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9364/01,11 Aoix) t AWTena. (20 AU$. 1913) P.O. 4,luul.mDr: Ticias C(MMVULARY IFRODWS UF RADIOBIOL(M. VOL. 11 HADINOXAM - AULLI-or: M. i0mill4l j Chiel Lditor. Sxircos SMUNSUM PRLOMY RADIOBIU"11. "1 11. L40liUMOLOGILYA. tkvc ow , Atcx:dz&- t. 3, Lavk;kia.l,e: Russian 1118Lruccions: Please translate atkd i ,,)roiwire double-spaced i.;ypod drafL fur adiLliq,,! WL cUL (OI)y; hcowivers, LjLLjdjCGj:o inoorLs o-,vd trai*IaLe and 4-.yixu ali tion-tim-evical tlax~i(tj.,q:sm L~qrs, 1.6 docsi 110, 4 ''R9Q, TR CHECK 29no4-7-4 TPO:l ON THE QUESTION OF ANAPMACTIC SHOCK IN PATIERTS WITH LQR DISEASES GOLSDMAII,t I I UR: SlDVfCl.;?,MRNNYYE PROBLEMY QT~RlMlLAR11iGGLII, RESPUBLIXANSKIY MEZHVEDQMSFVENM.SBOPN-rK NO. 3, 1972, pp. 98-102 t, 10 si 1b 163-173. NAV/NtSC 1453 Fanchankov, A. N. liftIng Surface of Nedium Aspect Patio in Subsonic Gas FLow. 11 pp SSENMNM VOFROOY 2911WUM. Moscow, 1967, pp 120-129. ipHs 62332 Gorokhovskiy, Yu. N. The properties of blaak-and white photographic fibm. 390 rm. ~V- SOVYSTVA MR)WO-ORLYM FOTOGR4FlCffSS.UY.H PLENQKJI 1970, pp 2-287 ATRIFTD-HT-23-2647-72 may 73 G, EBW -S-P CSO: 8020/2570 If / Yfy? 6 June 1973 113F Soviet 21oc Policy by V.Lktc)r t Aer, 1~y Hichard Lo~.,wenthal and licinrich Vogel. cl Stuttgart. SOW~etpolitik der 70er Ja:hre (Soviet PULU 4. nf -uhe Seventifs pp 41 1, 1972 COPY111GHT: 1')72 Verlag W. Kob-lhamer Gmbl;-, Stuttgart sp-z!cia-l tne 11 Do not publish Camera readly copy plus two typed single spacc- T. D. 1:) Tune 197", SAI ler, T ndiis t-, ri n I 3R f e ty, ',~ es lth, F i re Pro t ec t i j n t o 'tie .-Junervisled by u,.alified !.-.'orkers, 9 -po. East "Ae, FTT-E Np 71, 7"77-7r,54. T"i-, A,0~12 -ram-,,ment 'dith MR, *;on- ~,')R Licensinf-, A~ Socialist coun~uries -'Ascussed, by F. -'cherni,r-,, op. -roar, Sozialistische Aussenwirtschaft, a .9t 7~erlin, YeF) 73, -Dn 12-lue jr~--ts 586,1~2 Koslow, 1. CEMA Countries Cooperate in Development of Nualear Energetios, 11 pp. SOZIALISTISCHE AUSSENWIRTSCUFTj East Berlin, Ra~y.73t R 7-11. J?RS 59602 Aug 73 Haseruack, H. Problens Arising in the Analysis of Foreign Trade Profitability, 12 pp. SOZIALISTISCHE AUSSENWIRTSChAll, East Berlin, May 710m P9 19-23. JPRS 5961 Aiw 71 Scbmidt, E. ADPlication of thO Set Trend Procodure to 31.~irt-Term Forecasting Computations, 7 pp. SONALISTISCHE AUSSENWIRTSCRkFT, East Berlin, MILY'73; ppTI-25. JPRs 59618 Aug 73 Rudolph, H. GDR Foreign Trade to Take Account of Western Market Opportuni-lies, 9 pp. SOZIALISTISCHE AUSSEINIMSCEAW, East Berlin., -Yuh 73, PD 1-4- JPRS 59708 3ep 73 'TDR-CM Labor Research Program for 1971-1975 Discussed, 10 pp. 90'71IALISTISCHE ARBEITSWISSENSCRAFT, East PerTl-n, Yo 5, SOP 73? PD=3 7-334- JPR3 60193 Oct, 73 Yimter, qerd Manpower Problem and Policies Discussed, 11 PD. 30 7IA'LISTISCHE' East 3erlin, ~ -1, T lo San 74, nP -17- ,P,).Rs 61SI~2 Apr ?4 of' Yorkely'!', SSENSCNAP'' ~~V-C?o 77) r f, I..Tr'7 T T.:7-. Maqer, Rolf ImnortRnce of Transferable Ruble to CFMA Exnlained, 9 pp. 30ZTAL',rSTTSCfTE FINANZWIRTSCILIFm, East Berlin, 70--73, Dec 73, nr- 2-7. ITPPS 61.100 Ma r 7)1 Il3efTal Financial l)ractices or ;~'nterorises Condemnnd, T)T). '30ZIALIS'PTSr,!IF', FINANUIRTSCHA'4"T, Berlin, No 24,- 15'j-077 n-o' 477q. XPRS 612,'~I~ mar 74 r.';',MA BanIr President 'i-Ileviews Ranlris pagt-11 Pli.ti,ro Activities, 7 im. S()7jAL.T3'TIjSCP1Ia' PTNA.Y?WITPSCHk'?'I, East Berlin, ~To 1 , n 74 , r F) T~ -7, * .Tp-m 611tlta qerstenber,7, Clerhard Devel.on-ment of 9onus and Social Funds in Public Health Field Outlined, 7 pp. 7 3 0"JALISTISCITE. FINANYWIRTSCHAFT, East Berlin, Tin--- 74-,-pp- 43 75 ?- , , a -46. ,Tp,n 611-OL5 Apr '714. "Is u t fir, s FillallCiRl 1'01iCie3 to Smir Pousi.m-, Construction Outlined, 7 'Pr- S07JALIT"LSC ME Fjj,T 117,jjj.;j1`SCfjAj,1-1, -Ast :Rerlin, Y'.. ,-o 3, Feb W~, n-p A-r 71.L Juni~, ;.:Ise Problems L Outlined, 7 nn. i7l 7,7)R Fousing Cons,,-ruction 307 11, SC~N-: '-,'ast Berlin, ~'70 ~, 7FL, --,)T) 7"= ~- JPR3 61-1;L' ~ Anr -J~ 'j, I L I Iwo pp Al ILI L-11: I, I 14 E. Pola Detemination of amok# dmVe delpve in spruos etwule. SOLIAUMSCHE FORSTWBUSMAPT, Voz 240 19660 pp 239- 2W NTC ?3-10642-02F may 73 Templin, B. Incidence of Forestry Damage in the German Democratic Republic 1972-1973.. 5 PP. DIF, SO"C'j7IALISTISCHE FORSTWIRTSCHUTo East Mr-11n, 197r, ~P ldr-187. J?Rs 59902 Set) 73 7)p-ji,citer, Norre Anti-t'olrif-,~ Rool~ Continues to Stir Contro,rc~rsy, TICIT; O\, 10 v T~;.i k :)., , fj~y 3 ArT 74, )p 2)~, 2)"'), 217. FRENCH CsC: 8119/2161 29 May 1974 I.) The Government of the Heron) by P11111 Debotignie 2) Tll(: Confrontation of the IVo Andres 31 Biogr~iphjc Sketches of Members of New Belgian Cabinet Brussels,) 18,2) 1neriil- 1 May 1974) 3) Ia. Libre Belfrique, 25 Apj-0-1-9-74 Special type 13 le spjced dj-,jft I)jus one. Do not pub-lish - Sing GOVERONT USE CKU Marohal, Omer Holden Roberto Discusses Refazaadum. Indepaidence. 5 pp �1j". Brussels. 8 May 1974. n 70-71. JPRS/L 4926 Fel-ier, 'Rernnrd Chinese Alt] to Africs V-SE, ONTLY SDF,CTAI,, Brussals, 24 ,MT/L 502i.~ T,-:xamin1)d, 1.2 pp. TuI 74, 7.r 38-43. NIOV -1 4 Marchal, Omer Sninole. '(1 rged to 'Negot iate With FNI-A , 6 p~ . I OVER "DIF"NiT 17SE OPTLY I SPECTAL, Briassels, 7 Aug 74, pp 26-27. JPRS/I. 5031 N07 -11t for C". T~ !',T~', IV P, 777, 71 !~,frlca, "n-: for "Is Cwi) th T1 I Vl~ sii ~rs cicoo ng,. iner"t, "SOS fo,~::S, idtvAl .PIP. SPE i MICA ~&;, 1972, 1101.278, 2 6 6, 19"" CT OCI p I-SYST 115,61 Uncl (AEC-tr--7416) Investigation of the optimal production and transport of aerosols, for spectrochemical purposes. Kranz, E. translated from Spectrochis. Acta, Part 0: 27: 327-343(1972). Up. Dep.-OTIS. 01 chemistry (analwtical): translations "N-4 P WSA is Bulanir, M. 0. Spectroscopy of intcracting molecules. 241 pp. SPEKTROSKOPIVA VZAIMODEYSTVUYUSH(-,HIKii MOLEKULI 1970, pp 1-192 AIRIFTD-K-23-OM-72 may 73 A. P. Vese Ikin Fast-neutron speotra behind mater-i"ala and oompoeitio" used in nuclear-reaction shieldi~V. 141 pp. SPEXTRY BYSTRYXH NEYTROROV ZA M42"NRIALAMI I XOWOZ:T- pp I-3a, AIRIFTD-HT-23-1840-72 apr 73 41 Fazz4ri, C h. am t .60, durIA1,;inc chlbitao" tirost"At..''.1 slilifirsifl-i F, A 4 190-3141 v. 10 0 3-1 256-06t N KO-TCAYEV P. S. //j2ET3IAL'!_,YY_E TOJ,~',:LNTI I EETOINY// pp R e -s e'-rch on Coricretes -.nd Mortars with Anti- Free . r! Additives, for Constru,,tion, ?rIpp N/HT- " 5-1058-T, 1-iti C80: WO/0509 13 Sep 74 Soccificationa for a fall safe umict,ine nowltor. SL)ezifikatieii fuer eine masehineiieuefaIluberwachi~R& no ftirther iiiforma-tion provided.. Pi) 1-3, Spec type 13 A) iiDA; publish O.Irigle spiu.-ed draft plus one copy. P-i r .1 ~!li7 lis sot to t lpxltgmi~w Mablus g!M AMR- 'EXIMMILEWANTALE" A.IWF-Wg rye AgIncy: Library of 61ngress 9820/2821 P.O.: LB75-1234 Call 06 18 Feb. 75 Title of Article: Stum der Kadetten Source: Ir%h2M"rI'VffiaAVV'k Der .,Pippel U42, 19614 Languagei Ger-nan L T)P Instructions: Trawlation should include all labels, Type single space. graph@, & explanatory material which are included in the article. Ship toP Bill to: Library of Congress Lik-ary of Congress Receiving SoctLan Procurment. & O"upply Second & East Capitol, S.E. S*CMW & FASt Cgpit0l WPt?bI.ngtc#a0 D.C. 20540 Washington, D.C. 20 Ii, W'~ Ji,,~~.~!~-Ic !t; The Minexal Resouroop of Siberia,. 17 PP DR IMMUp Hu6unt 13 Jan 1973t pp &~-71. JARS 6M09 Report on Automobile Traffic, 7 !:)P. GMAII~ per, L)t:i:_j2kW~e pp l1&:116. .I., iiw~urg, 26 ~&r 1973, JAUS 5867? Apr 73 ! , :. A I * .., .1 . I : :~ '. !~ I ~ )7*j'. ; i, DIA L." ! 1 1. a I ~.,, r ~-,;( 13 p! ) I. -i r , ~ Article on Israelis Economiep Political, and Minority Problems, 10 pp. DER SPIEGEL, Ramburg, 11 Jun ?3, PP CI-86. 7M 5951z; Jul 73 44o A Sima Ft~ied with Fiith and Ulgliftwki DER SPIEg.L, 2 Julk 1973, p1) 56-Sl Aug 73 Situation of Turldsh Workers in West Germany, 17 pp. DM SPIEGEL, P.M 5987- Hamburgo 30 Al 73, pp 24-34. Oep 73 Commercial Services Aiding -.1sscapees From East Germany DER SPUDGEM, DP 23-34. JPP~ 60157 21 pp. Hamburg, No 34, 20 Aug 73, Oct 73 In Nuclear Power a Substitute for the OU ft-om. the Arabst 10 pp DER MWEL. Hamburg 9 19 Nov 19173, YP 36, 38, 41. 441 469 499 50v 32- JPRS 60741 Invent;or Nikolaus Laing Worics on Cheaper .1 .tierr7y Production, 6 T)p. T DER SPIEGEL, Hamburg, 18 Pet) 74, pn 124-126. ITPRS ;uTTtT- A n r 74 Anonynous ,,oviet IAtter to 'Der Spiegel' Attacks Solzhenitsyn, 6 pp D,aiAPIE'Q4L, iianburg, 4 Feb 1974, P 79. 61331- The Situation in Chile Following the Coup Described, 9 pp DER SaWki, Hamburg, 25 )hr 1974, pp 94-102. JFRS 61703 cave Life in Yenan, DR-Irk 3PIEXITEL. T JPF13 Tfamburp,, np. 25 Feb 7)~, T)p '72, 74-76, A-r 74 FRC~ Automobile Indrstry Exnocts Production to Fall Off 20 Percent in 1974, 17 pp. DFR SPIEGEL, Hamburg, 4 Mar 7)-~, pp 42, 43, 45~ ITS, 5~-557 ,Tl",f?F, 615-7)~ A,,) r 7) 1. Cyanide Allegedly in D=p Near Heidelberg. 5 pp DER SPUDIL, Hamburg, 30 May 1974, pp 73-74. JPRS 62235 Loms, G. P~,sparation cmd maintananos of pinting screene made of mnofilcmnt nylon gauxe. SP1NNER WEBER TEXTILVERITLOG, Vol 82,, No 12,, 1964,1 pp 1971-1278 A T S 1555-CW Nrc ?S4 300 F'ranken,, A. Precautionary measures for tho preparation of scre3no for screen printing. SPINNER MER TEXTILVEREDMING Vol 83S No 2., 2965., pp 142-143 A T S 1556-V Soreen fabrice and their aultability. SPINNER WKIWR TEXTILVERMUNG, Vol 83, No 12,0 1965, pp 1118-1311 A T S 1557-C4 I Speoial gauss fabrioo for soreim printing. z'PINNER WIDER 2TVILVEREDLUNG, VoZ 85,, No 3,, 296? p 327 i A T S 2554-GJ Ramaszeder, K. Physicochemical Factors in Selecting sizes for synthetic fibers. SPUD 11 1 WEBER TEXTILVERED-LUNG, Vol 86., pp ~27-9100 19US NTC 73-10539-11C may 73 Toshkovp Aleksandur Microbiolo ical institute Achievements Reported# 9 pp. SpI3ANIE NA BANp 3T0 59571 Sofia., No 1s 1973) pp 66-72. Sep 73 Boyadzhiov, Petko Coordination and Subordination Systems, 18 T.)p. 3PISANlYt-, ',TA RITLGARSKATA AHADEMIYA ~A. NAUKITE, To-Ma, 'T~o 1, -1177, -.TpRs 6o5O7 .1"" .71 Chairman's Renort Before Academy of Sciences !7-eneral Aszembly, 9 -n1). SPITSANTE NA BTILGARSKATA AKADEMIYA NA NAUKITE, Sofia, Ro 3, -77 -, OW-0 3 - 10 . ,TPRS 61101 Mar *74 lip im 63M Lit A"I POW Hokov, P. Distribution of cowwroial oil and (7ae aoewnulatione and shows on the teryttory of People's Republio of Bukoaria. SPIS. BULG. GEOL. GI?UZH. VcZ 30,t Pt J.. 2969, pp 321-330 ATS R,7-5999 vlodykov, Tbab 1926 The Isteral systm Ln Sallsonl4se. PRrt 1. Tkp"Mphy and h1stoloer of the lateral system In TJM14A bjtk L (Postrewd systim w #*l*dI 341monll:lac DLI A. Topogniis a hystologit postr4krmlbo systemm u pstnihs ob*erwho (Tym&ks tskr42 ',. ) PrIrodovcdef!kow ftkultou Mrlovy I'lilveraikyj C206h. Tftne 1. by i Pkq rar MIMS, Got. 1973, 34p. , tvqes*r1pt. Avail. on Loon - NMFS. MOM, D.C. lair, Dri to,, M. Ye, The mechanical properties of alwm:num-lithiwn alloy. 10 pp. SPUVY TSVETNYKH METALLOVa 1971, pip 187-292 ATI? =,PD-IIT-23-155-M may 7 3 0-" 'L"Ic r~ccll,~-Ilicrl of 'r 11 72 Glazunov, S. G. Dispersed granulation of metals and alloys. 17 pp. SPLAVY TSVETNYKH METALVIV, 1972, pp 32-41 AIR/FTD-W--&'q '~& 9149-Y7'- may 73 Dobatkin, V. I. Laws governing cryotallisation of ingot8 with continuoua casting in an electromagnetic cryirtaZlizer. 19 pp. SPLAVY TSVE2NYKH IETALLOV -52 AIRIFTO-kT-24-250-73 .* 19 72, pp 42 may 73 PGtMvA D. A. Analysis of oertain aspects of the method of directional 0 crystal lization. 11 pp. SPLAVY TSVE7NYKH WTALLOV, 1972, 'up 76-81 AIRIFTD-HT-23-151-73 may 73 THERMOELECTRIC HETEROGENEITY OF METALS AND AL LOYS BEYLINP V-P LEV LANGUAGE-RIJ CJUNTkY-UR SPLAVY TSVETNYKH METALLOV (K 'rU-L, SO DNYA RO LHU. A BOLHVAR) 71v 102-09 FSTL-HT-23-0436-74 Vlad~yk*v. Valim 1926 The latortit. system Ln Salsouldit. Mrt r. Topogr%W arul hlevoloa of the lxterof, Gyntom lit t t ftr ZrA & A, I.. (PostraAni systm u coledl 'Al"njdao. DII I.- a hystoloillp postmnniho xymtevu 4 petrWu obeeneho (Tm",a - -TV; 3 J)TM 11ATIM3 Pr1ro4ovedeako'i ftlcult~-u :-,Artovy ~Inlvvtraltyi ~1*. 1-7tEl- in Czeah. Tranal. by JPFUI for N',IP8, Out. 1973, !4p., typeserl;t. Avall, on Losti Wash., D.C. .1, '.Jjt~. Drits, M. Ye. The nechanical properties of alwm.`num-~ithium alloy. 10 pp. SPLAVY TSVETNYKH MLTALLIOV 1971, pp 167-192 ATR =FTD-HT-23-15S-73 may 73 ov ki a-LL I Glazunov, S. G. Dispersed granulation of metals and alloys. it pp, SPLAVY TSVETNYKH METALLOKIL 1972, pp 32-41 AIR/ FTD-RT-2441 49-73 73 may I Dobatkin, V. 1. Lawa governing crystallization ofingots with continuous oasting in an electromagnetic crystallizer. 19 pp. SPLAVY TSVETNYKH IETALLOV., 1972, pp 42-52 AIRIFTD-MT-10, 4-15 0- 73 may 73 Petrov,, D. A. Analy-ois of wrtain a8pecto of tha method of directional cryatalliaation. 11 pp. SPLAVY TSWNYKH MXTALLOV 1V7~ AIRI D-HT-23-151-73 5 1., 17p 76-81 may 73