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December 29, 2016
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-wistien of the Ille-bliath Pauw.L [Houne j Mice, (Mus Mmsaulms EfortiLl-an%us in -4uj norwiam caucasus ReGion, and tbj*. tialt'jetireea Infoation by He3zintba and riction y a Otimptoeoccue) by T - V. F edorov:L,. A. A. Obw1m. $ii~r$ Bev Mtcrdblols Vol 27-Ij, NO 3) 1933) lwp Biology 118 Dept or rnterior Tr No 64 Nov 54 CT3 on the Stteptocmcml Epizooti(: Amoar., Mice in the Oaucasuz in 193,21-193%. by V. V. Bukuav., v A o CUihoVaj E L rAZaUt50Va RUSS,W,, i~er., Rev Micrabials Vol XIIj, Saratov., 3.933P Pp IT5-152-. US Dept of Interior Tr xo 68 us m, scielatif,le - Biology 0 Dec 54 =3 Lmit*zt=n" or Different Typea of Lumloophore Under "cttatlon~ by 6-.1iort Pulses (A)., by A. A. BundeY4' M. r., Prypw and I c ~ A. Chishunova , 2 pp. RWIM., m6 per, It A 9,mk BSSR, Ser Piz, Vol XXI) 110 1957P -PP 555t 556. Columbia Tech Sci Phys Jul 58 M.4~ctroc.lemlcaa, protectioll. ii. Tilelon ccrntroue4 BeAC-Uons., by R. R. Doganadye) V, C- yu. RMITAR) pin-, 7,,iur :-iz Edmi VCII WIV) t; -OJ 10 fp C:j(~'ILYW-mm Brest; 2- Au 6 1. Auto=ci3.lmti= Procce syntmi, P by Yu. A. ObA pod y, 4 pp - MmAN) Oro Dok Ak w-4& sm, voi ==n, NO 51 190), pp 13-:~~U39- cm ftil Mll M, Apr & oonv"tts* instdlbili,~y in an laectrockwmimi Syotem, IV V. G. Lovich, ru. A. Chi=adzJicvl Rurssw,4 per, Dot Ak Sauk SMI) Vol =(X:[V$ so Ia 196 o PP 3W-383 CB sci /,.T- a C7,?C,2, Mair 61 OW/ etmt lowry!. St"ea of Dippersed glectroehm~. 4otems axA their StabLity, by V. P. SoJIga, Ya. A. ChizwAmb V: 4 pp. Imm, liar, Dok A Ifaa SMI Vol =MMT~ NO 3., 1~66.. pp 633-636. Sol, 6o INS Lucil.-I.; -.L] th.:! -,t. i r,cy f w4ul- At ^-e (-0 ^~-i e, I V ul~-t I P(.::(*, 3.1, A,, 14WIL SSSR, Sel' No !2, fter Gcophys Union spoo ObV340scople Observatims Mvied Out on the *04tain D"Ing 1014,191AS lby 8h. RmWopj~rj Ord AWoummelay Astrefla Observi No lg$)# yp *4;0. CrA 644jW AM Ton-rahm Sel Astpoift Apt .9 Formation at RWcab in the MdLolysts of Solid OrSW* Subit4ows. 1. Osx~wIsw of RWaal Tiolds ~ to Virlome OrswAe coupmDft. Itr Yu. N. L 11, 0001600 ............ . RMSIARr Pro XIwtIkR I Katelis" Vol M, ]b 5A 196P-# 674-6W 63 A "Sli .6-mm"laou all go ToolfM to AVOMMO 1. MWWSdw, Imilol XON nowtom I miauss Vol n~p im g,$ CD goo"U4 The Relation Between Muscular Tension and the I Iles u'L-t,,' ing Movement of Human Limbs Based on Locomotor Acts)) by L. V. Chldiaidze, 0' Pp. MOSSIM) per) Biofizika, Vol VI,, No 3, 19'1, PP 363-309- PP Sci Jun 62 20, Goaxiiinirt-ion Qv Itrotor maix in v,,mi in an J In ): 'd 1=01 "' VIOW 08 K Nothod of "I"tAlayll"14; the cmiaw, of 701.12to"y fb7cIy;,nt3j by L - V ~ k%WMid%A4 12 pp. IIV'M-BT^ 1X-r MOVA'MLLy Vol Mo .19621 P:P UTMO.30 ' Sci - Aw& 1.8 4TUU 62 (Nyo7O97) T"tIOMICAL MINIM OF' TW COMWWs L. V4 QMlOKo 5 PP, 4~8514, POt TWIYA I PUKTIM F11109MM XXIVP NO Its 1961t PF WNW JPRS 1390 stl - ip ins mm JON ;k; 19T*699 Chmagois Am Cd7ordinated ftructure of Bmu Grdt at Rio AWtadipo by L. V. Chkhaldsot 6 pp, Vp per, Blelsikip. Vol 11jo No 5p 195TP We Pergown Pro" scl - F)wx W-a"latAtow Sil t-be Overall Nzwo Coa~Qii~, to Oh~-n*rdtionn I,n 7 Jm'la I!kP9,p by SL. M. Chldmidnej 5 17' SX-Ll=t,p% bkjo AtavwferW Omi - llr~ mal.'taty rt'. I ~,o Oooftvdcbask(t~o Gola v 26-31 Dhtyabna 1W") Dollaaxl~r 1 B8203$Utall: 1961, py 60.-64~, ,TPRS IV"IIA-5 -.4 i A PASS TIC' THE SKY) FWSSIAN.,,N'P~ KRASHAYA SCI - AERONAUTk-IS JUN 62 ( D ~ U~'5 ~ ) BY I . -CFIKALOV) 6 PPO ZVEZDA 11 MAY 1-161. I JPRS 14000 1)7, -i-'J;)l 00121 c (I C' f i, -~ a Ju:, J11J. Axdaer, tv ~~v fall, E.IVETI.A'I 22 Juua I Barisoalevsk Aviation sobwl I