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oil I" tore o r 15 1~71 Note 0~ tht,~I:"boom" generator of the French- Gemawresei~,rch institute at Sairt If.~uis pp. INSTIVIT FM~,UCO-ALLDWM DE RECHERCHLS DE SMVT-~ )UI pp. 1-6 , ~rvb Di9triNtion Uprited to 114 S. GoOt agenciee only dopyright, ~info tion. Any other repoat muet be reforred, to RTP may 73 I i I. I 1 , Peter ' A. l~ 0 Inter Ct Surf=. t% g% v%v% ~ I A I of the Sonic teraction du I E,i t i~ ol j t 14-*~ Boom and a Water bang et d'unp 1. October ,)il7 41 '11623~44, U.t. QOV'T AGENCIES 10), drH'ER REQUEST ~BE IMERRED TO FTDf# tj Ll az~ L~~ Iil&,~ ti Mo3d tim to Y., OLT pi 11) May 1972 Gil D14TKI io, MITED TO U S,GOVIT AGENCIES ONLY cm-p UESI, I~Fog THis 0;7EUMENT MUST BE REFERRED TO st.~ Lo APT l4o 63118 M y ~j~ r.& ~ ' WHL AKt: uF LUUATING PFUPLE ~)R I t i.# AIJ t V LUt: LLLIPMI'hy UF A VK LAJ~UUAGE-GE LEUNtkY-Gw -NLLUSURE i AIS I I I L 1, ut~ 4~00iF.,ktOW-NITECHNIK f- l~~ ~NV Ll U-UIOU I ;, I J. Pokorny' Non-El~zymatic Browning INSTITUT FtM LEBENSMITTELCHEXIE PRAG FW-,7J[T-23t2R "-2 i i I i i t It! Akaiwr: I'il-~;LiLuLe fur Tociitiolo8ical and Source: .0,,LiA:Alil.u Nacional dc invesigaclones y Normalizacion, Santiago, ~Clo,lcv 'Iccrec No. (17, Feb. 12, 1970, 10p. jJ11, J 11.0. 1401-:~ ,;A4 8-7:3 #30 7 t I v I. I ,, ca 1'~ 1.1111;wa Lnos Gelic 1-.11 u It rcmcli L s Author: Nilt I'MkIL J-11!;tiLUL(! for %'cc1mcdOjca1 and tall d a al'di WAI. i 011 Research Sourve: TnsL,1i-,11txto Wa-Acitial LIC Texhno'logitlas, y Normalizacion, Santia~,,o, C,bilc,~ Decree No. 97, Feb. 28, 1969, 7p. Language spallish AIr j (/y AUtliol': NaLiMIAL iw,LiLutV. t-or TeCliuulo~;-Lic~,i and Source IASLII~'A),A) N'Ic.1011al GO lllvcsLiJ;ilc-.*Lollt~-s y No-zmalizacion, Sant:ia6o, Wile, Dflcree~,No. 97, Feb, 28, 19G9, 7p. Language ikowaki.0 H. 'I vrob4m of ~Ioca-tingr a sez-teu of cruds oil eourca P~ in' Oe omt,.or Carpathian mounta~ne and their Mi I I$' a ~ I T. NAJT~ Vo I i, 22., So 52 1972j pp 17-19 RXOMOV A~ vat rshed; 6 Uri, ~fl~ ioLiT16CHUMU DE GRENOBLE$ A ~,ort~ I LobototorX ' 0 - -Sanics o J6Aua*y 1973, pp 60 *NT~~ TT d WAM*lc sla in Aka Mide: 1904p 107, n. I io~ P~WTnlj 70) 1971 2) P in rvac-tors David, F. Redox PoIkentiols and Electronic Structure I 3D, Q and Wljransition Elements. INSTITOVIDE PHOSIQUE NUCLEAIRE. DIVISION DE RADIOCHIMIE. NTC 73A0727-67E may 73 7-Jan-74 Uncl (ANL-Tri5n$--947) Fission of nedium n,id heavy nuclei ioduced1by heavy tons, Ar and Cr. HANAPPE, F.; NGO, Co;.PETERP J.: TAMAIN, B. (PARIS-11 UNIV., 91 - ORSAY (FkANCE)i INST. DE PHYSIQUE NUCLEAIRE). Noy 1973. Translation OfISM-174/41. CONr-730823-20). 27p. Dep. NTI$ $3.50. rrom :$. sym~oslum on physics and ctiemistry of fissicn; Rochesietv New'~York. USA (13 Aug 1973). i 2011 physlcq (mlelear)! translations MN-34c ~P AA revision Uncl (UCK-4rans-151.) Study of require() for the axial extraction of from a donfin4id el*ctron bass source. (PARIS- I MY., 91 - ORSAY (FRANCE). NUCLEAAC). :1972. Translation by -388. 113p.: Up. NTIS $8.75. 20-Sep-74 the conditions multi-charged ions TUAN TON-THAT. INST. DE PHYSIQUE M. Martin of FRNC-TH- 200 particle accelerators; translations MN-26 p NU M ir"33Yi, i~MIP14i MMW OF RADIOLOOMAL HEALTH 9520/03% P.00 1100 IMAft-D-94-73 MaT 1973 M LEe M 0-7.9,MRS 130% FA.)T ~:Mll .VILIORk X 114VITOT AM PrASMPiYSlK(HMlClN2l) I i4ov. 1-24 PINN I 'in 1961 Titles tmlllctl4~n c(Als as Detector for Fast liigh Ctrrrent Vlait lAs6harges Uncl 5 A--?-Ii-143) Calculation basits for crowbar- and pu.; a P-c v abar discharges. asweld, B. ~N�T;TqT FqER. FLASMAPHY IK, Qi.M.O.H. GARCHING (WEST GERMANY)). fii~ivite' "for ~*Pdis Labsep Albuquerque, N. M*x., from report "P.--7 3bp. Dep6 NTIS. 1 20H phyl,Icis (Poftlell): Irs"Ilatfeng MN-34 P; NSA'i REM SED March 19, 1973 C04 g stateil~ the upw 31 pp - XIMTORM Im PO. 21-42 - Mam 1759-73 Lmoiricoi Houei of inert 'Composition of ti-e At- mosi)j,4(s-m ai I'Ititudus of AU-200 KM. A IN.(.'.;rl'IIUL PRIKLADNOY CLOPI'L-"IKI. NEKOTORYYL PRO- SiMRTAE;R(;R()Mll', No. 16, 1971, p-p.57-66. FTD-117 it ~v aTir'l"it '111 TN IT 1, nq I ".3-AM, 27;;Op -1 Uns Most!tmp( Res 6's 'itch plea~rj- pi C86: 8044/0976 25 November 1974 IT VYSOKIKH TEMPERATUR AKADEMI1 ~SR// I V----$ N pp 0003-0079 tant Results of 1.973 Scientific ish and include all repros. Propert.:14o ol" the Solls of' the Immdation Area of the 1.0wer cou~-se ar, the Vellka Morava River, by V. NI.kodi'levic INSTIM, a CAVANin zwxsu, .cj62, PP 315-326 - *-WTIS 73-5601111 ,b 7 ~The of Superphosphate on the Elimination of the Harmfu.] Difluethce of Mcbile Aluminum, by V. Nikotil jp-v.,,i,2. INSTMIT VA PR~IJCAVANJE MOMISTA, .1963~ pp 6po-62,'. Mar 73 The rsrfi~-tlit or liming on the Elimination of t-he Hamful I Influenl~(%', of I'lobile Alminium, by V. Nikodijevic. ~INSTITL?A- ~~A nbuCAVANJE ZOWISTA, -1963, pp 794-799. ,**MIS 'IT 73 HydrotaorOlli c ,II -icevi c 0i]. r of Serbia~ by N. Pav INSTITM IZA FJ~OUW'Affjr. zEKwisTA; i96,,q PP 3-113. *NTIS TT 73-W113 73 Solt, Eroblon cmi the Slopes of the by B. Payicevic INSTMtTiZA PIOCAVANJE ZFIMLJISTA~ *11TIS TT 173-'1'(` 01-P Mountain of Kopnonik, 1%% PP 1.115-171. Feb 73 'C' Po of Poradka I*ka Basin, by T 6IJ C. Mb 1.971, pp 1-66. 14 -J a n-74 lfn(~ I ~IRNL -- C~r -2.769 Prof. Alfven on nuclear fusion: Comikentsi n It ijo en letter. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUCR :HERIMIT DER TECUMISCHEN UE:8E'RWAC;I(UqGS-VEREIKE V..V., CIOJ~CIGNI~ GLRMAYY)). Apr 197?. Translaticn by M. (Issirard ('~I' IRS-3-6. 4p. Dep. NTIS $3.00. 18A fwqit~n devl~ces (thermanuvlear); 201 phqsIcs (plasma); MN-20 1), NSA' 21 -Jan-74 Unck (ORNL~t--2-1'19) Ondeveloped energy reserves for prolimcilon alf electrical power. Attempt at a ealistic moth(Wof c0sideration. rRANZEN, L.P.; NERTE.4, A. (INST14UT 11*VREAKTURAICHERHEIT DEfi TECINIS-~HEF UEBEIN COLOGNE (r.p. ;rRmhNY)). S'4 j~ 1~. by R.G. Mansfieil of IRS-S--7. 23p. iDep- RIIS $3.25. 108 ein~rgy %6urces, 16A futtion dev(ces (thermonucicar); I trans] tionsi MN-Z N~A 26-Nov-73 unc I (AEC- i r--7480 Brookhaven report (WASH--740): content* and oignificance. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT FUER REAKTU.3~1CtIFRAIT DER TECIIN'O'SCHEN UEYFRWACHUNGS-VEREINE. E.V.p C-O~OGUU GERMASIN )). 1973. Translation of I I~p. Vep. NTIS S3.00. 149C nu(!I*ar ppoer plants; 181 reactor engineering; 181 reactof 4afetV" translations MN-90 N81 26-Nov-73 Unc I (AEC-t~--7480) Brookhaven roporl (WASII--740): ront,-wtu and *significance. MERTON, A. 116TITUT FULH loWInNIMICRIIIIAT DER TE0NISCHEN 1'..V. . C(jl,O(Af~' GER MA4Y 1 14 7 3 irmnslation or I F S 9i. 11. p. Del). NTII; $3.00. ler nuol.6.or ln~,wer plants; IAII reactor fingincering: 161 resetoO -a fe t ~J~. transiationi MN-60 111111!1~~ 14-Jsn-74 Unc I LIIINI,- to: Prof. Alfven on nuclear fusiua: eummentis on %n open lotter. MERTON, A. (INSTITUT VUER RLAF'V)WICHERWIlT DER rECHNISCHEY UEBERWACRUNGS-VE14EINE t:.V., CXCIGNE G[JiMANY)~. Apr 19?2. Translation by M. (;*r~rjrd i,,if ]PS-5-6. (I P . Dep. NTIS $3.OD. 18A ruevjo~ devj~cmn thermonw. leer), 201 physics (plagma); trans)ah J br, MN-20 F" 14501 i 21-Jan-74 Uncl uRNL-Itr--2?'19) Undeveluped -!nergy re,;erves for produOllon oi~l electrical power. Atterr-)t at a realistic Malho? i ~f con~lderstfon. FRANZEN, L.F.: MERTON, A. ( Lmn.p' If f UER, HEAKTUR~JCHERHEI T DER ICCHNI SCHN HURWA ~IUNG$~~Yf*.RWNE_J.V., COLOGNE (P.R. t;FRMANY)). 90"p, 147 4ns) a t ion by R.G. Manstivid of IRS-5-7. 23p. P .M~19 $3.25, 109 enestoy voorces; ISA tuslon devices (thermonuclear); t-nnsla tons MN-V 25-Apr-73 Unc I jAEC-ir--7423) Systematic r-ecording and evalwAtIlon a~, failures. rEHNDRICH, w.; rELDMAMII, J.; rRANUN L.N!'; STOLL, A. (TECHNISCHER UEDERWACHUNGS YrRElk . V.11 COLOGNE (WEST GERMANY),. INsTITuT ruER REAKTbR ICHOREIT). 1973. 410 Pe ip'-. INTIS $4-50. 181 ram =,tolneering; 181 reactor safety; 181. reactors 1 power,04 r n tions 1111-80i'~ NSA 3C -Y&Y-74 c i it i f i t, rkpc r t i : s i t n o fl 11 ri it -j ti .j s t o I) r 4 - v en t 4- 1 e - M U,! r r t I n t e r me,.' p report - iOT E T T F P L I N ' 7 1 I~ f, IT PI I I W F. C Ii, I 1j,; s - V ER ~ 1~4 i !11 4~ t 1 r 1411 t4 r 6 it t oi re it c t v r h z a H -s I H I r u c On r f r.t r tin f t 1 1 '),1 4-Sep-74 unc I AfIC- t r-7564 railure rate compilation. Sclentifi -0~ is. BALFANZt H.P. (INSTITUT rucR RF-AKTCIRS,CI.HrapHC,tT DER TECIINISCHEN UEUPWACHUNGS-VEREINE F.V., Kd,ENI (r,$, GERMANY)). (nd]. Translation of IPS- 9 p. ~ep. NTIS $7.75. engln~,-*jrIng,, translations MN-38 113A loom & op 0 0440 ontAm n may M X,*jtoo do A milk - ill li p 0*0 1*0 *We "Ofts Aeto OWL motloof M * WowsopoM INC owwwwo Love n 'i 27 Me* 14 10160 ka mod=@" 7), Ti= 4004y'a %U yp; It f r4 07* i'L 16,0 ~POLN~,~ kHYUkU()VNAt"1(,!t VUt IJ Mllh LXPEK N I AL i [~i ~~.l ik~!! L AT I 6h A 8(., AS IL' AvA r s6ffiI K M 1. A 14 G L) A 6 LLIR,i4f~ Y-GW i I kJ F u ii; T L C fIN I ~,L HE PH Y S I KF- P 112 8 1) UTIGI 7A I 1 1 3 Two I'lia t, I,El ectrodisintegration of the Ile Nucleus I. ~."K lovskiy. b y Z Pkupki*r i-r~-72-24R, Inst Teoret Fiz Akad Nauk UkrSSR i ,ot 102 die a~Wve alessum oradi4m pp 041m1. z WSJ' 0* X WA At It: W ago& da tad Ld 6 pp oUl j Vol. Is 19729 lkR R JI uv~ ~tho Nsetion 2 of py at Vol. -15-14 cit. I T 4;15 lfot.-~ 10 is 1979t No Sl~Inificagit Research Results for 1971, di ~.Ii ~Tcmpt~ rature Institute, LISSI,'. Acaderay uf .Sciences 97 pp INSTI~TUT VXSOKIK'i TENPERNMIC AKAULMI I NAUK SSSR iffl~' RUYLITM - - - - 1.472 80 pp VSTCAIT-23~1016-73 also jllk:"!~ 57058 113 pp Oyrinnic, gtmernt,~r eleolric ,)T)en cyc!le. for a cornbine(l ower -P'ant 'nav. G. 1. An jn,~estjjstion of a Pulsed Charge-Exchange Soukcml of Oagative Hydrogen Ions AKAQU~11A N!AUX SSSR. ladomoi F111 i AEC/L) -~,3-47 Vtr 25 pp NOvosibir.,;k. Institute l1F-3S,-73 !N- RMSTA' ICA// lat. I ~o I Antibodi eii b" lif-imns, of 4t; 1 I rid. 1vi 'int, 711 nir)6-,xxae Michelig Humoorto et al netituto gostal Chile Infonat. Tacnico, we-&wg NTIS TIV74-515072 SAO PAULO. R, o3c~ji J~---Wjs I Ajit J,gen and It a Rractions av a M6&' 11 ~0-r ~t .-p-l-'ection ~ 01 mice 4ainst the T &:pdr ~ m -'nt all. 1f),fection 0 th Trypwiovoma Cru4-j `2-0tm TA- Feliu,, Alejandro Reig INSTX, 0-OACIONAL DE INVESTIGACIONES AG I M c ~~' CENTRO Im DIV - -I V-D-1 0 19 ) NO 0 q-9 Spaih !1970 pp.429-9 . *KTIFFr 141-43020 h i I I II 0- fill t 16d t" !ji CI V. 11S., 1 70~1.p T 11 :113 3--j) lis,Oswl sctmaco Powidat"LOO 5 11 . U. I May ITTIXI lnsOtato AVt&rtjeq - CklItt,00. (Ball~tln Do. Ditualcm 1b. Tg 1972.) ftpinish (into "hgliah) Hemet tr4sailate psjj~!* 23-31 =I t"m see (1) copy. MMtTK - 11A IRT IS May 197 1. Notes on Anobiidae. instijutojde B* lo ia 10 a Dec. Vp.4~-57, Mv. *NTIS-'TT-13-550~;0 Fransisco Espanol kLi~cada. Publicaciones pp Apr 73~ I i Fransisco tspanol Notes on Aihobiidae. Instituto de Biologia Aplicada. vol. ~47, D4tc. pp.97-11u, 196T7. *NTIS-TT-7a-55059 i Publicaciones, 14pp. Apr 73 Oct. li~4i~4W i;"hLUI ldil> ONVO I "ODANS I I Jar 1914 7- ft ASOW C40 Vi'Mftift otbwl amme 100~UWO d4 WMWUUM 40 Cfttn ftWUM Y V'*VAMG Soot* It"s 1-31;0 pp MINU, Wgumol nome mm"Is" fta amw to mww. 4."s poli"is two ton opmo* tnoau" SELECTIV~ EFOU35, UF MONUAURICOLAR STIMULATIU h UNEXTR4FUVOAL VISUAL ACUITY G LANI~UAGE-lf LOUNIRY-if kNS11TUTO Ul P5IGUL(J(;,lA ULLLOUNIVLASITA GAFU LJLADI ~~LANU! I PP25b-i86 FS TL-HT4~3-U Lidl- 14 Wo4tion !of MaterWo for Deteralning Econoude hyfici~ncy a investomt. 9 op -IM InstrumentKethods in the Di 'agi~osis of Car- diac & Vas~,cular Defects, by A. B. Zorin, et al. INSTR~MENtALINYYE MrTODY DIAGNOSTIKI POROKOV .4 qM!, L9721 224pp. hvol,3t on &6d baprovement, of Tool Steels, 1.~ Pp INK141a' 'NaR I XWOULOdWa 9-ALI, No L1973vA37 pp. jpn 4~925 RUS6 I i C.90: 8344/0040 12 July 1974 /S*~ r i Tool ~f a Bk~aring Steels; Thenatic Branch Colle, ions 10 Edited by A.K. Petrov moscoilr ln~l,(r)u- mental I illye iPodshionikovy e Sbornik No. 1~, 11973, pp 1-136 Pleaso~ !publlish and provide JPRC/Ad Hoc with 12 c0i~os 0,~ the report. C-S-0. 3344/21T8 W 23 April 1973 SP Devllct~t; aal, maciiines for sohrin& celestial navi'gt~tion, Orciblems, by B. I. i4-amtsev. mosaw, Inm~rwneq =Spec a~ tyll B DD mitt ~ ~bl,, sh oriz #41 plio one i meto!& morakhodnoy astronomii, DRUET, //INS'I*V*T Hq UWNICIWA WOUNEGO-POUMI-i AKADE,411 I NAUK W~ (MANSK -ROZPRAWY HYDROTEOINIUNE ZESZYT 30// --/--/!02,V-Ll--#N ---- 0 Amy br~igineerl~ Military Cons t ructi on-flyd ro- Te chno I ogy, Art. #21 76 pp, ~ACS140730~ 10, -.973 (ISO: 80-1-1/0733 IS N0l'C!;:bvr 1974 I VC TM POlUprovodnk.OvM milc r-osmOv Semicondt4 to DRAM' PLUS (INE -401 Uf '10k MUTILAU. dl~d !011~ I Ti. u 0 1 -:177 ONVINO OF GtASS LAMINATES TU METALS LANGUAGE-CZ COUNTRY-CZ NT4RMET~L8FJNlD 172. GONF. ON THL bUNDING OF M .TAL So 5tkl. PIP 62-?5. ~STC-HT ~i3-061~,5- 74 villaill, J.~ Measu enfof m UPPET tmo s~! INTE L mq, R14 UE W1 I No F 1~ wind and temperature in the here 33 F WETABLISSEMEN'r DIETUDES ET ES 0 -13 3util 19 23pp 921 i 6-May-74 Uncl (MIL-Tran-3-10701) Translations of pap,- 9 presented ai the third panel on the- peaceful use,4 of' nuclear exploqlons organized by the International Atomic Enerf;V Ageady held in Vienna, Austria, Z?--30 November 1972.~ (IN~.ERNATIONAL AMMIC ENERGY AGENCY, VIENNA (AUSTA;IA)).~ (nd). Translation or rrench, Russian, and Spbrilsih pap*rs. Z41p, Dep. NTIS $7.61. Mettimbs-, jlj~ nuclear explosions; 113C plowshare; tr4n"lai lomw STD-35 P ~ HSA ;May, L.:E. .//3 RD iNTERNAT10NAL CONFERENCE CORRO�I N11i 66, N---- Comparaiive'tests on stainless corrosign is? atmosphere of air pp 384-391 ~.E. TRAN 652199# ON METAL steels for and water vap 14-Feb-74 Unc I ONOL-1 r-l 03 Handling opparatus for sodium- cooled ~eactc'~ Installations. Kirchner, G.; Jarsing, W. ( I nt, e ~,n oj jIon4oi A to-oreak torbau G.m . t). H. ( INTERAT3M ), bensboroicoto Pe (r.R. Germany)). Translated by E.R. AVp1 eb'IV !iron, r,np,-r presentel at Reactor meetingo Deut3ches Atomf