f the S aratov Trans- 1 ga 111 13. K. Go rItsuyev ~v 2",Pp. !R J'SSIA pe'r, bok Ak Ilauk SSSR, Iiarth Sciences io Vol CXXXIX, No 1~ 196f, I)T) 170-173. AGI Is -i A g 6~ Tic Pia ittet,istics bf t4ineral Formation in t 0 UeA w-red Crust f the Basic and IJ it aba. c lt6cks of the Ukrai.nian Crystalline M, S 0. f )y Ye. G, Ku~-ovsky, 3 pp. AZI~IS31ANI I'ler, Dok- Ak' Nauk SSSR, Earth Sciences F) c tdono' 1101 CXXXTXm No 11 1961, pp 173-176. ACI ~63 te. Ll m'ent ckness~ di the Arabian Sea Basin , -ku Pd . p~rocb'nov.; 2 ~p. " P~ -h Sciences r, Dok, ~Ak Naul SSSR, (Eart t ion Vol Cx=~~ 110 11 1()61) PP 177-179- AGI Sc Au 3 Vt.LV 1,17aphic-MaO-alogical Characteristics ! P~, ~ ~) 0 Of eogene Depokts of the ICushka Region of 'Ye A. Shabaye rlunle iya) by va, 4 pp. R~u er, L au ar &c ences Seci pn)!J~ Vol C=rx),!No 1) 1961, PP AGI Sc i Au Thell kyst I' Stilacture'lof the Silica of O-pals and .U61,b tite lby.;.V'." A.`,Z6elin, 3 pp. IRT Npul 5 Doh Ak- 1~~uk MaR (Harsh 7,.n ct):n) Volu=Tx 1~,D , 1, 1961, - ACII oi) f ~lr Tit C~)n -toyitc A Ye - -p p DUS"'ll TAN I perj! Dok Ald Vallk ssc-,,:, vo ion AGI. L, ~Iay.,~ I I~nerals 0! fble Akchagylian Deposits of vI. Px,.Ttalldiab:.RegLon,. by A. L. Yerevich, 4 pp. )6r, Dok I,& Nauk SSSR (Earth Sciences ded"t n).~ lrolbmn, I'lo 1, 1961, pp 191-194. 0 AGI Sci: -3 A 4 I T jhiIRe4:#ributio-n 6f Elements During the -,Ien~", is Ok middlo! Jurassic Argillaccous D T Mt!' Pf ~he M~ or~fiwe stern Margins of the bass~ by V. KoIsmachev, 4 pp. 2 Rj Ik~l ~,er, Dok A Nauk SSSR, Earthe S i n c 6' Section,: V61 CXXXIX, No 1, 19(4, AGI A t 1~63 Sj)II ~ikftin Wipti Mountain in the Indian Oc 11, L Be~ rAov, L. K. kZatonskiy, J pp. ItUSISIANII )6r, !Dok ~4kk 'Nauk SSSR, Vol CXXXIX, N'o 1, 19 Pjji 1199-202. AGU* S C: De 2 161~ ie achippod Gel~us Neogypidul6, by B.i 1 14: reir, 2,~pp,,' IAN e r Do 1,,, ~Ah i Nauk SSRI (Earth Scicnc,--,s Ilvo.-LQ=. llo 1) 19131) pp 203-205. 'AGI. Au r, Di;~ Ka, 'inslu,1,; rNu an Ilu Ball Se t On), Am d overy o.f Tipchiliscus of the Subgemis Croft, in the DevonfAn Deposits of the :Rt:rorm~ -b~ R. B. .9tuTioylova, 3 Ill). 1E Ak '~iauk SSSE er ~Do (Earth Sciences Y01L)MIX; No 1) 106lj p1) 2C'1-1-~(,l AGI R~,e rice of Comb."tione of CUItivat.1tu :ei ill MORU'Lap'l. f Celidiar T'S.-M W tUre~41 by Y~ - E. Khe'sin, pip. el1r, Dok Ak Nauk SSSg.j Vol CDX. X, p AILBS Fell, > n th( dtosynthe',51c Aeration in thr~ lRDle Of It ;J tixn6, qr or Cn-&=ic Materials In Lake -1"71,11; a j- Ot ev~ 3,PP. per., Dok Ak Nauk .1383R, Vol CXXX K, io- Ir ADS T leb 6, ies talillu 3 i~P ~'S)R, ol s pp A ]T'S) eb 6.6 ~pr on t Of ACtinOWYCOS dt Metabo ion A fac r~~ Lg-B~416pi by V. Gel; Plakumma. ou No It RTJ SSSR; Val 1399 pp:, ,S6 Julia ! 70 1. jtl~ be't"veen the Effect of Combined Irestrent of Stre VI t ~nd X- fty T racter of the Trent 6r,19 and~~ tbi~ Cha ~yu. 0o Mat, 4 q e SIA! !per, Dok Ak *Nauk ScSR, Vol CMIX, ~pp AIP Sov phyil-Dok Vol Vl)~No 7 16 3. 0: Ap-z Ii- Jh~!i j alpr e" fitaiive~ fl~Genera of Gall Yddges, Known in 0 ,~e T~ ~'arA~ Re~i 'uropean Ajpong the~Fauna of the E gion t~e 0~ i P, peir Jf t~! !USSR ('It n~diadae, Diptera), by B. M. ~P- Y R, AUD -L iANp r, Wk Ak N4uk SSSRY' Vol CXXXIX, No 1) US A113S scl Feb 6 t.,: Tosrri tbd cl~nti Pe" d? us A., .'Gr' ith Of the Ganglia of dtbry~5ni , ~A I 7fei-voU.4:, 3~stem in,the Haune Cricket Muastia~s Orthogtera, InBecta), 4 PP - per, Dok Ifauk -".,93R, Vol- Cum-ix, P 2309077""' ADS .tbr I 6~, cal i'6' e of ce, tain Mullcmdeat lip --T.,~esldnnj. Receptors, s' and th~ I tl'r ~Ict I I.es by L. J~. 3 pp- tl!r~ Dok A Ne~lk BS,,-,Rt 11'.0. CXY,7~11., r Played by I the Nucleu., of G a (.1 in ~the ProLluation of Toldc l4cal ed logs, k by or :>4LAtlion e xe sin L )INi Vol CXXXD~' ~S IM pei S ATBS i, the Host s11ormaes i on tbe -kA-.aj01S 'p3pairum I,. (Ilymc-noptera, a I bidca)) by V. A. Mal'U.'zIda- ova., 3 PI) 1: i~ par) Dok Ak Nauk "SSR, Vol r,)DI.XD:, 1,61 P.P M-9- 251-1- AMS Ot A.Oll Progs a!jd p-, 'Aauk ocSFi, I;,,. llh~,f !m, Ai(,,~ Ml)d~eling o Lineox o Ile by V. RUSE 11 4. 1' "D t),T & lifixom S. '701 C.KXV,, '130 P-,. 1.9631. (SF-1830) 110 the IG-TCd- bilat of the G,rroscolv in Car-danis ''ri on ~'j Sur,paq -m :Yhera is, a Moment About the Axii: :r :it I i ki ~Otnk 6n by 8, A~. Kharlankov, 7 PP. 0 Vol C, Russ: III paj, W.13; A lLj*..Sp "M=: I!o 19-6 JFRS4 10520 6ci ip r, ~4 ITcry 6: I : i I I ; I , ~ r, I': ; -).a /'l / I a-I / ";2 OV, 06-'s- 0~ 32-Diwhsiowl Slingular IntegraU in the T. ~G. (Wgelia, 4 pp. 3-W) per,I D* Vol CXXXXX., 1961,