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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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.1 Pal. JA'Vin in ~044;tili d Al Ptessup,,e- Sqwi,E~ERI.~CHL -MEb1ZN1S-C1fE Wbc1mW$dHLXFT, 103 f T" *114AVSHI~~S TAANS. 1444 OFFICIAL U-S'E ONLY Fluckiger, L. About Packaging Uperized Milk - A Comparison between Polyethylene Laminated Cartons with and Without Aluminuin Coating ~, pp SQ14E-1--ZLA'%1S-O1E MILQIZEITUN~L Vol vt), Nio 95, 1970 pp 159-76U YSTC-iiT-23-135-73 WSTRIBUTIW LIKITLD To U.S. GOVT AGENCIES 7, 17 MM " CH. //scHwEizERiscHE arrscmu7y m:R ATakmin RATHOLOGIE UND BMMTOIoOGIE//' --/--/1959,VO022pN ---- I p o742-o7,46 Further fluorescence-serological studies on molds WTC 74-12128-o6m ir 1 4" . im ~s hl ~~ , ! .1 '. t , 1., .1 *-NOA TT: F-1'5,,190 Wuhrmann, K. Contributions to the Toxicology of Fishes. II Experimental Investigations on Ammonia and ilydrocyanic Acid Poisoning SCHWEIZERISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT HER HYDROLOGIE, U. 11, 172, 19480 pp 210-24T *NTIS-TT-74-S3006 ft"al I arumw 1963 "W Importafts or n&rmpioanan ~n oomWisom vith nat Plankton. 41011tast" and quantitative WW17M Ot the 'ALk*$ of zArjoh, POtriltm, wW other lakfis (Dis Bodntw* des Minnoplankt-ons is Torgltl4h m No",splanirton. "Iltativv Und qmantitativo UntarsucibuMcm im Z~rwwo' pmttumvo** =d anderen Soso) P-211119AM420 219-341. In G*rwAn. Tr no 1. by Tranal. I*Ar., Ygn. :APS. Div., Dept. of See. of State of Oamda, for Dept. of Inviran., FRW Great Lakes Bliol. tab.. Rurlir4ton, Orit , 1973, as Trwul. Series Vo. 204. 148p, t"veript. Ave I I . on ..*an - "IS , WpAh. , D.C. Original Arlicle Chockod-AK fter"Ok I Arnold 1966 Obsorution ~-eqxsxttom In #Isar axpift Ufte aw do VA""Isaton ku"r misibritt- r* 15yaroll4stj g(iitis In %man. th*dlt#d trawl. by Trawl, Bur., PP,. Law Div.. Dept. of -0t0- Of St4*0 Of Oft"Adt, for DW. ad, Bewtm. a=ft C,,qntp* for Inle.4 Watom DO% 5050 D&ILWM, Ont., IV3, Trawl. no, 14,349, 36ps, t;V;perIp%, Originut ArtIC10 Checkod* KitteDwIser. ink 19T0 POP41AMon dynesies and preSubtlon of toopl"Man in the OmItansee WW the Tiske or *.uoorrw (PopulattomadynaWk und PMdWMLOn ftO Zoo lw*tom to (Ireifimsee md La VIOnm1datatterseel Sobwoiserlsobe UlUshrift Rr Hydrologle, 2A(I)j 90-149. TMA 1. Vy Tranb 1. Lur. . Pon . State of Ganads, for Dept. of ~401- 10 , IlUrlbUton, Ont.. 26b2, i5p, typescript. LOng. DI V. , Dept. of See. of Znviron., FM Ureat !Akes 1973, &1 Trwwl. Series No. Avail. on L4&A - IIIAM, Wssh, D.C. Originol AMOS Checked~ pIrAww" , X. 1971 Din"" tom at Out"Ou"tum Ln "Otem *I?"* Was (unt4memodildw palm der Butpopw-graw Vm COM44mran) Ammftlssrss#!~ in loman. Tranal. by Trasul. Iftr.. i)gn. t*nS. I)LY., Dept. of Sea. of Hot* of Gmwds, ter Dept. of Inviram., MW Gmt IAkos Mol. IAb., Burlington, Ont., 1973. -as Tranal. Sori" No. 20542, 15P., tYPOscriPt. Avail. on IA**n .. PIPS, W"h., D.C. Originol Article Chocked* Soblow I amt 1971 Pro&wtift% "d deffadatton In t?w tro-h- 0 1wer Inw Uption of o*o1*$1Om1 PanmateL3 Polytrophia 1110s" and im the me9tropnic fty of Hom (Eake of Luaonw) (MdUktlch und Dntw*tIon in der MrOphoSman Sahl4ht UntomuchwWn *ologlsobar Papowto3v is polytrerbon Plot*** und in der mwotropkAn HarveT. Busht (ViermaldstattOrSts) ftir-Hydrol onto, U(2)t 425-532. In Gorcan. T Iranal. by lrmnml. !Ur., 7gn. Lang. Div., Dept. Of 40. of 3tAte of Comad&, tgr Dept. of Rnviron., ?ABC aMt Jaksg B101. t4b-, bArlijilUn, Ont., 1973, WS TIW*I. Uri" No. 2635. 147P., tYWAsriPt. Avsil. on 14on - NOPS, Wash., D.C. Original Article Chtickedyk 00"ter. R*ne. &M Otte :. Parr*r 1972 ContrIbution of agr1oultum tv the outpopWastimi of Uw wgtorl In 3Wjtj*VjMd 1, R"Ultl Of di"Ot bMUr41Wnt& In the drainage ar"s Of vaelom str*ww (Per Beltrag der T,andvirtsahatt xur ft$r*W*mw4 der Jowuser Ln der Sahwols 1. IrSobnimme van WOW Mmungen Lm 11impgobLO versohiedoner Torflutot) 3chwalzortsahe Ultschritt ri:r Hydrclagl*, JJWI 4-70- 1 n lerman. Un*d1tG-A traful. by Trurdi. Bur., Fp. laps. DLY., Dept. of Soo. of State of Canada, to- DePt of Vmvim. gamda '- 'antre for Inland Witers Box 5050, ftrlingtOn, Ont., IM, Trsnsl. No. 14128t, 35p., typesorlpt. Arhdo Ch*d". CIL)t,,r) :ILI st 71 Tamda I u"Ye"I 1"l vital staining of the hard t1sames of sarp, cryprLm Llmw, with tstra*yeltus UCI. Calseln, rod AA~5-i4d-3--- (Tetrecyallim-HC1, Calsoin oyobi Alizarin red 5 ni yorm gyarui komoshiki no seltal-sewhoku n1 toulte) Solkal-ku Suisan Kenkyusho K*nL-jv Hokaku (Bull. of Selkal Reg. Fish. We$. Lob.). Ui 107-lAb. In 101011NMe. Tm=1- by TMMI. ftr,, Pp. taft. Div. , Dept. o: Be*. of State of Cam4s, for D*pt. or ftvirm., PRBC Mlifts Lab., Hallf", X.B., 19", ,a# Traw. 3cries No. 2M9, 22P., typosaript. Avail. on i,asn - NX-FS, Wash., !)-~7- Original Article Chockodg. Hamue. Noon 1"I The motlen be~ altragen 4awfuna an4 astoddl"d fattY sold aster (JOWesft-ablbosaft-sialteft to ddato.- kudbutem to no sosowro) oku-hokWa IT#*hwI*8y Report of Valk' i -Jniv 1116. in Japanese. Traml. by Tranal. Bw., Vgn- lAng. DIv., OW. of 8~o. of But* or corAda, ter Dept. of Me-HRIIAX "0., 48110sx, 1(-$., 1973. as TPRFN-'. Series No. M5, I&P.6 typoserlpt, Avail. on Loan - VIIIIS, Wash.. D.C. Or;qlnal Artitle Chorkso.0 114- two , ~ 41 IN Nji~ Ol S00i 7017W jo. ql iS460 No 309 (DM-T;~,ographic Ceater) Ar. r -Artr 1 1 , . , al! I W. .4'r.:.Su 19i2 I'visto I. N.1 tur'. !.I :h;Ial, Salti,~H -t m 6 r lpt. TO MIMI opovaphical DIV Asomys ISDA/ftreat swvtoo "191oft? P.O.40, $1-76-#44 2 Oct 1971 tttlev L& CVjtWv lwtongivw ike lVuffo* Aujourd9bat P ramiua, AnthWIPJWV* ROSSJCM SwumosSmtewo L Vieg, Doe, SR 1,972. OC41t V91.122 I.tmoaRts Pr*neh pox 61-71 tostvwtt*"Sg I'* pone-wo leark qwQ, fvsnolatv all captle"I Petroleum by Fermentation can be, Produced Every- where, by Jean Laigret. 8 pp. ERENG1. per, Sicence et la Vie France, Vol 76, 1949, pp 3-8. SLA rr-64-16897 Sci/B&tl Jul 66 303,837 KROMMANNS J*IP //SCIE-NTIA ELECTRICA// --/--jl973vV00190N00020 'llic 01'resent State of Development in the Measurement of Some Photometric Quantities, 19 13p, pp 37-56, Building Resiarch Establishment, CIA-X-7916p NUT FOR PUBLICATION## F~r6mo~)holqgt~'~-Qf' 4-: lan4 kiv'a a abil I'lld, SC15NT IA ;jNiq 27. KOO TRANS1535 Mob, of. 044 1 .14 01i 0i , .41'', 1066-j. illz 'i SIt 0i M., 10~0~ VPA4 ow th :bik, 3 73-1 3 5 V-o# It, X.7 60 Party Plenum Decision 3n Physical Ediwation ftnd 3ports, 8 Dp. ROMA:,IIAIl,t np, Scinteia, P)ucharest, 10 Ylllv 73, m) 1, 14*. 539C)l Ma,Y 73 Party Dvily Calls for Party Discipline, 5 p-,). HODIANIA", np, Scinteia, Bucharest, 4 Apr 73, nu-11, 6. jp,lco q8810~ A-)r 73) A-leasures Tnvrovinr~ 3tructure of i'linistrieb Discussed, 9 -)T). ill), Scinteia, Imcharest, 21"" AT)r 731 T) 3. ,Tr~,is 59ilo "Al ri -7 3 ".'aw on Committee for Peoplets Councils Problems, 5 pp. SCIMIA, Bucharestp 21 JUr- 73, p 3. "IM 5W64 Ail 73 Improvement of Output quality Urged, 5 pp. SCINTEIA, Bucharest, 6 Jul 173P PP lo 3- JPRS 55794 Sep 73 Ceausescu Speaks at Pastrarta-Hosted Reception in Bogota, 6 pT). SCINTElA, Bucharest, 12 Sep 73, p 3. JPRS 60115 Oct 73 Mantii, ~:Iena Progress in Science and 'Tlechnology Cited, ", pp. SCTNTEIA, Bucharest., 23 Dec ".1, pp 1, 4. 7", S 61 Ol mol 4- '711. Mateescu, Dan MInister of Metaulurgical Iniustry Interviewed on 1971~ Plans, 6 pp. SCINTF,'IA, Bucharest, ~ Jan 74, pp 1, 3. JPR!! 61311 ~ja T, 7)j. Salap,ean, Viorel minister of Heavy Machine-Building Interviewed on 1971~ Outlook, 5 PD SCINTFIA, Bucharest, ~ Jan 74, pp 1, 3. ',TbRg M311 Ma r 7); Carle.n, Corne1iii Finance Minister Outlines Measures to Improve Fmnldnm Pconomy, 5 -PP- SCTNTEIA, Bucharest, 13 Jan '74, PT) 1~ 5. ,TPRS 61 11 Ma, r 7) ~ Constantl n. D&n I)F)rty Dal ly Interviews Minister of Chemical Tndiistry, 11) PP. MIT,"FIA, Bucharest. 16 Jan U , T)n 1, .1 77, 7178,1 A-rr 711 Tnterview ",ranted by Transnortation/Telo- commimice t Ions Minister, 6 pi). 3CTIZIPF-I licbarest, 17 Jar, 74, pp l# 4. ,"77 T77 h 3' AT)r 711. Carlan, Corneliu Minister Cites Steps to Hcen Productf.on 53,-ip-plies Rolling, .5 rp. ,vr,T',ITT.-',IA, Bucharest, 22 Jan -()~, pp 1, 1, 1 7T93 61103 Apr 71t '~"IffjCJOJ Of "'OOnleIS Coi,,ncils Problems Commit Tnterviewed, I- nn. sr,,j'~,T",';:jA , Rucharest. '77.33 61483 I 211 Jar. 0~, P-C, 1, 1~. A n v 711 lazar, Ton official Interviewed to Production, 5 pp. SCINTSIA, 5ucharest, 75 T~ 1, 6 11 T ol 5 on AmLication of Science 25 Jan 74, PP 1, 3. Anr 'I'll. official Outlines Control of Economy Through Financial OrRans, 5 pl). ,),,CI!7P!i,'IA, 'Puchareet, 27 Jan 71~, np 1, 3. 7-7.1777 9 3 AI)r 7h. Communinue on Fulfillment of' 1973 Socioeconomic Develo=ent Plan, 16 pr. SCIW-KA, Bucharest, 6 Feb 74, np 1, 3. J-DTIS 57121 m a r 7)1 Law on l,'odification of Cons,it-otion, 6 T) zz) . SCI'711"IA, Rucberest., 29 "llar 7)L, T) 6. -77?5 ii n -'A J,aW Oll f-Ile T'ress of SC T : 7-;: IA i,-Iio "OCJ.ali3t 9op"abl-ic, of ~O I-lar ()L,, Pn 7AW on Pre,rantivo i~inancial Contral, 17 ',)T)- ~, C -r -,) 4- , I ucharest, 31 ]-jar 7h, . ~. , 1.- 9 T I s !; I 1 -11 J-, I '1 7! 1 I shed, (*I,! on I 'n ~ er ridiril n is 4,-.ra ~ lon Ts -":b I ~ j i) . r(Ist, 11 T,!eLr i1~ , rr 5. 7~'!M--77w' T.qi,y on Lan~cl Reclanation and Irri~-,ation, 13 ',)T). SC T'711 '~,IA, T:Iiicharos", 2 Anr 7L, -,) ~L- TT -~, s 'r -I C) I -~ 7 ~ ITI I I " 1. Ceausescu Grants Interview to Yugoslav Radio, Television, 5 Pp. SCINTEIA, Bucharest, 7 Jul 74, pp 1, 3. WrS- 6 2'5 6 2 oat 74 Criteria Set for Candidates for Part~y Posts, 5 pp. SCMEIA, Bucharestv 30 Jul '74, pp ly 5. irTz s 6 7- 77 3 Nnv 74 ct)FIlIsescu. speai,s at Cu~71.r Plant ',Rally, 6 T. ~16 sep 74, pp 3, ~- ' 7 , -I 17 -h I ~Q v r Ceai-,sescu flpoa',~-- at 7unf-doara P18,3S Rally, 9 T)p. ICI'MIP.TA, Blichsrost,, 21 Sep 74, pp 1,, 2. F) 3 1 ?.1 ,:(),7 71 4 'Ce aus enri., Addronses J~'Pss 'Rally !r-,, LF 'kTa t iVe A CI~71!:TA, Burlinr st-, 3 Oct. Sri r" clebration, 5 I., c 1-4 R 12 f) C; Arni,, I-- C) c t ~ 7T vDI YM t t4d tot 'Per es t1l iis; SCID Us$: -lip mis 047 1 6A,~, ~6;1 1. lil.1 L ~l -'I , J 1, 1 1-9 _wT 41 pp 4 _j__L -11 Li.~. SCIENTIA GROLOGICA SINICA (CHINEST JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY) QUARTERLY STARTING Vol 11, No 1,, 1973 per letter 8 Jt,-:e 1973 COVER TO COVER CONSULTANTS BUREAVIPLENUM PRESS Goldstein, M. Some chemical aspects of heat storage. SCUOLA IN AZIONE, v. 1, n. 18, p. 178-196, 1962. NTC 73-10863-07A Gregors Vratislav Ryad R 20A Computer SDLUVAC-1 TECHKIYAO PP 126-1270 JPRS 59354 Described, 5 pp. Prague, No 4. 1973, Jul 73 Maedat T. Organisation et projections; des systeae6 catecholaninergiques dup pont chez lc chaton SEANCE, Nov., 1971, pp.213,1-2141. WITTrtT 74-53119 f; t Chai~ I SON 0 stiou Tol 57 9 79 MAW 1460 l.J Maliani, Cirillo Second Anno di Ricerche Sulla Produzione Del, pp.1-129 1971. TWIS TT 74-53065 40tencys FAA 9?19/&M rowla. 141-714-090~-I 24 July 1913 ritlet 9TI1.1,93ATIO" cr toTimAcut cimmue; us vmizcv~ t&S f1fCCISM L(PIRM ET I.CGCRS. Aut"i FAnsartv Gh. latatil"o %awe*) Suffetwist Gonwal a VAIrtattaft CIVIIS !IMvice TOCMJ*n do Is Naviqatbbn Aertemo Lattwmpos 1118mactio"61 PIGS$* " single Opwop no paste-up. T--&"SIL&t* all avtiww. U" in PoDen Origi Agency: NQW/WS P.O. No.: Nk-630-74 #28 0 -Tu'l-", t ?,Y Author: Belda, Daniel L. Title: La pesqueria de camaron de alta mar an e1 no noroeste Source: Secretaria de Industria y Comercio, Subsec- retaria de Pesca, Institute Nwional de Pusea, Progr Program Camaron del Pacifico largugge: Spanish Instructions: Translate and type in two c) Cut and paste figs. URGENT. tUMDED AS SOO.~ AS POSSIBLE. Prominent !----rsons Charred !-.'Jt.!-l "-3e, Sale of C, ~) n-). T) 9. IIPS 159196, I '11), 0 Seculo, Lisbon, 1 "IaY 7-3, Ju-, 73 PCP Central Committee Member Lourenco Addresses PCP Meeting, 6 pp. 0 SECULO, Lisbon, 12 Jun 74, P 10. JPRS 62517 Oc t' 71* i60.0 PCIPO ITPRS 6 Ti.. ,- MU BT.;~i".qil 97 tor~do~ d~ 6" Op Ml~ q1"Vill".11,71.1 Iff"I li9. The 10 1 1 a - m A, 01444 DTS I LMM16 TO US* WW )Idz*r,,m Jtm 24p 1974 Mm ISq4 P/O li'13163 - 165 26 June 074 1,1tie: 11w Mocm 5tetickr. Author: 11. A. Vervarcy 3aurce:"Luan -- NauchnSY9 Koutine-ut (Ibe SevenLh ~,oatim4iO, Rabochly" Preas, 197.30 ;,T *nly I~i-Vinalatv aW Lype I (.opy. P-ovide Pho-In cd, hollf-,60ne Ov. Pe.,re ;?4-) it' m!j- .1 ,Jr. Op rint CA Elm ;!j - ,4 . 1~,- (.B\.l t5 or .h(., f', rit" IoRtoll cl, m.0" :eta I ~ .: I ~ , fslwr la, I:- I, - :-, - , r I' Ila ~,s 0. L', pf!~;c ;A toll cff~-,, #J611 t,mided If -A as A, 3 L IJ t a Q 41; P. Pretzsch Problsv~ of autinted fishiAg. SMMtaMp Vol 3v pp 611-616m, 1971 RM 7 --TMF-b6C =r 73 'talr*r. iartwig 1971 Asui,M: f-ai-hOL10r, Of the troWnet hauling Prooess (Arm. 1,4ohlo jc-,,ps,o.!P!sses voi, lchleppnctzer. S"-#lr-ts.hnrt, *.(Z'! 1.,. -1 ~2- rl Trunal. for W-A &a 'o, !-c]', , ~p., typescript. Awat". Oriti)nril Atfidsv Dov4etri 4" ff. "wo- 1971 ter butopitins rishins system sis tuatra"d by Mw t1swr toww" OW die Au6mustisswift "ft not armullt on asippial 4w 30ble"MU- ;(Z)s f!Vb=I) &haft. 147-15c. Tn Goman. Traral. k IIPIP for IMPS, Nov. 1973, up., tnovaript. Avaii. an Loan - NKPS, Wash., D.C. Original Atficle Ch*ck*d..A,KI sewrombeft 1971 Plab saawries to It4romw;,qwlIty aent"I optm aw!rtse ft, 2(s), Aug. 1 5-566. in osaws. Tmnsl. by ifts, Oet. 1972, pp. 1-4 in 399. "Tmnal. *a Hastelm Rwvpos X69nmIs and IndualtrIal AMIsw Wal. SWI kp., proa*sotd. Avall. NTTS as ifflil Traml. No. 543t0, prioe $3.00. Avail. on Loon - MMYS. V"h., ~,.C. Originol Article Chocked F.1 a. 1. ~: r. . 1. . ,. Yl- S! Eald P. i~'%rv 1 ~, 7 ~ l i-su I L.9; !)t-,11n(,6 ,- tb testq cf t.h(- lift, I-nd Centel, of pregoilre p3altiox; of wings 1'r-Aersuchaingen AiXtrJc,,, Wlederstnuil )no Dra-,kpurJ1d.1aj;e vorl ,~,.hvebvetterll~ Au-, Part (9) rf.uchaf' 0. 1-mall. ,;,T as is Ib., Ili, firv Vi). ,per, ript. Another trans I .1b,, 'I v rai m 1 . Vo. Vj lit i,,I I., typec,:ript. Avail- on ' mij Wash- D.C. Orialnol Ai ji,r Albroicht, ~. 10 Slootronias on board mo4oM vessels (Ilelctrerik &%if moamtn Sahiffen) Stowirtmetaft, I(i,), Oct.: 745-74,. Fri ;erman. 1'retal. by "T9 for TIMS, "ay 1972, 12p., typescript. Ave 11. on ! 0611 - , , 1 VS, Wash. , D. (". " I ~ Originol Article Lha(ked, 11~ im,be, !. 1977. A efstom of -wItipurpme c.LxIII&ry flxh~ng winoh6a (Ii. 3yeton von Piec,umpo., i1fewinden fUr vieble'ltl ,* Rnforderunjen) Sowirts-choirt, I(lo), clet.: 'J'ri'q Io. 'n ermn. Tn"I, 1).~ "t", Vi" 1~ , Oi I ?, 7P-, Avail. on IAw - I , 4 ANI . , 1 - '. '4 -Oriclinol Affide Checks& . ' Xorttr.k~r, ISTI Rt-sl3tAmcp AN bucyzncy of net fibers attacked by a small- anale ~urrf-rt Colidpratond und A,jrtrieb Pon Netzfaden die untpr kltin-n Winkeln "estrvmt werden) &,virta.uhaft., ~(l ), Oct.: T81-784, n erman. ransi. uy FH for %.v 1972, UP, tjPescrtPt- Ava 11. on '..Oan - Wash. , D. C. 0riair o1 Arll,)p ( ~-- ~-,4 jj~ StAlt*r, '*. 1911 Rlothod for a profLt-qaklng optWsatlon of the main parameters of a fis.iii4 and prooossisie. vessel (!,'othode war gewinnorient Lorton Optlnievx% der %uptpurtmoter *;jws A-ukq ..nd '1*Mrb*ItcmgssaMf too) 36owirtso.'aft, I(II), Oat.: 16-~- I. in 1,,rmn. Trei.jl. t),,, -PR for IRIFS, "&,~ 1972, Itp., tn"scrlpt. Avokil. on ,oan Wash., D.C. -~rtqmol A01cle Chockeds4 Bonk. IjjrIih 11971 SOUMI level sausivism jurIng a fishing voyage (Srihs I lpsgelviessungen ushrend e1mr Pwngmiee) Seevirtoahaft, "(12): 9116-928. 7.n Otmn, TrIns - - by ITS "or NMIFS, Jan. 1973, 9p. , typescript. Avall. or. '-08n - NRFS, W88h. , D.C. 1-Hqi-io, Art,(Ie ~'-'INO(Wdf Bervam, Barbors 1971 lijo-sma fjsh4nS industry publishes 1971.- catah data (DIS VanSergabnUse der 1,looketatisoherol dor DDR In Tahro 1970) SeavirtAshisM, 2f12)t 939-"!. In (lemon. Tranal. by SMI, Jan. 1972, pp. 11-17 Lin 74P. "Traral. on Eastern Europe. loormls and Industrial Afftire No. ()t'7,' 7P., proatesod. Avail. 11TT3 as JMLS Ti%Ml. No. 55(42, prije P.M. Avail. an IA&n - NMPS, Wash., D.C. ,j Original Article Chocked vopwo H, Wx C= surroftt by rish durlAs the 1"Weim Prooe" (To virum"A in pushlowth AhrorA des UrrivrVorsonsool 1(j), qo,~qj. rZ ~,qnW. Trorml. by TPA Am Nm, Oct. 1V3, 7P., typ"oftpt. A-*11. ft Wen - Hmps, W"h., D. C. 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