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December 9, 2016
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December 5, 2000
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August 20, 1978
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STATI NT Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : UA 6l3 W-6098VM050011002 ARiICLB A'pp Wilmington, Delaware ()r, FAOE 20 August 1978 Staff correspondents 's a-. _ WASHINGTON -A secret CIA memorandum. says that E. Howard Hunt was in Dallas the day President John F: Kennedy was. murdered and that top. agency officials. plotted to cover up. Hunt's presence there. = c: ' Some CIA' sources speculate -that; Hunt thought he was assigned by higher-ups to. ar- range the murder of Lee Harvey- Oswald. -;: Sources say Hunt, convicted iii the Watergate conspiracy in 1974, was acting chief of the CIA: station in-Mexico City- in the weeks prior. to the : Kennedy assassination. Oswald was in Mexico City, and met with two Soviet KGB agents at the-. Russian Embassy there immediately before leaving for Dallas, according to the official Warren Commission report.. The 1966 secret memo, now in the hands of the. House assassination. committee, places Hunt in Dallas-Nov. 22, 1963. Richard M. Helms, former CIA director, and.. James J. Angleton, former counterintelligbnce- chief, initialed the memo,: according. to investi- gators. who made the, information available to the Sunday News Journal. According to sources close to the Select Com- mittee on Assassination,_ the document-reveals~ Three years after'Kennedy's murder, and ' shortly after Helms and -Angleton were elevated. to their highest. positions in. the. : CIA, they discussed the fact.-,that Hunt'. was in. Dallas on-- the. day of the assassination- and that.. his pres ence there had to be kept. secret-,.,'. = :=: 1V:Helms and. Angleton thought.. that news= of Hunt's presence in,Dallas would.be damaging t4~ ; the agency should it-leak out.:.': ' l " Helms and-Angleton feltthatFacnver'story,- giving Hunt an alibi for being:_elsewher_e tlie* d- of the assassination;'"ought to be considered Hunt, .reached Fridayy,,at:_his Miami,.. Fla.,: home, denied that he' was in Dallas on Nov; 22-. ? `1`963; and denied that he had been in Mexico City, any time after. 1961. ? - - . Mint said that he was`in Washington the day of the Kennedy murder.'"....'I have plenty of witnesses.. I tookoff'at noon that day and went shoppingand.had a Chinese dinner in downtown Washington with my wife:',_' :~~...,.. Hunt. said he knerv,of no reason for such a memo. to: exist. He said he had never heard CIA sources, who have provided-the assassi=1 nation 'committee with material pertaining toi+ Hunt's - alleged presence in Dallas, say that' Hunt's story about shopping in downtown Wash- ington was a cover story concocted as a result CIA-arranged and that hiswife cannot be ques-_ ings this fall on:the Kennedy murder. tee_ said that there would be "no comment on: detailed hearings in September. Because of~l committee rules that is- all I am permitted to.% say." Committee sources told the Sunday News.j Journal that both Helms and Angleton had been,; questioned by committee investigators but that the issue of the memo was not raised with either: witness. Sources say Helms told the committee-1 'he could-'not answer specific questions on the CIA's. involvement because of "an inability to: remember dates.' -Helms' faulty memory on ITT's involvement in Chile led to his sentencing last year- on two counts of withholding information from Con-:j cozy Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901R0005001 PARADE MAGAZINE ARTI7WdkHFdLeUMRelease 2001/08/01 : C gRkjMIRFP8Qf 00 2 ON PAGE_ 2 6 August 1978 WALTER SCOTT'S Persooabtv Paraile'. Q. For years Allen Dulles,' former director of the CIA, had the reputation in spy circles of being a notorious womanizer. Was this reputation de- served?-R. D., McLean-,Va.- A. Dulles, even when married, demonstrated an unflagging. interest in women. Approved For Release 2001/08/01 : CIA-RDP91-00901 R000500110022-0