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December 31, 1983
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Flooding Tops Mamsdo by Q CHIKMV pwo I Jan 1969s 1 JAW 47933 an Yen--chi, 7 pi). FO;--eIIm---yuGb=p-A-Of 1 51-51+- COMMMIft Qdm I a In&WtrUl Output Hotimtedo kW U king-hus, 10 PP6 CHIMM, PW, EjS:gh4M.TU9h-P&oo Taip*il 1 Fob 19691p jPP 52-35. JPRS 47933 FE-Comm Chi= Eom fty 69 381P911 Commvdut Chim's Eacnonlo Reports Qwetiorwd, bv Ho, lu-,wms 17 pp, wum"S PWO F ll= ylul~--Pap 'raipait 1 Feb 1969v ]pp 0 FP JPRS 48D16 FF.-Cam Chim Econ may 69 38loW9 Commudst ChirAts TranspnstAtiong ComudAntiont bF Chlong Ch"Ido 11 ppe (MDMO pwo Taipoig 1 Feb 1969# pp 71-75. iPas 48o16 FI-Comm Chim Soo may 69 3Bls980 Qdft" COMMIJA Food D)ntp*l 9"tm A""vWo bw Ho Chu-Amp 17 PP, I F CRUMv port ftl--ch W-91--w Talpei$ :L Mw 1969s pp 41-49. JFRS 48172 FE-Com Oitm Soo Jul 69 3849830 MkinLud Transport and Qxwmioatione AmaysmU 6 FAWSWO Pme --A Taipoilt E&L.A I I= I Mar 19699 pp 62t 61 67. JPRS 48172 FF.-Camm Chim gem Jul 69 384,a2g GuWW Hisallm on Fast Boats So= an Now TbWeatt tv Chao Zan-abowigo 7 pp. CKMat Part Tidpolp I Afr 19690 pp 4-5-W. JPRS 48172 Soi-law Tech %ha 69 384r831 'Llssn"Astion and Commteations hUndned, by Mlong Chun--poi. 11 ppe CAUbSL, Pere ~m&;ShIAW X2&hc2l-LQ-o Taipat I Apr 1969s pp 54-56* jiw 48741 1-1~-Com China EOM 30A 69 3919?03 Winlaw TransporUtion, omunications Aimlyzedo IW Chlwig Ch un-poi. 10 pp, =WM9 parp Taipeio. I fty 19691 pp 72-75. JRS 48398 Sai-Ijavis Como Dot & CM Jul 69 3~06P-403 Ckdnose L4mmwdst Livoutock 1-*oduction Auslysedo by amn iclo.-chllmg 1) pp. CHIASE0 npo Talpd, 1 June 1969g p 47. JALS 48307 Soi-Agri ft 69 3889236 YwInland Tmn"etation an(I 1. ommication Argaysedl, by (hUwf*, Ihmit ? pp. CHINI~3h, per Eek-qhllng jueli-t~Ao. Taipoi. 1 June 1969v r5U6 v ' ?2 a - JI'as 4%07 i t;-Cwm China bom Aug 69 390e421 Transportation and ConmrAcatione XK~~j IV Chlang Hual & 13 pp. COIN p perl, Fel-chlim Yueh:paot Taipeiv I Jul 1969, W7-94-7, 81. JMS 49146 FF4cm Chim Econ Nw 69 394o957 MLinlwd Had Ut kW Advene Weatbor# by KUM mum-yuns. 10 ppo CH11"o per# 121-wim p timoo Taipeu I Aug 1969s pp 48-52o ins 48911 M-Com China Econ (k-+. AO I- --- TransporUtion wA CommmLestions L)musinodt tw Cldwlg Huai# 8 Ppe CHIN=, per, Fe vim luoh-pa-9 Taipei, I Aug 19699 pp o 68w jpRs 49W . FE4= China ECOrk Hm 69 3949958 communist (~Idnals Tr%napoltatim. Gommurd.cations Analyzed, by Chiang imai. 18 pp. cl-dljkb~'f nP, LGA-2-4!-~M-4't h- -.20 Taipei$ * ,., opt M!" I 1969* pp 71--t3o U; I oct 1969v PP 84-87- ji-fts 49478 FI-Comn fbina Ebon Jan 70 3979821 coiab4astry of Cmmmiet China Smveyedg tw lin TIM-4mog 24 ppe CHIMMI port Foi ch'Aw '(euh P906 Taipelp Vol. 129 No Bj I Oet 19691 PP77:75. JPRS 49532 I-I~-Com Cbina Scon Jan 70 399005 it MIMI it Tiap~L 39 papt Transportation and Communications, by Chiang fluai, 20 pp. CHINESE, per, Fei-chiling Yueh-pao, Taipei, Vol 15, No li TO-F4`ar777-qPP 63-66; Vol 15, Ko 2, 10 A-or 72, pp 102-101~. JPRS 56o83 Jun 72 H-P . -Z 4 - 1, Ot- on 74 PP' U 1,66 do Alf-, no -77 rci, Ull vIA mw wp"WAW 1w 13 ip , -77 tl -74 Stato of Chinaso Communiat Corrununicatiom Novombor-I)oambor .1()7;.', by (Aillitiv, Immi, 'T pp - CHINESIE', pep, Pei-chling Y*ueh-pao, Taipei, No 11, Jan 73, PP 100-102. ,Tmis 58353 Mar 73 Sumory of the 3truggle Against a Ymomdatang A94"t 0 8 PI)o CIMMSE, part L4d.=aA:A "-,t No U-129 20 May Iwo PP 6--7- JM 43238 li Lr~ China Pol 140V 67 ~4.5,564 Royalists D~ a ~uandift^K Agmts 7 I)P* cmuk"11 PWO LS ,, No n.129 20 tray 1967* p 8. JFRS 43238 F E.C= Mdna I-a 1.10V 67 3459,46.5 L, ?-,., ~. I - 1 . .. ... ~~ FDA 114214-D M Wil 1SY67 Dw.rwq-pmt or Mterect In MWxtt Lycw FWIoAca on oe LITAd--Ull=w lutc the VItreous IV: SUNI Nuri PrM: Vbll& Opbtb&l. Jap- Vol- 10o IkN 1%5:027-3 ( 2 PP) Japanese - wt fcxrwds-. I ,ploom trawletc wxl type 1 orl,;Irml =d Din. u6. T-630-1 R-933D-D 5 Apri 1968 Stu&tev an awsceptiblUty ol' octaw tissuen to cowpox virus vW: Nita From: Polls. Opbthal Jap - 17::738-47) 1966 10 PP) Jopmese- eat for vdz; Please tranaUte =d type I camwaready Copy. DDeumt ow be cut. Please nake wrer as sample attvAheil. T-6304- !" It z - k"ILOSICA JAPQNIrA ; ~ I), ~ I. ; . 1-. ON VAKAJOAKU , 'it .1, ~, 0 ~?: ~~- Pivrx" the C=Wmign of Learning fron Loei FON' in COMIUMUM W-Attl the Stn4;1.,,Ie of the VZ10 People, 5 pp. CIIINBS, per., R%-tqq-T~=, No 31 20 Mar 1965, ppo 9-100 RES 30450 FE-China Ek)c jun 65 261., 499 Food Camdag Tests vith Cwwuper. By Uchidap H. AMUSE.. per, Fuji Beitetau Gibo Vol. 14, No 3, 1965 PP- 338-W- CRL D. 202 Erc-68-24444, 404,553 MAR 1970 On the Seamy Defects of Capped Steel Hot Coil, by 11. Morinap. JAPMI:SL,,, per,, Fuji Seitetsu Giho Vol Pi, No 1,, 1966,, lip 39-48. *BISI 7012 Sci-Materials Feb 69 FUJI 9RITFTSU GTIM, 1101 is., 1.96P., pp 99-708 RTST 7RRq Util-'~-Rtion ol~' Dust Pr-cess ns ';a,Lqucbt-2!- j ~ P p('r, 1`1111, Vo 1 16, i~ o 7 144 I'll c7 2-11 0,l, I F Steel-makill I C~ 1". oz,4 Piv.r !,'FTTATrff (,-rll(), V,77 17) Ne) 7, lmq, pp 37-5.1, 1? 161 r 7 0 49 Spo4ally Dwndftmd Frio-fttti" Stwl.q by M, DOLO A &I. JRMZSB., 1"Irp I%A Saitets AMP Vol 17s No 4., 1969,9 pp 323-3Wo MSI 8122 sclAmat Fab 71 111"]' 1. 1 :'I~ i.011 () 7' i'~ I 1,'(' 1,: ln Lht! Photo~:raplilc Pilm IndUl3try, by .7. Yasid. JAPANESE, per, -Fuji Shashir. Fud.rurii Kenkyu llokolal, No 13) :',Ov 71 Mechanical Properties of Maleic Anhydrido- vinylacotate Copolymor, by H. Aida. JAPANESE, per, Fukui Diagaku Kogakubu Xenkyu Hokoku, Vol 17, No 2, 1969, PP 159-167, NTC-71-12141-111 Nov 71 ywooha Aeta *&a& .1 see Pukuoka 196JM Zossbl Studios on Oiktiiaycotic Agentri. R,!~port No 11. The Relation Between Morphologically Changed Hyphae and Cbetruction of Re- ducing Enzymes Systeme of Dermatophytem Brought by ftiati-Mycotic Agente, by T. Yahata. JAPANFOR, per.. Fuk Rig jzaku Zaaghis Vol 58p No 4; 1967p PP 408-413 HTC 72-60306-06F July 72 Swdics on the Screenitir, of' Anti -Inf luenzal Agent, by Ii. Tani, JAPANESEN perp Fujuoka Igaku Zasshi, Vol 58, No 9, 1967, pp 801-815. NTC-71-15428-06E Feb 72 FUKIJOKA IOAKIJ ZA,',,';iir,, Vol 511, 7967, p1, 1001-1074 NTC 70-2.1188 FjJj'[l()KA T(,AKII I Vol rfll V1, I pp 77-104 .0 NTC 70- W!93-06111, M. Goto The Dermatological Symptomatology of Oil Disease (Chlorinated Biphenyl Poisoning). JAPANESE, per., Fukuoka :Izaku-Zasshi, Vol 60, 1969, pp 409-431 NTC 72-12843-06T sept 72 Ii. Ikul Ocular Symptoms in Oil Disease Patients and Electron Microscope Histological Findings in Oil Disease Patientfs Conjunctiva. JAPAME, per, fukuoks, Igaku Zasshi, Vol 60, No 6, 19699 Pp 432-439 NTC 72-12839-06T sept 72 M. Okumura A Clinical Study of Oil Disease (Chlorinated Biphenyl Poisoning) Particii1arly the Internal Wical Signs. JAPANESE, perp Fukuoka Izaku Zasshl, Vol 60, No 6. 1969p pp NTC 72-12838-06T sept 72 11. UZII.WFL flyporglyceridemia Resulting Froin Intake of Rice Oil Contaminated With Chlorinated Biphenyls. JAPAME, per, Fukroku I-gak-u Zasshi, Vol 60, 1969, pp 449-4'4 NTC 72-13136-06T sept 72 Y. Kur-oiwa Neurological. and Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies on 23 Patients With Chlorobiphenyls Poisoning. JAPANESE, per, FWmoka Igaku Zasshi, Vol 60, 1969., pp A-62-46.3 WC 72-13140-06T sept 72 T. ritia Study of Ghloro-Biphenyl Poisoning of Pregnant Women and Their Fetuses. JAPANESEp per, Fukuoka Iralcu Zaashi, Vol 60p '1969, Pp 47-1-4-74 NTC 72-13134-06T sept 72 .Urljl *t al 1969 C1, fit vo-C)A61-11 08;1 nvemt~jrution of i:..1orob;p1ion:,,1e p0 4 doll I..! Oil t1io uvr~kv.. 1~piil okimlys~s or tt4 Nt~"Iit.m kAt'l.1Q IM I'111,11WO $r`tk1U'41;(J k0141MI-101(ill't ](08510-D. is Atoll ni !";ton 0 01ta) Iguku Zaser i (Pukuokc ?.',ed:.cQl .'oun~al), ,(C)(6)- 475-4-:1,". In Japatione. Trarial. by Transl. Dur., Fg;n. Lazli:- Div., Dai>t- of Soo. of Rpt.n or Caiiade for FRIQ Nkrliie Foolo-,y Laboratory, Dartmout)i, U-S, 1971, as Trallal- series 14-1- 16V, 24p., v,.peovr!pt. Ave i 1. on Loan - NPIFS, Was C. Original Article Checked..' H. I'sukainoto The Chemical Studies on Detection of Toxic Compounds in the Rice 3rwa Oils Used by the Patients of Yusho. JAPANESE, per., Fukuoka-Igaku Zasshi, Vol 60, 1969, pp 496-512 NTC 72-13133-06T sept 72 M. Kurat.stime An Epidemiological Study on "Yusho" or Chlorobiphenyls Poisoning. JAPAME, per, Fukuoka Igaku Zasshi, Vol 60, No 6v 1969, pp 513-532 NTC 72-128"-06T sept 72 "1", 17 i 17 of "Y sex 66 CL Cca V61;620 ~bw i:L Influenoes of AtmosOieric Fluoride Pollution oil SkelateLl Development of School Children, by Y. Tajima. JAPANESUp perp F ukuIlma IjzjLku Zaoohi, Vol 18., No 5/6; 1968., Pp 185-189 NTC 72-12324-06F July 72 The Accidental Printing Effect in Magnetic Tape Coq)osed of Cobalt Substituted Gamma Forric Oxide Powder. by Ilumituds IIAYMIA. Itiro T(YrIKU30. 30 pp. JAPMESE, per, Funtai Ogbi Fumatsu Yukin. Vol 12, No 6. 1965, pp 24-43 or 250-259. Dept of Navy NRL ty 1105. SciAlaterials Jun 67 3271,596 Iffigh utaka momom otool W ftvft. wtanuw 1. - lft--?DOP-Pb Ma*2,o 'by 1. =Mddlao lumulso FW10 - --- - -- -.-a t Zakin, VWL 33P lb 5p X%bi-.- -pp 225-M5. ALL ftf; 900,06 (9)29 fti/cum Alpr 7D "t757 .Stndv of Pores In Sintared Forrite# by w L, Sasaldo T. Wal. JMAJM# part Rmui qmRbl Furaa -- I Vol 140 m 4p 1967t pp J54-158. ATS JS-150 sci-plws Feb 69 373o853 Pwperties of Ultrafine Tw,rsten Powder (1),, by 11irosid Yamamoto, 22 pp. JAPANUS119 per, Funtai Oxobi Funmatsuyakiii, Vol 15,, No 4" 19680 I)p 174-183o ABC/ORNL-Tr-2326-70 Sci/Mater Sept 70 Fatlg,uo Tooto of WU-CO 'Jap.ililard Gcxiicuitod Alloynj by A. ll~wa and S. Yam. JAPANESE, per, Muitai )bi Fumatsu Yakin v al 15, 1968, pp 356-362. NTC 71-14074-11F Feb 72 High Streng-Ui kU-10%Co SintOred AllOYs., bY H, Suzuki md K. liayashis JAPANESE, per., Rintai O.Vobj Fumatsu Yad~l vol 15, 19683 pp 369-371. NTC 71-i4075-11F Feb 72 JAPAUSE (""I q - /72 W 9S0: 01964 SF March 19T2 Special Report on Floreign Affaire. Gaiji Tokuboy Vol. 20,, Im. 2. Feb. 1972. Ad Hoe Special type B Do not publish Original plus one 11 I I I ",'~ 41f , //; 802911930 P) March 1973 Chilcan Popular Unity Government GAIJI TOKWO, 20 Feb 1973, 1) 1. JAMMI