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December 29, 2016
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December 31, 1983
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13 to Ti~ wi 'to-, rj, "4 ~c p !~,~ ~~Oc Altcl)t 57", jc wi ill I : I : La am --IUR AS 965' i~p 22-43k, IUISA TT P 4.i7ag I ~~4STkUCTOR IS Tk A I N1 W-0 M A NU A L LANOUACE-KU Gouw.~ Y-UlK LjL.hkbJ'\jjK LAVA I)ANITKNVKH lNSTkUKTOvoV V(_,Yt.hlZL'Al_t MLSLOW. 1~7.Llj 142-179f P)4-2~117, 3 ).w_~ - 42- 2. . A i L - hT -it; '2- 74 S:I,al.)iro ~ N. 1. 'L t n investigation of peptide charts of enterobacter- i,aceae allergens in connection i..,ith allergenic cross reactions. 7 Pe~s- UCIENME ZAPISKI. GOPMOV, Gjr-. IJTIV. SE-RrLYA BIOLGCTIYA~ No 3.30, 1970~ pp P6-31. AIR--'vFD-liT-?3-726-73 I "ViiIE, PIANE; SITUISED S TA !T, 7 N r :, F i II q E, i 447'.* LT It L*,`E4 TRIlt Tliw.,.Rozc. LFIV a MM KMOW TOK OX VALM M. ly-17MOCOIRayj A 0 1.90 fR BYv.., ZAPTSKI (IM&N, "lawmITT I v -~., .!r X "J TIC AJ I ZAKAMYRDIN~ I. A. //UCIIEN, ZAPIS NAZAN, VETERIN INSTIT// --/--/1970v V01079 N---- Toxicity of organophosphorous compounds to wam blooded animals 13 pp pp 196-173 ARM/FSTC/HT-23-337-74## Fillmonov. L#A. - 19"'1 The age compositlon of glolopp vicinus fewalfts in July in the planktan of the gorky Mservol r7votrastnoi sosts-v sarook LN'QjQPA vicillg& v Iyullskom planktone aorlkovakogo vodokJu,ant Ilull"Wai) '104 c r I k1 kostrim, gosud._ pedagog. institut, Tn R-uz-&Ta-n "Pri-aml. for IILL, 9p., proac-seed. Aluall. 71,L as '1674. Avall. on Loan - Wtsh., D.C. 0' A~ ~'dt- Clie, ~ftd K-f Gaedynmiw and heat transfer (seleoted articZee) 42 UCYRNYYE ZAPISXI. No. 357. SERTYA MATKmATjOESYjKH--NA --Mw UN ITET. cozzeotion No 2. 1970s pp 55-81, 114-229 AIRIFIID-MT-24-1667-72 may 73 267 Rjl~; 94~, A, 12-: Vol .61A W~ L ~I 0 . 4 i i L A, 4 101, silt 6f ftd4p; ~ 4d; 0.: skoy sko#): 01'ervatdai) #41 roitttell 1973 ~TT Mal AMO A6ti sue lip. Prang PVOIII 24 O;Ah T V!15 -Al LIL 0 IM *NASA' 24-Jul-73 Uncl (NRC-TT--1628) Adaptive characteristics in the development of the skin and its deri~,atlves in several cetaceans. NARKHOV, A.S. Translated by Andrew Malysheff (National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa) from Uch. Zap., Mosk. Gos. Pedagog. Inst.; 186: 9-~ 110(1962). 21P. Dep. NTIS ~U.S. Sales Only) $3.21- 06 biomed: translations MN-48 NP NSA ij* Zz The Structure and Chemical Composition of Compounds Formed on the Surface of Metals in the Presence of Complex-Forming Reagents, by N. G. Klyuchnikov, 8 pp. UCII. ZAP NIOSK GOS PEDAGOG INST. 340 (1971), pp 278-28S. GB/DEFDRIC-Tr-3020-73 May 73 ilf.WPWYIVF 7APTqkr merm AIAIIMA?f,-. 48 3- Z028- 74 SYTY LW, atormu SHON VIEM TM. MEM i 44 9=1 W-UM, lop's 42&1029-74 1060 3 'Y"U AU'ri-NO 1k 'jJT TEP "'F) "MA N P -ITI i 0 1; 77J, R'041 VFT ~Oi Tl" Vu& !ill... z I R i1a U C, I i !"'CLY J I NI A'i i 11 ".'1 j UNI, ~i T -Y-- FLAI'L _2 A 13 1, T-,V, ZIM pp. MAW d 21 TP f ~ C~ w N y i KI IN! A 1~ IN A U CT No - IMITI"UT f, ti 1 31-y"J"y 1M F. -A VIP 'U L TW, V D MIAN I t IMi i~ATLIJYA, 1`3 - NV?,Ro;a!- Nil Tu,! st F alld.'U"a"IL ils, lj I lij'i, I 1,.;~~ ;i., t '. - ~..- --. i: 1~ , w; , . , , ri le ~ -1 .* `~ . " - EA! j Oil- Bazzhin, A. P. r" Ihe effect of real. properties of air of flow near nn elliptic cone. AeroJ,,,rnam:*L'C characteristics of elliptic cories at O-f attacR. 10 pgs. UCIIE-NYYE ZAPISICI TSAGI, Vol 1, No 01 AIR-FTD-23-708-73 on parmineters large rmgles . 1970, pp, 46-52. Barinov,, V. 14. Three dimensional boundary layer in the vicinity of a critical line of a slipping wing during nonunifom suction. 10 pp. UCHEAME ZAPISKI TSAGI Vol. 3, 14r. 1, 1972, pp. 23-29 AIP,,/FTD-HT-2.3-611-73 Barinov, V.~# Cale-alation of the laminar boundary layer on a slipping wing by the method of integral relationships. 9 pp. UCHE M E ZAPISKI TSAGI, Vol. 3 No. 5, 1972~ pp. 9-15 AIR/FTD-HT-,)3-6:L2-73 TOLSTYKH. A. I. //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TSAGI// --/--/1972, V0003, nOO06 Amethod of numerical solution of the navier stokes equations for a compressible gas' pp 78-87 NASA TT F 15992## . GINZBURG. YA. L. //UCHENYE ZAPISKI TSAGI// ---- 5 V00041 N0003 I. Experimental determination of the pressure , recovery coefficients in conical diffusors at. la*,! subsonic velocities under various inlet ' conkidtions pp 21-31 NASA TT F 15991## POTAPOVA. L. A. //UCHEkNYE ZAPISKI TSAGI/l --/-,/1973~ V-0004, N0003 Interference of a sweptback win and the ful�elage at tran-sonic speeds pp 101-104 NASA TT F 15993## .077 71, 'MDrCtDU%ida, Qftgeg.,In 64 H"iRt.OpOiStiC ftm*', i0fI ttle VM B"U and Ihoilerii VMUZ*Wl INSrM)T. Vln=. MEW ZAPISY-I .'V 91 2Zj pp 67-7Z, 197D ZSIRO-Trans-10984 Ntt-72-1114560-02E Jao 73 Concentration and Temperature Studies of the R-Lines of Ruby, by V. A. Gevorkyan. UCliENYE ZAP YEREVANSKIY GOSUDARSTVENNYI UNIV. Vol 104, 1967. pp 113-123. NAVY/CLB-3 T-656 June 73 Payment System for Rolkhoz, Sovkhoz Construction Explained. 10 pp UCHET I MANSY V 1%MMAP I SOVKWZAUI, ftecowt 10t 1973o, PP 38-41. JMS 60713 RSFSR Airdster of Education Reports on ftUie Education, 5 pp. RUSSIAN, np, RgbitellaMn Cisstu, Moscow, 31 Mar 1973, pp 1-2. JFM 589% &Y 73 Draft Fundamentals of Now Legislation on klubUe Uducation, 22 pp. RLWIAN. np, McbUSI'm GASS&Lp Moscove 5 Apr 1973, PP 1-2- J?fW'- 58982 4T 73 Chelpanov, 0. Poor Teaching of Russian in Armenian SchoolS4 7 pp UCHITEL'SKAY-A GAZETA, Moscow, Z8 June 1973, P 3- UM 60524 Shortcomings in School Meal Progran and Childrents Clothing Reported. 6 pp j&=JL'SKATA 9AETA, Moscow, 16 Aug 1973, p 1. JPRS 60335 Chuprakova, L. Trade Union Action Urged in Wage Matters. 5 pp UCEMTELISW GAZ�ZA, Moscow, 'l Aug 1973, P 2- YA 2 JPRS 60354 Hl"Iffiov j No Evening Schools Go Over to General Studies. 6 pp UCJdITELISWIA LqUA, Moscow, 18 Sept 1973, PP 2-3- JM 60336 Prokoflyev, M. A. USSR Education Ydrdster Prokoftyev Discusses Rural Schools. 5 pp MaTEVSKAYA GAZETA, Moscowl 29 SePt 1073t p 2. MRS 60~74 YAxdzdchg A. X. Mamini&n Bdumtion Mnioter Mscusses Ruml Schools* 5 pp Y.CHITELIS GAZVA. Moscow, 3 Nov 1973, pp 1-2. JPRS 60615 Study of Breshnev Speech at World Peace Congress. 5 pp UCHITILISUIA GAZETA, Moscow, 13 Nov 1973t P 3- JFRS 60765 Kondakov, M. I. Imperative Need for Inprovement of Rural Bduca- tion Stressed. 7 PP UCHIT&SMU GAZKA, Moscow, 29 Nov 1973, P 3- JM 60999 Conferenoe of Teaching Russian in National Sohools Hold. 5 pp UCHITEL'SKAYA GAZETA, Moscow, -3 Dec 1973, P 1, JMS 612:LU Shustov, A. Problems in Providing Teachers for Rural Schools. 5 pp UCHITELISWA GAZETA, Moscow,, 12 Mar 1974, P 3. JPR3 61692 Danilov, A. Conference on Conversion to Universal Secondary Education Held. ll pp UCHITELISKAYA GAZErA, Moscow, 21 Mar 1974, pp 19 2. JRS 61793 Fanchin, F. A3.1-tkdon Certification of Teachers. 8 pp MUTFILISKAYA gAMA ., hoscow, 25 June 74, pp 2-3. JPRS 62528 Kochemasov, V. I. Kochemasov Report on Universal Secondary Wucation in RSFSR., 9 PP UCHITa'SKAYA GAZErA, Hoscow, .3 Aug 74, p 1. JPR 62895 More on Upcoming Teacher Certification. 5 pp 13CFJTEL'SKAYA GAZETA, Pioscaw, 22 Oct 74, P 3- JFR3 63477 JAPAN= Coot "/0515 12 SePtaAw 19T3 Odaook of 19T3 SWe De"lopmat plmn (Revised) Tvlv*., Uchu MIMI= KwU"*m)Xt%oWd p 19T3 DA not pAbllsh Trenautor's draft plus om cow Dedic, Miroslav Difficulties in Education of Gypsies Explained, 6 pp, UCITELSKE NOVINY, JPY9 59442 Prague., No 21, 24 May 73, p 8. Jul 73 Tiechtova , Marie modifications in Education System Discussed, 9 np ' 11CITRISKE NOVINY, Prague, 110 1, 3 Jan 74, 'Op I ~ 9. JPRs 61454 Apr 74 TT! 0 'D M717 TI, MIT I w QF 40 Olt 6"ti Wernher Von Braun Warne ... concepts project outgrowth. UFO NA CHRI No P,00, 30 A-TRIFTD-HC-23-287-74 and advanced pyoputaian 6 p27. Apr 2973, p 1 DISTRIBUTION LIXfTED TO U.S. GOV'T AGENCIES ONLY COPYRIGHT INFORMATION. OTHER REQUEST MUST BE REFNRRED TO FTV. Moray, Henry Short review of "Radiation energy". 8 pp UFO - NACHRICHTEN. No 200, Apr 1973, pp 1-2 A.TRIFTD-MC-23-290-74 DISTRIBUTION LIMITED TO U.S. GOVT AGENCIES ONLY. COPYRIGHT INFORM4710N. OTHER REQbEST MUST BE REFERRED TO FTD. REQ TR CHECK 17-00-73 T289 UNKNOWN HALIK, ERICH GY: UFO - NACHRICHTEN, NO. 200, 1973, APRIL pp. 134-139 Dadag Idi Amin, Amin Tells Kampala Press Conference of His Mediation Efforts, 12 pp, UGANDA RADIO, 21 JUn. 1730 GMTv no -- Jul 73 r ''3265 -060 ISO ql :itW C4 on. LLP --4 FOR a a OW~ a ough ali 16 14! ttd-i&dZil'i. AVaocinatioal?rogram.. Seport n O'C'm6inatitut, 715 C 74~-iW -o6m i, r,-,~ j, , I ,, " "', *. ~,: -106 p~ 6 I w pooswoo 1 "8914 lieu* ftague apiamows ~ saftes4m of 1 6 ~ 1 ~ a om" Autbwh J96WAM GaUbt I" Rawk Simlool *"Wft ft Le"m 13% Ot Ins D&UU* op 345-sw %Mrtumo Two st"W "afto all PWAOSIVO p"Amwe H. 14. Nielsen Seed Production and Seed Production Research With Lucerne - PLut II. 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